Scary encounters


Haiz, why must I screw up everything? After every tests that I have taken, I leave the examination venue feeling really depressed, because I couldn't finish the papers, because I couldn't answer the questions and because I know I cannot do well. =( My Chemistry is screwed. It's confirmed. There are freaking so many careless mistakes that I made, so many mistakes that were uncalled for, which made me seriously wonder how I managed to get an A1 for my overall for Chemistry last year.

Farah and I saw Mr Chen outside the staff-room today and he asked me how was the Chemistry test. To be really honest, it wasn't really that difficult. I was just too panicky and careless, which caused me to make a lot of stupid mistakes. I told Mr Chen that I totally screwed up my paper, which is really true. He said that there was no reason for me to screw it up, since it's just all based on mole calculations. I know I shouldn't have screwed it up, but I'm not exactly very strong in mole concept. Haiz, I felt that I have really let him down. Yes, I've let him down, and I've let down my QADs. I bet I'll let down Mr Tan too, because he expects everybody in his class to get at least an A, which I'm obviously not capable of, in this state. Gosh, I bet I'll be the only failure in my class!! >.< I'm really, very sorry!! =( I swear I'll work triply hard to earn back that 10%!! ='( Shi Xian (Liang) and I got ticked off by Mrs Lee LM today for not tucking in our PE shirts. Lol, I was accompanying Shi Xian to find her Biology teacher and we saw Mrs Lee. I bet she wouldn't have said anything if I didn't make it so obvious that I was trying to tuck in my shirt at the sight of her. How really silly of me, because she had already walked past us when she suddenly turned back and told us to tuck in our shirts. -.-''' Lol, I totally said "Bleah!" while we were walking in. After that, she walked out of the staff-room and went like "Year 5s already ah... Still like that. Tsk tsk tsk!" O.O''' Yes, I'm stunned. Shi Xian thinks that LLM heard what I said. >.< Gosh, I swear that I'll get condemned lor!! =X Haiz, whatever lah... I think I'll get condemned by QADs when I get back my test results... =( But anyhow, I'm quite surprised that she didn't really scold us, as I expected her to give us a 10-minute lecture for not tucking in our shirts. To put it rather harshly, she was actually reminding us to tuck in our shirts. ^^ Haha! =D Anyway, I love 2.2! ^^ I didn't get to see 1.2, except that I saw her in somebody's car. Zhi Yi and I managed to find out about some things. Heehee, but I'm not supposed to reveal it here. *clears throat in Mrs Wong's style* And gosh, you know something? I find myself acting and talking more like Mrs Wong, which is totally unacceptable and unbecoming of me. *clears throat again* >.< OK, I'm scaring myself. Haha, and congratulations to Rachael for being our new Maths rep. Mr Lum will love you deep deep! xD I felt rather sick today, though the appearance of QADs and playing the clarinet made me feel slightly better. I guess it must be the adverse reaction of drinking cold cheng tng and semi-solid green tea (green tea with ice inside) together and not eating anything that made me feel so bloated until I felt like puking. I felt even worse during GP, partly because I was already feeling so queasy and yet Mrs Wong was showing us a video about somebody being stoned to death. I nearly puked, but only air came out. >.< The feeling of extreme hunger and bloatedness persisted until I started playing my clarinet... Maybe because I was blowing out all the air from my body. Lol. I think I'm now more familiar with the choice piece and the set piece, because I could nearly play all the running notes in the choice piece today! ^^ I'm feeling happy! =D But I still have much to work on though... Yeah, press on!! =) I went home with Farah, Sarah, Valerie, Zhi Yi and Shi Xian (Liang) after band today. Haha, it was 8 pm when we left the canteen. We tried to scare people by walking down the dark corridor behind the canteen and some boys told us to stop scaring people. LOL! xD Anyway, the school really looked super scary, especially when the canteen is really dark. O.O''' Oh yes, while walking out of the school, we suddenly saw a lizard drop down from a wall onto a car. And guess who that car belonged to? It was Mdm So (Vice-Principal)'s husband's car. Walao, and we were still standing like idiots near his car and observing the lizard. o.O''' I bet her husband must have felt super stunned by his wife's school students. xD

The school at night. Although the school looks really scary at night, it's actually quite an experience to walk around the school in near total darkness. ^^

I saw a rainbow at Jurong East!


Oh man, today is really an eventful day! xD Shi Xian (Liang) had to do corrective work order (CWO) for being 4 times late in a term, so me, having nothing to do and being pangseh-ed by noobshit Zhi Yi to eat lunch with her friends outside of school, decided to do CWO with her. Haha, my encounter with the Operations Manager (OM) was quite hilarious leh.

