Work, the soon-to-be way of life...


Yesterday marked the last day of work for me. I must say that I liked that job, but it was really very tiring as the days went by. It's not the usual 9-5 job that requires you to work every weekdays. I only had 1 day off per week, and there were days when I had to work 8 days in a row. This explains why I haven't really been using the computer and updating this blog much. I have even found it so tiring that I sleep in the middle of watching my dramas and have no mood to play MapleStory anymore. =X

For the first few days, my enthusiasm kept me going. I like meeting all sorts of people and see their reactions whenever they got something good or bad. xD I did not really tell many people where I worked because I feel weird seeing people that I know in my workplace. This is why when I meet people that I know, I'll either try to pretend not to see them or just say hi and go on with handling the other customers. =X I unexpectedly saw Salted Egg during my stint there. It was quite a shock because I totally didn't expect to see him. I was talking to my colleagues when I saw from the corner of my eyes that someone was at the Sistic counter. I told Wen Qian that someone was at the counter and I turned to look at the person in the eye. To my surprise, it was really Salted Egg!! O.O''' Salted Egg was like, "EH?!?! HELLO!!!" I was too shocked that I just said, "Oh my gawd!" and just gave the how-come-you-are-here look LOL. I don't think I said hi lmao! But his son is really cute!! =3

The next day, Salted Egg SMS-ed me to say sorry for not saying a proper hello. Lmao I kinda felt bad because I don't think (I can't remember honestly!) I said hello. xD I'm really thankful for the SMS. I will never forget Salted Egg. He is one of the best Chemistry teachers I've ever had, besides Pooh Bear. =)

Back to my work stint. I realised that it can get really tiring when I have to patiently explain our mall's promotions (there are many since it's GSS) to people who ask. Some people just don't get it and keep asking the same thing over and over again, which really gets onto my nerves. At other times, the shoppers are not happy with the prizes they get or they blame us for not telling them this-or-that earlier. Sometimes I really want to shout at them and tell them to GTFO, but I have to learn to keep my cool. I think I will meet nastier people the next time round. =(

Another reason why I like this job is because I ge tot hear life stories. Like, since my colleagues are all way older than me, so obviously what they have gone through in life is also more than me. I get to hear their views on their bosses, their previous jobs, their dreams and even more relationships. It really opens my eyes to many things and how adults see things.

Anyway, I'm really craving for an outing. I wish to go to Changi Airport for dinner one day and just watch all the planes fly and touch down. Damn cool! ^^ Anyway, I hope that my job stint will prepare me for my future job at the airport. I must remember to smile at people, no matter how much they piss me lol! =X I need to eat good Cantonese food. I haven't touched the wantan meen from Singapore ever since I came back from Hong Kong hmm... I wanted to blog about the delicious dinner we had at Lao Beijing, but I guess I shall not do it now. You can just go to Facebook and see the pictures. The Peking duck was totally awesome! =D

I've been watching quite a number of dramas lately, but I guess I shall leave it till the next time. I think my writing skill is really getting from bad to worse (I find the way I write my posts getting more and more childish) as I have not been writing in a coherent and logical manner for nearly 8 months ever since my GP exams ended. @_@ I really need to get back the 'top of the world' feeling when I write, or in this case, type, soon! School's starting in just another month!!

Filming @ Mediacorp


I did not manage to enter TVB City as they required us to have a special pass, so when I was in Hong Kong, me and my sister were left standing outside, hoping to catch a glimpse of the famous celebrities. Uncle Tiger was very very sure that we did see some, but unfortunately, they were either not famous enough for me to know them or I totally couldn't recognise them. Next time, when I go back to Hong Kong, I must really get a TVB fan along with me go celebrity-spotting!

I may condemn Mediacorp aka Mediacorpse as much as I like. Their dramas suck, and that's the fact. However, I do not deny that some of their variety shows are really good, like We Are Singaporeans. At least it's educational, and I really learnt many things about Singapore which I previously did not know.

MapleStory Big Bang!


Haha, I haven't been updating this blog for quite some time because I am really really very busy. I realise that I update more on Twitter, so do follow me at @dreamy_starz for more updates. I'm thankful for this break because it gives me the chance to do what I want to do. I have taken on quite a number of jobs, so 4 years down the road, I really hope that I'm ready for the job at the airport. ^^ For now, I'm just going to play hard (MapleStory heehee!), watch hard (I must finish all the dramas I want to watch!) and work hard (at work!).

Anyway, after a 2-year plus hiatus from MapleStory, which I stopped playing in order to prepare for the end-of-year IP exams in 2008 (and also because leveling was getting really tiring and tedious for me), I went back to the game. Big Bang has really changed MapleStory a lot! The UI is very much sleeker and brighter and the EXP required to move on to the next level has dropped drastically. The best thing is, my new damages are SOOOO COOL!! Finally, I can deal out 5-digit damages even before reaching level 70! ^^ Damn happy! =D

I completed my 3rd job advancement without much hiccups though I had a lot of trouble finding the Stone. >.< But anyway, my 3rd job skills are so much cooler and I have been using them much more often now. I shall say goodbye to my Cold Beam soon, because Ice Strike is so much cooler! ^^ I leveled once today, thanks to the Lord Pirate PQ. Oh, and I'm now at 60%, thanks to the Lord Pirate PQ as well. xD That PQ gives out lots of EXP seriously! o.O''' And I'm just mass-spamming Teleport Mastery and Ice Strike throughout.

And I've finally gotten my blue belt from Mu Lung. I need 1000+ more points to get the red belt, and 3000+ points to get the black belt I think. Haiz... Mu Lung doesn't give as much EXP as the Lord Pirate PQ, and I always end up dying at Manon. Stupid Manon, she (ya, she's a mother dragon) can switch off my Magic Guard without me knowing it and drop both my HP and MP to 1 immediately. Stupid boss. T_T I wonder what's after Manon... Oh, and I hate it when MapleStory lags big-time. I swear I haven't been disconnected from the game before until Big Bang came zZz... >.<

The mushroom princess crying LOL. She is located at the Mushroom Kingdom lol! I swear that everything there is cute lol! ^^

dreamlucky at 99.99% of EXP lol!

Snackbar right in the middle of the dungeon. Zor ju ngor lor! And attack me a lot! -.-''' I can only kill this when I'm in the Mu Lung Training Centre, because other people are killing it at the same time too! I'm not good enough to solo this lol!

On the way to meet the evil Grendal. Died once because he switched off my Magic Guard and I didn't realise it zZz... I think he's quite hard to defeat leh. =X

I wanted to go to the Korean Folk Town, but I discovered this place by accident. It is forever drizzling/raining here in Altaire Camp lol, that's why this place is so yaam yaam caam caam. >.< And the monsters here are REALLY VERY PRO! I've gotten quite a number of level 90 equipments just by hunting here. ._.

Nett's Pyramid hell mode. The rewards are kinda meh, but the EXP is not too bad. I need to kill about 25k more monsters in order to get the 'Protector of the Pharaoh' medal!! >.<

OK I think I shall stop here for now! I need to get on with watching Grace Under Fire (女拳), My Girlfriend is a Gumiho and Secret Garden!! Apparently, the female lead (Liu Xuan) in Grace Under Fire is actually an Olympic gold medallist for gymnastics. My dad didn't believe me because she spoke Cantonese, but I conveniently forgot to tell my dad that her voice is dubbed. ._. The story so far is all right to me, but like I've said many times, theme song is really very powerful! Love the theme song a lot! ^^