Lol, my class has finally gotten to see our long-awaited class photos when other classes got it on Monday. ^^

Oh, and I think today is a nice day!! =D I saw almost all QADs and told The Fierce One to walk faster. OK, she didn't hear it lah, if not I would have been dragged to the Principal's office. -.-''' I saw The Nice One though! She acknowledged me when I was walking around the canteen with Hai Wei to look for stuff to eat (Why am I always eating?!) and drinking Sichuan spicy soup. Haha, I should drink it again next time round! xD

We didn't have proper lessons for Econs lecture today, because we got to see the best entries for the Econs Oscars award! I must say that the final products done by my fellow school-mates were really great! The funny thing was, everybody started singing Nobody by Wonder Girls. It was really cool, considering the fact that the WHOLE LT actually sang it! Haha! 5B owns!! =D Congratulations to Jerrine, Si Jie, Peggy and Jesslyn for winning in their respective categories! Haha, I hope that my class boys will win the top spot and get free Econs lecture notes for the whole of next year! Their video is really too hilarious not to be considered. xD

Oh a side-note, I think Mr Sean Tan was really very, very cute during Chemistry tutorial yesterday!! Haha, words can't do justice to his acts of cuteness! xD It's just too bad if you're not in his class. I think I mentioned the same phrase last year too. Just too bad if you're not in any of my QADs' classes! xD

Anyway, I think this is bad. My obsession for Hong Kong dramas is back. What a time for an obsession to strike. My promo exams are just in about 2 weeks and I'm going crazy over Hong Kong actors and actresses again... ._. Oh, I've been spamming Moonlight Resonance's theme song on my handphone and MP3 player everyday! That song by Susanna Kwan is really so addictive! Susanna Kwan really has a very good voice! OK, I may be biased or what, but I think people who speak Cantonese have nice voices!! =D That includes The Nice One and my mother!! ^^ And haha, I feel like watching War and Beauty all over again. I think it's because I'm currently watching The Charm Beneath on Channel U, which stars Gigi Lai. Gigi Lai was also in War and Beauty. But haha, I love 如玥, who is played by Sheren Tang the most, followed by 安茜, who is played by Maggie Cheung! Sheren Tang's 如玥 really made an impression on me from the first time she appeared in that drama. She really did a FANTASTIC job as the clever but scheming 如玥. You could really feel her screen presence in that show! She really did have the aura of regal surrounding her wherever she goes. Rah! I really feel like owning more Hong Kong dramas, but they are really expensive as compared to the Korean ones. T_T But haha, Zhi Yi can lend me Moonlight Resonance and Heart of Greed after our promo exams are over! I can't wait!! =D

如玥 aka Sheren Tang, ROCK ON!!!! <3 I love you!! =D

Screwed, for real.


I screwed up my Biology SPA. I'm really serious about it. There goes my A-level grade for Biology. T_T I think I have let down The Nice One... Never mind. I shall rant to her on Monday if I get to since I didn't get to talk to her today. OK, I haven't been talking to her since 2 weeks ago. ._.

1.3 was super cute today! =D He really smiled until so cute! <3 Haha, both me and Jennie got to talk to Mr Willy Chua (Econs teacher) and Mrs Look (OMG!) today! =D Lol, I don't want to reveal anything here, but haha, I got to know some insider secrets today! I swear that Mrs Look is really super nice today lor! If my vacancies for QADs haven't been filled up, she would have easily become one of the QADs! =D I was forced to tie up my hair because of her though. Lol, because we had to meet her, I tied up my hair hastily and it ended up looking quite messy. Mrs Look: Eh, your hair looks very untidy ah!
Me: I know, but you tell me to tie up my hair what. My hair is still quite short!
Mrs Look: Use clips lah. You have to tie up your hair anyway because it's touching your collar.
Me: Don't want. My mum says I look very ah lian with so many clips on. >.< Mrs Look: Aiyo, then you better tie up your hair properly and tuck it behind your ears. I don't want people to see me talking to you when your hair is in this state! -.-'''

It's hilarious, really.

