I feel so stressed now lah. I have tons of homework waiting for me, yet I don't have the time to finish them up because my weekends are totally full. Haiz, rehearsal on Saturday, and yeah, Sunday is the Istana performance. @_@ How? I don't think I'll be able to complete all my homework lah. x_X

Lol, we finally had our first Biology practical for the term. -.-''' Haiz, because I haven't been doing Biology practicals for a long time, I forgot most of the experimental techniques. I don't know if Mrs Lim was pissed with our class today or not lah. When there was another class outside the Biology lab making moderate level of noises, she just totally stormed out of our lab and scolded the daylights out of those students sia! Damn scary... This is only the second time I've seen her really flaring up, with the first time happening during our very first Biology practical with her. @_@ But haiz, I'm reminded of the way Mrs Lee scolds people when I see Mrs Lim scolding those students, because the way both of them scold people are really very much the same, although most people don't know that Mrs Lim can actually scold as fiercely, if not more fiercely than Mrs Lee. Anyway, Mrs Lim had some private talk with Michelle about her hair during Biology lesson. xD During recess, me, Charlene, Zoey, Ying Ting and Deng Yin ended up being Michelle's hair-stylists leh! Oh, and our creation is damn cool lor! ^^ I bet all the teachers will love Michelle's new look! =D

Haha, somebody with a weird number kept calling me today. I totally felt my handphone vibrating vigourously in my pocket. -.-''' I thought it was some irritating freak who persistently called me during school hours today. Lol, the caller ended up to be from the Engineering faculty of NUS. -.-''' So sorry for ignoring all your calls, because I really thought it was some weird person calling me. xD

Haiz, what Zhi Yi told me today made me miss my QAD even more leh. =( Haiz, I want my QAD to come back soon!! ='( Anyway, I saw Ms Goh talking to Farah and gang leh. T.T Toot... But I still got to go back home with Farah because we met each other at Jurong East MRT station and we talked about a lot of things with Feng Han, who claims that I'm her auntie. Oh whatever, nephew! xD


Wee! Mrs Lim came back for Biology lesson today!! ^^ Haha, brother ah, I finally realised how much I missed my sister-in-law. xD But haiz, the sad thing is, my class got dragged by her to attend the Science seminar held in LT 1. zZz, no offence, but the seminar was quite boring. =X I think the presentation by the students were better. Haha, at least my time spent during the seminar wasn't that wasted lah. I got a free file that is worth $0.50 and a blue ball-point pen worth $0.45. -.-''' Yeah, do you wonder how I got to know about those prices? It's because they didn't bother peeling off the price tag. I really wonder what will the visitors who got the file think. x_X Oh ya, but tea-break wasn't bad! ^^ We got a free chocolate bun and milo drink. =p I only stayed on for the sake of food! =D Mrs Lim was totally acting like a tourist guide to those visitors lor. -.-''' I could have sneaked another chocolate bun and milo drink into my bag, but Shi Xian (Liang) told me not to be so cheap-skate. o.O''' Hey hey, who was the one who was making use of the electrical socket in the LT to charge her handphone huh... Still dare to say me... @_@

After that me, Zhi Yi and Shi Xian left the seminar, we went for band. I didn't get to play because my ulcer was hurting really badly. Haiz, it's been hurting a lot since yesterday. I think I bit too hard while playing the super-high version of "It's a Small World" on Monday. Furthermore, with the intense practice yesterday, my ulcer just got worse. I don't think I'll be able to play tomorrow and on Friday bah. Hopefully my ulcer will heal in time for the Istana performance. =X

Anyway, good news for me! The engineering faculty of NUS finally replied me! ^^ Haha, hopefully from there, we'll be able to wrap up our whole CID project soon. Faculty of Medicine, please reply me soon!!! =(

Alright, enough about school life. Haiz... I've been missing a lot of Pure 19 episodes because I'm always coming back home late. Actually, I think the limelight will be more on Grandpa's relationship with Hye-sook. When Hye-sook went for er medical check-up, she was told of the possibility of her getting liver cancer. What Grandpa did was really touching. Almost without hesitation, he wanted to donte part of his liver to Hye-sook. I mean, it's really without hesitation and given his old age, it's not an easy thing to say and do. I feel very touched for his undying love for Hye-sook... ='(

Fantasy Couple, I swear, is driving me bonkers! =D That show is hilariously funny lah!! xD

Fantasy Couple!! =D

Haha, that's all for now. I'm off to do my homework le! Good night!! ^^


Waa... I was looking forward to Biology lesson because of Mrs Lim, yet I ended up falling asleep during Biology. It's really my first time falling asleep during Biology lessons! No matter how hot and stuffy the afternoons were last year, no matter how entertaining Mr Suresh was last year, no matter how tired I really felt, not once did I fall asleep during Biology lessons. Walao, Biology lesson was really boring without Mrs Lim inside. Our relief teacher was some PRC instead. Grah, I really tried to pay attention during the first 30 minutes, but after that, my eyelids couldn't defy the force of gravity (4th QAD's famous quote) and I ended up sleeping. Then again, this shows that Mrs Lim is the only one who can keep my love and passion for Biology alive. =) Haiz, I really can't believe myself. I was sitting right in front of the teacher and I could actually just fall asleep like that. The whole class knew that I was sleeping during Biology, because straight after the lesson ended, my classmates told me that the way I slept was really very obvious, and that this was the first time they saw me fall asleep so openly. o.O''' Haiz, I'm feeling really bad for the relief teacher for sleeping in class. But then again, I don't really mind that much, since she isn't Mrs Lim. xD

Sian lah... I totally missed my last chance of seeing my QAD yesterday. I bet she's happily enjoying herself overseas now. x_X Walao, how am I going to survive my school days without seeing her for 10 days??!! T_T I know I sound like I just 失恋-ed, but I assure you, this isn't what you're thinking about. Only Klarinutz and my retarded family know best! xD When 3rd QAD was away in USA for 2 weeks, I did miss him, but 4th QAD quickly filled up the gap. But haiz, now it's totally my 1st QAD leh... Lol, I better stop this nonsense now. I really sound as if I'm obsessed. xD

Anyway, before I end off, I had a very interesting dream about 1st cat and 2nd cat that I dreamt off last night/in the wee hours of the morning. It's super lame but amusing. I guess 1st cat wanted to appear in my dreams before she's going to leave me bah... xD

I really hope that there will be Biology lecture tomorrow. I mean, it's bad having to stay back until 4 pm for lecture, but I think my time there will be well-spent, especially with Mrs Lim as the lecturer! ^^ Mrs Lim just makes me go high and crazy with all her lame and funny jokes!! Oh haha, and not forgetting her cute antics too!! <333

Oh yes, today is my biological mother's birthday!! Happy Birthday, Mummy!! Lol, now she is the same age as my 2nd QAD. Now that's random. xD

QAD stalking...


