Sports Day was alright lah. Lmao, the Centaur juniors can really deliver! But anyway, the champion house still went to Minotaur. Congratulations!! ^^ Haha, XXX was very scary today. Unicorn and Centaur were sitting beside each other. Due to the lack of space, some lost Centaurs ended up being at the Unicorn side. XXX scolded the shit out of them. Walao, she was super fierce lor! "WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE? GO AWAY! YOU'RE NOT FROM MY HOUSE! GET LOST NOW~~~!!!" Oh man, I could still hear her scolding people even when other people were cheering like crazy. That goes to show how mad she was scolding people lor...

Lmao, I told my mother about the way she scolded people, and my mother thought that she sounded like some little kid. Dear mother, you haven't seen how crazy she goes when scolding people. So mother, she's not cute, neither is she some harmless little kid. o.O''' She's a grown-up who constantly terrorises students. =X

By the way, I'm happy because I saw all 4 QADs today, although I only saw 2nd and 3rd QADs during morning assembly. 2nd QAD was umchio-ing!! =DD 4th QAD is in Centaur leh!! <3333 And wow, she actually wore sunglasses! This further implies that I should really get myself a pair of sunglasses. xD

Last 2 episodes of Pure 19 le... T_T And Tuesday will the last time my dear teachers are teaching me... Pure 19 also ends on the same day... What does this imply? This implies that Pure 19 is closely related to my QADs... ='( The next episode really looks very touching... I finally see Ok-geum crying... T_T

Gook-hwa and Yoon-hoo! I've been neglecting these 2 for Yoon-jung and Woo-kyung, but now I must pay more attention to them! <3


Aiyo... I really don't know how I'm going to survive next year lor. All the lectures are really boring me to sleep, even as the lecturers claim that it's not their fault when students sleep. -.-''' Shit lah... I only hope that 4th QAD will teach me Chemistry next year, if not I can seriously forget about maintaining my A grade for Chemistry. Only good teachers can motivate me to study, and only QADs can motivate me to study for the subject and really make me like the subject as much as I like them. xD Lmao, I sound mushy here. o.O'''

Anyway, there was Chemistry lecture yesterday. Unfortunately, 4th QAD wasn't the one who conducted the lecture. But thank goodness she was in the LT, if not I wouldn't have kept awake. Farah thought that she would be conducting the lecture and specially went to sit right in front. Heehee, 4th QAD didn't conduct the lecture in the end, and I bet Farah was super heart-broken. xD Oh ya, 1st QAD pissed me off yesterday, so I hated her, but after that, she was back to normal. It was really 4th QAD who made my day, ironically. o.O''' I swore 4th QAD really looked like Yoon-hoo's ex-girlfriend. Really, really, really!!!! I wasn't dreaming, I swear!

Pure 19 is ending really soon. Only 3 more episodes left leh! And the next episode really looks depressing. I think this is the last conflict before its grand finale. o.O''' I'll surely miss the gay song being played at the beginning of the show at 7 pm. =( Haiz, the next show is a Taiwanese idol show, and it looks stupid, so I ain't going to watch it. I seriously condemn Taiwanese shows leh. Haha, but maybe that's good bah... At least I can stop watching TV and that I won't miss anything good when I'm overseas. xD

Gosh, I'll really miss Yoon-jung and Ok-geum... T_T They really make a great pair as mother-in-law and daughter-in-law... I really love them loads!! Ok-geum really reminds me of 1st QAD!! <33


Today's class outing at Sentosa was quite fun, although not many people turned up. =( Only me, Pan Yin, Gar Yim, Michelle, Deng Yin, Zoey, Kenneth, Shane, Kian Fong, Wei Kai, Daniel and Jun Wen turned up. But still, we managed to have fun. Haha, I still haven't gotten the hang of playing beach volleyball. My fingers hurt like mad every time my fingers come in contact with the ball and I either do not have enough strength to hit back the ball or the ball goes off-course. o.O'''

