2011 MBC Drama Awards


Drama of the Year: Best Love
Top Excellence, Miniseries, Actor: Cha Seung-won (Best Love)
Top Excellence, Miniseries, Actress: Gong Hyo-jin (Best Love)
Top Excellence, Serial Drama, Actor: Kim Seok-hoon (Twinkle Twinkle)
Top Excellence, Serial Drama, Actress: Kim Hyun-joo (Twinkle Twinkle), Shin Aera (Indomitable Daughters in Law)

Merry Christmas!


Actually, I do agree that Christmas is getting too commercialised that it is slowly losing its real meaning. Service today made me realise this point. Mr Metcalf summed it up well. Christmas is really much more than just buying and receiving gifts, much more than just the glitzy light-ups at Orchard Road.

But if there is no commercialisation, I don't think many people will reflect on the true meaning of Christmas as well.

I don't need money or presents to make me happy. I'm grateful and thankful for everything I have, truly.

It's very cold in South Korea now. I'm glad the Koreans did get to enjoy their white Christmas. Keep warm, oppas and unnies, hyungs and noonas! ;D I'm so jealous of whoever is in South Korea now. Even Jeju, the southernmost part of South Korea, snowed please, which goes to show how effing cold the whole country is right now. T_T When can I go to South Korea? ._.

The following week will definitely be quite packed for me, but I'm really looking forward to it. =D Merry Christmas to whoever is reading! ;)

Poisoned by Bottled Passion



I have just finished episode 10 of Bottled Passion. It's just too good. And well, I think it'll soon replace Only You as my best TVB drama of 2011.

Bottled Passion has this very Korean-drama feel to it, partly because Raymond Wong is so hot in there. You know, because of him, I really wished that I lived in the 1930s. I want him to wipe my dirty feet (if they ever get dirty) with his own handkerchief. The part where he just suddenly swept Tsui Sum off her feet (literally) was sooooo romantic LOL!

Haiyo, it's such a pity that Raymond Wong is married with a child. But hey, fathers can look very attractive too all right! His wife is surely one very 'hang fook' woman... ._.

I can't wait for tomorrow's episode! Only 11 more episodes before this great drama ends.

Besides Producer Chik (I'm only looking forward to his War and Beauty 2) and Amy Wong (loved Only You and The Other Truth), the other producers' dramas are like shit, like Mui Siu Ching's. She has been producing shitty dramas like 宫心计 (don't even know why I continued watching it even though I nearly gave up), Can't Buy Me Love (errrr, seriously?!) and Forensic Heroes 3 (major disappointment, especially when Wayne Lai and Maggie Cheung were in it haiz...). Oh, and do you see the similarities with all these dramas? They have A-list stars. However, the scripts in those dramas fail them utterly to the extent that they did not perform or give their best. Even Wayne admitted that Pro Sir wasn't a memorable role for him and felt 'only ok' with his performance in there. Walao, I'm so darn glad that she's leaving TVB for the other TV station. Pui. Go far far away lah you!

The thing about Tim Gor is that he's very willing to give new stars or people whom he thinks has potential chances to lead in his dramas, famous or not, A-lister or not; which is why every character in his dramas (including those with scenes not major enough to be considered leads but major enough to contribute to the story) get the chance to shine and get the media coverage they need by HK's news media. If not for him, Wayne Lai won't be playing lead roles now. As somebody in the forum added, Tim Gor is probably the only producer who doesn't get bitches to lead. The day Tim Gor retires shall be the day I stop watching TVB (if Chik's and Wong's dramas end up being fails).

Tim Gor makes one of the best dramas out there, no doubt. He's the reason why so many international stars (like Chow Yun Fatt, Kara Hui) from Hong Kong owe their successes to him. And he's the reason why I know him (because of Safe Guards, Rosy Business and No Regrets).

P.S. This is random, but I think my face is too long. Maybe that's because I sulk too much. ._.

Thoughts on Bottled Passion


I've been watching Bottled Passion (我的如意狼君) for the past 2 weeks or so, and I really highly recommend this drama! Haha, if you've been following me on Twitter, you would have known how much I gush about this drama. This year's TVB dramas have been very lacklustre. In fact, of all the dramas that I've watched, I truly enjoyed Only You and The Other Truth only. And no, Forensic Heroes 3 was shit despite Wayne Lai and Maggie Cheung being in it. -.-'''

You know, Tim Gor is one of the very few who makes the best dramas in TVB, and Bottled Passion definitely doesn't disappoint. 9 episodes and every episode has this very irritating cliff-hanger lol. I really can't wait for Monday! Haiz, TVB politics at play again. This drama was supposed to be aired before the anniversary, but it got pushed all the way back till now to become a 'filler' drama, which definitely does not justify the status it should deserve. ._. But I'm very glad that reviews for this drama have been overwhelmingly positive. Tim Gor, you deserve this.

The ending of episode 9 was really a very big surprise, but it nearly got me crying. I won't reveal it here, but the script-writers really made very clever and unexpected twists throughout these 9 episodes. Chan Ching Yee and Shek Hoi Ting, you good. Filming techniques are definitely top-notch, Tim Gor's style. =D

Raymond Wong NAILS Tung Boon Sin, truly. I always can't fathom his next move. He's nice (sometimes), he's cunning (very), he's kind (maybe), he's vicious (definitely). He's a cheater who plays and messes around with women's feelings. By right, that makes him a jerk, but I really can't help but to endear myself to him. You know, I really don't mind getting cheated on by him lol! xD Boon Sin is really such a charmer in there, but he goes around breaking hearts for the sake of revenge. ;_;

Niki Chow is very pretty in here, but I'm not really a fan of her acting. She's definitely a fresh face to see though!

Oh, and I must really say that their winter clothings are really very nice and chic!! But, was Guangzhou's winter really that cold? They're wearing things like fur coats lol! I don't really care, so long as I think they're nice. ^^

It's very touching to see so many people thanking Tim Gor for creating such a drama on the various forums. 添哥,唔好退休喇! >.<

7 years of craziness and counting


I was too tired and busy to blog last week, so I shall just blog what I did for the past week. Zoey, Madeline and I signed up to be volunteers for the Standard Chartered Marathon (SCM). Oh ya, I must congratulate Poopy for completing the 42 km run! I didn't get to meet her because I was in-charge of the 21 km category instead, but we met each other at Jennie's BBQ party. xP

Anyway, surviving on no sleep for more than 36 hours really kills. I was still looking forward to the SCM before that because we went to Zoey's house and watched Apple of My Eye at Lido. Haha, Zoey actually drove us to her house. Thank goodness we ended up at her house in one piece. It heartens me to know that we grew up together and poof, suddenly Zoey knows how to drive a car. Very grown-up indeed. ;')

Lovely days ahead~


It's finally Friday and this weekend will definitely be a very exciting one! I'll be seeing people whom I haven't met in eons and I just can't express my excitement! =D I've been waiting for such things for too long! I miss you guys so much!

