DSLR camera


I'm really so in love with DSLR cameras! I finally know why people are rushing to buy them when I finally used it myself. My father is still unwilling to invest nearly $1000 in a good DSLR camera, but it is really lucky that my auntie bought it and gladly lent my father hers. xD Haha, so there's no need to buy one after all? xD OK no lah, we won't be that cheap-skate. He'll perhaps wait for the price to drop further. =P

Here are some shots from the my aunt's DSLR camera! ^^ These photos took really a long, long time to upload though... The files are really huge! o.O'''

Flowers in my balcony... All taken by me. I think I can go pro! =D I'm especially proud of my macro shots! ^^

My beloved penguin Pooh bear! xDD

Seafood egg noodle at Crystal Jade Kitchen! =D It's the ultimate! =D

Beef hor fun from Crystal Jade Kitchen! ^^ Their beef is really, really tender like crazy! @_@

I'm currently watching War and Beauty. It must be one of the BESTEST TVB drama ever! *goes gaga over Maggie Cheung and Sheren Tang* xDD

All right! That's all! =D

Alice in Wonderland 3D


After 3 hours of Biology make-up lecture, me, Jennie and Shi Xian (Liang) went to Lot 1 to watch Alice in Wonderland in 3D!! =D Lol, it was my first time watching a movie in 3D, and I must say that I was not used to it at first. I felt really giddy after the first few minutes while they were still showing the trailers for the various movies. Thanks goodness I got used to this "strange" effect, though my giddiness returned when the various elements in the movie "flew" right in front of me. @_@

I think this will be my first and last time paying $11 to watch a 3D movie. I will ask my dad to consider getting a 3D TV in the near future, though our current HDTV is less than a year old. =X The reason why I was eager to watch Alice in Wonderland was mainly due to the 3D effects. Had I watched Avatar, which I totally regret missing, I don't think I would have watched Alice in Wonderland in 3D LOL! xD

Overall, I think the movie is not bad. The graphics are seriously good, though I think it would not be on par with Avatar. There were many funny scenes in the movie that made everybody in the cinema laugh out loud. I couldn't understand some of the dialogues though because their English accent is too thick for me to decipher what they were saying, especially when they were whispering. @_@ I don't understand why 3D movies have no subtitles. >.< Haha, we spotted two RV-teachers-lookalikes in that movie. Do you want to guess who? One of them is very famous while the other one is famous within the senior students, specifically the Year 6s. =D 3 of us totally LOL-ed at the lookalikes, when the rest of the audience didn't get what was going on. o.O''' Mrs Kingsley and White Queen for the win! ^^

Poster for Alice in Wonderland! =D

Since this was our first time watching a 3D movie, we decided to camwhore to commemorate this special event. OK, this sentence sounds cheesy. ._.

Love these 2 pictures! I think we looks SUPER COOL in 3D glasses. They look like geek spectacles to me! xD

Us without the 3D glasses. xD Surprisingly, Shaw's 3D glasses feel very sturdy. Shi Xian mentioned that Eng Wah's 3D "glasses" are made of paper. ._.

Tai-tais sun-tanning in the beach toilet! xD

And after we left the cinema, we saw this!

As you can see, I'm not a moron! ^^

I think this movie looks interesting! =D I shall watch it when it comes out! Any takers? xD

All right. I shall turn in early today and wake up earlier tomorrow, I hope. =X Good night! ^^

Rosy Business II costume fitting


The only benefit out of doing today's CIP was that I got free flow of Milo. The goodies bag that they promised us never materialised. -.-''' We all felt scammed. Oh, and the only thing good about waking up at 3.45 am was to see the beautiful night sky where there were a lot of stars. The stars were really pretty, and so were the planes LOL! xD Sentosa definitely looks better at night/early morning, when there are nobody/few people around.


Good news for Rosy Business fans! Wayne Lai and Sheren Tang are in talks to sing the sub-theme song for Rosy Business II - Righteous Sea of Heroic Love (巾帼枭雄之义海豪情)! The theme song will be sung by a professional singer though. I guess I'm happy with it. It really surprises me that TVB has been listening to the opinion of the netizens these days when they used to do things their own way, without giving a damn about us. Wayne and Sheren really did a great job singing at last year's 42nd TVB Gala celebrations, so there's no harm asking them to sing the sub-theme song. ^^ I just hope that both the theme and sub-theme songs will really be grand and bring out the complex emotions of the drama itself.