Haha, after a late lunch at KFC, Gar Yim and I accompanied Michelle to Vivo City because Michelle wanted to buy a hoodie / jacket from Fox. Lmao, she bought the men's hoodie / jacket, but I have to admit that the men's hoodie / jacket looks much better than the women's one. xD After that, we went over to Zara to find some more jackets for Michelle. Haha, I didn't expect to find the overcoats at Zara!!! I got really excited upon seeing them. After seeing so many overcoats, I finally chose 2 which I thought were the best-looking ones. The beige overcoat just covered my knees and it cost a whopping $259. O.O''' The black overcoat covered up till my hips and cost about $100 less. -.-''' But haha, I think the beige overcoat looks more chic and pretty! ^^ But chicness and prettiness definitely comes with a price. T_T I seriously considered buying that overcoat for my trip to Shanghai, and my classmates who later came down to Zara to find us all thought that I was crazy. -.-''' But still, I managed to get the chance to try on those 2 overcoats, and I felt that the beige overcoat suited me more. xD Gosh, I really feel damn Korean when I wore that!!! =DD Pure coolness! I really liked how I looked when I wore that overcoat!! ^^

Alright... Enough about my craziness to look Korean or my fascination with overcoats. I shall try asking my aunt if she needs her overcoats and may borrow it from her. Hopefully, she'll not need it for her trip to Hong Kong. o.O''' Otherwise, I'll go buy one overcoat for myself in Shanghai. xD Oh ya, I'm dragging Gar Yim with me to look for sunglasses too. Oh man... I'm really dead. I really don't know since when I've become so fashion conscious. And this is really bad, because it's eating up a lot of money. =( It's already good enough that my mother was willing to buy 5 pairs of shoes which cost her almost $150 altogether. I bet she'll just kill me or chase me out of the house if I really bought that beige overcoat. @_@ $259... T_T

Oh ya, one picture to end of this post.

Group photo outside Vivo City. ^^

Gar Yim commented that she saw 1st QAD in me. Oh my god, I'm stunned beyond words!! >.<


Yay! I finally went out with my sister and mother for shopping!! xD We went on a shoe-buying frenzy. Yup, we bought 5 pairs of shoes. One from Anna Nucci and four others from Mondo. xD I think they're all ballerina flats! xD

Oh ya, I finally dreamt about 4th QAD!! ^^ But the dream is really stupid. I dreamt about her invigilating my class for the end-of-year Maths paper which is already so long ago. -.-''' I dreamt of her accidentally tearing up my Maths paper because she didn't know how to solve those Maths problems. Lmao, she was looking for something to vent her anger on so she just tore up my Maths paper. Nice one. xD I remembered smiling at 4th QAD because I didn't have to do Maths anymore. What the hell... -.-'''

Haha, I'm trying to see if I can borrow my aunt's overcoat to wear during my trip to Shanghai. Haha, I must take this chance to act like a Korean. ^^ I may think of buying clothes from there too, but my mother say that it may be more expensive in Shanghai since Shanghai is a cosmopolitan city. Haha, hopefully, it'll snow in Shanghai, although I think the chances of snowing is quite small.

Shanghai, I'll be there in approximately 28 days later...

Anyway, there will be a class outing tomorrow. I think it's 4B's last class outing, so I must take this opportunity to bond and play all I want with my fellow byzantines. T_T Last class outing...


I don't know why. I suddenly feel very emotional. It dawned on me that the year is ending soon. Year 2008 will end in about 2 months time, and school will officially come to an end in about 2 weeks time. Although other secondary schools in Singapore end their school term 2 weeks earlier than us, I, for once, am thankful that RV's school term is longer than the rest by 2 weeks. 2 weeks. There are a lot of things I have to do, and there will also be many things for me to appreciate and thank for.

A few weeks ago, I was telling Si Lin how much I would really miss Mrs Lim and Mr Chen when the school term ends. They actually motivated me to really work hard for Biology and Chemistry. I really used to detest Sciences in lower secondary, and even up to Year 3. I used to think that I'll never score well in Sciences, because Science was just not my cup of tea. I used to dread all the memorisation of facts that came with it because nothing seemed to go into my thick skull. I used to hate Science because I couldn't understand anything the teachers said. Things seemed to be going downhill for my affinity with my Science subjects until this year...
I would blog more in details when I go through my last lessons with them on Tuesday... Tuesday is the day, and will probably be the day when I'll feel really sad. T_T

Yes. Tuesday is really the end of all things, is the close of my secondary school life chapter and maybe the new beginning of my new JC life. Haiz, I'm already starting to miss all my subject teachers. They will not be teaching me anymore in Year 5, especially my favourite teachers. =( I will, stand up straight and greet them properly, like what Hui En has said, on Tuesday. It's the best I can do, and probably the most powerful way to say, "Thank you for teaching me this past year. I really appreciate what you have done for me." I just hope that I don't break down and cry when I finally don't get to see 2nd and 3rd QADs in my life anymore. ='(

