A wake-up call?


The Year 1 boy I took for sectionals today was quite good. As in, he is really good for a Year 1 player. I wasn't as good as him when I first came in. Then again, I wasn't a primary school player, so well... o.O''' With more guidance, I think he will become a very good player in time to come. I think he outshines the Year 2s in some areas though. His learning attitude is quite good I must say. Jiayou, Zhi Jia! =D

We are really going to do this. I'm very sorry, but we have to resort to this. When I scold people, I can really do it the "Mr Koh" way, because I just like to say whatever I have on my mind, even if it really hurts you. And no, we won't say such things without any rhythm or reason. We say all these because you are beyond the realm of redemption and you need somebody to really jolt, to really kick you out of your own fantasy world. You may hate us, but get it right, we hate seeing you in this state as well. So WAKE UP, or leave, for the good of the people in the near future. After all, what's the point of staying when you can't contribute? I really hope you see this, any of you. Do not test our patience. Our patience is already running thin after what we've seen today.

You've been warned.

Happy Chinese New Year!


Haha, I just came back from visiting my relatives! =D I think my haul this year is not too bad, considering the fact that I had a lot more ang baos this year as compared to the last few years... Hmm, I wonder why... ._.

Anyway, I love my maternal grandmother's new house! I think it's really very near the airport because I can totally see SIA planes flying very low over her house and the SIA livery can be very clearly seen from her house lah! *gasps* @_@ I think I should visit her more often. She has TVBJ on her TV and that channel shows all the Hong Kong dramas I want to watch. Hmm, I should go there on the pretext of improving my Cantonese LOL! o.O''' Apparently, my grandmother and grandaunt are big fans of TVB dramas and they totally liked Rosy Business too! <3 That's good! ^^ I shall write to my cousin in Hong Kong soon! =)

I love this ang bao, which is given to me by my maternal grandmother. Heehee, I think those who know me well enough will know why. =D

I have nothing much to say, as you can see, so well, HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR AND HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! Oh, and happy birthday to Chicken too! ^^

CNY celebrations + outing with 4Byzantine'08!


Today was the Chinese New Year celebrations, and it will also be the last time I will celebrate Chinese New Year in RV. On the whole, I think most of the performances were boring, with the exception of dance and wushu. The CLDDS skit irritated me and it wasn't as funny as the previous years. @_@ What's with all the screaming and shouting?! -.-''' Anyway, I managed to give Chocopies to my favourite teachers! Hope they like it! =D Nice One and Cute One looked really happy upon seeing the chocopies! ^^

After the celebrations, I went out with 4B'08 to have our lunch at Swensens. I must say that we used this time to catch up with each other and relax since we won't be able to do so in the near future. A-levels are coming in just a few months time, remember? =( I was happy that 20 of us, which made up more than half of the class, were able to make it for the lunch! There were many people at Swensens, including RVians, and tsk, we saw a few teachers hanging around Jurong Point as well. xD The 1-for-1 promotion was really worth it! I think I will eat at Swensens more often the next time round! =P All right, I shall let the pictures do the talking! ^^ By the way, there are more pictures on Facebook! =D

Retarded Girl and I. =D The 2 retards... xD

Gar Yim, Jing Yuan, Zoey, Michelle and I. =D

干杯! =D

Retarded Girl attempting to whack a bottle of chilli sauce on my head. O.O'''

4B at Swensens! =D

Yanni and I! ^^

Cousin and I! ^^

Ancestor and I! ^^

Retarded Girl and I! ^^

Cousin, Mr Liu and I! =D We are standing in the same position as we did when we posed for the photo back in Malan Road. xD

The retarded cousins... Ms Chuang was very surprised to know that Gar Yim and I are cousins, what's more, we are retards. =D

Class photo outside Jurong Point! =)

Group photo inside Jurong Point, with a much nicer background of course! xD

All right, it's time for me to go and catch up with La Femme Desperado. I'm lagging behind 2 episodes! >.< This year's Chinese New Year celebrations were definitely memorable in a special way. Thanks 4Byzantine'08 for the memories! =)

My last year in RV...


This is my last year in RV. I didn't get this feeling until Friday, when Ms Chan announced that we Year 6s won't be playing for the concert together with our juniors so that we could concentrate on our studies. It's not that I'm unhappy about not playing for the concert, but the thought of not being able to touch my clarinet and play with my juniors again saddens me. 6 years have passed since I first touched the clarinet, and 5 years have passed since I started knowing the Year 5s. How can such connections be broken so suddenly, and in such a short time? I still remember comaplaining about how Spartacus really sucks while trying to figure out the piece together with Klarinutz. An hour later, Ms Chan said that we won't be playing for the concert. If I could play with my juniors, I really don't mind playing Spatacus, no matter how weird and difficult the piece is. Now this is gone. Kai Zhen and Li Hua have asked me to ask Ms Chan whether me and Farah can play, since there are only 2 of us, but I don't think this will work. And no, I won't play for the SparksWind concert. Oh well, maybe it's really time for me to see how lousy the Year 2s and 3s are... Hopefully I won't get a heart-attack or something. =(

It always rains on Fridays. I don't understand why it can't rain on PE days like Monday and Wednesday. =( As you can see, it was really a heavy downpour. These pictures were taken while I was in the library doing my work.

Hello boy! Is this library too comfortable, to the extent that you're treating this like your home? If I show these pictures to the teachers, you'll die a horrible death. Let's see if I'm in the mood to show these pictures to them.

I think I'm getting the habit to taking pictures of people who are not behaving in the appropriate way. Watching 129 episodes of Cruel Temptation (妻子的诱惑) has definitely taught me how to do so. ;)