Secret mission to...


Tomorrow is the day. Today is my last night in Singapore. Lol, so I better treasure the time I have with my bed before I'm off to Shanghai. Haha, my luggage is now about 70% packed. I'm already careful enough not to bring in any metal things which might set off the metal detector. I still remembered that before I boarded the plane to New Zealand, one man nearly got arrested because the metal detector was emmiting some siren. It turned out that there were coins in his pocket. Damn lame lah! -.-''' I think my handphone will set off the metal detector, because it is totally made of metal. Walao... I don't want to get arrested leh... T_T

Anyway, today's trip to Changi Airport was pretty amusing. Firstly, I nearly got arrested by the airport guards who were patrolling the airport with guns (OMG!) because I think I looked like a suspicious person. Lol, I was sitting near Coffee Bean and SMS-ing Shi Xian (Liang) when they walked past. They stared at me for a very long time, so I stared back at them. >.< Lol, they finally walked away after that. -.-''' Secondly, I managed to keep my identity under wraps for quite a long time before Shi Xian finally exposed me. o.O''' Apparently, nobody recognised me, not when I'm having my shades on and spotting a new hairstyle. Even my class boys couldn't recognised me. -.-''' At that time, only Zhi Yi and Shi Xian knew that it was me, because I went over and said "Hi!" to them. >.< Haha, many Qingdao people looked at me and wondered who I am. Lol! Don't think I don't know ah, because even though they can't see me looking straight at them, I was still looking at them. xD Anyway, I saw many air stewardesses, stewards and pilots walking together. I think it's damn cool lah! I totally went high over them and dragged Zhi Yi with me so that we could stalk them. LMAO! Just joking lah!! xDD Haha, Shi Xian said LLM was totally staring at me. I tell you, it's damn funny lah! Her head totally turned and moved in my direction as I ran past her!! xD Lol, many people think that I go gaga over air stewardesses because I want to be one next time, but actually, this isn't all that true. I go crazy over them because I like the environment they are working in, which is of course, the airport! <3 I totally like the way they walk in some order and march walk into the departure hall. It's really very cool! ^^ I swear I'm going to be some airport personel one day! =D Anyway, I think there are many SQ flights today, because I saw many head stewardesses walking around. Oh ya, I spotted a group of pilots too! They really looked super cool!! ^^

Haha, after that, when it was time for the Qingdao people to check-in their luggage, I accompanied Shi Xian to check-in her luggage. That was when my identity got exposed. >.< LLM suddenly asked "Who's that girl in sunglasses? Is she in our group or in the other group (Another tour group which was besides us)?" Haha, I pretended not to hear that. Mr Chen also asked who's that girl, which is obviously me lah right. Lol, Shi Xian ended up telling him who I am, and Mr Chen's reaction is damn funny lah. He was totally like, "HUH?! IT'S -my name- AH?! ARE YOU SURE?! -my name-, IS THAT YOU?" and was trying to see through my sunglasses lor. o.O''' Walao, I wore my shades so that I don't draw too much attention to myself and find myself answering questions on why I was in the airport. It ended up that I drew more attention to myself because of Mr Chen's outburst. ._. LLM confirms know it's me liao lah. Damn it... I was cursing throughout because I felt damn paiseh... o.O''' Lol, Madeline thought that I was Shi Xian's elder sister or something. She didn't think that it was me. xD I think it's really cool. Almost everybody got fooled. ^^

Oh ya, I saw the Qingdao people posing for some group photo outside the departure hall and carrying a very big banner featuring RV's name and where they are going to. Walao, I think it's damn gay lah. I hope we don't have to pose like them tomorrow. @_@

Anyway, I can't post pictures today, because the pictures are in Zhi Yi's and Shi Xian's cameras. I won't be getting it until they return to Singapore on the 2nd December. Lol, they should be reaching Shanghai's Pudong Internationl Airport soon before sitting another plane to Qingdao. Hopefully, I'll enjoy my trip to Shanghai. Yeah, I hope Pudong International Airport has good facilities and nice Christmas decorations for me to take pictures of. I'm not too worried about how Shanghai will look like at night, because from the pictures I've seen, the skyline of Shanghai at night is really stunning! xD

上海,我们明晚见! =D Till then...