What the toot... I should have went home with my other section mates lah. I should have listened to them, to my brother, for going home with them. Grah! Farah and Sarah totally robbed me of the chance to see my QAD lah. zZz! My other section mates... They totally saw my QAD scolding some juniors and her husband waiting for her in the car in the car porch. o.O''' Anyway, I love you, Lim Jia Yi! <3333 You're seriously very much loved by me. Yes, girl. I'm serious!! Thank you very much for noting down all the important details. I seriously can't believe you did me such a HUGE favour man. I'll treat you the next time I see you girl! =D OMG! OMG! OMG! I still can't freaking believe my luck sia! I love my junior lotsa lotsa! <333333 Love you, Jia Yi!! Muacks!! =D


I spent most of my time today filing my worksheets and revising my work. Oh yeah, and doing CID too. Phew! Natasha and I finally finished the data analysis part of the written report. Now, I'm left with contacting the professors at NUS... I shall ask Ms Tan what to do tomorrow though.

Bleah, I know this is really very random, but I suddenly had the feeling that I'll do quite badly for my Chemistry practical test?! I mean, I've already taken it, but I just suddenly realised that my table headings may be wrong, graph title may be wrong. I may have even mixed chemical P up with Q. Shucks! This is really getting nowhere. I really don't know if I'm paranoid or what... o.O''' Grr, hopefully what I've been thinking will not come true. I want to get full marks for this practical test. =(

Haiz... no more E&C week. It'll be back to studies from tomorrow onwards. Oh, I haven't forgotten about common tests either. And great, there's band practice tomorrow. But there's not much of a choice, because Istana performance is just this Sunday... Haiz, life really sucks now... =X


The Legend aired its last episode on Channel U today. Walao, the ending totally sucks lah! I mean, the whole story plot was quite well-written, and I expected a dramatic ending to such a great show. Then the script-writers just had to screw everything by writing such a lame ending?! I mean, what happened to Dam-deok? What happened to Ki-ha? What happened to the guardians of the totems? What happened to Sujini? What happened to the rest of the characters in the show? I had the feeling that the script-writers just wanted to get this show over and done with. It's really such a pity, because I enjoyed watching this show until the last few minutes of it. @_@ Argh! Whatever lah. Most Korean dramas have lame endings, so I shan't get so worked up over it. -.-''' I still can't bring myself to like Bae Yong-joon although I like Lee Ji-ah and Moon So-ri, the two female leads in the show.

Anyway, now that it has ended, I shall spend my weekends revising my work instead of being glued to the TV for at least 2 hours. xD

The poster for this show. I shall not talk about this show anymore. For more information, check out this website by yourself.

Hmm, Fantasy Couple will be showing on Channel U this coming Monday at 10 pm leh. I'm not sure if I can watch it, but I think this show is going to be fun to watch because I love Oh Ji-ho and Han Ye-seul. This MBC drama also won quite a number of awards during the MBC Drama Awards in 2006. Hmm, I have faith in this show, because it's a MBC production! MBC shows never fail to disappoint me. xD For more information, check out this website. Fantasy Couple, here I come!! =D


Today's the last day of E&C week. Haiz, actually 我有一点不舍得 this week to pass by so quickly, because it'll be back to normal school week for me. Ya, then there'll be common tests in mid-August. So nice hor...

Anyway, we wrapped up our whole TIF project today. Just before we went to the lecture theatre for some boring lecture again, Mrs Lee came over to my group's spot and started asking us what our project was all about. Damn random lor. But anyway, I couldn't control my laughter then again, so half of the time, I just kept quiet so that I won't end up laughing. Mrs Lee was quite amused by our prototype lor. She kept asking what this Lego man is doing here, and who is inside the library etc. Haha, she was umchio-ing nearly throughout the whole presentation lah. xD So cute!! ^^ After that, she asked us why there weren't any lights (I think she meant lamp-posts lah) in the park. Err, those who were present were quite stunned lah, because we totally didn't think of putting in lights in the first place.

Mrs Lee: Why aren't there any lights?
Us: ...

*Dreadful silence*

*After stoning for awhile, I decided to 随机应变* xD

Me: Orh. It's because Lily doesn't like working long hours, so we have to make sure Lily's working hours are not too long. (I seriously don't know what I'm saying!) @_@ That's why the park will only be open in the daytime, so that Lily doesn't have to work for so long. That explains why we don't have lights in our park.

Mrs Lee: I see... (I doubt she is convinced though)

Haha, there's still more here, but I don't bother posting it up.

Deng Yin and I were the presenters for our group, so we ended up with no fruit tarts and cakes because they were all taken up by greedy RVians. =( But the mango pudding wasn't bad I must say! ^^ We had to present our whole project to the people passing by, including Ms Ek. -.-''' I don't know what's wrong with Ms Ek man. She just kept laughing throughout our whole presentation. Our presentation very funny meh? =/ After that, the panel of judges came over to our booth to see us present. Lol, they were very impressed by our idea because we took into consideration both the young and older generation. In a way, our park is our very good for family outings. Of course, we managed to fulfil all the unreasonable demands of our dear Lily. o.O''' Ms Goh and some male teacher whom I suspect was the Subject Head of Chemistry came over not too long after the panel of judges left. Lol, that male teacher asked a lot of questions lah. He even made fun of the name we gave the park lah. He said it sounded as if we were about to send those old people up to paradise. -.-''' Lame shit lah. xD

By the way, our project "Paradise Park" got mentioned in the LT for its marvellous idea and solution. Lol, the TIF person said that they may consider telling MOE about our project leh! I don't know whether he was joking or not, but still, haha, if you're interested to know, you can always ask me or those oddies in my group! xD It's time for pictures! ^^

Oddward Bound proudly presents to you, PARADISE PARK! ^^ Haha, this photo was taken in the morning before school started though. =X

Our group name! Oddward Bound - Ideas Out Of Bounds! =D I really love my group's slogan! It sounds really sophisticated and chic! =DD

Our customer mandala. ;)

The entrance of Paradise Park. Haha, it looked like the entrance of some tribal village to me though. But still, Paradise Park really rocks! =D

The greenhouse-like library of Paradise Park! That male teacher who was with Ms Goh kept asking a lot of questions about this library lor. I don't know which part of the library attracted him though. Good thing was, Mrs Lee was also very amused by the library. We told her the Lego man who was sitting on the chair was Lily. Then after that she asked who was sitting on that blue sofa, and asked whether it was a robot. We said it was a customer, and she totally went O.O''' at our answer. xD Anyway, she said that she liked the way we arranged our "books" in the library and praised us for it! Waa, I'm feeling damn happy! ^^

Lol, Mrs Lee asked us why there were fishes in the pond. We told her that it was suppose to be some fish-therapy pond where people can stick their feet in and let the fishes eat up their dead skin.

