Last 2 episodes of No Regrets


This must be the effect of watching too much No Regrets. Crap, I actually dreamt of the Japanese invading RV. -.-''' Then the whole of RV became a Japanese town. I still see Xiu Min wearing a kimono LOL! xD Then we had to bow at every Japanese. I didn't bow, because I didn't see that general, but luckily he didn't beat me up or kill me. >.< My class said that I was lucky LOL. Then my alarm clock rang. o.O''' Lame much? -.-''' Anyway, the ratings just came out. The last 2 episodes got average 44 points, highest 47 points. I read that it doesn't include myTV ratings + HD ratings, so wee, there's a very high chance of it beating Dae Jang Geum's ratings! =D So... No Regrets has become the highest-rated TVB drama for 2010! =) Absolutely worth it. I think this is the first pre-modern drama that got such high ratings! <3 Update: The ratings for No Regrets is so high that ATV recorded 0 points in ratings! EPIC MUCH?!?! xDDD I finished watching the last 2 episodes today. All I can say is, I have definitely no regrets watching this drama. I really love the part where Gau Mui and Lau Sing were talking about life and death in the hospital. The worst thing about dying is not about leaving your loved ones, but to leave without memories. It got me thinking quite a bit, but I won't elaborate here. But this is the reason why Hong Kong dramas triumph over the stupid Mediacorpse dramas.

就算係相處時間得一秒鍾, 都已經係一生一世。

The above quote (which is said Yeung Yeung's mum) aptly describes both Ching Yeung's and Sing Gau's relationships.

Gau Mui: "唔知將來我走既時候, 邊個會係天上面等我呢?"
Lau Sing: "睇下你行先定我行先, 如果我行先既, 我等你..."

There were many, many touching scenes that make tears well up in my eyes. I really admire how Lau Sing and Gau Mui stood by each other no matter what. 30 years is definitely not a short time. But their one moment together is a moment of eternity. I simply love it. =)

I'm not going to say much, because I'm still in a loss. I can't believe that from today onwards, I won't have a drama to look forward to. Since 18th October 2010, I've been diligently watching this drama and recording down what I thought of each episode even though I was preparing for my As. But as I watched the countdown timer tick by last night, a sense of sadness overwhelmed me. About one year has passed since I finished watching Rosy Business and anticipating No Regrets' broadcast. Everything related to No Regrets has become part and parcel of my life for this whole year. I even signed up for Weibo just to stalk the No Regrets' cast members. xD And I agree with what the people in the Hong Kong forum say - I see in them, very strong teamwork and unity, something which I rarely see in other dramas. It shows in the drama itself, because all of them exhibit chemistry together (maybe due to collaborating with each other in Rosy Business). I'm pretty sure that they all had fun filming with each other. Even Tim Gor said, the third and fourth-line artistes also gave their all, and this is evident, because I really saw it myself.

I, like many Hong Kongers, won't know what to do at 8.30 pm everyday from now. It's been just over 1 month since No Regrets aired, and gosh, No Regrets, what a run, and what a show! I think I will cry everytime I hear Rosy Business's and No Regrets' theme song haiz... ='( Should No Regrets' DVD come out, I'll definitely buy it, but haha, they must give the hand grenade as a free gift! =P

