I ♥ 6B_ _ch’10!


I'm finally done with the class write-up for the school magazine. It really rocks, and I really feel a great sense of achievement! =D I must really thank the whole class for helping me out with it, and the few people who stayed back with me to finish it up. We should have more after-school heart-to-heart talks as well. =)

I 6B_ _ch’10! You've correctly misunderstood. xD

Stalker of No Regrets


I think this will be my last post (is it?) on anything Rosy Business, I hope. I seriously have to start serious work and revision should I want to do well for my A-Level examination. I really have not much time to spare... 100 more days to the As are approaching soon... Anyway, since filming for Rosy Business II - Righteous Sea of Heroic Love has already ended, I do not think that there will be anymore news until the premiere of the drama is approaching. Hence, I have to stop wasting my time (I enjoy doing this; unfortunately, I'm not tested on anything related to TVB or Rosy Business) and get on with what I'm supposed to do.

I just finished watching the Rosy Business special yesterday. Many thanks to 四奶奶幫幫主 for sending it to me! 多謝多謝! =D 四奶奶幫幫主 mentioned that the special came togther with the Rosy Business DVDs that she bought. HOW COME MINE DOESN'T COME WITH THE SPECIAL HUH?! T_T My DVDs are not pirated hor! >.< $60 for the DVD is definitely not cheap even though it was at 1/2 price. ._. To be honest, there were not many NG scenes in Rosy Business, mainly because I think the cast were really serious about their work, so not many bloopers were made. This special is mainly about how the production of the drama came about and the artistes' thoughts about filming this drama, which was pretty hilarious and insightful. You can really tell that they are on very good terms since they can make fun of each other yada dada dadada. =D I'm so glad that most of them are working together again, for the last time ever. There would be absolutely no chance for them to work together again since both the script-writer and producer will no longer be in TVB when 2011 comes. I sincerely hope that 《巾幗梟雄之義海豪情》will be a blast! ^^

One last thing. Luckily I read Saturday's newspapers! I was thinking of passing it since I was really very tired after CIP. I only read it yesterday when I had to pack the newspapers (so that mum and dad could bring it down to sell). Lucky lucky me. Actually, this news isn't new. I've read it many months before, but still, I'm happy to note that 四奶奶 appeared in the Life! section! ^^

Hok Chai Gau Gor waa zai, ngor hai Sei Lai Lai bong ge yaan, zek si zham le tau, yik dou zo Sei Lai Lai bong ge gwai! =D Sei Lai Lai man sui man sui man man sui!
*off to la-la land and really hopes that nothing bad happens in my subconsciousness* =/

32nd Student Council


This week was pretty unproductive for me, thanks to the numerous rehearsals we had for the investiture. Anyway, investiture is finally over! Hopefully I can catch up with my work and my sleep. >.< It still feels pretty weird to be part of the 32nd Student Council (which is made up of nearly 400 people!!!), and to be called a councillor in the last year of my school life (after 6 years!) in River Valley High School. The Certificate of Appointment was really cool though! I really love the paper they used! =D But I don't really like the new badge though... My old badge was shinier! OK, please ignore me. >.< I really like shiny stuff...

I wonder how my clarinet (My clarinet was the shiniest hor!) is under Kai Zhen's care... The last time I took a look (which was after Fantasia VIII), my clarinet was still in good shape! Kai Zhen said that she polished it every time she kept her clarinet! Good girl! ^^ Must continue to do that hor! =D

After that, there was Council buffet. I didn't eat much, but the (ice) cream puffs really rock! No wonder the whole plate of puffs were gone in just a few minutes. ._. It was really a shame they didn't bother to order more (ice) cream puffs though... =( Aww... *dreams about cream puffs*

Incepted by Inception


Inception is bloody good, so good that it's still screwing my brain inside-out. ._. I dream quite often, but this movie really makes dreams seem so scary. >.< The first part of the movie was pretty confusing to me, but thank goodness I managed to catch up after that. But at least I know that every time I dream, I'm being incepted. o.O''' Jennie is really obsessed with that film LOL! xD She remembers the details of the movie so clearly! xD And oops, have I really lived for 18 years? I don't seem to be able to differentiate what is real and what is not now. =O *falls through and wakes up abruptly, only to find myself in another dream* It's time for me to screw my brain on Momento and Prestige. I watched Prestige when my dad borrowed it, but like Inception, if you didn't watch the first part carefully, you'll get lost very easily. ._. Time to give my brain some exercise! ^^ *off to la-la land*

