Cute QADs!


Today started ordinarily enough, with the Biology test that took place first thing in the morning threatening to ruin my entire mood for the entire day. Fortunately, QADs saved the day! I love my QADs!! <3

Salted Egg really cares about us. He reminds me of 1.3... And I'm serious about that. Like 1.3, he has his strict and yet cute side. He knew that we were worn out from 6 weeks of school, so I thought it was really very sweet of him to give us lollipops to cheer and spur us on. That really worked! ^^ Haha, only difference was that, 1.3 never gave us sweets and all that lah, but still, 1.3 and Salted Egg know how to say things that made me more motivated to do well for their subject, for their sake. Salted Egg also asked me how I felt because he noticed that I kept coughing during lab today and that I didn't sound too good. He told me to take advantage of the long weekend to get more rest and get well soon. Unfortunately for me, because of the SYF practices, I won't be getting much rest, but still, I must thank Salted Egg for showing us much care and concern. =)) I got totally high when I saw 1.2 and 1.3 in the canteen after lab! ^^ I think I really miss them a lot, especially 1.2! I haven't seen her for one week already! Seeing 1.2 and 1.3 together brings back all the memories! I didn't get the chance to say hello to 1.2 and act high in front of her, but if I had the chance, I would have said, "Hello, Mrs ___! Your hair looks funny today! Did you get off the wrong side of the bed?" and probably laugh at her and get even higher! ^^ She would have been very amused too!! That's why I love 1.2! =D

Haha, I totally witnessed 1.3 totally standing up and waving his hand vigourously at 1.2 when she got up from the canteen table to put her plate. That was really cute! I would totally do the same thing if I see QADs. Haha, don't tell me 1.2 is 1.3's QAD ah... I will faint I tell you. xDDD Never mind... They are very good friends. ^^ Haha, seeing 1.2 and 1.3 totally made my day, which explains why I got so high in the LT today! =)

After that, when I came down from combines for awhile to get and refill my bottle, I saw 1.3 and he totally smiled at me! Cute as always! <3 Hopefully, I'll get the chance to wave and smile at QADs again tomorrow! I feel kind of bad for not treating Maid as enthusiastically as my 1st generation QADs, but I'll try to improve my attitude towards her tomorrow, provided I see my 1st generation QADs! LOL!

OK, enough of my crapping! I shall end my zi-high post now. T_T

Argh! Sick!


Haiz... I won't be making a very long blog post here since I have many things to do and I'm sick. Haiz, if I had known that 2 other people in my class didn't turn up yesterday, I wouldn't have come to school. I only came to school because I didn't want to miss Biology practical and do a make-up for it, which was why I endured until 3.40 pm, but seriously, I felt really very sick already. T_T I totally felt like dying... Must be because of the hot weather nowadays...

Anyway, I'm really very screwed for both my Maths and Biology tests next week. Confirm die le lah... =X I don't understand Maths and I haven't started revising for Biology when there are tons of information to memorise and regurgitate. Siao lor... I totally regret sleeping so much, but it's not my fault that my medicine makes me so drowsy... =(

Sian... I really hope that my lungs clear up soon... The doctor said that the passageway of my lungs is blocked by a lot of phlegm, which explains why I'm not breathing properly and getting giddy spells. T_T I had so much difficulty playing my clarinet today for the sound-check. I ended up feeling even worse after going for the sound-check.

I better get well soon and start revising my Maths and Biology. Goodbye, folks. ='(


Free ice-cream @ Ben & Jerry's


Lol, Econs essay test today was screwed. Haiz, I think I'm never going to do well for Econs. T_T I didn't have time to finish up my essays. No wonder people say that it's not essay to get an A for Econs. I can't even pass it now, for goodness sake.

Anyway, on a happier note, 5B had our 2nd class outing to Vivo City today! =D Haha, we were there to take free ice-cream cones from Ben & Jerry's as today was its Free-Cone-Day! ^^ Haha, I was quite excited because this was the first time I actually bothered to queue for 45 minutes just to get one free ice-cream cone. But I must say that the wait was really worth it, because the ice-cream was really delicious! It must be one of the best ice-cream I've ever tasted! LOL! =D Anyway, I'm quite pleased with the turn-out. Everybody except 3 people made it for the outing!! ^^ Woots! Let's have more of such outings next time!! 5Buaypai, go go go!! <3

Haha, a snap shot of 5B hogging the MRT station. xD Haha, this does not represent the true number of people who went. We literally hogged bus 166, but there were many other people on the bus wanting to get the free ice-cream cone too. x(

A picture of the cow. LOL. I must say that the costume of the mascot is seriously very pervetic. But haha, we got big scoops of ice-cream because we took a picture of this cow!! ^^

Ben & Jerry's at Vivo City! =D

My Coffee Buzz Buzz Buzz ice-cream! I swear that it really tasted heavenly!! <333 I heard from my classmates that this ice-cream cone can actually cost about $4 to $5 on a normal day. O.O'''
The nice scenery of Sentosa outside Vivo City.

