The world is crazy over 九姑娘


CRAP! AHH NO REGRETS IS REALLY GOING TO KILL ME! >.< How can a drama have SUCH A CLIFFHANGER?! I think I'm really going to die from pining for No Regrets! =D Lau Sing is liking Gau Mui, I think. xD But Gau Mui ignored him when he was trying to be friendly. T_T But she went to find him later on for his help. AND WHAT IS GAU MUI'S SECRET?!?! Why can't they reveal it before the episode ends?! -.-''' Now I have to suffer 2 days of agony before I know. >.<

Gau Mui only finds Lau Sing when she needs help. -.-''' I want more romance hor! ^^

Haha, and I went around Weibo, Baidu and Twitter... I realised that I'm not the only one going crazy over 九姑娘! =D Go Sheren! <3

Who exactly is Cheng Gau Mui?


Episode 6! Gau Mui is really a very scary person! >.< That's so ruthless, and so wicked of her. I don't know how come Lau Sing was so smart as to know what she did. If Lau Sing did not say it out, I would not have known that everything was a trap! GAU MUI, YOU ROCK! <3

Scary, but pretty! <3

I think having Gau Mui as a friend is really very dangerous. =X But she is deliciously evil. I want to see more Gau Mui - Lau Sing scenes OK! ^^ I love the both of them very much in this episode! <3 And &^$%*&@, how come Sheren Tang is so damn pretty?! =D

Lau Sing, Long Hei, Gau Mui, Fei Fan - The battle of wits


SIAO! Episode 5 of No Regrets IS EPIC, especially the last 15 minutes! The first half was very heart-warming! I totally love Ching Ching! <3 I totally love their strong neighbour - family bond. =) Wahpiang, the last 15 minutes was crazy! >.< The Lau Sing - Long Hei - Gau Mui - Fei Fan scenes were OMFG epic! Wah... Totally showdown I tell you! I see Lau Sing's and Gau Mui's chemistry already! I don't know why Lau Sing suddenly helped Gau Mui, but it totally reminds me of episode 9 of Rosy Business, when Chai Gau suddenly spoke up for Sei Lai Lai. But I think Lau Sing helped Gau Mui because he was afraid of incurring the wrath of Gau Mui. xD Gau Mui's eyes are damn scary I swear! She really looked very murderous when she first heard that Lau Sing told Long Hei that she executed Choi Hing. Gau Mui's eyes are really very murderous, especially when Lau Sing was narrating his version of this story to Long Hei. @_@ I really love the dagger-filled looks that Long Hei and Gau Mui gave to each other! Susan Tse and Sheren Tang (LOL! Both ST ST!) are really good! <3 Totally reminds me of the 1st Wife - 4th Wife scenes in Rosy Business LOL!. xD The best part has to be the very last few minutes, when Gau Mui outwits the stupid policeman, Fei Fan.

九姑娘: 你知唔知義氣個義字系點寫架?羊股嘅羊字下面一個我.即係話寧願做羊股,寧願自己蝕底都要講義氣吖.你依家當班手足系羊股,仲當埋我係羊股吖?你係咪有九條命未死過吖?
非凡哥: 冇吖,冇吖,九姑娘.我可以即刻捉埋擦鞋強嚟,捉埋全個差館嘅夥記嚟,等佢哋可以做證,佢哋睇住我逐張銀紙派俾佢哋架.
九姑娘: 你仲講嘅呢就兩倍還番俾班兄弟.
非凡哥: 九姑娘我真係冤枉架.
九姑娘: 三倍
非凡哥: 我梁非凡對燈火發誓,如果我做D咁冇義氣嘅嘢,我梁非凡三個字倒轉寫
九姑娘: 我亦都對燈火發誓,如果你唔三倍俾番班兄弟嘅,我唔搞到你雞毛鴨血,你仲有本事可以喺廣州立足嘅,我鄭九妹三個字亦都倒轉寫.