Anyway, Rosy Business II - Righteous Sea of Heroic Love held its press conference and costume fitting on 10th March 2010. I must say that the storyline has changed a lot from the 2010 Sales Presentation clip that they showed last year. However, it it perfectly normal for the storyline to be different since it is only for presentation purpose. I was glad that Righteous Sea of Heroic Love finally had its own set of costumes. The costumes used in the Sales Presentation clip were definitely recycled. Sheren was wearing exactly the same outfits as Gigi Lai and Yoyo Mung from The Charm Beneath (胭脂水粉)! @_@ Like what many people have said, the women in this drama seem to have meatier roles than the men, as compared to the Sales Presentation clip, whereby the males have really meaty roles whilst Sheren and Nancy were the only ones who really stood out in the clip. I have no objections to it, so long as the script is good. War and Beauty was a female-dominated drama, but it turned out to be one of the classics of Hong Kong dramas.

Oh yes, Producer Lee Tim-shing mentioned that it will be the last work of script-writer Cheung Wah-biu (he has written classics for 3 consecutive years, namely Heart of Greed, Moonlight Resonance and Rosy Business), who will be leaving TVB this year after completing the script for Righteous Sea of Heroic Love . =( Wayne has assured everybody that they (the cast and backstage screw) will put in 200% in whatever they are doing as they want to make Script-writer Cheung's last work for TVB a memorable one that will leave a deep impression on viewers. Producer Lee also mentioned that Righteous Sea of Heroic Love will be TVB's 43rd Anniversary Grand Production (台庆剧)! Oh my 天! They will wrap up filming in July. Gosh, I think the reason why TVB is willing to make this a 台庆剧 is because they are trying to promote Fala Chen. It's so very obvious as she has about 4 dramas to film this year. ._. Picture time! =D

Wayne Lai as 劉醒 (I don't know how to spell the second word in Cantonese -.-'''). He will be the leader of the police force and is Fala Chen's brother. He will also be playing Elena Kong (江美仪)'s husband. Sheren mentioned in an interview that Wayne will be playing a very likeable character who is very gentle and cares very much for his wife, but Wikipedia states that his character is 亦忠亦奸, which basically means good and bad. o.O''' Oh, and look at Wayne's expression! He looks so fierce! >.<
Sheren Tang as 鄭九妹 or 九姑娘. Haha, the "九" in her name totally reminds me of 柴九 lah! xD Anyway, presenting to you, the 大姐大/老大 of Righteous Sea of Heroic Love! Sheren really has the aura of a triad boss! 老大 for the win! =D She will be Elliot Yue's daughter and Susan's niece. In an article I've read, she and Susan will totally be 攻心计-ing, so you can expect a lot of great confrontation scenes, just like those in Heart of Greed, Moonlight Resonance and Rosy Business. =) As Wikipedia puts it, she will be the main antagonist (大奸角) in this drama. Sheren can pull off the evil smirk/look very well as well, if you've watched her in War and Beauty and La Femme Desperado. *shudders*

Susan Tse acting as 鄭朗喜, Sheren's auntie. She was originally Sheren's mother in the Sales Presentation clip, but now she has become Elliot's sister LOL! xD Anyway, she and 九姑娘 will be at loggerheads, from the beginning to the end. I really look forward to the confrontation scenes between the two of them! S-H-O-W-D-O-W-N between the niece and aunt! Their confrontation scenes in Rosy Business were totally the BOMB, and I hope it will also be the case for Righteous Sea of Heroic Love! =D Wikipedia also mentioned that Susan will be 亦忠亦奸, which means she will both be good and bad. Susan, as usual, has the evil look already. Her evilness is further accentuated by the apparent elegance in her dressing. @_@ *shudders even more* However, I do look forward to the kind side of her as well! So far, I've only seen her in really evil roles...

