Banned from drinking soju


I had a very full and happy catch-up dinner with Zoey, Madeline and Zhi Yi yesterday. I miss my RV friends, I really do. =( We went to Kim's Family Korean Food Restaurant to eat dinner. The place itself is quite ulu. I made the reservation at 6.30 pm, but Zhi Yi and I only reached there at around 7.15 pm, no thanks to our near 45 minutes wait for bus 61. SMRT, you still dare to increase our fares?! What inefficient service you have lah. -.-'''

Thanks to Korean food, I have had two week's servings of vegetables lol! I should be able to shit very well lmao! xP Haha, after my maiden trip to the first authentic Korean restaurant, I'm really dying to go to South Korea! <3 Anyway, enough of talk!

Here's the food!

My fake soju, because my very good friends refused to let me drink it. I'm of legal age lor! =(

RIP Steve Jobs


You know someone is that impactful when even babies are holding his inventions and screaming "IPHONE! IPHONE! IPHONE!" on the MRT when they don't get to hold it in their puny hands, and even when they can barely form proper words with their mouth.

The iEverything has become synonymous with Apple, and Apple is synonymous with Steve Jobs. Though I don't own any Apple products (yes, not even an iPod), but I must admit that his iProducts (iPhone, iPad, and god knows what other "i"s there are) have revolutionised the world of technology. I myself had the privilege of using the iPad 2 for a period of time to do everything, till the extent that I did not even have to use my laptop for almost the entire duration I had it.

Steve Jobs has indeed, left a really huge void that I don't think anyone can fill. Almost everybody living in the 21st century grew and are still growing up with his products. My father wants to get us an iPad 2 for our Christmas presents, but I suggested waiting for iPad 3 instead. With Jobs being gone for good, will Apple still retain its magic, with companies like Samsung fast catching up on its heels? Will I still want any Apple products in time to come?

I was testing the Samsung Galaxy S II the other day, and I must say that I'm very much more impressed with it than the iPhone 4 (that being said, iPhone 4 is older, but the newer 4S failed to impress) because of the clearer (it's brilliant) display, bigger screen and super-duper fast processor. I can open 10 applications all at once and it didn't even lag at all. Awesome or what? ;O

Geniuses die young, as what I've observed. People like Mozart and Schubert all died when they were in their prime. Dying at 56 years old is quite a shock for anybody, especially in this era. At least Jobs has gone on to a better place, residing among the iClouds now. His presence will truly be missed, and the world of our time will know what a great visionary he is and how much he has changed our lives as we continue to stalk people using his products.

Will Apple still retain its magic? I really hope so. All the best Apple!

RIP Steve Jobs. You will truly be missed.

Note: Apple, please release iPad 3 latest by next year, and not give me bullshit like iPad 2S or something like that. I swear that I will kill a bitch and get the Samsung tablet and phone instead. -.-'''