Goodbye Mrs Law and stall vendors!


Mrs Brenda Law's retirement ceremony was held today. She has been in this school for 27 years, 1 year more than the drinks stall aunties, who have been selling us drinks to so many generations of RVians. Haiz, I think I will miss all of them. They have been such familiar faces ever since I first stepped into RV. It's been nearly 6 years now, nearly. Mrs Law actually looked quite pretty in the past, so is her mother HAHAHA! xD OK, she still looks very pretty. =D And of course, smiley! I love smiley teachers! <3 At least she will still get to see our new school campus at Boon Lay, since she is only leaving in January. Farewell, Mrs Law! I do hope you will have a very happy retirement! =D Oh, and farewell to (most of) the canteen stall vendors too!! Your delicious foods and exceptional service attitude will be sorely missed!! ='( I got to see all QADs today, I think! =) The Cute One totally smiled at me and Shi Xian (Liang) today!! xDDD It's so freaking cute! <3 That's why I love smiley people! =D I saw Nice One today and totally got super high! ^^ Yi Jun's 帅 Chemistry teacher was totally amused by me and kept wondering if I was really mad or just plain crazy. xD The female Maths teacher who laughed at me when I was going high over the fiercest teacher in RV was smiling at me. o.O''' Maybe I was amusing her again, I don't know... -.-''' And erhem, I saw La La Moo again at the same place with Cross-Breed! ._. I saw Nice One in the library, but she was busy talking on her handphone, so I didn't dare to say hello. I hope she saw me though! ^^ I asked the juniors if she really looked like somebody. Evan thinks that she looks a bit like her. Yi Jun thinks that I'm just crazy. But haha, it's really thanks to him that I managed to see and get what I want. *secret* OK whatever. That is my Christmas present from him since he wished me "Merry Christmas!" when I received it. I told him he will get many Christmas presents from other people since he really did a good deed. I wished him "Happy New Year!" haha. xD I managed to convince Jia Yi and Kai Zhen that at least the top half of her face looked like her. They have to get up-close and personal to her if they want to be fully convinced. >.< So I hope they will get the chance to do so next year! It rained nearly the whole day, so the weather was quite cold. I was really shivering in the band room, and I am still shivering as I am typing this post out. My mouth was really tired today, but I really love playing Celebrate. Thank goodness Ms Chan didn't go through Clarinet Sandwich today. All our mouths would have dropped off if she did actually proceed to play it. Sebby bets that Ms Chan will sooner or later take this piece out since it's actually quite difficult and taxing on us to play it, although it's really a good piece of music. I do agree with him too, for once. =P I said "Bye, Ms Tee!" to Ms Tee when I boarded 166. Wei Kai was asking me why I was so enthusiastic over her. He knows though. xD This post should pretty much sum up the last day of term for the juniors. One more week before PW ends! I'm really hoping for this week to pass quickly! ^^ Here are the class photos! Sorry 5B for not being able to give these out today as I didn't bring the order form. Don't worry, I'll pass it to you all when I see you all around in school! ^^

Formal class photo 1.

Formal class photo 2.

Informal shot! Farah says that I look like a Korean in this photo! o.O'''

Special candid. Nobody could recognise me. They thought I was somebody else. -.-'''

I thought what I've heard from other people were just rumours. I never knew that those were actually the truth. I chose to trust because firstly, I don't really believe in rumours until I've seen or experienced it for myself, and secondly, I believe in giving people second chances. Hell, to think that I've even spoken up for you a few times. I really abhor myself for being so naive, so stupid. It took me so long to realise that. I've tolerated, and I'm afraid I won't be able to tolerate any much longer. What you did that day, you have just proven them right, and me, wrong. How cruel, how insulting, and how much it hurt me. You may not know that, but that goes to show how aware you are of other people's feelings. Thank you very much for allowing me to see the real you.

BOOMZ. Happy Halloween!

