Damn unlucky!


When I went to the LRT station, I realised that I didn't have my EZ-link card with me. I panicked because that was the NETS Flash-go card and it was linked to my mum's GIRO account. I was so afraid that somebody would pick it up and keep using it. However, it felt rather strange to me because I didn't go anywhere else yesterday, and I did manage to come home on Wednesday.

I rushed back home and tried to find my card frantically, but to no avail. I gave up searching. After that, I opened the fridge and wanted to take out the leftover pork to cook my lunch with it since I was at home. The packet of char siew pau then shifted and toppled my cup of chrysanthemum and wolfberries tea. Suay or not you tell me? -.-'''

After cleaning up the mess (that includes digging out the wolfberries and flowers from under the fridge), I proceeded on to cook my lunch. When my bowl of noodles was ready, I wanted to drain away the soup, but my whole bowl of noodles fell into the sink and the soup scalded my right arm. I've lost count of the number of times I've said the F word for these 2 hours. Luckily nobody was at home lol. ._.

These incidents/accidents pretty much sum up my unlucky day, which is today. My poor arm looks red and raw now. 點解我今日會咁黑仔㗎?囧 As a result, I really am in a very bad mood now (though it's now much better) and have decided to sulk at home instead.

I can't wait for December to be here! I want my tablet ya! And I can't wait to meet up and binge on food with my lovelies. December will be the better month, trust me, so 5 more days to go yo!

P.S. Oh, by the way, I found my EZ-link card in my Econs notes. Fack you Econs.



The following post is written in Cantonese, and I'm posting it here because I don't want to embarrass this particular girl, who is so thick in the head that she doesn't even realise that her English is so atrociously bad that it embarrasses her. She just shoots her mouth off like an empty vessel and one may be forgiven to think that she has a pea in place of her brain.

She thinks I assume, but look who's talking? Assumptions never ever work for me. I have a feeling that she doesn't even know the meaning of 'assumption'. *faints* Don't strut with your nostrils so high up in the air. Nobody wants to see your bogey. I know you're reading. It just depends on whether you KNOW and UNDERSTAND what you're reading or not. I highly doubt your comprehension skills though, because you have shown that you don't possess an inkling of it.

Queen Seon-deok is A-W-E-S-O-M-E!


Mi-shil, the bad-ass who kicks ass!

Queen Seon-deok is awesome, it really is. Today's episode was intense like abcdefg! I've never felt my heart race for a drama like this ever since Dong Yi ended its run. xP I think I'm really loving all the characters in there, including Mi-shil, the antagonist. Go Hyun-jung did such a great job with Mi-shil. I love how easily her eyebrows move up and down and her evil smirks. Even my mum says that this role seems to be made just for her!

I just love the way the Koreans develop their antagonists. They are not the usual black-vs-white characters that you see in dramas from Singapore (gave up watching a few years back) or TVB dramas. They're very well fleshed-out and have "justified" reasons as to why they are acting in this way. The best thing is, they don't look stupid, which is why I love watching the so-called villains scheme like Lady Choi of Dae Jang Geum, Lady Jang Hee-bin of Dong Yi and now Mi-shil of Queen Seon-deok.

Here's a scene between Deok-man and Mi-shil.

Mi-shil: Have you ever heard of the rumour that Mi-shil eats young children?
Deok-man: ... *refuses to answer*
Mi-shil: Well, it means you must have heard of it.
Deok-man: *says something but I forgot lol*
Mi-shil: Actually, it was I myself who started this rumour. Don't you think it's better for people to fear me than not to fear me? *gives sly smile, cues in super intense music*

Deok-man: (reading her book) Although general may have raised an army by receiving Heaven's Will, but, there is no Heaven's Will to those without righteousness.
Mi-shil: That's a lie.
Deok-man: What?!
Mi-shil: Heaven's Will? *laughs* That has nothing to do with being righteous or not. Nothing at all.
Deok-man: Then, what is Heaven's will? I've heard, when you preside over a rain ceremony, then it always rains. And if you make prophecy then it comes to fruition. Is Heaven's will on your side?
Mi-shil: I'm going to tell you something that is very secretive. Will you be able to keep this secret?
Deok-man: Yes Ma'am.
Mi-shil: If you reveal this secret...
Deok-man: I will keep this secret...
Mi-shil: Then, I will tell you... come closer. Truthfully, there is no such thing as "Heaven's Will".
Deok-man: Pardon?!
Mi-shil: You look disappointed. It's really insignificant.
Deok-man: It's not that...
Mi-shil: I have told such a big secret... Heaven has no will. Even if it exist, it has nothing to do with human beings. Of course, there's no way of foretelling the future. But... if something does happen tomorrow... Then, that would be Mi-shil's will... And not Heaven's will.
Ah yes, Mi-shil. I really fear you. >.<

I really love characters like Mi-shil. Mi-shil is so mysterious, smart and very, very cunning. She's able to manipulate the minds of people and really make them believe every word she says. Up till now, I have still no idea what she is up to. She reads other people's minds so easily but we can't read hers. In a way, she's like Cheng Gau Mui in the first half of No Regrets. Eye power for the win! <3

Today's episode was just... WOW! Princess Cheon-myeong seems to have realised that Deok-man is her twin sister. In fact, she just realised that she has a twin sister lol. But I do admire her wit. She's indeed one very smart woman as well. The way the script-writer paced this episode is really, really very good. The music, the intensity and the story really flowed very well.

Heehee, I have to get up earlier tomorrow to watch tomorrow's episode because I won't be able to watch tomorrow's episode on TV. I have class until 10 pm fuuuuu... T_T

School life is 囧!


I'm terribly sorry for the lack of updates. I'm taking some time off my Law essays to blog. To be honest, I don't really feel the urge to blog anymore because time is really not by my side.

I really envy those people who are now studying overseas. I just want these 2 years to pass quickly so that I can go overseas to study. I can't wait, I really can't.

My study load is really getting so much heavier. I'm already starting not to understand Math, which I thought was easiest out of all the modules I'm currently taking. Hessian matrix? Poo. Lagrange multiplier? Poo.

Acccounts? I think I screwed up my first test sian. My assets and total liabilities + equity don't match at all. It's just not a discrepancy of a few hundred dollars. It's a discrepancy of a few hundred THOUSAND dollars. I don't think any company will hire me now lol. I don't catch any balls on cash flow statements and suspense accounts, which are totally mind-boggling.

Contract law is really testing my patience. Law is very interesting to tell the truth, but there are really so many grey areas to ponder about that sometimes I don't know who to help. It doesn't help that sometimes I can't take a stand, because either parties are equally right/wrong. 囧 The good thing is that this subject really makes me think very hard and deep lol, but I'm afraid that after months of not writing essays, my writing skills have gone haywire.

Excerpt of my law essay

As for Econs, I don't have much to say about it. I've been complaining about it since the first lecture, and although my lecturer is cute, I still abhor Econs. Why do I still have to take it next year?! ='( Something is terribly wrong with this subject when only 60% of the cohort pass it for the final exams. And what the hell, the passing mark is not even 50; it's only 34/100! -.-''' I really hope that I will be in those 60%. I will never want to retake this! It's just too horrible. >.<

OK, so much for my rather half-hearted update. I need to chiong my essays now. I have two to do, and another killer Econs assignment. T_T