Sound of Music & Farewell, Malan Road!


I watched Sound of Music 2 days ago, and I'm really blown away by this musical film! Oh gosh, I didn't know that those popular classic songs like Do Re Mi, Edelweiss and My Favourite Things actually originated from this film until I watched it. O.O''' All along, I thought that those songs were just traditional songs sung since time immemorial or something. Sound of Music is really very good and charming! The songs in there totally blew me off! The film was released in 1965, and it starred Julie Andrews as the leading lady who kept singing throughout the film. Gosh, I must say that she really could really sing! Her voice then was really, really good! I read from Wikipedia that before her throat operation in 1998, her voice could span 4 octaves. ._. Haha, but Julie Andrews didn't look like how she looks now. xD

40th edition poster for Sound of Music. I like the background of this poster. The movie was filmed in Austria. I must go there some day. ^^

Do Re Mi, from the original Sound of Music. I'm sorry for the grainy images though... I couldn't find a better one. But trust me, just go to LaserFlair and get the original Sound of Music for just $6.95. The quality of the pictures are not bad, seriously!

More than 200 dancers were performing their version of Do Re Mi in the Central Station of Antwerp, Belgium on the 23rd March 2009. It was a promotional stunt for a Belgian television programme, where they were looking for somebody to play the lead role for their version of "Sound of Music". It's really very cool! xDD

Connie Fisher playing the same role as Julie Andrews in Sound of Music for the 2006 Royal Variety Performance, which is an annual concert attended by members of the British royal family. Her performance features a few of the famous songs that were sung in Sound of Music. Fisher's voice is really good too! =D

Haha, maybe I should start searching for more oldies. They are really gems after all, and will remain etched in people's memories, no matter who and which ever part of the world they may be in. Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do~! =D


Anyway, yesterday marked the last day I was in the Malan Road campus. After yesterday, the next time I will step into RV will be at the new campus in Boon Lay. After studying at the Malan Road site for almost 3 years, I can't deny that this place holds many memories for me, especially where this is the very place in which I spent the happiest of my 4 years of secondary school education, laughing and having fun with my classmates from 3B and 4B and not to forget, going crazy with my dear Klarinutz. Au revoir, Malan Road!

I'll never forget the rocky chairs outside the library. There were many a times I nearly fell off from the chairs due to its instability. -.-''' Of course, I'll never forget that I've ever taken a photo with Mrs Lim here too! ^^

Photo with Mrs Lim and her students (LOL!) outside the library! =D This photo was taken last year! ^^

Zhi Yi and I posing at the school field. When it rains very heavily, the birds will never fail to stand on the fields despite the bad weather, searching for worms...

The exact same track that the PE teachers used to make us run rounds and rounds around it. Mr John Tan made us run 10 rounds around it this year. It was pure torture. T_T

Container classrooms in which the Year 4s of 2008 studied in. I bet we were the only students in the whole of Singapore to be studying in containers. -.-''' Thank goodness for the air-cons that were installed inside these classrooms. These containers are exactly the same type of containers used to house those construction workers. o.O'''

Finally, our self-proclaimed "High Achievers!" photo... -.-''' Actually, this photo looks pretty good! =D I like this photo the most! ^^

Adieu, Malan Road!

Farewell Malan Road! You'll be dearly missed!

Farewell, Peanut!


Haha, thanks to Zhi Yi for uploading yesterday's photos! I shall post more photos of the Malan Road campus next Tuesday, which will be my last time stepping into the school campus before we move to the new school for good.

Anyway, after the SPH workshop ended, I attended sectionals for a while to get the off-beat part right, which I, unfortunately, up till now still cannot master. Haiz... It's just only off-beats, yet I can't seem to play them properly. To be frank, nothing in my almost 5 years of playing the clarinet has stumped me more than these irritating off-beat notes. ._. I feel really bad for pulling down the whole section. T_T

Oh ya, I'm really sorry to Zhi Yi and Gar Yim who had to wait for almost 2 hours for me to leave the school. Anyway, I saw Cute and Nice One! Both me and Zhi Yi saw somebody who really looked like Salted Egg, and then just when we thought he was really Salted Egg, that person turned around and we got a shock of our lives. -.-''' I think Nice One saw me staring at the person then she totally smiled at us, but aww, I didn't managed to say hello to her in time. Shucks! I do hope that I have more luck with them on Tuesday. ._.