Yay! 2 more days and I'll be totally out of Singapore! ^^ I'm super duper excited, but lol, I haven't finish packing my luggage. o.O''' Sian lah... I really don't know what to put inside. I'm still pretty confused about the things that I'm not supposed to bring. >.<

Haha, I think half of my luggage space is taken up by food! Lol, I will be bringing along with me 4 cup noodles, 1 packet of Meiji Strawberry Gummy Chocolate, 1 packet of Hershey's Cookies & Cream Chocolate, 2 packets of Glico Milk Pocky Sticks, 1 whole packet of biscuits (My mum hid it, so I can't find it anywhere! o.O''') and 1 whole packet of Hershey's Grape-flavoured Marshmallow Chocolates. Lmao! My mum said that I bought them as if there's no food in China. Lol, the truth is, I don't want to die of food poisoning there! I still have a lot of things to accomplish you know. -.-''' Oh yeah, not to mention that I will be bringing along with me many types of medicine, especially those for stomachache and diarrhea. o.O''' I'm definitely not taking any chances! ^^

Today's lunch at Crystal Jade Restaurant was really sumptious and good! I never had such good food for such a long time! =D Many thanks to my Grandma for treating me! Haha, she treated me because I'll be going away to Shanghai. Haha, dimsum is still eaten best at Crystal Jade! I totally love their prawn dumplings (har gau), spare-ribs (pai guat) and prawn + pork dumplings (siew mai)! =D Their century egg porridge rocks too! <33 Haha, but I feel quite sorry for my Grandma, because she bombed nearly $85 just on lunch alone. Oops!! >.<

Lol, now there's news that Cadbury's Boost contains plastic in it. -.-''' Toot, luckily I never buy that, although I really nearly bought it. I was at NTUC when I saw the Cadbury counter there. I nearly picked up Boost when I suddenly thought of my teeth breaking into pieces when I bite into it, so I quickly put it down and picked up Hershey's Cookies & Cream Chocolates instead. Phew... o.O'''

Anyway, I should sleep early tonight! ^^ Haha, I'll be sending off the Qingdao people, but not without my shades on hahaha! xD


The start of today was marked by a trip to my dentist. My teeth now hurts a lot! >.< But since my appointment was so early in the morning, my dental appointment ended at around 9.15 am. Haha, there's no point in me lagging around in Chinatown with nothing to do for the next 4 hours, so I took a little trip to CHANGI AIRPORT!!! <33

I don't know why, but whenever I'm in the airport, there's this weird yet familiar feeling. Aiyah, you can heck me! xD But still, the trip to the airport has reaffirmed that my lifelong dream is to work in the airport and that I don't think I'll ever regret it. Haha, I usually judge a country by the type of airports they have. A good airport will leave a good impression on me! xD Hmm, I should find some time to go to Hong Kong International Airport and Incheon International Airport. They are the only airports who have shared the same honour of being the world's best airports together with Singapore. I really want to see how comparable they are to Singapore's Changi Airport.

Haha, and do you believe it? I actually went down to the airport BY MYSELF and walked around the whole of terminal 3 for 3 times. xD Lol, I've been having the urge to go there, which was why I decided to go there. My friends think that in the whole world, I'm the only one who is so madly in love with the airport. Anyway, I may consider sending off the Qingdao people on Friday. After which, I'll leave for Shanghai on Saturday from terminal 3. This means that I've been to the airport for 3 times for this week. I might as well consider camping there, since I saw an angmoh sleeping so openly in Coffee Bean. 太阳已经晒到屁股了,她还睡得那么熟,我真是佩服她! o.O'''

Haha, this picture was taken at T3! ^^ I don't know about T1 and T2, but T3 is definitely geared up for the upcoming festive season!! =DD