We went to the General Office to find the OM to await further instructions from the OM. However, everybody in the office was busy doing their own things and didn't pay any attention to us, so I went "Yoohoo OM!!" >.< Wah piang, I really didn't expect Mr Ho to hear me leh! Walao, damn paiseh can... He immediately looked up after I called him and rushed to us. o.O''' Anyway, I asked him if I can do CWO together with Shi Xian since I have nothing to do and everybody in the office looked shocked. OK, whatever. xD But I swear, doing CWO is really very tedious, though it was an eye-opener for me. At least, I get to know what these offenders get to do and whatnot, although I must say it's really very tiring. >.< I look forward to cleaning the Science labs. Maybe I wait for Shi Xian to be late again or maybe I should go do CWO with somebody who is already down for detention in the Science labs. ^^ Haha, do bring me along with you are doing detentions on any days, my friends! =D Shifting all the dusty piles of books and magazines totally made my hands smell horrible. The smell of the baby soap was gone from my hands. Haha, I look forward to every Wednesday because I have Chemistry practical and I get to wash my hands with the nice-smelling baby soap there. xD I was practically smelling my hands every few minutes during CHAMPS. -.-''' Anyway, after doing CWO, my hands were smelling really musty, so Shi Xian and I wanted to go up to the Chemistry lab and get the nice-smelling soap from there. xD It's really lame lor... o.O''' But sian, 1.4 and the senior lab technician were talking inside the lab so we couldn't get any soap. =X I nearly barged into Physics lab 2 until I saw The Fierce One inside. Walao, we would have died lor... -.-''' We didn't bother getting any soap from the Biology lab because I knew that the soap there stinks. =X Anyway, I bet 1.4 must have noticed that we kept walking up and down the corridor of the labs. We must have looked very suspicious. Tsk. 1.3 totally made by day, really! =D I was really hyper in school because of him! =D I met him outside the library while Hui En was pestering me to fill up the CIP form for flag-day even though she's not from my class. If Ms Lee sees this, she'll confirm guailan me de... o.O''' Anyway, 1.3 TOTALLY SAID "HIHI!" AND WAVED TO ME LEH!!! =DDDDD Oh man, ULTIMATE CUTENESS! ^^ Oh yes, he said that he has been wanting to speak to me for a very long time le, and he said that my current hairstyle really suited me!! AHHH~~! I'M A HAPPY HAPPY GIRL TODAY!!!!! =)))))))) I saw 1.2 today, but I didn't get to say hello to her... T_T Anyway, I've confirmed who is the 2nd generation 4th QAD already. Congratulations on your appointment. xD According to some of my friends, my cousin is getting more and more scary as the days go past... But surprisingly, she actually smiled at me leh... o.O''' Anyway, jiayou to people under her! ^^

I swear, after what Hui En has told me, I DECLARE THAT MS LEE WM IS REALLY CUTE!! <33333333 Oh man, I cannot describe how hilarious she is lah... Seriously, Ms Lee really reminds me of me. Maybe she was as crazy as me 10 years ago... Ms Lee really rocks lor! Haha, actually, Mrs Lee LM caught one of the boys in her class for wearing red socks. Mrs Lee told Ms Lee (Ya, you get it right? xD) that the boy was wearing a red sock that covered his toes, then Ms Lee really imagined the boy wearing socks that covered only his toes and laughed lah!! Mrs Lee totally went like "DO YOU THINK THIS IS FUNNY?!" to Ms Lee leh!! O.O''' Wah piang, it was totally like what happened to me last year, during the same period of time lor... Gosh... >.< Another funny incident happened and of course, it concerned the scariest teacher in RV. xD Mrs Lee caught a girl with very short skirt. But instead of scolding her, she asked Mr Lum CF (Waa?!) who was innocently walking past to tell the girl that her skirt was very short. OK, Mr Lum did what he was told (Obviously he cannot not take orders from people like LLM) and walked off. I bet Mrs Lee must be feeling super "WTH?!" because she expected Mr Lum to scold the girl. -.-''' Gosh, I didn't expect my school teachers to be a bunch of bananas hilarious people. xDD Stories like these really keep me entertained. ^^

After CCA today, I went home with Zhi Yi and Gar Yim and we totally saw a very beautiful rainbow!!! The rainbow was really, very big! ^^ Unfortunately, I don't think there's a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, which ended around IMM. Aww... Haha, I saw another rainbow outside my house today, but I didn't get to take a picture of it... T_T

Haha, look at the number of people at Jurong East MRT Station who were gawking at the rainbow! ^^

The rainbow! Actually, I have many pictures of the rainbow, including one very clear picture with double rainbows in it! ^^ But I'm sure you can see the second rainbow, just that it's not as distinct. ;)

The picture with 2 rainbows! Beautiful! *imitates Rickey's accent* xD

The view of the sunset at Jurong East. Haha, I don't think it's as magnificent as the view of the sunset outside my house though... xD

The cotton-wool-like clouds just outside my house.

