Conversation with The Fierce One


Chocopies for the soul... Et si c'était vrai... says:

melted chocolate on fingers (: shibata rihito says:
*i wan to be feminine today

Chocopies for the soul... Et si c'était vrai... says:

melted chocolate on fingers (: shibata rihito says:
*my makeup wil smudge
*i wan to be nice!
*just like nice one
*i'm changing my image

Both Brother and I figured out this was what the scariest RV teacher said during spot-check today. We are both very amused. Then again, maybe she didn't say that, but whatever. This is for our entertainment's sake. =D The Nice One umchio-ed and waved at me today! She's still as cute as ever!! <3 Oh, the similarities between Cross-Breed and The Fierce One became even more obvious during spot-check today. I shall not reveal what happened but ya, things are just what they are. xD

Mummy is currently in Changi Airport now. Haha, hopefully she chooses some nice hair accesories from Mini Bits!! =D

Those who do not believe in magic will never find it


Thank goodness today's post-exam activities were not as boring as yesterday's. I got bored to tears by yesterday's activities. I should have skipped school yesterday and come today instead. Whatever lah. I just wasted my time in school when I could have spent my time more meaningfully at home, which includes a few more hours of sleep and reading of books. o.O'''

Anyway, I laughed quite a lot today thanks to the emcees of the Mr and Ms RV contest, though I can't help to think that this whole thing is a joke itself when those contestants were actually sabotaged into the contest. So much for popularity. It doesn't help that one of the emcees also kept saying things without consideration for the contestants' feelings and put the contestants in a very awkward position. The audience in the LT were already complaining about how ruthless this emcee is. I bet the contestants must have felt really lousy. =/

zZz... Anyway, we had a fire-drill this morning, but the Chinese teacher in charge of CIP held us back to say some last few words about her Cambodia CIP trip. Lol, I swear that we would have died had there been a real fire. But thanks to the fire drill, I got to see all my QADs, so I'm happy. =D

Oh yes, we have finally received our new time-table when other classes got theirs last week. I must say that the time-table is crazy. There's PW everyday for goodness sake. I think I will just collapse from an overload of PW. I hate PW, seriously. Oh, I hope there will not be any band practices on Fridays until we end our school term on the 16th October. For the first time in my whole RV life, I have only 3 lessons on Friday and I get to go home at 11.40 am after 1 hour and 40 minutes of PW. -.-''' I will seriously scream and cry if I have to stay back for band practices lor. Oh yes, I've noticed that there aren't anymore Maths tutorials, so no more Mr Lum CF? =/ There are more breaks too, now that they have cut down on our subject tutorials and done away with our Science practical sessions. This means that we won't be doing anymore practicals until next year. Oh man, we can start worrying about our SPA. >.<

New time-table... There's PW everyday and only 1 PE lesson for the whole week instead of 2. No Maths tutorials and no Science practicals. My life is about to take a turn for the worse. T_T

Haha, by the way, I only changed the parting of my fringe and so many people couldn't recognise me, including Ms Lee WM! o.O'''

- I was climbing up the stairs to the staff-room when I saw Ms Lee -

Me: *waves to Ms Lee*
Ms Lee: O.O''' *stunned*
Me: o.O'''?
Ms Lee: Waa, almost couldn't recognise you leh!! @_@
Me: I changed my hairstyle mah...
Ms Lee: Hmm... *stares at my hair* You changed your parting. Your fringe is very errrr... VERSATILE!
Me: O.O''' *stunned* Err... Thank you? ._.
Ms Lee: *nods to me and heads back to the staff-room*

What a word to use! Of all words, she must use the word "versatile" to describe my fringe. I'm highly amused!! xD Ms Lee is really very cute!! *^^*

