City Hunter is driving me nuts!


I swear that City Hunter's script-writers are messing with me! How could you guys do this?! It's toooo cruel, and Prosecutor Kim Young-ju is one of my most favourite character!! >.<

Why did you guys just have to kill him off?! D'= Then what will happen to Sae-hee, the pretty ex-wife of Young-ju? She wanted to give him another chance to be together with her, and he promised to come back for her, AND NOW WHAT?! T_T


Tonight's the final episode, and I really hope that the ending doesn't make me cry or something. I think City Hunter will be the last Korean drama I'll be watching since school is starting soon. >.<

RIP In-hyeon!


RIP In-hyeon!! ='(

Queen In-hyeon passed away today. She was actually sick with heart disease (which she got when she was banished to live outside the palace after Lady Jang accused her of something she did not do), and call me superstitious or what, but I have every reasons to believe that had Lady Jang and company not used black magic to curse her, I don't think she would have died so fast. Lady Jang, you're really very vicious. Even my mum says so too. >.< Poor Dong Yi. She has lost her friend again. T_T

Farewell, In-hyeon! You have really grown on me from the first time I saw you in there. So elegant and so pretty, and yet you suffered such a tragic fate. Go and haunt Lady Jang please!! And go and haunt that shaman who looks like a witch too jebal! She really gives me the creeps oh my 天! >.<

The voodoo doll that Lady Jang and company used to curse the Queen. I really hope that you will die a terrible death for committing treason against the throne. 张玉贞,你真的好卑鄙喔! >.<

Everybody's mourning for Queen In-hyeon!! ='( I felt like crying when everybody had to kneel down wherever they were and wail for the demise of the Queen. Rest in peace, mamanim! T_T

The Queen's now dead. I can't wait to see who the new Queen will be!! In-hyeon's dying wish was for Dong-yi to become the new Queen, but apparently in history, Dong-yi didn't become the Queen. I don't know why as well. I guess I'll have to watch on and see. I think Dong Yi's going to end its run here soon, and up till now, I still don't know what's the drama after that. It'd better be as good, or better, than Dong Yi. ='(

A riddikulus-ly good meet-up!


Taken at the bus-stop right outside Ion Orchard!

I went out with 4B yesterday. We had really a good meet-up at Ion Orchard. It's really nice to catch up and talk to people whom you have not seen for so many months ever since school ended so many months again.

We met at around 6 pm (LOL, our meeting time was shifted from 4 pm, to 5 pm then to finally 6 pm; partly because I was busy watching City Hunter and didn't feel like moving my butt. Anyway, I was still about 20 minutes late heehee! ^^) and had dinner at Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe. Lol, I don't know why, but every time I meet up with 4B, we will always end up going to some Hong Kong restaurant to eat. AND no, I did not suggest going there though I know I'm being known as the Hong Kong tai tai hmph.

Sign (싸인)


I have been watching this drama called Sign (싸인) for the last few days, so much that I stopped watching You're Hired half-way (I was only 4 episodes away from the last episode lmao!) in order to catch this. I must say that this drama really impressed me a lot with the fast pacing as well as the VERY-UNEXPECTED twists in almost every episode. Trust me, the first episode will really blow you away. Every episode ends with a very frustrating (in a good way) cliff-hanger and there, the theme song comes in! ;)

I'm only 1 more episode away from the majimak hway, and I really can't wait to see how everything will turn out. I really like how they conducted the forensic investigations and the autopsies. It was VERY real. I freaked out at some parts because they really showed how they cut out the internal organs and weighed it. The stitches on the bodies also scared me quite a bit. =X I also like seeing how the people working in the NFS are actually pawns who are subjected to political pressure from the various people at the top. It made the drama so much more interesting because everyone of them has a story to tell. I really like how they show the chess pieces in the NFS director's office. It means something. They even named the titles in the OST Bishop's Mess, Queen's Secret, Knight's Chase, Pawn's Mask, Bishop's Tears, Devil's Salute and King's Rage. The OST is really very impressive, and I actually watched certain parts of the episodes thrice because the background music really made it very exhilarating to watch. Damn impressive! ._. I really loved it when the murderer counted down to his victim's death while Dr Yoon and Dectective Choi were running around the building in order to find the victim. *cues in King's Rage*