Alright, today's post is really a long post! That's all for today. I need to mug for Chemistry now. >.<

Screwed all my papers!


School has always been great with QADs inside, but unfortunately, the tests that I have sat for never fail to dampen my mood. =( Alright, let's see.

Biology: Screwed... Extremely screwed. ='(

GP: Better than Biology, but not expected to do well. =(

Maths: 100% plus guarantee chop FAIL. I don't even need to know how badly I failed this bloody test. I bet it'll be a single-digit score. T_T

Econs: No time to finish. 10 marks gone, plus the fact that I anyhow did my MCQs due to the lack of time, so I don't think I'll be able to get a B for this, let alone an A. The very good thing is, I didn't shade the boxes and read the questions carefully. Yay to me. -.-''' Haha *says it in Mrs Wong's style*, Econs really rocks my socks. >.< Well, these tests are really enough to make me not look forward to school. I can't believe that my Chemistry test will be on Friday. And yes, looking at how the teachers have been trying to kill us with the walao-so-difficult-how-to-do and walao-so-little-time-how-to-finish tests, it's not hard to predict how the Chemistry test will be like. Maybe by this Friday's test, I'll lose my passion and liking for Chemistry, like how my passion for Biology is already half-gone, thanks to the disastrous paper. Welcome to JC life, retarded girl. On a happier note, I'm happy to note that 1st generation QADs actually still remember me! ^^ Their "hello"s, waving and smiles totally made my day in school! ^^ Really, I'm cheerful, happy and high most of the time because of them. I really don't know what I'm going to do when I leave RV. >.< Anyway, I actually love 2.2 to the extent that I am actually enjoying her lessons though the nature of the subject itself puts me off. Seriously, 2.2 really reminds me of 1.2 leh. But for 2.2's sake, I will learn how to appreciate and enjoy the subject itself. You can do it, girl! ^^

Oh yes, learn not to screw up your Chemistry test. So, start revising for Chemistry now. ='(

Mrs Wong ain't scary anymore!


I've talked to her yesterday, and she said she didn't blame me for it. Well, I hope she really didn't blame me for it, if not life will get really difficult for me leh!! >.< QADs totally made my day even though I was suffering from a splitting headache since Maths. Shit Maths lah... Maths made me think so hard that I realised that I've been growing a lot of white hair. >.< I saw all the 1st generation QADs yesterday, of which 2 said hello to me in a very high way (2nd and 3rd QADs!!) and 1 (4th QAD!) smiled at me while I was making my way to the library from the Science labs. =D The last one totally wore black and stared back at me while I fought down the urge to laugh at her. -.-''' All in all, 1st generation of QADs really made me really happy! ^^ GP test was horrible in my opinion, but it was way much better than the screwed-up Biology test, which was a COMPLETE DISASTER. If I get a double-digit score for Biology, I'll thank the gods, seriously. =( Mrs Wong wanted us to resume doing our 3 GP articles for her, but we told her we have 3 tests coming up so she was really nice about it. She only made us do 1 article for her! I love Mrs Wong deep deep! <3333 Anyway, Mrs Wong isn't scary anymore. I thought she was really fierce, espcially when she took last year's mock lecture for GP, but haha, she turned out to be nicer than I expected. I mean, she isn't fierce, not like The Fierce One. She resembles more like 2nd QAD (She can scold like LLM, just that she doesn't do it often), which is why I like her more! ^^ I've found another teacher who can be compared to LLM, and that is TYL. -.-''' Waa, from what I heard from my other friends, TYL really terrifies the shit out of everybody. And yes, they are saying that she is the next LLM. She called every single person in the class up during Physics practical and scolds the shit out of them. O.O''' Sounds familiar? You're thinking what I'm thinking. That's good. Anyway, reliable sources have stated that both TYL and LLM actually taught in the same JC before they came to RV, just that LLM came to RV earlier. It was also said that TYL had the pleasure (O.O''') of working together with RV's scariest teacher way before that. Obviously, TYL must have got the inspiration to terrify students from dear LLM. -.-''' Anyway, I'm expecting to hear more things soon! Keep me updated, my friends! =D Study session at Jennie's house was pretty fruitful! I managed to complete my Maths assignment and I think I understand Maths a bit more, though I don't think it'll help me for Monday's test. *directs the Killing Curse at Maths but failed* Anyway, I have a spastic picture to show. You want to guess who this is? xD

The purple liquid this person is drinking reminds me of phenolphthalein pink which has turned dark pink due to excess acid being added inside. zZz... It's all Mr Tan's fault for saying that we took so much KMnO4 as if that thing was Ribena and he wanted to make us drink it... Which brings me back to the fact that I have to sit for the Chemistry test on Friday. Walao. -.-'''

Don't feel bad.


