Something is seriously wrong with the transport system these days. I ended up waiting for the train bound for Jurong East for 20 minutes and was nearly late for school when I could have reached school early and completed my Chinese homework. I was horribly squashed when the train finally arrived. Alright, I was really irritated when those people insisted on pushing their way through when there's obviously no more space left in the train. But worse still, somebody let out a really loud fart and the whole train stank!! @_@ Walao, I nearly died from the stench please!! -.-'''

Anyway, I seriously can't believe what my eyes are seeing nowadays. Like 1st QAD... If I didn't see wrongly, she is actually wearing those ballerina flats to school?! I seriously didn't know that she's that trendy. o.O'''

I'm really loving 2nd QAD more and more. The way she laughed and smiled today was really nice. I was telling Zhi Yi that 2nd QAD looked really very pretty and nice when she smiles and laughs like that. Haha, Zhi Yi must be spamming War Heads now. But hey, 2nd QAD always looks nice in that blue flowery blouse. xD

Haiz, that's all for today. Good night!


I shall do a quick post before I watch TV and eat dinner. As expected, my group presented OP today. Err... I didn't think I presented very well. Natasha said she could tell that I was very nervous because my hand was shaking while I was holding the script. I didn't understand what I was saying half the time and I really blabbered my way through the Q&A session. Shucks, I'm really going to screw my CID big time. @_@

Anyway, I'm happy because I got to skip Maths lesson because I was selected to go for some liberal arts forum dicussion, which was to ask for our opinions about the government setting up some liberal arts college. Haiz, but I missed badminton though... =X Yanni and I went back to the hall to watch the rest of the class play badminton. Gar Yim shocked me by telling me she saw XXX going home. I was totally stunned since I know she doesn't usually go home that early. It ended up that Gar Yim wasn't pulling my leg. Sorry, cousin, for almost breaking your wrist. xD Farah ended up being my next victim. I saw her outside the General Office and she totally got dragged by me to snoop around. Lol, Farah was excited at seeing XXX too. xD Hmm, but what Jia Yi saw the other time totally didn't match what I have seen this time round. I swore that what I've seen was totally different from Zhi Yi's, Shi Xian's + Jia Yi's accounts, but I just can't figure out what is wrong. XXX really puzzles me. @_@

Oh ya, I had a dream yesterday. The dream was damn hilarious, I swear! I totally can't believed I actually woke up laughing and crying in my sleep!! >.< I dreamt about today yesterday. It was a normal Monday morning. The whole school was assembled on the tracks, getting ready for morning assembly. However, the whole school was super noisy. 1st QAD told the whole school to shut up and as usual, the whole school listened to her. However, she tried to act pro by giving us the command to stand at attention and ended up giving the wrong command instead. -.-''' The whole school was damn stunned, since we haven't started singing the national anthem yet and she was already telling us to go back to class. Anyway, soon after she dismissed us, the national anthem started playing. Like what Zhi Yi said, she sang until very nice, but unexpectedly, she started distorting the lyrics of the national anthem and bad words were actually coming out from her mouth??!! Hello?! It's 1st QAD leh!!! O.O''' I totally can't believe it lah!! *freaking out* I found it very funny and started laughing like mad to Hui En and Zhi Yi. I laughed until tears rolled down my cheeks and I really found myself crying and laughing in my sleep. No wonder I woke up at 7 am for the first time in many years on a lazy Sunday. -.-'''


Gosh! The downpour today was really heavy!! @_@ Gar Yim and I ended up being drenched nearly from head to toe. Shelters are really ineffective in this heavy downpour. T_T We ended up reaching school at almost 7.40 am, in which we'll be considered late considering the fact that everybody is to reach school by 7.35 am, but haha, the school decided to push back morning assembly to about 7.50 am in due of the heavy rain. xD But still, Gar Yim and I looked really wet when we entered the classroom and everybody in the classroom was giving us the stunned and surprised looks. @_@ Haha, but it was still fun entering the classroom drenched. My file was dripping wet too. xD But hey, not fair! Those people who were in class earlier were completely dry. T_T Gar Yim and I ended up shivering from the cold since we were also sitted directly in front of the air-con. >.<

Anyway, my shoes and socks were wet, no thanks to the rain. And I endured close to 8 hours of wearing wet socks and shoes. I don't know how I managed to survive. Oh ya, but I realised 2nd, 3rd and 4th QADs were teaching 4A, 4B and 4C at the same time. I preseumed they dismissed their class at the same time too. xD Lol, I heard 2nd QAD's voice from the left side of the class and I heard 4th QAD's voice from the right side of the class. Oh, and I heard 3rd QAD's voice from the middle of the class. ^^ Alright, I'm being lame here.

