I think I'll lose my saneness sooner or later, all thanks to brother. xD Nice one on LLM (not the person Mrs Lee L.M. lah), brother! Haha, but I have something which she can be jealous of, although it's just only one picture. But hey! One picture means the more priceless and the more valuable that picture is alright! =D I shall not be affected. I shall try not to be affected, although I think I'm already jealous. But haha, the thought of me doing something brother didn't get to do with sister-in-law brightens up my mood significantly. =D

I think I'm seriously unlucky. My thumb-drive was infected with some virus that made me unable to access whatever that was inside. Luckily I did a scan and removed the virus, so at least I can continue with my CID. Thank goodness! But my main computer crashed. Gosh... All my Korean drama pictures, QADs' pictures and my other pictures are all inside! My songs, my song lyrics, practically everything important and unimportant are in there!!! @_@ I better hope that the hard-disk didn't crash, or else it'll be the end of me. -.-''' Hopefully my father can get the computer fixed, because I don't like using Office 2000, which is on this computer that I'm using right now. It's just so lousy. =(

Haha, I don't know what's up with my parents nowadays. They're practically getting new electrical appliances for almost everything in the house. They have already ordered a new fridge which is much bigger than our current fridge. They're intending to get a new 42-inch plasma TV and a new microwave. Woots! I'm really looking forward to it. Maybe that is to compensate us for not being able to live in The Warren, I think...

Anyway, I shall pray very hard for my main computer to be up and working again... Please work, and please ensure that all my important and unimportant files still remain intact. In the name of the father, of the son, and of the holy spirit, amen. *prays very hard*

I shall reply tags now.

[nwk] Haha, I took a picture of you during the concert lah! xD But the picture is very dark though, so don't worry about people seeing your face! xD

[zhiyi] Ya lor, and ahem, I'm not affected lor! I'm not-ted! =D

[justea <3] Yes, girl. You didn't see wrongly. xD She really looks like this. Haha, I think you must have thought that it's really funny, especially when she doesn't look fierce yet she is fierce. I've gotten used to it already. And lol, you're always welcome to sit in one of her lessons. But then again, you don't need to be in her lessons to experience her scariness. xD

[garyim] LMAO! Because you're in every picture I took with the teachers, GIRL! ^^

[jennie] Ya lor! She's extremely jealous! But she has something that made me jealous too!! =O Oh, and 1st QAD was jealous too, so can Zhi Yi be jealous of that? xD

[Sabrina] Thank you!! ^^

[xian] MOTHER!! Waa, you own man! Spam me 6 posts leh! ^^ I love you, mother! =D Haha, in the shot that LLM was trying to "book" that boy, I got take your back view lah! Don't believe you can go click on that picture and you'll get a super big photo with you and LLM inside. xD And yes mother, be jealous! I really took a picture with CPK!! No need for photoshop! ^^ But GCH wasn't in school, if not I would have taken a picture with her although I didn't prepare any present for her. Oops... =X And Zhi Yi requested for a photo of LWF, not that I willingly sent it to her. LMAO! Joking lah!! xD But you have a crazy son and daughter who put their QAD pictures as their display pictures!! =D

[feng] Yoz naughty girl!! ^^ Yes, you can't believe your eyes too right? LLM really smiled like siao lor! ^^ A very rare sight! =D I think if she next time dare to scold me again I'll just laugh my ass off!! Nono, I'll probably be LLM by then! Get the joke? xD And lol, I where got chio lah? Your eyes got problem man... xD

[windxchime] Thank you! ^^ Teachers' Day celebrations was really, really fun! =D

[Evan] Haha, Kanga and Roo are not available for sale, apparently. Yes, Mrs Lim looks nice in the photo, because I'm inside! xD Joking lah! Mrs Lim is always cute and chio! ^^ But hor, she has this dark blue flowery blouse that she sometimes wear. I think she looks very nice every time she wears that. So I think she looks best in that blouse. xD

[zhiyi] Girl ah... 彼此彼此 lah! I'm jealous, so you are. That's fair. =)

[Xinying] Thanks!! =D

End of post. Haha, my PM now is: If LLM dares to catch/scold me again, I'll be LLM by then! xD Get the joke? =D

560th post


Alright, here goes my 560th post.