Guess what? I screwed my very first Biology test of the year. I'm mentally prepared to get a single digit for it, seriously. No matter how I count, I don't seem to be able to see how I can achieve at least 15 marks in order to pass. I swear, it was ridiculously difficult!! I can't believe it was actually set by Maggie Mee lah. x.X It goes to show that I really need 2nd QAD to teach me Biology. It's really such a great pity that she wouldn't be teaching me anymore. T_T I'm really sorry, QAD. I really mugged for it, yet I don't think I'll be able to do well. =( I'm sorry, I'm really sorry!! I swear I'll get that A back for Biology, sooner or later. ='(

Anyway, it seemed like the Biology test at the start of the day really brought bad luck to almost everybody. My class broke so many apparatus during yesterday's Chemistry practical that even Mr Tan was shocked that a number of people are already down for corrective work order. You could practically hear the breaking of glass every few minutes or so. Haha, for your information, the Chemistry department has made it a rule that if we break more than 2 apparatus in a term, we'll be down for corrective work order. o.O''' And good game, I think Pei En broke 2 apparatus in one practical. -.-''' Boon Ping's or Jun Hao's 50 cm cube measuring cylinder got caught in the neck of the conical flask. I'm not sure if they managed to get it out in the end or not.

The only thing that made me happy was that I bumped into 2nd QAD (1st generation) while I was running back to the Chemistry lab after running all over the school to find some people to remind them to do detention. -.-''' She totally umchio-ed at me when I said waved to her! ^^ I seriously love 2nd QAD! =D No wonder she is my QAD! =) Haiz, but it really saddens me to think that I won't be able to do well for Biology this time round. I felt that I've really let down 2nd QAD, and maybe indirectly, 4th QAD. =(

Please wish me luck for my GP test tomorrow! I've screwed up my Biology test, and I really need this to pull me up lah, if not I'm really letting down QADs, especially the 2 generations of 2nd QADs. Please, please, please. Let me secure an A for GP, please? =/

Haiz... I'm feeling quite gulity over something that happened. I mean, it's not that I wanted to blurt it out, but under such circumstances, I really couldn't spin any lies to tell him, so I thought it might be alright to answer his questions truthfully. I never thought that this would actually bring her trouble. Gosh... I'm so in deep shit now. I don't feel like facing this world anymore. Somebody, help me!!! =( Haiz, I think I'll go and find her after morning assembly tomorrow and have a good talk with her bah... If not she'll keep having negative impressions of me. I must clear this thing up.

Really, today isn't a very good day for me. =/ Hopefully I'll have the chance to be high tomorrow when I see QADs. I really need tomorrow to be a much better day than today. I totally felt really low and down... I need to get my highness and craziness back tomorrow!!!! =(

12.40 pm dismissal time!


Woohoo! Today's dismissal for us was really very early! Ms Tan didn't come to school today, so no Biology tutorial and PW for us!! =D We were dismissed at 12.40 pm, the earliest I've left school officially since I entered RV. Our actual dismissal time was at 4 pm. Thank goodness we were let off early today. ^^

Anyway, 1st generation QADs made my day again! ^^ Pooh Bear said hello highly to me early in the morning while 1.2 waved back at me!! =DDDD *smiles smiles smiles* Ms Lee was zihigh-ing during Econs tutorial as usual. But haha, she's really very cute leh! <3 Mrs Wong totally looked like Soo-ryeon in New Heart, espcially when she tied up her hair. The first thing I went to LT 4 for Econs lecture was to find Zhi Yi and zihigh about her. xDD OK, I guess that should be all for today. I have my Biology test tomorrow, and gosh, I need to rid my brain of all distractions so that I have enough space to fit in 14 pages worth of notes for cell structures and functions. >.< I must not screw this test, because it's actually 10% of my total grade for this year. Another reason why I cannot and MUST NOT screw this test is because, I cannot let down my QAD. =( All the best to me at 8 am tomorrow. T_T

And oo... I don't know what happened at Jurong East leh...

Revise Biology!


