Thoughts on Chuno


I'm finally done with watching all 24 episodes of Chuno. The ending was not very well-done in my opinion though... There's just too many questions left argh. But this is no doubt one of the better-quality Korean dramas that I've watched.

The writing went a bit hay-wire after 15 episodes of awesomeness. There was just sooooo much potential in the first 15 episodes. Like mind you, each and every of these episodes had this oh-my-gawd-I-want-to-watch-the-next-episode-NOW cliff-hanger, but after that, the pace starts to slow down haiz. The political conflict, which was really very good in the beginning, began to lose steam and ahem, till the last episode, I don't even see how it was solved. -.-''' It doesn't help that so many people died or had ambiguous endings. Grr... So Chuno really started off with a bang, and ended with a fizzle. >.<

But still, I liked how they talked about slave hunting and the slaves themselves. Like... How those yangbans actually didn't see them as human beings and how they staged their own rebellions. I'm not very well-versed in Korean history, so I'm not sure how true all these are, but it sure did provide some history lessons for me. It's just such a pity that many of these slaves did not live to see what they hoped to see. =/

However, on the whole, Chuno is really a very well-made drama with sweeping music that provides great ambiance for the epicness of this drama and brilliant cinematography. I really feel like going to South Korea even more after seeing this drama! And wow, that's some kind of acting eh, especially from Jang Hyuk. He really stood out very much in here. His anger, his sarcasm, his arrogant swagger and his anguish were really very, very well-portrayed! He reminded me of Sheren Tang's epic performance in No Regrets! =D No doubt a Daesang winner, and a very worthy one as well! ^^ My special kudos to the Royal Successor too! How can such a cute boy exist?!?! xD

So is Chuno worth watching? Yes, for excellent acting, magnificent cinematography and heart-stopping action. There are really a lot of twists and turns, although some of it came off as too sudden to be realistic. I really love all their fighting scenes, especially when they slow-mo it and you can totally see the water being spliced through and all the water droplets flying about in slow-mo. This drama must be watched in high-definition, definitely! But I do know that it's not everybody's type of drama, so haha, it's really up to you. ;D

Awesome cliff-hanger from I-dunno-which episode! *cues in epic choir music*

Lovely water scene...


On to IRIS next!

Science Society's president watches No Regrets too!


HAHA LOL LOL LOL! I just found out a few days ago that the brainiest (Singaporean) guy in RV watches No Regrets too! Woohoo! Good on you, Zhi Liang! And heehee, he's so cute as to think that my NR blog actually helped NR win so many awards. =P

And heehee, I've actually found many RVians who watched No Regrets too! You can't imagine how happy I was when I knew that! Facebook and Twitter are really good for connecting people! I thought I was the only one in school who knew about this drama! xDD

Chuno is continuing its epic run. There's just so many twists and turns to this drama! xD So I shall leave my thoughts about Moonlight Resonance and The Silver Chamber of Sorrows the next time. ;D

A visual feast!


Gosh, I guess I have to put off talking about my Hong Kong dramas, or probably won't get to talk about it, because Chuno has made me gone crazy! o.O''' Most of the dramas that I watch are entertaining, but few are really very good (like those that I've listed in my Classics list), and up till now, only 2 have given me the 震撼 feeling. The first one is No Regrets, the other one is Chuno.

What sets Chuno apart from the typical Korean dramas is the stunning cinematography. There is something very, very special about the filming that makes me feel giddy at times, because it's just that overwhelming. Where else can you see grass flying all over when the slave and slave-hunter cross swords? There's is just such a dramatic cliff-hanger after the end of every episode. Chuno has really 吊我的胃口 very much. The OST really rocks, really. That I can swear, especially the instrumental played at the end of the episode. It sounds like the soundtrack for an action movie. And and and, the other instrumental, where the choir was singing, totally reminded me of H.I.T, the song which was played when the murderer was around LOL. I am so in love with the way they wrapped up the episode and showed the preview for the next. Nice work there! ^^

Kim Ha-eun as Seol-hwa here. She's really damn pretty in the drama!! <3

Lee Da-hae! I loved her since My Girl! There isn't really much to her character as of now, but she's really damn pretty in this drama as well! ;)

JANG HYUK OPPA! Aww, this look reminded me of this Thank You look very much! =D Still as hot as ever yo! Too bad he's married rahh. =/

Oh Ji-ho! Another handsome oppa! <3

Chuno is really, really a visual feast. Not only do you see hot guys, the females are equally hot as well. Just look at all the bulging muscles on the guys *screams Jang Hyuk and Oh Ji-ho* and the seductive looks that the girls give. I swear that even the female assassin is darn hot! ._.