Mrs Lee: Waa!! Why your fishes so 恐怖 one?!
Us: Err, it was drawn this way.
Mrs Lee: Why must they have those sharp teeth? It looks so scary! o.O'''
Us: ...

Lol, Mrs Lee can be so amusing lor... -.-'''

Our activites corner where people can do whatever they want here like playing chess or having flower-arranging classes. See! We've even put a fan there so as to prevent those old people from getting heatstroke. ._.

Our spice garden! =D

Our open-air concept toilet! ^^ Lol, this is done by Chin Hui, with him spending close to 2 hours just on this. Well done, boy! Everybody said that it just looked like the real thing. xD Those people who came to our booth were amused by this toilet, because the toilet has no walls, just plants covering the person who is inside. xD I'm really very proud of this aspect. xD

Our water pond where we have graceful swans, tadpoles (which looked really like sperms) and tortoises swimming inside! ^^ Haha, you can see a cave on the right-hand side of the picture. There's actually a green thing over there that is supposed to be a monitor lizard.

*Mrs Lee points to the green colour monitor lizard outside the cave*

Mrs Lee: What is this? A crocodile?
Us: Err, no lah. It's supposed to be a... monitor lizard!
Mrs Lee: What?! It looks like a crocodile to me! Your crocodile is a bit big huh...
Us: -.-'''

The souvenir shop!

Haha, this shall be the final picture for now. An overview of the prototype for Paradise Park. All done in a day's work! ^^

Haiz, now that E&C week has come to an end, I wish it never ended. Although I really hated the first day of this TIF course, it really became more enjoyable as the days past. Anyway, all those people in my group would have agreed, that the process of making this prototype was actually really very fun! We couldn't bare to throw away our prototype, so we just left it on the tables behind the class. Haha, I have no idea where the 4J Biology students are going to sit when they come back on Tuesday though. But haha, we really can't bear to part with our prototype, so our prototype is at least going to stay with 4B until we have no more feelings for it. xD Till then, people!


Today is the third day of that TIF course. Haha, I think TIF is getting more and more fun leh, although I doubt we're having as much fun as the Year 1s, who will be staying overnight in school today. xD Lol, the school seems so much emptier without the Year 2s and 3s, because they have gone to Malaysia and OBS respectively. It feels really weird without them, yet I'm enjoying it. =D

My group's prototype is done! ^^ Haha, I really feel a sense of accomplishment lor! Our prototype is really very nice, and I totally can't believe that it's all done in a day's work! xD I'll post up the prototype tomorrow, when I get to use my handphone in school before school starts. xD

Yanni and I were in-charge of the story-writing, so we decided to do a draft before working on it proper. We showed the draft to Mrs Law. To our utmost surprise, Mrs Law actually praised our work leh! She was literally "Very good!"-ing her way throughout our draft. o.O''' LMAO! Both of us were totally stunned lah! We were like "Huh?! Brenda Law leh!" Haha, if you all don't already know, Mrs Law is known for her strict standard of English. I feel damn stressed whenever she's around because I know I can't speak Singlish in front of her. x( But haha, Mrs Law is really nice lah! =D

After Mrs Law gave us her approval to continue working on the story, both me and Yanni decided to go to the canteen to work on it since our classroom was in a terrible mess. xD We saw 3rd QAD in the canteen so I said "Hello!" to him and waved back. Haha, I didn't expect him to wave back to me, but he did leh! I'm damn happy! ^^ After that, he asked me why both of us were in the canteen, but I don't know what's wrong with me today. I decided to reply him back in Chinese. Hmm, it's weird, but fun to converse with teachers in Mandarin! xD

Haha, as usual, I saw 1st, 3rd and 4th QADs today. I seriously think that 2nd QAD went to Malaysia lor. But fret not, brother! She'll be back tomorrow! ^^ 1st QAD was totally staring at brother when she entered the lecture theatre late today. I mean, who in the theatre didn't stare at her lah. xD I was staring at you too, brother! xD Farah's friend went to tell Ms Goh that I'm her fan lor! Waa, die liao lor. Ms Goh will surely have a bad impression of me. =O Argh! Ms Goh isn't suppose to know that she's one of my QADs. Haiz, the thing is, I think too many people know about what's QAD and who my QADs are, especially my first one. Walao, if my 1st QAD know that she's my QAD, I can forget about staying in this school liao. x( Please, people. If you know what is QAD and who my QADs are, don't go around spreading, alright? =/

Anyway, haha, I'm just being random over here lah. Gar Yim and I saw a CF outside some cosmetic shop, and we were stunned by some pretty woman who was in the advertisement, so we stayed outside just to watch that CF. xD It took us quite awhile to realise that the pretty woman in the advertisement is actually Goo Hye-seon lor! She's the female lead in Pure 19, which is currently airing in Singapore now. I'm really shocked lor! I mean, I didn't expect her to be that pretty although I know she's pretty. xD

Goo Hye-seon in Pure 19 as Yang Gook-hwa.

Goo Hye-seon in the CF that Gar Yim and I saw at VivoCity yesterday. She was in the CF for beauty product Danahan.

Goo Hye-seon in the CF for Danahan. She's really stunningly pretty in this advertisement lor! I can't believe it! xD Maybe it's because I'm used to her poor-girl image in Pure 19. o.O''' I love her looks as the Empress! ^^

Danahan CF Section TV. This video is about the trials and errors Goo Hye-seon went through while filming the CF. Waa, the way she portrays herself in the CF is totally different from the way she portrays her off-screen lor!! ^^

Haha, I shall end off for now. I haven't done Mrs Lim's Biology assignment yet. I better get started before my brother starts condemning me for not doing her hoemwork. x_X


Today's trip to VivoCity was really very fun leh! ^^ It's more like an outing rather than us being out to research for our project. xD Lol, we ended up spamming photos and hogging the basement level just to eat to our hearts' content and to queue up to print photos. LOL! =D Gar Yim and I spent quite a lot of money at Dong Dae Mun today. I swear, the chicken bulgogi there really rocks lor! So does that really fat sausage. xD Hmm, I seriously think that 2nd QAD is now enjoying herself in Malaysia lor. I haven't been seeing her since yesterday lah. =( My brother must be feeling really down now. Luckily I still get to see my 1st, 3rd and 4th QADs although I totally missed the chance to puke right in front of them, especially my 1st QAD. x( Haha, I think Ms Khang is really very cute! ^^ She totally went high with us in the bus at the beginning of the trip because we were the first class to leave for VivoCity. xD

I'm slowly changing my impression of the whole TIF project. I'm starting to think that it's quite fun. xD Hopefully my impression will stay so that I won't spend my remaining 2 days in misery. ._.