Anyway, I serioulsy love 1.3! =D He smiled so happily at me today! ^^ I think 1.2 was smiling too. OK, I always see her smiling. =D After school, I went up to the staff-room while letting the empty packet of winter-melon tea dangle from my teeth subconsciously. Dang! Mr Chua (VP) was standing right in the middle of staircase to stop me and I nearly knocked into him since I was quite preoccupied with some matters. zZz... I was quite shocked to find the packet of winter-melon tea in my mouth so I just mumbled "Sorry!" and walked past him. He was giving me the -.-''' look. ._. After that, Cousin and I were waiting outside the library for Naughty Girl when many of the big-shots walked past. Mrs Look walked past us and both of us could feel her staring at us, so we decided to engage in a very animated conversation so as to draw her attention away. I think she was staring at me though. Am I improperly attired? I think not. >.< After she walked past, I saw the The Fierce One walking towards us. Cousin immediately bent down her head as she had a seat, but me, having no place to sit, could only act as if nothing had happened. I felt sorely tempted to run away from her since I could see her reflection from the windows. My worst fears nearly came true when she stood behind me for about 10 seconds without saying anything. I was wondering if she was trying to find things to scold me about since she wouldn't let me off given that I had an assortment of clips on my hair, but in the end she started to turn back and walk in the opposite direction. o.O''' Haha, after reading Roald Dahl's books, I suddenly realised that The Fierce One actually reminds me of Miss Trunchbull in Matilda, just that she doesn't use brute force to deal with students. Haha, but their mannerism is almost the same. xD OK, I know I shouldn't be reading Roald Dahl books at my age, but oh, his books do amuse me so much that I find myself laughing at everything in his books that is so silly and ridiculous. But hey, his books do really appeal to me and I still find myself enjoying them even after so many years. It really brings out the child in everybody. =D

Those who do not believe in magic will never find it. How very true.

無心害你 - 關菊英


I'm really sorry for the lack of updates these few days. My life has been so mundanely boring that I do not even feel the urge to blog. Haha, but I'm enjoying these few days off from school. I can't believe I have to go back to school tomorrow and on Friday. What a spoiler to an otherwise perfect break from school. >.< I've borrowed 6 books from the library when my last paper ended last Friday and have finished reading 4 books and am on to the 5th one. I'll recommend people to read The Caliph's House - A Year in Casablanca. It's quite a hilarious yet insightful view of how the author, who is of Anglo-Afghan descent, deals with the culture and tradition of the Moroccan people. They are sure one bunch of superstitious people. xD I think I will go to Casablanca one day, that is, if I have the money. zZz... I have a long list of places I wish to visit. Never mind. My first stop shall be South Korea, after that it'll be France, England, Austria, Italy etc. Oh well, this list is non-exhaustive. ^^

The Caliph's House - A Year in Casablanca by Tahir Shah. It's really a delightful read! Read more about book and find reviews of it over here. =D

Anyway, I'm going to watch Heart of Greed and Moonlight Resonance on soon. It's such a pity I missed watching Heart of Greed on Channel 8, but my mum wouldn't have approved of me watching so much TV anyway. Since my promo exams are now over, I think I will watch it during the weekends. But gosh, both Heart of Greed and Moonlight Resonance are 40 episodes each... That should keep me busy for awhile... @_@ Oh yes, did I mention how much I love Moonlight Resonance's theme song? I've realised that unlike Korean songs, Hong Kong drama theme songs actually touch more on life as a whole rather than love. Nevertheless, the song is still great despite its less-than-heartening lyrics. Lol.

Unintentionally Hurt You by Susanna Kwan. Click here for the source and the (slightly weird; English can never replace words/meanings that are meant to be in Chinese and vice-versa) English translation. =X

Hmm, I haven't mastered Korean fully although I can speak the language with ill-ease and now I want to learn French. The French langauge has intrigued me quite a bit for quite some time now, only that I chose to learn Korean over French because of the Korean wave. Aww, I should have taken French when I was given the option to do a 3rd language. I would have been Charlene's French classmate! Hmm, perhaps after the A-Levels, I will pick up on both Korean and French seriously. And I mean it. =)