Good to have friends


Rah... I can't log in to Facebook now since my account is now under maintenance, so I can't play Mafia Wars and do other stuff to waste time. I guess I shall start memorising my script for my OP rehearsal tomorrow, since that person is so fickle-minded and wants us to come back to rehearse in front of the teachers again when we have decided to use the weekends to rehearse our Oral Presentation (OP) properly. What difference can 1 day make, you tell me? Seriously, that person irritates me. =X One more week and I hope I can get that person off my back, forever. I doubt that person will see this, but I better get it off my chest. Pent-up anger is no good for that person and me. I don't know what I'll do if that person continues to piss me off. I can't guarantee that I can keep my temper in rein these few days. >.< Anyway, I made a trip to school today and saw La La Moo and Cross-Breed. o.O''' Haha, when I saw La La Moo, I totally went, "AH~! LA LA MOO!" and quickly turned my head away. I felt like running away LOL! xD I think Cross-Breed heard me, because when La La Moo walked past, she turned her head. Haha, I wonder if Cross-Breed knows that she has similar looks to La La Moo. Even people have been telling me that the both of them are almost like twins, with similar looks and the same "type" of voice. *winks* After the rest settled their Written Report (WR) with their tutors, Hai Wei, Jennie, Charlene and I went to Ikea to eat our lunch. Hai Wei's guy and Hai Wei's guy's friend joined us after that. They were stalking Hai Wei! -.-''' Lunch was really good! I regretted not eating the baked sambal dory with rice that Charlene bought! The fish was really good! =D Jennie's cheesecake was excellent! *smacks lips* I only drank the Soup of the Day because I wanted to save room for my ice-cream. The mushroom soup was really, well, mushroom-my. It's not the type of soup you get from Campbell's, but nevertheless, I like it. ^^ My stomach ended up as a dumping ground because I kope-ed food from everybody! xD Haha, I've found people to backpack with me to travel the whole of Europe! Jennie, Hai Wei and Charlene, you have all agreed ah!! xD But firstly, we must have a lot of money. Secondly, we must be unemployed to be able to stay at some places for months. -.-''' Oh, speaking of midnight sun, I was telling them about the midnight sun. Jennie thought I loved reading the Twilight series and started talking about things that I didn't understand. Hai Wei went crazy because she thought I watched some Japanese drama titled Midnight Sun and have read the book/manga. She, too, started talking about things I didn't understand. ._. And haha, which midnight sun did I mean to talk about? Of course I meant THE midnight sun. O.O''' But haha, I will surely visit the Scandinavian countries because of the midnight sun and polar night!! =D Europe, I will visit you soon!!!! ^^

Midnight sun! I swear that there isn't any typo here. This is REALLY night-time.

Polar night! This is EARLY AFTERNOON in Norway!

P.S. I really don't like you!! Seriously, something is wrong with you when the rest of us also feel the same way... Stop bossing around, stop making yourself so unlikeable and most importantly, QUIT WHINING, will you?!?! I really hope you see this. Just get this straight. We DO NOT like you. Let me repeat, we DO NOT like you when you act in this way. Stop acting like a lotus root/flower. This is a sincere plea from us, past and present. -.-'''

Alright, I shall stop ranting here. Thanks to Charlene and Hai Wei for listening to me. I really needed people to talk to. I shall sleep now and wake up early for Mrs Brenda Law's retirement ceremony tomorrow. I think I will feel sad although she hasn't really taught me. She is going back to England for good! Haha, maybe I'll see her when I go to Europe. xD I think Nice One knows that I will miss her. =(

Oh yes, I'm now known as Nice Two. ^^

I need McDonald's Monopoly pieces!


Haha! I haven't been blogging for such a long time because I didn't have the time to touch even my own blog. To be honest, I've been spending more time on Facebook instead. xD Anyway, the reason why I'm blogging now is because I want to blog about the McDonald's Monopoly Singapore! You can safely say that it's one of the few rare times that people have gone crazy over McDonald's, the other time being the Hello Kitty craze almost 10 yearsw ago. ._.

