Merry Christmas!


Actually, I do agree that Christmas is getting too commercialised that it is slowly losing its real meaning. Service today made me realise this point. Mr Metcalf summed it up well. Christmas is really much more than just buying and receiving gifts, much more than just the glitzy light-ups at Orchard Road.

But if there is no commercialisation, I don't think many people will reflect on the true meaning of Christmas as well.

I don't need money or presents to make me happy. I'm grateful and thankful for everything I have, truly.

It's very cold in South Korea now. I'm glad the Koreans did get to enjoy their white Christmas. Keep warm, oppas and unnies, hyungs and noonas! ;D I'm so jealous of whoever is in South Korea now. Even Jeju, the southernmost part of South Korea, snowed please, which goes to show how effing cold the whole country is right now. T_T When can I go to South Korea? ._.

The following week will definitely be quite packed for me, but I'm really looking forward to it. =D Merry Christmas to whoever is reading! ;)


  1. Hi again! Hope you had a lovely Christmas! Would have posted this on your fb wall, but I've deactivated fb. How have you been recently? I remember last time we talked, you were holidaying in HK! :)


  2. [Jacquelyn] Hello! Yup, I had a nice Christmas! I'm doing good. I'm having my holidays now, so I can afford to relax for awhile, though I have to do a bit of catch-up. ;P Hope everything is fine with you as well! ;D

  3. Hi :)
    I'm on holidays as well!
    Have you decided where and what to study?
    I replied on the comment you left on my blog. I'm watching Bottled Passion as well!
    I'm good, thankyou. Hope you're well too.

  4. [jooiful] Bottled Passion is really good! I'm loving it so much right now! =D


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