That's total madness. I would really love to try writing 鄭九妹 backwards LOL! xD

Sheren Tang, why must you be so 勁?! You are seriously going to drive me nuts! @_@

Honestly, this is the first time I'm really chasing a drama from the time it airs in a particular country until now. I won't get to do it when my A-levels are here, but my heart will always be with No Regrets. =D I can't wait for Monday's episode! <3 I sense more Lau Sing - Gau Mui scenes coming up! <3

Thoughts on No Regrets


I just finished episode 4 of No Regrets. It wasn't as intense as the first 3 episodes (which was holy oh-my-freaking-gawd intense that I nearly hyperventilated while watching it LOL!), but rather, more heart-warming. =D Ching Ching (Fala Chen) is so damn cute lah! I love her mushroom hair! <3 And Fala doesn't speak Cantonese with a weird accent anymore! ^^ I love the scenes between Gau Mui and her auntie, Long Hei (Susan Tse) the best! They weren't really quarreling, but erm... I don't know how to put it. There was quite a lot of sarcasm thrown in. xD Gau Mui is seriously a very confusing person. I love her, because I really don't know what kind of person she is. She's evil, she's good, she's scheming, she's nice. She let off Choi Hing. After that, she killed him. I love Lau Sing's shocked look when he found out that Gau Mui was behind everything. CHENG GAU MUI, PLEASE TELL ME WHO THE HECK YOU ARE!!! >.< More pictures of my beloved Gau Mui! <3 I agree with people - She's really so 型 and 勁 in No Regrets! I think I am totally in love with 鄭九妹! Bye bye, 四奶奶! I'm going to change my name already! ='(

Love how Gau Mui can look so evil at times, especially in the mirror scene. xD

OK, got to go study now! Hope tonight's episode will be more intense! =D

First impressions of No Regrets



I have to blog about this, I really have to! I couldn't resist, so I woke up super early despite being sick to load No Regrets on Tudou. xD That show is totally OMG lah! I think it's even nicer than Rosy Business's first episode LOL! =D Maybe I won't be in 四奶奶帮 anymore, because SHEREN TANG IS TOTALLY ROCKING THE WHOLE DRAMA as 九姑娘!!!!! SHE'S ABSOLUTELY FANTABULOUS I SWEAR! All her mannerism, the way she talks, the way she walks, the way she smirks, the way she looks at people... IT'S CRAZY LOR! I can totally feel the contempt she has for these people radiating out from every pore in her body! And I think Sheren is prettier in No Regrets LOL! xD Even her clothes are nice leh! They look so modern although this is a pre-modern show. =P The part when she was introduced to the bank CEO.. YOU GUYS JUST HAVE TO WATCH THAT PART!. SHEREN, YOU REALLY ROCK!

Pierre Ngo is doing a great job as Pai Guat Zai too! =D

Do take note of the Chinese subtitles. She said those words with so much sarcasm that I am totally in awe of her! ._. If I can go suan people, I will definitely learn 九姑娘's way of threatening and suan-ing people! I LOVE SHEREN TANG! <3

If Sheren is not going to get TV Queen this year, I'm not going to watch any more TVB dramas, because it's gross injustice!

巾幗梟雄之義海豪情,萬眾期待! =D

Sheren Tang, you really rock, you really do! 我好愛九姑娘啊!<333333333

Farewell, RV!


Today is Graduation ceremony. And from the time the ceremony ended, I am no longer part of RV. I am considered an alumni now. How 6 years have passed... I can't believe that I actually spent 1/3 of my life in RV. When the Primary School Leaving Examinations (PSLE) results were released, I did consider going to RV, but however, being from an English-speaking family, I had no confidence in my Chinese and hence, RV was not my top choice. I had wanted to go to Bukit Panjang Government High School instead, as it was just only a 10-minute bus ride from my house. I don't know what my mum said that actually persuaded me to choose RV as my first-choice, but I was amazed at the number of accolades and awards that RV had won. I think that was what drove me to choose RV as my first choice. I entered RV as an O-level candidate-to-be, and graduated from RV as an IP graduate.

Mrs Lee Kuan Yew's passing...


No Regrets is really making me very gek dong ah! >.< For more information, please refer to my No Regrets blog! =D

Anyway, I'm pretty saddened to hear of Mrs Lee Kuan Yew's death earlier on. =( Although it has been known that she had suffered a series of serious strokes that robbed her of her ability to talk, but still, this news came as a great shock to me. Gosh, don't know how MM Lee is coping with it. He is one guy whom I admire very much (for making Singapore to where it is today), and Mrs Lee is the person who has stayed by MM Lee's side for 60 years. It's not a short time lor... =( I'm really scared that MM Lee cannot take it then you know... CHOY! >.<

Rest in peace, Mrs Lee! You are the motherly figure of Singapore, and I will miss you very much! T_T