I had a really weird dream about 1.4 about 2 nights ago. I dreamt of me and Shi Xian (Liang) busy doing Chemistry in LT 4 before getting ready for morning assembly which was going to be held in LT 4. 1.4 happened to see us doing some questions on redox, and instead of asking her beloved Chemistry rep who was sitting just beside me, she asked me why the whole Year 5 cohort is so hard-core for Chemistry. -.-''' This is getting absurd, really. But haha, sometimes dreams are really interesting. I think I haven't dreamt of QADs since the start of the year. xD

I saw ALL QADs today, including QAD-to-be? O.O''' Pooh Bear said hello to me again! ^^ And I suspect 1.2 was secretly umchio-ing at us when she saw us going high when we saw her in the canteen. Tsk. xD Maid and 1.1 wore the same colour clothes today?! Gosh... o.O'''

I have my Biology test on Wednesday and I haven't finished memorising cell structures and functions. Very good. I have my GP test on Friday and I cannot answer almost all the questions in the practice paper. Very good. I have my Maths test next Monday and I still freaking don't understand a single shit about Maths. Very good. I have my Econs test next Tuesday and I'm still feeling confused about everything that is being taught although Econs is a really interesting subject which I love. Very good. I have my Chemistry test next Friday and I cannot do redox questions without referring to the lecture notes. Very good. I suspect that some teacher is busy reading my blog because he/she kept typing something inside the search engine and found my blog. I'm dead. x.X

Breakout - Korean Break-dancing!


Woohoo! I went to watch Breakout today at the Esplanade together with my aunty and sister. I swear, their break dancing is ULTRA PRO AND COOL! Oh my goodness, the 3 girls in there can also break dance and their dance moves were like... Wow, damn sleek and sexy lah! O.O''' The show itself was also SUPER HILARIOUS. I laughed until I cried, seriously. It's really super funny even though they did not use words to express it. 2 guys in the group and also break dance and rap together at the same time. They're really very pro lor! =D And yes, rapping to the hip-hop music is really no mean feat, especially when you still have to perform difficult moves like using one hand to spin your whole body and legs alternatively. And yes, they totally used double tonguing for their rapping, and they really rapped until super fast lor... I'm totally stunned by how fast they can really tongue when they rap lah! O.O''' Oh yes, they played the song used for the trailer on Channel U at the last part of the show. I really love that song very much! ^^ Unfortunately, it did not occur to me that I should have recorded the music when it was played. =( Now I can't find the song that they used on the internet. ='(

Scenes from Breakout. Haha, I didn't actually take all these pictures, because we are not allowed to take any forms of photography in the Esplanade. =(

My ticket to Breakout. Aiyo, the ticket price is actually quite expensive in my opinion. Mine is student's price and it already costs $55.20! o.O''' Luckily it was my auntie's treat, but she actually spent close to $200 just for 3 tickets. O.O'''

Oh ya, I had a very early dinner today, thanks to my auntie, who treated us to eat at Thai Express. I totally love the green curry there!! It goes very well with my rice!!! =D But haha, I think I downed 4 glasses of water because of the spiciness of the curry. But nevertheless, it was really tasty!! ^^

Anyway, I have to go soon, because I still need to complete my Chemistry and Maths homework. *curses Maths* >=( Before I end off, let me post a picture of the sunset that I took outside my house. I can seriously see some nice sunsets from my house, though I believe the best sunsets can always be seen in East Coast. xD It must be because of the planes' influence. OK, that's crap. -.-'''

The sunset as seen from the kitchen of my house...

Ending of New Heart


New Heart ended its run on Channel U today. The ending was satisfactory. It was one of the better endings I have seen so far from Korean dramas. Luckily it wasn't as crappy as SBS's Iljimae's. I liked the very last part of the last episode, where they actually showed some scenes from the earlier episodes. It totally showed how the doctors have grown up since their first-year as newbies, and yes, it brought back memories... How the doctors struggled, how they cope with the death of their very first patient. Really, it's practically the way doctors work. Gosh, I feel inspired to work in the hospital, AGAIN. -.-''' Lol, I had the same feeling after I finished watching Surgeon Bong Dal-hee, which was really good too!! ^^ Anyway, time for pictures! =D

Lee Eun-sung and Nam Hye-seok welcoming the newcomers. They totally said the same things that Bae Dae-ro told them when they first came in.

"If you don't pick up your calls, you're doomed!"
"If you don't do this, you're doomed!"
"If you don't do that, you're doomed!"
"You're doomed from the minute you step into this department!"
"Everyday will be your doomsday!"

