I love Klarinutz!


Wahaha, my 720th post shall be dedicated to the last day of July! =D I'm pretty tired today, probably because I had to wait and pose for 3 official photo shoots, and many other random ones. >.< Official photo-takings really suck, because we have to wait for so long, and I'm not exactly very patient. Hmph. Class photo-taking was still quite alright in my opinion. It was the class leaders' and the band's photo-takings that were truly horrendous. o.O''' Firstly, the photographers took quite a long time to arrange the class chairpersons according to their height when I had already gotten into my position. Secondly, the hall was so effing hot and I was sweating like a pig in there. Thirdly, the hall was totally filled with CCA leaders, SCs and scholar-leaders, making the whole place really chaotic. Sian... Then for band hor, we had to wait for somebody for such a long time. Mind you, we were wearing our blazers and were packed like sardines since they packed ALL BAND MEMBERS (Year 1s to 5s) together. The experience was really horrible. >.< Photo-takings are not fun! -.-''' Haha, the only fun thing was I got to antagonise my GP rep because thanks to my court shoes (Courtesy of Emperor's!), I was at least 5 cm taller than my actual height. My GP rep said that I cheated since both of us were supposed to be of the same height! xD However, only photo shoots with Klarinutz inside make my day! =D Haha, we took quie a number of photos today! Mr Eugene Lee was really funny! When Zoenin asked him to help us take a photo, he thought that Zoenin really brought along a proper camera and he was stunned to see only a handphone LOL! xD Anyway, I really, really love Klarinutz! This section is really a section with really high and crazy people inside! Oh, and Emperor touched my leg! xD Chiko Emperor! Tsk! xD

Year 1s to 5s Klarinutz! =D This is not the full-strength though. Hmph! But I seriously love this section very much! <3333333
Emperor, Jennie, Long Gold, Peanut and Mr Min. =D Nice frame there, Lady Choi! =D

Haha, that's us covering our ears in order to spare ourselves from Sebby's playing! It was really, really very hilarious!

Everybody is in favour of Josephine's playing! =D See Sebby's face! xD We antagonised him on purpose! xD Thank you Pei En for helping us with the above 2 photos! ^^

Nice evening sun in the background. This is Klarinutz trying to act holy because of the holy light that was emitted from the sun. LOL! xD

Unglam shot... I wonder what the hell I was doing... >.<
Final photo of the day! I really love the sun... It makes us look really very holy! =D And oh, Zoenin and I were doing the Wonder Girls' pose for their song, Nobody! xD I really love the shadows casted on the grass patch!

Haha, hopefully the photos taken today will turn out to be really nice! I shudder to see how unglam I will look like in those informal shots. >.< But those nitty-gritty things aside, I'm really high today even without seeing QADs! I really love my high and crazy juniors! Klarinutz for the win!!!!!!! <33333333

QADs rock!


zZz... I have 3 photo shoots tomorrow. One for class photo, one for band and the other one for student leaders. >.< I was supposed to have 4, but I didn't make it for the editorial club one because I went to ISD. Haiz... My mouth is going to ache from smiling and posing too much tomorrow. Then again, maybe I should just consider stoning in front of the camera. -.-''' I felt really alert for the rest of the school day, from 8 am to 4.20 pm, before conking out when I reached home. Econs lecture today was crazy... I could still feel the after-effects of it. Ms Tee was going through essays with us, but she said that she would go through them really quickly, and she really did. My hands were totally flying across my foolscap papers and my right hand is now aching terribly. >.< But thank goodness we still got Ms Tee. I really wonder how did the other lecture group fared! xD I was surprised that I managed to finish copying almost everything. I guess that was what kept me really, really alert. o.O''' Ms Tee really rocks! Haha, and I do agree with Hui Li! She told us stories today which reminded me of The Nice One. =D

Valerie totally pawned. She came to school at only 1.30 pm because she woke up at 12 pm. Good gracious~! o.O''' That was absolutely stunning, girl! I was very surprised that the people in the General Office didn't say anything. ._.

Anyway, on my way home with Eileen, I met Mrs Lim again! =D Lol, it was really unexpected. Haha, but I was really very happy to see Mrs Lim! ^^ Lol, she's still as smiley and motherly as ever! <3 Oh yes, Hui Li should come and see this! I really didn't see Transsexual today! =D

Alright. I think I'm off for an early night. I'm really dead beat... ._.