After that, when I couldn't find Zhi Yi and Gar Yim, I found Evan and Sofia instead at Vivocity's Page One. Haha, we started walking around and commenting on the books we have found. After that, when Zhi Yi and Gar Yim found me, we started playing hide-and-seek in Page One. Haha, that's really very lame of us, but honestly, Page One is big enough for us to find places to hide and play. LOL! I hope RV doesn't get any complains from the people there. =X

Anyway, Sofia's going to migrate to Australia pretty soon, in about 9 days, so lol, all the best Peanut! Don't ever forget me ah, if not I will smack you! =D Je vous remercie beaucoup pour avoir été une grande section mate! OK, in case Peanut doesn't know what I'm talking about since she didn't understand what I was talking about yesterday, thank you very much for being a great section mate! Bon voyage! =D

As you can see from the photos above, we are going gaga over people from Shalom Movers, who are in-charge of moving our things and other barang-barangs from Malan Road to the new school campus. LOL! xD

Haha, I felt sorely tempted to go into the truck and haha, land myself up in the new school. ._.

Guess what I'm pointing to?

Evan, me and Sofia! =D

Evan, Sofia, me and Zhi Yi! Klarinutz will miss you, Peanut!! =(

Peanut and I. Peanut, I will seriously miss you deep deep!! ='(

OK, I'm off to watch Family's Honour now! Peanut, do take care when you're in Australia alright? Our 大长今 family will miss you like siao! Klarinutz will miss you too!! ='( Goodbye!

용서 못해 - 차수경


The first episode of Cruel Temptation is quite alright. I didn't expect it to be a funny show, but some parts were really hilarious! @_@ Anyway, I'm still more interested in the theme song. I've posted the official MV of this show below. Enjoy!

I Cannot Forgive (용서 못해) by Cha Soo-kyung (차수경).

02 용서 못해 (I Cannot Forgive) 차수경 (Cha Soo-kyung)
Music by 유영선, 박혜연 (Yoo Young-seon, Park Hye-yeon) / Lyrics by 이경 (Lee Kyung)

왜 너는 나를 만나서 왜 나를 아프게만 해
내 모든 걸 다 주는데 왜 날 울리니
니가 날 상처 준 만큼 다시 돌려줄 거야
나쁜 여자라고 하지마
용서 못해

잔인한 인연은 사랑 같아
길이 아닌데 가다가 멈출 수는 없어
사랑 끝에 후회가 찾아오면
비로소 남는 건 미움뿐

사랑해달란 애원은 안 해
마음이 떠난 차디찬 눈빛이 싫어서
그 마음이 끌리는 그 곳엔
또 다른 유혹 있을 테니

사랑이 뭔데 숨죽여 가며
변해가는 널 잡고 싶었을까

왜 너는 나를 만나서 왜 나를 아프게만 해
내 모든 걸 다 주는데 왜 날 울리니
나 너를 용서해야만 다시 웃을 수 있나
나쁜 여자라고 하지마
용서 못해

사랑이 뭔데 숨죽여 가며
변해가는 널 잡고 싶었을까

왜 너는 내가 아닌지 왜 넌 내가 싫은 건지
내 모든 걸 다 주는데 왜 날 울리니
니가 날 상처 준 만큼 다시 돌려줄 거야
나쁜 여자라고 하지마
용서 못해

우- --- ---
내 모든 걸 다 주는데 왜 날 울리니
니가 날 상처 준 만큼 다시 돌려줄 거야
나쁜 여자라고 하지마
용서 못해

사랑이 너무 아파

Credits go to for the lyrics.

Oh, and I think Cha Soo-kyung is really a very good singer! ._. Watch the videos and you'll know what I mean. This is what I call PURE TALENT! I am absolutely flabbergasted by how powerful her voice is, and how it manages to portray a wide variety of emotions.

Cha Soo-kyung singing at her debut. She is seriously very good for a first-time singer. @_@

She is singing Emotions, which was originally sung by Mariah Carey. Her high notes are freaking high!! >.<
Another video of her singing My All, another song which was originally sung by Mariah Carey.

Anyway, I'm off to watch TV!! ^^ Goodbye!!