Hilarious! xD And I must say Nam Hye-seok really looks much better in the last episode, where she buns up her hair. I finally got to appreciate how pretty she can be. o.O'''

I liked the way they used bears to depict real human beings. It totally reminded me of the way Goong ends every episode with teddy bears, except that in New Heart, there's actually a story behind every bear that Eun-sung painstakingly makes. Anyway, this bear was specially made by Eun-sung for his very first patient, who wanted to be a national basketballer until he had a heart problem. Luckily he survived, and Eun-sung is extremely grateful that he survived. =)

If I didn't remember wrongly, this grandma did not want to go for an operation until Eun-sung finally persuaded her to. She actually just wanted to let go because she felt that there was no point in living on anymore. By the way, she was once a comfort woman for the Japanese. Anyway, Eun-sung managed to inspire her to live again, for a new cause, to enjoy what life has to give her. She went for the operation, but sadly, she died soon afterwards. It was quite heart-wrenching, because before that, she wanted to drink a certain type of soup that her mum used to cook for her, so Eun-sung actually went all over the place just to find the special type of veggie to cook her the soup. The grandma commented that the soup cooked by Eun-sung tasted like her mother's, and she thanked Eun-sung for taking great care of her. She died peacefully after that. The scene whereby they were wheeling her to the mortuary was really saddening. ='(

The grandpa who had a cardiac tumour and was deemed not to live long, until Dr Choi Kang-gook insisted on conducting the surgery for him despite a success rate of only 30%. I was touched by the grandpa's strong will to live on for the sake of his grandson. He totally broke down when he knew he didn't have long to live. Thank goodness he pulled through the surgery and managed to live on, as he always wanted. =D

The big boss who threatened to destroy Dr Choi's reputation when Dr Choi insisted on doing another operation on a patient who was in a really critical condition. =X

The grandmother who was like Dr Choi's mother to him. It was really a very sad thing she died under the hands of Dr Min, the very incompetent doctor who screwed up the whole surgery. ='( I think I felt tears welling up when I watched this episode, because it was really heart-wrenching to see Dr Choi looking so helpless when she died on the operating table. Table death. That's what I learnt from Surgeon Bong Dal-hee.

Marie Lim Mrs Wong's lookalike here. *clears throat in Mrs Wong's style* -.-''' Luckily the lookalike only had a 2-episode cameo appearance, if not I'll really be reminded of GP whenever I see her in New Heart. >.< Anyway, it was really sad when Soo-ryeon died. But luckily for her, she got to see and hold her baby before she passed away. That was my only consolation. I nearly cried when the monitor couldn't measure her heartbeat anymore, but sheesh, I was in my grandmother's place when I watched that, so cannot anyhow cry. T_T

The scene whereby some important British minister went to Korea so that Dr Choi can specially operate on him. xD Obsessed person... Come all the way to Korea just to get his surgery done. By the way, he survived. xD

Actually, the hospital director was not as bad as I thought. Deep in his heart, he still cared a lot about Hye-seok. He really had the hospital's interests at heart, it's just that he did and showed it in the "wrong" way, which caused everybody to hate him. It was quite sad to see him die from multiple organ failure after his body rejected the new heart... T_T Otherwise, this ending would have been quite a happy one. =(

The very last scenes from the ending of the show. Haha, the surgeon bear is cute!!! <333333333

Tada, so this is the end of New Heart. I think I'll watch this show again when I have the time, because it's really one very good show worth my time and effort to watch. Hmm, I'm watching Sassy Girl, Chun-hyang on Channel U on weekdays, though I won't follow it as diligently as New Heart. But Sassy Girl, Chun-hyang seems good, considering the fact that it's the work of the Hong sisters, who wrote the script for My Girl. In fact, Sassy Girl, Chun-hyang was written even before My Girl was written. And I see many familiar faces inside! ^^ The drama's theme song is nice too. It totally sounded like the Korean version of Mr Ong Chun Ling singing. -.-'''

Oh yes, Happy Valentine's Day, my lovelies. <3



PE today was really horrible. 10 rounds on the outermost lanes of the track, and yes, under the blazing, scorching hot sun. I nearly fainted lor... I felt really giddy after just 6 rounds around the track. And yes, we have to pay him back the rounds we owe him from today. T_T Gosh, PE really takes the joy out of life for me. ='(