Hui En and I went to eat at McDonald's today mainly because I wanted to get more game pieces. Haha, we should have upsized our meals lor. An extra 50 cents would have entitled us to 4 more game pieces each, which means we could have 16 game pieces altogether! o.O''' A pity Jun Hao only told me that on MSN just now. -.-''' OK, many of the game pieces were repetitive, so I gave some pieces to an old man sitting behind Hui En. He really did have many pieces, oh gosh! Oh, I gave some to Hui En and the 5E boys who happened to be at HarbourFront's McDonald's too. Lol, I hope nobody noticed that I was going around tables to nick those game pieces that the rest of the diners left behind. I must have looked like some scavenger. >.< Those cleaners who helped to clear the tables were really nice though! One of them went through pile of rubbish that the diners left behind and actually gave me the game pieces! Thanks a lot, really!! =D Haiz... I think this is really a good strategy to lure people to spend more at McDonald's. Haha, Jun Hao said that I have fallen into their trap, which I admit, is really true. Do you know why? Because I intend to drag my mother and sister to McDonald's for lunch again tomorrow, and I'll make sure they upsize their meals. Gosh, at the time that I'm eating McDonald's, I'm pretty sure I'll put on weight soon and probably end up like another Morgan Spurlock in Supersize Me. O.O''' Rah, why do they have to resort to this kind of marketing strategy?? =( I'm not strong enough to resist such temptations! Damn it!! >.<

My monopoly game set

Alright, let me now make a list of the game pieces I have and the game pieces I need.

To win $50 000, I have the Marina Bay game piece and NEED the SENTOSA COVE game piece.

To win the 7D Hawaii Flycruise for 4 persons on Pride of America, I have the Ardmore Park game piece and NEED the ORCHARD ROAD and HOLLAND ROAD game pieces.

To win $4000 worth of petrol (This is actually of no use. My dad doesn't drive. But I guess it's a good feeling to be able to win something.), I have the Newton Road and River Valley game pieces. I NEED the SCOTTS ROAD game piece.

To win either a Samsung 40" Full HD LCD TV or a HP HDX18 Premium Notebook, I have the Raffles Place and Robinson Road game pieces.I NEED the SHENTON WAY game piece.

To win a 2N Malacca/Kuala Lumpur cruise for 4 persons on Superstar Virgo, I have the Amber Road and Bayshore Road game pieces. I NEED the TANJONG RHU game piece.

To win a $400 travel voucher from Jetstar, I have the Farrer Road and Queenstown game pieces. I NEED the THOMSON ROAD game piece.

To win a $200 Toys 'R' Us gift voucher, I have the Ang Mo Kio game piece. I NEED the TOA PAYOH and BISHAN game piece.

To win a 32GB touchscreen mp3 player worth $420 (Looks like an iPod Touch to me leh!), I have the Geylang Road game piece. I NEED the JOO CHIAT ROAD game piece.

Phew, I guess that's about all. I do have a few extra pieces though. Is anybody interested to trade with me the game pieces? xD

Ms Lee Choi Yeok, I miss you!


Sorry QADs! Today's post shall be dedicated solely to a teacher who is probably not known among the juniors, but is a famous teacher who impacted the lives of many generations of RVians, me included.