I thought I have many things to blog about, but I can't think of any at the moment since I'm busy listening to K-pop on YouTube. xP

My mum asked me whether I want to take up Law because I like what I'm learning now, but there are many cases to remember, so I don't think I'm really suited for it. Plus, I only got 10/25 for my Law test LOL, but apparently my lecturer said that he marked it very strictly, so I have to add 5 marks on top of what I got. ._. Oh, and can you believe it? I'm really seriously considering SNU besides HKU. Because I really want to live in South Korea and experience the 4 seasons. Not like I don't get to experience the 4 seasons in Hong Kong, but it hasn't snowed in Hong Kong since the last century. ._. I think HKU's school fees are cheaper though. Living in South Korea is really not cheap and I have my relatives in Hong Kong anyway, so...

Anyway, after a rather disastrous attempt at putting on coloured lenses a year back (I felt that the colours were too light, but apparently it's hazel brown haiz...), I mustered up my courage and tried on the misty grey colour (I still have hippie chestnut left, and it's even lighter than hazel brown) and it looked quite nice to be honest. ;D I just hope that I won't be so overly reliant on them. They're really going to cost me a lot! D=

Misty grey! I would love to get the mosaic lenses, but they were too expensive at that time. >.<

Oh, and I was asked whether I'm a local again. Haha ya lah ya lah. I'm a foreign talent (pui!), so please chase me out of this country. xD

So a little less than 24 hours to go to mark my great weekend! I really can't wait! =D

December will really be a great, great month! ^^

P.S. I hate how my nose is so dysfunctional at times. Wae can't I always have a sharp and long nose like me dad's or yeye's? Tavia, please tell me what you did to your nose! I want a nose like yours! I hate bulbous noses. Wae me no angmoh genes? T_T

P.P.S. I felt really sad when I read about the big fire in Mong Kok. I can't believe that I was at the exact same spot a few months back. T_T I miss Hong Kong so much that I even felt like crying when Channel U was airing the part where the fireworks were going off at Disneyland. I hope dad agrees to let us go to Hong Kong again in a few weeks' time, but that'll be a damn impromptu trip lol. I really want to spend Christmas in Hong Kong though. =(

Damn unlucky!


When I went to the LRT station, I realised that I didn't have my EZ-link card with me. I panicked because that was the NETS Flash-go card and it was linked to my mum's GIRO account. I was so afraid that somebody would pick it up and keep using it. However, it felt rather strange to me because I didn't go anywhere else yesterday, and I did manage to come home on Wednesday.

I rushed back home and tried to find my card frantically, but to no avail. I gave up searching. After that, I opened the fridge and wanted to take out the leftover pork to cook my lunch with it since I was at home. The packet of char siew pau then shifted and toppled my cup of chrysanthemum and wolfberries tea. Suay or not you tell me? -.-'''

After cleaning up the mess (that includes digging out the wolfberries and flowers from under the fridge), I proceeded on to cook my lunch. When my bowl of noodles was ready, I wanted to drain away the soup, but my whole bowl of noodles fell into the sink and the soup scalded my right arm. I've lost count of the number of times I've said the F word for these 2 hours. Luckily nobody was at home lol. ._.

These incidents/accidents pretty much sum up my unlucky day, which is today. My poor arm looks red and raw now. 點解我今日會咁黑仔㗎?囧 As a result, I really am in a very bad mood now (though it's now much better) and have decided to sulk at home instead.

I can't wait for December to be here! I want my tablet ya! And I can't wait to meet up and binge on food with my lovelies. December will be the better month, trust me, so 5 more days to go yo!

P.S. Oh, by the way, I found my EZ-link card in my Econs notes. Fack you Econs.



The following post is written in Cantonese, and I'm posting it here because I don't want to embarrass this particular girl, who is so thick in the head that she doesn't even realise that her English is so atrociously bad that it embarrasses her. She just shoots her mouth off like an empty vessel and one may be forgiven to think that she has a pea in place of her brain.

She thinks I assume, but look who's talking? Assumptions never ever work for me. I have a feeling that she doesn't even know the meaning of 'assumption'. *faints* Don't strut with your nostrils so high up in the air. Nobody wants to see your bogey. I know you're reading. It just depends on whether you KNOW and UNDERSTAND what you're reading or not. I highly doubt your comprehension skills though, because you have shown that you don't possess an inkling of it.

Queen Seon-deok is A-W-E-S-O-M-E!


Mi-shil, the bad-ass who kicks ass!

Queen Seon-deok is awesome, it really is. Today's episode was intense like abcdefg! I've never felt my heart race for a drama like this ever since Dong Yi ended its run. xP I think I'm really loving all the characters in there, including Mi-shil, the antagonist. Go Hyun-jung did such a great job with Mi-shil. I love how easily her eyebrows move up and down and her evil smirks. Even my mum says that this role seems to be made just for her!

I just love the way the Koreans develop their antagonists. They are not the usual black-vs-white characters that you see in dramas from Singapore (gave up watching a few years back) or TVB dramas. They're very well fleshed-out and have "justified" reasons as to why they are acting in this way. The best thing is, they don't look stupid, which is why I love watching the so-called villains scheme like Lady Choi of Dae Jang Geum, Lady Jang Hee-bin of Dong Yi and now Mi-shil of Queen Seon-deok.

Here's a scene between Deok-man and Mi-shil.

Mi-shil: Have you ever heard of the rumour that Mi-shil eats young children?
Deok-man: ... *refuses to answer*
Mi-shil: Well, it means you must have heard of it.
Deok-man: *says something but I forgot lol*
Mi-shil: Actually, it was I myself who started this rumour. Don't you think it's better for people to fear me than not to fear me? *gives sly smile, cues in super intense music*

Deok-man: (reading her book) Although general may have raised an army by receiving Heaven's Will, but, there is no Heaven's Will to those without righteousness.
Mi-shil: That's a lie.
Deok-man: What?!
Mi-shil: Heaven's Will? *laughs* That has nothing to do with being righteous or not. Nothing at all.
Deok-man: Then, what is Heaven's will? I've heard, when you preside over a rain ceremony, then it always rains. And if you make prophecy then it comes to fruition. Is Heaven's will on your side?
Mi-shil: I'm going to tell you something that is very secretive. Will you be able to keep this secret?
Deok-man: Yes Ma'am.
Mi-shil: If you reveal this secret...
Deok-man: I will keep this secret...
Mi-shil: Then, I will tell you... come closer. Truthfully, there is no such thing as "Heaven's Will".
Deok-man: Pardon?!
Mi-shil: You look disappointed. It's really insignificant.
Deok-man: It's not that...
Mi-shil: I have told such a big secret... Heaven has no will. Even if it exist, it has nothing to do with human beings. Of course, there's no way of foretelling the future. But... if something does happen tomorrow... Then, that would be Mi-shil's will... And not Heaven's will.
Ah yes, Mi-shil. I really fear you. >.<

I really love characters like Mi-shil. Mi-shil is so mysterious, smart and very, very cunning. She's able to manipulate the minds of people and really make them believe every word she says. Up till now, I have still no idea what she is up to. She reads other people's minds so easily but we can't read hers. In a way, she's like Cheng Gau Mui in the first half of No Regrets. Eye power for the win! <3

Today's episode was just... WOW! Princess Cheon-myeong seems to have realised that Deok-man is her twin sister. In fact, she just realised that she has a twin sister lol. But I do admire her wit. She's indeed one very smart woman as well. The way the script-writer paced this episode is really, really very good. The music, the intensity and the story really flowed very well.

