Stalking again...


Yay! More pictures from Rosy Business II - Righteous Sea of Heroic Love! ^^ Susan Tse mentioned that she overheard Tim-gor (producer Lee Tim-shing) saying that this drama WILL BE TVB's 台庆剧!!!! Am I supposed to be happy? Let's hope TVB pushes back its anniversary awards ceremony then. o.O'''

Sheren Tang has updated her blog! Below are the pictures from her blog! Lol, I even created a Weibo (Chinese equivalent of Twitter) account to stalk TVB artistes! Too bad Sheren and Wayne don't have one. But thank goodness some of the cast members do have an account, so I'm always kept updated with such stuffs ya? xD

These are taken during the filming. I like Sheren's dress! ^^ And Wayne looks sad... Aww, 醒哥, mo ham lah! ='(

九妹 hanging out with the Japanese soldiers. Die, I see some scandal brewing, and 醒哥 will definitely hate 九妹 for hanging out with them. =X

Pretty Sheren! <333 雯女,你真係好靓啊!!! Man lui, lei zaan hai ho laeng ah!!! =D Her diamond ring nearly blinded me LOL! She mentioned that this photo is top-secret, because it only appears in her "book". They have to take pictures with their costumes and assesories. This is for record purposes. xD
This photo is taken from Ben Wong's Weibo. I think this scene was shot today... Wow, this scene really looks very intense! >.< Gau mui guo yin hai dai jeh dai! =D Even Ben put his title as "今日好戲勢!!!!" O.O'''

Anyway, for those interested, it's regarding the theme song for Rosy Business II - Righteous Sea of Heroic Love.

耳邊響著 @鄧智偉 @葉肇中 合寫的巾幗梟雄2主題曲的旋律,感受到激昂中帶點無奈的情感。人世間許多事情或者可以劃上句號,我們的回憶與感情卻是永垂不朽的。

For those who can't read Chinese, it's something about the lyrics-writer Chan Sze-wai (she also wrote the lyrics for Rosy Business's theme song) talking about the theme song for Rosy Business II - Righteous Sea of Heroic Love (tentative title for the drama). She mentioned in Weibo (Chinese equivalent of Twitter) that she keeps thinking about the melody of Rosy Business II's theme song, which has a very intense yet frustrated feeling to it. I guess "人世間許多事情或者可以劃上句號,我們的回憶與感情卻是永垂不朽的。" is part of the lyrics for the theme song. It roughly translate to "Many things on this Earth can come to an end, but our memories and feelings will be for eternity." I have a feeling that this drama will have a sad ending again, like for Rosy Business. T_T

I really can't wait to watch 巾幗梟雄之義海豪情!!! >.

Forget Myself - Myolie Wu


One of the reason why I wanted to watch Sisters of Pearl (掌上明珠) is because of the theme song, which is sung by Myolie Wu (胡杏兒). It sounds really very sad yet eerie at the same time. =( I will have to clear my drama debts after my As! o.O''' Haha, I'm not really a fan of Jessica Hsuan, but she really looks classy in the pictures and it's her first evil role after 17 years! o.O''' So I might end up watching this because of her. Oh, for Bowie Lam and Kiki Sheung too. Kiki apparently couldn't film Rosy Business II - Righteous Sea of Heroic Love because of this drama. o.O''' A veteran cast will win about 50% of the ratings already. TVB's younger stars aren't ready to lead in dramas yet. Their acting is really not on par with their veterans'... Hopefully they will improve. =X Anyway, presenting to you, Sisters of Pearl's theme song, Forget Myself.

"Forget Myself" - Myolie Wu 忘掉自己 《掌上明珠》 主題曲 - 胡杏兒

作曲: 葉肇中
填詞: 鄭櫻綸
監製: 鄧智偉

你害怕時用我的雙手 沾到灰塵都也享受
發現原來付出都亦不夠 為何仍是接受
我突然期待你說出口 風光背後覺得未嘗透
有着情感讓故事長久 看透了誰會走

*成就你沒說穿為你 我未留神為傷痛準備
有淚無感情如何憶記 得不到欣賞怎可自欺
成就你忘掉是自己 我未留餘地怎去躲避
過後誰可放低憶記 (過後如果記得忘記)
經得起分開傷悲 心靠在一起*

