PE was really strenous!! >.< Gosh, we ran like 9 rounds today. I never had such intensive training for NAPFA!! Not in such a very long, long time. o.O''' Oh yes, I can't sneeze in peace now because my diaphragm muscles are aching like mad from yesterday's physical conditioning. 120 jumping-jacks, 120 push-ups, 120 sit-ups and 2 rounds around the track are enough to make me ache from pain, plus today's 9 rounds around the track. All I can say is that, I feel really dead. =X

4th QAD was busy chasing my class up to the lecture theatre because we were late for about 15 minutes for Chemistry lecture. Walao, it's all my Maths teacher's fault lor. I kept reminding him that his lesson time is up and strange thing is, he acknowledged it, yet continued on with his lesson. Damn him man. -.-''' I hope 4th QAD understands and don't condemn me or my class. >.<

Anyway, I'm going to my cousin's (Heehee! Guess who?) house tomorrow!! ^^ Yay! I get to eat good food and play video games!! xD

I don't feel like ranting today, because Rat-Teeth has been blasted from this face of the Earth, so I can't rant about it anymore. I might think of more characters soon. Stay tuned.

I miss my old Biology teacher a lot! =( I'm not sure if I can reveal the reasons here, since I know some teachers *clears throat in Marie Lim's style* do read my blog, but sian, I find Mrs Lim more engaging, I really do. Maggie Mee doesn't make me laugh every lesson, not like how Mrs Lim did. She doesn't make me look forward to lessons, not like how Mrs Lim did. I'm really afraid, I'm losing it as every day pasts. I feel it slipping away from my hands after I've so painstakingly grasped it back last year. And I'm done for. I cannot lose it. I must motivate myself. MOTIVATION!


I feel so much better now. And haha, please ignore my ranting about Rat-Teeth in the previous post. xD I was just feeling too indignant yesterday, but thanks to those friends who consoled me, I actually feel much more relieved now. =D From now on, I shall ignore Rat-Teeth and live the way I want. Yes, girl! Cheer up and move on! ^^

Haha, actually, Rat-Teeth is a fiction character. I just created it for the fun of ranting, that's all. I also don't know why I'm that bored as to result in this. -.-''' I fooled ya, didn't I? xD

Come to think about it, I don't think I'll be taking that QAD off my QAD list, because I think I'll miss that QAD terribly. T_T

By the way, my Chemistry teacher really rocks! He bought us sweets from the Candy Empire branch in CHANGI AIRPORT! <33 The sweets are really those expensive types I think, because the wrapper looks really posh and the sweets are made in Italy. Wow... I can't believe it. Chemistry is love. <3

Chemistry rocks my left sock. Econs rocks my right sock. xD - RG


Stupid Rat-Teeth! I really don't know what I've done to you, and what you can gain from slandering me. It's fine if you hate me, because from now on, I'll treat you the same way, but that doesn't mean that I'll stoop down as low as you and distort whatever pathetic truth that you hold in your life. Hello, you tiny blop of cells, how well do you actually know me to actually preach to my friends about my character? If you think that you know me better than my friends who have really known me for at least a good 5 years, then I must say, you're really pro! How well do you actually know what really happened?! You only heard things from other people, yet do you know that the truth always gets distorted along the way? Only I myself know the truth the best, so please do not contest my version of what really happened. Just keep your bloody mouth to yourself if you don't know anything alright? Stop pretending that you know every intimate details, because you bloody well don't. You have just proven to yourself how imbecile you can really get. I can safely assure you that if whatever "truth" you told anybody who would listen really happened, I'll be totally at the losing end, because really, many things are at stake. Would I be so stupid as to really do all these? NO! Because I'm not a dung-brain, unlike you. I have totally no reasons to doing whatever you have said, so, stop your slandering once and for all. I can sue you for that you know. Brainless git.

You step on my toes, I'll chop off yours. And I really mean it. I will return your favours to me manifolds, back to you. At the cost of your reputation, and everything so dear to you. Trust me, if you think you've already seen the worst of me, I'll be even more scavage than the worst beast alive.

For now, I shall learn to take everything in my stride. That's my way of avenging myself, the way to deflate your inflated ego and crush you, once and for all. We shall see...


Chinese New Year eve was spent doing some last-minute spring cleaning of the house. Sometimes, it's no good having such a big house, because there will surely be more things to throw away and more rooms to clean. Nevertheless, I managed to vacuum and mop the whole house single-handedly. The house looks much neater and cleaner now, but it could have been much better. =/

After that, we went to Chinatown to get some CNY goodies and to watch the firecrackers and fireworks at the same time. Security was really quite tight. So many people have been deployed to aid in the crowd control. Gosh, it was really very squeezy lor!! We nearly lost each other quite a number of times. >.< But anyway, I felt that the CNY goodies this year are really expensive! Last year or 2 years ago, towards 12 am, the shop-keepers would hand us a bag for $5 and we could stuff in as many sweets and other goodies as we wanted. I always looked forward to that part, because I could get to pick my favourite treats. However, this year was quite a disappointment because not only did the shop-keepers not do that, the goodies itself were really very expensive! It's like, $1.50 for only 100 grams?! You know how little 100g is, and how expensive it is?! After that, they slashed the price to $1 for 100g, but no, it can never beat the competitive price they offered 2 years ago. Sian, in the end, we didn't go back with as many bags as we thought we would have. =(

As it approached 12 am, everybody was gathered to see the fireworks and firecrackers. Haha, I must say it was quite an experience, although I think I have seen the firecrackers before. Haha, but still, the noise generated from the firecrackers really shocked me at first, because I really wasn't expecting it. And oh, we saw quite a few celebrities too! ^^

A Channel U reporter that we saw straight after we stepped out of Chinatown MRT station. I forgot her name. By the way, she was standing outside Bee Cheng Hiang. xD

People who were getting ready the firecrackers.

Chinese New Year decorations in Chinatown.

Firecrackers going off!! O.O''' It was quite an eye-opener! ^^

Look at the number of people present! And yes, there were many Caucasians there too! They started wishing everybody Happy New Year after the firecrackers went off. Lol, I feel that they are even more enthusiastic about CNY than us Chinese. I should go over to the Western countries and find out how they celebrate their New Year too! ^^

The hundreds of balloons that were released to the sky after the firecrackers. At the same time, the fireworks went off too, but sadly, I didn't get to see it because I was blocked!! >.<

Last picture for today. I have no idea why I looked so grumpy here. =X

We reached home at only 2.30 am, and yes, we only set off at 1 pm to visit my grandmother. It's kinda late, so we didn't really go to many people's houses today. Anyway, I don't intend to, because I think I'm going to use the time tomorrow to catch up on my homework and schoolwork. *curses GP articles and Maths* We so nearly went to Changi Airport today after visiting my maternal grandmother because she lives in the East, but sadly, we didn't. Haha, I think due to the lack of sleep yesterday, I kept sleeping wherever I could. It's good to be back home, I guess. So, I shall sleep earlier today and wake up to do my homework tomorrow. What a way to spend my Chinese New Year. =(


Yay! I've finally gotten my Chinese New year clothes. Aiyah, to be honest, I actually got my CNY clothes around Christmas last year, but haha, I wore it once already so it isn't new anymore, hence I managed to convince my mother to give me more money to buy new clothes. ^^ Heehee, this is one way to keep buying new clothes. xD But I shan't bully my mother too much. >.<