Toot... I just heard some shocking news about my cat from Zhi Yi. Like what the toot?! CAT IS ACTUALLY MARRIED TO A BLONDE-HAIRED CAT??!! Waa... I nearly fainted when I heard that!!! @_@ Oh man, I must go and see my cat's husband for myself and see whether he's handsome or not. If that blonde-haired cat is handsome, I must really say this couple is really a perfect match, since cat is a very pretty cat, I must say. Gosh, me and Zhi Yi are now thinking of all the possibilities on what type of kittens our cat will have in the future based on our Biology knowledge. Waa... the baby will surely be of mixed blood, and 2nd QAD did mention to us during Biology that children of mixed blood parentage usually look prettier or more handsome. Oh man, I can totally imagine how cat's kitten will look like in the future. >.< Lol, Zhi Yi can imagine 2nd QAD going up to cat and saying, "Mixed blood kittens are chio, as expected!" and she'll try to become cat's kitten's god-mother.

Cat's husband! xD

My cat!! <333 Haha, the duck is her friend. xD

A little information about my cat and her husband. They belong to the family felidae, class mammalia and order carnivora. When a black-haired cat and blonde-haired cat mates, their F1 generation of offsprings will inherit their good looks and end up being very pretty or handsome kittens since this is a case of codominance. As such, their offsprings will inherit characteristics that are intermediate of those found in its parents. xD

Haha, if you can't make head or tail of anything above, just ignore. Not a lot of people are supposed to know this anyway. =p


Maths is really freaking me out, I swear. The Maths department is totally spamming pages after pages, worksheets after worksheets of revision papers on us. I feel totally drained. It's good that I get more practice, after all, I really do need them. But, I really feel like I can't breathe. I have no time to revise for my EOYs. For this whole week, I've been reaching home at almost 6.30 pm every day. I take almost 2 hours just to complete a single revision paper and that leaves me totally no time to study for my other subjects. Gosh, you people should just really take a look at my organiser. Never have I seen my organiser so cluttered with words all over the place. Every line in my organiser this term is almost filled up with things that I have to do, things I have to revise and things that I have to remember. I'm freaking out.

Other subjects aren't any better too. The science revision papers are going to take my life any sooner too. Haha, but I hope melamine takes my life before they do. In that way, I won't have to face Maths ever again. @_@ I guess I have taken a lot of toxic compounds in my life. Dutch Lady Honeydew and Banana milk are found to have high concentration of melamine inside. Oh, and those rice puffs that I used to eat contain melamine too. How great. Woots! Hopefully the toxic will keep on accumulating in my body and I can't excrete it out because it's insoluble. Ya, it will then be stored in the fatty tissues of my body and stay there until I die. Eventually, I'll suffer the most harmful effects of melamine due to bioaccumulation. At least I still remembered chunks of the notes in Ecology, so Mrs Lim should be proud of me even though I haven't touched my Year 4 Biology topics, which I'm so going to die horribly if she sees this. >.< Oh yes, I'll probably poop out my kidneys on my Maths paper before I die. xD Lol, it sounds gross, but that is how sadistic I've been these few days, no thanks to the immense pile of stress gradually piling up on me. Haha, I think I should watch more Happy Tree Friends videos to relieve stress. @_@

Haiz, I think I'm going to screw up my grades for Chinese too. Even though I've finished reading the book, I only read through it once and didn't have the time to read through it again. I found the test rather difficult. Die! T_T But anyway, the book is quite nice and touching. I'll recommend it when I have the time to blog again. =)

Yesterday's "O" level music practical at Methodist Girls' School was super screwed. I think I just toally lost my nerves and played a lot of wrong notes. I stunned quite a number of times too. I think the examiners were damn pissed with me. Whatever. But thank you, Victoria, for helping me flip the pages and attempting to calm me down with your very lame jokes. I was practically what-the-hell-ing all the way. Thanks a lot, girl! ^^

