Haha, I tried wearing contact lenses. Sheesh, all those talk that soft contact lenses don't hurt are lies lor. >.< Tears just rolled down my cheeks. @_@ But haiz, I still have to try it for a few more days before my mum can make a decision on whether she should order more for me. =X

Today's Pure 19 episode was hilarious and erm, sad at the same time lah. Hilarious because the way Ok-geum (Woo-kyung's mum) tried to recouncile with Hye-seok in order to persuade her father-in-law to come home was really very funny! ^^ Sad because Yoon-jung got cheated by her so-called husband. @_@

Haiz, there's no time for me to rest liao lor... From tomorrow onwards, it'll be band everyday for me. @_@


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