Our last lesson with the 强化班 teacher was on Wednesday. That Wednesday, I totally paid attention to whatever she said and greeted her properly. Before she left, she gave us each a lollipop and told us to 再接再厉 and good luck for our "O" Level Higher Chinese papers. Today is her last day in RV. Gar Yim and I asked her some questions before she finally left. It was really quite sad to see her go, considering the fact that she actually made me like Chinese a little bit more... =')

Goodbyes can be really hard to say, especially when I don't want to say goodbye to 1st, 2nd, 3rd QADs, my beloved class, 4Byzantine'08 and the retarded family. I don't want to leave, not when everybody has played an important role in my life. I don't wish to leave, not when this year is actually the time when I really enjoyed being with the class and interacting with the teachers. I just refuse to say goodbye...


I have nothing to say about my results. I just think today's my day. =) Biology and Chemistry were beyond my expectations. Lmao, I've finally gotten A1s for both my Sciences, so I'm really very happy for this. ^^ Last term's results are not counted because there were practical tests to pull our marks up. Yeah, so I'm quite proud of the fact that I managed to achieve A1s just by doing the papers alone, although I bet many other people have also achieved that. -.-''' But still, I felt really very indignant about Chemistry. I could have gotten over 80% if I didn't make those stupid careless mistakes. Wrong state symbol, 1 mark lost. I missed out copper, 1 mark lost. Wrong statement, correct answer, 1 mark lost. My brain happened to malfunction when I was drawing the dot-and-cross diagram, so I drew the full electron shell instead of just the valence electrons, 1 mark lost. Oh ya, there are still more. I lost about 7 marks due to carelessness. T_T I really feel like slapping myself for freaking out at the wrong moment. I should have freaked out after the papers, not during the papers. @_@

2nd QAD seems to be in a very good mood today, despite the fact that she said she was suppose to be on MC. Lol! xD Anyway, I think those Biology teachers marked our papers mark until they went hay-wire! My marks for Section B went from 40.5 to 32. o.O''' Lmao, I managed to get those marks from 2nd QAD, so my grades went from A2 to A1. xD 2nd QAD was stunned by the number of marks she had to help me add. ^^ Heehee, she's really cute lor!

2nd QAD: *stunned at my calculator after seeing the difference between the marks on the cover page and the marks I was suppose to get* Waa, so many marks ah?! o.O'''
Me: ^^
2nd QAD: OK... *scribbles on paper* Good! *smiles* =D

I really love 2nd QAD!!! <3333 Unfortunately, nothing of that sort happened for Chemistry, so yeah... =X

Lol, I did better than expected for SS, though it still isn't very great. Hopefully my Geography can pull my SS marks to an A2 or A1 bah... I'm seriously quite worried for Geography... ='(

I got an A1 for Music, surprisingly. =X Lmao, this is really considered a miracle, considering the fact that I haven't been getting even a B3 for Music for the last 3 terms. @_@

zZz... I think the rest of the papers will be thrown back at us tomorrow. T_T I heard that tomorrow will be the last day to key in all the marks. Well, I seriously hope for the best for Geography, English, Chinese and Maths Paper 2, although I know that all the subjects except English are horribly screwed. T_T I have to survive tomorrow!! >.<

Anyway, there's still another month to go before I set off for Shanghai. But I still haven't gotten my things ready, like those winter wear and such. Never mind. There's still one more month, though I really wish for that one month to come quickly. =)

Oh well, wish me good luck tomorrow. I'm really going to be so dead... x_X

Happy birthday, Si Lin!! ^^


Hmm, there's nothing much to blog today, although 2nd QAD did come for Biology lesson today to return back Paper 1 and essay questions. =( They weren't as screwed up as I thought, but I really hated myself for just throwing 2 marks away for MCQs. T_T But still, I think quite a lot of people did quite well this time round, so I'm not happy. ='( I will be getting back my SS paper tomorrow. That paper is really screwed, I tell you. No wonder they want the whole level to stay back just to get back some measly pieces of papers with crappy marks on it. =X

Today's briefing on the "O" Level Higher Chinese paper is worrying me. I'm afraid I really can't finish up all the 19 essay questions they want us to complete. I'm really afraid I'll screw up my Chinese and not get at least an A2 for it. T_T I don't really mind letting down my Chinese teacher, but I'm really afraid of letting down the 强化班 teacher. =( I know my Paper 1 for Chinese is already a gone-case. I don't even have to see my paper to know. I have already written out of point, which means that I'll fail my 70 marks composition. ='( I don't have to see my Paper 2 to know how horribly I've fared, especially when I was writing crap throughout. Sad life for me, and even sadder life for me tomorrow. x(