The chances of this fantastic cast working together again is slim, because the script-writer has already left BVT and Tim Gor is retiring. But the chances of this drama and its cast getting the recognition they deserve next Sunday is great, especially when the ratings are so high! So go go go, No Regrets! Make this year your year and mine! <3 I take back my words. BVT just did something that made me super pissed off with them. HAHAHA, that stupid show also can become the top-rated drama just based on average ratings? Why didn't they mentioned how No Regrets got 47 points for its ending as compared to that show with only 45 points?! I will not watch BVT again, until I see the results on 5th December 2010. You're such a bitch, BVT! Stop producing horses lah! You got snake and mole already, still want horses? HUEY SEI LAH! D=< Go Hong Kong 義氣仔女! SHOW THEM WHAT NETIZEN POWER IS! Stupid BVT, stop being a mo shui zun ge cak por leong! >.<
I don't usually like pre-modern dramas, but I must say that this is one of the very few pre-modern dramas that I am so in love with. This drama definitely lives up to its English title, "No Regrets", and its Chinese title, 巾幗梟雄之義海豪情. To be honest, I thought the English name was pretty cheesy at first, but after watching the ending, I must say that it fits this drama very well. Have no regrets in doing whatever you want to do - that's the message of this drama. 義海豪情 - I really love how the various characters in this drama stood up to fight against the Japanese, stood up to help each other in times of need. And they dared to love despite all odds. It's really 今生無憾 for them. I love the way Rosy Business's theme song came in. I thought they should have played No Regrets' theme song too though. A very fitting closure to this drama, in my opinion. ='(


To such a brilliant cast and back-stage crew, I salute you! =D Brilliant performances by the leads and the rest! <3

No Regrets for Best Drama 2010. The cast, the back-stage crew, and everybody else involved in this drama definitely deserve it. *^^*

TVB --> Totally very bad!


Oh man... Only 5 more episodes left before No Regrets ends! =( How am I going to survive my holidays? ='( Anyway, I think Gau Mui is really very, very pretty, especially when her hair is not that "curled up" hahaha! I shall show you some pretty pictures of Gau Mui! <33333 AND AND AND, SHEREN HAS WRAPPED UP FILMING IN CHINA ALREADY! So, that means if I get to go to Hong Kong at the end of the year, I MAY BLOODY SEE HER OMG! <33333333 Time to prepare for some stalking sessions! ^^ Not sure if cousin managed to buy #700 TVB Weekly, but I sincerely hope she does, because both Sing Gau are on cover argh! Plus got free No Regrets file leh! Wtf, really envy Hong Kong people sia! They get to watch good dramas and see good artistes. Sian. But haha, I swear, if No Regrets doesn't get Best Drama, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor and Most Improved Male, I will write TVB backwards --> BVT. And thanks to the recent fiasco over the comments that Felix Wong (黃日華) wrote on his Weibo, we have a new acronym for TVB, which stands for TOTALLY VERY BAD! xD Good job Felix! I will watch Gun Metal Grey because of you! ^^ Let's come up with more shall we? Totally Very Bad, Totally Very Boring, Totally Very Bullshit, Totally Very Badass... The list will go on if my dear No Regrets doesn't sweep the important awards. =X

I think her hair here makes her look very gentle. ^^ And heehee, even Chow Tit realised that there's something amiss with Gau Mui's expressions! xDDDDD

The battle begins now, and Gau Mui has permed back her hair LOL! xD I think this hairstyle makes her look very authoritative and cool! So whichever hairstyle Gau Mui is in, I love her! <3 And damn, I love the show that she's putting on! Go Gau Mui! ^^

Sing Gau moments in episode 26! Oh my gawd, please lah, stop being so sweet can! >.< I'm really going to die from diabetes I tell you! <3 Tell me, how am I going to survive after No Regrets end? =(


And No Regrets has set new records! Episode 26 got 38 points on average, and had 42 points at peak! =D Go No Regrets, this week can confirm average >40 points le! =D Over 2 million views on myTV, that's totally a BRAND NEW RECORD man! <3 If the myTV ratings are taken into account, No Regrets could have gotten >60 points already! =D

Go No Regrets, and create a miracle! And please Sing Gau, please create a miracle as well! ^^

End of No Regrets post. I will post more if I find anymore adorable scenes between Sing Gau! ^^

Epic trailer for episode 25!