Heehee, I have to get up earlier tomorrow to watch tomorrow's episode because I won't be able to watch tomorrow's episode on TV. I have class until 10 pm fuuuuu... T_T

School life is 囧!


I'm terribly sorry for the lack of updates. I'm taking some time off my Law essays to blog. To be honest, I don't really feel the urge to blog anymore because time is really not by my side.

I really envy those people who are now studying overseas. I just want these 2 years to pass quickly so that I can go overseas to study. I can't wait, I really can't.

My study load is really getting so much heavier. I'm already starting not to understand Math, which I thought was easiest out of all the modules I'm currently taking. Hessian matrix? Poo. Lagrange multiplier? Poo.

Acccounts? I think I screwed up my first test sian. My assets and total liabilities + equity don't match at all. It's just not a discrepancy of a few hundred dollars. It's a discrepancy of a few hundred THOUSAND dollars. I don't think any company will hire me now lol. I don't catch any balls on cash flow statements and suspense accounts, which are totally mind-boggling.

Contract law is really testing my patience. Law is very interesting to tell the truth, but there are really so many grey areas to ponder about that sometimes I don't know who to help. It doesn't help that sometimes I can't take a stand, because either parties are equally right/wrong. 囧 The good thing is that this subject really makes me think very hard and deep lol, but I'm afraid that after months of not writing essays, my writing skills have gone haywire.

Excerpt of my law essay

As for Econs, I don't have much to say about it. I've been complaining about it since the first lecture, and although my lecturer is cute, I still abhor Econs. Why do I still have to take it next year?! ='( Something is terribly wrong with this subject when only 60% of the cohort pass it for the final exams. And what the hell, the passing mark is not even 50; it's only 34/100! -.-''' I really hope that I will be in those 60%. I will never want to retake this! It's just too horrible. >.<

OK, so much for my rather half-hearted update. I need to chiong my essays now. I have two to do, and another killer Econs assignment. T_T

Banned from drinking soju


I had a very full and happy catch-up dinner with Zoey, Madeline and Zhi Yi yesterday. I miss my RV friends, I really do. =( We went to Kim's Family Korean Food Restaurant to eat dinner. The place itself is quite ulu. I made the reservation at 6.30 pm, but Zhi Yi and I only reached there at around 7.15 pm, no thanks to our near 45 minutes wait for bus 61. SMRT, you still dare to increase our fares?! What inefficient service you have lah. -.-'''

Thanks to Korean food, I have had two week's servings of vegetables lol! I should be able to shit very well lmao! xP Haha, after my maiden trip to the first authentic Korean restaurant, I'm really dying to go to South Korea! <3 Anyway, enough of talk!

Here's the food!

My fake soju, because my very good friends refused to let me drink it. I'm of legal age lor! =(

RIP Steve Jobs


You know someone is that impactful when even babies are holding his inventions and screaming "IPHONE! IPHONE! IPHONE!" on the MRT when they don't get to hold it in their puny hands, and even when they can barely form proper words with their mouth.

The iEverything has become synonymous with Apple, and Apple is synonymous with Steve Jobs. Though I don't own any Apple products (yes, not even an iPod), but I must admit that his iProducts (iPhone, iPad, and god knows what other "i"s there are) have revolutionised the world of technology. I myself had the privilege of using the iPad 2 for a period of time to do everything, till the extent that I did not even have to use my laptop for almost the entire duration I had it.

Steve Jobs has indeed, left a really huge void that I don't think anyone can fill. Almost everybody living in the 21st century grew and are still growing up with his products. My father wants to get us an iPad 2 for our Christmas presents, but I suggested waiting for iPad 3 instead. With Jobs being gone for good, will Apple still retain its magic, with companies like Samsung fast catching up on its heels? Will I still want any Apple products in time to come?

I was testing the Samsung Galaxy S II the other day, and I must say that I'm very much more impressed with it than the iPhone 4 (that being said, iPhone 4 is older, but the newer 4S failed to impress) because of the clearer (it's brilliant) display, bigger screen and super-duper fast processor. I can open 10 applications all at once and it didn't even lag at all. Awesome or what? ;O

Geniuses die young, as what I've observed. People like Mozart and Schubert all died when they were in their prime. Dying at 56 years old is quite a shock for anybody, especially in this era. At least Jobs has gone on to a better place, residing among the iClouds now. His presence will truly be missed, and the world of our time will know what a great visionary he is and how much he has changed our lives as we continue to stalk people using his products.

Will Apple still retain its magic? I really hope so. All the best Apple!

RIP Steve Jobs. You will truly be missed.

Note: Apple, please release iPad 3 latest by next year, and not give me bullshit like iPad 2S or something like that. I swear that I will kill a bitch and get the Samsung tablet and phone instead. -.-'''

iPad 2 is really cool!


Hi all. I'm pretty sorry for the lack of updates because I have been rather caught with school work. University life is really quite stressful because there are so many things that are so foreign to me. Econs is really going to be the death of me. It's so much more complex than those we learn in JC. =( I hate those indifference curves and I don't really understand why there is a difference between an inferior good and a Giffen good. T_T

Anyway, school life aside, my sister managed to borrow her friend's iPad 2. I'm really so in love with it, and have not been using my laptop that often now heehee. In fact, I'm using the iPad now to type this post. It's really so much more convenient since Twitter and Facebook are just a tap away. If I have to get one Apple product, it would be the iPad. My mum and dad have been using it to play Angry Birds, and you totally have no idea how addicted they are to this game. My mum even went without sleep just to play with it. I'm dead serious here. ._. The only downside of it is that the camera is really lousy lol, and I feel that it's slightly heavy. I can watch YouTube videos on it, but it seems that I can't play Facebook games like Sims Social, which requires Flash. Strange, because I thought YouTube uses Flash too? I can't watch videos from my No Regrets blog as well, so I dunno lah.