Today's fake Biology lecture was alright. It was bearable because 4th QAD was sitting behind Shi Xian, Zhi Yi and I!!! xDDD And lol! I saw 4A's class photos and 1st QAD totally looked as if she umchio-ed until she got that constipated look on her face! Oh ya, she also looked super stunned because her eyes were really big in the formal shot. xD Super hilarious! But she's cute alright, especially in those fun shots! ^^ Even 4th QAD saw me looking at their class photos and wanted to see them too! Heehee, Farah is jealous now! =D

Oh yes, before I end off, let me post a picture here.

Does anybody know who this person resembles???? xDD


Apparently, with only 15 days left to the "O" Level Higher Chinese paper, nice Chinese teachers of River Valley High School are attempting to murder every Year 4 student in this particular school by forcing them to write at least one Chinese essay everyday. The purpose is to squeeze out a distinction out of as many students as possible. @_@ Freak. I'm really freaking out by the essays we have to write. T_T I should seriously remain at home until the "O"s are over. =( Help!! SOS! My Chinese teachers are evil!!!! ='(

Haiz... I have reasons to freak out tomorrow too. Triple whammy for me. X( I'll most probably be getting back Maths Paper 1, which was really horribly done in my opinion, Language Arts Paper 1, for which my ending was really screwed and most probably Biology Paper 1, for which 2nd QAD will really condemn me for. T_T I received back my Chemistry Paper 1 today. Lol, I was stunned at the marks I got. xD But Paper 2, no doubt, will pull me down. I don't want to get my Paper 2 back!!! >.< Shit lah... I really don't know how I'm going to survive tomorrow lor. I should start drafting out my will before that. -.-'''

Anyway, we received the class photos today. I think I shall post them up here. =)

The formal class photo with Mr Liu and Mr Chen!! <33

The informal class photo. Try spotting the retards!! ^^

Special candid photo! xD Then again, try spotting the retards!! <3

Anyway, that's all for today. Goodbye to today, and say hello to hell tomorrow. ='(


I must say, East of Eden really, really rocks! It's too heart-wrenching and yet touching at the same time. I cried while watching episodes 2 and 3 today. It was really very sad when a mere 5-year-old kid witnessed Shin Tae-hwan (the evil guy) plotting to blow up the coal mine just to trap his father. The explosion killed little Dong-chul's father... The father who doted on him so much... The father whose love for his family is greater and higher than the sky. T_T It's super heart-wrenching when I see little Dong-chul running around and frantically searching for his father to tell him to run away from the coal mine, to warn him of the imminent danger. Further more, it was his birthday during that fateful day. Dong-chul had made a garland and medal for him while Yang Chun-hee (Dong-chul's mother), although seemingly cold towards Ki-chul (Dong-chul's father), had actually cooked beef soup for his birthday and even went down specially to buy a birthday cake for him. It was super heart-wrenching to see Ki-chul's body being wheeled out of the coal mine and seeing Chun-hee and the rest of the family crying.

Over at the hospital, Chun-hee and Dong-chul were keeping vigil by Ki-chul's bedside. Haiz... Chun-hee told Ki-chul that she loved him although she didn't show it. T_T Shucks... I think I teared at this part. Ki-chul acknowledged her by squeezing her hand, but straight after Chun-hee passed his hand to Jung-ja (Ki-chul's first love; Dong-chul's step-mother), Ki-chul died. o.O''' Haiz... A funeral was being held in Ki-chul's honour, with Dong-chul and Chun-hee accusing Tae-hwan of orchestrating Ki-chul's death.

10 years later, Shin Tae-hwan still continued harassing Chun-hee and family. They beat Chun-hee up until she became a crippled. Poor Chun-hee. =( No matter how indignant and angry Chun-hee felt, she warned her sons Dong-chul and Dong-wook not to act rashly, but instead, find the right time to seek revenge. By the way, the younger versions of Dong-wook and Dong-chul are really super cute!! <33333 Haiz... the love between the 2 brothers are really very deep. I cried when they made a pact to seek revenge for their father. I cried when they finally had to separate because Dong-chul took the rap for Dong-wook, who set Shin Tae-hwan's house on fire because Shin Tae-hwan attempted to burn Chun-hee alive. Dong-chul and Dong-wook may only be 15 and 10 years old respectively, but it's because of this that made that particular scene during the last part of episode 3 especially heart-wrenching... Before Dong-chul left, he and Dong-wook made a pact that Dong-wook must study really hard to get into the Law Faculty of Seoul University while Dong-chul will start working in order to support Chun-hee, Jung-ja, Ki-soon and see Dong-wook through university... Damn touching... T_T

Haiz... I don't feel like going to school tomorrow. I want to stay at home and watch East of Eden.. In the preview for episode 4, it looks like Dong-chul will be put to jail for setting Shin Tae-hwan's house on fire... T_T I don't feel like blogging now, so I guess I shall stop here.