I'm super high in school today, really!! =DD Of course, I must really credit QADs for making me so happy today! Best Valentine's Day presents from QADs! LOL! -.-''' Aiyah, I'm joking lah. But still, I'm really happy because of QADs! <3 Pooh Bear was really cute leh! He was walking behind me with Mdm Ong and talking about displacement reaction, but he was lamenting to Mdm Ong that he couldn't see anything. xD I recognised him by his voice so I turned around and said "HIHI!" to him!! =D Aiyo, he totally smiled at me leh!! ^^ *enters high mode* Mrs Wong was really nice to us today too!! ^^ She decided to let us have our GP test next Friday instead of the original Tuesday. And hohoho, to add on to that, she said that we don't have to do GP article analysis for her next week! Wahpiang, I seriously love Mrs Wong to bits man!! <333333333333333 MRS WONG ROCKS!! =D After Biology practical today, I went down to the library to meet Shi Xian (Liang), Jennie and Farah! ^^ Haha, while we were making our way back to the library after failing to find the scary QAD, Jennie and I unexpectedly bumped into a teacher, on the staircase leading to the library. Oh my goodness, it actually took me about 3 seconds for me to realise that person was 1.2 lah!! o.O''' I was totally stunned when I realised that, because lol, she looked so different to me. >.< Anyway, being my usual high self, I said "HIHI!" super enthusiastically! xD 1.2 said hello to us too! *high liao* After that she asked us if we were still in band or not. Jennie and I were stunned because wow, she actually knows that we were from band?! Stunning leh! =O Anyway, she was getting ready to go home, yet she was carrying a pile of practical books. Tsk, as fans of 1.2, we should have helped her to carry her books to her car. We have failed as 1.2's ex-students. =( I said "BYEBYE!" to her in the same manner as I first greeted her and she waved her car-keys at us!! xDDDD Oh my goodness, ultimate cuteness!! And woohoo, she finally umchio-ed, oh no, SMILED! =D Yay! *enters super high mood* I finally went back to band after dunno-how-many months of absence. zZz... I felt really breathless after blowing the clarinet, especially when I haven't played it for dunno-how-many months. I forgot how to play the descending order for chromatic scales, which is NO GOOD at all because we totally have to spam chromatic scales for the SYF choice piece. I feel that Overture 2 is hard too. Moreover, I'm playing for first clarinet, which makes me even more stressed. =X Wahpiang, I think I have really lost my playing skills. I better get the scores from Shi Xian (Chua) soon and look through them in my free time. Only then can I dream about the pieces in my sleep. -.-'''

For now, I shall just be content with QADs. Oh yes, thank you to everybody who gave me presents for Valentine's Day! ^^ I'm so sorry that I didn't prepare anything this year, I'm really sorry!! =(

And great, tomorrow's Valentine's Day, yet I have to go back to school for the Class Leaders' workshop. Woohoo, I have a date with the teachers in school. -.-''' I hope to see QADs though, and make the Year 5 Klarinutz fume with jealousy. xD

Yay! Can you see what we wrote? I'm really sorry for the blur picture though, because my hands were shaking with excitement! xD

Good luck to me!


I swear I had an overdose of adrenaline. I'm still as crazy as last year, or perhaps, even more crazy than ever. >.< I was talking to Zhi Yi half-way when I saw 2.1 coming out of the staff-room and totally "WOOOO~!" at him. Wahpiang, I think I really scared him off. Shucks! >.< Oh my goodness me, I still can't believe that I did. Oh yes, I also cannot believe what I did to 2.2. Oh man, I really don't know how to face her tomorrow!! >.< 2.3 and QAD-wannabe were also quite amused when I was having one of my many high-ing sessions. 1.3 totally made my day! =D He totally smiled cheerfully at me and Zhi Yi! 1.3 is really as cute as ever! =D Pooh Bear rocks!! ^^ Anyway, today is the retirement ceremony of Ms Lai Oi Yue. Haiz, she hasn't really taught me before, but haiz, I realised that RV's Biology teachers are all retiring... I don't know how many years it has been since Ms Lee Choi Yeok retired. I still miss her a lot! =( Mrs Lim gave a speech about Ms Lai since she is the HOD of Science. Haiz, I really miss Mrs Lim as my Biology teacher leh!! ='( How ah?? =/ It's not that my current teachers are no good, but as what Jennie said, our previous teachers have left a gap that is too big to be filled by other people... I'm really going to suffer if I don't motivate myself. I NEED MOTIVATION! =X I'm not sure if I'm going to school tomorrow or not, because I felt sick in school today. My whole body was aching without any rhyme or reason and I felt really sluggish throughout the day, except for Chemistry practical. I have much to lose tomorrow if I don't go since I have all the lessons, but the only thing I'm happy about is skipping PE and Maths. -.-''' Sian... And oh ya, that reminds me. I haven't started on my GP article analysis AT ALL. Good job, please wish me good luck! >.<

Out comes the 2008 yearbook!