My mum has been asking my dad to get it, and I think my dad seems quite amused by it lol, so maybe we may get it soon? Maybe not iPad 2 since iPad 3 may be coming out soon.

Games also look amazing on the iPad. I read from Twitter that iPhone users spend 1 million hours just to play Angry Birds. I'm not sure if that is true or not, but I can be sure that I have spent more than 10 hours on it altogether LOL. -.-'''

Angry Birds with the King of Pigs LOL!

Plants VS Zombies! It's a super cute game heehee! I still have the game in my thumbdrive LOL! But I think it's cooler to play it on the iPad instead of the laptop lol! xP

All right, that's all for now. I'm off to eat my dinner now. =D

Dead meat...


After 9 months of leaving my brain to decay, tomorrow's the day. Haiz, I really hope that I will be able to get used to the new environment. Having been to only 2 schools in my whole life is definitely not helping. =( I feel like I'm starting primary 1 and secondary 1 all over again. =/ It did not help much that I missed the deadline for orientation day, so I know no new friends at all. I sincerely hope that I will be able to wake up for morning lessons and I won't lao sai in school or something. I'm totally feeling very 'gwing' right now. 囧

In those 3 hours, I'd better make some new friends or what, if not it'll be a very lonely 3 years there. =X Why aren't there people I know taking the same course as me? I pray really hard that I will meet nice people. *crosses finger*

Anyway, this is the first time I've taken such a close look at my time-table. I hope I'll be able to go travelling with Zoey before she leaves, but I'm not sure if my mum will allow or not. However, I really want to go since Jennie and Shi Xian (Liang) may be going as well, which is why if there are any part-time jobs, I'd gladly take it up. And people, please respond to my piano/theory ad, which will be up on Gumtree by tomorrow! I'm in serious need of money!! >.<

For now, I can only arrange yum cha dates at Chinatown with them hmm. Oh, which reminds me, I have to tell Zoey when I'm free! Maybe brother can join us for yum cha too! ;)

囧晒... T_T

Majulah! The Singapore Spirit.


I went for the National Day celebrations at the Padang yesterday! Although I later found out that the tickets Aunt Stephanie had for us were not the tickets to the actual celebrations at The Float @ Marina Bay, I'm still thankful for the tickets, because the Padang is very close to the actual location and we could actually see the vehicles that Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and other distinguished guests moving towards their destination at The Float.

We had a live broadcast of the National Day Parade (NDP) in HD, and because we were so close to the actual location, we could actually feel the euphoria there from where we were. The only downside was that I was nearly cooked under the baking hot late afternoon sun. Thankfully, Youth NTUC gave us umbrellas, which was also later used to form the giant human Singapore flag. We were inside the Singapore Book of Records for being the biggest human flag haha! It was really such an honour to be able to participate in this. I really couldn't believe the human flag actually looked like the real flag.

Happy National Day!


Haha, today is Singapore's 46th birthday, and I will be going down later on to catch and soak in the atmosphere at the Marina Bay area. I think it'll really be quite exciting, and of course, I can't wait to see the spectacular fireworks being fired among the skyscrapers! There's really no 瘾 in just watching the fireworks on TV. I guess you'll have to personally see it yourself to know how great it is, especially when there are so many like-minded people like me heehee.

War and Beauty 2?!


I'm not sure of what and how to feel about this. War and Beauty is no doubt one of the smartest and most well-made TVB dramas of all time. In fact, it started the whole wave of 宫廷剧s that you see in Hong Kong dramas nowadays. Hell, it even beats dramas like Beyond the Realm of Conscience (宫心计) many miles, which, I, on hind-thoughts, found it rather silly with the never-ending and petty fights despite redeeming performances from the veterans and Tavia Yeung. War and Beauty honestly made many TVB dramas now look very silly, childish and low-standard. It was so good that I still have the VCDs (yes VCDs!) up till now, which is why I'm really afraid that those VCDs won't be able to play anymore as technology progresses.

So War and Beauty 2 will be featuring the original cast, which includes my favourite actresses like Sheren Tang and Maggie Cheung. Filming starts in February 2012. THEN WHAT NOW?! Sheren Tang, Rosy Business 3 leh? =( To be honest, I want to see Sheren more in Rosy Business 3. I feel that such a timeless classic like War and Beauty should really be left alone. I'm not saying that the Rosy Business series weren't classics. They are, of course, in my opinion. However, the ending of War and Beauty, which I've mentioned years back, left nothing more to be desired. Everyone had their own ending, happy or not. There was a proper closure to it. One misstep and the whole 《金枝欲孽》招牌 will be terribly wrecked! Producer Chik's last few dramas like Gem of Life (I gave up after 1 episode) and Dance of Passion (tried to watch, but couldn't get past it) were terribly unwatchable.

Producer Lee has, at least, proven himself with good dramas like Safe Guards, Rosy Business and No Regrets. As much as I am rather apprehensive of Rosy Business 3, which will really have a lot of expectations to live up to, I'm still more sold on watching Sherayne, whom I think really possess a type of chemistry that is really, well, uniquely Sherayne.

You must read the scans from right to left, left to right.

- Credits to Mingpao Weekly for the scans

Sheren has not given her reply as to whether she will participate in Rosy Business 3 or not, but she has given such a long reply and expressed her interest in participating in War and Beauty 2. T_T I've expressed my thoughts on the Sherayne Facebook group, but I thought it would be good to put it here as well.

So, I really don't know what to feel right now. =/ But here's a yoochung for Sheren. Take up Rosy Business 3. Like what many on Weibo have said, nobody will dare to take up Rosy Business 3 if she doesn't take it up, because the Rosy Business series belongs truly only to the Rosy Business cast and crew.

No Regrets: Rosy Business series casts to reunite


No Regrets: Rosy Business series casts to reunite: "Lau Sing and Gau Gu Leong were 2 characters which won the hearts of the viewers. Wayne Lai and Sheren Tang may just have the chance to film ..."

HOLY MACORONI! JUST THE NEWS I NEEDED TO HEAR!! =D Honestly, I was very shocked when I learnt about it this morning. I was really not expecting this though I know many people wanted a sequel. However, I knew that Producer Lee would be retiring and that Cheung Wah Biu would be leaving TVB, so when other people were having their hopes high up for a sequel after No Regrets ended its run, I thought that it was a perfect ending for such a wonderful 班底. I did not, and had not wished for more, though I had felt that No Regrets deserved the Best Drama award more than the other silly comedy. -.-'''

But now, SHEREN TANG, THIS IS A REQUEST, a majimak yoochung, to accept this drama. 全靠你了,雯女! >.< Sincerely, an 义气仔女上.

A beautiful woman gone wayward


Very calm and yet dignified even in face of death. Nobody does it better than Lady Jang.