zZz... I washed the clothes, hung them out to dry and I washed the toilet. No, you didn't read the last phrase wrongly. I did really wash the toilet. Haha, actually washing the toilet isn't as bad because after all, it's my own house toilet. xD

Grah, Zhi Yi spotted a grammatical mistake in my Teachers' Day message to Mrs Lim. Oh man, why didn't I notice it earlier?? =/ What will Mrs Lim think about my English?? Aiyah, actually I don't really care, because Mrs Lim herself likes to distort the pronunciation of words. According to her, "died" is pronounced as "die-ded" and "eggs" is pronounced as "egg-sy" xD She's really a joker! ^^ Oh yeah, I managed to finish up the whole topic of on electrolysis solely by myself. I feel proud, but haha, there are things which I don't understand. Hopefully Mr Chen will enlighten me when we have Chemistry remedial after Biology lecture next Thursday. I think Biology lecture will be conducted by Mrs Lim again, so I can look forward to another laughter session, I guess. But according to Zhi Yi, it'll be for us to check our Biology papers. I think I'll really die if that is really the case. I don't think I'll do well for my essay, especially when Mrs Lim said that she marked our essay questions "mark until I want to die" and told us to go and die. xD

Lol, another interesting phenomenon. The number of visitors to my blog has already reached 120+ as for now. I wonder whether it was because I posted the pictures of Mrs Lee smiling, which is such a rare sight and people were frantically scrambling to my blog and seeing how she smiled. o.O''' Aiyo, in the second picture of Mrs Lee, Zhi Yi said that Mrs Lee was actually talking to her!! I want to faint. Gar Yim shot Mrs Lee in the midst of talking to Zhi Yi. This is really so coincidental. I'm jealous. T_T

Oh yes, as you all might have noticed, I have changed my blogskin! Haha, it isn't a very big change. I just changed the picture, that was all. Haha, after yesterday's Teachers' Day celebrations, I realised that teachers have to sacrifice a lot for their students, thus I suddenly feel that teachers are really great, noble people worthy of our praises. Yup, so I decided to do a blogskin on the teachers who have taught me. Haha, I just used the pictures that I took with teachers yesterday as my blogskin. I wanted to put up 1st QAD's picture there too, but if everybody on MSN was so freaked out by my display picture, I think everybody who comes to my blog, including me, will die of shock if they see her picture the first thing they come to my blog. xD So sorry, 1st QAD. =(

After months of not logging on to Facebook, I finally decided to log in again and I'm seriously overwhelmed by 700+ notifications and 400+ emails in my email. @_@ But haiz, I didn't accept all the notifications because my computer will lag like hell everytime it goes to Facebook, because there are just simply too many things. But haha, I changed my profile picture to the picture I took with Mrs Lim. Yes, this is so as to make Mrs Lim's fans jealous. xD Wakekeke... =D

I gues that's all for today. I'll reply tags probably tomorrow or the day after. Goodbye! ^^

Teachers' Day


I love today's Teachers' Day celebrations!! ^^ Apart from the mass dance, the rest of the day was just spectacular! Oh, and I really feel a sense of achievement! Thank you Gar Yim, for helping me to take 50 photos of my QAD! =D Lol, I have more photos of my QAD than other teachers! xD Alright. I shall reveal who got 4Byzantine's exclusive Teachers' Day presents. Mr Chen took home Winnie the Pooh, Mrs Lim took home Eeyore, Ms Tan took back Piglet and Mr Liu received Tigger! ^^ Hopefully you'll enjoy your presents, teachers! =D

Oh, and I nearly opened my mouth to ask 1st QAD to take a picture with me, but in the end, my guts failed me. @_@ Aiyo, I really missed such a good chance! Mrs Lim and Mr Chen were sitting outside the library eating their buffet together with the other science teachers when we went over to hand them their Teachers' Day presents. Haha, after giving the presents to both Mrs Lim and Mr Chen, I saw Jennie and we took a photo together with Mrs Lim together. Haha, according to Gar Yim, Mrs Lee looked jealous when she saw Mrs Lim and Mr Chen receiving presents from us! xD Aww, don't be jealous! Next year I shall get you something if my guts don't fail me. -.-''' But hey, Mrs Lee was umchio-ing throughout! ^^ Lol, she didn't scold me although my PE shirt was thoroughly tucked out when I went over to their table.

