Dead meat...


After 9 months of leaving my brain to decay, tomorrow's the day. Haiz, I really hope that I will be able to get used to the new environment. Having been to only 2 schools in my whole life is definitely not helping. =( I feel like I'm starting primary 1 and secondary 1 all over again. =/ It did not help much that I missed the deadline for orientation day, so I know no new friends at all. I sincerely hope that I will be able to wake up for morning lessons and I won't lao sai in school or something. I'm totally feeling very 'gwing' right now. 囧

In those 3 hours, I'd better make some new friends or what, if not it'll be a very lonely 3 years there. =X Why aren't there people I know taking the same course as me? I pray really hard that I will meet nice people. *crosses finger*

Anyway, this is the first time I've taken such a close look at my time-table. I hope I'll be able to go travelling with Zoey before she leaves, but I'm not sure if my mum will allow or not. However, I really want to go since Jennie and Shi Xian (Liang) may be going as well, which is why if there are any part-time jobs, I'd gladly take it up. And people, please respond to my piano/theory ad, which will be up on Gumtree by tomorrow! I'm in serious need of money!! >.<

For now, I can only arrange yum cha dates at Chinatown with them hmm. Oh, which reminds me, I have to tell Zoey when I'm free! Maybe brother can join us for yum cha too! ;)

囧晒... T_T

Majulah! The Singapore Spirit.


I went for the National Day celebrations at the Padang yesterday! Although I later found out that the tickets Aunt Stephanie had for us were not the tickets to the actual celebrations at The Float @ Marina Bay, I'm still thankful for the tickets, because the Padang is very close to the actual location and we could actually see the vehicles that Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and other distinguished guests moving towards their destination at The Float.

We had a live broadcast of the National Day Parade (NDP) in HD, and because we were so close to the actual location, we could actually feel the euphoria there from where we were. The only downside was that I was nearly cooked under the baking hot late afternoon sun. Thankfully, Youth NTUC gave us umbrellas, which was also later used to form the giant human Singapore flag. We were inside the Singapore Book of Records for being the biggest human flag haha! It was really such an honour to be able to participate in this. I really couldn't believe the human flag actually looked like the real flag.

Happy National Day!


Haha, today is Singapore's 46th birthday, and I will be going down later on to catch and soak in the atmosphere at the Marina Bay area. I think it'll really be quite exciting, and of course, I can't wait to see the spectacular fireworks being fired among the skyscrapers! There's really no 瘾 in just watching the fireworks on TV. I guess you'll have to personally see it yourself to know how great it is, especially when there are so many like-minded people like me heehee.

War and Beauty 2?!


I'm not sure of what and how to feel about this. War and Beauty is no doubt one of the smartest and most well-made TVB dramas of all time. In fact, it started the whole wave of 宫廷剧s that you see in Hong Kong dramas nowadays. Hell, it even beats dramas like Beyond the Realm of Conscience (宫心计) many miles, which, I, on hind-thoughts, found it rather silly with the never-ending and petty fights despite redeeming performances from the veterans and Tavia Yeung. War and Beauty honestly made many TVB dramas now look very silly, childish and low-standard. It was so good that I still have the VCDs (yes VCDs!) up till now, which is why I'm really afraid that those VCDs won't be able to play anymore as technology progresses.

So War and Beauty 2 will be featuring the original cast, which includes my favourite actresses like Sheren Tang and Maggie Cheung. Filming starts in February 2012. THEN WHAT NOW?! Sheren Tang, Rosy Business 3 leh? =( To be honest, I want to see Sheren more in Rosy Business 3. I feel that such a timeless classic like War and Beauty should really be left alone. I'm not saying that the Rosy Business series weren't classics. They are, of course, in my opinion. However, the ending of War and Beauty, which I've mentioned years back, left nothing more to be desired. Everyone had their own ending, happy or not. There was a proper closure to it. One misstep and the whole 《金枝欲孽》招牌 will be terribly wrecked! Producer Chik's last few dramas like Gem of Life (I gave up after 1 episode) and Dance of Passion (tried to watch, but couldn't get past it) were terribly unwatchable.

Producer Lee has, at least, proven himself with good dramas like Safe Guards, Rosy Business and No Regrets. As much as I am rather apprehensive of Rosy Business 3, which will really have a lot of expectations to live up to, I'm still more sold on watching Sherayne, whom I think really possess a type of chemistry that is really, well, uniquely Sherayne.

You must read the scans from right to left, left to right.

- Credits to Mingpao Weekly for the scans

Sheren has not given her reply as to whether she will participate in Rosy Business 3 or not, but she has given such a long reply and expressed her interest in participating in War and Beauty 2. T_T I've expressed my thoughts on the Sherayne Facebook group, but I thought it would be good to put it here as well.

So, I really don't know what to feel right now. =/ But here's a yoochung for Sheren. Take up Rosy Business 3. Like what many on Weibo have said, nobody will dare to take up Rosy Business 3 if she doesn't take it up, because the Rosy Business series belongs truly only to the Rosy Business cast and crew.

No Regrets: Rosy Business series casts to reunite


No Regrets: Rosy Business series casts to reunite: "Lau Sing and Gau Gu Leong were 2 characters which won the hearts of the viewers. Wayne Lai and Sheren Tang may just have the chance to film ..."

HOLY MACORONI! JUST THE NEWS I NEEDED TO HEAR!! =D Honestly, I was very shocked when I learnt about it this morning. I was really not expecting this though I know many people wanted a sequel. However, I knew that Producer Lee would be retiring and that Cheung Wah Biu would be leaving TVB, so when other people were having their hopes high up for a sequel after No Regrets ended its run, I thought that it was a perfect ending for such a wonderful 班底. I did not, and had not wished for more, though I had felt that No Regrets deserved the Best Drama award more than the other silly comedy. -.-'''

But now, SHEREN TANG, THIS IS A REQUEST, a majimak yoochung, to accept this drama. 全靠你了,雯女! >.< Sincerely, an 义气仔女上.

A beautiful woman gone wayward


Very calm and yet dignified even in face of death. Nobody does it better than Lady Jang.

Lady Jang was executed by sayak today. I did mention before that Lady Jang is a character whom I love and hate at the same time. I think the script-writers really did a very good job with her character. She was very three-dimensional and Lee So-yeon did a way-more-than-awesome job with it. The way she portrayed her innocent, kind, understanding, smart and protective sides to the way she portrayed her anger, jealousy and obsessive sides were truly commendable, and without Lee So-yeon, I wouldn't have loved and hated Lady Jang as much.