Teachers' Day 2010


Shit lah... Everything is not going my way. First, Sheren Tang and Wayne Lai won't be singing the theme song for No Regrets, and it will be sung by Leo Koo. I think I've heard his name before as he is a very prolific Cantopop singer, and their Weibo tweets make the theme song sound very sad, but hell, who can beat Sheren and Wayne singing together? -.-''' Furthermore, TVB has already changed the way it rolls out its credits. It's in a MV form which features the singer singing it. Haiz, I really, really hope they are singing the sub-theme song then. *crosses finger*

ACES Day today was fun, because we did our own things in the field instead of playing the Pepsi Cola 123 that the teachers wanted. xD

Mr Azmi flying our kite. We were flying our kite outside our classroom when he was teaching another class the other day and he mentioned that Mr Koh (principal) will vomit blood if he sees us flying the kite. xD

Our class kite, high up in the sky. <3

And to 6B_ _ch'10, thanks for the memories today. We finally flew our class kite in the school field! I'm really proud to be part of this class! <3 This year's Teachers' Day was good, but unfortunately, I don't feel as happy as I should, because Mrs Look spoilt my day by threatening to call my mother about my hair and I really heard some shocking news. I felt really shocked and sad after hearing it. ='( Is this what my juniors were trying to hint to me about? I don't think RV will ever be the same without them. >.<

Mrs Lim, who is, according to Mr Chen, my favourite Biology teacher! <3 I miss Mrs Lim's interesting lessons, and will miss her. T_T Sorry random, but Cantos ftw! =D
Mr Liu, the first form teacher whom I really liked! Thanks for everything! I miss your Maths lessons! Please stay on! T_T

Mr Chen, the cutest and best Chemistry teacher I've ever had (tied with Mr Tan LOL!). I miss your lessons, and will miss him. T_T

And of course, Mr Tan and Mdm Sim, my JC Chemistry and Biology teachers. Seriously, you teachers are the best teachers of the lot, and I feel very fortunate that you two are my co-form and form teachers respectively. <3

You 5 teachers are the best teachers in RV, probably the best in the whole of Singapore, and definitely the best teachers that I've ever had in my dunno-how-many-years of education. I'm glad that I stayed on in RV and were under your tutelage. I'm glad I was once your student (for high school: Mrs Lim, Mr Liu and Mr Chen) and am still your student (for JC: Mr Tan and Mdm Sim). Happy Teachers' Day to all of you, for you all really deserve my appreciation and adoration. =)

For Mrs Lim, Mr Liu, Mr Chen, Mr Tan and Mdm Sim, A-levels all the way~!

Mrs Lim and Mr Chen, please do not forget RV. Please do not forget us! ='(

Loved By All - Susanna Kwan


I love Can't Buy Me Love's theme song! ^^ As usual, Susanna Kwan did a fantabulous job in singing this! =D I love all her songs man, including the oldies! =) Haha, I'm not really crazy about that show because I don't really fancy Charmaine Sheh, but still, I might watch it because of Fala Chen and Moses Chan! xD The theme song is really an added bonus. It sounds so joyous and Chinese New Year-sy. xD The tune is really catchy, but I think it's a bit hard to sing along, because of the words just ZOOM past in tandem with the tune. Susanna is really a pro! o.O''' Below is one of my favourite theme songs of the year! The video below is just the opening theme! The video below is the theme song MV. And I'm really loving it. It puts me off a little to see the resemblance with Beyond the Realm of Conscience, although that is really TVB's main aim LOL. =/ Credits to HKLOVE.ORG for the video and Lyric Cafe for what I suppose is the full lyrics of "Loved By All". Haha, I really feel very energised after listening to it! Cantonese songs really rock! <3 Enjoy! ;)

關菊英 - 萬千寵愛(電視劇《公主嫁到》主題曲)

* 萬愛千寵 迴腸盪氣的瑰麗 身分相當矜貴
  眉頭笑靨 精雕金砌 使你著迷
  萬眾空巷 熱烈來造勢 一句話 即可得到一切
  大能智慧 氣派絕世 綻放光輝

  望遠山 以心中美善 看到世間美麗
  自信心 能目空一切
  你眼睛 看出真與偽 送我最深約誓
  路再彎 兩心依然默契


望遠天 縱星光燦爛 那似我心美麗
自信心 能目空一切
伴你走 縱千載百煉 也會信守約誓
愛到底 似金堅 傳萬世

就算千金不可買愉快的美夢 開心都可感染
艷陽照遍 清風都暖 水也是甜
就算飛出天邊離合百千遍 閉上眼許個願
還是有個降落點 再遇見

Rosy Business II - No Regrets


The official title for Rosy Business II - Righteous Sea of Heroic Love is No Regrets. I knew about it a few days ago, just that I had no time to blog about it. I am really looking forward to Sheren Tang's, Wayne Lai's, Susan Tse's and Nancy Wu's characters. I think I really enjoy watching evil characters, which was the reason why I hated Charmaine Sheh's Lau Sam-ho and loved Tavia Yeung's Yiu Kam-ling in Beyond the Realm of Conscience instead. ^^

At first, I thought that the English title was pretty lame. But then again, since when has TVB come up with nice English titles for their dramas (with the exception of War and Beauty)? I guess I'm kind of used to it already. No Regrets doesn't sound that bad either, since this drama has huge significance for everybody who took part in it. =)

Anyway, I heard that it's going to air on 18th October 2010 at 8.30 pm! Hmm, I thought the time-slot really doesn't fit the genre of the series, but heck, it's really better to broadcast it earlier! Ga yau ga yau ah! ^^

If looks can really deceive and kill, this is it. ;) We have a very strong contender for Best Supporting Actress at this year's 43rd Anniversary Awards! I am really looking forward to your performance, Nancy! xD

And eh? Am I getting inheriting my new phone my mother's old handphone tomorrow? ._.

靚仔s keep us going!


Today marks the start of the Asian Young Leaders' Conference (AYLC), and will probably see people from around Asia for the next one week. Haiz, I was pretty disappointed to know that there are no bona fide Korean students (those that come from South Korea) around... Isn't South Korea part of Asia? =( Haiz, I can't go high over "annyeonghaseyo"s or "gamsahamnida"s. T_T

Heehee, but luckily there are students from Hong Kong and Macau! Time to spam Cantonese yo! ^^ 我哋要多講廣東話! =)

On a brighter note, 6B class girls are now on a lookout for 靚仔s! Too bad the first day wasn't so successful though... LOL! xD We didn't spot any 靚仔s! >.< Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day! 靚仔s for the win! =D

Happy 45th birthday, Singapore!


Haha, I'm really sorry for the lack of updates! >.< My last National Day celebrations last Friday in RV was quite good. I think Mr Koh really does wonders. O.O''' 6B_ _ch'10 was one of the highest class around. I think we all did enjoy ourselves! ^^ After that, we had our (probably) last ever class outing on Friday. =(

I shall but love 6Bee better after death.

We Are Singapore, the best National Day song ever!

And Happy 45th National Day, Singapore! I think I am really lucky to be born and bred in Singapore. I really have so much and so many things to be thankful for. Yes, I am like many Singaporeans, who 生在福中不知福. But come every National Day, I will never fail to count my blessings. No matter where I am, I am and will forever proud to be a Singaporean! But hey, 9th August is a day for every Singaporean to feel patriotic! ^^ OK, I'm off to watch the National Day parade! Bye! =D

P.S. Aiyoh! I heard fireworks just now, but I only saw flashes of light because my house is not strategically located... -.-''' Haiwei, did you see it? o.O'''