We went over to the humanities staff room to find our SS teachers, but they were not around, so we came out. Lmao, I saw Mrs Lee again and this time, she was in shorts. -.-''' She totally scared the hell out of me, because this time she saw me and my shirt was untucked. Lol, I decided to walk past her as if nothing happened but she smiled at me! @_@ Nice nice! *umchios* After that, Gar Yim and I went to watch the Captain's Ball match featuring 4A and 4E. xD I think I shall stop crapping now. I'll post some pictures.

Gar Yim and I posing with Mr Chen, our beloved co-form and Chemistry teacher! ^^ Love him many many!! <333 Oh, doesn't the Winnie the Pooh toy suit him? xD Because he looks exactly like one! =D
Gar Yim and I with Mr Liu, our form teacher! ^^

Left to right: Gar Yim, Zoey and I. Oh gosh, I just realised that I'm posing with the 2 girls who scored GPA 3.8 in the last term. @_@

Our Teachers' Day cards to all our teachers! =D

4B's Teachers' Day card to Mrs Lim, our Biology teacher! <3333
The class playing Charade. xD

4B's Teachers' Day card to Mr Chen, our beloved co-form and Chemistry teacher!! <3333
Haha, we broke the record for Charade by only using 1 second to guess the word. Oh, it's a Chinese word by the way. xD

Haha, Wei Kai is presenting his Teachers' Day dedication poem during the concert. Hey Wei Kai! Since when did you write a poem for all RV teachers huh? =D Oh, I'm really sorry for the dark picture. =X

The teachers dancing during the concert.

Left to right: Charlene, Gar Yim, me, Jennie and Mrs Lim! ^^ Wee, Mrs Lim!!! =D I love her a lot a lot! I love her many many!!! <333333 And yes Zhi Yi, I really took a photo with Mrs Lim! I didn't photoshop my face there! xD Mrs Lim, the BEST Biology teacher ever! =D Haha, look at how excited I was when I was taking a photo with Mrs Lim! xD

Left to right: Zoey, Ying Ting, Charlene, Ms Jaina Tan, me and Gar Yim. Haha, Ms Tan is proudly showing off her present from us, but alas, Piglet is facing the wrong way. @_@ But hey, Ms Tan is looking very pretty over here! Chiobu!! <3333

Haha, and below will be some of the pictures we have of Mrs Lee playing Captain's Ball. xD The terror of RV students and RV's number 1 Physics teacher actually has such a cute side to her! Priceless! xD

Aww, Mrs Lee actually has such a cute side to her! xD For once, RV's scariest teacher is actually smiling like there's no tomorrow! =D

Oh my goodness me, uber CUTENESS!!!! <3333 She actually knows how to smile until so 灿烂! What a rare sight!! ^^

Heehee, there are other photos, but I'm going to keep them for myself, because me and Gar Yim risked our neck to get them, so we aren't going to share it with the rest so easily.

After the whole Teachers' Day celebrations ended, Gar Yim and I went back to De La Salle School. Actually, despite many people saying that the whole school changed a lot, I still found it no different from the school I used to study in nearly 4 years ago. It's still the same old De La Salle that I've always known.

The clock tower of DLSS. I remembered I tried to attempt to climb the clock tower because there was a ladder leading up to it. Alas, I didn't manage to make it to the top. T_T

Inside the school courtyard. It's really a nice feeling to be back, especially when I haven't been stepping into the school compound for about 3 years... I think the chapel can be seen from here?

The water fountain that is now covered with algae. xD Oh, the statue of Virgin Mary is seen on top of the fountain. But what's with the porcelain vase in the middle of the fountain?

The eco-garden where I spent the last 2 years of my primary school life in. Nice place, isn't it? =)

I guess today's post is really long, so I shall end here for now. Bye!! ^^


Grah, I realised that Mrs Lim wanted to give me 1.5 marks for Biology, but after that she cancelled away the marks. -.-''' I went to look for her to get back that 1.5 marks but she said that I didn't explain the purpose clearly so she didn't want to give it to me. But haha, she was pretty nice to me about it, like explaining why I didn't get the marks etc. I was still thinking she'll condemn me for it or something. x( That goes to show that my choice isn't wrong. xD Oh yes, Mrs Lim told us to "go and die" again today!! ^^ Second time le!! =D