Haha, my obsession with the airport has led to me being almost 1/2 hour late for my meeting with Gar Yim and Jennie! I'm really very sorry!! >.< Haha, Orchard Road is also geared up for the festive season, though it would be a dazzling sight to behold when the various Christmas ornaments are being lit up at night. Unfortunately, I did not stay in Orchard Road until night falls. But fret not, I think I'll stay to look at the lights tomorrow or the day after, before I leave Singapore. But anyway, here are some of the pictures of the Christmas decorations in Orchard Road. xD

Christmas tree outside Paragon! =)

One of the few decorations inside Paragon! <3

Another Christmas decoration inside Paragon! <3

Posing with the cute decorations outside Ngee Ann City! <3

The cute Christmas decorations!! <33


Christmas tree inside Takashimaya! ^^

Aigoo! After that, Gar Yim and I went to cut our hair, SHORT. Yes, quite short. So short until we can no longer tie our hair up. >.< Lol, I must get ready to wear shades when I return to school on Thursday! o.O'''

Haha, I guess I shall start working on the paragraph that Mr Wee wants us to write before Thursday! Have a good day, and say that Changi Airport rocks! ^^


Gosh! Sorry for not updating for almost 3 days. I've been so tired these few days that all I just do is the sleep and sleep and sleep. @_@ Saturday's Timeline Challenge 2008 was really mentally and physically challenging. It totally sapped the energy out of me. When I reached home, all I could do was to sleep. -.-''' Although we didn't win the Treasure Hunt, it was really a good learning experience for me, despite having to run to so many places all over Singapore. I got to learn more about the history of Singapore. xD Lol, my whole body is aching from the aftermath of this Treasure Hunt. Haha, Timeline Challenge is fun, but really tiring. I don't think I'll want to participate in it next year. @_@

I swear that today's Editorial meeting is super productive! ^^ In just a short span of 2 hours, we managed to get the designs of our CCA tee-shirt and badge ready! =D We also managed to get ready our theme for the next issue and stuff related to that! Good job, edits! <33 Continue to rock on! =)

5 more days to Shanghai trip. To be frank, I'm quite excited for the trip! ^^ Tomorrow, I'll go shopping with Gar Yim and Jennie at Orchard Road. Haha, we're planning to buy some things to bring over to China and Hong Kong. xD Oh yeah, I'm cutting my hair tomorrow too! ._. Gosh, I wonder how I'll look like... @_@

Haha, I shall post some pictures of Nurse Yoo Mi-ae. Strangely, I'm quite attracted to her. =X But Young-ran and Dong-chul shall and will still be my favourites! <3

Haha, this is the ending scene of a certain episode in East of Eden. I think Nurse Yoo Mi-ae looks nice here! xD

Another picture of Nurse Yoo Mi-ae! ^^ I think I really like her! She really looks super cool and professional!! <33

My Dong-chul and Young-ran!! <3333

I'll end off my post for now! Goodbye! =D

Dramas and movies that I want to watch


A Korean fanatic!

A TVB fanatic!

Here are some of the Korean and TVB dramas and movies that I am currently watching or wish to watch. As you can see from this long list, I'm really a drama maniac who is in love with almost everything dramatic! =D

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-ju (MBC)
Returned and Revenged (SBS)

Variety shows: Running Man (SBS), The Return of Superman (KBS)

Last updated on 04/02/17


Just another 8 more days, and I'll be leaving Singapore for Shanghai. Gosh, the tour guide emailed Mr Wee yesterday and said that the weather there is super cold now. I really don't know how I'm going to survive the cold weather, on top of all the fake food available everywhere. I think I'm going to bring a lugguge of food to Shanghai so that I don't die from food poisoning there. >.<

Tomorrow is the final hurdle. Yup, it's the treasure hunt for Timeline Challenge 2008. Hopefully we do well for this segment and be among the top 3, though I think this is highly unlikely, considering the fact that there are so many other better schools than us. o.O''' All the best!! ^^