Today's New Heart episode was quite sad. So many things happened at one go lor. Eun-sung's childhood friend got admitted into the hospital and she was diagnosed with gullet vein tumour. Oh my goodness, that really sounded serious. When Soo-ryeon and Eun-sung were alone in the room, they were crying since they knew that she had no hope anymore. I felt like crying along with them, but erhem, I was in my grandmother's house, so cannot anyhow cry. OH YES, YOU PEOPLE HAVE TO COME AND SEE THIS!! YOU WON'T BELIEVE IT LOR!! I swear that Soo-ryeon TOTALLY LOOKS LIKE my GP teacher alright?! Walao, I nearly screamed in shock when I first saw Soo-ryeon in New Heart!! >.< The resemblance to Marie Lim (aka Mrs Wong) is nearly 100%!! Yes, Zhi Yi agrees with me too. o.O'''


I should end off now... I don't really want to post anymore because I'm still traumatised by the fact that I actually saw Mrs Wong's lookalike in New Heart. >.<


Bleah! One of my first generation of QADs made me really pissed, angry and sad at the same time. But after complaining and ranting to other people, I think I might be at fault too. -.-''' Anyway, I've given myself 2 weeks to like that QAD back. That QAD is currently on the suspension list. o.O''' Sarah, Farah, Zhi Yi, Shi Xian (Liang) and Gar Yim witnessed my "oath" while we were making our way home. So... Shi Xian is hoping I'll drop that QAD off so that another QAD can move up my list. And she'll continue to beat me for another 2 weeks until I've made my decision. The rest were utterly shocked that I'm actually putting one of our favourite people on the suspension list. o.O''' Anyway, the trip back home was pretty amusing! We were discussing how we should treat evil teachers and we suggested putting plum flowers (梅花) into their pigeon-holes. And I was saying how I could become like 一枝梅 by putting a single stalk of fake plum flowers (Those used for Chinese New Year decorations) or plum flower paintings into the evil teachers' pigeon-holes. xD It was hilariously amusing, I swear! ^^ Oh yes, 1st QAD of the 1st generation has a new nickname, given by us! She's now known as 一枝梅, for I don't know what. -.-'''

Anyway, school, I guess, was a waste of time. 2 hours of lessons. Alright, I still don't understand Maths as usual. -.-''' I should force-read Maths notes to myself every night. I don't want to fail Maths!! >.< Chemistry was alright, but heehee, I'm wishing for a change in lecturers soon! o.O''' Of course, I'm still loving Chemistry! =)

Chinese New Year celebrations were alright, nothing really great. Haha, I was looking forward to Wushu slightly more because they played one of the intense music from Iljimae, but bleah, I think the way Iljimae fights excites me more. So much for expecting too much. -.-''' I nearly suffered from leg cramps from sitting on the floor for nearly 2 hours. Bloody toot. They better get the new school ready soon lor. Or maybe they should arrange the chairs for us too. -.-''' Leg cramps are known to kill you know... o.O'''

OK, I shall blog about yesterday, when 4B'08 gathered to eat our steamboat dinner together! ^^ We had our dinner at Seoul Garden, and wow, the total bill amounted to $453!!! O.O''' I was very stunned!! o.O''' Each person ended up paying about $16 more because there wasn't enough money in the class fund. Mr Liu, being as nice as ever, volunteered to give us a treat, but we didn't want to impose on him, so we still paid up! =) Anyway, I think the food was really very nice although I went home smelling like a humongous piece of barbecued pork. o.O''' And yes yes yes, I wrapped the barbecued chicken meat in a big piece of lettuce leaf and it really tasted heavenly!! ^^ Now I know why I keep seeing the Koreans eat BBQ meat in this way. It'll be really good if Seoul Garden served soju too and I can drink until I get drunk. LOL! In this way, I can really act like a true Korean! =D Anyway, I'm glad that the turnout was better than expected!! 4Byzantine'08 ROCKS!! =D

Our steamboat! This picture doesn't do any justice to the food we ate there alright! ^^

4Byzantine'08!! <3333333333

Anyway, I shall end up with this quote from my dear Econs teacher!! ^^
Econs rox my sox!! - Lee WM

Yes, Econs. ROCK ON!! <333333333333333333


I wasn't exactly in the best of mood today because somebody just had to spoil it for me, but haha, I must really thank my 2nd generation QADs for making me really high even though I was feeling rather low! And haha, I might really consider my Chemistry teacher too! ^^ Oh man, QAD was on the same bus as me when I went home! I was totally stunned when I saw him! >.< Really, this isn't the second time I've seen him on the same bus as me! Tsk. So haha, here's a hint to all QAD's secret admirers, whoever and wherever you are. QAD stays about only 2 bus-stops away from me, so I hope you get it. xD And yes yes, he was darn cute when we boarded the bus. I guess we might have been on the same train too. ^^

And haha, today was the CCA Leaders' Investiture for Year 5s. Haha, my class totally owned lah can... We have got 8 CCA Leaders in total. I'm utterly shocked beyond words when I first knew about this, but yeah, BUAY PAI LAH!! xDD

Iljimae ended yesterday. To hell with the ending!! The ending was totally lame and it really sucked!! T_T It's not a very nice ending to what could have been a very great show otherwise. Overall, I really enjoyed watching this show although the first few episodes were rather draggy because it only showed Iljimae's childhood. However, the episodes whereby Iljimae started stealing from the various people gets very intense as he stole and tried to find for clues to his father's murderer at the same time. The episode whereby Swe Dol (Iljimae's foster father) died was very sad and touching as well. ='( Best of all, I freaking love the first part of the last episode whereby Iljimae finally took the Emperor hostage and forced him to kneel down to beg for forgiveness!! <333 That part was super, freaking intense I swear!! *cues in dramatic music* It would have been much better if Iljimae killed the good-for-nothing Emperor though, but Iljimae has been taught by his father and his master to use the sword to save, not kill people.

天下没有我偷不到的东西,因为我是一枝梅!! <33


zZz... As I've mentioned in my previous post, the 2nd generation of QADs are already finalised, unless I decide to add in more people. Hmm, so I'm left with the rankings, I suppose? I have to discuss it with Klarinutz. LOL! ^^

1.2 went up to make an announcement today. Haha, those people with her as QAD naturally went high, but still, I'm pretty saddened by the fact that there is no one I can relate my craziness to, unless you're talking about Hui En. But still, we are like, 3 classes away?! And we can only communicate with each other through facial expressions. It's super weird and tiring. >.< I used to look forward to assemblies last year, because many interesting things would happen. But now, I don't even have anybody I can really talk to. I guess I'm too used to last year, when I had one whole big bunch of people I could talk and go high with during assembly. Yes, people from 4A, 4B and 4C. Gosh, I think I'm really still stuck in the past. Move it, will you? =X

Maggie Mee always go missing during assemblies... I'm not sure how I'm supposed to report attendance to her with she being anywhere in the school. zZz... I really miss last year very much... -.-'''

Anyway, I swear I totally love Econs! <3 I haven't made the wrong choice by making my Econs teacher my QAD! Opportunity cost is quite low, for the moment. I totally love the terms that we use in Econs! I shall spam it on those people who don't take Econs the next time when I become pro-er!! ^^ Oh, and I totally love my GP teacher, I think. She's pretty hilarious, really! I guess she isn't as scary as what other people make her out to be, but still, I'm waiting for the time whereby I can report to Zhi Yi. xD

And oh no, I think I signed up for the NUS Chancellor's Challenge Shield competition a little too hastily. >.< I signed up partly because of QAD (Zhi Yi will be so happy to note this) and partly because I'm really interested, but erm, after knowing which schools we will be competing against, I'm quite worried. All the best to Jing Qin, Xiu Min and I!! o.O'''

Note to self: Please don't have any mood swings tomorrow! I beg you, please! =(


I guess I wasn't that emotional today, all because of something that I saw in the morning that made me so hyped up. When I see something I like, I can even survive double Maths lessons today!! ^^ Haha, Zhi Yi and Jennie saw what I saw too! =D And yes, craziness. I think I have my self-control more in check now. I didn't scream or squeal at the sight of her, for once. Haha, I think I should come to school earlier from now on.