In this cruel and heartless world that we live in, I really don't know who to believe and trust in. Everybody just seems so hypocritical. I totally hate the world I'm living in now. Haiz, it's so critical till the extent that Gar Yim and I set up the "Mother of Cries" club, a club specially for people who are feeling really down and out. Lol, if you're feeling really extremely upset and indignant against everything that is happening to you now, you're most welcomed to join this club! ^^ After consulting the tarot cards, having numerous sleepless nights and seeking advice from both my parents and friends, I think I've come to a conclusion...

My passion for it may have been lost with time, but my passion for music will never die. After all, if I really leave, I'll be letting her down terribly, because on that day me and Zhi Yi told her about our decision, she was really trying all means to persuade us to stay on. After watching the 3 videos below, I have more or less made my my decision. I firmly believe my passion for music and making music will never die. After all, music is the only universal language of mankind. It is able to wash away all the ugliness of this world. Therefore, I would like to thank my beloved Klarinutz, my retarded family, 4B classmates, friends, my parents, and of course, the 5-year-old Korean girl who was able to move me to tears with her interpretation of music. I'm really sorry if I was really very moody these days, but I'm really glad all of you understood my predicament. =)

As I've said, music is the only thing that can wash away the ugliness of this world. In this world of hypocripsy and betrayal, no matter how many people are hurt in the process or whatsoever, there will still always be hope. Hope for a better ending, hope for a better life. Music is the only one that gives hope, and I shall show you why. Yoo Ye-eun is only 5 years old, but she has shown that her little heart is bigger and purer than anybody else's in the world. Fate has really dealt her a cruel blow. She is blind right from the start and abandoned by her biological parents in the orphanage. However, without sight, she is still able to better appreciate the world than we do. Why? Because she uses music to do so. She's really an extraordinary pianist, being able to play the tune straight just by hearing it once. She is also able to find the accompanying tune for songs just after she hears it once. What's more, she's blind, but her sensitivity of touch and hearing far exceeds anyone of us here. The 3 videos are a really must-watch. It'll really move you to tears. ='( But hey girl, I must thank you for teaching me how beautiful this world is. ;) No matter how difficult it is, I've chosen to walk that trechearous path in hope of seeing The Sun at the end of the dark, cold tunnel that is void of all human emotions.

Star King #8 - Blind Genius Pianist

Star King #9 - Blind Genius Pianist

Star King Superkids Special - Yoo Ye-eun playing accompaniment with Connie Talbot singing "You Raised Me Up".


Haiz, it's really a sad thing that none of my QADs are in-charge of my class. Even Mr Chen, who is our co-form, went to take other classes. =( Crap! But haha, at least Mrs Law is the teacher-facilitator of my group. Lol, I really love her a lot leh! ^^ She really has that motherly look and I'm reminded of my 2nd QAD everytime I hear her talk, although Mrs Law talks with that British accent and all that. But her motherly demeanor resembles my 2nd QAD strongly. <3 Another good thing about Mrs Law is, she pronounces my name correctly leh! =D She totally beats my 2nd QAD hands-down in this aspect. xD Haha, but I don't think Mrs Law will be my QAD any sooner. =p I shall just be content with my 4 QADs.

Farah is making me depressed lor. She got Ms Goh as her form teacher for E&C week and was totally bragging about it to me lah.
-.-''' Her MSN PM is totally traumatising me because she had morning tea with her QAD and what's bad is that, Ms Goh wants to give Farah her handphone number. o.O''' Aiyah, I think I shouldn't brood too much over it since she is Farah's 1st QAD, not my 1st QAD anyway. But still, I'm depressed over the fact that none of my QADs are taking any classes in my block, which means I don't get to see them often. =( Worse still, my 1st and 3rd QAD aren't in-charge of my class, which makes me even more depressed.

Enough of those QADs who are making me traumatised and depressed. I shall be angry over them for now. Arm wrestling was fun! Lol, I competed with a number of people today. I must say, my strongest competitors are Gar Yim and Wei Kai. Gar Yim and Wei Kai surprised me with their really strong arm power. I nearly dislocated my arm bones because of them. ._. Now my arms are aching like mad after rounds of intense competition. -.-'''

Lol, the whole Year 4s kept eating today. After that TIF lecture, we had morning tea. Not long after that, we had lunch. Not very long after, we had tea. Oh man, I nearly felt like vomiting after eating so much lah! The boys sitting behind me were totally hilarious lah. And Wei Kai is a piece of noob shit by thinking I'm wearing double hairbands. -.-''' Whatever...

Grah... today is really a depressing day for me. Hopefully, Farah will help me ask 4th QAD something. xD Good luck, Farah! And bring me more news tomorrow! =)


Before that, everybody had to assemble in the hall. And lol, Zhi Yi got so excited on seeing my sister-in-law. She totally went, "OMG! My wife is wearing yellow today!" I turned around and came face-to-face to Mrs Lim. -.-''' Lol, then me and Zhi Yi appeared super excited at seeing her. And oh my mama, Mrs Lim actually umchio-ed at us leh!! o.O''' She's really so cute lor!! *^^*

I think today's Racial Harmony Day's food stall was quite a success! ^^ The sad thing is, I didn't really get to eat other classes' foods because I was so busy cooking the satays, running to and fro to get the stallholders to cook our satays and otahs. I feel quiet bad for imposing on them, but haha, they really don't seem to mind. RV has nice stall vendors! =D Zhi Yi! Be jealous! Your wife and my 4th cat bought satays and otahs from my class's stall! ^^ Walao, but I totally didn't see my QAD today lor. =( Oh ya, 4A's really a total rip-off lor. I paid $1.20 for one stick and I'm suppose to poke as many I want in 5 seconds. I ended up only getting 2 pieces of fish-cake lor. =( Lol, Ms Goh only managed to poke 3 pieces of food too. xD Luckily my sister-in-law wasn't conned lol! =p Haha, Zhi Yi, please read this. Mrs Lim only bought food from those classes she teach, if I'm not wrong. That's what Hui En told me hahaha. xD Haha, it's really nice for my 2nd cat and 4th cat to hang out with each other. They really look like they get along with each other well. They were totally laughing and umchio-ing at us when they went to patronise our stalls. So, I'm happy. Stupid kuku and Gravity! ^^

All in all, I think today's food stall is really a success! ^^ Thank you to those who said that our otahs and satays were really nice! =D 4byzantine'08 really appreciates your patronage and wish to thank all of those who patronised our stall and helped made this a success! Thank you! =D


Haha, we went over to Deng Yin's place to cook our satays. I swear, the satays taste really damn good lor! I was expecting to bite into some hard chunk of meat, but oh man, the satays totally exceeded my expectations lah! It's really soft and succulent! ^^ Must go buy from us tomorrow hor! ^^ Thanks to Wei Kai, Jun Wen, Adna, Pan Yin, Gar Yim and of course me for helping out today! =D

Yay! Tomorrow is the start of E&C week! ^^ Haha, hopefully Mr Chen keeps true to his word on getting the teachers to buy 10 satays and otahs each! xD And hopefully, we'll get to earn a lot of profit so that we can splurge them on the chalet at the end of the year. =) Oh ya, I shall do some advertising for my class for tomorrow's food stall.