Inception, probably one of the best movies I've ever watched! ^^

For more information about the amusing dreams that I have made, click on the label titled "dreams". xD

Thanks Klarinutz and Naughty Girl for today! You all have made my day! *off the dream-land again* =D

I am a true-blue stalker


This is crazy. I AM really stalking Kara Hui's Weibo like mad now... Thanks 三奶奶 (Rosy Business) / 包租婆 (Rosy Business II - Righteous Sea of Heroic Love) for all the updates and pictures! You're really doing those Rosy Business fans outside Hong Kong a really, really big favour! I love you! <333333333 I want to watch Scoop right here, right now! >.< Wayne Lai confirmed that Rosy Business II officially ended filming today, which is why they are having a celebratory dinner now. Now the only question remains... WHEN THE HELL IS TVB GOING TO BROADCAST THIS DRAMA?! October or November? Not that I'm going to watch it yet (No, I swear no more dramas until my A-level exams are over!), but I want it to win big for this year's TVB Drama Awards ceremony. Only then will history be created. =) For more pictures, please go to the respective artistes' Weibo. I'm feeling really lazy to upload all those pictures. And here's an update: Heehee! They are all getting a 'lil tipsy! xD

The 4 female leads... Prety pretty pretty pretty pretty! Nancy, Kara, Sheren, Susan, Fala! <3

Cast photo! <3
And YES! Our main leads! Heehee! They really look so happy! <3333333
Dear Producer Lee! =D Haha, he really looks very grandfather-ly! =D <-- I love this smile. Heng dai will know why. =)
Woots! Wayne and Sheren are standing together again! ^^

Wow! The cast and back-stage crew are really big! ._. Woohoo! I think I'm liking Catherine Tsang as well! ^^ Thanks for supporting these people to continue shooting the "sequel" for Rosy Business! =D Yup, they are about to sing Karaoke now! ^^ Enjoy yourselves! <3

And last few pictures! I swear that Sheren and Wayne are really, really sooo cute! If Wayne wasn't married, he would have made a really good pair with Sheren! I really love seeing the both of them together! ^^ They look every bit like a couple please! They wear the same colour of clothes and even have the same hand gestures LOL! Sweetness to the max! <33333 Sheren's smiling so sweetly. =D

Sooooo cute! <33333 Wayne really knows how to make Sheren happy!!! ^^

OK, somebody please slap me! I'm supposed to generate my damn SGC and send it to Mdm Sim. -.-''' I really have nothing to write for the academic part of my SGC. Who asked me to be so lousy in my results... T_T Haiz... It's really time to buck up buck up!

I think I'm going to waste my time (again) for tomorrow's rehearsal... -.-''' Thank goodness I'm going to watch The Inception with Klarinutz on Wednesday though... =)

I miss Klarinutz!


Aiyo! I saw Mr Min, Emperor and Noobshit at the big staircase near the field because I could hear the clarinets being played while studying in the library. Emperor and Noobshit told me that Nice One told them something, but she told them not to tell! Damn. Noobshit really listens to his mother. -.-''' I wonder how much would they sell her out for... *devises plan* But still, it feels good to be able to chat with them like before... I miss them so much!! T_T

Maths is really driving me crazy. The tutorial on Linear regression is tough. I think I really can't do Maths properly... T_T

And damn. I'm involved in the SC investiture. What can I do when I at most can only spend 4 months in Council before stepping down? -.-''' Rawr... There goes my afternoons... ._.

I think the only thing that makes me happy is to hear read that Rosy Business II - Righteous Sea of Heroic Love will be aired in October. Go Wayne Lai and Sheren Tang! <3

Don't falter...


歐穎怡, 你而家千祈唔得放弃, 千祈唔得放弃。 再涯过呢几个月就得嘅啦!

嚟啊嚟啊! 大家一齊努力奮鬥吧! =)

Don't disappoint your teachers. Don't disappoint QADs (VERY IMPORTANT!). Don't disappoint your parents. Don't disappoint yourself.