Brr... The weather today is really, really cold! But I'm really loving it. Singapore's weather should continue to be like that. I'll be much happier like this. The weather was so cold that I was forced to wear my jacket. =D

Anyway, Ms Tee finally scolded us today. Oh well, she didn't really scold us lah, but she kind of 酸-ed us, which was even worse than her scolding us. I swear that she totally reminded me of Mrs Lim when she was 酸-ing us lor. She totally talked about meta-cognition and Habits of Minds while lecturing us. You could see the class totally staring at her with incredulous looks. Hmm, but actually, it's actually our fault lah. We took way too long to settle down and did not give a hoot about her presence in class. But seriously, she reminds me of how Mrs Lim used to scold us for keeping her waiting far too long before she could start her lesson. I thought Ms Tee was busy doing something on her computer, which was why she didn't start on her lesson. It didn't occur to me that she was actually waiting for us to settle down. >.< Like what Hui En said, there were a number of times when I thought Mrs Lim was angry with us because she didn't start her lessons until much later. But it turned out that she was really, merely getting her computer ready. However, there were also times whereby she really scolded us because we took too long to settle down. Ms Tee is really very much like Mrs Lim. Should she have raised her voice and scolded us, that would have been a really different story. She really reminded me of Mrs Lim today, but if she had really scolded us, she would have sounded like Mrs Lee. That is guaranteed plus chop! Hmm, so I think it's best that we don't get on the wrong side of her, though should she start yelling at us, I can tell people that we have a 2nd Mrs Lee Lee Mui in school. =/ Gosh... I'm starting to fear my Econs teacher, which means I HAVE TO FINISH UP MY CASE-STUDY QUESTIONS AND START ON MY ESSAYS SOON! >.<

Acting posh @ Ion Orchard


Contrary to popular belief, I actually found Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince movie quite enjoyable. Although the cinema in Cathay Cineleisure smelled buttery, most probably due to the smell of popcorn wafting through my nose, the movie overall was hilarious. I nearly cried when Dumbledore died though... Haha, I was still quite surprised to see so many people in the cinema although it's been more than one week since the movie was released in Singapore. You may be asking me why I have the money to spend $10 on a movie ticket. Actually, I only paid $5 for it. It's even cheaper than the price of a student movie ticket on weekdays. I must really thank Hui En for this! M1 allows its subscribers to get a 1-for-1 movie treat, which means if you buy one movie ticket, you get one free! How good is that?! Unfortunately, this offer is only limited to Cathay cinemas and it must only be used on Sundays. But well, I'm not complaining! =D Anyway, back to the movie! I'm really LLL (Loving Luna Lovegood)! xD When I first saw her, I thought she was Draco's sister since both of them have the same hair colour. But I really find Luna Lovegood very pretty!! =D Haha, she's now one of my most favourite characters in Harry Potter. =D

My movie ticket!

Loony Luna!! =D She was the one who saved Harry from going back to London instead of Tonks, as written in the book. Haha, but I'm not complaining! I simply LLL (love Luna Lovegood)! xD

Anyway, after the movie, both Hui En and I walked to Ion Orchard to see what's the hype about. Along the way, we got a few freebies, which included 2 glass bottles of Coca Cola. Haha, Starhub users got a free mint ice-cream, so I got one for me and Hui En! =D

The group of people who were in-charge of giving out free bottles of Coca Cola.

The 2 glass bottles of Coca Cola! xD It's really exquisite! =D

Mint ice-cream for Starhub users! =) Thanks to the ice-cream, we did not feel very hungry even though it was way past lunch-hour.

Haha, this is me, relishing in the refreshness that the mint ice-cream brought me.

Here are some photos we took before we stepped into Ion Orchard proper.

Exterior of Ion Orchard. It really boasts high-end brands like Prada and Louis Vuitton. o.O'''

Pictures taken outside Ion Orchard...

Ion Orchard and Louis Vuitton...

Hui En and I acting high-class by posing in front of the Louis Vuitton flagship store. -.-'''


Waa... I tell you hor, my jaw totally dropped when I entered that building. This place is really the place for people of high social standing, people unlike me. @_@ You can tell that it's just not any other shopping centres located along Orchard Road when you see high ceilings, glass facade, crystal chandeliers that light up the place etc. This place is really, really meant for the rich, wealthy, and the affluent. The toilets here are even better than those in Changi Airport lah, which I had believed, until now, has the best toilets in Singapore. I swear that the interior of the toilets in Ion Orchard looks damn classy! It can be mistaken for a high-class restaurant itself. Even the toilet cleaners look and dress like waitresses. -.-''' I'm not exaggerating. Hui En and I reckoned that we have seen at least $30 000 worth of stuff in Ion Orchard, and nope, we didn't get to walk through the whole shopping mall for it was too big. Imagine how much our eyes would be worth had we walked through every shop in Ion Orchard. o.O'''

Display at LV... It's really very classy... ._.