I saw Ms Lee Choi Yeok in the morning, coming out from the MRT train which stopped at Choa Chu Kang. At first, I found that old lady who was the first to get out of the train familiar. After that, a sudden realisation hit me. The RV bag she was carrying confirmed my doubts. I realised she IS Ms Lee. Unfortunately, I didn't get to greet her as she walked very fast and I was running late. But hmm, nearly 3 years after her retirement, I wonder what's Ms Lee doing now? She used to keep coming back to RV to talk (YES TALK!) and tend to her dear plants, but she hasn't been coming back in recent times. =( Haha, I saw her getting off at Choa Chu Kang, so perhaps she's working in Lot 1 now? xD OK, that is such a waste, considering the fact that she had been a teacher for 40 years! I can't imagine anybody else who has such dedication to teaching. =X But Ms Lee, wherever you are, whatever you are doing, I just wish that you would come back and talk to your plants and yes, ROCK ON in whatever you do, because you really do! =D

Aww, seeing Ms Lee this morning really made me think of the times she really made me laugh like crazy, and made me love Biology. She, for one, is one teacher who stuck by RV through her years. 40 years in fact. That's more than half her life! She used to teach the 3 Sciences (Physics, Chemistry and Biology) purely in Chinese during her early years, and had to switch to teaching them in English when RV became a SAP school. It was really difficult, considering the fact that she didn't know any English at all and had to suddenly switch to using English to teach. It is really difficult mastering another language, what's more using that language to teach students. For this, I really admire and respect her, for her contributions to RV, and her sheer grit and steely determination.

Ms Lee is truly a classic of RV. Oh, and I miss her gardening CIP. =( Will she ever come back to RV and take over as a relief teacher, like other retired teachers? I certainly hope so. I truly hope to see her at our new campus at Boon Lay! ^^



School has ended for year 5 RVians, but seriously, I don't feel anything. All thanks to the wretched PW, I feel no sense of liberation. Oh, how I abhor this subject! Fortunately, Emperor is always there to cheer me up! =D

A retarded conversation with a loony Emperor. =D

And I dread going to school everyday for the next few weeks. PW sucks, it really sucks. Never before have I so vehemently condemned doing projects. I can't endure another 3 weeks of doing it. SCREW EVERYTHING RELATED TO PW! >=(

I'm really sorry!


Last year, I had really awesome teachers who inspired, who cared and who bothered. I'm really thankful to them, for what they had done for me.

However, if I really cannot cope and have no choice but to choose a subject to drop, I think I'll drop the subject which I once felt the passion for. RV's Year 5 Biology teachers are just so screwed. And I'm really saying this from the bottom of my heart. No way are they comparable to the Biology teachers from the high school section.

I miss Ms Lee Choi Yeok's and Mrs Lim WF's Biology lessons. They were the ones who really brought Biology to life with all their cute and funny antics. They were the ones who generated my interest in Biology. And they will probably be the reasons why I can never enjoy a single Biology lesson without them.

If I ever have to drop Biology, I'm really sorry, Ms Lee and Mrs Lim. I've tried to hold out for the past year, and I think I'm really losing it. I'm really, really very sorry. ='(

Come il fiore caduto a terra,
la mia passione era il modo che del passato.


Lunch @ Ikea


Haha! I finally got to eat my lunch at Ikea after such a long, long time. At first, I couldn't find anyone to go with me and my class wanted to go to Vivo City to eat lunch, so I actually thought that I won't get to eat at Ikea one more time before RV moves. But thank goodness I found Gar Yim and Feng Han in the library! =D I think 3 of us didn't regret going there! The food there was really quite nice, though I felt a bit lost at first after not stepping into the Ikea restaurant for so many years. @_@ The kids' meal was really quite worth it in my opinion, but haha, my fish and chips with chive sauce rocks to the max! =D I think I will go to Ikea one last time next week to eat the ice-cream, the Swedish meatballs and the Princess cake (Prinsesstårta) and probably spam-buy Swedish snacks. xD

My fish and chips with chive sauce meal! I wanted to eat the Swedish meatballs, but haha, the fish looked too tempting for me to resist.