Lady Jang was executed by sayak today. I did mention before that Lady Jang is a character whom I love and hate at the same time. I think the script-writers really did a very good job with her character. She was very three-dimensional and Lee So-yeon did a way-more-than-awesome job with it. The way she portrayed her innocent, kind, understanding, smart and protective sides to the way she portrayed her anger, jealousy and obsessive sides were truly commendable, and without Lee So-yeon, I wouldn't have loved and hated Lady Jang as much.

City Hunter is driving me nuts!


I swear that City Hunter's script-writers are messing with me! How could you guys do this?! It's toooo cruel, and Prosecutor Kim Young-ju is one of my most favourite character!! >.<

Why did you guys just have to kill him off?! D'= Then what will happen to Sae-hee, the pretty ex-wife of Young-ju? She wanted to give him another chance to be together with her, and he promised to come back for her, AND NOW WHAT?! T_T


Tonight's the final episode, and I really hope that the ending doesn't make me cry or something. I think City Hunter will be the last Korean drama I'll be watching since school is starting soon. >.<

RIP In-hyeon!


RIP In-hyeon!! ='(

Queen In-hyeon passed away today. She was actually sick with heart disease (which she got when she was banished to live outside the palace after Lady Jang accused her of something she did not do), and call me superstitious or what, but I have every reasons to believe that had Lady Jang and company not used black magic to curse her, I don't think she would have died so fast. Lady Jang, you're really very vicious. Even my mum says so too. >.< Poor Dong Yi. She has lost her friend again. T_T

Farewell, In-hyeon! You have really grown on me from the first time I saw you in there. So elegant and so pretty, and yet you suffered such a tragic fate. Go and haunt Lady Jang please!! And go and haunt that shaman who looks like a witch too jebal! She really gives me the creeps oh my 天! >.<

The voodoo doll that Lady Jang and company used to curse the Queen. I really hope that you will die a terrible death for committing treason against the throne. 张玉贞,你真的好卑鄙喔! >.<

Everybody's mourning for Queen In-hyeon!! ='( I felt like crying when everybody had to kneel down wherever they were and wail for the demise of the Queen. Rest in peace, mamanim! T_T

The Queen's now dead. I can't wait to see who the new Queen will be!! In-hyeon's dying wish was for Dong-yi to become the new Queen, but apparently in history, Dong-yi didn't become the Queen. I don't know why as well. I guess I'll have to watch on and see. I think Dong Yi's going to end its run here soon, and up till now, I still don't know what's the drama after that. It'd better be as good, or better, than Dong Yi. ='(

A riddikulus-ly good meet-up!


Taken at the bus-stop right outside Ion Orchard!

I went out with 4B yesterday. We had really a good meet-up at Ion Orchard. It's really nice to catch up and talk to people whom you have not seen for so many months ever since school ended so many months again.

We met at around 6 pm (LOL, our meeting time was shifted from 4 pm, to 5 pm then to finally 6 pm; partly because I was busy watching City Hunter and didn't feel like moving my butt. Anyway, I was still about 20 minutes late heehee! ^^) and had dinner at Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe. Lol, I don't know why, but every time I meet up with 4B, we will always end up going to some Hong Kong restaurant to eat. AND no, I did not suggest going there though I know I'm being known as the Hong Kong tai tai hmph.

Sign (싸인)


I have been watching this drama called Sign (싸인) for the last few days, so much that I stopped watching You're Hired half-way (I was only 4 episodes away from the last episode lmao!) in order to catch this. I must say that this drama really impressed me a lot with the fast pacing as well as the VERY-UNEXPECTED twists in almost every episode. Trust me, the first episode will really blow you away. Every episode ends with a very frustrating (in a good way) cliff-hanger and there, the theme song comes in! ;)

I'm only 1 more episode away from the majimak hway, and I really can't wait to see how everything will turn out. I really like how they conducted the forensic investigations and the autopsies. It was VERY real. I freaked out at some parts because they really showed how they cut out the internal organs and weighed it. The stitches on the bodies also scared me quite a bit. =X I also like seeing how the people working in the NFS are actually pawns who are subjected to political pressure from the various people at the top. It made the drama so much more interesting because everyone of them has a story to tell. I really like how they show the chess pieces in the NFS director's office. It means something. They even named the titles in the OST Bishop's Mess, Queen's Secret, Knight's Chase, Pawn's Mask, Bishop's Tears, Devil's Salute and King's Rage. The OST is really very impressive, and I actually watched certain parts of the episodes thrice because the background music really made it very exhilarating to watch. Damn impressive! ._. I really loved it when the murderer counted down to his victim's death while Dr Yoon and Dectective Choi were running around the building in order to find the victim. *cues in King's Rage*

This drama is easily one of the best forensic dramas out there, and yeah, that being said, it beats the Forensic Heroes series (especially part 2) hands-down. I can forgive part 1 because I really liked the story-line and technology at that time may not be that advanced, so I'll let it pass. But part 2 was just utter rubbish with the main casts for part 1 being casted aside to make way for the so-called new leads (ahem Kevin Cheng, ahem Charmaine Sheh) and there was so much emphasis on the romantic story-line between these 2 when more time could have been used to show how and why the murderer committed the crimes and how they managed to solve the cases. I really don't know how I will view Forensic Heroes 3. I have faith in the acting since there's Wayne Lai and Maggie Cheung, but Sign (싸인) has set my bar on forensic dramas very high.

Back to Sign (싸인), I'm really impressed by how the first case can actually carry the whole drama forward. Believe it or not, the first case will not be solved until the majimak hway haha! xD And the murderer is really a very very pretty person! ;P She's so pretty that sometimes I forget that she's the murderer. She's the same person who played the pretty ex-wife of the handsome prosecutor in City Hunter as well! ;D

Majimak hway, here I come!! *cues in 좋은사람*

A walk back in time


Yo peeps! Sorry for not updating this blog for quite some time though it has been quite happening. xP A few days ago, I went to Changi Airport with girl girl! We really enjoyed ourselves there and after going there, I'm even more determined to make myself work in and for the airport.

Earlier on, me, Madeline and Zoey went to walk along the KTM tracks since the government would be dismantling the track on Monday. =( It's been there since the colonial times, so it's a part of Singapore history. I feel that it's really such a pity that this track would soon be gone into oblivion.