4byzantine'08 proudly presents to you our stall, 4everBagus!!
We'll be selling satays and otahs, which I can guarantee is of a very reasonable price and you'll never regret buying them! One satay is for $0.60 while one otah is selling for $0.40. Haha, buying more of each will of course be more reasonable! ^^

So, please remember to patronise 4everBagus's stall tomorrow and buy our very delicious satays and otahs! I'm sure you'll be left begging for more! ^^


Lol, I went to Chinese Garden today with Michelle to see birds. xD Haha, but we ended up seeing only one and a lot of other animals. We're so amazed by the wide range of biodiversity there. Oh man, Mrs Lim should be very proud of us leh! We are very enthusiastic Biology students! ^^ Pictures are wth that girl lah, so please wait. I've uploaded the pictures already! =D Lol, we bought a lot of snacks to eat our time away! ^^

Haha, that's me in front of Confucius! ^^ Hopefully my academic grades will improve when I stand in front of his statue. -.-'''

Lol! The weird creature that me and Michelle saw ended up to be this monster. ._. At that time, both of us thought that it was some water snake and nearly called the police. Luckily we didn't, or we would have embarrassed Mrs Lim terribly. o.O'''

Haha, those cute squirrels that we saw on our way out. They're really cute, I swear! =D

After that, we went to er er hem's house! Wee! This time her house door was open leh, but like what the toot, I only saw her husband lah! -.-''' Grah, I wanted to walk along the corridor one more time, but retarded girl didn't want to really see her lah.
=( Aiyah, whatever lor. xD

Anyway, I love my QAD more after what Zhi Yi told me. I can't believe despite her cold exterior, she actually has a very warm and caring heart. She always tells what she thinks and feels truthfully and never backstabs. If only some people could be like her... I should try to understand my QADs better, by planting my spies all over the place. xD

It can't be too freaky. It's really too true to be true. Do the tarot cards really know what I'm thinking deep down? =/ I really don't know what I should do now... I'm really in a dilemma...

This matter is just too freaky, too scary. I don't know who I can trust anymore. I really don't. I hate this environment whereby there are so many hypocrites around. The tarot cards warned me, it really did. Zhi Yi and I agreed that this is really too coincidental to be true. The tarot cards have made it very clear who is the person we have to be wary of. OK, I know I sound really very stupid here, but the description of the cards fit too nicely. Too nicely. It's too accurate, until I don't believe it myself. Really, I don't know who to trust now. The Emperor, The Magician, The Fool. These 3 cards are negatively read and describes this whole situation too precisely, too well. Why can't this matter just rest??


Mr Chen was adorably cute during yesterday's Chemistry lesson leh! ^^ He made himself a pair of dangling earrings using the toy structure of H2O (water). Oh, and guess what? He is back with the American accent. He pronounces "water" as "wader". Lol, now the whole class pronounce "water" as "wader", thanks to Mr Chen. xD

Mrs Lim is hilariously funny as usual. Oh ya, after we were dismissed from 强化班, Gar Yim and I went out of the classroom and stood outside the Chemistry labs. Mrs Lim saw us and I swear, she was freaking funny lah!

*Cousin and I see Mrs Lim walking towards us and starts giggling and laughing to ourselves*

Mrs Lim: Waa! You all got chased out of the labs ah? o.O'''
Me and cousin: Err, no lah. *points to the 强化班 classroom*

*Mrs Lim continues walking towards the Biology labs*

Me: Bye!
Mrs Lim: *ignores*
Gar Yim: Byebye!
Mrs Lim: *ignores again*

Cousin and I were so hurt that she ignored us lor. But haha, I prefer to think that she was umchio-ing to herself when we said "bye!" Lol!

*Mrs Lim walks back in our direction from the Biology labs*
*I was sharing some joke with cousin and we were laughing like mad*

Mrs Lim: Oh! Now I know why you're here liao. You're sitting for your "O" Levels Chinese listening comprehension right? *smiles very cutely*
Me and cousin: NOO!! *faints in horror and shock*

Lol, the encounter with Mrs Lim was really hilarious lah! xD Haiz, Mr Liu and Mr Chen won't be around because they have to attend some teaching seminar on how to teach us better. -.-''' But the good thing is, Ms Goh will be taking me for my Chemistry practical test, which is this Friday. Oh man, I better start revising all the energy changes practicals. I must secure this 10% fully no matter what. =)

Natasha and I went to NUS again, but this time to see the Raffles Museum of Biodiversity and Research since Natasha was so fascinated with that place. Lol, at first I thought the place was quite scary because those animal displays there looked really real lor. After that, I consoled myself by believing that they made those replicas. Stupid me didn't realised that they were in fact once-alive that I nearly went to touch the fur on them. -.-''' My goodness, my hand could have rotted away by now if I didn't see that "NO TOUCHING - THE ANIMALS ARE PRESERVED USING POISONOUS CHEMICALS!" signs... o.O'''

Anyway, tomorrow's gonna be a boring day, except for Biology lesson! Mrs Lim rocks all the way!! <3333

I shall end off with a quote from my QAD lol! "The f word should be the last word you say before you die!" - LLM. LMAO! Can you imagine this coming out from like, somebody as scary as Mrs Lee??!! I can totally imagine her on her deathbed with her friends and relatives by her side, and just before she dies, she says "F***!" and bang, she's dead. o.O'''


Lol! Since I've signed up to participate in the Samsung Omnia blog entry thingy to win myself that chic phone, I might as well blog about it now. I'm quite desperate to get rid of my mother's old Samsung phone which is disturbingly red. xD Alright, here goes.

The new Samsung Omnia!

Oh well, what exactly is the Samsung Omnia? For those people still living in the small little world of their own, Samsung Omnia is the latest and probably the smartest phone Samsung has ever unveiled. Packed with cool, exciting features such as a 5-megapixel CMOS camera with auto-focus (AF), face and smile detection and auto-panorama shot, Omnia also comes in 8 or 16GB memory configuration and additional storage that can be added via an extendable slot. Of course, a smart phone like Omnia can’t go without having a GPS, including navigation and geo-tagging capabilities, so for people with poor sense of directions and get lost easily like me, this is just the ideal phone for you!

Having said so much about the phone's features, let's dwell into the significance of the name. Omnia, which means "everything" in Latin and "wish" in Arabic, is really a phone that has everything you wished for. Slick and elegant, cool and chic, it's truly a classic beauty!