Anyway, I watched episode 24 of East of Eden today. Aigoo... The show is really intense despite watching it from Viikii, though it would have been much better if it was the WITH Subbing Squad subbing the videos. -.-''' In the preview for episode 25, I saw that Young-ran is being locked up in a place. I guess that place is a mental hospital. Gosh... My poor Young-ran... T_T And now Dong-wook is being accused of attemting to murder President Oh (Tae-sung's President; Shin Tae-hwan's father-in-law). Walao eh... Stupid Shin Tae-hwan... >.< How can life can so unfair for the Lee family? I really pity them a lot! ='( Anyway, I spent some time today searching for East of Eden pictures. MBC, as usual, is being such an ass by disabling right-click so that I can't save the pictures, but I've found a way to get around that javascript. xD Pictures are below. Enjoy!

Haha, this is a parody poster created by the netizens! I really find this poster very hilarious!! xDDD

Another parody being created by netizens, using the poster from the movie "Antique". They are the main female characters of East of Eden. ^^

Haha, this time, a parody featuring the Shin family!! =D They look cute in here!! xD

Shin Tae-hwan and his wife, Oh Yoon-hee. I'm really starting to like Yoon-hee more and more. I really admire her for standing up against her husband! Go, go, go!!! =D

Shin Tae-hwan playing with Tae-ho. Lol, it's hard to believe that he's actually the bad person here. =X

A picture of Ji-hyun when she was in the hospital confronting an employee who wanted to bring down Tae Sung group. She is quite scary in this scene. =X

A picture of Ji-hyun in her wedding gown.

A wedding photo of Ji-hyun and Myeong-hoon. ^^

A picture of cute Tae-ho, who is Myeong-hoon's and Ji-hyun's son!! ^^

A picture of Ji-hyun with her son, Tae-ho!! <3 Tae-ho is cute!! ^^

A candid photo of the Shin family. This was taken while they were filming! Haha, they really look so cute over here! For once, it's hard to hate them. xDD

Young-ran and her fan dance! She really looks like the younger version of Hwang Jin-yi here!

President Gook and Young-ran are performing for their guests. Lol, they are dancing. Young-ran looks a lot like Ha Ji-won in Hwang Jin-yi over here. xD

Young-ran and President Gook performing for their guests. President Gook is playing the drum while Young-ran sings "Arirang". Lol, I should seriously find out the story behind Arirang, because many Koreans seem to mention this. Oh, Lee Yeon-hee has a very good voice! She can really sing, I swear!! =D

DONG-CHUL!!! <33333

Young-ran and Dong-chul. I really love seeing both of them together!!! <333333 This scene is particularly sweet! Aigoo... I really hope that they don't break up leh... I'll cry if they really do!! T_T

Haha, I've posted up quite a number of pictures today! I shall spam more pictures of Nurse Yoo Mi-ae! <3 And yes, more pictures of Dong-chul and Young-ran of course!! =D Dong-chul and Young-ran rocks!!! <33333


This post marks my 600th post! =D Today's Shanghai briefing was kind of boring. I nearly fell asleep. >.< But anyway, kudos to Mr Wee for finally pronouncing my name correctly! -.-''' Skinny bamboo pole got me cracking up when I saw what he was wearing while running towards 3B classroom. xD After that, while we were having a break, we walked past the conference room where those HODs were having a meeting, and I saw 2nd QAD!!! =D Lol, I didn't expect her to see me, but she did, and she UMCHIO-ED at me! AIGOO~! I got so high lah!! xD 2nd QAD is super cute as usual! I pretended not to see 1st QAD though. =X No sight of 3rd and 4th QADs, but haha, I'm still contented! 2nd QAD hwaiting! =D


MySoju is really getting onto my nerves, really. I tried watching episode 23 of East of Eden today, and I was so eagerly anticipating the last part of episode 23. It ended up that they posted the same video as part 2 in part 7. What the hell?! This is actually not the first time it has happened. Moreover, they chose to upload videos hosted by Viikii, which, in my opinion, really sucks. The english subtitles are incomplete and the subtitles always get cut off at some parts. Damn them lah! Some of them are not even in sync lor! >=( How do you expect me to watch East of Eden without expressing my frustration at not being able to understand the whole episode properly? I've contacted them 2 or 3 times regarding this matter, yet I see nothing being done.