And yes, haha, I think the 2nd generation QADs are more or less finalised. ^^ Did I mention that I totally love my Econs teacher? xD She's super duper cute, I swear!! =D Ms Lee WM rocks! Come to think about it, I think there are more and more "Lee" teachers in the school. OK, that's a random observation made by me, so please ignore. -.-'''

Haiz, I only have 3 days of official lessons, yet the amount of homework that I have is tantamount to the amount of homework I haven't touched on for 3 weeks last year. T_T I guess this is really how different JC life is from secondary school life. ='( Anyway, Zhi Yi, please hope that your QAD (2nd generation) doesn't chase me out of her GP class, because I haven't finished doing the mindmap although I've already done my research. o.O''' Alright, I shall be a good girl and attempt to finish the mindmap during my free period. I can't afford to get blacklisted by her so soon!! >.<

Haha, I just realised that I really love doing the Chemistry tutorial worksheet even though I struggled with it at first because I forgot nearly everything. But once I got the hang of it, I became addicted to doing it!! xD Luckily my passion for Chemistry is still going strong. Yup, keep it up! =D Chemistry teacher in consideration... o.O''' Let's see, who else? xD

Anyway, Iljimae will be airing its last episode on Channel U tomorrow. I think I'll really miss this show very much leh!! T_T And zZz, Channel U is super anti-climax... They cut off the show right when I'm about to see the face-off between the Emperor and Iljimae. -.-'''

Iljimae!! ^^

And haha! Happy 3rd birthday to my blog!! ^^ Alright, I guess that should be all for now. I'm feeling rather good today, so yeah, that was really random. ._. Bye bye!!

생일 축하합니다, my blog!! =D


I'm really starting to hate school now, really. Not only am I going broke from paying for the various lecture notes, the super thick pile of notes which would have lasted me for about a year last year can now only last a term. This is how big the difference JC life is from secondary school life. T_T

My subject teachers tutors are nice, but haiz, I really can't stand it. When we had lessons in the Biology lab today, I totally felt the ghost of 4B08's existence. I felt really super bad for Maggie Mee, but in that lab, I could totally feel 4B. I could see us crapping in one corner of the lab, laughing over our lame jokes and minor accidents incidents that made us looked stupid. Yet, all these nitty-gritty things were what actually contributed to this very fun-loving class. I could see 2nd QAD sitting behind the table, watching us perform our experiments, or walking around the lab to see if we needed help in some particular experiments. For that moment, 5B didn't exist in that lab. 4B did.

I effing feel like an idiot, for being too sentimental over things which I should have gotten over long ago. Humans should be devoid of all feelings, they really should. Feelings make human beings unable to let go of the past. I can't deny the fact that I'm a person with extreme feelings. I can mask my feelings quite well, but deep inside, I don't feel what my face shows the rest of the world.

Idiot. Get a grip on yourself, will you?! It's time to move on, it's really time. No point clinging on to the past that has long gone by. You are no longer in 4B'08 anymore. 4B'08 no longer exists. 5B'09 does. And you bloody not screw your own class up.

I pray, somebody, just take away my feelings!!! I won't be able to survive well in my own class if this really continues. What will happen if this happens everytime I go to places where 4B'08 used to be, especially along that dark corridor, where many eventful things once happened... I pray, just rid me of these feelings. Nothing like today should happen on Wednesday.


I swear that I really hate JC life. I really hate this!! >.< No proper classrooms, so we Year 5s have no choice but to carry our bags along wherever we went to various locations for our lessons. Classes in the tutorial rooms weren't that great either. Too squeezy and the tables that were attached to the chairs were really small!! Argh! No space to put all my things. o.O''' Most of all, I hate lectures, especially the Maths one. I doubt I can ever like Maths back again. 数学, 去死吧!!!! What's more surprising is that our lecturer in LT 4 totally went even faster than those who were under the Accelerated Maths Program (AMP), from what I heard from Valerie and Tie Hong. Good game! -.-'''

But still, having lectures and tutorials allowed me to get a glimpse of how JC life will be like. Some of the lessons I have were no doubt quite interesting. xD Oh yes, haha, the strictest and fiercest GP teacher 果然是名不虚传! She's really very particular about punctuality and everything. Walao, she totally reminds me of 1st QAD. You know, she only allowed us to be 3 minutes late for her lessons! Gosh! You know how freaked out I was when I first heard that. -.-''' We bargained it to 5 minutes after that. And hor, if you hand in your homework without a valid reason, she'll minus 5 marks off your essay, 10 marks for the second day and you get a straight 0 if you hand in on the 3rd day. Scary!! >.< But anyway, she was quite nice to us, and she even joked with us. But I know this isn't the real her. LOL! She just hasn't got the chance to show us how fierce and scary she can be today. She'll definitely terrorise us like how Mrs Lee does to RVians sooner or later. O.O''' And heehee, to think that both of them share the same maiden surname. They may end up being long-lost sisters for all we know. -.-'''

Maths was horrendous, as I've mentioned. I totally couldn't understand a single shit about what Mr Lum was talking about. Die liao, totally gone-case for Maths. Damn. >=(

Econs... I think I'll like Econs, because hahaha, all the teachers in the Econs department are quite cute! And by far, the Econs department has the best PowerPoint slides I've ever since from a teacher. They seriously put in a lot of effort on their slides. LOL! xD Haha, all the pictures that they have in their PowerPoint slides are really cute. Aiyo, I seriously don't know where they find such cute pictures! xD Anyway, cute pictures plus cute teachers should be able to motivate me to do well for Econs!! All the best to me yo! ^^

Chemistry is Mr Sean Tan. I think he's not too bad. At least, after what Zhi Yi has told me, I'm starting to appreciate him more. Haiz, I'm still sad that Ms Goh isn't my Chemistry teacher, but still, I must do well for Chemistry. And lol, I just realised that RV is super aggressive in getting teachers (Especially Chemistry) over from other JCs. Heehee, 2nd QAD might have a part to play in it. ^^ Totally owned can... Nearly all our Chemistry teachers for the JC level are from JJC. o.O''' But still, haha, I'm at last starting to appreciate what RV has done!! Yay! Good teachers for Chemistry. Go go go, A for Chemistry!! =DD

Maggie Mee took us for Biology. Aiyah, maybe I should start calling her Ms Tan now, but haha, I still like the name Maggie Mee. xD Haha, Maggie Mee really rocks leh! She let us off about 10 minutes earlier than usual, so we ended up going home at around 2.30 pm!! ^^ And wee, there's Biology practical tomorrow!! *high liao*

