OH-MY-GOODNESS-ME!! I STILL DON'T BELIEVE IT!! It's a SHARED DAESANG between Kim Myeong-min and Song Seung-heon. Never in the history of MBC, never in their 47 years have they given 2 Daesangs in one award ceremony. Oh my god... I still cannot believe it!! >.< SBS has given out 2 Daesangs for 3 times, but at least each of the Daesangs went to the actor and actress. o.O''' Actually, I'll feel better if only one Daesang is given. I'm happy that Kim Myeong-min has gotten it. At least that goes to show MBC finally recognises him for his acting talent. I have no complaints that Song Seung-hoon gets it too, since I like him in East of Eden. Heehee. But uh, lol, nearly all the Top Excellence Award nominees got either the Top Excellence Award or the Daesang. O.O''' Anyway, the list of winners are below. Credits go to CindyW88 of the Soompi forum. ^^

Grand Award (대상)

Kim Myeong-min (김명민) - "Beethovan Virus (베토벤 바이러스)"
Song Seung-heon (송승헌) - "East of Eden (에덴의 동쪽)"

Top Excellence Award (최우수상)

Jo Jae-hyun (조재현) – "New Heart (뉴하트)"
Jung Joon-ho (정준호) - "The Last Scandal of My Life (내 생애 마지막 스캔들)"

Lee Mi-sook (이미숙) – "East of Eden (에덴의 동쪽)"
Bae Jong-ok (배종옥) – "The Unique Park Jung Geum (천하일색 박정금)"

Excellence Award (우수상)

Jo Min-ki (조민기) - "East of Eden (에덴의 동쪽)"
Lee Dong-gun (이동건) - "Every Night (밤이면 밤마다)"

Moon So-ri (문소리) - "The Golden Age of My Life (내 인생의 황금기)"
Han Ji-hye (한지혜) - "East of Eden (에덴의 동쪽)"

Newcomer Award (신인상)

Park Hae-jin (박해진) - "East of Eden (에덴의 동쪽)"
Jang Geun-seok (장근석) - "Beethovan Virus (베토벤 바이러스)"

Lee So-yeon (이소연) - "The Golden Age of My Life (내 인생의 황금기)"
Lee Yeon-hee (이연희) - "East of Eden (에덴의 동쪽)"

Best Drama Award (올해 드라마상):
"Beethoven Virus (베토벤 바이러스)"

Golden Performance Award (황금연기자상):

Mini Series category (미니시리즈):
Ji Sung, Kim Ming-jung (지성, 김민정)

Soap Opera category (연속극):
Park Geun-hyung, Hong Eun-hee (박근형, 홍은희)

Supporting actor/actress category (조연연기자):
Park Chul-min, Shin Eun-jung (박철민, 신은정)

Nucleus actor/actress category (중견연기자):
Yoo Dong-geun, Song Ok-sook (유동근, 송옥숙)

Young actor/actress Awards (아역상):
Nam Ji-hyun, Park Gun-tae, Shin Dong-woo (남지현, 박건태, 신동우)

Awards from PD (PD 상):
Lee Soon-jae, Yeon Jung-hoon (이순재, 연정훈)

Family Award (가족상):
Daily Drama - "I Love You; Please Don’t Cry" (일일드라마 '사랑해 울지마')

Merit Award (공로상):
Choi Jin-shil

Netizen Awards (네티즌 선정):
Popularity Award: Song Seung-heon, Lee Yeon-hee (송승헌, 이연희)
Best Couple Award: Song Seung-heon, Lee Yeon-hee (송승헌, 이연희)

My pretty Lee Yeon-hee receiving her prize and giving her acceptance speech!! ^^ Chiobu!! <3

Song Seung-heon and Lee Yeon-hee receiving their Best Couple Award!! ^^ 3 cheers for the both of them!! <33333 Dong-chul and Young-ran FOR THE WIN!! =D

Park Geun-hyun aka Min Hye-rin's father receiving his prize!