Oh my gawd. Fark BVT man. No episode today because it's toi hing, but don't think I'm watching, since my favourite people aren't in it! >.< I've never seen a drama which is sooooo effing epic, and have such an effing epic trailer for the next episode. I swear, the trailer for episode 25 TOTALLY looks like a movie trailer. In fact, parts of this drama really make me feel like I'm in a cinema watching a movie. Brilliant cinematography! I don't want this drama to end, but I still want to know what happens next! =( 8 more episodes left before this epic drama ends. ='( Like what Gau Mui said in episode 23, I don't know what to do if Lau Sing dies No Regrets ends. T_T

Trailer for episode 25

Epic much? Bang bang bomb bomb! Siu Hong, the traitor, is back. Lai Wah has become Long Gwan's concubine (I think? 'Cos her hairstyle totally changed!). Even Ching Ching is suddenly so fierce! Long Hei, you are so fake but damn, you are one fierce woman! 殺! Gau Mui, unleash your power man! Lau Sing, stop being so manly LOL! xD No Regrets better sweep the awards this year. I can't imagine other dramas doing it! >.< NO REGRETS FTW! <3

Tmd, Baidu and are effing slow lah! I think there's too many people jamming up the No Regrets website boo. =(

The meaning of epic


No Regrets is really going to drive me crazy! EPISODE 20 IS ONE OF THE BEST EPISODES I'VE EVER SEEN IN A TV DRAMA! ABSOLUTELY STUNNING! <333333333 This episode redefines the meaning of epicness. I've never felt so gek dong after watching one episode! GAU MUI, YOU REALLY ROCK SIA! It's really CRAAAAZZZZZZZY!!!!!!!!! Lau Sing also rocks! I really love how they don't really have to say anything, but are able to convey everything just using their eyes! *blinks* After watching this episode, I think 99.9% of the people agree with me: Sheren Tang HAS TO get TVB Queen this year! The look of concern that she gave to the look of extreme hatred when she saw Pai Guat puking blood after being beaten up was AWESOME! AMAZING ACTING on her part, really! =D

Gau Mui walking out in anger... And from there, she plans her every move...

Scary eyes... Gau Mui's acting is soooo damn good, in reel and real life. <3 甘鍾意鞠躬,你落去要閻羅王同你鞠躬都夠啦! Excellent KILLER phrase LOL! =D

Gosh, Gau Mui! What a smile! <333333333333333333

There are amazing GIFs created by crazy Hong Kong fans that still refuse to animate on this blog, so please go to my No Regrets blog for more fangirl-ing! ^^

OK, I'm off to eat dinner, study Econs, and watch No Regrets episode 20 when I'm supposed to sleep again! <3 Lau Sing + Gau Mui! <333

Sheren Tang is my Cheng Gau Mui!


W.T.F! Episode 14 was EPIC! O.O''' Gosh, I can still feel my heart beating so furiously! >.< You guys just have to watch in order to feel the epicness! Lau Sing confessed LOL, but where the heck was Gau Mui?! -.-''' I really love the background music for No Regrets leh! Totally got the movie feel + epic feel lor! I love No Regrets more than I love my QADs LOL! xD And I love Lau Sing - Gau Mui the most LOL! =D

Love Gau Mui and Lau Sing! <33333333

And another WTF thing. Sheren Tang wrote a message for her fans, and wtf lah, why must she be soooo cute ah?! If you noticed, she actually wrote 鄭九妹 THE OTHER WAY ROUND AH! =DDDDD

Love you Gau Mui! Love you Sheren! <33333333333 I really hope to see you when I'm in Hong Kong (fat chance lah, she will be in China! ='()

OK, enough of fangirl-ing! Time to study again! >.<

Sing Gau for the win!


Crap! Gau Mui is really going to drive me crazy! >.< For more fangirl-ing, please go to my No Regrets blog. xD And crap, how come my GIF picture of Gau Mui doesn't move here?! -.-''' For the moving picture, please go to my No Regrets blog LOL! And many thanks to MadamLeung for setting up the Sheren Tang fansite! =D I think everybody's loving Gau Mui after No Regrets! =) I really support Sheren for this year's TV Queen award! I swear not to watch anymore new TVB dramas if she doesn't get it yo! >.<

#$^*#@&^#@~ How come Gau Mui is so cute here?!?!

Bye bye! Off to eat dinner and continue fangirl-ing over the most compatible on-screen couple I've ever seen! =D