LMAO! Having spent some time on this blog entry, I hope this blog entry wins me that phone. xD All the best, girl! ^^


Speech Day was fun! ^^ Alright, I only found the performance by band so-so lah, mainly because I squeaked for about 2 times then I started to lose my highness and hiong-ness to impress my QADs. =( But still, it was fun because we had fun secretly taking photos of my 1st QAD, 2nd QAD and 4th QAD. Mr Chen was nowhere to be found. o.O''' Haha, me and Zhi Yi totally spied on my 1st QAD and 4th QAD in the hall from 4C, which is in the container classroom block. xD I swear my 1st QAD saw me peeking through the doors of the hall lah. Damn stunning lor, I just immediately ran back. =D Anyway, there are photos. I'm still comtemplating whether I should post those pictures with my 1st, 2nd and 4th QADs inside or not.

Haha, a nice view of the sunrise. This is taken from the platform of Jurong East MRT station when I was going to school this morning. It's really very nice, except for those 2 extra people there. -.-'''

Another attempt at taking the beautiful sunrise, but this time, through the doors of the MRT. Not really as nice as the first one though. =X

Lol, look at Zhi Yi's attempt at drawing a human body with all the body parts and organs intact. I bet Mrs Lim will be stunned when she comes to 4C for Biology lessons had we not erased those pictures away. O.O''' Apparently, that human is called L_ _ C_ _ _ _ M_ _ K_ _ _ _. Guess whose names it's derived from. xD Haiz, on second thoughts, maybe we shouldn't have erased it away lor. Mrs Lim will be very amused, girl! ^^

-Picture taken down-
M F K H! ^^ LMAO! This one is really very insane lor! M F K H! Again, guess where are these words derived from! xD Klarinutz is seriously an insane section! =D

Lol, the ranking of our QADs! ^^ For those who know my QADs well, hmm, you should be able to know what are the names of my 4 cats by now. xD

Haha, this picture is amusingly disgusting! ^^ Lol, try guessing why Zhi Yi drew a cat. And take a closer look at what other extra things we drew there. xD Milk... small chicken... And haha, an elephant. Lol, those things represent some reproductive organs of the human body. =p

LMAO! This is totally lame... Shi Xian (Liang) is suppose to say this. -.-'''

Jennie and me being wrapped like a bandito. -.-'''

Jennie, me and Shi Xian (Liang) being wrapped like a bandito. xD

Lol, is this some scene from some Indian movie?! O.O''' Haha, I proudly present to you Jennie and Zhi Yi! ^^

Lol, Farah is looking so cute here! =D


And haha, I've decided to post take these 2 pictures up down. =X Too bad if you've missed it! xD I don't want to get into trouble, girl! ^^

-PICTURE- *spastic grins*
Err, the one in blue is the scariest teacher in RV. See, nobody dares to stand near her. Even Farah's husband doesn't even dare to stand near her. Instead, she chose to stand in front of her. =O Try guessing who is the one in white shirt and black skirt! ^^

-PICTURE- *grins again!*

Lol! I guess that's all for today's post. =X Haiz, hopefully I can get high again when I see my QADs on Monday. =D


I swear, I'm totally not in the right left frame of mind right left now, all thanks to Mrs Lim! -.-''' Zhi Yi ah! I risked my life just for your happiness lor. I really did a very crazy thing leh. I just took out my handphone and started recording down Mrs Lim's Biology lesson for her leh. xD Lol, of course I hid it in my pencil case because I was quite scared that she would confiscate my phone. o.O''' Lol, Zhi Yi ah, next time just pass me your voice recorder lah. It's so troublesome having to convert the voice format to mp3. -.-''' Oh ya, haha, if you don't mind, help me record down 1st QAD's and 4th QAD's lessons please? =p I'll be eternally grateful to you, brother! xD I can help you record down 3rd QAD's lesson if you want!

And aigoo!! Farah got Ms Goh as her Chemistry teacher lor! And what the hell, she said Ms Goh was really cute during Chemistry lessons lor! Never mind, I shall tell certain people tomorrow.

Speech Day rehearsal today was great although we got scolded by those teacher-in-charge and made to run from LT1 to the hall for about 6 times before they finally realised that they were wasting more time. -.-''' Lol, today's rehearsal was quite hiong because lmao! I saw Mrs Lee so I got scared out of my wits and started playing rubbish. xD Only Klarinutz will understand what I'm talking about. I totally saw her umchio-ing again lor! So cute! ^^ There's also something very hilarious about her. Lol, I shall let certain people know again. She's really the ultimatum lor! Seriously, you'll laugh like shit when you hear this and I shall add in Ms Goh's 招牌 action to make it even more funny. *points gun and shoots you*


I am totally acting like a snake lor. My teeth hurts so much until I couldn't chew on anything lor. Ya, so the only way I get my food down to my stomach is by swallowing. -.-''' The pain is really similar to the pain I experienced when I first started wearing braces. Haiz, the dentist nearly changed the whole braces for me, and my molar teeth feel as if somebody just used a gigantic metal ball to knock my teeth off. =( Haha, but the good thing is, I get to eat century egg porridge everyday until my teeth all drop off or something. xD Dear Shi Xian, century egg is nice lor! ^^

Anyway, I think I'm really fated with my QAD leh! ^^ Morning assembly was held in the classroom today, and haha, I saw my QAD totally scolding somebody whom I shan't mention. I only saw her back view lah. After the 强化班 teacher dismissed us for recess, I saw my QAD walking very fast past the 强化班 classroom. Lol, she saw me lah. xD While walking down the stairs to the canteen, I saw her again leh! =D She was giving me that look she always wear on her face so I stared back at her. Luckily she didn't stop me or anything, although I think she was staring at my hair because it was quite messy. =X

Haiz, although there's Mrs Lim's lesson tomorrow, but I heard from 4C/4I that Mrs Lim exploded at them today lor... I don't know whether Mrs Lim will start scolding us tomorrow or not. Hopefully not, because tomorrow is a 1-hour lesson leh! =( I want to spend my 1 hour laughing, not stoning and emo-ing in the classroom. =X


Today's Pure 19 episode was really very nice lor! ^^ I can't believed that I missed so many episodes due to Speech Day rehearsals. ='( The Yoon-jung and Woo-kyung scenes totally stole my breath away lah! The more I think about it, the more I feel that I act like Yoon-jung, because her reaction is the same as mine when she sees Woo-kyung and when I see any of my QADs. xD

I totally love the two of them together! ^^


Wee! I'm really very high today leh! Why? Because I saw all of my 4 QADs! =D Mr Chen finally came back to Singapore to teach us after 3 weeks in Arizona. xD Actually, when Mr Chen said that our class won't be split into 2 for Ms Goh to teach us, I felt quite disappointed. I felt that I really learnt a lot from Ms Goh lor. =( But when Mr Chen said that he missed us and started telling us about his adventures in USA, lol, I realised that having Mr Chen back as our Chemistry and co-form teacher isn't really that bad after all! ^^ Mr Chen has become tanner after the trip and the weather in USA was really so hot until he was forced to believe that sun-block works. xD Yay! I'm happy that Mr Chen is now back with us! I'll really miss Ms Goh lah, but there's still a chance for me to be under her next year. I really hope that she'll be my Chemistry teacher next year. I shall keep my fingers crossed. Alright, so I won't be seeing much of my 4th QAD anymore. The only way to get to see her is through Shi Xian (Liang) because she's 4A's Chemistry rep. =p