Haha, we took a class photo too, but the photo is currently with Jaslin now, so I shall wait for her to come online and send it to me. Meanwhile, I think I should get myself away from the computer. zZz... @_@

You people made my day!


Haha! I'm really high today, seriously! ^^ Heehee, I shall not reveal the reason here, though I know nearly half of the people in the LT know the reason. Ahem ahem ahem. -.-''' *clears throat super duper loudly and looks around suspiciously* But seriously, this must be one of days which I really high to my heart's content, especially when I did not see 1.2 and 1.1! It's really a miracle! =D Haha, Klarinutz were still giving each other shifty looks and suspicious grins before and after the lecture. LOL! xD Heeheehee, now I have something to tell that boy already. *smirks and grins evilly*

Today's Chemistry practical was really interesting! I liked this practical more than the previous experiments, whereby we kept doing titration after titration. I mean, titrations are interesting, but they get boring after awhile, so it's good to have a change of experiments. =)

Band practice was not too bad today! Haha, we are really improving for our choice piece (I still can't figure out the official English title for that piece) and although Overture No. 2 was a bit messy, we Klarinutz still thought that it was pretty well-played! Woots!! Jiayou jiayou everybody!! =D

My section-mates really, really rock! If you know what they have done, you would have hugged them to death. Thanks, Klarinutz! I really love Jennie, Zhi Yi, Shi Xian (Liang), Farah and Sarah! You people really rock! Too bad I was just too impatient to leave school which was why I didn't get to see what you all saw. But if I were there, the people in the photos will definitely suspect me, because I am always the one who goes high over them. Heehee, so I think I did the right thing by leaving first. But still, thanks a lot! You guys really, really rock my world!! <333333 Anyway, I have great plans for this Saturday. If we are lucky, we might see something which we hope to see. Heeheehee!! *evil grins* xD Tomorrow is yet another long day in school. Sian, I better see 1.1, 1.2 or 1.3 first thing in the morning if not I cannot stay awake for the rest of the day. -.-''' Here are some photos of the Edits that we took earlier in the afternoon. =)

HAHA! Look at what happened to whoever who tries to tickle me. xD Zhi Yi is one unfortunate victim. ^^

A great way to be in the centre of attraction!

Student Editorial Club's retarded president. -.-'''

All of us aiming at her. xD


My class girls are really fast!


The post today shall be about yesterday. -.-'''

Woots! I said hello to 1.3 after dunno-how-many days. And and and, he smiled back at me!! =D But hor, he totally heard me telling Hui En, "I feel like a damn stalker!" -.-''' Whatever! @_@ I saw 1.2 many times but I didn't get the chance to say hi and high. o.o''' I had NAPFA 2.4 km run too... I finished it in 14.47 minutes, which is already super fast by my standards. I came in 10 seconds faster than last year, which I thought was already very good. -.-''' Apparently, all the girls in my class can run extremely fast, which resulted in the last girl coming in at around 15 minutes. So... Everybody in 5B got a C and above for 2.4 km run. That's great, though I must say that the timing I got was due to a lot of pressure exerted onto me by the girls in my class. -.-''' I felt compelled to run even faster, but I ended up being one of the last few girls. >.<

Anyway, I really think that Salted Egg is a very funny teacher. I can't tell you how funny he is in here since not all words can describe actions, but haha, you get the gist. He's really a very good and funny teacher I must say, though Chemistry is getting really hard for me now. T_T But never mind! I must persevere!! ^^

My sister and I went to the airport to pick up Daddy and Mummy. Lmao, they ended up waiting for us instead of us waiting for them. -.-''' But anyway, they really brought back many things! <3 Thanks to those relatives and friends who cooked so much food for me and my sister for fear of us starving to death. Thanks to you all, we are still alive and kicking. ^^

Aiyah, sian... I don't feel like updating anymore. Most probably I won't be touching the computer for the next few days, because... See, I don't even want to complete my sentence. I might pull myself out of the virtual world once and for all. Bye bye! -.-'''

Cheer up!


Yi Jun's mother smiled at me today outside the Chemistry lab! She really looked super cute lah!! I love her deep deep! <33333333333

Today was the junior band's SYF. The results we got were totally unexpected. I don't know lah. I wasn't even involved in the SYF this time round, but tears just rolled down my eyes. I could totally feel the pain and heartache that they are feeling, but I think I cried more this time round. Never mind juniors!! The most important thing is that, you have to show to others that you can do it, and I believe you are really capable of doing it!