I saw all the 1st generation of QADs too! ^^ And yes, I'm now trying to figure out who will end up being the 2nd generation of QADs. Come one, come on, continue to impress me!! xDD

Oh yes, before I forget, my mother was reading the parents' notification letter that I left on my table before I left the house for school. Apparently, Mrs Lee is no longer the Subject Head of Physics (She became HOD instead o.O'''), so obviously, somebody has to fill in that position. My mother saw the name and the person's Chinese name and thought it was my cousin! Wah piang, I nearly fainted can!!! -.-''' At first, I thought it couldn't be because I wasn't sure of my cousin's Chinese name, but my mum said that it is my cousin's Chinese name, since all of us girls in the family share the same Chinese middle name of "颖". What the hell?! I didn't believe my mother, but I decided to have a look anyway. Lol, Gar Yim's Physics teacher happened to be her, so she pointed out to me who was her Physics teacher. Eh, no matter how I look at her, she doesn't seem to look like my cousin, at least that's what I hope so. =X But haha, it's no surprise lah, since I have quite a number of "relatives" in RV! xD

So, well, I guess the first few days of JC life are quite interesting?! xD But haiz, I'm starting to feel stressed over the rigourous "A" levels curriculum. Aja aja hwaiting, girl! You can do it! =D *self-assures myself*


Yay!!! Camp Revolution is finally over!! =D I feel very happy despite being very tired after 3 straight days of activities. I guess this orientation has helped me to know my class better. I actually interacted with a lot of my classmates and found out that they are very nice people! Anyway, good job 5B!! =D Haha, we must keep this class spirit up! BUAY PAI!! xDD Thank you, SCs, for making this camp a success!! Thanks so much for the effort!! I really love the orientation!! ^^

The odd numbers of 5B hanging up the monkey bars.

Jing Qin, Jerrine, Si Jie, Eileen, Rachael, Natalie, and noob. o.O'''

The big, big B!! <3 5B'09, ROCK ON!! =DD

Haha, thanks to Eileen for sending me the pictures!! ^^ And erm, I have GP tomorrow. Please congratulate me, because I got the fiercest GP teacher (And probably the scariest teacher after LLM) in RV. Thanks a lot! =D I totally adore fierce teachers, because they always scare the daylights out of me. They definitely make very good Halloween figures. -.-''' Oh yes, I must remember to print and submit my rubbish Commonwealth essay to her. Gosh, I'm freaking out lah!! I bet I'll just see red marks across my essay. T_T I think I'll be looking forward to all the lessons except Maths. I totally abhor Maths. >.< Yikes, get away from me. o.O''' As for Chemistry, if that teacher is as good or even better than Ms Goh, then I'll probably make him my QAD too. So, QAD slots up for grabs now!! Impress me and you'll be awarded the prestigious positions! xD Starting from tomorrow!! Offer lasts indefinitely. xD


Today is my first day with 5B. Hmm, I still do not really feel very close to the class since I have to start making new friends all over again, and it's really hard since people from the same class usually hang out together. I feel like a totally outcast here. T_T I really miss 4B'08, but haiz, it has already become part of my history ever since today started. I guess it's really time to move on.

Orientation today was well, quite alright in my opinion. But I felt super tired at the end of the day and my whole body is aching. Sad life. And I bet tomorrow will be worse!! We'll only be released at 8.30 pm leh!! I want to go home! T_T

My form teacher, as I have guessed correctly, is really Maggie Mee!! ^^ I think I'll make her my QAD sooner or later! It's only a matter of time. xD But haiz, I haven't told anybody in my class about my QADs yet. I don't think they'll ever be interested. Haiz, emo again... ='( Anyway, Ms Goh isn't my Chemistry teacher. Damn 5A man, they got her!! >.< But I guess the rest of my teachers are well, quite alright I suppose? I think the fierce GP teacher is really my teacher leh!! xD

I saw all the 1st generation of QADs today. Haha! 1st QAD wore the blue blouse again! xD It was the blouse that Yanni and I agreed that she looked nice in it. xD 2nd QAD also wore blue, coincidentally. Oh well, who knows? They might have called each other up and agreed to wear blue for today.
-.-''' 2nd QAD was eating with 4th QAD in the canteen and they were sharing some jokes (I assume) since they were all so smiley with the rest of the teachers. 3rd QAD made me really sad, seriously. In the beginning, I only caught a glimpse of him during morning assembly. After that, I saw him watching us play the orientation games from where the 4E classroom was. Haiz, I'm not sure if this is due to me not seeing him for a really long time, but I realised that 3rd QAD really looks very old and tired now. T_T He wasn't like the previous smiley Pooh bear-like figure anymore. In fact, he looks quite sick. Gosh, I really hope that 3rd QAD can recover quickly and yes, be the 3rd QAD I knew last year! =/

And image, image, image! I have to erm, be more serious if I need to. I can no longer go squealing like a little pig or screaming at teachers whom I like and are afraid of. o.O''' I can no longer go high about them, not with my new classmates. None of them know me as well as how Klarinutz and 4B'08 do. I bloody better not screw myself up as well as my class. It's time to move on, girl...


Sigh... Tomorrow is the day. I really don't know what to say, seriously. I just feel a sense of... Loss? Knowing that 4Byzantine'08 is going to be part of my past from tomorrow onwards gives me really, a sense of dread. Knowing that the "O" Level results will be out tomorrow makes me anxious. Knowing that we can only get our "O" Level results at only 4 pm makes me pissed. Anyway, I've decided not to post out dedications to everybody in 4B since I don't have anything to say to some people. But anyway, I shall dedicate a post to the retards in general.

Hey retards! Thanks for being by my side always. Haha, although we will be in different classes from tomorrow onwards, but still, must keep in touch alright? =D I'll forever remember the times when we escaped from the evil clutches of Mrs Lee, how we laughed at each other when either one of us get caught by her, and how we go crazy over our various QADs, which I thought was pretty amusing! Oh yes, Gar Yim and Ying Ting, I'll never ever forget how you two ran away from LLM when we saw her coming out from the staff-room. We ran from the staff-room to the Biology labs. You two really owned, I swear! That was truly a classic move! ^^ And lol, I'll also never forget how Ying Ting screamed at the sight of LLM. xD Anyway, all the best ya? Retarded girl will never forget all of you! T_T 4Byzantine'08 ROCKS!!! RETARDED FAMILY ROCKS TOO!!! <3333333

And tada, I've finally completed my Commonwealth essay, although I've fallen short of the word limit. But heck! xD Naughty Zhi Yi has decided not to do her Commonwealth essay. Lol, if her teacher is really that scary GP teacher, she said that she will be very happy even if that teacher scolds her. Oh, and she'll do a very good job for her Commonwealth essay just for her. Damn you man. >.< But heehee, we better get the same GP teachers!! ^^

I wish all Secondary 4s of last year, ALL THE BEST to your "O" Level results, and yes, that includes me. >.<


Haiz, I went to cut my hair again. I don't think I'll want to keep long hair anymore. Tying my hair is really a hassle!! >.< But aigoo, my hair is quite screwed. So much for first day of school.