Pure 19 is the only show that can cheer me up, I guess. Yoon-jung's cute antics just keeps me laughing like mad! xD

Yoon-jung taking a picture of herself. I never knew she was such a 自恋狂 too! xD

Haha, the family dog was being dressed up by Yoon-jung. It's really damn cute!! <3

Anyway, this blog won't be updated as frequently as it was before. Bingo, you've got it. I have to start studying for my EOYs. What a sad life I lead... Sometimes I just want to have an extra chromosome number 21. I'll forever lead my life the way I want it, the happy and carefree way I want it. T_T


Crap, I don't know if this is just sheer coincidence or what, but me and Ying Ting really seem to have an affinity with scary teachers, especially during Mondays. It has happened for 3 weeks in a row already. @_@ Ying Ting let out a spine-chilling, blood-curdling scream/shriek when she saw XXX. I think I shall leave you to guess who that teacher is. Just see the pattern. xD

Haha, I'm not sure if I should be happy or sad tomorrow. Oh well, it all depends. xD

Oh ya, I think I'll die soon. Like what the hell is so wrong with China's food safety standard?! Every now and then, I'll surely hear about the food scandals in China. I wish that those people who produce these tainted food intentionally get shot by the firing squad. They really do deserve it. Because of them, I may die!! @_@ Like oh my mummy! Those 大白兔 milk candies which I love eating are actually tainted with melamine?! What the toot... I only got to read about it today, and to think that I actually ate 2 or 3 大白兔 sweets at Natasha's house yesterday... I'm such a goner...

Today's Pure 19 episode was really cute!! I can't stand it. Woo-kyung and Yoon-jung are just too cute!! >.< I think I shall blog more when I have the time. That's all for now. Good night!! ^^


Hmm, Victoria and I did music recording yesterday. Many thanks to Cassandra and Charlene for helping us record our songs! Your voices were just simply too beautiful!! <333 Thank you very much!! I love you all very much too!! ^^

I love yesterday's Pure 19 episode, I really do. It's one of the best episodes I've seen from this show. Woo-kyung and Yoon-jung finally got married. Aww... they were really very sweet. Yoon-jung really looked like an angel in her wedding gown. She was really very pretty lor!! <3333 And Woo-kyung is dashing in his suit that Grandpa made for him. Ok-geum totally reminded me of my QAD and I was umchio-ing to myself for nearly the whole of that episode. xD

Yoon-jung in her wedding gown. She looked so pretty and radiant in it. Haha, she was totally very excited about marrying Woo-kyung that she couldn't help smiling like crazy. Uber cuteness!! <33

Yoon-jung and Woo-kyung! I simply love this couple very much!! <3 Lol, I'm as happy as their parents when they finally got married. Woots!! ^^

It's getting late, so I shall stop here for now. I still can't get over my craze for Yoon-jung and Woo-kyung!! Yoon-hoo and Gook-hwa will be next, I hope. xD


My school skirt got blown away by the wind. Yeah, so it's now gone with the wind, like what my mother said. -.- Gosh, I didn't know that a skirt can fly so far when there's a hanger on it... I think somebody stole my skirt. Oh well... T_T

Music practical was pretty screwed in my opinion, but I still managed to get pretty good grades for it. I guess I have to buck up for my theory paper. @_@

2nd QAD was really cute today. But I'm lazy to reveal it here. xD

Woo-kyung and Yoon-jung will finally be getting married tomorrow!! <333 Haha, I better rush back home and watch that episode! ^^ Woo-kyung and Yoon-jung!! =D

Alright, good night! ^^


Hmm... Today went rather alright, maybe because there wasn't any CID presentation for my group. Probably like what Natasha said, Lady Luck was smiling at us, because we didn't get the lot to present this week. Thank goodness, because my group was totally unprepared for presentation. We would have flunked and screwed our whole CID project if we were to present our oral presentation this week. That is equivalent to throwing almost 9 months' worth of work down the drain!! @_@ Hopefully, we'll do a good job next week and do our efforts justice. =D