This drama is easily one of the best forensic dramas out there, and yeah, that being said, it beats the Forensic Heroes series (especially part 2) hands-down. I can forgive part 1 because I really liked the story-line and technology at that time may not be that advanced, so I'll let it pass. But part 2 was just utter rubbish with the main casts for part 1 being casted aside to make way for the so-called new leads (ahem Kevin Cheng, ahem Charmaine Sheh) and there was so much emphasis on the romantic story-line between these 2 when more time could have been used to show how and why the murderer committed the crimes and how they managed to solve the cases. I really don't know how I will view Forensic Heroes 3. I have faith in the acting since there's Wayne Lai and Maggie Cheung, but Sign (싸인) has set my bar on forensic dramas very high.

Back to Sign (싸인), I'm really impressed by how the first case can actually carry the whole drama forward. Believe it or not, the first case will not be solved until the majimak hway haha! xD And the murderer is really a very very pretty person! ;P She's so pretty that sometimes I forget that she's the murderer. She's the same person who played the pretty ex-wife of the handsome prosecutor in City Hunter as well! ;D

Majimak hway, here I come!! *cues in 좋은사람*

A walk back in time


Yo peeps! Sorry for not updating this blog for quite some time though it has been quite happening. xP A few days ago, I went to Changi Airport with girl girl! We really enjoyed ourselves there and after going there, I'm even more determined to make myself work in and for the airport.

Earlier on, me, Madeline and Zoey went to walk along the KTM tracks since the government would be dismantling the track on Monday. =( It's been there since the colonial times, so it's a part of Singapore history. I feel that it's really such a pity that this track would soon be gone into oblivion.

It was raining on and off today, so it was pretty cold, especially now at night while I'm blogging this entry. I woke up seeing dark clouds and I thought that our plans would be dashed. Soon after that, it rained. The sky became very blue and clear before the rain clouds started gathering again. -.-''' It was raining when we reached Bukit Timah. I'm so sorry Zoey! Madeline and I made her wait for nearly 1 hour because we both lost our way to The Rail Mall when we were supposed to know the place rather well. Zoey saw the both of us in our bus while our bus whizzed past the bus-stop where we were supposed to meet lol! Funny lmao. xP And moreover, it was raining quite heavily so poor Zoey, she had to endure the wind and the rain. Miahhae!! >.< Having lunch at The Rail Mall, which is such an atas place (Bukit Timah on the whole is a very atas place), is rather intimidating. We walked past so many restaurants before settling on some hawker fare, which isn't very cheap as well. There are quite a lot of reasons to take good photos, because it's really such a scenic spot. There were many rocks and I kept tripping over them. It's very bad for the footwear, especially my shoes lol! I bought them specially from Hong Kong leh!! >.< But other than a few spots of mud here and there since we walked the track after it rained, it was still in good condition. I've seen torn soles of sport shoes while we were walking along the track though. They must have walked the entire distance of the track lol (which cuts across Singapore!!). ._.

I'm courting death lol! xD

Zoey said that I look like some Hong Kong tai tai lmao! Ying-ness for the win! ^^

Here are some photos for today! I will upload the rest on Facebook some other day! I'm pretty tired from all the walking, so I'm off to sleep now! Toodles~!

Dong Yi is a Gumiho!


Only 2 days have passed, but it feels as if I never watched Dong Yi for almost 1 week already! This goes to show how much this drama has affected me. Queen Jang has bee dethroned while In-hyeon is back as Queen. I've never felt so happy for the characters in the drama. In-hyeon mamanim, I miss you so much~! <33 Tomorrow's episode will really be very exciting! I really can't wait! Lady Jang Ok-jeong, how dare your attendants use voodoo dolls to curse Dong Yi?!?! You will definitely suffer a worse fate than that! No conscience at all. But this drama is soooo exciting because Lady Jang is just so charismatic as the antagonist here. Even I get the goosebumps by just watching her scheme. >.<
Hmm, I heard that she's a very famous character in Korean history. Lee So-yeon is really doing a damn great fantabulous job as Lady Jang. She's evil, but I really love her because she's really very convincing! ^^