Nancy Wu as 馬麗華. She will be playing a woman who loves to sing and be in the limelight. She eventually becomes Elliot's wife in order to gain attention from the rest of the people in the country. Wikipedia states that she will be playing an evil character. I really look forward to this as well! Nancy is pretty! =D

Fala Chen as 劉晴, Wayne's younger sister! Haha, though I haven't seen Fala in many shows, I don't deny that she is really pretty. Yes, she is really very cute in this photo! I love her dimples! <3 She will be playing Raymond Wong's girlfriend and will have a heart disease. As much as TVB is trying its best to promote her, I don't really see how she will stand out in this drama as compared to the rest of the female leads like Sheren, Susan and Nancy. =/
Pierre Ngo will be playing a good person in this drama. I think it will take me some time to get used to him playing a good person again, especially when his portrayal as Cheung Pit-man (the uselesss and evil eldest son) in Rosy Business was so outstanding! ^^ He will fall in love with Nancy's character. Tsk tsk, I see some scandal brewing here... =X

Kara Hui. I still have no idea what role she will be playing. She was originally Elliot's wife in the Sales Presentation clip as well, but I'm not sure about it now. I think she will be involved in martial arts as the way she posed also looked like some 老大. ._.

Sheren and Wayne! <3 Both of them look really cool here! xD I totally don't see the shadow of 4th Mistress (四奶奶) and Chai Gau (柴九) in this costume fitting. They are really, 九姑娘 and 劉醒! No more of the kind-hearted 四奶奶 and the loyal 柴九! o.O'''
Wayne and Sheren sharing a joke with each other! I really love this pairing! <3
Elliot and Susan. Elliot will also be playing an evil and good character for he is the big boss of the opium trade. He plays 鄭朗军, who will be Sheren's father and Susan's brother. Evil and good brother and sister! xD Elliot has also successfully gotten rid of the smart and kind-hearted businessman image that he portrayed, as Cheung Kiu in Rosy Business! I will definitely look foward to the evil side, as well as the good side of him. =D

Fala and Raymond! I totally love Fala's smile! =D

Nancy and Pierre! ^^ Haha, they were the adulterous pair in Rosy Business. I wonder if they will continue to be an adulterous pair in this drama as well, since Nancy is supposed to get married to Elliot. o.O'''

Pierre and Kara. I infer that they are son and mother. xD

四奶奶,大奶奶和三奶奶 of Rosy Business! =D

Producer Lee introducing Righteous Sea of Heroic Love to the reporters...

Cast photo! =D


All right. I'm off to cook my dinner now! ^^ Adieu~!

Pictures from the chemistry lab


Oh my 天! I can't believe that I actually ignored Zhi Jia when he said hello to me! If Eileen didn't tell me that my junior was waving to me, I wouldn't have known at all! I must find some day to apologise to him! I didn't mean to ignore him. I just didn't see him oh my 天! I think he must have thought that I'm dao. o.O''' Sorry sorry sorry sorry! *to Super Junior's song* >.< I must learn to be more aware of my surroundings! I hope he doesn't think that I'm some scary senior or what... ._. Anyway, this week is the week of tests. I've screwed up my Biology paper today. Great job. -.-''' The paper wasn't as difficult as I expected, but then again, my puny brain remembers wrong stuff, so I answered the questions wrongly. =( Nice One is going to whack me if I tell her I screwed my Biology paper and Nice Three is going to use me as her shooting target. x_X My GP essay test was very screwed up, thanks to a certain somebody and my Maths test is also screwed up. Gosh, I think I will screw Econs too! >.< My only hope lies in Chemistry, which seems to be the only subject I'm OK (I guess so?) with, FOR NOW. When the teachers start teaching physical chemistry again, I think I'll die a horrible death. @_@

All right. I shall spare my blog readers all my rantings.

I will upload the pictures taken during chemistry practical last Tuesday. The Tollens' reagent test was really very nice! My first attempt at creating the silver mirror kind of failed, because my mirror was not as shiny as a few of my classmates', then towards the end of my practical, I decided to spam ethanal and I got quite a reflective shiny silver mirror! ^^ Salted Egg was quite amused that I was still so obsessed with my silver mirror. I told him that it was my second attempt at creating the silver mirror and he totally went "AIYO! Have you finished the rest of your experiments or not?!" xD Salted Egg is amusing. =D

My best-looking silver mirror. I don't think my photos do justice to my silver mirror. It's supposed to be very reflective! >.<
Mixture of organic chemicals. They look disgusting when mixed together. o.O'''

A note to amuse myself: Nice One, a random teacher and Cute One were wearing the almost the same type of blouses/shirt today! The funny thing was that, 3 of them were standing very near to each other. I swear that their clothes is 97% alike! xD