Ying Ting and I have such affinity with scary teachers. This time, I saw RV's second scariest teacher, and walao, she wore light blue today. She totally reminded me of our encounter last week with RV's scariest teacher. -.-''' Why must they wear different tones of blue huh? -.-''' Last week, both of us were chatting normally until I saw that scary teacher and ran off midway. This week, I was totally oblivious to the presence of the second scariest teacher until Ying Ting nudged me and I went like "There's nobody scary here what!". I turned behind me and saw Mrs Look just like 5 cm behind me. OMG! I nearly fainted on the spot lah. Having my PE shirt untucked would have earned me at least 10 minutes of scolding from her. Gosh, luckily this time round, me and Ying Ting managed to run off almost immediately, and thank goodness Mrs Look didn't go, "GIRL! WHY ARE YOU RUNNING AWAY FROM ME?!" That was my only consolation. @_@ Ya, so never mess with the number 1 Physics teacher in my school and don't mess with the discipline mistress of my school. I've learnt it the hard way before. T_T

Haiz... I think today was the last day of badminton assessment. I totally wasn't in the mood to play. I'm really sorry, Michelle.
=( Anyway, QADs look very cute/chio today during staff photo-taking! Zhi Yi, Shi Xian and I went keesiao over them after seeing their cute poses! xD

Heehee, that'll be all for today! ^^ Goodbye! =D


Haiz... I haven't been updating for about 3 days. But be prepared to see less and less posts from me. I won't be updating as much from now on. I've already made up my mind to go Shanghai, although a part of me badly wants to go Qingdao. On Thursday, me and Ying Ting stayed back to help Mr Chen clean up the lab after doing practical on electrolysis, which was really damn cool!! <3 Ya, Mr Chen asked where we were going for GPP, then I told him I'm going to Shanghai. He asked me if I've paid my deposit because if not, he wanted to ask me to go to Qingdao. @_@ Haiz... He should have asked me earlier... T_T After Mr Chen asked me to go Qingdao, I really felt like asking Mr Wee back for my deposit, but I guess I would be letting him down, especially when my first choice was Shanghai. OK, I shall just stick with Shanghai. Shanghai looks more cosmopolitan anyway. xD

Anyway, Mr Chen told me that those people going to Shanghai and Qingdao will be taking the same plane. Hopefully what he said is true. Oh ya, Lee Han Qian was being such a joker! Those people going to Qingdao had to stay back in the lab and pass up their consent forms if I wasn't wrong. Mr Chen randomly told Han Qian, Kenneth and Chin Hui that Mrs Lee will be going.

Mr Chen: Eh, Mrs Lee will be going leh.
Han Qian: Huh? Mrs Lee? Lee Choi Yeok ah? *gives blur look*
Mr Chen: WHAT?! *stunned*
Me: O.O''' *very stunned*
Mr Chen: Is L__ L__ M__ (fill in the blanks yourself) lah! *stunned*
Han Qian: HUH?! *shocked*

Oh man, I nearly laughed my guts out when I heard that. @_@ Han Qian's blurriness totally stunned me. -.-''' Tsk tsk... Haiz, hopefully I'll get to take pictures with QADs before I leave Singapore. Heehee, I have already arranged everything with Zhi Yi. I just hope for the best. xD

I went for my first editorial club meeting yesterday. It was really very fun! ^^ Haha, I love editorial so much!! We really get to do a lot of fun things, and I think Ms Teo is a very nice teacher!! =D Hopefully, subsequent meetings will be as fun. xD

The coin that has been coated by copper through the process of electrolysis. Mr Chen gave it to me after I helped him clean the lab. ^^ Heehee, I better keep this somewhere safe. xD I can make Shi Xian (Liang) jealous with this! =D

The moon tonight. Haha, tomorrow is Mooncake Festival, but the moon tonight is so round...

People in the garden playing with sparkles, candles and lanterns. I really miss those times when I still have the time to play with things that are deemed potentially hazardous...

I guess that will be all for today. Heehee, here's wishing all Chinese Happy Mooncake Festival tomorrow. ^^


Aww, I just love today's Pure 19 episode! ^^ Yoon-jung and Woo-kyung were just too cute today! And heehee, Yoon-jung keeps slapping Woo-kyung's butt! xD Shin-hyeong also gave her blessings to Gook-hwa, and I really felt that she was sincere about it. That's why I like Shin-hyeong, although she's considered the antagonist of this show. She's really different from the rest of the antagonists in other shows, where they'll try very hard to break up the 2 main leads who are lovers. >.<

Anyway, I don't really have much to update today, maybe I'll just post a picture of Woo-kyung and Yoon-jung? They're currently my favourite couple now!! <33