Today is the 9th July 2010. 4 months later, I will be taking Chemistry Paper 3, which will also mark the start of my REAL A-Level papers. It's kind of scary how time really flies. I am only left with about 120 days to clear up, buck up, and wake up. It's been nearly 6 years since my last national exams (because I don't have to take O-Levels). I have forgotten how it was like to be so anxious and panicky over subjects in which I didn't get an A* for. 6 years ago, getting A* for subjects in PSLE was effortless. 2 years ago, getting A1s for nearly every subject in the IP EOY papers was achievable. The same cannot be said for now. I want to get my As and Bs, but given my pathetic results now, I don't even dream of getting more than a C. Yes, what Mr Chua said today really made sense. Who are we, specifically me, to compete with those students from the other top-tier JCs? My standard now is only this high low, how am I going to secure a place in university like that?! T_T

Ngor zan hai ho hei mong zi gei mm hwe fong hei. Dan hai yiu hang ge lok zan hai hwe gang ka sum fu, ngor dan sum zi gei hwe sau mm ju... Biu min sheung ngor ho zee ho hoi long, dan hai ngor gok dat zi gei ge mei loi yat pin hak ngok... Ngor ying goi dim zo leh? =/

Germany losing the World Cup semin-finals to Spain isn't helping me... Blame Paul the Octopus... ._.

Sheren + Wayne is the love!


Yay! I'm really very happy! Wayne Lai posted new photos of Rosy Business II - Righteous Sea of Heroic Love on his blog! OMG! I totally love the photos with him and Sheren Tang in it! I can totally SEE and FEEL some love there! Yes yes yes~! *punches fist in the air* Even the Hong Kong forum was flooded with comments about the photos LOL! xD It's a bit hard to READ Cantonese because it's in traditional Chinese and some of the words are not in the standard Chinese that I learnt, but I managed to figure it out, somehow. Haha, some of them are even letting their imaginaitons run wild. xD Wayne and Sheren, I really love you very much!! <333

Aiyoh! Why never hold hands?!?! Wayne, please grab hold of her hand!! <3

Wayne has the happy look. Sheren has the 幸福 look. Love both of them very much! <333
See see! Sheren makes Wayne very happy! <3
I love this photo very, very much! Wayne looks very happy, Sheren looks like she is 撒娇-ing. xDD Woohoo, both of you must continue to 打情骂俏-ing! <333

More pictures from the cast! I stalked them on Weibo! xD Anyway, I heard that it's extremely hot in Hong Kong, so do drink more water and take care wor! =) The weather in Singapore is pretty cold (though acceptable to me) here though. xD

Bored people wanting to get away from the sun. xD

They looked like they are on the beach hahaha. xD

Bored people waiting for the rain to stop.

Sheren's dinner. No rice eh? ._. And eeyer, I see bittergourd. O.O''' Poor Sheren. She has to eat all these. =(

Heehee! Kara Hui kind of "revealed" the ending for RB 2. I guess part of the ending? Wayne has grown old, but haha, 老得有型! xD Or maybe it's just a gimmick. ._.

Ouch. Susan Tse's pulling poor Sheren's hair. T_T

The Cheng family photo. They are going to wrap up filming soon (Ben Wong mentioned that when this photo was taken, they were already filming the last episode), so they will miss each other. *sob sob* ='(

It's sweltering hot in Hong Kong, yet they have to wear thick clothing... I really pity them. T_T

Fala Chen's identification card LOL! xD She's really very cute leh! I love her mushroom hair! <3
Want to guess who is on the left? xD

Nancy Wu and Helen Ma relaxing... They have to wear high-heels all day long, so they took it off for a while...

Susan eating her dinner...

Ouch... Fala is being taken hostage... T_T

Waa... Nancy really looks very evil here. Her make-up is scarily thick. >.< Is she out to seduce somebody? o.O'''
Sheren with her rickshaw-puller. xD This is a scene from episode 29. I think Sheren looks like my maternal grandmother when she was younger, especially in this hairstyle! 难道姓邓的人都长得一样吗?! ._. HAHAHA! So the probability of me being related to Sheren Tang is quite high! =P But nevertheless, my 4th Mistress Nine Sister (I don't know how to call her in English?!) is very, very chio! =D I love 4th Mistress!!! ^^ No wait, she is Ms Nine. ._. Whatever lah... Gau gu leong man sui! <3
Aww... Wayne's in jail... This picture looks nice though... xD

Haha, I don't feel like posting anymore. My pictures of RB 2 are all over the place. I must slowly go sort them out...

Don't Cry for me, Argentina!