It was raining on and off today, so it was pretty cold, especially now at night while I'm blogging this entry. I woke up seeing dark clouds and I thought that our plans would be dashed. Soon after that, it rained. The sky became very blue and clear before the rain clouds started gathering again. -.-''' It was raining when we reached Bukit Timah. I'm so sorry Zoey! Madeline and I made her wait for nearly 1 hour because we both lost our way to The Rail Mall when we were supposed to know the place rather well. Zoey saw the both of us in our bus while our bus whizzed past the bus-stop where we were supposed to meet lol! Funny lmao. xP And moreover, it was raining quite heavily so poor Zoey, she had to endure the wind and the rain. Miahhae!! >.< Having lunch at The Rail Mall, which is such an atas place (Bukit Timah on the whole is a very atas place), is rather intimidating. We walked past so many restaurants before settling on some hawker fare, which isn't very cheap as well. There are quite a lot of reasons to take good photos, because it's really such a scenic spot. There were many rocks and I kept tripping over them. It's very bad for the footwear, especially my shoes lol! I bought them specially from Hong Kong leh!! >.< But other than a few spots of mud here and there since we walked the track after it rained, it was still in good condition. I've seen torn soles of sport shoes while we were walking along the track though. They must have walked the entire distance of the track lol (which cuts across Singapore!!). ._.

I'm courting death lol! xD

Zoey said that I look like some Hong Kong tai tai lmao! Ying-ness for the win! ^^

Here are some photos for today! I will upload the rest on Facebook some other day! I'm pretty tired from all the walking, so I'm off to sleep now! Toodles~!

Dong Yi is a Gumiho!


Only 2 days have passed, but it feels as if I never watched Dong Yi for almost 1 week already! This goes to show how much this drama has affected me. Queen Jang has bee dethroned while In-hyeon is back as Queen. I've never felt so happy for the characters in the drama. In-hyeon mamanim, I miss you so much~! <33 Tomorrow's episode will really be very exciting! I really can't wait! Lady Jang Ok-jeong, how dare your attendants use voodoo dolls to curse Dong Yi?!?! You will definitely suffer a worse fate than that! No conscience at all. But this drama is soooo exciting because Lady Jang is just so charismatic as the antagonist here. Even I get the goosebumps by just watching her scheme. >.<
Hmm, I heard that she's a very famous character in Korean history. Lee So-yeon is really doing a damn great fantabulous job as Lady Jang. She's evil, but I really love her because she's really very convincing! ^^



I think I haven't mentioned about Dong Yi at all on this blog, but gosh, I've been hooked ever since I watched the first episode a few months back. I don't have patience to watch long historical dramas on MySoju. My limit is only 30 episodes, so I did not bother to finish the drama on MySoju. Watching it on Channel U is fine for me. I really like the feeling of excitement and anticipation of waiting for the next episode, which is pure bliss but oh, so stressful for my heart. xD The trailers for the next episodes made me anticipate the next broadcast even more! No other dramas have made me feel like this since I last watched IRIS and Baker King, which were &$#&#$*# SO GOOD! Sadly, the recent Hong Kong dramas that I've watched failed to have the same appeal on me. =( I'll talk about those later on.

But anyway, since this drama is produced by the very same guy who produced Dae Jang Geum (one of the best-est dramas ever in my opinion), you can really be very sure of its quality! All hail Producer Lee (on a side note, Producer Lee Tim Shing is a very good producer as well, but he's not Korean heehee)! =D

The fighting, costumes and CGI are just totally awesome. This is where Korean dramas totally triumph over TVB dramas. Like, I know South Korea is very much bigger than Hong Kong lah and they have more resources, but as what dear Gau Mui aka Sheren Tang has said, TVB is TOO STINGY with its production values, and it shows. Compare ancient TVB dramas with Korean ancient dramas and you'll see the wide disparity. Every little nitty detail is seen in Korean dramas, especially the scenery, costumes and fighting choreography. I was totally astounded by how steep the cliffs were and how high the mountain were in Dong Yi. I was impressed by the intricate details that they put into creating the hanboks which were all totally hand-sewn. If I did not remember wrongly, Ha Ji-won had 500 over hand-made hanboks just for Hwang Jin-yi but she only wore about 100+ of them. I was very impressed with the fighting scenes. Yeah, they may have used a double for the more difficult moves, but I was reading the You-Weekly interview with Bae Soo-bin (who plays Cha Cheon-soo in Dong Yi) and he did almost all the fighting scenes himself. Korean fighting scenes seem very much more alive and energetic than TVB ones, honestly. I've watched IRIS as well so I know what I said stands true.

This week's episodes for Dong Yi totally spells A-W-E-S-O-M-E! Almost everybody I know are watching this. I saw Pei En put on Facebook: Family bonding tip #1: Watch Dong Yi together! I have this love-hate relationship with Queen Jang, but she's totally such a charismatic femme fatale. I think I have not hated anybody so passionately since Lady Choi of Dae Jang Geum and Mi-shil of Queen Seon-deok. She does have the aura of the Queen, and at times, I feel that she acts better than Dong Yi. Haha, but I still love Dong Yi very much, just that her acting isn't as steady as Queen Jang's. Whatever Queen Jang does will totally make you feel like screaming and kicking at her. You could virtually feel my anger/excitement if you had followed me on Twitter hmm. But why did Queen Jang end up like this? I think it's Suk-jong's (the Emperor) fault actually. I won't say more here, but sometimes I can't stand him for being so fickle-minded. I guess all guys are like that huh? Boo... =(

I love and hate many characters in there, but another character which is quite a stand-out is the former Queen, In-hyeon. I think she's really very elegant for a Queen and she gives me the very motherly feeling. I nearly cried when she was dethroned and when the sang goongs were removing her dragon hairpin and removing her jewellery and what not. I was totally screaming at Lady Jang at that time for being such a heartless and cruel woman. ='( But hiak hiak hiak, you got rid of the wrong person Jang Sang Goong! xP

Despite being a 60-episode drama (most Korean historical dramas are pretty long), the pacing of this drama is really so fast that I feel breathless at times. I was flipping like a dying fish when I couldn't watch this drama for one week because of work lol!

Because of this drama (and other Korean dramas), I've been motivated, once again to pick up Korean. Thank goodness my mum managed to find my Korean book. =D Jal jinaemnida, for now! ^^

Work, the soon-to-be way of life...


Yesterday marked the last day of work for me. I must say that I liked that job, but it was really very tiring as the days went by. It's not the usual 9-5 job that requires you to work every weekdays. I only had 1 day off per week, and there were days when I had to work 8 days in a row. This explains why I haven't really been using the computer and updating this blog much. I have even found it so tiring that I sleep in the middle of watching my dramas and have no mood to play MapleStory anymore. =X

For the first few days, my enthusiasm kept me going. I like meeting all sorts of people and see their reactions whenever they got something good or bad. xD I did not really tell many people where I worked because I feel weird seeing people that I know in my workplace. This is why when I meet people that I know, I'll either try to pretend not to see them or just say hi and go on with handling the other customers. =X I unexpectedly saw Salted Egg during my stint there. It was quite a shock because I totally didn't expect to see him. I was talking to my colleagues when I saw from the corner of my eyes that someone was at the Sistic counter. I told Wen Qian that someone was at the counter and I turned to look at the person in the eye. To my surprise, it was really Salted Egg!! O.O''' Salted Egg was like, "EH?!?! HELLO!!!" I was too shocked that I just said, "Oh my gawd!" and just gave the how-come-you-are-here look LOL. I don't think I said hi lmao! But his son is really cute!! =3