Anyway, happy birthday, retarded girl! ^^


Haha, I shall reply tags first.

[nwk] OK, I'll do so soon. xD

[zoey] Haha, I also think that guy looks quite handsome too! He was the male lead in Autumn In My Heart and Summer Scent, girl. ^^

[zhiyi] Ya lor, I'm super confused now too. I think we may have to resort to stalking in order to find out the truth. I tend to believe what I have seen better. o.O'''

[nwk] Lmao... La Dolce Vita is Italian, I think. It means "my sweet life". xD

[huien] Yes, girl! I'm leading a high life now by spam watching Korean dramas. =D

[kreacher] Haha, why do you name yourself after the house-elf? o.O''' Anyway, I can't possibly send all, so just tell me whch song you want.

[:DD] Thanks a lot! ^^

[marilyn] Hi! Please check your email.

beryl] Hi Beryl!! ^^ Thanks for your encouragement! =D And lol, no lah, we still have to take "O" Levels!! D=

[justea <3] Thanks a lot! =)

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[zhiyi] Haha, if you never say so, I would never have thought of that duck being me. But hey, nice one, girl!! =D And I think your wife is pissed. >.<

[windxchime] Thanks a lot!! ^^

[Evan] Thanks!! =D

[huien] Haha, now you know bah? She's not related to any of my QADs, yet they have some relationship. xD

[jennie] Hi girl! =D

[huien] Haha, that was lame though... xD

Anyway, I'm finally done with Alone in Love!! <33 I really, really love this show a lot, although I was pretty scared that the ending will disappoint me. Thankfully, it didn't disappoint, because I got what I wished for. =D I nearly cursed Lee Dong-jin (the male lead) for being such a jerk during the last few episodes, but luckily, he redeemed himself during the last episode. But boohoo, I actually cried during the last 3 episodes, because it was just too touching and sad. I really pitied Eun-ho a lot because she had to 眼睁睁 see her ex-husband marry his first love even though she still loved him. Haiz.. It's really too saddening and touching... T_T But still, there were a lot of eye-candies in that show. Son Ye-jin (Yoo Eun-ho) is chio no doubt. I didn't really fancy Gam Woo-sung (Lee Dong-jin) from the DVD cover, but he grows on me with his cute "I-couldn't-care-less" attitude. Haha, to think that I actually find him quite good-looking with spectacles. I think I'm crazy. @_@ Lee Ha-na (Yoo Ji-ho; Eun-ho's younger sister) and Gong Hyeong-jin (Dr Gong) were also great as comic relief. xD Lol, I practically think that most of the casts were pretty or handsome. Nice! ^^

I totally love these 2 people!! <33

So sweet!!!!!!!! <33 This was taken during happier times. Dong-jin and Eun-ho!! <3

Haha, this is the scene where by Dong-jin and Eun-ho purposely dressed up to impress each other. xD Dong-jin totally put a lot of gel on his hair. xD

Eun-ho's first blind date after her divorce with Dong-jin. Ironically, Hyeon-joong was introduced to Eun-ho by Dong-jin. Lol, this man fell for Eun-ho on her wedding day. -.-'''

Mi-yeon likes Dong-jin since she felt that he could be a good father to Eun-sol. Oh ya, Eun-sol is really super duper cute I swear! <33 Back to the point. Mi-yeon is Eun-ho's childhood friend. Eun-ho introduced her to Dong-jin. -.-'''

Yoo-kyung is Dong-jin's first love. Err, Dong-jin proposed to her just barely after 2 months of seeing each other. I think he was that desperate to get married. @_@ I totally can't believe it. I was cursing him throughout. &*%^(*^$@ Bu I can't deny that she's pretty. Lol.

This is the wife of the professor that Eun-ho was seeing after she broke up with Hyun-joong. I think she's quite pretty too. If you watch her in the show, Young-in really looks super classy and elegant in whatever she wears. This is what I call being fashionable! I aspire to dress like her someday. xD

Lol! All in all, you should really watch this show if you haven't watched it! Damn it, it's just so perfect! <333 It really made a very huge impression on me... Oh yes, now it's time for me to start watching East of Eden. East of Eden, here I come!!!