Lol, Hui En likes this very much! xD

A really classy watch that is totally encrusted in diamonds... I bet it cost at least $2000 lor... Poor people like me will never be able to buy this in my lifetime. T_T

Me posing outside a jewellery shop.. The necklace on display is really very nice and chic! Poor me won't be able to buy this in my lifetime. ='(

Haha, frangrances from Burberry! We each have one in our wallets. xD The left one is Burberry London while the right one is Burberry Summer. Haha, we were totally spamming perfume at various places. And I really salute my maternal grandmother for having such expensive taste. I saw this Burberry scarf in her house during Chinese New Year and I didn't think much of it until I saw the same scarf at Burberry today. That bloody scarf she has cost a whopping $495! >.< Walao~! The scented candle there cost $90. They have very nice clothes there too, but they cost at least $700! Now you know why my jaw totally dropped. ._. It's even more expensive than the Zara overcoat that cost $259. To think I thought that it was really expensive. Now I've seen more atrociously expensive things. T_T
Interior of Ion Orchard.

My Char Kway Teow and Hui En's Fried Hokkien Mee. I queued for nearly 20 minutes for my Char Kway Teow because there were too many people buying from it. It was not too bad however. Haha, my Char Kway Teow is half-gone because I was almost done eating with it before I remembered to take a photo of it LOL! xD

The giant roasted pig... *salivates*

The same shop selling the roasted pig and Beijing roasted duck. It proved to be really popular with many people, with so many people in line waiting to eat 5 slices of duck for $6. And it's really meagre... =/

I shared with Hui En Macaron Rougue Framboise from Marvelous Cream - French Sweets Parfait. It costs $6.90. Hmm, it's a bit on the high side, but haha, since this is the first time we are trying and eating such ice-cream, we decided to give it a go. It was really $6.90 well spent! =D

Entrance to the toilet... Even the entrance looks damn classy, what's more the toilet... ._.

Entrance to the female toilet. A classy design itself.

The basin. It's really sparkling clean, though not as dry as I would like it to be.

The interior of the toilet... Lol, I wasn't the only one who was snapping photos of the toilet! xD

The crystal chandelier in Nippon-Ya... >.<
The very long escalator that brings one up from Basement 4 to Basement 1. ._.

Very chic and classy signage for Swarovski! Although I think it's made of stainless steel, the signage really reflects everytime. It's really, really so polished. o.O'''

Exterior of Swarovski! In my opinion, I think it is one of the most beautiful shops in the world. Oh well, maybe because I'm always attracted to bling. xD

Close-up of the crystals...

The beautiful Swakovski swan... It's really made of crystals... *dazzled*

The aquarium-like design at the exit...

Hui En showing off her multi-coloured fingernails. Haha, it's done by me while we were spamming perfume and nail polish at Sephora... xD

Haha, hopefully I've dazzled your eyes with enough pictures! There's still school tomorrow, so I guess I shall stop here for today! Boo to school! T_T

Nice One whacked me!


Weehee!! Today is really, really my day!! =D I must really thank my QADs for giving me the adrenaline rush to survive this very long day!! I managed to see ALL QADs today!! Thank you very much, QADs!! =)

PE was extremely torturous. I think I won't be able to get up from bad tomorrow due to the body ache that I'm now currently experiencing all over my body. >.< Oh, something very funny happened in the morning. My Maths tutorial venue was too cold and I urgently needed the toilet, but the toilet in P Block didn't have a big mirror, so I went to the one near the LT. I was relishing the warmness that the sun brought despite the rain earlier on. Along the way, I managed to bump into Mrs Lim! I swear that our encounter was really very funny! o.O'''

- walks up stairs and saw Mrs Lim; very surprised! -

Me: Oh! Hihi!! =D
Mrs Lim: Hello!! =D *umchios*

- walk together up to the second flight of stairs -

Mrs Lim: How are you? *smiles*
Me: Erm... (I took very long to think of an answer for this) Not bad not bad!! *gives half-crazed smile* xD