Klarinutz, don't be sad anymore! It really pains me to see a usually-hyper-and crazy section break down and cry. But what has to happen has already happened, so there's no point in brooding on it. Pick yourself up, and prove to others in 2011 that you are WORTHY of a gold medal. =D And don't worry, junior Nutz. There's still another chance for RVCB to redeem itself. I'll fight for the gold medal for the sake of you guys, because you guys totally don't deserve what you get today.

My best efforts, my commitment, I shall devote them to Klarinutz, because we definitely deserve more than that.

The big day is near.


Today is insane, I swear. Firstly, I got so obsessed over 1.4's hair that I forgot to take attendance for my class and I struggled to make my way to the front of the line while the parade commander was commanding. I managed to reach the front of the line just as the national athem was being played and I cursed silently, but not soft enough because the teachers were looking at me with the stunned look. >.< Die! *Salted Egg's style* After that, me and Jennie kept high-ing over 1.4's "new" hairstyle. Seriously, 1.4 is really very good at making me stunned lor. First, she transformed from a toot-looking woman who looked super geeky in spectacles to somebody who looks quite pretty for a teacher. After that, instead of the middle-parting that she always spot, which I did comment last year that it made her looked quite like an auntie, she finally pulled back her hair and it looks very side-parted now. Oh, and I swear that her new way of combing her hair really SUITS her lor! She looks damn chio now can! <333 OK, I've got some stunning comments from some people regarding her new hairstyle. Retarded girl was totally like wondering for a while who 1.4 was then she suddenly said, "WAA! CHIOBU!" then pretended nothing happened and walked past her. Eileen said that she looks more sexy now LMAO! xD OK, with us being so obsessed with her, you won't believe that we are girls. -.-''' Anyway, I think I really have an affinity with 1.4 today. I kept bumping into her wherever I went. Oh ya, Jennie and I were up to no good. While going to the library to do something (cannot be revealed), I saw 1.4 going into the staff-room and I SERIOUSLY HAVE NO EFFING IDEA WHY I HAD TO SQUEAL, which caused her to stop dead in her tracks, turn back and GIVE US THE QUIZZICAL LOOK! O.O''' Mind you, she really thought that we wanted to talk to her and she was waiting for us by the staff-room door and in hope of her going away soon, I started pretending that I was screaming at Jennie's friend, who didn't exist at all. 1.4 was still shrugging her shoulders at us oh my gosh while we took refuge in the library, which resulted in the librarian scolding us for being too hysterical. -.-''' It can be seen that we were seriously up to no good. I can expect 1.4 to complain to Maggie Mee and Salted Egg about me. o.O''' DIE! *Salted Egg's stlye* I should learn to not to scream at teachers, especially for tomorrow. If I scream in front of TYL, chances are, she'll scream back at me. -.-''' In just a matter of hours, River Valley High School Concert Band will be at Singapore Conference Hall for one of the most important events that mark the Performing Arts group calendar. All the best to you, RVCB! <3 To all Klarinutz performing tomorrow, DO YOUR BEST tomorrow. I have faith in you! Go on, and pawn the rest of the schools out there, for tomorrow is your big day! Good luck!! ^^


Go, junior Klarinutz!


It's normal that I tend to get Monday Blues during Mondays, since I don't get to stay in school long enough to see QADs in school. Apparently, this wasn't the case for today.

1) I was nearly late for school today because I had to wait for the stupid LRT train for 10 minutes instead of the normal 2 minutes. Thank goodness the bus driver of bus 100 drove rather quickly today. I made it to morning assembly just in time, though many teachers were kind of shocked to see me this late. o.O Haha, but am I weird or what? I want to continue being this late for school! xD Anyway, I'm so sorry to that noobshit for not finding him as promised. Sorry lah, I was freaking late lor. I bet he must have whined and complained about me in front of his friends. -.-''' It'll be better if he whined in front of 1.1 and 1.2! ^^

2) I saw 1.2 talking to somebody outside the General Office. I got very amused the moment I saw her. Si Jie thought that I was mad and that seriously amused me too. ^^

3) I fell asleep for awhile during Biology lecture today. I know I'm not supposed to do that lah... I'm feeling very guilty about it. I should sleep earlier today and not sleep during lessons anymore. What has become of me ah? QADs would definitely not approve of my behaviour. Tsk. x(

4) Jennie told me something about 1.4 and was zihigh-ing about her while I tried to get her to like back 1.2. I swear that we went totally gaga over QADs! ._.

5) I saw Transsexual and immediately burst out laughing. Gosh. o.O''' Transsexual seriously amuses me. Should she be QAD ah? O.O''' (Somebody, please tell me that I have a weird taste!!)