P.S. I've just finished watching the first episode of East of Eden. One word. Awesome! And woots! My blog song is played after episode 1 leh! It sounds really damn cool!! <33333333


East of Eden is not called an epic drama for nothing. With 25 BILLION WON being pumped into the production of this drama, this show cannot disappoint, and so far, it hasn't. With a very strong and star-studded cast, this drama marks the comeback of Song Seung-hun, one of the earliest Hallyu stars who was recently discharged from the military. The cast of this drama will be people most people are familiar with. Song Seung-hun (Autumn in my Heart, Summer Scent), Yeon Jung-hoon (Sad Love Story), Park Hae-jin (The Infamous Chil Princesses), Lee Da-hae (My Girl, Little Bride 18), Lee Yeon-hee, Han Ji-hye (Little Bride 18) and Dennis Oh (Witch Yoo-hee) make up the main cast. The veterans include many familiar faces who have acted in other Korean dramas, so for people who have watched many Korean dramas like me, you'll find them super familiar.

Since the cast has already created a lot of hype, the OST can't afford to let down too, so apparently, the OST makers have pulled in famous singers like SG Wannabe, See Ya, Black Pearl etc to sing the soundtracks of the OST. Ownage. Looks like they really put in a lot of effort of this show. Anyway, I'll post the MV of Fate Reverse and the lyrics here.

SG Wannabe & Kim Jong Wook - Fate Reverse Romanized Lyrics
Korean lyrics from empas
Romanized by lifeisbeautfl

운명을 거슬러 (에덴의 동쪽 OST) - SG워너비 / 김종욱
Fate Reverse (East of Eden OST) - SG Wannabe/Kim Jong Wook

내 가슴에 꽃이 된 사람 늘 날 웃게 만들던 사람
Nae Ka-sum-e KKutch-i Dwen Sa-ram Nul Nar Ut-ge Man-dul-ton Sa-ram
피어나는 사랑 만으로 가슴 벅차던 그런 사람
Pi-o-na-nun Sa-rang Man-u-ro Ka-sum Pok-tcha-don Ku-ron Sa-ram
폭풍속에 피난처 되어 너를 지켜줄 사람 나인데
Pog-pon Sug-e Pi-nan-tcho Dwe-o Na-rul Ji-kkyo-jul Sa-ram Na-in-de

나 아파도 사랑합니다
Na a-pa-do Sa-rang-ham-ni-da
나 슬퍼도 웃어봅니다
Na Sul-po-do Uls-o-pom-ni-da
사랑해 너를 사랑해 그 한 마디 못해도
Sa-rang-hae No-rul Sa-rang-hae Gu Han Ma-di Mot-hae-do
나를 사랑하지 않아도
No-rul Sa-rang-ha-ji Ann-a-do
나를 바라보지 않아도
No-rul Pa-ra-po-ji Ann-a-do
나는 정말 행복한 사람 추억 하나로도
Na-nun Chong-mal Haeng-bok-han Sa-ram Tchu-ok Ha-na-ro-do
내 두 눈에 비가 된 사람 늘 날 울게 만든 사람
Nae Du Non-e Pi-ga Dwen Sa-ram Nul Nar Ul-ge Man-dun Sa-ram
이별이란 지독한 말로 내 가슴에 상처낸 사람
I-byol I-ran Chi Duk-han Mal-lo Nae Ka-sum-e Sang-tcho-naen Sa-ram
짖궂은 우리의 운명도 이제 오늘로 끝나겠지만
Chik-guj U-ri-yui un-myong-do I-tche O-nul-ro KKut-get-chi-man

나 아파도 사랑합니다
Na a-pa-do Sa-rang-ham-ni-da
나 슬퍼도 웃어봅니다
Na Sul-po-do Uls-o-pom-ni-da
사랑해 너를 사랑해 그 한 마디 못해도
Sa-rang-hae No-rul Sa-rang-hae Gu Han Ma-di Mot-hae-do
나를 사랑하지 않아도
No-rul Sa-rang-ha-ji Ann-a-do
나를 바라보지 않아도
No-rul Pa-ra-po-ji Ann-a-do
나는 정말 행복한 사람 추억 하나로도
Na-nun Chong-mal Haeng-bok-han Sa-ram Tchu-ok Ha-na-ro-do