Cheng Gau Mui, I think I've just found your match in Dae-gil of Chuno. This is arguably a tour de force performance from Jang Hyuk, whom I have always liked ever since watching Thank You. Dae-gil IS Jang Hyuk, and Jang Hyuk IS Dae-gil. His arrogant swagger, his hatred-filled eyes are all perfectly done, and this is coming from a person who only has 14 years of experience in acting. Nobody in Mediacorpse can give such a performance lor. *thumbs down* I can perfectly understand why Jang Hyuk was awarded the Daesang. So far, from what I'm seeing, he is really very worthy of it, and I'm really very happy that he has finally gotten his recognition. ;D

Ending of episode 4 *cues in epic instrumental music*

Ending of episode 5 *cues in epic instrumental music*

So far, 5 episodes of intensity and grandeur from Chuno. It's definitely a very stylish and impressive start to a sageuk. It's so visually stunning that it's such a shame not to watch this in high-definition. >.< I have faith in the acting, which has so far been rock solid. I just hope that the storyline keeps up! ;)

Heehee, this is very random, but I love listening to the court lady speaking Korean. She said it with so much authority that I'm in awe of her. ._.

Haha, I shall leave my talk about Hong Kong dramas next time! ^^ Till then! ;)

It's a Great Great World & I Love HK


Haha, I watched both It's a Great Great World and I Love Hong Kong a few days ago. I was pretty shocked to see so many people, especially older people who were still watching It's a Great Great World. The movie is mostly in dialects, but thank goodness for Chinese and English subtitles, because I can't listen to other dialects except Cantonese! >.< I was really surprised that the government actually allowed the movie to be in dialects because they strongly discourage the use of dialects (and I'm not very happy about this lol!).

I guess the reason why this movie attracts a lot of older people is because the amusement park used to be an integral part of their lives before it closed down for good. I thought the movie was really good in bringing out the atmosphere and nostalgia of the olden times. I felt as if I was really there! But the plot is a bit choppy in my opinion, because it's actually made up of many small stories. But still, it's really, really worth watching since this is probably the only movie in dialects and for younger Singaporeans, it's nice to see how our parents and grandparents entertained themselves before the wide-spread use of TV.

Next, to I Love Hong Kong. Haha, there isn't much of a storyline to this movie, but I swear that this is the movie that made me laugh until I cried! xDDDDD I really saw so many familiar people inside, and the way they reenacted out scenes from the various TVB dramas are hilarious, especially the No Regrets' part LOL! I swear that Lau Sing is super duper violent and abusive in there HAHA! My poor Gau Gu Leong (acted by Maggie Cheung)!!! If she was acted by Sheren Tang, I think my heart would have cracked or something. Sandra Ng is hilariously hilarious oh my gosh! I think this is really the part that I laughed the most! xDDDDDD Sandra!!!!! <333333 And Fei Fan Gor is such a coward in there. xDDD Sandra rocks again for scaring Fei Fan out of his wits! <3

I really love the ending song that they sang. I wonder if I can find it somewhere or not. And thanks to this movie, I know how to write 冚扮冷 (ham ban larng), like finally! xDD

OK, who wants to watch The King's Speech with me? Oscars is just next week haha! =P

I've finished Moonlight Resonance, The Silver Chambers of Sorrow and finished re-watching Rosy Business! I shall blog more about them next time! xD

After finishing my Hong Kong dramas, I guess it's time to revert back to Korean dramas. I really hope that my mum can buy IRIS (for action!), Chuno (heard that Jang Hyuk kicks ass here!) and Secret Garden (lmao, so many people fell in love with Hyun Bin after watching this!)...

Retail therapy is shiok!


I love shopping and spending money, especially when it's not my own money oops. =X But I'm really not sure why shopping gives me the adrenaline rush. Because it's not my own money, I was more prudent in my spending today, but if I had my own money, I would have bought quite a number of clothes from Tangs, and many many more shoes and scarfs! The trench-coat from Coat is damn nice, and it's really very cheap (it's about $60!), but my mum refused to sponsor it. -.-''' But we bought 3 pairs of shoes and spent quite a bit on accessories as well! =D Tangs' sales are really pretty worth it. Too bad the clothes are a bit on the expensive side though. Those that I fancy cost at least $100. T_T The shoes are absolutely worth it, because the designs are really damn chic! $19.90 for a pair of hand-made shoes. What a deal! =D

Anyway, after watching Les Miserables at yi gu gu's house yesterday, I feel more and more tempted to join the Singapore Youth Choir. I have always wanted to join choir since I was 13, but fate put me in band instead. After watching the mind-blowing performance of Les Miserables 10th Anniversary concert at the Royal Albert Hall (I watched it on the DVD that my gu cheung bought from London. He went to watch the musical itself at the Royal Albert Hall) last year, my desire to join choir has gotten even stronger. I must ask Rachael and see whether she's still interested or not. =)