The next day, Salted Egg SMS-ed me to say sorry for not saying a proper hello. Lmao I kinda felt bad because I don't think (I can't remember honestly!) I said hello. xD I'm really thankful for the SMS. I will never forget Salted Egg. He is one of the best Chemistry teachers I've ever had, besides Pooh Bear. =)

Back to my work stint. I realised that it can get really tiring when I have to patiently explain our mall's promotions (there are many since it's GSS) to people who ask. Some people just don't get it and keep asking the same thing over and over again, which really gets onto my nerves. At other times, the shoppers are not happy with the prizes they get or they blame us for not telling them this-or-that earlier. Sometimes I really want to shout at them and tell them to GTFO, but I have to learn to keep my cool. I think I will meet nastier people the next time round. =(

Another reason why I like this job is because I ge tot hear life stories. Like, since my colleagues are all way older than me, so obviously what they have gone through in life is also more than me. I get to hear their views on their bosses, their previous jobs, their dreams and even more relationships. It really opens my eyes to many things and how adults see things.

Anyway, I'm really craving for an outing. I wish to go to Changi Airport for dinner one day and just watch all the planes fly and touch down. Damn cool! ^^ Anyway, I hope that my job stint will prepare me for my future job at the airport. I must remember to smile at people, no matter how much they piss me lol! =X I need to eat good Cantonese food. I haven't touched the wantan meen from Singapore ever since I came back from Hong Kong hmm... I wanted to blog about the delicious dinner we had at Lao Beijing, but I guess I shall not do it now. You can just go to Facebook and see the pictures. The Peking duck was totally awesome! =D

I've been watching quite a number of dramas lately, but I guess I shall leave it till the next time. I think my writing skill is really getting from bad to worse (I find the way I write my posts getting more and more childish) as I have not been writing in a coherent and logical manner for nearly 8 months ever since my GP exams ended. @_@ I really need to get back the 'top of the world' feeling when I write, or in this case, type, soon! School's starting in just another month!!

Filming @ Mediacorp


I did not manage to enter TVB City as they required us to have a special pass, so when I was in Hong Kong, me and my sister were left standing outside, hoping to catch a glimpse of the famous celebrities. Uncle Tiger was very very sure that we did see some, but unfortunately, they were either not famous enough for me to know them or I totally couldn't recognise them. Next time, when I go back to Hong Kong, I must really get a TVB fan along with me go celebrity-spotting!

I may condemn Mediacorp aka Mediacorpse as much as I like. Their dramas suck, and that's the fact. However, I do not deny that some of their variety shows are really good, like We Are Singaporeans. At least it's educational, and I really learnt many things about Singapore which I previously did not know.

MapleStory Big Bang!


Haha, I haven't been updating this blog for quite some time because I am really really very busy. I realise that I update more on Twitter, so do follow me at @dreamy_starz for more updates. I'm thankful for this break because it gives me the chance to do what I want to do. I have taken on quite a number of jobs, so 4 years down the road, I really hope that I'm ready for the job at the airport. ^^ For now, I'm just going to play hard (MapleStory heehee!), watch hard (I must finish all the dramas I want to watch!) and work hard (at work!).

Anyway, after a 2-year plus hiatus from MapleStory, which I stopped playing in order to prepare for the end-of-year IP exams in 2008 (and also because leveling was getting really tiring and tedious for me), I went back to the game. Big Bang has really changed MapleStory a lot! The UI is very much sleeker and brighter and the EXP required to move on to the next level has dropped drastically. The best thing is, my new damages are SOOOO COOL!! Finally, I can deal out 5-digit damages even before reaching level 70! ^^ Damn happy! =D

I completed my 3rd job advancement without much hiccups though I had a lot of trouble finding the Stone. >.< But anyway, my 3rd job skills are so much cooler and I have been using them much more often now. I shall say goodbye to my Cold Beam soon, because Ice Strike is so much cooler! ^^ I leveled once today, thanks to the Lord Pirate PQ. Oh, and I'm now at 60%, thanks to the Lord Pirate PQ as well. xD That PQ gives out lots of EXP seriously! o.O''' And I'm just mass-spamming Teleport Mastery and Ice Strike throughout.

And I've finally gotten my blue belt from Mu Lung. I need 1000+ more points to get the red belt, and 3000+ points to get the black belt I think. Haiz... Mu Lung doesn't give as much EXP as the Lord Pirate PQ, and I always end up dying at Manon. Stupid Manon, she (ya, she's a mother dragon) can switch off my Magic Guard without me knowing it and drop both my HP and MP to 1 immediately. Stupid boss. T_T I wonder what's after Manon... Oh, and I hate it when MapleStory lags big-time. I swear I haven't been disconnected from the game before until Big Bang came zZz... >.<

The mushroom princess crying LOL. She is located at the Mushroom Kingdom lol! I swear that everything there is cute lol! ^^

dreamlucky at 99.99% of EXP lol!

Snackbar right in the middle of the dungeon. Zor ju ngor lor! And attack me a lot! -.-''' I can only kill this when I'm in the Mu Lung Training Centre, because other people are killing it at the same time too! I'm not good enough to solo this lol!

On the way to meet the evil Grendal. Died once because he switched off my Magic Guard and I didn't realise it zZz... I think he's quite hard to defeat leh. =X

I wanted to go to the Korean Folk Town, but I discovered this place by accident. It is forever drizzling/raining here in Altaire Camp lol, that's why this place is so yaam yaam caam caam. >.< And the monsters here are REALLY VERY PRO! I've gotten quite a number of level 90 equipments just by hunting here. ._.

Nett's Pyramid hell mode. The rewards are kinda meh, but the EXP is not too bad. I need to kill about 25k more monsters in order to get the 'Protector of the Pharaoh' medal!! >.<

OK I think I shall stop here for now! I need to get on with watching Grace Under Fire (女拳), My Girlfriend is a Gumiho and Secret Garden!! Apparently, the female lead (Liu Xuan) in Grace Under Fire is actually an Olympic gold medallist for gymnastics. My dad didn't believe me because she spoke Cantonese, but I conveniently forgot to tell my dad that her voice is dubbed. ._. The story so far is all right to me, but like I've said many times, theme song is really very powerful! Love the theme song a lot! ^^



Haha, this is a collation of all the Blogthings quizzes I have done over the past few months (or maybe in fact, years!). I want to blog about Baker King, which I have finally finished, but I need to finish up IRIS (which is soooo exciting!!) first heehee. So say hello to an ultra-long post! ;)

You Are Happy and Serene

You are an empathetic, understanding person. You listen carefully and without judgment.

You believe everyone has their own path in life. You are very accepting.