I've not been feeling too well since yesterday. Band practice was quite horrible because I really felt under the weather. So obviously, I wasn't in my best form today and I kept playing wrongly. Ms Chan said that I can't play off-beat notes continuously because I'm the "melody-type" of person. Oh well... Besides having a stomachache, I was also struggling to soothe my throat. And no, I have not recovered. In fact, I've lost my voice this morning. -.-''' It must be due to the weather. HAHA! No lah, I don't blame the weather. In fact, I like this kind of weather. I shall blame it on my mother (OK, I'm just joking!!) and the ongoing flu season then. =D

Anyway, Golden Era of Daughters-in-Law ended its run on Channel U today. =( The last episode was really, really hilarious. I guess I'll really miss the "Pig Trotter Alley" aka the "猪脚店巷口", and all the bubbly and lively characters in this drama that never fail to make me laugh during dinner-time. Mi-jin and Bok-nam gave birth to their children AT THE SAME TIME! xD

Mi-jin and Bok-nam having the same foetal dream, which features the dead grandmother chasing after a little black pig. I must say that the pig is really cute!! <3333
Mi-soon's husband. Grandmother's Mama Boy! xD

Mi-soon, the long-suffering daughter-in-law of the grandmother. I really salute her for standing by her mother-in-law for 40 years. She cried and fainted from grief when her mother-in-law died although the grandmother chased her out for going into the night-club not long before. The grandmother wasn't in the right state of mind anyway. She was showing signs of dementia. o.O'''

Mi-jin and Mi-soon entering the night-club upon the urging of their neighbour, who LOVES to have fun all day long. And lol, look at what Mi-jin is carrying into the night-club. Their groceries from the market. -.-'''

Daughter-in-law and mother-in-law wondering if they were in the right place to be in...

The Lee family's very feisty neighbour. She's a wonderfully amusing character!! =D She never fails to crack me up. Oh, and I can't believe this either. She was (because she has since passed on... T_T) the very same person who portrayed the smart and kind Lady Jung in Dae Jang Geum. I will miss her!! ='(

Mi-jin and neighbour protesting against the grandmother for chasing Mi-soon out of the house, all because she went to the gnith-club for the first time in her life. That scene is hilarious! xD

Mi-jin's and In-woo's parents. They make a wonderfully hilarious couple as well!! =D They are always bickering and beating each other up, not in the violent way of course! xD

Mi-jin and Bok-soo!! <3
In-woo and Bok-nam!! <3
Daughter-in-law and mother-in-law helping each other out in a card game, much to the chagrin of Mi-jin's mum, who is also playing the game. xD Her own daughter chose to help her mother-in-law instead. =D

A family portrait that was taken after Mi-jin's and Bok-soo's wedding! It's a pity this ain't the ending scene, which would definitely be a really happy one. This is one picture that Grandmother appeared in.

I guess that is all for the last episode of this great drama! By the way, the official website, as with all Korean drama official websites, is really cute too! You can have a look at it here.

Oh, and I think I'm going to watch Cruel Temptation tomorrow. The theme song is so freaking addictive! I think I will put it up as my blog song sooner or later! Although it's 129 episodes, but fret not, it was a daily drama in South Korea, so each episode is actually only 30 minutes. For more information, click here.

Promotional poster for Cruel Temptation aka Temptation of Wife.

I will upload the theme song either tomorrow or the day after. I shall reserve my judgment of this drama for tomorrow, though I must say it looks really nice! ^^

I will miss this drama! =(


Since morning, the weather today was gloomy, though it only rained in the evening. Anyway, I'm not complaining. I prefer such weather in contrast to the otherwise hot and humid weather. I bet the temperature today is only around 26°C. Haha, I just hope that the band room won't be as cold as it was last Friday. Apparently, Yi Jun's watch detected that the temperature in the band room was only 19.4°C that day. o.O'''

Anyway, today was the 3rd last episode of the Korean drama "Golden Era of Daughters-in-law". I think I've never mentioned it in my blog before, but oh, how I enjoy this show! The patriarch of the Lee family, the grandmother, finally passed away peacefully in her sleep after walking in the snow. ='( Haiz... I wish the script-writer didn't have to write her off the show lah. It was really very sad. Too bad she didn't get to see the birth of her grandchildren, which will be shown tomorrow. Haiz... After seeing her for 51 episodes, she just had to go. I can't deny that she really amuses me although she was very harsh on her daughter-in-law and granddaughter-in-law. Aww... I think I will blog more about this show when it ends its run on Channel U tomorrow. T_T I will miss this show very much. The next Korean show, titled "Cruel Temptations", doesn't seem as hilarious and heart-warming to me, although the plot looks really good. =/

