More Rosy Business II pictures


All right. I'm taking a few minutes off from studying Biology, which is really going to drive me crazy . I don't think I can finish studying leh. How ah? T_T Anyway, once I'm done posting, I will get back to studying the dreaded DNA section. >.< Sorry for not posting more Rosy Business II pictures. Rosy Business II is going to wrap up filming this month I think. Oh man, I really can't wait to watch that drama itself. ^^

The scripts for Rosy Business II - Righteous Sea of Heroic Love's last episode. Taken from Ben Wong's, Raymond Wong's and Nancy Wu's Weibo! ^^ Weibo is really good for stalking TVB artistes! =D According to Raymond, the last episode is really very touching. What is that supposed to mean huh?!?! O.O'''

Heehee, the police team... xD I think Kenneth Leung looks cute! He played the youngest son Pit-mo in Rosy Business. =P

LOL LOL LOL! I was totally ROFL-ing at this picture! It's damn candid lah! =D Thanks to King Kong for uploading this on his Weibo! ^^ I think Sheren Tang really likes to interact with King Kong a lot (to improve her Chinese; she can always get me to teach her LOL!). xD

Sheren with a person who is acting as a Japanese correspondent. o.O''' I really respect those people at Sheren's 贴吧 who are constantly providing up-to-date news about their 主席 (That's what they call her). ^^ 多謝啦!

Haha, Raymond and Fala Chen are really looking very cute here! =D Fala mentioned that it was so hot till they nearly got heat-stroke. But eh? They look like they are shivering?! O.O''' I love Fala! I'm currently going crazy over her in Steps, which is showing on Channel U at 10 pm. Go Fala, go pawn Bernice Liu. xP

Waaa... What has happened? Everybody is pointing guns at a person while Sheren is sitting nonchalently on a chair. ._. 真係有戱势! =D

Haha, these few pictures are from Wayne Lai's blog! Oh man, these pictures really make my day! 醒哥 and 九妹 are holding hands! ^^ Haha, it kind of reminds me of the fire scene in Rosy Business though. <3

Fantasia VIII


I must say that Fantasia VIII was a great success! =D This was my first time in many years participating in a concert - not as a performer, but as part of the audience. I feel so proud that my juniors finally did it! The months of practices were definitely worth the pain and ulcers hor, Yi Jun?

I remembered I was really shattered when Ms Chan said that we won't be playing for the concert since she wanted us to concentrate on our studies. I mean, I really enjoyed playing with Klarinutz, especially the Year 4s and Year 5s. They were what made my school life fun. They were what took my troubles away with all the crappy jokes and what not, so I was really upset when I couldn't get the one last chance to perform together with them.

However, I could understand why Ms Chan did it. The juniors were really weak, in terms of their playing skills and well, atrocious in their attitude. I was forced to witness it myself and the truth came like a slap on the face. I remember the very first time when we Year 6s have to take them for sectionals, they couldn't even play their basic warm-ups properly. I remember being quite pissed with the way they played the clarinet. This definitely was not the way we seniors taught them how to play the clarinet and this was definitely not the attitude we had towards band in the past. I am sorry if we were of not much help, but we tried our best. I figured out that the best way to nip the problem in the bud was to start with the Year 1s, hence I decided to leave the performers in the care of Sebby once things are not as bad.

I like the attitude of the Year 1s so far. I feel that they have the potential to go really far and bring Klarinutz up to greater heights although Zhi Jia is the only primary school player. The crux lies in them being able to take things quite seriously, so hopefully they will keep it up! ^^ Jiayou Zhi Jia, Ya Chu, Tammy, Guo Li and Shi Min! The fate of the future juniors will depend on you, so do not let us down hor! =D

Fantasia VIII was a great success, and I finally see hope in the future of RVCBand. I'm proud to be a bandsmen, and will forever be proud of Klarinutz! Thank you very much for making Fantasia VII a success, and for believing in yourselves. =)

Changi Airport - my future workplace


Hey! Haha, I shall post my Rosy Business II - Righteous Sea of Heroic Love pictures some other day! ^^ I finally went to Changi Airport today!! =D I'm damn happy lor! =) Ahh... My future workplace! My dream to work in the airport has never changed since primary school. A few more years and you people will be seeing me there! =D

My slide chop LOL! I didn't sit on the 4-storey high slide because you have to spend a minimum of $30 in a single receipt to play that. =( I tried getting my mum to buy her groceries from the airport, but she refused. =(

Me at the 1-storey slide. o.O'''

The 4-storey slide.

Cute bottle drink that me and my sister bought from NTUC. Changi Airport's NTUC sell nice things! =D

Anyway, the juniors will be having their very own concert tomorrow! I have to reach school by 9 am (sobs!) for I-dunno-what. T_T But anyway, good luck dear juniors! Perform your very best and show people what RVCBand is made of! =D

I have the sudden urge to pick up the clarinet and blow to my hearts' content one more time.