- Part of conversation omitted -

Mrs Lim: So how? Can you cope with your studies?
Me: CANNOT! O.O''' (Very abrupt answer! I was stunned by this answer myself!)
Mrs Lim: WHAT?! You tell me that you are not bad and you can't cope with your studies?!?! *WHACKS ME WITH A STACK OF PAPERS SHE WAS HOLDING*

But haha, after that we talked a while more before we parted ways. I bet she was going to 3A and teach Noobshit and Emperor. Anyway, she gave me some words of encouragement and even said "Jiayous!" to me leh! Oh my god oh my god oh my god~!! I totally love her man!! =D I conveniently forgot to tell her that I failed Biology though. Sian... I better not break her heart. >.< Alright! I'm going to give my all for Biology, for the sake of her!! =D Mrs Lim is the only person who can motivate me to study for Biology! I must psycho myself to love Biology, no matter how much I hate it this year. Mrs Lim, thank you very much!! =D You are seriously the best Biology teacher ever! =) Lol, I remained very high for the rest of the day because of this encounter. Heehee, I went around whacking people's hands for the fun of it! ^^ I had a lot of fun recounting this incident to my friends who were all over the school, including the juniors LOL! xD Peanut doesn't understand why I like Mrs Lim so much, because she thinks that she is scary. o.O''' Tsk. *stares hard at Peanut* After a few months of absence due to mid-year exams and H1N1, we finally resumed CCA today. Haiz... My dear juniors have been stealing whatever is left in my Tosca case. I can't even find my Tosca now. -.-''' I didn't intend to continue using the Tosca anyway. But zZz, I couldn't find my mouthpiece and ligature since my Tosca case is now gone. T_T I ended up not playing very well. OK, I shall just blame it on my weak diaphragm and lousy sight-reading skills. >.<

Sunset, as seen from the outside of the band room.

Hmm, I guess that's all for today. My body is really in need of a rest now. I bet I can't climb out of bed tomorrow morning because of the intense ache that is affecting my whole body. Rawr~! >.<

Nice One amused.


Shucks. I shouldn't be blogging, but I really can't help it. PE today was really torturous, since we were doing physical training. What's more, we have to do the same things again tomorrow. Wahh... I tell you... I'll really die from the bodyache that I'm currently suffering from now. >.< Why can't we play games?? =( GP and Maths were only bearable today because we all went to the canteen to buy drinks before going for GP. I think GP today was interesting though it was a tad gory since Mrs Vong showed us videos of the surgeons doing a face transplant on the victim. I could totally see the heart beating. But haha, I've seen this in New Heart too, so I wasn't too shocked. o.O''' Econs lecture, for once, was good, mainly because we have changed our lecture venue to LT 2, which has a working air-con. Haha, LT 3 is condemned by RVians ever since its air-con stopped working. By the way, guess who lectured us for Econs today? It's Ms Tee leh! Finally! And I swear that I'm not the only one who thought so... I heard from some people that Ms Tee really sounds like Mrs Lee Lee Mui! I've been thinking that Ms Tee really sounds like Mrs Lee and Mrs Lim ever since I first heard her talk. ._. I did something really stupid and unexpected today! >.< While coming out of the D&T toilet and walking towards the canteen, I saw The Nice One buying food from the last Chinese stall that was located nearest to the toilet and I totally shrieked in excitement! When I saw The Nice One, I totally screamed, "AHH!! NICE ONE LEH!!" Erm, then The Nice One turned her head and I immediately turned my head back. Apparently, Hai Wei saw The Nice One giving me a funny and amused expression at me. I didn't see all of her expression because I turned my head back so that I didn't have to face her. Haha, but after that, I saw her still umchio-ing at me and I felt really very embarrassed. Shit lah... I've embarrassed myself in front of her. zZz... After that, I went hysterical and broke out into peals of laughter. Walao... It's really very paiseh lor... The Cute One and The Nice One were eating together after that. I bet The Nice One was talking about me to The Cute One. -.-''' Haiz... I hope The Nice One doesn't condemn me after this incident. =( I figured out that I should just greet her properly instead of running away from her. Haiyo, Zhi Yi can kill me once again. It's really a good opportunity wasted. o.O''' Haha, hopefully I can high in front of QADs and greet them super enthusiastically tomorrow! It's the last school day of the week anyway! =D It will really be a long day for me tomorrow, so at least I do hope that tomorrow will be my day. May QADs give me more than enough adrenaline to last. =D

Salted Egg is a good teacher!