Farewell Grandmother!! You'll be sorely missed! ='(

I shall end here for today. Anyway, I've found a way to make my post private without making my whole blog private!! ^^ I should have found it out sooner. -.-''' I shall make good use of this feature when the need arises. Toodles~! =D

P.S. Revamping in the process... Revamping has succeeded! =D

Movie Marathon


Haha, finally there's something worth to blog about! My sister came back from Japan today and she brought back really a lot of food stuff that are really appealing, both in terms of looks and taste! Oh, and I got a Wonka Whipple Scrumptious Caramel Delight. It sounds delicious alright! =D Oh ya, before I forget, I proclaim that Ikea's cranberry-lingonberry oat biscuits are really, really very nice!! =D Haha, I guess the $8 was really worth it! ^^ And I bought the ginger thins again because both my mother and I love it very much! In my case, the ginger thins grew on me despite me not really liking it on the first bite. xD

My Wonka bar of chocolate! Haha, I'm starting to feel like Charlie Brown Bucket form Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, who is so amazed by a simple bar of chocolate! I bet it'll taste great! Haha, I shall leave it for really cold days...

One of the many pretty packagings that my sister brought back. The sweets in this package are really, really small and colourful!

Oh yeah, I did mention that I was on a movie marathon, right? Haha, I've watched 3 movies recently. But actually, they are really old movies that my mother got quite cheaply. They are The Queen, Ratatouille and Night in the Museum 2. I really must say that Helen Mirren really blew me off with her portrayal of Her Majesty The Queen. I must say that her Oscars was really well deserved! She was really marvellous in that role. Everything, from her demeanour and looks, to her way of speaking, was EXACTLY like The Queen. O.O'''

The BONA FIDE Queen Elizabeth II. xD

Helen Mirren as Queen Elizabeth II. She really resembles HM The Queen! Don't you agree? o.O'''

Ratatouille is a really good cartoon movie that I don't mind rewatching over and over again. I really love its theme on gourmet food and what's more important is actually the rat itself, Remy. It has further motivated me to improve on my French and go to France! Woots!! =D I think I should start watching the Korean drama titled Gourmet soon! I kept putting it off because I didn't have the time to watch it. =(

Ratatouille! It looks really colourful and delicious! =D

What a beautiful shot! Paris, Paris, Paris!! Oh man, now I can't wait to grow up quickly, make my own money and travel there!!! I'm getting jittery from just thinking about it. ^^

The last one, Night in the Museum 2, was not really as good as its predecessor. It didn't make me laugh as hard as Night in the Museum, but nevertheless, it was still quite entertaining. I really like Amelie Earhart in this movie though. xD

Amelia Earhart and Larry Daley in Night in the Museum 2.

Hmm, I guess that's all! Haha, I shall go get my French stuff from Charlene tomorrow! Thanks a lot Charlene!! <3

New look of RVHS


Haha, I went through the new school photos on Facebook, and I must say that it doesn't look as bad as I thought it would be. In fact, it looks pretty cool and nice! =D Too bad my batch will only be able to use the facilities in the new school for about 1 year. But heehee, I've got great plans ahead for next year so that I'll remember the school forever! ^^ I shall explore the school when we get to move in next month. Who wants to walk around the school with me yo? xD

Here are some pictures of the new school. Credit goes to one of the teachers of the Chinese department.

The interior of the hall. It looks really, really big you know. I mean, as compared to the hall in the present site. LOL! xD It doesn't look air-conditioned though, and even if air-cons DO exist, that stingy egg wouldn't allow them to be turned on, would she? Oh well... =(

I think I will spend more time in the library. Although it's still in the works, but the library does give me a very comfortable feeling. Woohoo! Library, you better not disappoint me! =D

The track! Not bad eh? =)

Synthetic field. Yes, it's really synthetic! I can't believe that RV would actually invest in a synthetic field like this. All I know is that only rich schools like ACS(I) have a synthetic field. Lol, I'd rather the money go into installing air-cons in the hall and the classrooms. ._.