My Commonwealth essay has about 600 more words to go before I reach the word limit of 1400 words. That's almost as good as writing part of my CID report lor. ._. Haiz... I have only about 2 more days to complete that damn essay because I doubt I'll finish up my essay after I come back from orientationn. I'll be too tired I guess.

Yesterday's Iljimae episode was really very interesting!! But I hate the stupid Emperor (Not you lah, Zoenin!! *stares pervertly*)!! He purposely sent somebody to murder his official and made it looked as if he got himself into a hunting accident. Damn him, all because he wanted to prevent the official from revealing the truth of Iljimae's father's wrongful death to Iljimae. Idiot. Iljimae, you better go steal something from the Emperor soon!! ^^ I'll be supporting you!! 一枝梅! 一枝梅! 一枝梅! 一枝梅! 一枝梅是我们的王! =D Haha, just something random. I think I love Iljimae's foster mother! She's quite pretty actually!! xD 一片丹儿!! <33 Haiz, but I think I'll have to get ready to brawl my eyes out when I watch the next few episode of Iljimae. It's going to be damn sad, I know. T_T

Haha, Iljimae's foster father found out that his son was actually Iljimae himself, so he tied up Iljimae and hugged him to sleep!! ^^ I really love this 2 people, although they are not related by blood! But haiz, I think something sad will happen soon! T_T

I don't think I'll get the chance to chiong On Air, so I wanted to watch it today, but since my father was at home, I didn't get to watch it. T_T So now, I'm currently stuck at episode 11. Oh Seung-ah, the diva, is screwing things up for the whole TV crew as usual. -.-''' But from the preview that I've seen, I think I'm starting to like Cherry although she's under the evil manager. At least she dared to stand up to Seung-ah and tell her off for not taking the rehearsals seriously. Lol, the way Seung-ah read her lines in a monotonous voice really made me want to laugh! =D

The acting diva who can't act! o.O''' But I shall see a transformation in her very soon!! ^^

Aiyo, I think all the Korean dramas that I've watched are preparing for some mass crying sessions. -.-''' In every show I watch, one of the supporting characters whom I really like will surely die. Wah piang, my tears nearly flowed when I watched New Heart today. The way the grandmother died was really too... 冤枉了! She died not because she couldn't be saved. She died because of those stupid doctors' pride! Can you believe it?! Idiots lah! Stupid doctors who just want to show off... What live surgery with OPCAB... Patients are not for you to flaunt off your surgical skills lor. What the hell!! >.< OK, I'm really angry now because the grandmother really wanted to live a normal life, and she entrusted her life with a doctor who only wants to show off his skills to the rest of the country, hence, the surgery was broadcasted live throughout. Idiot. I still remembered how the grandmother was joking with Doctor Choi before her operation. Damn it. I hate those power-hungry doctors!! >=(

Haiyo, Doctor Choi should have strangled that bloody doctor lor!! Cut him up with your surgical knife!! >.< Stupid idiot... Now blaming my poor Lee Eun-sung for the failure of the surgery. Doctor Min should seriously go and die.

Haiz... On a more depressing note, school is about to start in about 2 days time for me. Gosh, I really don't know how I'm going to survive 2009. 2009 is certainly a year of uncertainties for me. >.< I want Chinese New Year to be here soon lah!! ='(


I watched until episode 7 of On Air today! I think I'll continue tomorrow!! ^^ This show really rocks! Heehee, Oh Seung-ah's ex-manager is really very evil... He forged her signature on another document, saying that she'll go film a movie so that the drama role can be given to Cherry, another artiste who is under his entertainment agency. Idiot. >=( But haiz... I think this is how show biz really works. T_T

The 4 main characters at the karaoke bar!! ^^

Sian... I'm still emo-ing over my new class. Haiz... I've lost my motivation for everything lah. >.< I'm not sure if my new classmates will be nice or not... I'm totally not looking forward to anything at all... My new class... The orientation... >.< I think I'm just an anti-social freak who doesn't enjoy mixing around with new people. I want 4B back!! ='(

Now, I sense that my Commonwealth essay is just a piece of shit that deserves to be dumped into the rubbish bin. And I sense that this blog post is rather meaningless too. Sian, I guess I should retire for now. Toodles~! o.O'''


Haiz... This year is really screwed. I know it. "O" level results will be released on 12th January, which is the first day of school for us Year 5 RVians. Great, what a way to start the new school term huh. -.-''' My Higher Chinese is gone-case... I can't bear to see the disappointment on the 强化班 teacher's face, and erm, to a lesser extent, on Mdm Zhang's face. As for Music, I don't really care much now. It's even more screwed than my Higher Chinese papers in my opinion. I'll be jumping for joy if I can get at least a B3 for Music, which is not very good. Those people who set exam papers should seriously go and die. *says it in 1.2's manner*

Anyway, thanks to Yi Jun, I managed to know who my form teacher is. Haha, since Yi Jun has proved himself to be worthy of whatever I ask from him, I shall refrain from calling him noobshit, for now. =D It just goes to show that he might be able to win the favour of 1.2!! ^^ If Maggie Mee is my form teacher, then I infer that she should be my Biology teacher, since Mrs Lim brought her into 4B to witness how she teached our Biology class last year. Mrs Lim did also say that Maggie Mee will be teaching Year 5 Biology. My form teacher should be her, I really hope. I have quite a good impression of Maggie Mee because she looks very nice and she looks like Bong Dal-hee in Surgeon Bong Dal-hee! xD I still want Ms Goh to teach me Chemistry, if not I consider half my JC life gone. o.O'''

Oh yes, my mother bought On Air!! That show is really good, I must say. Now I know why people were saying that the 2008 MBC Drama Awards was totally the real-life version of On Air. You know why? Because the 1st episode of On Air already showed Oh Seung-ah (acted by Kim Ha-neul) rejecting the Daesang because she had to shared it with another actor whose acting is way much better than hers. She didn't like it, so she made an announcement in front of all the audience, stating that she would reject the Daesang, since sharing of the Daesang would take away the prestige and worthiness of the prize itself. It's really deja vu lor... The netizens were all saying the same things that Oh Seung-ah said in On Air once they knew that there were 2 Daesang winners for the 2008 MBC Drama Awards last year. I thought that was really cool of her, but er... Her comments caused a huge uproar throughout the Korean entertainment scene. Anyway, On Air is actually a drama within a drama. It actually portrays how the Korean entertainment scene is like, from what we actually see on TV to the behind-the-scenes. And also, from the filming to how the various entertainment agencies fight it out to get the artistes who can attract a lot of money, the difficulties faced by the directors when one actor is being involved in a traffic accident and how the script-writer is being forced to write plots that cater to the audiences' whims and fancy so as to maintain good ratings. Kim Ha-neul is really very convincing as Oh Seung-ah, who is a very proud and haughty actress. Song Yoon-ah is also very good as a very proud script-writer who has wrote the script for 4 dramas that were a great hit. Park Yong-ha plays the director cum PD. Lee Beom-soo plays the role of Jang Ki-joon, who is the president of Jang Entertainment. In short, I think I love every main character in On Air. I love On Air! <3

Oh Seung-ah arriving at the SBC (LOL!) Drama Awards. This are really the scenes from On Air itself. =D

Oh Seung-ah rejecting her Daesang prize... O.O'''

Seo Young-eun, the script-writer who was supposed to present Oh Seung-ah the Daesang, now at a loss for words. o.O''' By the way, Young-eun isn't really on good terms with Seung-ah because the latter once snubbed her works.