Getting ready to dissect the fish... xD

The $2.90 kid's meal... Haha, I thought they wouldn't let us buy it since we don't look like kids anymore. xD

The dried-up lemon from my fish and chips with chive sauce meal. o.O'''

Gar Yim and Feng Han acting like retarded kids... -.-'''

Happy me!! =D I got so amused by a piece of french fries. =)

A picture to sum up my day at Ikea!! =D

There was supposed to be band practice today, but since there was only me left in my section since the rest didn't come. I was also feeling pretty tired after such a sumptuous meal at Ikea and the blazing hot weather only made me feel even sleepier, so I decided to pack up and go. PW has seriously drained me of all my energy. I'm so glad I did it anyway, because I got a seat and slept comfortably on my way home. =D OK, what an anti-climax to such a food-related post. -.-'''

Blame Transsexual when anything goes wrong


I've been very prone to accidents these few days. The week started off badly when I fell down the stairs in LT 4, which resulted in me having multiple bruises all over my body, the worst being on near my hip and my 2 legs. My right knee cap got injured as a result of hitting the floor. I couldn't walk properly and the people in the General Office were all shocked when they heard I fell down the stairs. Come to think about it, I've been visiting the General Office very often ever since the start of the year. -.-''' As my gait was really unsteady by the time I reached home, my mother decided to bring me to see a TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) doctor for my leg.

I must say that the trip to the TCM clinic was pretty interesting. It was my first time seeing a TCM doctor and seeing so many types of Chinese medicine. xD The doctor massaged my leg and said that my knee cap was injured and then went on to add some funny medicine on my knee. Everybody was so shocked to see me with a bandage on my right leg the next day. Mr Chua (VP) said, "Waa! What happaned to you?!", in which I replied, "Oh! I fell down the stairs in LT 4." He asked me if I had seen a doctor, to which I replied, "Duh! If not my leg wouldn't have been bandaged..." o.O''' Oh yeah, somebody still asked me if I was involved in a car accident. -.-''' Apparently, a teacher complained to Cross-Breed that my skirt is short. Hmph. I wonder if my guess was correct, but Cross-Breed refused to tell me. >.< After going to school with a bandage yesterday, I ended up smashing my toe into the suitcase on the same night, which resulted in my toenail breaking and blood flowing out like crazy. I swear that it was so painful that I couldn't sleep well. Oh well, so you can't blame me for sleeping during both Biology and Chemistry lectures today right? =X Rah... So out came the bandage and in went the plaster. So, this was the third consecutive day of people asking me "OMG! Are you OK?", "Waa! What happened to you?!" and the list goes on. o.O''' Salted Egg totally expressed his shock at seeing me wear slippers to his class, so had Mr Chua (VP). I bet Mr Chua really thinks that I'm super accident-prone lah. He totally gave me the O.O''' look when I told him that I smashed my toe. -.-''' Salted Egg: Aiyoh! You old already lah! What happened to you? o.O''' Me: Erm, I smashed my toe against the suitcase and my toenail broke... -.-''' Salted Egg: AIYOH! WHY YOU SO CARELESS!! Me: ... Salted Egg: But your other leg OK already ah? I thought I saw your bandage on your right leg yesterday? Me: Erm... It's much better now. Salted Egg: Aiyoh! Then you should wear slipper on your injured leg, wear your school shoe on your other leg mah... Me: -.-''' I swear that Salted Egg is darn amusing. He amuses me, like seriously! =D Oh, and I just smashed my toe into the stool. And yes, my toe is bleeding, yet again. I do wonder, why non-living things always get into my way? @_@ And the blisters on my right leg are so tempting to poke... Should I poke them? o.O'''

When things go awry and I don't get to see my beloved QADs, I can just blame Transsexual. And I shall do just that.

We went ahead and did it!


Haha, Boy Boy was shocked that a girl and I actually went ahead to do that. Haha, it sounds suggestive, but I assure you that this isn't the case. =) Only the girl and I would know what happened. xD

I simply couldn't believe our luck lah! Lady Luck must have been smiling at us. It's really too much of a coincidence lah! We were walking around when we decided to give up and leave the place, but I was so glad my eyes didn't fail me! That girl should really thank me man! =D I thought I saw something very familiar, but I wasn't so sure then. I went closer, with my heart thumping violently, and voila! There was it! This was it! Oh my 天! I still can't believe our luck!! ^^ 我真的要谢天谢地!