Woo-kyung and Yoon-jung!! <333

P.S. Beethoven Virus will premiere on MBC tonight!! ^^


Woots! I love today very much! =D Heehee, in the morning, I was trying very hard not to talk to people because I didn't want to get caught by a certain yellow banana. xD So yeah... the rest of the day went peacefully for me. Oh yes! I'm quite happy with my Biology results!! ^^ Haha, I've got marks added for my practical test and test paper, which means I finally secured an A1 for my Biology paper! Thank you, Mrs Lim! xD Oh, but I guessed I would have done better if I didn't fail my first essay question, which I only got 3.5/10. T_T Serve me right for not studying. o.O'''

Heehee, I saw 1st QAD quite a number of times today. If I wasn't wrong, I saw her and she probably saw me for a total of 5 times today. O.O''' During Language Arts lesson today, me and Gar Yim went to the toilet. Oh, we couldn't have asked for a more perfect time to go to the toilet. And haha, I couldn't have chosen a more perfect route to go to the toilet. xD Both of us bumped into 1st QAD!!! *screams* Lol, at first both of us were too stunned. But luckily, this time round, I didn't attempt to run away! o.O''' Gar Yim and I didn't know what to do, and in my mind, I was still wondering if we should step aside and let her walk past us first since the walkway was quite narrow. In the end, we just bowed and walked past her. And OMG! She actually smiled at us!! Freak! I couldn't believe my eyes man! *^_^* Haha, we would have bumped into her again if Gar Yim didn't take her own sweet time in the toilet. When we came out, we saw her walking on the same pathway we bumped into her earlier on. Stupid cousin... -.-

Anyway, I think I shall go and revise my Maths and finish doing my Chemistry assignment. And maybe, I should attempt to complete the past year Biology paper set B. Crazy... I've finished set A and now I have to finish both set B and C, which are both so freaking long and tedious... @_@

I'm going to look forward to tomorrow's Pure 19 episode!! Yoon-jung and Woo-kyung!!!!!!!! <3333333333 I love the both of them very, very, very much!!! <333


I'm in deep trouble. I'm so, so, so in deep shit. I totally can't believe what my immediate reaction was. o.O''' It was during recess that Ying Ting asked me to accompany her to the staff-room to take the management diary. After that, me and Ying Ting were talking while approaching the staircase when I turned my head, and to my horror, somebody wearing light turquoise blouse was right beside Ying Ting. @_@ I freaked out and immediately ran down the staircase, with that person being super stunned and asking Ying Ting "Girl! Why are you running away from me?!" Ying Ting was super stunned and blur because she didn't run away at all. xD Aiyo... That person asked the wrong person lah! xD But gosh, if I wasn't holding that packet of potato boro snack, I swear, I wouldn't have run. So obviously, I was totally 做贼心虚-ing.

I guess I shall not make myself so conspicuous during morning assembly tomorrow. Wahseh, I nearly got caught again for talking because I was turning my head and exchanging some words with Zhi Yi when that person in that turquoise blouse suddenly appeared behind Zhi Yi and pulled out some girl behind her. O.O''' Shit lah... I just hope she doesn't come and find me and pull me out from my class during morning assembly tomorrow. @_@

SHIT!!!! T_T


Woots! Beethoven Virus is going to premiere in Korea in just 3 days!! ^^ And haha, they have a new look to their official website now! Wallpapers, drama photos and I think the OST should be up pretty soon!! xD Click here to view the official website!! ^^ Oh ya, they also had some musical performance during the press conference if I'm not wrong, so you can view it here. Haha, I didn't managed to watch the whole thing because it kept buffering, so I shut the whole thing down. You need a lot of patience to watch this. xD Oh yeah, Jang Geun-seok and Lee Ji-ah are the emcees here. ^^

Jang Geun-seok and his very shiny trumpet! xD

Lee Ji-ah looking like a violin virtuoso here! o.O'''

The cast at the musical performance.

I totally love this picture... <3

The poster for this drama.