The entertainment agency's president. Haha, Jang Ki-joon is played by Lee Beom-soo, who played Doctor Ahn Joong-geun in Surgeon Bong Dal-hee! I love him there and I love him here too!! xDD

Iljimae just blew me off just now. Iljimae is really damn cool lor! The commoners were gathering outside the Qing envoy's house because his son killed a girl while drink-riding on a horse. -.-''' They were angry that the son didn't want to apologise to the dead girl and her parents. They gathered outside his house and wanted to throw horse manure at the guards. Eun-chae's stupid father, who is an official, told the king that the commoners were preparing dry manure, which make a very good explosive, when in fact, the commoners merely wanted to throw wet manure at the guards for obstructing their path to the envoy's house. The king didn't want to hurt the commoners, but those stupid officials positioned archers outside the envoy's house and wanted to shoot the commoners. When the archers were about to shoot them, Iljimae suddenly appeared on the rooftop of the envoy's house, with the Qing envoy's son besides him, tied up. Damn cool lor! Iljimae is Korea's hero, and I think he's my hero too!! ^^ I love Iljimae!! <3 And erm, Iljimae's foster father finally found out that his foster son is really Iljimae himself. Lol, he's really so cute!! =D 一枝梅! 一枝梅! 一枝梅! 一枝梅! *chants like how the commoners did*

Iljimae, the super cool bandit cum hero!! <33333333333

Oh yes, I managed 700 words for my Commonwealth essay today, but I'm still not done. I'm super disgusted with my own essay that I feel like redoing the whole thing, yet I have no mood to do so. Sian... I'll be better off watching Iljimae, On Air, New Heart and writing essays about them rather than doing some crap essay that requires at least 1400 words. That's crazy, and so am I.


WAH PIANG! I DON'T BELIEVE IT! Mrs Lim is not only Lim Yi Jun, the noobshit's Biology teacher. SHE IS ALSO HIS CO-FORM TEACHER LEH~! O.O''' There is simply too many coincidence happening this year! >.< Heehee, there is a higher chance of our plan working in our way, Zhi Yi. xD YI JUN, WHINE MORE!! =D

And what the toot. I know which class I will be in already. I seriously want to cry lah. I don't really know anybody in that class, except for the few Shanghai people who are also in my class. But there's nobody from 4B'08 leh! T_T Zoey isn't in the same class as me anymore, although we are just neighbouring classes. Lol! Haiz, Jennie and Shi Xian (Liang) are also in the neighbouring class. >.< Die lah... All my friends are like... In the other classes?! I really don't know what to expect this year. Will 5B'09 still be as marvellous as 4B'08?? =( Nobody in my new class knows anything about my QADs, so I can't possibly go high over QADs with a bunch of strangers. >.< I feel so pessimistic all of a sudden. Anyway, I've asked Yi Jun to help me check who will be my form teacher this year, so I hope he doesn't forget, if not I'll whack him upside-down. -.-'''

Doing the damn Commonwealth essay only fueled my bad mood even more. I wondered why I even bother touching it. Maybe it's due to fear of my future GP teacher (hope it's her! o.O''') that I don't dare to be up to anything naughty, for now. Haiz... It's only 6 days into the new year, yet why do I feel as if the world has come crashing down onto me?? =(


Haha, today is such a memorable day! I watched Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea today at Cineleisure with Hui En. It is really a very nice movie although it is cartoon and supposedly kiddy. Ponyo is really cute, but lol, the way it/she looked when she was half a gold-fish and half a human is well, really grosteque. Lol, she had chicken feet for both her hands and legs. What the hell?! O.O''' But yeah, I must say it's a very well-made movie. Touching, yet funny. I especially love the ending credits page where they played the theme song of the movie (The one you keep hearing on Channel U lmao!) and they really had very cute icons and graphics beside everybody's name. ^^ I totally love this movie!! =D Anyway, since the song is so cute, I've decided to post the lyrics here so that I can learn the lyrics and irritate everybody when I go back to school. -.-''' Anyway, credits go to this person here.

Lyrics (Romaji):
Ponyo Ponyo Ponyo sakana no ko
Aoi umi kara yatte kita
Ponyo Ponyo Ponyo fukurannda
Manmaru onaka no onna no ko
Peta-peta pyon-pyon
Asitte iina kakechao
Otetewa iina tunaijao

Anoko to haneru to kokoro mo odoruyo
Paku-paku chu-gyu, paku-paku chu-gyu
Anoko ga daisuki

Makkakka no Ponyo Ponyo Ponyo sakana no ko
Aoi umi kara yatte kita
Ponyo Ponyo Ponyo fukurannda
Manmaru onaka no onna no ko

Lyrics (English):
Ponyo Ponyo Ponyo, it’s a fish kid
It came from the blue ocean
Ponyo Ponyo Ponyo,
She is a round bellied girl
Peta-peta pyon-pyon
How nice to have feet! I’ll try to run!
How nice to have hands! I’ll try to hold hands with!

When I jump with her, my heart dances along
Paku-paku chu-gyu, paku-paku chu-gyu
I love her so much!

Ponyo Ponyo Ponyo, it’s a fish kid in red
It came from the blue ocean
Ponyo Ponyo Ponyo,
She is a round bellied girl

Lyrics (Hiragana):
あおい うみから やってきた
まんまる おなかの おんなのこ

あしって いいな かけちゃお
おてては いいな、つないじゃお

あのこと はねると こころも おどるよ
あのこが だいすき

まっかっかの ポニョ、ポニョ、ポニョ、さかなのこ
あおい うみから やってきた
まんまる おなかの おんなのこ

After the movie, Hui En and I decided to lag for awhile before we headed to the airport, so she brought me to Sol Mart, which is a mini supermarket that sells authentic Korean stuff! Wow! It was really the first time I went to such a supermarket although I know there's one at West Mall. I just don't have the time and energy to go there despite it being rather near my house. -.-''' Anyway, I spent $11.30 altogether!! >.< I feel that the ice-cream, although very nice, is quite expensive. It cost $1.60! >.< And hoho, we were really served by real Koreans, not some PRCs... I got a soda + vanilla ice bar while Hui En got the apple + strawberry ice pop. Haha, and ice-creams kept dripping as we made our way out of Orchard Cineleisure. Lol, that goes to show how hot Singapore's weather is. The ice-cream I ate in Shanghai didn't melt at all lor... -.-'''

Our ice-cream. The one on the left is my soda + vanilla ice bar while the one on the right is Hui En's apple + strawberry ice pop. ^^

Hui En holding the 2 ice-creams. xD

After walking some distance to find bus 36 that would bring us to the airport, we finally found the bus stop. Lucky us. But we waited quite a long time for the bus leh. I nearly died from the heat which was radiating from everywhere. -.-'''

In bus 36... On the way to the airport. I don't know why, but haha, I love this stretch of road. It really gives me the very tranquil feeling... *dreams* Oh yes, please ignore the ez-link card reader. *off to dreamland again*