J'ai vraiment, vraiment envie d'apprendre et de maîtriser à la fois français et en coréen! =D

Rants about exams


YES! Who knew, the dreaded promo exams are finally over, at least for the Biology students and those who do not take Physics! I can't believe everything's over in just a matter of a week. It seemed not too long ago that I was busy fretting over how I did not have the luxury of time to thoroughly revise my work, which unfortunately, up till the last paper today, held true for me. Haiz... My chances of promoting aren't very optimistic. I mean, even if I promote, I do not want to drop my 4 H2 subjects. T_T It's just not my fault (to a certain extent) that I can't do well this year, with so many things happening and affecting me in one way or another. Moreover, JC life does need a bit of time to get used to and the things which I'm learning now are so different from the previous years. zZz... If only I tell this to the principal if the need arises for me to see her. -.-''' Anyway, I think I've mentioned this before, but let me repeat myself just for the sake of repeating myself. It's my "tradition" to do an analysis of each paper that I've sat for. Lol, I don't think this analysis will be as lengthy as the years before though.

14/09/09 (Monday)
First paper of the whole vicious cycle is GP paper. It didn't help that I actually spent almost 20 minutes deciding on which topic to write on out of the 12 topics available before I started on the essay proper. Anyway, I think I'm screwed, because I have a feeling that I wrote out of my point for my essay. This is really bad, because last year, when you wrote out of point, there was still a high chance that you could pass (meaning getting probably around 27/50; I've been lucky to hit 30 even when my points are well, sort-of off...), but now, it's a straight fail. What does this mean? Without passing GP, there is ABSOLUTELY NO CHANCE OF PROMOTING TO THE NEXT LEVEL OF EDUCATION. Wow, with my comprehension paper being so eff-ed up because apparently, I lack the neccasary comprehension skills and on top of that, I didn't get to complete my damn summary (by the way, I was on the last 2 IMPORTANT points already! Give me 30 more seconds and I would have been able to complete it walao!) and there goes my GP grade. So, probability of not promoting? Well, maybe a 6 or 7/10. Let's see whether I'll pass my GP first, before any of you start flaming me. >.< 15/09/09 (Tuesday)
My Econs paper is done for. My case-study was totally a piece of mess because I didn't understand some of the questions and my essays are just dollops of poop because I really wrote crap for my essays. In my opinion, I think the essay questions were really difficult. It's crazy... I can't believe I'm taking A-Levels for Econs. T_T Gosh, I really need to buck up leh! I can't afford to let down Cross Breed and Sot Kia!! >.< So far, Econs paper was the worst out of the 2 papers I've taken. ='( Hopefully, I'll be able to secure at least a C grade for Econs, though it'll be really impossible, given my dismal answers in my answer script. Haiz... I was emo-ing because of the paper and Mr Chua (VP) happened to see me and started shaking me to shake away the emo bug. @_@ Thanks a lot though!! ^^ 16/09/09 (Wednesday)
I still cannot fathom how I managed to do well for Chemistry last year (alright, there were times I nearly failed my common tests but well, I still managed to get A1 for overall thanks to my EOY paper) when my Chemistry this year is absolutely hopeless. I repeat, it's absolutely hopeless. I'm so close to failing it, and I think after this paper, I'll fail my overall Chemistry grade. So much for working so hard to push my Chemistry grade up a notch higher. Now I think it'll drop at least 2 grades. =( 2 hours and 45 minutes of intense brain-sizzling can be described as horrible, terrible and vegetable absolutely disgusting. Haiz, I think I'm really going to let down so many people. ='( I emo-ed on my way home because of this paper. Hmph. The Chemistry paper was the worst paper to date.

17/09/09 (Thursday)
I really have no comments for the Maths paper. I've never been good in Maths since time immemorial, so no matter how much hard work I've put in, I'll never be able to make it. I felt that I've let down Farah, especially when she has never lost her patience in me no matter how hopeless I have been. I'm almost certain to fail this subject and if I fail, I probably won't be moping over it though I'll feel very sad. I need to get at least 60 if I want to pull myself out the the failing grade, which is utterly impossible for me, so I can say farewell to my Maths already!