Hmm, there was supposed to be a solar eclipse today, but unluckily, we couldn't see it. It was raining very heavily at 8 am and the sky was shrouded in clouds, so we couldn't see the sun at all. To think that we got so excited about it. >.<

The solar eclipse, though I didn't get to see it personally. >.<

Anyway, I must really say that Salted Egg is really a very nice teacher! I don't know why I forgot to bring my goggles for practical today. My brain must be screwed. I was afraid of telling him that I forgot to bring my goggles since I had witnessed how he scolded the hell out of my classmates when they forgot to bring theirs earlier in the year. Still, I managed to pluck up my courage to tell him that and he was actually quite nice about it lor... "Aiyoh! How come you forgot to bring?!" I just mumbled something about my brain not functioning properly and he actually went to help me find another pair of goggles, which he did managed to find in the end. xD Oh, and I do feel very blessed too, because I totally heard Pooh Bear teaching the juniors next door. I heard The Fierce One scolding the hell out of somebody too! I got very excited LOL! xD

By the way, I think 1.2 is ignoring me again. Haiz... This cycle is going to start all over again. -.-''' I was walking up the stairs in the canteen when I saw 1.2. I thought she was going to walk to the food stalls so I continued walking towards her, thinking that she would just continue walking towards the food stalls. I never expected her to turn and walk straight towards me. Walao... It's really very embarrassing lor... We were totally blocking each other's path and she was totally looking at me in a pissed-off manner and I was staring back at her. I muttered, "Sorry!" and quickly walked away, though I don't think she heard it. Haiz... Poor me. The Nice One isn't as nice anymore!! =( Because of her, my mood has been affected. Hopefully she will revert back to her nice self and make me high again. 1.2, please do not make me drop you from my list! >.<

Something random: I think 1.2 has changed her shoes! xD

QADs made my day!


I have finally told my mother about my horrendous results. She didn't scold me as I would have excepted her to, probably because she knew I felt really bad about it, which made me feel even worse. =/ Never mind. I shall work even harder for my EOYs so that I don't disappoint my parents and my QADs! >.< Anyway, I haven't been seeing 1.2 for quite some time already! =( I hope tomorrow I'll get to see all QADs, like last Wednesday. Last Wednesday was really my day, with the exception of seeing Transsexual. Thank goodness I didn't see Transsexual today! =) Oh yeah! 2 QADs were particularly cute today! =D I met Sot Kia while we made our way to the canteen after our GP lesson. Haha, Sot Kia was still limping from the fall she had last Friday, but it wasn't as bad as yesterday. Lol, she wore pants, and this is the first time I've seen her wore pants. It's like imagining Mrs Lim wear pants LOL! xD Sot Kia saw the Little Miss Chatterbox key-chain on my bag and she got quite excited!! =D She asked me where I got the key-chain from and I said that it was a birthday present from my friend. She said that she couldn't tell that I was a chatterbox! xD Like duh... I don't talk much in class because I won't say anything constructive anyway. xD By the way, I'm really good at crapping and making people feel really du-diaoed. -.-''' Haha, I think Sot Kia and I really have many things in common!! Mr Men and Little Miss for the win! ^^ Oh, and Pooh Bear was really cute today! =D He totally looked super cute when he was waving to me when I was queuing up at the first stall. Lol, everybody in the canteen was stunned too! The boys behind me gave me the O.O look hahaha! xD Hui Li is once again, addicted to Harry Potter after reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows with me yesterday. I brought Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (OotP) to school today and nearly died bringing it for Rachael because I was carrying my laptop which was really heavy. Moreover, my OotP is the hard-cover book and it's the thickest book of the Harry Potter series. Thanks to that, Jun Hao has asked me to lend him Half-blood Prince and Hui Li has said that she should start bringing Goblet of the Fire. -.-''' Oh yes, Hui Li is a house-elf, so please feel free to order her what to do. =D Haha, here is the picture of a baby kitten I took in school. My friends and I found this kitten last Wednesday near the staircase landing leading to the canteen. It rained very heavily that day, and the weather was really very cold. The poor kitten was totally shivering. Aww... Poor thing... Luckily some Year 5 students placed it in a box. The fate of the kitten remaines unknown after that.

The poor kitten. It looked really cute, but I don't know why it looked so scary in this photo. o.O'''

I want to blog more, but I guess I shall end here today! Oh yes, happy birthday to Zoenin! =D Lol, I bet you are a multi-racial person, because Racial Harmony Day falls on your birthday! -.-''' Haha, long live Emperor! =D