Yippee!! Tomorrow's Teachers' Day celebrations! Haha, we have something fabulous in stall for the teachers! Hopefully they'll like their presents, especially those 4 lucky teachers who'll get our exclusive toys!! ^^ Yes, it'll be revealed tomorrow as to who gets it. Haha, those teachers who get the toys, you must feel very honoured alright? That goes to show how much we love you!! <333

Oh yes, during recess today, me, Zoey, Gar Yim, Cassandra and Charlene went to the teachers' dedication board and spammed the bottom row of the board with all the teachers who have taught us. Ya, so do look out for it! Our dedication is 9 peoples' heads long! xD That goes to show how much we love our teachers! ^^ Oh oh, I musn't forget my camera, because I'm going to take pictures with my QADs! =D

Zhi Yi is bent on doing something crazy tomorrow. Even I am not as crazy as her although that thought did come to my mind. xD But go for it, girl! She'll umchio like siao, that I can guarantee plus chop! ^^ Because she umchio-ed at me today!! =D

Guess who is the bigger version for?? xD


zZz... I got back my Biology paper today. Haiz, I don't think I'm going to do well for Biology, so I'll really be letting Mrs Lim down. Well, I got back section A and B of the paper today. My MCQs weren't as badly done as I had initially thought. In fact, I could have gotten 18/20 if I didn't change 2 of my answers at the very, very last minute. @_@ Section B was horrendously done. Even I myself was horrified at the marks I got. Grah... Section B really pulled me down a lot. Hopefully when Mrs Lim goes through the answers tomorrow, I'll be able to squeeze out some marks so as to get an A2, but that will be quite impossible. =X I'm not pinning much hopes on my essay questions. Mrs Lim told us our essays were so horribly done that she nearly died marking them, then she told us to "Go and die!" leh!! xDDDD Walao, I kept laughing at that sentence! ^^ Mrs Lim makes me go mad! But haiz... My essays and my Biology practical will soon become my undoing. =( I want to get an A1 for Biology also no hope liao... ='(

Anyway, me and Gar Yim rushed to Lot 1 to buy the teachers' presents straight after Chemistry remedial. Lmao, Mr Chen must have been surprised to see both of us "fly" out of the classroom. xD Haha, but he'll be in for a bigger surprise on Friday! xD And lol, I bombed $2.80 just on 4 pieces of sushi from Edo Sushi. I feel a bit stupid, but hunger just makes a person do anything. Gar Yim saw a lot of things she shouldn't have seen.

Today's Pure 19 episode was super cute and sweet! Oh, and tomorrow's episode will be the killer!! <333 I still haven't summoned up the courage to put up 1st QAD's picture to do a comparison with Woo-kyung's mother. I think I'm in for serious trouble if I really post it up. Oh, and I think 1st QAD may be a vampire based on what I saw today at the Physics lab. xD


I'm done for! My whole life is done for. I wish I can bang my head against the wall until my thick skull cracks open or somebody, please knock me down so that I may never regain consciousness again.

I can't believe it. I actually screwed my Biology practical! To think that it is actually 50% of my CA grade... XX different types of unknown samples, each giving me weird results when I did the tests on them. I don't even know how to describe the appearance of some solutions!! @_@ My hot water bath was bubbling too vigorously when I put all the test-tubes inside and I could feel Mrs Lim staring at me. Gosh, I was so nervous until my hands were shaking and I nearly dropped one of the test-tubes! =X Argh! With Mrs Lim staring so intently at me, I couldn't think properly, I couldn't think of what to do next and I didn't dare to look at her. =/ Lmao, I decided to continue letting my hot water bath boil since the time limit wasn't up yet and pretended to draw my table and record down my observations, in hope of her going away from me. Walao, she still continued to stand by my table-side and staring at me. My friends who caught her looking at them said that she look damn strict with her spectacles on and looked as if she was grading them very lowly. Shucks lah! I think I'm going to fail Biology practical! =( No time to do a proper practical report. Great... Now I really think I'm going to fail Biology. Mummy!!! ='(

After school today, me, Gar Yim, Michelle and Adna went to Lot 1 to see what we could get for the teachers on Teachers' Day. Haha, we've already kind of decided what to get. Of course, some teachers will get our exclusive gifts while we just dump some cheap-skate stuff (joking!) to some other teachers! ^^ I think I'll be bringing along my camera on Teachers' Day so that I can make Zhi Yi jealous if I really can get to take a picture with her! xD