You don't get stressed out or worried easily. You are usually in a very relaxed state.

You aren't much of a party animal or a social butterfly. However, you are usually having a good time in your own way.

You Hike Through Life

Your journey through life is challenging, exhilarating, and at times difficult.

You are curious about the world, and you're willing to go off the beaten path to satisfy your thirst for knowledge.

Your mind is always alert and churning something over. You enjoy solving problems, and adversity makes you feel alive.

You are both independent and skeptical. You often need to see something with your own eyes before you'll believe it.

Our date with the 4 leng zais


To be honest, I have many things to blog about, but who asked Twitter to be so convenient LOL. I'm still rather put off by the 140-word limit, but Twitter is so much easier for me to blog about random thoughts or dramas heehee. Anyway, I'm here to blog about our encounter with the 4 TVB leng zais who were in Singapore on the 29th and 30th April 2011.

I was already anticipating their arrival since the beginning of the year. The autograph session was held at City Square Mall, which is quite far for me since it is located along the North-East line. Thank goodness Ying Ying helped us to queue up first. We got our posters at around 7 pm. We really saw so many fans, especially from Bosco Wong's. I didn't know that he was so popular in Singapore LOL. -.-''' The leng zais came pretty on time, unlike that time when the I Love HK people came. That is dua pai like siao.

When the emcee introduced the leng zais, for once, I truly felt what it is like to go crazy over stars, because everybody around me is like that. Moses Chan and Bosco Wong were the friendliest to me that night, because they kept talking and smiling. Ron Ng gave off a very 'cool' vibe and he didn't smile a lot. Neither did Kevin Cheng. In fact, Ron and Kevin were pretty quiet that night.

The long-awaited autograph session finally commenced, but walao, I swear that the organisers totally suck lor. They should have allowed us to take 1 photo with the stars and sign another item. I know that there were many people waiting, but a bit of fan-service won't kill right?

I was really very nervous when it was my turn. I didn't know what to say to Bosco because I am not really a fan of him. So I just smiled at him LOL. xD Next, Moses. I said "How are you?" in Cantonese, and he smiled and said that he was fine while signing my poster. I shoved him my Moses Chan TVB Weekly and he appeared really shocked, but nonetheless, happy. =D Moses Chan smiled at me leh! ^^ He helped me to sign on my TVB Weekly. After which, it was Ron's turn to autograph my poster. I called him "Tseung Pit-chun!!" and he was really very surprised. It was probably the first smile I saw from him. ;D I shoved him my Rosy Business DVDs, and what the heck, his pen was about to touch my DVD before the security guard behind him pushed it out of his hands leh WHAT THE F***! Walao, I was damn pissed off lor! I asked the security guard to 'tong yong ha' but he refused leh. To think he can speak Cantonese as well. *condemns* But never mind, at least Moses Chan signed my TVB Weekly. What is more special is that I bought it from the newspaper stand near Central's pier, so haha, got meaning for me. ^^ I had nothing to say to Kevin also, so I just told them to 'teng yat yiu ga yau' LOL.

My autographed poster! ^^

My autographed Moses Chan TVB Weekly. I can proudly show this off HAHA! xD

30th April was the concert and it was held at Resorts World Sentosa (RWS). I really want to explore RWS when I have the time, because it looks very nice. I really want to go to Universal Studios Singapore one day though I've heard that it's small. =( I felt kind of cheated when concerts are held in places like RWS. I think I have been to too many 'proper' concerts (like those in Esplande and SCH) so my expectations of how a concert should be like were rather high. Furthermore, I haven't been to a pop concert before, so this is defintiely an experience.

To be honest, I think they act better than they sing, especially Moses LOL. I went for this concert to feel how it is like to be a fan, but otherwise, if I were to spend the same amount of money, I'd rather spend it on K-pop concerts HAHA. xD The crowd totally went high when Ron sang Rosy Business' theme song. =D See, so many people still remember Rosy Business! Oh, and I was also very shocked to see so many uncles and ah sohs at the concert because I thought those 4 leng zais are not from their generation LOL. Maybe they still watch TVB dramas. It was pretty hard to go 'high' there because everybody would stare at you if you made too much noise. But hello? This is a pop concert leh. You not happy you still go for such concerts? Save your money to go on tours lah if you got so much money. -.-'''

I'm off to continue watching Baker King, is is SO DARN GOOD OMG! Tak-gu oppanim! ^^

I Love Hong Kong!!


Yoohoo! I'm back from my trip to Hong Kong! =D I think this is one of my best trips yet (OK, I think I'm saying that every time I go overseas, but that's because I'm so sick of staying here!) and it felt really good to catch up with my relatives and cousins. =P I will post some photos here for the sake of elaborating on my post, but all photos will be on Facebook. For more photos, go to my Facebook profile! =D

I'm coming!!


It's tomorrow morning! Need to wake up at 4 am later so that we can get to the airport. Marmar has already gone to sleep lol, but she woke up earlier on. I think she couldn't get to sleep haha! xD I don't think I'll get to sleep too! After 10+ years, we're FINALLY going there! ;D

I will update Facebook/Twitter if there's free wi-fi. I really hope that my past 3 months of crash-watching TVB dramas can save me in Hong Kong lol... Especially when I'm going to stay with my relatives without my father and mother! D=

Hong Kong, you just wait! ;) Next stop shall be South Korea, and then I'll complete my tour of the top 3 best airports in the world. =D

Retards, still as retarded as always!


Lol, I don't really feel like blogging nowadays. There's just so many things to settle, like the trip and the university applications. They are getting onto my nerves, really.

But heehee, I'm blogging now because of Retards! ^^ We finally went out together after dunno-how-long, but argh, Ancestor totally FORGOT about our meeting TSK. Haha, we're thinking of going to Bali or Phuket, but I'm really not sure if my mum will let me or not. =( I really want to go!

Anyway, we ate at Soup Spoon at Bugis Junction, then toured Singapore like fake tourists LOL. xD Damn hilarious lor! The Esplande area looks very nice at night! I really love the Singapore skyline! We must go to the Sky Park at Marina Bay Sands (MBS) one day as well! And and and, Unviersal Studios! But the tickets are pretty expensive! T_T MBS was having this laser light show which was really damn impressive! ._. But haha, it was outshone by the super uber round and bright moon though. =P

Some pictures here, and more on Facebook! ;)

Honourable mention goes to us! ;D

Acting tourist-y. xDDD

Pretty Esplanade and pretty Singapore skyline! ;)

Us at One Fullerton.

Skyline! ^^

Very pretty laser lights display at MBS. Too bad the pictures doesn't really do justice to the lights lol. Zoey said that Hong Kong has something similar too. I shall go there and see it soon heehee! xD

OK, I'm going to log off now. As you can tell, I am really not in the mood to blog lol. =X