After that, we went to my mum's cousin's house. They have KBS World haha, and I really love all their variety shows! They are really damn hilarious! Having KBS World is really a very good way to learn Korean. They were playing 接龙, and I realised that some of the Korean words do sound similar to Cantonese/Chinese. Like... 백만 (baek man) sounds like 百萬 (bak man in Cantonese). I think this should greatly facilitate my learning. I can't really say the same for French though. =X Haha, my Korean vocabulary has gotten better, thanks to Happy Together 3! xD

I really envy people who live on such high floors! I could really see Takashimaya even though I was in Redhill. xD Maybe I should get a flat at Pinnacle@Duxton the next time, but flats there are really very expensive. >.<

One evening again. It was raining. Is the sky always this colour when it rains in the evening? o.O'''

View as seen from the 29th floor. I want to go to Pinnacle@Duxton at night! =D

I miss Klarinutz, I really do. =( We need to start planning our trip soon, dears! <333333

Black Swan


Oh my gawd. I'm still very in awe of the movie that I just watched earlier on at Cathay Cineleisure! Black Swan is my very first M18 movie, and after watching it, I really know why it was given such a rating. ._. Some parts are really very explicit heehee, but that's not the main point. The main point is in the gore and horror that is actually portrayed inside. After watching it, I don't even dare to wash my hands anymore, especially when I have cuts on it. =X The whole cinema was totally gasping in horror especially when Nina (the main character) literally pulled off the skin of her finger. That's super uber painful I swear! >.< And and and, there's another part where she pulled off a black feather from her shoulder that is so deeply embedded inside. I was really putting my hand into my mouth when I watched those scenes. ._.

Despite the gore and whatnot, Black Swan is very, very, very beautifully executed. It has excellent artistic direction, and shows how one's obsession for perfection can actually lead to such an outcome. Nina becomes obsessively obsessed with her role of the Swan Queen (she's supposed to dance both the White and the Black Swan parts) and on her mentor's advice to lose herself to her role, she ultimately lost herself, really.

The last few scenes of the movie were totally mind-blowing! The part where Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake was blasting as Nina metamorphosed into the black swan was totally EPIC. The level of epicness is comparable to episode 20 of No Regrets. No joking. I really felt the same way! That's totally artistic direction at its very best.

The black swan herself. Terribly evil, but very beautiful as well. ._.

All right. So all in all, Black Swan is definitely very worth watching! =D It's really a grotesque beauty. o.O''' If Natalie Portman doesn't get her Oscar Best Actress award later this month, it's terrible injustice! Everything, from her eye expressions as the black swan (it's really very scary lor! Her eyes really became red!) and all the pain she has to put in just to act the part of the ballerina (she's a non-dancer)... The Oscar Best Actress award should go to her, really!

One movie down. 3 more movies left for this month to watch. I think I have never watched so many movies in a month in my lifetime before. ._. Looking forward to The King's Speech (heard that it's bloody good - 12 nominations for the Oscars omg!), I Love Hong Kong (heard that the No Regrets' parts were omfg funny to the max!) and It's a Great Great World (I want to see how Singapore was like in the 1970s when the amusement park was still around!). I need more money please! =/

And get on with learning French and Korean. Determination, girl. >.<



Hey yo! How's Chinese New Year for you guys? My haul this year ain't bad, but boohoo, I really hope I won't regret this, because some part of my money is going somewhere. =D I shall tell you guys something! I'm going to Resorts World Sentosa to watch a concert soon! =D Ronny and Mossy, here I come~~~~! 我要同你哋影張相啊! Please please please let me take photos with you all and get your autographs leh! I don't pay so much for nothing hor? =/

I love going to Porpor's place as usual! We went there on the second day of Chinese New Year, and woohoo! I saw SIA planes flying over her house again! It's so darn near! We went to the airport after that. I tweeted from there haha, but apparently, the airport toilets don't have Wi-fi though. =P

My beloved SIA! <3333

And hoho, I've actually finished When Lanes Merge and Can't Buy Me Love (CBML) a few weeks ago, just that I haven't gotten the chance to talk about it.

When Lanes Merge is terribly underrated I swear! It's really a very meaningful show. It showed how an ex-convict is shunned by society just because of this record, and I actually got to know more about racing. xD They may not have the most appealing cast, but the storyline is really not bad! It's worth a watch in my opinion. =) I found Raymond Wong's acting a bit wooden at times (while watching No Regrets and CBML), but he really did a very good job as the male lead in here. It's his first leading role in a drama, but he really did pull it off! Kudos! =D