I think I haven't mentioned about Dong Yi at all on this blog, but gosh, I've been hooked ever since I watched the first episode a few months back. I don't have patience to watch long historical dramas on MySoju. My limit is only 30 episodes, so I did not bother to finish the drama on MySoju. Watching it on Channel U is fine for me. I really like the feeling of excitement and anticipation of waiting for the next episode, which is pure bliss but oh, so stressful for my heart. xD The trailers for the next episodes made me anticipate the next broadcast even more! No other dramas have made me feel like this since I last watched IRIS and Baker King, which were &$#&#$*# SO GOOD! Sadly, the recent Hong Kong dramas that I've watched failed to have the same appeal on me. =( I'll talk about those later on.

But anyway, since this drama is produced by the very same guy who produced Dae Jang Geum (one of the best-est dramas ever in my opinion), you can really be very sure of its quality! All hail Producer Lee (on a side note, Producer Lee Tim Shing is a very good producer as well, but he's not Korean heehee)! =D

The fighting, costumes and CGI are just totally awesome. This is where Korean dramas totally triumph over TVB dramas. Like, I know South Korea is very much bigger than Hong Kong lah and they have more resources, but as what dear Gau Mui aka Sheren Tang has said, TVB is TOO STINGY with its production values, and it shows. Compare ancient TVB dramas with Korean ancient dramas and you'll see the wide disparity. Every little nitty detail is seen in Korean dramas, especially the scenery, costumes and fighting choreography. I was totally astounded by how steep the cliffs were and how high the mountain were in Dong Yi. I was impressed by the intricate details that they put into creating the hanboks which were all totally hand-sewn. If I did not remember wrongly, Ha Ji-won had 500 over hand-made hanboks just for Hwang Jin-yi but she only wore about 100+ of them. I was very impressed with the fighting scenes. Yeah, they may have used a double for the more difficult moves, but I was reading the You-Weekly interview with Bae Soo-bin (who plays Cha Cheon-soo in Dong Yi) and he did almost all the fighting scenes himself. Korean fighting scenes seem very much more alive and energetic than TVB ones, honestly. I've watched IRIS as well so I know what I said stands true.

This week's episodes for Dong Yi totally spells A-W-E-S-O-M-E! Almost everybody I know are watching this. I saw Pei En put on Facebook: Family bonding tip #1: Watch Dong Yi together! I have this love-hate relationship with Queen Jang, but she's totally such a charismatic femme fatale. I think I have not hated anybody so passionately since Lady Choi of Dae Jang Geum and Mi-shil of Queen Seon-deok. She does have the aura of the Queen, and at times, I feel that she acts better than Dong Yi. Haha, but I still love Dong Yi very much, just that her acting isn't as steady as Queen Jang's. Whatever Queen Jang does will totally make you feel like screaming and kicking at her. You could virtually feel my anger/excitement if you had followed me on Twitter hmm. But why did Queen Jang end up like this? I think it's Suk-jong's (the Emperor) fault actually. I won't say more here, but sometimes I can't stand him for being so fickle-minded. I guess all guys are like that huh? Boo... =(

I love and hate many characters in there, but another character which is quite a stand-out is the former Queen, In-hyeon. I think she's really very elegant for a Queen and she gives me the very motherly feeling. I nearly cried when she was dethroned and when the sang goongs were removing her dragon hairpin and removing her jewellery and what not. I was totally screaming at Lady Jang at that time for being such a heartless and cruel woman. ='( But hiak hiak hiak, you got rid of the wrong person Jang Sang Goong! xP

Despite being a 60-episode drama (most Korean historical dramas are pretty long), the pacing of this drama is really so fast that I feel breathless at times. I was flipping like a dying fish when I couldn't watch this drama for one week because of work lol!

Because of this drama (and other Korean dramas), I've been motivated, once again to pick up Korean. Thank goodness my mum managed to find my Korean book. =D Jal jinaemnida, for now! ^^