Heehee, this is Shin Eun-jung receiving her prize. Haha, she is Nurse Yoo Mi-ae/Rebecca in East of Eden. xD

Yoo Dong-geun receiving his prize! ^^ Hello, President Gook!! o.O''' Haha, my darling Young-ran's father!! =)

Beautiful Lee Yeon-hee! I totally love her dress!! =D

Jo Min-ki aka evil Shin Tae-hwan! xD Haha, but he looks quite fatherly here. He doesn't have the evil look when he wear speactacles. ^^

Shin Eun-jung (Nurse Yoo Mi-ae) and Park Sung-woong (Hye-rin's stalker). Haha, they are actually husband and wife in real life. o.O'''

My handsome oppa, Song Seung-heon!! ^^

Kim Myeong-min receiving the Best Drama Award for Beethoven Virus.

Han Ji-hye (Kim Ji-hyun in East of Eden) receiving her Excellence Award! ^^

Lee Joon-ki (Last year's Excellence Award winner) giving Jo Min-ki his prize. ;)

Jo Min-ki receiving his Excellence Award! ^^

Kim Myeong-min and Yoon Eun-hye (Last year's Top Excellence Award winners) preparing to give the Top Excellence Awards to the recipients.

Lee Mi-sook (Dong-chul's mother in East of Eden) giving her acceptance speech after winning the Top Excellence Award.

The child actors of East of Eden. ^^ A pity there's no Kim Bum!! T_T

Ji Sung receiving his prize for his role in New Heart! I totally love him man! <3

Park Chul-min receiving his prize for New Heart and Beethoven Virus. xDD He was really super funny in New Heart! Love him too!! ^^

Jo Jae-hyun giving his acceptance speech after winning the Top Excellence Award! ^^ I totally love him as the very stubborn head of the Thoracic department!! I love him super very much, after Lee Eun-sung of course!! ^^ He's my next favourite character in New Heart!! =D

Heehee, the 2 surgeons...

Kim Min-jung giving her acceptance speech after winning for her role in New Heart. =)

Kim Myeong-min and Song Seung-heon posing together after winning the Daesang together! xD

The winners of East of Eden posing together with Kim Myeong-min. xD

Hmm, I guess that's all for today. If you want more red carpet pictures, please click here. If you want pictures from the official MBC website itself, please click here.


Haha! I cam back from 4B's class chalet yesterday! At first, it was supposed to be a 2D1N chalet since that was what we all agreed on, but after that, Jun Wen said that Mr Liu booked wrongly and booked a 3D2N one instead. I still decided to leave on the second day still. Afterwards, I found most of my friends online yesterday night and found out that they got chased out. -.-'''

Anyway, yesterday's chalet was quite fun because we kept playing cards and mahjong. Haha, I played 24 rounds of mahjong!! ^^ I 胡-ed normally about 4 times (only! =(), 自摸-ed 2 times, fought with Gar Yim to win for 2 consecutive times and I forgot what else I did. xD BBQ food was good, I must say. ^^ The honey-glazed chicken wings are really very nice!! =D I like the honey-glazed sausages too although the honey-glazed crabsticks tasted disgusting. =X We played mahjong until around 12 am then we lagged around. Some of us started to sleep. At around 4 am, Gar Yim and I felt so hungry that we decided to go out and buy something back. Along the way, we met Victoria, Hui Xian, Mei Jie, Yanni, Charlene, Wei Kai and found that they wanted to go Pasir Ris Park to watch the sunrise. Gar Yim and I wanted to go along too, but it was too dark and dangerous for us, so we decided not to go in the end. We ate our cup noodles and decided to go to McDonald's to see if we could spot any familiar faces there. We saw Jun Wen and Kian Fong having their morning breakfast and they decided to go to Pasir Ris Park with us to watch the sunrise. We finally met the previous group of people. Lol, so there were 10 of us who went to the seaside and watch the sunrise. We were disappointed lah, because we waited up till 6.30 am, yet we couldn't see the sun. We saw flashes of lightning instead. -.-''' But haha, my consolation was that, I saw many aeroplanes landing at Changi Airport. ^^ After returning to the chalet, Gar Yim, Yanni, Michelle and I decided to leave. I wanted to go to the airport, but I was too tired, so we all decided to take a taxi home. It really started raining after that, so I was glad that I didn't go to the airport. xD

I reached home, bathed and started sleeping throughout. xD

Anyway, here are some pictures.