Thank goodness for the sunglasses, the umbrella, the cap and the fan. They all came in handy. ;)

By the way, The Charm Beneath is ending next week. I can't believe that Wan-Seung, who acted like an angel from the first episode till now, was actually so twisted and evil deep within. Gosh, her transformation is really scary!! >.< I think I'm kind of traumatised by the sudden change in her character. o.O'''

Angelic Sung Wan-sheung. She even became the poster girl for Geng Fa Tong (Jing Hua Tang) because of her angelic looks.

Devilish Sung Wan-sheung. I swear that her stares can really kill, especially during the part where she repeatedly stabbed Hiu-fai in the stomach in cold blood was really scary. >.< It totally reminded me of one of the scenes in Prom Night. o.O'''

zZz... Anyway, I'll stop here for today. I can't believe I'll have to run 2.4 km for PE tomorrow. Gosh, my muscles will scream in agony again! Oh, and I don't think I can control myself if I see *** tomorrow. xD

5Buaypai'09, you guys rock!


Lol, I came back home at almost 12 am yesterday, which I think it's the latest ever for me to come back home on a weekday during the school term. Haha! 5B's class outing really rocks!! =D Although I felt that it was quite random because we only made the decision to have a steamboat dinner at Kelvin's house on Thursday, almost everybody turned up for the outing. But zZz... Kelvin lives so far away that almost all of us only reach home at almost 12 am despite leaving his house at about 10 pm.

Anyway, I ate quite a lot during the steamboat!! =D I think my skirt felt a bit too tight afterwards LOL! xD But yup, our steamboat really rocks!! ^^ The food was really nice! Haha, we should have more steamboat dinners at Kelvin's house. It'll definitely beat eating at some restaurants. And of course, we had free entertainment because we watched movies like Prom Night and Scary Movie 3. Oh ya, Jesslyn, Peggy, Bei Shan, Xiu Min, Jing Qin and I played so many rounds of mahjong that we are known as the gambling addicts of 5B! OK, I hope my mum doesn't see this. Apparently, she has something against me playing mahjong, though it has been proven that mahjong can keep dementia at bay. Oh, but we didn't gamble with money, which was quite a relief, because I had rotten luck at Kelvin's house. I only managed to win 1 round out of the so many rounds we played. T_T Lol, I felt kind of bad for Kelvin's family members because our class kept screaming while watching Prom Night, which is quite a lame but scary movie in my opinion. I don't think they ever had a moment of peace when we came. =P

Jun Hao's shadow is quite scary lol!! o.O'''

The boys pushing Jing Qin... Haha, he's always bullied by the boys! xD Oh, and this is our Nobody-Nobody-But-You pose! =D

5Buaypai'09! =D I really had a lot of fun last night, thanks to you guys!! I love you all!! <3

Oh yes, today is Mooncake Festival! I'm off to eat some mooncake. Hopefully the sky will clear up and I'll be able to see the full moon. The sky now is rather cloudy. ._.

St Regis's snow skin mooncake. I prefer snow skin mooncakes to the traditional mooncakes. I must really thank the person who invented snow skin mooncakes! =D

Anyway, I went to Ikea with Shi Xian (Liang) on Thursday and ate Ikea hotdogs. Haha, I think I will try to set aside some time to eat at Ikea's restaurant before RV moves to Boon Lay for good. I miss the Swedish meatballs there!! I'll help my mum buy back the 1 kg packet of meatballs and the sauce. It's really delicious! <3 I think I'll miss the current site because it's really very accessible to many places like VivoCity and HarbourFront Shopping Centre, surrounded by so many office buildings. Ikea is also just a bus ride away from the current site.

Anyway, I shall stop my musings now. Snow skin mooncakes and Ikea hotdogs for the win! <3