Lol! Mrs Lim's Biology lesson today was really freaking hilarious lor! ^^ I really laugh everytime I have her lessons lor! =D But I was nearly late for Biology lesson because the dentist spent a lot of time on my teeth today. =O Mrs Lim must have thought that I was really super late for school because she was just right behind me when I was walking to my classroom. =X Anyway, for more information about Mrs Lim's Biology lesson, come to me for more details! I take pride and pleasure in noting down whatever Mrs Lim has said. Haha, maybe for the sake of somebody's happiness, I should start recording down her lessons if I get to. Read this, Zhi Yi! ;) Lol, me, Jennie and Zhi Yi saw Mrs Lim outside the staffroom talking to Ms Yang (Mehmeh). Lol, we were totally condemning her lah. xD Anyway, I think Mrs Lim is going to condemn me tomorrow because 3 of us stalked followed her to the library and were giggling like mad girls there. Zhi Yi, it's all your fault! =(

Oh yes, Shi Xian (Liang) nearly got into trouble when she called up Ms Goh from the intercom because she said told Ms Goh that Mrs Lee (LLM for you) isn't free tomorrow and is willing to give up her Physics period with 4A to Ms Goh. Lol, I think Shi Xian nearly freaked out when Ms Goh was appeared super puzzled and said that there isn't any Physics lesson tomorrow. xD But thanks to her, haha, I managed to see my 4th QAD today! ^^ Get that, Shi Xian! I'm going to stick with you wherever you go! =D

Haha, and while the whole gang of us were making our way back to the holding room, I saw my 1st QAD and surprisingly, I wasn't the first one to scream and shriek at the sight of her. Zhi Yi totally screamed at the sight of my QAD... -.-''' What the hell lah, it's really stunning leh! o.O''' But haha, she wore the same outfit I saw some few months back. It's the outfit that both me and Yanni agreed that she looked super nice in it. xD

Alright, enough of all these QAD talk. xD Go to sleep, girl! ^^


I'm so stressed until I no longer have the ability to process information properly. x( I'm serious lor! I had to keep asking Natasha what's the plan for CID even though she told me that many times. I'm really sorry, Natasha! =(

Anyway, both of us went to NUS again. The sad thing is, although we've gotten our interview questions ready, we won't be able to go there on Wednesday. =( In that case, me and Natasha won't be able to visit the Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research. =X And nope, we totally didn't see that Mrs Lim lookalike professor today. But I think I saw the Head of Medicine who looks like Ng Hoe. @_@ Haha, but we still took quite a number of pictures today! ^^

Haha, view of NUS from the overhead bridge. =D


The entrance of the Medicine faculty.

Wee! The foundation stone! =D

Haha! That's me outside the faculty of Medicine! ^^ Gosh, I must really start working hard to get into that faculty although there'll be 90% chance that I'll get kicked out with my dismal results. -.-'''

Biochemistry? =p

Faculty of Biochemistry! ^^

Faculty of microbiology! ^^ Go there and get yourself immunised against all sorts of diseases. xD

Haha, the signboard outside Raffles Museum. xD Natasha and I may find some time to go down again. Probably we'll get to meet Mrs Lim there bah! ^^ Mrs Lim mentions Raffles Museum ever so often. xD

Faculty of Chemistry! ^^ If there's a faculty of Physics, faculty of Chemistry, I think there should be a faculty of Biology hidden somewhere in NUS bah... I assume that Mr Chen and Ms Goh graduated from the faculty of Chemistry bah. xD And I don't get the difference between Chemical Biology and Biological Chemistry. @_@

Alright, there's Speech Day rehearsal tomorrow. Haiz, it's full-dress lor. I think I can just die from heatstroke with the spotlight shining so brightly on me. x( On the brighter side, there'll be Biology and Chemistry tomorrow although I'm not sure if Mr Chen will be back to teach us or not...


Haha, I think The Legend is really very exciting now, although I know from many people that the ending really sucks. For future episodes, I will enjoy the show and let the ending spoil everything for me. But not now. xD Haiz, I really hate that priestess now. It's really a pity, because I used to like her a lot as a child. In fact, I liked her even more than Sujini, but times have changed, girl. xD

Haiz, tomorrow is Youth Day holiday. What a holiday, because I have so much homework to complete. And yes, Mrs Lim's Biology assignment isn't easy to complete. I really got a headache doing it lor. As for Ms Goh's Chemistry assignment, I tried my best to finish up every question but still, there were 2 questions (small parts only lah) which I don't know how to do. @_@ Haha, I spent so much time perfecting my Chemistry practical report until I forgot to do Maths. Grah... Ms Goh better not find any fault with it lor. I really spent a lot of effort on it. =D Anyway, to hell with vectors and matrices. @_@ I've got no interest in them. Medicine doesn't require Maths. xD Oh yes, I'm really happy with Ms Goh because she's like one of those very few teachers who pronounce my name CORRECTLY the first time round leh! For your information, Mrs Lim doesn't pronounce my name correctly and I'm kind of angry with her for that reason even up till now. >=( My 1st QAD better know how to pronounce my name if not I shall disown her. xD

Oh ya, there'll be CID meeting tomorrow. Oh yeah, and we'll be thinking of interview questions to ask those NUS professors when we go there again on Wednesday. Haha, I really hope I get to interview that Mrs Lim lookalike professor! xD 顺便 go there to do my Maths homework too. =p


Woots! I'm still crazy over NUS leh! How ah?! I must go there next Wednesday again to interview those Professors there! ^^ Hopefully, my group will get those interview questions done! =D

Anyway, I never blog about Pure 19 for a very long time le. I finally got the chance to sit down properly and follow this show faithfully without any interruptions or whatsoever during dinner. =D Haha, the scenes between Woo-kyung and Yoon-jung were super cute today leh! Yoon-jung was so crazy over Woo-kyung that she begged her father to let her be the new secretary of Yoon-hoo since Yoon-hoo hasn't gotten himself a new secretary when Gook-hwa resigned. xD Yoon-jung got so excited and couldn't help smiling to herself! LMAO! She sounds a bit like me hor! xD I go crazy when I see any of my QADs! ^^ There was some lame parts in the drama towards the end. Woo-kyung's father was scolding his brother because his brother came home drunk and forgot to tell him and Ok-geum that Woo-kyung went to Busan to attend a friend's father's wake. Bong-goo was drinking honey water after drinking too much yesterday so his brother (Woo-kyung's father) chided him for making him and Ok-geum so worried and getting the wrong impression of Gook-hwa.