Anyway, our bus trip to the airport was pretty nostalgic. Haiz, we kept talking about our Biology teacher (Guess who? xD) and our own classes. I really miss 1.2 leh!! T_T We miss how she cracked lame jokes, miss her motherly voice, miss everything about her lah!! ='( Aiyo, I really feel like crying when I think about all these. No more 1.something(s) this year, what should I do?! 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3, you'll be dearly missed by me, really! And hoho, it's rare that Hui En has taken a liking to 1.1. O.O''' I'm really quite surprised, but that's a good sign. =D Anyway, enough of these decimals talk. We had lunch at Kopitiam and saw many SIA cabin crew members, but we hadn't plucked up the courage to ask them to take a photo with us, so uh... We resorted to acting like some media paparazzi. -.-'''

Can you spot the cabin crew having their lunch? xD

Hmm, please ignore the poor auntie who got dragged into this picture. Do you see anybody?? xDD

Anyway, after lagging around the airport for a very long time, we finally worked up our courage to ask the SIA air stewardesses to take a photo with us. Lol, I was pretty serious about the no-photos-with-SIA-people-no-going-home "rule". ^^ More photos! =D

Me with a Singapore Girl... Woohoo, she's a leading stewardess leh!! =DD She's super friendly lor! She agreed to taking a photo with us almost immediately, unlike the previous one. -.-'''

Me with another Singapore Girl!! =D Very friendly too!! ^^

Hui En and the same Singapore Girl whom I posed with!! ^^

Oh yes, our adventure in Changi Airport concluded with us getting well-deserved drinks from Coffee Bean! <3 Lol, Hui En is addicted to her Mocca Ice-Blended with Whipped Cream. xD After that, we went to another place, but err, it's not convenient to post it here. We were all up to something very naughty. *sniggers*

Haiz... I should end off for now. I better get started on my Commonwealth essay tomorrow, which I have finally decided to do... *groans*


Haha, I've changed my blogskin! This is actually another blogskin done by me. However, I feel that the previous one is nicer in terms of design, but this blogskin is much neater. I suddenly had the thought to change my blogskin because I don't know who, but some people has been typing in "scary things" (hint hint, it's something from school) into search engines like Google and Yahoo and they end up on my blog. Lol, I can't guarantee that those people who typed those words in aren't adults *stares pervertly (Stupid Emperor influenced me -.-''') hard at some people*, so instead of deleting my blog (because I still need to make money!!), I've decided to revamp my blog in hope of them forgetting what they've seen, although this is not entirely possible. >.<

Anyway, I think I really enjoy New Heart more and more! Especally cute Ji Sung and cool Jo Jae-hyun! <33 Now I know why I wanted to study Medicine. It's because of these Korean medical dramas that influence me into thinking that being in the ER or doing auto-transplantation, MIDCAB or treating a patient who has just suffered a ventricular tachycardia (V-Tach) are really cool! ^^ Lol, but I don't think I can take it if a patient dies in my hands, which is really inevitable if you're in the line of Medicine. 我没有正确的心态, so heehee, I think I'll be better off working for Changi Airport or SIA. ^^

Oh yes, I'm going to watch Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea with Hui En tomorrow. Afterwhich, we'll go to the airport for fun!! ^^ Lalala, and we're not allowed to go home until we have taken pictures with the SIA cabin crew members. How's that? ;)


Heehee, I was chatting on MSN nearly the whole night with Lim Yi Jun, the stupid noobshit, and walao, I can't believe he got MRS LIM as his BIOLOGY teacher leh!! *screams* Wah piang... And hohoho, Zoenin Ang, the very clever Emperor (Eh 皇上, are you reading this?! 小的在夸你 leh!), is in the same class as that noobshit, which means that MRS LIM *high liao* will be her Biology teacher too! <3 Wahaha, I'm now waiting for the rest of the juniors to come online so that I know who their teachers are and start telling them horror stories. xD But according to that noobshit, the scariest teacher in RV doesn't seem to be teaching their level, so don't tell me she will be teaching the Year 1s ah... They confirm leave RV the next day I tell you. -.-''' Of course, there is a higher chance of that teacher teaching the Year 4s, but I like to dream of the fact that she can terrorise that stupid noobshit. Unfortunately, in this case, this isn't true. >.< That noobshit has too tame a Physics teacher for him. o.O''' Lol, Zhi Yi and I can imagine Yi Jun whining in front of the scariest teacher in RV, and this should incur peals of laughter from us should this really happens. xD Never mind... Yi Jun can start whining in front of Mrs Lim! ^^ Eh boy boy, you must do what we tell you alright, and hmm, you should report to us everytime you see us hor, if not we won't let you off, CLARITY?! Hmm, so from now on, we should start hand-picking Yi Jun's QADs and start training him how to be more crazy like us. I wish Yi Jun and Zoenin good luck with their new teacher (^^!) and I wish 1.2 good luck with my cranky Klarinutz juniors! <3


Anyway, haha, I've dragged this for quite some time already. I shall now post the winners of the 2008 KBS Drama Awards here! ^^ Credits go to dramabeans, and as usual, me, for editing.

Kim Hye-ja (Mom’s Dead Upset)

Top Excellence Award

Song Il-kook (Kingdom of the Wind)

Kim Ji-soo (Women in the Sun)

Excellence (Miniseries)

Jung Jin-young (Kingdom of the Wind)

Lee Ha-na (Women in the Sun)

Weekly Drama

Lee Won-jong (Great King Sejong)

Lee Yoon-ji (Great King Sejong)

Daily Drama

Lee Pil-mo (You’re My Destiny)

Kim Jung-nan (You’re My Destiny)

Supporting Award

Kim Yong-gun (Mom’s Dead Upset), Eom Ki-joon (The World They Live In)

Bae Jong-ok (The World They Live In)

Newcomer Award

Jung Kyeo-woon (Women in the Sun)

Yoon-ah (You’re My Destiny)

Popularity Award

Jang Geun-seok (Hong Gil Dong)

Jang Mi-hee (Mom’s Dead Upset), Sung Yu-ri (Hong Gil Dong)

Young Star Award

Lee Hyun-woo (Great King Sejong)

Shim Eun-kyung (Women in the Sun)

Special Drama/One-Act Drama Award

Yoon Hee-seok (TV Literature - Spring Spring Spring)

Park Min-young (Hometown of Legends)

Best Couple Award
Kim Yong-gun & Jang Mi-hee (Mom’s Dead Upset)
Song Il-kook & Choi Jung-won (Kingdom of the Wind)
Kang Ji-hwan & Sung Yu-ri (Hong Gil Dong)

Netizen Award
Kang Ji-hwan (Hong Gil Dong), Yoon-ah (You’re My Destiny)

Lifetime Achievement Award
Yoo Chul-joo, lighting director

Friendship Award
Lee Hyo-jung

Special Award
Samhwa Neworks CEO Shin Hyun-taek (Mom’s Dead Upset)

Haha, I shall just post one picture here!

Congratulations, Kim Hye-ja! Haha, I've seen her in other Korean dramas like Since I Met You and hoho, she's the grandmother in Goong! Wow! 4 times Daesang winner already! Keep it up!! ^^ Another Daesang and you'll be on par with the legendary Go Doo-shim (5 times Daesang winner). Aja aja hwaiting!! <3333

I'm sorry, but haha, I'm feeling lazy, so I won't upload the pictures here bah. As usual, for more red-carpet pictures, click here. For more award pictures from the official KBS website, please click here wait for a moment. It looks like they haven't uploaded it yet. xD


Haha! Since I have nothing to do now, I shall post up the list of winners for the 2008 SBS Drama Awards. xD Credits to kdramafanusa for the list and to me for the editing.