4B playing mahjong!! ^^

Yanni and Zoey!! =D

Zoey and I!! ;)

Charlene and Gar Yim!! ^^

Haha, my mahjong tiles. I can open a bird park with these birds with me. xD

One of my winning combination!! ^^

Our BBQ pit!

The boys handling the BBQ pit.

Our food and utensils.

Zoey, Cassandra and I peeling the leaves off the corn combs. o.O'''

That's us posing to the camera! ^^

Jun Wen passing the corns to me, and erm, that's Michelle looking a tad retarded. xD

Another retarded picture of a retarded girl! ^^

The rest of 4B inside the chalet room palying games. And lol, what's Wei Kai doing? o.O'''

BBQ pit again!

That's me playing with the sotong balls! xD

Michelle Pan, there's no use trying to avoid the camera you know... -.-'''

Michelle and Gar Yim. xD

Haha, look at the sausages... Yum yum!! =D

Zoey and I posing with the food! xD

We went back to playing mahjong after that. Haha, this is my winning combination. Aiyah, the 一二三 combination is fake, but the rest of them are truly mine. Mei Jie said that this combination will allow me to win a lot of money. Too bad we weren't playing with money at that time. T_T

Guess who is this? xD

I think that's all for my post on 4Byzantine's class chalet... Anyway, if you want more pictures, just go to 4B's Photobucket account for more!! ^^


Haha, I've just finished watching episode 25 and 26 of East of Eden. Oh man, I really love the ending of episode 26 and the preview for episode 27! No wonder I like watching East of Eden lmao! xDD Although I'm pretty saddened by the news that Lee Da-hae will be quitting East of Eden, but hmm, that goes to show that there is a higher chance of Dong-chul ending up with Young-ran, which is what I really want to see. ^^

My pretty, pretty Young-ran! I can't stand it... Why is she so pretty?! xD Dong-chul and Young-ran, ALL THE WAY!!! =D

Anyway, I went to East Coast Park with my mother and sister. Haha, we cycled from East Coast Park all the way to Changi Beach leh! Oh man, my whole body really aches like crazy now!! >.< It' really a very long cycle! But I really love that experience, although I have no wish to repeat it! o.O''' It was good because we cycled past the runway of Changi Airport. Gosh, and I saw planes flying just above my head!! What's more, 4 SIA planes just flew over my head, and walao, I could see the SIA logo super clearly! It was as if the plane was right beside me!! @_@ Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures of the planes flying above my head. 4 chances, yet my mum blew them all because she refused to take out her handphone and help me take a picture. Thanks ah... >.< But still, it was nice seeing those aeroplanes taking off or touching down at Changi Airport. I totally love it!! ^^

View of Changi Airport. ^^

SIA plane getting ready for take-off!! =D

I love this picture the most!! <33 A SIA plane in the midst of taking-off... A pity I wasn't able to capture the tail completely. >.<

Planes in the sky!! ^^ These are taken at East Coast Park I think...

Oo... Look at the overcats sky in East Coast Park... O.O'''

After a while, the sky cleared up, and what I got was a beautiful sunset! ^^

Haha, I seriously think that the uncle who rented out the bikes to us is really very nice! ^^ We exceeded our rental time by 3 hours, yet he only charged us 1 hour for it. He's really very nice! Haha, if you ever go to East Coast Park, go to chalet F13 and rent the bikes from him!! =)

After night fell, we went over to Changi Airport for dinner!! <33 Haha, I saw all 4 uniforms of the SIA stewardess, from the most junior to the highest-ranked stewardess! <3 And wow, I actually saw the stewards and pilots too!! ^^ The pilots that I saw looked really cool! But I don't understand why they took off their ties and ranks. o.O''' And hohoho, I think the steward who was queueing behind my mother for drinks was actually on either SQ 836 or SQ 831. He looked super familiar. xDD My mum totally couldn't understand why I go crazy over the SIA cabin crew and the airport. ^^ Oh well, when she is as crazy as me, she'll know. xD

Oh ya, tomorrow is 4B's class chalet, so I don't think I'll be updating until I come back!! So long!! ^^