The trailer for Beethoven Virus with English subtitles

The preview for episode 1. The first episode really looks cool!! =D

I guess that is all for today. Argh! I can't believe tomorrow will be the start of school. The start of term 4. And it marks the beginning of the end-of-year examinations. Gosh, and I can't believed I actually slacked my holidays away. I should really beat myself up. T_T


Today's Biology lecture was quite draining for me... Aiyo, 3 hours straight of lecture from Mrs Lim! And Mrs Lim didn't tell us any stories today. Not that her lessons are boring, but it's all the topic's fault! =( But haha, Mrs Lim made me laugh with some of her cute antics! xD Oh ya, and she gave us back our practical test today. o.O''' Good thing I didn't fail it and I did much better than I expected. But I don't think it'll be enough to secure my A1 for Biology this term. T_T My paper will definitely pull me down a lot. ='(

After Biology lecture, we had Chemistry remedial. Waa... ownage sia! It's almost 5 hours straight of lessons! x( My brain nearly exploded from the overload of information, especially after the gruelling 3 hours spent in LT3 listening to Mrs Lim's ranting about genetics. That topic is seriously going to drive me insane. I realised how easy cell division is now. T_T But today's Chemistry remedial isn't wasted. At least I am less confused about electrolysis now, which is a good thing. =)

OMG! I really love today's Pure 19 episode! It got me cracking up and doubling over with hysterical laughter!! o.O''' Aigoo!! I can't believe myself! When Woo-kyung's mother showed up in the drama, I was really thinking about Zhi Yi's brother-in-law leh!! O.O''' Woo-kyung's mother demeanor greatly resembles her brother-in-law lah!

Woo-kyung's grandmother, who is essentially Ok-geum (Woo-kyung's mum)'s classmate. And lol, imgaine having to serve somebody younger than you! No wonder Ok-geum and Hye-sook are always quarelling! xD You should seriously hear the way they call each other "婆婆" and "媳妇" lah! It's just so full and dripping wet with sarcasm. LOL! xD

Haha, I totally love this girl! She's really damn cute lor! ^^ Haha, in order to win the favour of her mother-in-law, who is also Woo-kyung's mother, she ganged up with Woo-kyung's grandmother (Hye-sook) to make Hye-sook look like the bad person so that she could run over and cry on Ok-geum's shoulder! o.O''' OK, so the story starts. When Yoon-jung came over to their house, Hye-sook scolded her very fiercely. Yoon-jung was taken back by Hye-sook's sudden change in attitude and she actually cried. xD Ok-geum was so stunned that Hye-sook actually scolded her future daughter-in-law that she even thought her mother-in-law was crazy! xD Yoon-jung cried and Ok-geum tried to comfort her. In the end, Yoon-jung and Ok-geum went out of the house happily and from there, Ok-geum started treating Yoon-jung like her daughter. Aww, isn't that sweet???? I'm super jealous.... T_T

Haha, this is Woo-kyung's mum! Yoon-jung wanted to gain the favour of this lady here, so on the day when both parties' parents were to meet each other to fix a wedding date, Yoon-jung stole some of her mother's jewelleries and put them on Ok-geum! xD Aiyo, you really have to watch this episode to see how hilarious it is! Lol, I thought Yoon-jung's mother will expose what Yoon-jung did to Ok-geum and embarass Ok-geum right in front of everybody, but for today's episode, she totally kept quiet about it during lunch. I'm quite surprised. xD

Haiz... Tomorrow will be another round of intense lecture. 3 hours leh! I really don't know how I am going to survive, especially when none of my QADs are conducting the lecture. I think I better start planning where I am going to sit so that I can sleep cosily. =X Hopefully, organic chemistry isn't as difficult as genetics, which totally drove me insane. T_T


At this rate I'm going, I don't think I'll be able to finish reading that Chinese book that I'm suppose to read. I also don't think I'll be able to finish revising all the topics for Maths paper 1, which actually has 12 topics?! Madness... I'm so dead. There's Biology lecture and Chemistry remedial after that, so tomorrow will be a very long day for me. Hopefully, I won't sleep during Biology lecture and Chemistry lesson, if not I'm seriously courting for trouble. o.O'''

Haha, I downloaded MapleStory again and started playing it again after a 2-month-long hiatus. A lot of things changed, and for a while, I felt really very out-of-touch of this game. I even forgot which keys I'm supposed to press. -.-''' But after that, I played for about 2 hours before going back to my work again. Sian... I feel really useless, just wasting my time away. @_@ Anyway, I managed to gain about 30% in 2 hours because I did a lot of quests today. Oh ya, those quests that require you defeat those master monsters really give a lot of EXP! ^^