Today's TOK Focus III seminar at ACS (I) was quite fun! ^^ Haha, at least, I thought it was fun because the ACS building was really very nice! =D I bet all the RVians went suaku over there lah! xD The CPA building can be mistaken for a movie theater because of the very comfortable and posh-looking seats. Oh, and their canteen is really very food-court styled! There's air-conditioners inside, and guess what? The students there do not have to return their bowls back to the collecting bins, because they have cleaners to clean up after them. No wonder those boys were giving us quizzical looks when they saw 4 RVians holding their plates like lost sheep. @_@

Oh, today was freaking hilarious because of something that happened after school. Cousin (Guess who?), Ying Ting and I went to find Mr Chen because we wanted to see our Chemistry papers. We kept paging for Mr Chen but nobody replied. Mdm Jiang Li tried to help us find Mr Chen in the staff room but to no avail. Lmao, now I feel bad because we kept laughing at her and she didn't know what's wrong with us. Never mind. Mr Tan saw us outside the staff room so we asked him to help us find Mr Chen. Mr Tan, being very nice as usual, managed to locate him and told us that he will be out shortly. Lol, just as Mr Tan was having a nice chat with us, I saw a scary woman wearing a brown shirt walking towards the opened staff room door which Mr Tan was holding open. I panicked, and quickly told Ying Ting and cousin to run out. Mr Tan appeared perplexed, so I just pointed my finger at 1st QAD and said "Oh no! Got scary teacher!!" OMG! I hoped she didn't see me pointing my finger at her. I ran out first and stopped outside the library there. Walao, cousin and Ying Ting owned lor! They ran out from the staff room all the way to the next level to take refuge in the science labs. Oh, and let me tell you, they nearly ran all the way to the end of the corridor where the Biology labs were located. This is what I call ownage. Pure ownage. Luckily I ran after them because straight after they ran up the flight of stairs, I saw her and quickly made a mad dash for the science labs too. Poor Mr Tan... He was still shouting "EH! YOUR TEACHER IS COMING OUT LEH!!" after us while we turned our backs from the second level. @_@ After a while, when we decided that the coast was clear, we slowly made out way down to the staff room to page for Mr Chen again when 1st QAD suddenly appeared. Walao, just our luck. -.-''' I think I nearly spitted out saliva from trying to control my laughter when I saw her. xD By then, Mr Chen came out from the back door of the staff room.

Mr Chen: Eh! Where were your just now ah? I came out I saw nobody leh!!
Me: Err, we were trying to run away from... *pants*
Mr Chen: Aiyo! Don't scare me leh! Just now I come out I saw nobody then I thought something else called me leh! Now is still the 7th month you know... -.-'''
Us: Aiyah, we saw Mrs Lee L__ M__ so we ran away!! xD
Mr Chen: *looks very amused and umchio-ed* ^^

Haha, I actually like talking to Mr Chen. He may be strict with us during lessons, but that's because he wants the best for us. I didn't mind staying back until so late just to talk to him. Like what cousin said, talking to him makes you feel as if you've gained something invaluable in the process. Whatever he said is just so thought-provoking. Haha, I'm really glad to know this different side of him and hear him talk crap. xD


Today's closing ceremony was really, really spectacular! Thank you, China, for making me proud of being a Chinese. Haha, it looks like London will really need to put in really a lot of effort for the next Olympic Games in 2012. China has already hosted what is argubly the best Olympic Games in history. Will London be able to live up to the expectations of the world? China has already done that, and now, it will be London's turn. Good luck, London!

The beautiful dance formation that was formed at the beginning of the closing ceremony. I simply love the dance formation! Thank you to all the people who have made this really very special and memorable. I really love this! <3

The very elaborate drum-set. xD

The male dancers and drummers.

The female dancers. Each of them have about 1000 bells on them. xD

The overall picture of the stadium. Beautiful, isn't it??

The unicycles. I really love how it glows in the dark.

Mr Rogge is seen handing over the Olympic flag to London mayor Boris Johnson, who will be the host for the next Olympic Games in 2012.

The trademakr red double-decker bus of London is being featured here. And oh, I'm really looking forward to the London Olympic Games. At the closing ceremony, snippets of what London has got and will offer were being shown and I'm really impressed with the London Olympic logo. It's pure coolness! ^^

The red double-decker bus being transformed into a platform for the singers to stand on and sing.