Mr Willy Chua! xD

Mrs Look, RV's discipline mistress! =D

Shucks, I have to figure out Clarinet Sandwich soon. This piece is really not easy, but the fact that Ms Chan chose this piece goes to show that she actually thinks we can play it... Hopefully we won't disappoint her. o.O'''

Alright, that's all for today! I'm off to eat my dinner!

I seriously don't care anymore. I have more important stuff to do then to fret over that bloody toot and that bloody person. I have had enough!

La La Moo amuses, once again.


Wahaha! I’m posting here because I have something interesting to report! Mrs Lee Lee Mui seriously amuses me. =D I don’t give a damn whether I type her full name or not. She should know how much she makes me feel like laughing. Anyway, should she come to this blog, I’ll know, so don’t fret. ^^

Alright, so this amusing incident happened after we left the tutorial room that was located near the science labs. I had already seen her waiting outside the Physics lab but Eileen, Hui Li, Mun Weng and I still decided to walk that way. Apparently, given her character, she just couldn't let RVians walk pass her without giving them a good tongue-lashing. We were not spared from it either. Guess what we were flamed for? Not walking fast enough. -.-'''

Mrs Lee: Aren’t you having lessons now? WALK FASTER! (See, she assumed that we had lessons. I’ll personally murder the person who created our time-table for making us have almost 4 hours of lessons straight without a break if according to LLM, we had a lesson. Tsk.)

Us: NO WE DO NOT (have lessons). We have a break! (Forgive me for the use of CAPS, but I felt really quite indignant for being maligned of slacking off lessons by walking slowly. >.<) Mrs Lee: ... *stunned* (Obviously it didn’t occur to her that we were having a wee 20-minute break. She took quite awhile to accept this.)

Mrs Lee: WALK FASTER! -.-''' (Walao, apparently, none of us were as eager as her to go for our break lah. A break like this must have been hard to come by for her, which is why she always "walks very fast". O.O''')

At the end of this, all of us got so amused that we started recounting the incident to almost everybody we knew. xD It's really damn hilarious. I was totally staring at her when she was so stunned to hear that we actually had a break. -.-''' Haha, I guess she was really lost for words at that time. As such, we concluded that she didn't get the kick out of flaming the younger students, so she decided to flame us instead. I think it backfired on her anyway. xD But still, we got our dose of entertainment. Haha, Mrs Lee really amuses me and makes me high! =D

I realised that my previous paragraph resembles the conclusion of my EoM greatly. >.< Alright, I'm off to finish up my EoM and read up on my Biology practical notes for tomorrow's timed assignment. But seriously, I still do not feel very secure for my Biology SPA!! >.<

Mrs Wong amuses me!


I think I screwed up yesterday's GP essay test. My points and paragraphs were incoherent and all over the place. I had the feeling that my whole essay was really very disorganised. Haiz... Screw GP and screw everything. Oh, my ideal GP rep didn't come yesterday, so I was forced to collect the GP papers for my class. Mrs Wong was wondering since when I became a GP rep. I nearly told her that her ex-GP rep was busy stealing my plants at home. -.-''' Hui Li, get well and come back soon! Both your ex and present GP teachers miss you very much! xD Winky and Mungo send their regards to their fellow house-elf! =D

Haha, Jennie's woman really amused me during her Chemistry lecture today. Lol, surprisingly, thanks to her, I was able to remain high although I conked out at the end of the day. Chemistry SPA (Science Practical Assessment; counted towards A-level) went pretty smoothly today though we all felt so nervous until we suffered from stomach-ache. One SPA down, another one to go! I should really worry about my Biology SPA lor. I just don't feel as prepared for Biology SPA as I did for Chemistry SPA leh. =( I guess I'll let down The Nice One again. Then again, maybe I should ask her for tips towards scoring for such practicals. Thanks to her, I topped my class for last year's Biology practical test! Yi Jun screwed up the same test. Tsk! -.-''' But haha, he did his mother proud by getting 38/45 for his Biology test, considering the fact that he didn't have the mood to study because of something that happened. He also got full marks + bonus marks for his Maths test! =D People in the "A" class are really very smart. ._.