That's dreamlucky posing with the master snail, Mano! Lol, that snail is really cute!! <33

The rainbow shell that Mano dropped. Look carefully for it! xD

dreamlucky at Florina beach, waiting to fight King Clang (boss). And haha, the Torties there are giving the blur look. xD

Heehee, dreamlucky is so scared... =p

dreamlucky at the end of the day. =)

That's all, folks! Grah... I have to look forward to waking up at 6 am tomorrow, thanks to Biology lecture... So long! T_T


I'm really here to rant about a certain somebody. If you don't feel like reading it, please don't read on. Otherwise, please exercise viewer's discretion.

What the hell... How many such a bitch live right in my parents' house? She talks twit, blogs twit, acts cute, copy other people's blog phrases and all the other bitchy behaviour you can think of. She tries to use supposedly "hard-to-understand" English words to spice up her blog entries, to make herself sound more sophisticated, yet they're all used in the wrong way, and in the wrong context. How bitchy is that? I don't know how I managed to live with her for the past 14 years. I can't tolerate this any much longer. You complain about me? Yeah, like I don't know. Ya right, before you complain, think about your stupid and bitchy behaviour first! She doesn't know how to communicate well enough for me to understand what she was talking about, and when I probed further, she gave me that 不爽 look and threw her bitchy temper at me. Like, what the hell man?! You yourself never made yourself clear and 你还敢在我面前撒野?! Are you really such an ill-bred female dog or what? I'm really sure that my parents never brought you up this way, so it must have been the way your school influences you. Ahem. I've really been tolerating this for a very long time. Fine, if you don't give respect to me, I'm alright with it. But don't you dare disrespect my parents. Just think of the number of times my mother told you not to be so rude and such. I'm really surprised my parents didn't think of throwing her out of the house or banishing her to some faraway places like North Pole to freeze to death or the Sahara wilderness to get eaten up by the wild animals there. Hey bitch! It's just no use boot-licking your teachers in school and gaining their favour when deep down, you're just no better than those wayward kids themselves. People like you are termed jerks, or jerkettes; butches, or bitches. Sometimes I really feel like driving a stake through her heart and watch the blood flow... Like the way people impale vampires... Just that, in the end, will there even be blood flowing out? I know that person will be reading this, so let me warn you. Watch your behaviour and attitude towards your elders, if not you'll wake up to find your spirit hovering above a bloodied, mutilated body.

You. Don't. Mess. With. Your. Elders. Especially. Me.


Oh man! I can't believe I left my Biology file in school!! @_@ I wanted to take it back home after Friday's Teachers' Day celebrations, but I totally forgot about it until I reached Jurong East. -.-''' I couldn't do the Biology revision paper without referring to the notes because obviously I haven't studied for them. Argh! I wasted a lot of time trying to figure out the correct answers just for MCQs only. After completing my MCQs, I decided not to do the rest of the paper until my Biology file is back with me. I should seriously slap myself for being so forgetful. Just because of my forgetfulness, I will waste 3 days not doing any Biology homework. I can only go back to school on Thursday because of Biology lecture. If Mrs Lim comes to my blog, I'm 101% sure that she'll tell me to go and die. T_T Never mind...

I think somebody has been secretly punching me in my sleep. @_@ I woke up with so many blue-blacks on my legs and the side of my face. Ouch... Maybe I've been beating myself subconsciously in my sleep. @_@

Haiz, my mother (real one lah) won't be bringing me for dental appointment tomorrow because she has to stay at home and wait for the fridge to be delivered to our house. Oh yeah, so good luck for me for reaching that place safely. o.O'''

zZz... I intended to sleep only for a while, but ended up sleeping until 7.45 pm. Ya, that goes to show that I missed 45 minutes of Pure 19. Ok-geum seemed to have rejected Yoon-jung as her daughter-in-law, which explains why Yoon-jung was crying so pitifully. xD But heehee, in the next episode, Woo-kyung and Yoon-jung, in their desperation to get married, have decided to lie to their parents that Yoon-jung is pregnant. I wonder how will Ok-geum react to this, especially when her oh-so-obedient son isn't as innocent as she thought. xD

Heehee, does anybody want to guess who does this person looks like?? xD No prizes for getting it correct though. =D

Oh yes, before I end off, let me wish all teachers in the world a