Next, to CBML. I don't deny enjoying this show, but other than that, I still think that it is not worthy of being awarded the Best Drama award for last year. Beyond the entertainment value, this show is actually pretty superficial. To be honest, I did not really find this show very funny. True, kudos go to the script-writers for writing the lines for this drama, because there are a lot of rhyming and rapping in here. But the rapping rhythm was quite off most of the time, and it didn't really have the desired effect. The touching scenes made more impact on me, and I think the cast (made up for BVT's favourites) did really well in those scenes. However, they were really over-acting in those comedic scenes, and I actually cringed while watching it. To think that I was pretty irritated by Myolie Wu's over-the-top acting in A Chip Off The Old Block. This show made me cringe even more. Thank goodness the leads of this show were not last year's TV King and Queen. My vote would still have gone to Wayne Lai and Sheren Tang for their breath-taking performances in No Regrets. As a No Regrets' fan, I know that I'm biased towards No Regrets, but I still firmly believe that after watching both dramas, No Regrets beats CBML in every aspect, and that it SHOULD have gotten the Best Drama award.

So... After watching most of the 2010 BVT series, my top 5 picks for the Best Drama award would be as follows. Not in any order though. In the original top 5 nominees decided by TVB, only 2) and 4) made it. -.-''' This goes to show how much BVT LOVES their "favourite" people. Absolutely sickening, and totally very bad! >.<

1) A Fistful of Stances
2) No Regrets
3) Gun Metal Grey
4) A Chip Off The Old Block
5) When Lanes Merge

Many thanks to Zesa's mother for helping me get Mingpao Weekly #2204 from Hong Kong itself! Thanks a lot! <33333 I really love Sherayne very much, and up till now, I'm still missing them a lot! I shall see whether I can get the original No Regrets' DVDs though... Reading Chinese downwards (if you get what I mean) is quite irritating though, because my eyes always tend to skip to the next line. xD After that, I took my Mingpao Weekly #2195 (the one with Sheren on cover) and decided to finish reading the whole magazine (when I first received it, I only read the No Regrets' parts and then threw the magazine aside though from time to time, I would take it out to read the No Regrets' parts again! xD). I realised that many artistes actually praised No Regrets and the cast in it. ^^ Reading fan-fics on Baidu make me miss the Rosy Business series even more. There was one fan-fic on Sherayne, and it's about them filming Rosy Business. I really admire those people for their writing skills (some of them get just go and write their own books and it will sell like hot cakes I swear!) and their imagination. =P

I've started on Moonlight Resonance. Like finally haha! I'm now on episode 5, so 35 more episodes to go! xD Hmm, so far it's really quite nice to watch haha, just that it's quite dramatic at times. I really love the way Susanna Kwan's theme song came in at the end of every episode. Damn epic! Haha, this is the way Hong Kong and Korean dramas 吊我们的胃口! ;) So far, very impressive acting by almost everybody. It's like watching good Hong Kong dramas all over again after my impression was kind of ruined by CBML (CBML's veterans did very well though!). Aunt Sa (Susanna Kwan) is irritating me though, and holy, look at Michelle Yim's evil look! O.O''' And I support Ah Yuet yo! Tavia ftw! =DDDD

View from my balcony taken with my handphone. Pretty hor? xD It was drizzling slightly, but perfect weather for snuggling up to watch dramas like Moonlight Resonance! =)

Something random, but I really can't live without nail polish now! I really wondered how I managed to survive my 13 years of education without putting on nail polish at all! >.< Cousy didn't expect me to put on feminine colours like pink. I think I shall go buy darker colours. I like Livia's nail colours! =) And Livia, may our wish be granted, soon! =D

Happy Chinese New Year!


OH MY OH MY! I really hope that this news is true! I was browsing through Baidu, and it is said that Bobby Au-Yeung, Moses Chan, Sheren Tang and Myolie Wu may be filming a pre-modern drama in May! Crap, that's like 3 of my favourites in this drama already! =D Please let this be true, please please please! ^^ I'm neutral towards Myolie though. She's pretty likeable, but her acting is questionable at times, though I really love her in When Rules Turn Loose, which is one of the most heart-warming dramas I've ever seen. =) Given her long absence from TV, I wonder how her acting would be like... If this drama is confirmed, then I may set up a drama blog for that drama as well, like what I did for No Regrets. ;)

And haha, I found someone who has the same thought as me! Click here (look at 68楼). The poster also thought that Gau Mui's trench-coat looks like Zara's! =D

Anyway, this is the first time in many years that the whole family had our reunion dinner at a restaurant. More photos will be uploaded when my aunt uploads them on Facebook haha. The yu sheng was really good, and so were the rest of the dishes that we ate. But my dad was pretty angry with them because they served the food too slowly. I don't really blame them, because there were many people around at that time, but apparently, that didn't stop my aunts, dad and grandmother from being angry. ._.

Our menu for our table. There was another table of relatives (other aunts, uncles and cousins) besides us.

Anyway, to cut the long story short, here's wishing everybody who's reading, a very HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!! =D