Moon Geun-young 문근영 (Painter Of The Wind 바람의 화원)


Actor (남자):
Lee Joon-ki 이준기 (Iljimae 일지매)

Actress (여자):
Song Yoon-ah 송윤아 (On Air 온에어)
Kim Ha-neul 김하늘 (On Air 온에어)


Actor (남자):
Ahn Nae-sang 안내상 (First Wives Club 조강지처 클럽)

Actress (여자):
Kim Hye-seon 김혜선 (First Wives Club 조강지처 클럽)
Oh Hyun-kyung 오현경 (First Wives Club 조강지처 클럽)


Actor (남자):
Jang Hyuk 장혁 (Tazza 타짜)

Actress (여자):
Han Ye-seul 한예슬 (Tazza 타짜)


Actor (남자):
Park Yong-ha 박용하 (On Air 온에어)

Actress (여자):
Choi Kang-hee 최강희 (My Sweet Seoul 달콤한 나의 도시)


Actor (남자):
Lee Sang-woo 이상우 (First Wives Club 조강지처클럽)
Lee Kye-in 이계인 (I Am Happy 행복합니다)
Yoon Young-joon 윤영준 (Daughter-In-Law 며느리와 며느님)
Lee Han-wi 이한위 (Glass Castle / City Of Glass 유리의 성)

Actress (여자):
Ha Joo-hee 하주희 (Aquarius 물병자리)
Kim Hee-jung 김희정 (First Wives Club 조강지처 클럽)
Kim Yeon-joo 김연주 (Daughter-In-Law 며느리와 며느님)
Park Won-sook 박원숙 (Glass Castle / City Of Glass 유리의 성)


Actor (남자):
Kim Kap-soo 김갑수 (Tazza 타짜)
Jin Goo 진구 (Tokyo Sun Shower 도쿄 여우비)
Won Ki-joon 원기준 (Gourmet 식객)
Son Hyun-joo 손현주 (Tazza 타짜)

Actress (여자):
Kang Sung-yeon 강성연 (Tazza 타짜)
Kim So-yeon 김소연 (Gourmet 식객)
Kim Ae-kyung 김애경 (Gourmet 식객)
Jo Mi-ryung 조미령 (Iljimae 사랑해)


Actor (남자):
Ahn Kil-kang 안길강 (Iljimae 일지매)
Ryu Seung-ryong 류승룡 (Painter Of The Wind 바람의 화원)
Lee Hyung-cheol 이형철 (On Air 온에어)
Lee Moon-shik 이원종 (Iljimae 일지매)

Actress (여자):
Kim Sung-ryung 김성령 (Iljimae 일지매)
Moon Jung-hee 문정희 (My Sweet Seoul 달콤한 나의 도시)
Kim Ja-ok 김자옥 (Working Mom 워킹맘)
Hong Ji-min 홍지민 (On Air 온에어)


Actor (남자):
Yeo Jin-goo 여진구 (Iljimae 일지매, Tazza 타자, Gourmet 식객)

Actress (여자):
Kim Yoo-jung 김유정 (Painter Of The Wind 바람의 화원)

PD AWARD (프로듀서상)
Bong Tae-gyu 봉태규 (Working Mom 워킹맘)
Moon Jung-hee 문정희 (My Sweet Seoul 달콤한 나의 도시, Daughter-In-Law 며느리와 며느님)

TOP 10 STAR AWARD (10대 스타상)
Park Yong-ha 박용하 (On Air 온에어)
Kim Rae-won 김래원 (Gourmet 식객)
Lee Joon-ki 이준기 (Iljimae 일지매)
Oh Hyun-kyung 오현경 (First Wives Club 조강지처 클럽)
Ahn Nae-sang 안내상 (First Wives Club 조강지처 클럽)
Song Yoon-ah 송윤아 (On Air 온에어)
Kim Ha-neul (On Air 온에어)
Moon Geun-young 문근영 (Painter Of The Wind 바람의 화원)
Jang Hyuk 장혁 (Tazza 타짜)
Han Ye-seul 한예슬 (Tazza 타짜)

Ji Hyun-woo 지현우 (My Sweet Seoul 달콤한 나의 도시)
Im Jung-eun 임정은 (Aquarius 물병자리)
Lee Sang-woo 이상우 (First Wives Club 조강지처 클럽)
Cha Ye-ryun 차예련 (Working Mom 워킹맘)
Lee Joon-hyuk 이준혁 (First Wives Club 조강지처 클럽)
Han Hyo-joo 한효주 (Iljimae 일지매)
Ha Sook-jin 하석진 (I Am Happy 행복합니다)
Yoon So-yi 윤소이 (City Of Glass 유리의 성)
Chae Young-in 채영인 (Lure Of Wife 아내의 유혹)
Bae Soo-bin 배수빈 (Painter Of The Wind 바람의 화원)
Moon Chae-won 문채원 (Painter Of The Wind 바람의 화원)

Lee Joon-ki 이준기 (Iljimae 일지매)

Moon Geun-young 문근영 & Moon Chae-won 문채원 (Painter Of The Wind 바람의 화원)

Olive 9 올리브나인 (대표 고대화)

Writer Moon Young-nam 문영남 (First Wives Club 조강지처 클럽)

Do Ki-seok 도기석 (Iljimae 일지매)

Congratulations Moon Geun-young, for winning the Daesang! Wow, only 21 years old and already a Daesang winner! Haha, the youngest Daesang winner in history! Pure coolness!! <3

Lee Joon-ki getting a congratulatory handshake from his foster dad in Iljimae! xD

Lee Joon-ki giving his acceptance speech after winning the Top Excellence Award! ^^

The 2 Top Excellence Award winners from On Air, Song Yoon-ah and Kim Ha-neul! <3

Hmm, that should be about all, I guess. If you want to see more pictures from the red carpet, click here. For more pictures from the official SBS website, click here.


2008! A year in which I had my ups and downs. I was utterly horrified with my Term 1 results, in which I got my lowest GPA in my 4 years of RV. I thought I couldn't survive that year, but I did. Thank goodness! =) It was also the year when I had really great teachers who really motivated me to study and mug hard for their subjects. I guess I really owe that to 2nd, 3rd and 4th QADs. Thank you very much!! You'll be dearly missed by me!! >.< Although you will not be teaching me next year, but still, I really thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for being such good and cranky teachers! xD You really brighten up my day and made my school life much more enjoyable! <3

It was also the year when I finally bade farewell to Klarinutz and my beloved clarinet. I miss the people in Klarinutz very much. I really missed the times when we went high over QADs together and talking about scary teachers, but I guess that the time has come for me to take a break from music. T_T It is something I have not looked back since then.

However, there are also things that I really regret. I regret not taking up the chance when I was offered it. Had I took up the chance, would I still be the me I am today? Had I took up the chance, I would not be fretting over my decision that made me think that it was the biggest mistake I made that year. Had I not passed up that chance, I wouldn't be moaning and fretting over it during the last few hours of year 2008.

It is scary to think how people change for a certain thing, but if that chance comes to me next year, I will not pass it up. I may have to sacrifice my own pride or whatsoever, but I think my future will be better and more secured when I have it within my grasp.

Bye bye 2008. And hello 2009! ^^