6) Lum Lum umchio-ed at Eileen today during Maths. Haha, I got pretty amused at the sight of him umchio-ing that I burst out laughing again. -.-''' *imagines him pouting his mouth* xD

7) Jokers in class such as Jun Hao and Boon Ping spoke with the Indian accent and made me laugh again. o.O'''

8) No QADs, but still, after so many amusing things that happened today, I was really high by the time I went home. =D

Anyway, 2 more days to the junior band's SYF. I really wish them all the best! Don't chicken out, don't squeak, don't think about anything else except for the music you are playing. Remember, it's just you, the band, and Ms Chan. Go Klarinutz, be as agile and versatile as your clarinet and play like a true member of Klarinutz. I hope to be proud of you all, so please make me proud of you!


I have faith in you guys!


Haha, I met Farah and Sarah on the MRT train on the way to school and after that we met Eileen at the bus-stop. We happened to take a bus which had a very nice licence plate number. ^^ Can go buy 4D numbers liao. xD

The licence plate number of the bus we were taking. xD

Band today was from 12 pm to 5 pm. Aiyah, actually Ms Chan let us go home earlier, but the senior Klarinutz decided to stay back for extra sectionals. I think sectionals today was pretty fruitful, because we managed to sort out all the difficult parts in Overture No. 2. All we need now is more and more practices!! =D

Wow... I seriously couldn't believe what I was hearing lor. The junior band sounded unbelievably good today. OK, maybe I have low standards or what lah, but I seriously think they really sound much better than us. O.O''' I only heard them play Overture No. 2, but I'm happy to say that they really improved a lot from the last time I heard them, which was during the SYF preview held in the school hall. Their rendition of the set piece was really very impactful, especially one bar before M. That part totally took my breath away!! ^^ And I'm very happy with my juniors!! The 1st clarinet solo part came out very nicely and overall, part F was really well-played in my opinion!! =D

JIAYOU, Klarinutz!! You can do it!! <333

Class Leaders' investiture


I'm really sorry for not blogging for such a long time. I didn't blog because I didn't have the time, didn't have anything interesting to blog on, and didn't feel like blogging.

Haha, 5B played a prank on Salted Egg during Chemistry practical yesterday. We bluffed him that our whole class did not bring the planning worksheets as instructed. It was not until he went out of the Chemistry lab to photocopy the worksheets for us that we finally shouted "HAPPY APRIL'S FOOL!" at him. He was totally taken in by us! Good job, 5B! xD By the way, he claimed that it was not funny, but he was still laughing. -.-'''

Yesterday's class leaders' investiture went on after that without much hiccups, although Mr Chua came up to me jokingly and asked me where by school badge was. xD Mr Chua KS is really a very friendly vice-principal, I must say. He will go around talking to people, although he mostly finds guys. But haha, I was stunned when he suddenly said "HELLO!" to me leh! xD Damn friendly lor. He must have remembered me from our previous encounter together with The Fierce One. Oh, and hor, I dropped my normal school badge during investiture in front of TYL. O.O''' I could feel her staring at me throughout. T_T

Anyway, I finally got to say hello to one of the QADs of the 1st generation. Haha, I saw her when my PE lesson ended, so she happened to be walking near the tracks. Heehee, I greeted her super enthusiastically and she SMILED at me leh!!! OMG OMG OMG!! xDDDDDD No wonder I love 1.2 deep deep! Her smile really brightened up my whole day. I really like the way 1.2 smiles, because she looks so nice and motherly and yada dada dadada! =D All thanks to her, I managed to survive today although today is the worst day of my timetable since lessons only officially end at 4.20 pm.

Oh yes, I think I have the drive to get on with my school life now. Hopefully, I'll get to see 1st generation QADs again tomorrow and high together with Klarinutz when I see them! <33 QADs remain my only source of motivation. =) Gosh, that reminds me. I have to meet the Year 5 Level Comm teachers this coming Wednesday. The thought of The Fierce One 2 being in the Level Comm seriously scares the shit out of me. Walao, now I have to see Lum Lum, Tea-leaf Egg, Thank You and The Fierce One 2. O.O''' Shit lah, I better behave myself and not be up to anything naughty on Wednesday. >.< Mum's leaving for Beijing tomorrow morning, so I won't be able to send her off and take the chance to walk around the airport. T_T I've checked the weather forecast for Beijing and the temperature there is comparable to the temperature of Shanghai when I went there last November. Gosh, I never knew that it's still so cold even though it's nearly summer time. o.O''' Take care, mummy! ^^ 7 Gold with Honours so far... Juniors, I believe in you! Go and pawn the rest of the schools out there! 6 more days only... KLARINUTZ, JIAYOU! =D I love you deep deep! <3333

Hopefully I'll be able to keep up my good mood today for the rest of the school term. ^^ Stay happy!! =D