Aiyah... I shall let MySoju off for now. I shall go there tomorrow to see if they take heed of my rantings. Anyway, Mr Wee did mention that they might loan out the school laptops for us to bring to Shanghai. Heehee, if that is so, I'll surely go watch East of Eden in my hotel room since there is free internet access. *evil smile* On second thoughts, maybe not. T_T

After watching 6/7 of episode 23, no thanks to MySoju, I think the break-up of Dong-chul and Young-ran is imminent. I can feel it. T_T Aigoo... I really don't want them to break up leh!!! I'll cry I tell you. Anyway, next week East of Eden will show episodes 25 and 26, which will mark the halfway mark for this epic drama. I can already feel the tension building up. The truth of the birth switch will be revealed soon, especially when Nurse Yoo Mi-ae is back, this time with a more vengeful heart and is giving her all for her revenge against Shin Tae-hwan. Shin Myeong-hoon (Shin Tae-hwan's son) isn't as bad as I thought. In fact, I'm starting to think that he's better that his wife (Kim Ji-hyun), although he still treats Dong-chul and Dong-wook as enemies. But at least, Myeong-hoon... Haha, I'll leave that for you to find out by yourself. xD I finally see Oh Yoon-hee (Shin Tae-hwan's wife) starting to voice out her dissatisfaction with whatever her husband does. She may seem quiet and unassuming, but like I say that all the women characters in East of Eden are strong and capable people. I won't be surprise if she is the one who'll drive the final nail into Shin Tae-hwan's black heart.

Oh yeah, did I mention that I don't like President Gook (Young-ran's father)? Although he might seem like a good man, my instinct is telling me that he is capable of doing really evil things. He didn't blink an eye when Young-ran's mother died, and he mentioned that he will do the same for his daughter if she doesn't stop seeing Dong-chul. I really hate President Gook for attempting to break Dong-chul and Young-ran up. >=( He's really too smart for his own good. And he's really too scary for Young-ran's father. I feel so sad for my poor Young-ran... T_T

Aww, Young-ran and Dong-chul are really so sweet together. If only they can remain like that.

I think I'll end up like Young-ran in this picture if I see both Young-ran and Dong-chul break up! T_T

Haha, I shall end off for now! I better start dreaming again... Hopefully I'll dream of the script-writers of East of Eden changing the script so that both Young-ran and Dong-chul can be together. =X


Wow... I can't believe it! We actually made it to round 2?! It's really unbelievable!! @_@ I must say I didn't know how to do 90% of the 100 MCQs that we were given to do. I was clueless about almost everything that was asked. It's really, really a miracle that we emerged as one of the top 8 teams. Now, I shall only hope for the best on Saturday. Haha, I'm off to ask Natasha for her advice on tackling Saturday's challenge! xD Oh ya, before I end off today's post about Timeline Challenge 2008, the food Singapore Poly provided was really very nice, especially the cream puffs and the fruit tarts. Aigoo, the cream puffs just melted in my mouth... =p


Wee! I'm now at episode 22 of East of Eden. I think I'm really addicted to this show!! @_@ Haiz, from what I've read in Soompi, I think Young-ran's and Dong-chul's relationship will come to an end. Walao, if this is really the case, I think I would just die lah. Please, please PD! I don't want Young-ran and Dong-chul to just break up like that!! And no no! I don't want Hye-rin to end up with Dong-chul leh!! =( There is only one person who can be with Dong-chul, and she is Gook Young-ran!!