세상 앞에서 약속하고 싶은 말
Se-sang Ap-e-so Yak-suk-ha-go Ship-un Mal
나의 일생을 다 바쳐서 너를 지키고 싶어
Na-yui Il-saeng-ul Ta Ba-tchyo-so No-rul Chikki-gu Ship-o
내 삶에 전부였던 사람
Nae Sam-e Chon-pu-yott-ton Sa-ram
긴 세월 단비같던 사람
Kin Se-wol Tan-bi-gal-don Sa-ram

그립다 너무 그립다 사랑했던 날들이
Ku-rim-da No-mu Ku-rim-da Sa-rang-haet-ton Nal-dur-i
언젠가 다시 만난다면
On-jen Ta-shi Man-nan-da-myon
그때는 헤어지지 말자
Ku-ddae-nun He-o-ji-ji Mal-ja
운명도 떨쳐 줄테니 우리 사랑앞에
Un-myong Ttal-tchyo-ni U-ri Sa-rang-ap-e

English translation
The person that became a flower in my heart...
The person that made me smile all the time...
That person that filled my heart entirely with blooming love...
In the storm, I would become a shelter;

I'm the person that would protect you
Even though I hurt, I love you
Even though I'm sad, I try to smile
I love you, I love you even though I can't tell you

Even though you don't love me
Even though you don't look at me
I'm a happy person even with one memory

The person that became rain before my eyes...
The person that always made me cry...
The person that left wounds on my heart with separation...
Though our relentless destiny has ended with today...

Even though I hurt, I love you
Even though I'm sad, I try to smile
I love you, I love you even though I can't tell you

Even though you don't love me
Even though you don't look at me
I'm a happy person even with one memory

The words I want to promise in front of the world:
I want to give up my life and protect you

The person that was my all...
The person that was welcome through the times...
I miss you, I miss the day we loved too much
If we should ever meet again
Let's not leave each other then
Destiny will break away faced with our love

Haha, I shall post some pictures up too. =)

The poster of this drama.

Song Seung-hun... xD

Lee Da-hae!!! =D

Han Ji-hye! =D

Park Hae-jin... =D

Lee Yeon-hee! =D

Dennis Oh! xD

Here's another picture of Lee Yeon-hee. I think she's chio! xD

Song Seung-hun, Lee Yeon-hee and Dennis Oh~~!! xD

A picture of the 3 main women in the show. I put the 3 of them together. xD

Haha, I shall stop ranting about East of Eden now. I should really hurry up with Alone in Love and get started on East of Eden. Bad Love will have to wait, because I'm anticipating East of Eden more!! ^^ For more information, click here. xD Tags will be replied tomorrow, I hope. ^^


WOOTS!! EOYS ARE FINALLY OVER!!! Oh man, I really feel so high now...

Haha, let me just say a few things about the papers I've taken so far and a few notable events that took place during the period which I forced myself not to blog.

Music was screwed. I couldn't identify the instruments played in the extract. Totally owned. I foretell that I won't do well this time.

Language Arts paper 1 was a total owner. Well, it doesn't help that I got RV's scariest teacher as my invigilator. She totally scolded the hell out of 4B, for the same reasons, as usual. But well, she was very nice to me on that day. *umchios* I shan't rattle on anymore. My ending for my GP is screwed. =(

Self-study day 1. Ying Ting, Charlene, Michelle, Wei Kai and I went to Changi Airport to study. Hmm, I guess it was quite productive even though we spent our lunch-time gossiping. Oh yes, you didn't read wrongly. Ng Wei Kai gossips too. xD Haha, after that, we went to T3 to see the aeroplanes there take-off. I'm super in love with the airport, seriously. <3

SS paper was a goner. I don't think I answered to the point. SBQ and SEQ totally owned me. I totally don't know what the questions were asking for. I totally stunned at those questions for a very, very long time. T_T

Chinese paper 1 was very screwed too. As usual, I crapped my way through 公涵 and smoked my way through 报章读后感. Both my endings were really very crappy. T_T

Last Friday was the day which I felt was the hardest to survive and I nearly didn't make it out of the classroom alive. o.O''' Maths paper 1, to me, was difficult. Haiz, since when was Maths ever easy for me? =/ I'm prepared to fail that. T_T Chemistry paper 1 and 2 were taken on the same day too. Chemistry was a total owner. I have already screwed up my Chemistry, so no hope of getting A1 for Chemistry le. I'm really going to let down 2nd, 3rd and 4th QADs. Haiz... How do you expect me to think properly when I have to endure 5 hours and 15 minutes of papers in one day... It's really very draining lor... =(

Chinese paper 2 was horrendous. I bet I'm going to fail that too. I was totally crapping my way through and rushing through everything. I swear, the MOE should go and make some changes to the Chinese papers lor! 2 hours to finish 4 comprehensions, 1 综合填空 and 1 片段缩写 is really not enough!! Or maybe my brain is slow in processing information. Oh whatever...