Finally, one of the photos from the album which I really like! Haha, it's not time for me to become that RV-philic yet. -.-'''

Toodles~! I don't really feel like blogging nowadays, so I'll blog as and when I like it. Haha, I'm off to watch all the movies I can get my hands on. xD

PW Experience


HAHA! I am really very happy! PW is FINALLY OVER! The bane of my life is finally gone! Lol, my group was really the unlucky group. =( Do you know who we had? We totally had one row of assessors sitting behind and watching us. The Cambridge examiner, 2 external moderators, 1 internal moderator (Ms Chia), 2 assessors (Mr Seetoh and Mrs Ong) and 1 chief examiner (Mr Wee). Do you know how many people there are in the room? That's 7 freaking people! O.O''' No wonder Mr Wee told us not to start even though we were ready. By the way, those external moderators and the Cambridge examiner really came ON THE DOT, at exactly 8 am. ._. 4C looked really crowded. Ms Chitra said that 5 groups today got the whole panel of assessors, and 2 of which came from my class. o.O''' The atmosphere in the room was unbelievably tense, but I'm glad that the assessors actually made the effort to smile at us to make us feel more at ease, especially our school teachers. So thank you very much! ^^ I think our overall presentation was alright, though I felt that I've screwed up my Q&A. Ah whatever. =( The atmosphere in the classroom was noticeably lighter after the other 5 assessors left to see the other groups from other classes.

Haha, after my group finished our OP, we went around telling everybody that we were the first group from our school to get the whole panel of assessors. Haha, I guess that it something to be very proud of. It’s something note-worthy to tell my juniors and descendants (if I have any LOL!). xD I even told Nice One about it!! =D I saw Nice One outside the library then she asked me how my OP went. I “complained” to her that I had 7 assessors assessing my group and even the Cambridge examiner came down personally to assess us. She was like, “Haiyo! Cambridge examiner ah? Don’t need to be scared one lah!” *umchios* Haha, she’s damn nice! <3 It’s no wonder that my Nice One is really a nice person! =D After Eileen and I left school, we went to Anchorpoint to eat our lunch. Haha, I ate the Chicken Primavera, which tasted really very yummy although there was really a lot of garlic in it. But still, I think it’s worth the $6! My mum will kill me if she finds out that I spent $6 just on lunch. Anyway, after eating the Chicken Primavera, I’m more determined to go to the European countries. Europe, I will visit you soon~! =)

Adieu, PW! =D

Oh, and I do have another reason to be happy! I will be going to the airport to see my sister off, who is flying to Japan tonight! Changi Airport, see you there! =)

Change of blogskin!


I've finally changed my blogskin! Thanks to Mona for introducing this great website for me to download really good Wordpress themes. I felt sorely tempted to switch to Wordpress after seeing so many great blog themes they have in store. The themes that are available in Blogger seriously suck. -.-''' Haha, this is one of the few times I'm using a blogskin made by other people, since I've always made my own blogskins except for the first few months when I first started blogging.

The reason why I chose to change my blogskin is because I didn't like the small post area that my previous blogskin had. I had to scroll all the way down just to see the rest of my post and to be frank, this really irritated me quite a bit. I guess that's the disadvantage of having a navigation-based blogskin, which is why I opted for this blogskin instead!

But I really took a very long time to figure out the new Blogger layout which involves XML since I've always been using the classic template, which involves HTML. Up till now, I still don't really know how XML works. I guess I'm still more comfortable with HTML. But XML works fine for people who do not have prior knowledge of HTML and are happy with the blogskin itself. I find it so hard to make any modifications to the blogskin with XML. >.< Grah... But I guess this blogskin still looks very pretty even if I can't make any major changes to it, so I'm a happy girl! ^^ I will continue to make more changes every now and then, so do keep a lookout! =D Haha, I do feel accomplished!! =) Oh ya, this blogskin enables you to post comments after every post, so if you do not want to tag on my tag-board, you can opt to post your comments on the post itself instead. =D

Yay!! =D

Oh, and I have to say hello to OP rehearsal tomorrow. Hopefully I will survive next week and bid farewell to PW forever. T_T