Anyway, what I like about East of Eden is that, the women characters in this show are really strong, capable women, not those weepy and weak types that you would see in typical dramas. When I say they are capable, they are really very successful in their own fields. Yeah, so successful that they can even cause the downfall of Shin Tae-hwan. *smirks*

Janice aka Jae Hee. She is an international lobbyist and is the daughter-in-law of Steven Packer. She used to be Shin Tae-hwan's first love, yet he nearly killed her so as to reap benefits for himself. Evil guy! @_@ By the way, I think Janice is quite good-looking despite her hairstyle. I really like the way she smiles. =D There was one episode where she and Shin Tae-hwan met each alone at the garden. I felt that she looked really very elegant in that black gown. So far, I haven't been able to find the picture of that scene. But still, I think she rocks, because she's supporting Lee Dong-chul, my hero!!! <333

Some mysterious person in sunglasses... Try guessing who this is... xD

Oh yeah, if you were wondering who that woman in sunglasses is, she's actually Nurse Yoo Mi-ae! Stunning huh? I couldn't believe my eyes too! She's actually the very person who switched the babies in the first episode. When I watched the first episode, I didn't really pay much attention to her, but wow, she's now back in this drama, exuding so much classiness and elegance! Walao, I really couldn't believe that she was Nurse Yoo Mi-ae! Anyway, she's now known as Rebecca in the drama. And and and, I find her very pretty too!! =D But the strange thing is, she reminds me of Lady Choi in Dae Jang Geum. @_@

Kim Ji-hyun here. Aigoo... I'm not sure if I should hate her or like her as before. She is really turning to the bad side although she was angry with her father-in-law (Shin Tae-hwan), who accidentally blurted out that he was the mastermind behind the so-called "accident" that cost Dong-chul's father his life. She's seriously a very complicated character. I shall wait and see. o.O'''

Min Hye-rin here. Haha, she's a very bright student who came in second in Law, right after Dong-wook. She's fiercely independent and does not wish to live off her parents even though they are rich and influential people in society. Her character might seems good for now, but I have a bad feeling that she'll turn bad in the coming episodes. It was said in the synopsis that although she loves Dong-wook, there will not be any outcome between the 2 of them. @_@ What the hell?! I don't want Hye-rin to end up with Dong-chul lah! I only want Young-ran to be with Dong-chul... T_T

Hohoho! Finally a picture on my darling Young-ran and Dong-chul!! <333 I seriously love them a lot!! ^^ Anyway, netizens commented that they cried at this scene between Young-ran and Dong-chul. I agree with them, because this scene is super heart-wrenching... ='( Aww... Young-ran and Dong-chul FOREVER!!!!

Anyway, I have to wrap this post up, because I have to return to school for the Shanghai briefing tomorrow. T_T Goodnight!!


Die liao! I'm really super addicted to East of Eden leh!! =D Every episode is super intense! I freaking love this show!! <333 Haha, I watched 5 episodes today, until episode 14. But the characters in this drama are more two-sided. The businessmen in this show back-stab each other whenever they get the chance. Oh, they are really very ruthless when it comes to back-stabbing. o.O''' Some episodes were really touching, especially episode 12, when Chun-hee finally got to see Dong-chul after dunno-how-many years. I was feeling so happy and sad for them!! =') I freaking swear that I love seeing Young-ran and Dong-chul together!! <333

I really love how Lee Yeon-hee really looks. She's really very elegant and pretty in real life. Oh ya, just a side-note. I think the women inside East of Eden look super elegant and pretty, especially those rich ones. xDD

Lol, Singapore Poly has been spamming my email with the Timeline Challenge Competition, which will be held 2 days from now. I have no confidence of getting past round 1 even though Natasha said that it was quite easy for her group last year and that she has confidence in us. O.O''' Walao, 100 MCQs in 1 hour... I nearly can't finish my own school's 40 MCQs in 1 hour and you want me to finish 100 MCQs in 1 hour. That's really impossible! >.< Aigoo... Whatever lah! I shall just take everything in my stride. D=

Aiyah... Actually, I don't know what to blog about. The last 2 weekends were spent at Orchard Road looking for my winter clothes even though I could still wear those that I wore to New Zealand. Shopping is fun! And I'm really anticipating the shopping trip with my friends next week!! =D

Sian, I really don't know what to blog. I guess I'm just blogging for the sake of blogging. >.< Ciaos!


