I'm coming!!


It's tomorrow morning! Need to wake up at 4 am later so that we can get to the airport. Marmar has already gone to sleep lol, but she woke up earlier on. I think she couldn't get to sleep haha! xD I don't think I'll get to sleep too! After 10+ years, we're FINALLY going there! ;D

I will update Facebook/Twitter if there's free wi-fi. I really hope that my past 3 months of crash-watching TVB dramas can save me in Hong Kong lol... Especially when I'm going to stay with my relatives without my father and mother! D=

Hong Kong, you just wait! ;) Next stop shall be South Korea, and then I'll complete my tour of the top 3 best airports in the world. =D

Retards, still as retarded as always!


Lol, I don't really feel like blogging nowadays. There's just so many things to settle, like the trip and the university applications. They are getting onto my nerves, really.

But heehee, I'm blogging now because of Retards! ^^ We finally went out together after dunno-how-long, but argh, Ancestor totally FORGOT about our meeting TSK. Haha, we're thinking of going to Bali or Phuket, but I'm really not sure if my mum will let me or not. =( I really want to go!

Anyway, we ate at Soup Spoon at Bugis Junction, then toured Singapore like fake tourists LOL. xD Damn hilarious lor! The Esplande area looks very nice at night! I really love the Singapore skyline! We must go to the Sky Park at Marina Bay Sands (MBS) one day as well! And and and, Unviersal Studios! But the tickets are pretty expensive! T_T MBS was having this laser light show which was really damn impressive! ._. But haha, it was outshone by the super uber round and bright moon though. =P

Some pictures here, and more on Facebook! ;)

Honourable mention goes to us! ;D

Acting tourist-y. xDDD

Pretty Esplanade and pretty Singapore skyline! ;)

Us at One Fullerton.

Skyline! ^^

Very pretty laser lights display at MBS. Too bad the pictures doesn't really do justice to the lights lol. Zoey said that Hong Kong has something similar too. I shall go there and see it soon heehee! xD

OK, I'm going to log off now. As you can tell, I am really not in the mood to blog lol. =X

The day when RVHS made history


Today is the day when River Valley High School made history. We did it, and I'm really, really very proud to be the first batch of IP graduates, the first batch of guinea pigs under the RVIP programme. My results pale in comparison to many of my school mates, who have gotten 7, 8 or even 9 straight As, but I really can't help but to feel very happy, and extremely proud of them. =D RV'10, we did it!

This is really something to cheer for. Our batch has been accused of being lazy and slipshod in our work for the past 2 years. We have come under criticism for not performing up to standard. We are told that with such dismal results (especially for prelims), we cannot even compare ourselves with students from the other junior colleges, let alone those brand-name schools like HC and RJ. Even teachers complain that our (very beautiful) library is under-utilised because not many people stayed back to study. Perhaps it is such criticisms that actually drove us to work hard, to prove people wrong, and to uphold our school's reputation.

We did it, we really did it! 99.7% of us passed GP, and this is the highest ever percentage in the WHOLE nation! <3 We beat schools like Raffles and Hwa Chong!!! How cool is that?!?! And yes yes yes, THE 50/50 (full marks) composition for the GP paper is written by an RVian too! And wow, our Science subjects (Physics, Chemistry, Biology) totally pawned! More than half the level got As for every Science subjects! O.O''' That's way way way way above the national average (which is languishing in the mid 30%)! And what?! The juniors are even getting next Friday off school because of our fantabulous results! The last time this happened was in 2005, when our seniors did extremely well for the O-levels... Though our number of scholars cannot be compared to schools like Hwa Chong and Raffles since our cohort (made up of 343 people) is only 1/4 their size, but well, we have shown that WE ARE THE ONES TO BEAT! <3

I am now very sure that RVians will be proud to say that they are from RV, or have studied in RV before. I wish the juniors all the best! May our results serve as a morale booster to them! =D And congratulations to Zhi Xiang! You have really made and done RV proud! ^^

You know what? For the first time ever, I see such a strong school spirit being displayed on networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Thank you very much, teachers, for all the hard work you have put in for us!

I'm really able to hold my head up high, and tell people that yes, I am from River Valley High School. 我爱立化! <3

Thoughts on The King's Speech


Signs that I've been spending too much money: I don't have any $10 notes left in my piggy bank anymore! ='(

Anyway, I went to watch The King's Speech with girl girl yesterday! Haha, she's really pro! She managed to rush over from school to meet me in Orchard Road just in time for the movie! 你真係好叻啊! =D

The King's Speech is about how King George VI (Queen Elizabeth's father) overcame his stutters to lead the nation during World War II. I must say that it's a very moving portrayal of a very unlikely friendship that blossomed between his speech therapist and himself.

Colin Firth really gave such an outstanding performance as George VI. The way he stammered and stuttered was soooo darn natural that I really wondered if he used to stutter before. =X There were quite a number of funny moments in this film as well. I am astounded by how many times the King uttered expletives haha, because I thought they were supposed to be very refined people. xD But senior has a point haha. They are, after all, human beings. =P

Heehee, even Queen Elizabeth was so moved by the film about her father, so she essentially gave her royal seal of approval to this film. Haha, I've read her review about The Queen too. Too bad she doesn't update nowadays. =/

And what the shit... My mum deleted all my No Regrets' episodes from the thumb-drive, so I told her to help me buy the No Regrets' DVDs. She didn't object, so shall I assume that I'm getting it soon? xD