Yay! I'm a happy, happy girl today!! =D The 2008 yearbook finally came out! Haha, I remembered how high I went over QADs when I saw them gathering together to take the staff photos. At that time, it was only the 4 of them, but haha, the number has increased since this year, so I have more reasons to be happy. The yearbook that was given today was really wow, stylish! I mean, it really exudes classiness and all. Haha, the graphics are rather good I must say! ^^ And hohoho, the way the teachers posed were also really cool! =D I can do a very detailed analysis about how each department posed, but aiyah, I have to sleep soon. -.-''' I must say the Chinese department really give me the "gangster" feel. Lol, Mdm Wan really stood out. You could safely assume that she is the "boss" of the gang while Mickey Yeo and Mr Tan were her bodyguards. -.-''' But yeah, overall, one word. COOL! ^^ I just hope I won't read the yearbook until the pages all come out, which was what happened to the previous yearbook. o.O'''

Anyway, I did something crazy again. I thought I would have toned and mellowed down from last year, but apparently not. For the 3rd time in my entire RV life, I risked my life again for the sake of Zhi Yi's happiness. Tsk. xD Crazy, crazy, crazy. >.< I should really settle down now, for goodness sake, and stop being so high and wild. -.-''' 2.2 really made my day today! Aww... I don't want to reveal it here lah, because aiyo, I'll really go super high. xDD I love QADs to bits!! <3333 Some pictures from the yearbook to sum up this post. =)

Cover of the yearbook. I thought it looked plain at first, but on closer inspection, I think it really looks nice! xD

Some pictures from the yearbook. I really love the pictures used. ^^

Today also marked the day when I'm feeling the happiest for my dental appointment. Not to say that I don't always look forward to my dental appointments, but I've always faced them with the feeling of neutrality. My dentist announced that in 1 or 2 months' time, I'll be able to take off my braces!! Yippee!! ^^ But my teeth cannot be 100% corrected because of the shape of my jaw. She suggested me to go for surgery if I really wanted to correct my teeth, but she said that my lower jaw is only slightly off, so it isn't very obvious to other people. Haiz, I guess I shan't waste another few thousand dollars just on correcting my jaw. But yay! I'm happy!! =D

Anyway, I think I should wrap up my 650th post for today. I have a long day ahead tomorrow... =( Haiz, hopefully, I'll have reasons to experience some adrenaline rushes. Only adrenaline can keep me going for the day. Oh shucks, Mrs Wong's GP articles... -.-'''


Haiz, New Heart will be showing its last episode next week. I guess after this show ends, it'll be back to mugging for me, since the new show coming up doesn't excite me at all. -.-''' Today's episode is very nice! Actually, New Heart has always been nice with Ji Sung inside, but haha, I didn't really like the female lead. I kept condemning her at first. >.< But after these last few episodes, my impression of her actually changed, so I guess I'm neutral towards her, or maybe, liking her a bit more, though I don't think I'll love her as much as Dr Lee Eun-sung and Dr Choi Kang-gook! ^^ These 2 doctors really make me drop my jaws wide open, either due to too much laughing or their fantastic surgical skills, as for the case of Dr Choi. xD

Anyway, in yesterday's episode, Dr Choi went to America to join his family there. Before he left, Eun-sung gave him a surgical bear which he made with his left hand. That scene was really very touching. ='( After receiving a call from the doctors that the hospital director fainted and needed an urgent heart transplant, in which nobody in the hospital could do it except Dr Choi, he immediately flew back. I felt quite sad for Dr Choi's wife who was waiting for him to join her, but was glad that she understood the unpredictability of being a doctor and joined him back in Korea. Haha, I like Dr Choi's wife, surprisingly. xD And Dr Choi is super sweet to his wife lah... *throws jealous looks*

Haiz... I nearly felt like crying!! ='( But thank goodness Dr Choi came back not long after to do a heart transplant operation on the hospital director. ^^

The operation that Eun-sung did today was really superb!! Even Dr Kim Tae-joon admitted it himself. He did the surgery despite his right hand being unable to feel anything. Great job there, Dr Lee!! Let the pictures do the talking!! ^^

Scenes from the operation that Eun-sung did on Dr Jo today. Eun-sung looks super cute when he's smiling, especially when the very arrogant Dr Kim actually praised him for doing such a good job!! I feel so happy for Eun-sung now!! <33

zZz... I really hate the hospital director. Aiyo, the heart transplant operation was a success, but still, he didn't want to admit defeat and was still thinking of wanting to chase Dr Choi out of the hospital. Stupid guy. He nearly lost his life and should concentrate on recuperating, yet he was still scheming on how to get rid of Dr Choi. >.< I think even the Cardiac Department Head and Dr Kim have stopped trying to get rid of him. -.-''' I don't think the hospital director will get to live though, which I think will make the ending of New Hear a very sad one indeed. =(

Anyway, I have another week of school to pull through. I hope I won't oversleep again. -.-''' Jiayou bah, retarded girl!! ^^