Haha, I shall do my post on teachers now. Actually, I have a lot of things to say, but now, I don't really know what to blog. Aiyah, actually, I've spent a lot of time thinking about how I should go around writing this post. I think it's best I write my true feelings down. Eh teachers, if you're not happy with my remarks, please refrain from flaming me hor! -.-'''

Mr Liu YJ
Haha, thanks for being our form teacher for 2 years. You're really a very kind and patient teacher. It's such a pity that I still can't perform well in Maths despite your guidance. I'm really sorry for being such a wretch in Maths. Despite promising to do well for EOY Maths, I didn't live up to that promise. I'm really sorry for that. Hopefully, you won't meet another student like me, because really, you don't deserve it. Good luck for your future endeavours! Continue to rock on! =)

Mr Chen PK
Thank you for being our co-form teacher! Although I found you really quite naggy at first, I knew that it was for the good of the class. After one year, I'm not sure if the class has met your standard or fell short of it, but still, thank you for being such a wonderful Chemistry teacher! I really liked Chemistry a lot after you have taught me. You really bring Chemistry alive with all your cute antics and clear explanations, though sometimes your explanations befuddle me instead. @_@ But yeah, still, I owe my passion for Chemistry to you. Thank you for igniting the passion in Chemistry for me! Continue to inspire and awe students. My juniors will be very lucky if they get you as their Chemistry teacher, which I really hope they will. Once again, thank you very much, Mr Chen! I'll really miss you!! ='( ROCK ON, BECAUSE YOU REALLY DO! =DD

Mdm Zhang HW
Lol, I'm really sorry to say that I really hated you last year, when you made me write an essay just because I forgot to bring my Chinese textbook. Oh man, my hatred for you then was really great! Moreover, I felt that you were really biased towards people whose Chinese were good. This made my impression of you even worse. I think things got slightly better this year. At least, I didn't really hate you as much as last year. I know I'm in no position to tell you what to do or whatsoever, but if you could be a little bit less biased, I think you'll be slightly more likeable. o.O''' You can really be funny at times, and I'm really thankful for that. If you change for the better, I think you'll actually become quite a good teacher. Hopefully, my juniors won't complain about you! xD

Ms J Tan
Hihi Ms Tan! Thanks for being such a cute Language Arts teacher! Lol, sometimes, you're really just too cute! ^^ I'm sorry for sleeping during your lessons sometimes. Oops! >.< Oh, and I must really thank you for pronouncing my name correctly the first time round! Not many people, including teachers, can manage that, so yeah, rock on! =D Ms Yang HL
Haha, I'll always remember you as the teacher who always come in with the 不爽 face, as if you're forever pissed with us. However, as the lesson progresses, you become more smiley and normal (?). Lmao! xD That's my way of describing you! ^^ Illegible handwriting and weird pronunciation are things I remember about you, but actually, I think you're really a nice person. If you learn how to smile when you enter a class, people will not have so many misconceptions of you as an unfriendly person! xD

Mrs Rachel Ong
Haha, although you have only taught us this year, I think you really make Geography interesting. Oh, and you never fail to keep me amused with your "weird encounters" with various weird people and your life stories. xD I really enjoyed listening to your stories very much. <3 Oh ya, thank you for making me love Geography too, although I didn't perform up to expectations in term 3. >.< Continue to rock on! ^^ Mrs Lim WF
Oh my god, I can't say how much I love this teacher! Mrs Lim, you're really very cute! You never fail to make me laugh with all your cute antics! And lmao! You really look super cute when you umchio!! xDDD Thank you for making Biology such a fun subject when I used to dread it because of the whole chunk of information I have to memorise. Your life stories also never fail to keep me entertained. Oh ya, thanks to you, my mouth and diaphragm muscles always ache due to excessive laughing. -.-''' Continue to rock on, because you really do! <333 I really hope my juniors will be under you next year, so that I can continue to hear stories. xDD Mr John Tan
Haha, although you've only taken us PE for half the year, I think PE lessons have been lame, yet fun with you inside. Continue to rock on yeah? =)