The acrobats and dancers forming another formation, this time representing the Olympic medal.

The Olympic flame finally being extinguished.

Acrobats scaling the memory tower.

Nice! ^^

A general view of the performance. =D

Tenor Placido Domingo and soprano Song Zuying singing. Oh, I love the way their voices blend together! ^^


I guess that will be all for today. Congratulations to China for hosting such a magnificent event that will remain etched in my memory. Thank you Phelps, Bolt and Zhang Yining for appearing at the Games and making me swoon over you three. Thank you, Team Singapore (Table-tennis women's team) for delivering Singapore's first Olympic medal in 48 years. Thank you, Beijing, for staging such magnificent opening and closing ceremonies despites those challenges ahead. Oh yes, and good luck to London on hosting the next Olympic Games in 2012. Tada!


Today's CIP was quite fulfilling for me. I managed to finish all the stickers and the person-in-charge was super shocked! xD Me, Zoey, Yanni and Mei Jie went to the Bukit Panjang area to do flag-day. Haha, me and Zoey saw quite a number of RVians and other familiar people, but I didn't see my 1st QAD. @_@

After returning the cans, me, Charlene, Cassandra and Gar Yim went to eat lunch. Lol, we were discussing what to give the teachers for Teachers' Day, which is just next week. Haha, we have decided what to get for the teachers, but I'm not sure if the rest of the people in the class will agree with it or not.

At around 5 pm, we had some family gathering for my grandfather's death anniversary. Lol, everybody present commented that I looked sick. @_@ But I still had a fun time playing with my cousin (real one)'s iPhone, which is totally cool!! ^^

Oh, tomorrow will be the closing ceremony of the Olympics. How time really flies! Just 2 weeks ago, the whole world sat transfixed to their seats when China put up such a spectacular show for the opening ceremony, except for the controversy surrounding the girl who lip-synced. From these few hours onwards, the world will be left to see how marvellous the Olympics closing ceremony will be. I'll surely be anticipating it.

Haha, actually, another Olympic participant worthy of note is Usain Bolt. Lol, if Michael Phelps is the fastest swimmer in the world, then Usain Bolt is the land-version of Michael Phelps. Look at this guy... He is well on the route of becoming another great Olympian. Give him the 2012 London Olympics to shine again, and let him participate in more events, I'm sure he'll be able to become the world's most successful athlete like how Phelps is the world's most successful swimmer.

Lol, just look at the distance between Bolt and the runner-up of the men's 100m race. The difference is just so great. It's really amazing how Bolt managed to break his world record despite not putting in his best efforts to run. Had he not been fooling around and with his shoe-lace untied, I bet he would have gone under the 9.5 seconds barrier.

Usain Bolt breaking another world record in the men's 200m race. He's the only athlete to break both the 100m and 200m world records. Amazing!

Usain Bolt and his team-mates after having broke the world record for the men's 4 X 100m race. Seriously, he's a lot like Phelps. xD From left to right: Asafa Powell, Nesta Carter, Usain Bolt and Michael Frater

Li Jia Wei lost to Guo Yue in the bronze medal play-off yesterday. Aiyah, as expected, she lost. Nothing really surprising since China is the powerhouse for table-tennis. But haiz, that means China took a clean sweep of all the medals for the women's singles. Zhang Yining, Wang Nan and Guo Yue took the gold, silver and bronze medal respectively.

The looks of concentration on Guo Yue's and Li Jia Wei's faces.

Haha, look at Zhang Yining's hair! xD Actually, of all the Chinese women table-tennis players, or perhaps, of all the Chinese athletes, I admire Zhang Yining the most. In fact, I like her. xD Oh my god, this sounds wrong, but yeah, I really like her! She just has that aura that attracts me and I really love seeing her play!

Yay! The look of contentment and the smile on Zhang Yining's face! And lmao, I actually think that she really looks very pretty! @_@

The 3 China flags being hoisted up after Zhang, Wang and Guo got their medals.

The 3 Chinese players with their medals. Oh, and the spotlight goes to the world number 1, Zhang Yining!! <3333 Oh man, I think I'm really crazy over her. xD

Haha, Team Singapore will be at Raffles City on Monday from 5 pm to 6 pm. Do make a trip down to personally congratulate them on their slendid performance in the Olympics, especially the table-tennis team and of course, Tao Li. xD