Geography was screwed too. I've really got nothing to say about it. I don't think I answered in a very elaborate manner. No choice, because I was left with no time. T_T

Language Arts paper 2, fortunately, was quite alright for me. At least, I felt good after that paper, whereas the other papers traumatised me greatly. o.O'''

Biology was totally a flop. Walao, it's like the most difficult Biology paper that I've ever sat for?! Paper 1 already owned me, and paper 2 continued its relentless attempts to traumatise me. Oh my goodness me... I have already failed my essay questions lah!!
=( 2nd QAD will confirm condemn me like crazy when I get back my papers lor. No wonder she looked quite pissed during morning assembly today. T_T Haiz, I think I have really let her down this time round. ='(

Maths paper 2 killed me too. I totally forgot how to use the graphic calculator to find the area bounded by the curves. Damn my puny brain man... I'll fail this paper too. =( CID was, well... quite crappy. I just smoked my way through it. I doubt I can expect a miracle for CID like last year, where I failed my PI and EOM horribly, yet my paper and written report was able to pull me to a high A1.

Haiz, overall, I felt that the exam papers this time round were all very difficult for me. I can get ready to be retained or kicked out le lah. T_T Papers screwed. Results will be screwed. And hoho, my future is uncertain too. O.O''' What a life I'm having now! So much for La Dolce Vita!

Haha, but after the last papers ended, me and Yanni went over to Michelle's house to eat lunch and watch movie. Haha, we watched "Street Racers", which was overall in my opinion quite ok, though they should seriously limit the amount of vulgarities they use inside. No wonder it's NC-16. xD The ending was a bit lame and cheesy too.

Oh yes, my mother has bought 2 more new Korean dramas! They are Bad Love and Alone in Love. Haha, I only watched a bit of Bad Love since my mother was watching it, but the OST there is simply superb! Really! But I'm following Alone in Love diligently, simply because I watched it from the first episode onwards. This drama is about a husband and his ex-wife who keeps meeting up in the places they used to court each other even though they are supposed to be divorced. Haha, this show is quite funny yet touching at the same time. I'll introduce more about this show when I have the time.

Anyway, I've finally changed my blog song to Fate Reverse, which is the theme song of MBC's "Drama of the Year", East of Eden. This is sung by SG Wannabe and Kim Jong-wook, which makes 4 people singing this ballad. o.O''' Oh yes, I have to post about East of Eden here, because this show really cannot be missed. Thanks for bearing with my long post. I just have too many things to say. I shall reply tags next time. See ya! ^^


Today is the first day of the month, and tomorrow will be the first day of the end-of-year examinations. Crap... I still can't believe that after EOYs, we still have to sit for the "O" Level Higher Chinese papers. T_T On top of that, I still have Music. =(

Anyway, I revised Music and read up on some GP essays to prepare myself for English Paper 1, which will be on Friday. Sian, I still have to get started on my Revision Paper set C for Biology. I forgot that I still have Biology tomorrow, so I happily forgot about doing Biology. @_@ Yup, I must revise Chemistry too because I have to come up with as many questions as possible and thrash everything out at Mr Chen on Friday. -.-'''

On a happier note, Michelle and Hui En have started watching Pure 19 and they're enjoying it. See, I've told you that show is nice. A nice show to relieve stress. xD Zhi Yi and I have finally found another character in that drama who can be represented by a person in RV. Lol, very soon, every character in the show will be represented by a student/teacher in RV. xD Just for laughs. But anyway, to give my blog readers a hint, that person in question happens to be QAD's "sister". I shan't reveal which QAD though. It's too obvious.

I have to put a disclaimer here: No harm or mockery is intended, really. I can swear to heaven for that. Any close resemblance to anybody is just purely coincidental.

Want to try guessing who this person looks like?? xD

Another thing. I've uploaded the Beethoven Virus OST to imeem already. Apparently, I think there will be a Volume 2 of this OST, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for it. The link to the OST is here.

Anyway, I think this will be my last post before EOYs. I'll be on a hiatus from now until 17th October 2008. Till then, my friends...