快樂有時別要太清醒 得到一時失去安靜
你為何從未珍惜沒反應 為何從沒記認
軟弱時期望聽你一聲 跟他對話我甘心旁聽
我在場竟盡破壞情景 到這裡才尾聲


Credits to hyn5 for the lyrics. ^^ And aww, when is TVB Weekly's #672 issue coming out?!?!?! I want to buy it soon! <3

Aww, dear Sheren... What happened to you? ='( I feel like crying when I see this picture. T_T

LOL! Isn't this the orphanage where Ah Man (Michael Tse) brought Hilda (Sheren Tang) in La Femme Desparado?! xD Hong Kong is really small... I think the church scene in episodes 23-24 of Rosy Business was also the same church that Ah Man and Hilda went to during the last episode of La Femme Desperado. =P

An article in Mingpao Weekly. Haha, I think Sheren is cute! She read her script while having those "curly things" in her hair. And yes yes yes, I'm really looking forward to all the scenes between Sheren and Wayne! xD

OK, I'm off the sleep now. I have to wake up early tomorrow to finish up my homework! >.< I shall post about my crushes when I have the time to find pictures of them. xD Lee Pil-mo and Donnie Yen for the win! =D

Rosy Business II - Blessing ceremony


Yay! Rosy Business II - Righteous Sea of Heroic Love had its prayer sessions (??!!) today. Haha, I guess that this is part of the procedure for every drama? Korean dramas do have such prayer sessions too. xD Anyway, time for pictures! And yes, luckily I didn't waste $3.50 on the Next Magazine, which I am not going to buy anymore. It turns out that the section I wanted to read was "free" in Hong Kong when you bought the magazine itself. It seems like Singapore doesn't have it. I'm going to buy TVB Weekly instead! ^^

Anyway, I'll post some of the pictures I've saved over the few weeks! Of course, it'll please Rosy Business fans like me! ^^

This is from this week's TVB Weekly I think... I think I will check it out on Monday, though it's likely that the magazine store hasn't gotten it yet. O.O''' I think Sheren Tang looks very nice, especially in the first picture! She totally looks as if she has some noble blood in her!! ._. Yes, I really think she looks like an English noblewoman. =)

The birthday guys whose birthdays fall on 4th and 5th May respectively. xD

Wayne Lai and Sheren Tang with their cake. Haha, I think Sheren really looks very pretty! Her qipao is nice! ^^ I always see Wayne in the same kind of clothes though. I don't know if the costume designer designed anymore clothes for him. o.O'''

Sheren, Wayne and Nancy Wu! ^^ Woots! Nancy is pretty too! <3 Lol, is Hong Kong really that cold? Sheren is totally wearing the 貂皮大衣. O.O'''
Cast photo with the costume designers! ^^

Wayne and Sheren posing while doing their filming outdoors...

Yay! ^^

LOL! Sheren is really damn cute here! *opens mouth big* =D

Wayne and Sheren at the prayer session... I think both of them look quite tired. I heard that the whole crew has been filming from morning till 4 am the next day! O.O''' Being an artiste is really tough... =(

Pretty! =D 郑九妹 (I still don't like this name!!) for the win! =D

Elliot Yue, Nancy Wu, Susan Tse and Sheren Tang. Wow, I heard that these people will have very intense confrontation scenes with each other. O.O''' They will totally be 明刀明枪-ing with each other! I'm really looking forward to it! ^^

Lee Tim-shing, producer of Righteous Sea of Heroic Love! Aww, I think I will miss him! Script-writer Cheung Wah-biu is already in Taiwan, writing the script for a Taiwanese drama. Hmph, too bad I don't watch Taiwanese dramas, and no, I will never bother to watch one. >.<

Aww, Fala Chen is soooo cute! Mushroom head! <3
Cast photo! ^^

Haha, I think I'm done uploading those photos! ^^ Gosh, I was re-watching Rosy Business today with my sister, and I really feel like watching Righteous Sea of Heroic Love right here, right now. Sisters of Pearl (掌上明珠) is receiving very favourable reviews! I can't wait to see Jessica Hsuan and Bowie Lam playing really evil characters! O.O'''

To-watch TVB dramas as of now
1) Righteous Sea of Heroic Love
2) Sisters of Pearl
3) A Fistful of Stances (OMG! I totally can't believe that this drama ACTUALLY HIT 43 points for its last episode! Lee Tim-shing and Cheung Wah-biu is really, really THE GOLDEN TEAM!!!) O.O'''