Oh ya, today is CCA Leaders' investiture, but I didn't get to witness it due to the puny hall my school has. As a result, only the Year 3s and 4s got to witness it. But anyway, congratulations to both Hydrocarbon and Mr Min for being the new CCA leaders! Jiayou! *umchios*

Alright, I'm off to eat my dinner and get started on my homework. The pile of homework that is waiting for me is never ending. I wonder when I can clear all these... >.<

Happy National Day!


I don't know why, but haha, come National Day, it'll be a time for me to feel nostalgic and patriotic. Maybe it's national pride or some propaganda being drilled in us since young, but I never fail to feel proud of Singapore and her achievements every time Singapore celebrates her birthday. I guess when the time comes for me to leave this country, whether be it for holidays or whatsoever, I will never fail to feel for this country, which is why I love Changi Airport so much. Being in Changi Airport really brings about the best of the warm-heartedness and national pride I feel for Singapore.

I guess this song really brings out the true meaning of nationhood. I really like the way this song incorporates the Singapore National Pledge and evokes a sense of national pride in me. We are Singapore, Singaporeans~!

Happy 44th birthday, SINGAPORE!!!

National Day celebrations


Haha, I've been pretty busy this whole week. I guess the National Day holidays do provide me with a brief reprieve from the hectic school life. I don't think I'll be blogging as often as before though. There's Chemistry SPA next Wednesday and my class is the first class. =( We have a GP essay test the day before too. So unless there's something worth blogging, the lastest post that you would post likely is my post on National Day, which will be posted tomorrow LOL! xD

Anyway, yesterday's National Day celebrations in school weren't as good as the previous years. I think it was due to the lack of activities being planned for us Year 5s. I do think we felt left out. =( But then again, there was nothing much we could do due to us not having proper classrooms and the lack of space in school. Anyway, somebody had to spoil the whole National Day celebratory mood by pulling a long face after the band played the national anthem. No doubt their playing wasn't up to standard, but I did not like the way she criticised the band. They must have known their playing wasn't up to standard. There was no need for her to rub it in. I really condemn her now. She is such a horrible woman. >=(

Oh ya, here are some photos taken over the week.

Little Miss Chatterbox and Hai Wei's green tortoise keychain. Alright, I admit that it's a tortoise, not a goat as I've been claiming. -.-'''

5B girls are PROUD 2 B SINGAPOREANS!! <33

Klarinutz took a number of pictures yesterday during the National Day celebrations, but the photos are with Shi Xian (Liang). I guess I shall wait for her to upload them on Facebook. I will add the pictures to this post after I get them. =D Here are the pictures. Oh, and I hate my hair. I shudder to think that I've been looking like this for the rest of the day. D=

Klarinutz! <3 But I hate my hair!! >.<

A rude shock!


Something shocking happened yesterday. Without any rhyme or reason, my sister's cupboard's (aka my cupboard, since our cupboards are joined together) tempered glass door suddenly shattered. The whole family was in the living room at that time when we suddenly heard a loud bang. My mum told my sister to check whether something has dropped. My sister found nothing out of the ordinary until she went to the bedroom to get her clothes. It was only then she realised the glass door has shattered. ._. It totally looked as if somebody has shot a bullet through it lor...

The tempered glass door in perfect condition.

The shattered one... o.O'''

The glass door lying in pieces... In my bedroom some more lor! >.< I felt quite prickly all over when I slept yesterday. I woke up to find some glass pieces on my bed. Yikes! I think I've gotten myself free piercings! >.<

I hope my own cupboard door doesn't shatter on me at night, because I'll be its first casualty! Anyway, I've finished my 2nd draft for EoM but I've got to go since I have many other things waiting for me to finish! Oh, and I must spam do my "1100 Words" assessment book! It's been such a long time since I've last touched it. o.O'''

A mental note to myself: Remember to ask for Maggie Mee's permission to send EoM to GP teacher and revise Differentiation for tomorrow's Maths Peer Tutoring session with Farah. >.<