Oh yes, QADs!!!!! <333333 I may be crazy about QADs, but let me make it clear that QADs are teachers whom I really respect and like, as some people know. I think almost everybody knows who my QADs are, but still, I'm not going to reveal who they are. I just wish to tell my QADs that, without them, my school life wouldn't be that interesting. Thanks to 1st QAD for making my school life scarier and crappier at the same time! xD Thanks to 2nd QAD for umchio-ing whenever she sees us. Smiles really brighten up my day. ^^ Thanks to 3rd QAD for being so cute! Zhi Yi has a nice time bullying him on MSN! xD Thanks to 4th QAD for being so pretty and having such a good fashion sense! She inspired me to get a pair of sunglasses! xD

Haha, I think that's all for today! xD Goodbye! And happy reading, teachers! =D Actually, I have many more things to say, but if I post everything up, it'll be no surprise that I'll get called up and flamed by some teachers during the first morning assembly next year. So yeah, some things are better kept to ourselves. I'll only let a few people know about this. Once again, I've tried my best to be really tactful about this. I repeat, if you're not happy with my postings, please don't flame me. Ignore this post and ignore me instead. xD


Haiz... Today is the last day of school, and also the starting of the school holidays for us. Hmm, result slip was given back. Haha, my results are not bad, especially for this term's results. Everything is A1 except for Chinese and Maths. Walao... -.-''' Of course, my overall was slightly lower, all because of Maths. =( I got a horrible B4 for this. >.< Yeah, and it's one of the lowest percentile in the level for that too. o.O''' It totally ruined my whole report card. -.-'''

Anyway, today is the last day with 4B. Last day... Time really passes very quickly. It seemed not too long ago that we were strangers from different classes. It seemed not too long ago that we moved into a classroom with air-con in it. It seemed not too long ago that I was shivering from the cold as a result of being seated directly in front of the air-con. It seemed not too long ago that Michelle started calling me "retarded girl" and we set up the retarded family. It seemed not to long ago that we started opening ourselves up and mixing with people from other classes. Haiz... Everything seemed so surreal... I'm not even sure if I'm dreaming or not. I didn't really feel that sad today because I've already been thinking about how separation will be like a few weeks before the exams. @_@ Anyway, I'll dedicate a post to people of 4Byzantine'08 when I have the time.

I shall present to you, some members of the retarded family. xD

Gar Yim, me and Zoey. <333

Charlene, me, Zoey and Gar Yim. <333

Gar Yim, Zoey and Ying Ting. <333

Oh, and one thing I will always remember fondly of this classroom is, the BIG HOLE on the ceiling!! xD

Haha, the hole has already been covered by pieces of white paper. I don't think any teachers noticed it except for the students. xD

Hmm, my posts on teachers and QADs will be up soon, I promise. I really have a lot of things to say to the teachers who have taught me!! xDD *gets excited* It's such a pity I didn't say goodbye personally to all the other teachers besides Mr Liu, especially my QADs. Walao, I really feel very sad about this lor... ='(

On a happier note, because my mother was quite happy with my results, she allowed me to watch East of Eden online!! xDD I watched 4 episodes today, up till episode 9. Young-ran (the chiobu) as already confessed to Dong-chul that she really liked him. Aww... She's really cute lor! I love her a lot!! <333 But the show is really getting more and more complicated. The various relationships between the main characters in the drama are confusing me. @_@ Haha, that's all for today. Look out for my post on teachers!! <3