Because of the huge chunk of information that I have to memorise, I ended up only sleeping at around 1.30 am, which resulted in me feeling so tired. This paper was alright, because the mid-year paper was really a killer, so I think the Biology department have tried their best to "tone down" the killer instinct of the paper. OK, I have no idea what I'm talking about. Since Valerie hasn't taken the paper yet, I shall refrain from further comments, except that I regret overlooking some topics. They will cost me a lot, no doubt. Hopefully I can at least pass this paper. =X

Anyway, since today marks the last day of our papers, Jennie, Hai Wei, Shi Xian (Liang) and I decided to go to Thai Express to eat our lunch! Our whole meal there cost $58.30, of which I spent the most LOL! But it was worth it! I finally got to eat my green curry after 7 months!! =D Haha, the next time I go to Thai Express, I shall eat the soft-shell crab or the phad thai. They are seriously very delicious! Haha, I shall only post a few pictures because I'm lazy to upload the rest. The rest of the photos can be found on Facebook!! =)

Our receipt for our lunch at Thai Express. Jennie was supposed to pay for everything because she's the sole bread-winner in the family! xD

Top left to right: Shi Xian's soft-shell crab rice and Jennie's soft-shell crab noodle. xD I swear that it's really good!! ^^
Bottom left to right: My green curry (which is still as good as ever!) and Hai Wei's phad thai!! =D

Oh yes, I should limit the time spent on the laptop and spend my time wisely reading the books I've borrowed from the library today. I think I really have no life because I started using the laptop and going onto Facebook just to catch up on things after not using the laptop for almost 5 days. >.< Yes, I should just get a life.

P.S. Thai Express's Thai Chendol is really fantabulous!! =D It's pity I forgot to take a photo of it. The chendol was really, really very colourful to the max! And QADs rock as usual, of course! <3

QADs ftw!


Woots! I really love today!!! =D I managed to see all QADs! They were coming out from a meeting and I greeted everyone of them except 1.4. Oops... I'm so sorry, but it seems that current circumstances can no longer permit me to greet you!! =( Anyway, Zhi Yi finally believes me now. I was talking to Ms Tee and she was beside me. She totally agreed that Ms Tee sounded both like Mrs Lim and Mrs Lee. o.O''' And haha, she loves Cross Breed very much! <3 Zhi Yi must have been banging her head against the wall too. I mean, she should do that, because while going home with Gar Yim, we saw The Nice One and The Cute One!! The Nice One still smiled at us leh!!! <33 Oh man, I really miss her very much!! T_T Anyway, something is bound to happen every Wednesday during Chemistry tutorial. I swear that my class boys really rock!! They happened to find an apple in the classroom, so they broke it into pieces and left one piece at the door and switched off the lights. Mr Tan was very surprised and when he stepped into the classroom, he stepped onto the piece of apple too!! xD After that, my class boys left the remaining apple on the screen. Mr Tan didn't pull it down at first but after complaints from us, he pulled down the screen and the apple fell onto him! xD I swear that the whole scene was really very funny! =D I felt quite sorry for Mr Tan after that though... Lol, we are always making fun of him and Mr Lum. Haha, we shall learn how to control ourselves next time!! xD Oh yes, Monday's Teachers' Day celebrations wasn't as good as last year's in my opinion. I totally regretted not preparing any presents for my ex-teachers. Never mind. I will do so next year, for it will be my last time doing this for my beloved teachers and QADs!

5B with our very funny and cranky Chemistry teacher, Mr Tan!! We love him! <3

Hmm, this may be my last post before my promo exams. I think I won't be blogging anymore till my exams are over. Gosh, I seriously need my brain (will not be of much help though) and a lot of luck!! >.< I feel really very unprepared although the big papers are only at most 2 weeks away... T_T