Woo-kyung's father: "真是的!你快点闭上嘴巴,赶快和你的蜂蜜水吧!"
Bong-goo: "如果闭上嘴巴,怎么喝蜂蜜水呢?" *gives that hey-I-beat-you-to-talking-what-can-you-do-to-me look. xD

Lame sai lor! I was laughing throughout the whole show lor! I bet Mrs Lim was umchio-ing to herself when she watched that. xDD

Anyway! My favourite couple pairing! ^^ Haha, I hope there will be more scenes between them tomorrow! =D I just love seeing Yoon-jung going crazy over Woo-kyung! <3

Heehee, there's Chemistry lesson tomorrow! ^^ This time round, I shall make sure I do my experiments properly so as not to let down Ms Goh. xD Oh yeah, Mrs Lim is still as cute as ever! Lol! I'm really getting as random as her liao. xD Right, I better stop here. Good night! ^^ *blushes*


I think I really love going to NUS leh! ^^ After dismissal, me and Natasha went over to NUS to do our CID surveys there. Gosh, I think I must start working harder in order to go there! Haha, the Science faculty is just next to NUH lor, so it is quite convenient for us! =D But me and Natasha were both totally overwhelmed by the vastness of that place! Oh man, we lost our way in the campus quite a few times. =O When we just reached NUS, we first went into the faculty of Medicine! That place looks really very grand lor! ^^ I'm really going to work hard to secure my place there. Anyway, after that, I really needed the toilet but we just couldn't find any, so we went back to the faculty of Medicine, and poof, out came a Professor! An Associate Professor to be precisely accurate. -.-''' And both me and Natasha could SWEAR that the Professor looks very, very, very much like Mrs Lim. Hmm, more like the pissed-off version of Mrs Lim! The resemblance is really uncanny! @_@ They really look 90% alike lor! Because me and Natasha looked quite unsure about where to go, and she was just coming out, so she asked us in a rather haughty voice, "What are you doing here?! Are you here to ask something?" To be frank, I was put off by her voice because I expected it to sound like Mrs Lim's voice since both of them looked really very similar. =X Lmao! I just asked her where the toilet was and she immediately changed her attitude towards me and even showed me where the toilet was lor! ^^ And her voice sounds quite like Mrs Lim's voice when she talks nicely!! =DD I'm going crazy le. Luckily for me and Natasha, we will be going back to NUS to interview those Professors. Hopefully I get to interview that Mrs Lim's lookalike Professor! ^^

I really love those NUS people for doing our surveys without asking for any reasons or rejecting us. Really, not even one student rejected to help us do the surveys lor! ^^ NUS people are really super nice! When me and Natasha wanted to go to the faculty of Arts and Social Sciences after we went to the faculty of Engineering, there was this super nice girl who told us how to get to FASS and even accompanied us there lor! =D She's really damn nice leh! <33 At FASS, we asked the students there to help with our surveys, and lol, we met 3 RV seniors leh! Haha, at first we didn't know they were from RV, until one of them came up to us just as we were about to go and asked us since when did RV changed uniform. xD After that, we stayed for awhile to chat about teachers! ^^ The conversation was really very funny lah! ^^ They still remember teachers like Ms Lee Choi Yeok (Truly a classic of RV! =D), Mrs Lee LM (cannot put down her full name because she is so scary that her name is easily available on search engines like Google and Yahoo by students and ex-students who ranted about how she scolded them) Mrs Lim WF (Love her too! ^^) and Mr Ang ML just to name a few. Haha, their reaction to Mrs Lee's name is really very funny leh! ^^ They just recoiled in horror when they heard her name. xD Oh yes, talking about Mrs Lee hor, when I saw her climbing the staircase up to my class, I just screamed and accidentally kicked the metal wall and created quite a din outside my classroom. I think she didn't know who screamed so luckily she didn't come looking for me in my classroom. xD

Haha, the faculty of Physics. I bet Mrs Lee graduated from here lah! xD Her Physics is really totally imba one! Lol, me and Natasha went into the faculty and felt totally overwhelmed by the cheem Physics posters they put up inside. o.O'''

Haha, a view of Clementi from the 8th floor of the faculty of Engineering. xD Nice view huh! ^^

Anyway, I shall stop crapping for today! ^^ Grah... I feel really tired after walking the whole of the NUS campus today. My legs are aching now leh... I don't know how I'm going to do physical training tomorrow. I think my legs will just break lah. x_X Lol! Mrs Lim was really very funny today leh! When she came into the classroom, she asked "Where did we stop the last lesson?" Lol, as usual, we ignored her although I tried telling her that we stopped at those pyramid thingy for Ecology. She just picked up my Biology notes and suddenly asked, "Eh! What class is this ah??" and gave that super blur look! OMG! Cuteness leh! ^^ Oh yes, Biology is the only lesson I'm looking forward tomorrow. I hope Mrs Lim keeps me entertained with her jokes. =D


Today's the first day of July. Lol, I just can't think of anything else to start my post leh. =X Guess what? Today's NCC Day mah, so the NCC people have to march past us. I was laughing at those NCC people because my classmates were marching and I found it rather weird. xD I can vouch that I saw Mrs Lee umchio-ing at those NCC people too!! o.O''' It's really stunning lor... Yeah, and Ms Yang's favourite way of calling up on students is by register numbers according to the dates, so naturally, I got called up by her to answer her question. =X Sian lah, I always get called up by her lor. @_@

Biology lesson was really cool today! ^^ Mrs Lim is cute as usual. LMAO! MRS LIM WATCHES PURE 19 TOO LEH! =D Lol, she was talking about chrysanthemum flowers but she was so afriad that some people don't know what is chrysanthemum in English so she said "菊花" and went like "You all know that 梁菊花 right?" xDD Lol! Zhi Yi ah! You must follow that show diligently hor! =D Your QAD watches that show leh!

Chemistry went rather well too. Lol, I swear that Ms Goh is super efficient lah. We just only passed up our practical worksheet to her yesterday and she gave it back to us today. O.O''' But she was a bit pissed with us because we never draw our graphs properly. Ya, so now end up everybody have to redo the whole practical report for her and hand it to her by tomorrow. Walao, she wanted us to hand in by today at around 2.30 pm, but haha, there's always room for negotiation! Ms Goh isn't that unreasonable after all! ^^

Haiz... I don't like those pieces that we're playing now. I mean, I'm sure if we play those boring pieces to the public at the Istana, many people will just sleep lor! =( I really don't know what Ms Chan is thinking about. No A Springtime Celebration (I really badly want to play this piece!), no Grand March (Don't mind playing this)... No fast and hiong pieces anymore! >.< Anyway, I guess I'm not in the position to comment about this. Just blame it on us for being lousy players. =(

Anyway, I'm not looking forward to Maths tomorrow. Good thing there is Biology lesson to cheer me up although it's only 40 minutes. =( Biology rocks with Mrs Lim inside!