Evita must be singing "Don't Cry for me, Argentina" in her grave now. Maybe it's time for me to rewatch Evita again. xD Argentina vs Germany. Germany won 4-0. Absolutely spectacular! Germany's been thrashing teams like crazy. I felt quite sorry that Brazil also got out, but anyway, it won't be a South America-dominated match anymore, so we can get to expect more action. =D Thanks to Germany for avenging South Korea LOL! xD Bye bye Argentina! See ya next World Cup! =D

Madonna singing DON'T CRY FOR ME, ARGENTINA~~!!

Changi Airport is my home


Mid-years are finally over, but the real deal will only come after the stupid "A"s are over. -.-''' I screwed up all my papers, and Econs is only the least of my worries. Damn. Arrange the subjects in increasing order of screwed-ness: Econs, Biology, Maths, Chemistry. I really made a lot of you-can-slap-yourself-silly mistakes in Chemistry. Stupid brain. I expect Salted Egg to throw back my paper at me. I really feel very sorry for him because he is really a good teacher. I'm just not a good student, that's all. The mid-years this time round really made me wonder if I'm cut out to study for the "A" levels or whether I would have fared better if I went to poly instead. T_T Anyway, enough of the depressing thoughts. Today is a happy day besides me not being able to do Maths. xP Me and Poop went to Changi Airport! =D Best place in Singapore ever! ^^

Thanks to Poop for recommending Aston's! ^^ The food totally rocks. OK, I think I'm a suaku. This is my first time eating here. It's cheap and good! =D I really ate to my fill. $7.50 for 2 pieces of grilled fish, potato salad and pasta salad. They're really good! ^^ It's a pity I couldn't finish my potato salad though... I was too full to finish my potato salad. Ahh... I can feel myself piling on some weight. =X

My grilled fish with herbs + pasta salad + potato salad. It's extremely filling and fulfilling! ^^

Haiwei's honey lime chicken + french fries + baked potato. The chicken is nice! The french fries taste like the BBQ Pringles that I've been eating for the past few days. xD

After lunch, we took a very long, round-about trip on bus 36 to Changi Airport. It must be one of the best places in Singapore, really. =D Some pictures! The rest of the pictures are on Facebook! ^^

Sitting on the throne meant only for millionaires... =D The chair is really very soft and squishy! Loves! <3

We managed to get into Crowne Hotel at Changi Airport! It's a 5-star hotel leh! And it really looks very classy! It has a very oriental and western feel to it as well! =D Haha, we actually felt quite stressed when we stepped in because it was really too classy already... xD Luckily the people there didn't really pay attention to us, except for one woman who prevented us from going over to the other side of the hotel where they were having a very important meeting. ._.

The corridor leading to Crown Hotel itself. Doesn't it look very classy? xD

Inside the hotel itself...

Inside the hotel lift...

The female toilet "sign"... ^^

The male toilet "sign"... It's very cute! xD


Inside the classy toilet itself...

In the toilet cubicle... Chio right?

What is this? A bunch of grapes? o.O'''

The sofa looks very eatable. xD

The pretty flower at the bar lounge. =P But the stuff there are really expensive. One cup of normal coffee costs $8!!! O.O'''

Imperial Treasures, a Chinese restaurant. I like the signage. It was glowing really brightly! ._.

In the pretty garden which was outside the bar lounge! ^^ The azure blue sky was dotted with magnolia white clouds... Tsk. xD

Bought drinks from Coffee Bean. Haha, I have never bought any Coffee Bean product outside the airport before, except from Vivo City. xD

After that, we took a sky-train to T1. I like the photo that I took of the control tower. It was taken when the sky-train was moving. I so nearly missed it! >.<

Found in T1. I love both pictures! =D The design is really very chio! =D

Much of T1 was under renovation, but it did look very much brighter as compared to before. Even Haiwei was stunned LOL! xD We went to T2 since the viewing gallery was under renovation.

Nice hor? xD


FOOD, GLO~RIOUS FOOD! *salivates*

The aviation gallery... It's pretty informative, though the viewing mall has shrunk in size. D= Anyway, I managed to talk to 2 of the airport staff who were on duty at the gallery. Haha, they look forward to seeing me in the airport in a few years' time! =D

I like this photo! I took it!! ^^

Pretty paper planes of many, many colours! =D

Some air-marshalling signal. I forgot what this means... T_T

Finally, last few pictures that I'm going to post up!

I want to be part of the group of people who make Changi Airport the BEST airport in the world.

Hong Kong and South Korea, I will visit your airports too! =D

I shall blog about my TVB dramas the next time! ^^ Till then! =D