Hmm, today is the last day of June le. How time really flies... Yesterday's concert was not bad, although I felt that we could have played much, much better. But oh well! It was still quite a good effort! ^^

Haha, I'm going to post some section pictures here! =D They're taken with Shi Xian (Liang)'s handphone! ^^

Klarinutz! <333

Lol, a rather smiley picture! ^^

LOL! The most spastic picture ever! ^^ And haha, I got to take a picture with LLM's grandson leh! =D Sebastian, the noob, is an extra here. -.-'''

Anyway, I think I must be the most enthusiastic Chemistry student alive! =D Lol, Ms Goh told us to do the assignment on Ammonia today and pass it up by next Tuesday. Haha, I've already finished the whole assignment except for the essay questions plus those questions which I don't know how to do. =p

I'm going to get high tomorrow! ^^ Biology and Chemistry! Those 2 Science subjects which I love a lot! =D


Hmm, today's the last practice with Ms Chan before the concert performance. Ms Chan said that our playing for Grand March improved, but not for A Huntingdon Celebration leh. That's sad. =( Haiz... I guess we shall all continue to work hard bah.

Anyway, I have something to tell you! I own 4 cats. My first cat doesn't meow like a proper cat should. Instead, she barks like a mad dog and hisses like an evil snake. @_@ Her barks, when reacted with the surrounding environment, will precipitate to form hisses of a hissy snake. However, when her barks are dissolved in excess cuddling and hugs from *ahem*, they will dissolve from loud fierce barks to form soft melodious meows. -.-'''

Alright, the above paragraph is lame lah. >.< Try guessing what's my cat's name. =D Good luck to you!

Oh yes, haha, please remember to turn up for tomorrow's concert if you have bought the tickets! ;)


My 506th post marks the end of Term 3 Week 1 for me. Haiz, girl ah! It's only one week, and yet I'm already feeling as if I've been slogging in school for 10 weeks! @_@ I stay up almost every night just to finish up my homework and wake up every morning with dark eye circles. I feel really extremely tired, so tired that I can even sleep standing up on the MRT train or in bus 100 to school. But hmm, I think schooling is still better than having nothing to do at home. At least I get to see my QADs and go high during their lessons or when I see them around the school. xD

Oh yes. Haha, I took height and weight yesterday. I grew by 2 cm taller leh! ^^ It's already not bad considering the fact that my height has been stagnant for around 3 years with no change. I really didn't expect myself to grow anymore! =D And haha! My weight hasn't increased despite the fact that there was one week during the holidays where I kept eating in restaurants. >.< Alright! 6 cm more to my ideal height. Let's keep it up, girl! =)

Haha, Mrs Lim was really so cute yesterday lah! She was talking about how skeptical we people were about conservation of animals or the environment since she was teaching us Ecology. Then lol, I think she got too agitated about we young people not caring much about animals and environment that she suddenly said, "Wahhliiao eh!" LMAO! Everybody in the class was damn stunned when we heard her said that lah! Of course, everybody laughed! xD Nobody expected Mrs Lim to say that lor, especially when she is famed for her very gentle and motherly demeanor. o.O''' Anyway, Mrs Lim said that she paid $250 for the pest controllers to remove the monitor lizard from her house. She said that if there isn't any job out there for us, we can consider being a pest controller. @_@ Alright, I shall be one if I'm really desperate. ;)

I think Ms Goh was amused by me and Cassandra during Chemistry practical today! xD Lol, Cassandra and I forgot that we were suppose to do different measurements from each other since we were only given like about 1/2 hour for practical.

Ms Goh (to Cassandra): "What solution is this?"
Cassandra: "Oh. This is solution P."
Ms Goh: "OK. How much is this?"
Cassandra: "10 cm cube."
Ms Goh: "OK."
Ms Goh (to me): "What solution is this?"
Me: "Err, solution P?"
Ms Goh: "OK, how much is it?"
Me: "10 cm cube."
Ms Goh: "WHAT??!! I thought I told you all to do different sets of experiments?!" *gives the -.- and o.o face* xD

Oh yes, and Ms Goh is really such a Science person to think that SS stands for Social Sciences, not Singapore Studies. -.-''' Whatever...

Haiz, I nearly fell asleep during sectionals today. Hmm, it must be due the the force of gravity acting on my eyelids. @_@ But I'm thankful the force of gravity didn't act on me while I was having Chemistry practical if not I'll surely get condemned by Ms Goh leh! I can't afford to incur her wrath you see... ;)

Yup, 2 more days to the concert! Let's jiayou! ^^



Woots! Biology mass lecture was very amusing! Why? Because we had such an amazing Biology teacher! =D Haha, I bet Zhi Yi must be super happy because nearly everybody laughed at her funny antics and jokes! Mrs Lim is really very cute I must say! =D I still don't get how Shi Xian (Liang) can sleep during her lecture when everybody is like laughing every 2 minutes or so. >.< I think I laughed at least 10 times during Mrs Lim's lecture today! ^^ Haha, I laughed until my mouth feels tired. Lol! Anyway, after lecture today, me, Jennie, Zhi Yi and Shi Xian wanted to go home together since we can talk about our QAD mah! =D Haha, anyway, we came out from the lecture theatre earlier than Mrs Lim, but haha, just as we were about to walk to the entrance of the lecture theatre, she appeared from there! ^^ Haha, can you imgaine how high we got??!! =D *prances around* Haha, so the 4 of us were walking just behind Mrs Lim leh! =) After that, Jennie went "Talk! Talk! Talk!" Shi Xian, Zhi Yi and I went "S-talk! S-talk! S-talk!" xD LMAO! I think Mrs Lim heard we said lor. OMG! I'm going to get condemned by her tomorrow during the second period. She'll probably ask, "-my name- (pronounce wrongly -.-) ah! Why are you and your gang of friends talking and stalking me yesterday AH (emphaises those Singlish words like how LLM does)?! I swear I'll get into deep trouble tomorrow lor... >.< Hopefully, that isn't the case. @_@

Oh yes, I finally know why my QAD act as if she's the boss of the whole school le. Insider's information! xD


Today is the second day of school. Hmm, nothing really much. Really. But haha, Zhi Yi and Shi Xian (Liang) finally experienced how it was to be students of Ms Goh's Chemistry class, and it's CONFIRMED that she'll be their permanent Chemistry teacher. Walao, so good lah!! I want her to be my Chemistry teacher too leh! Haha, there's still a chance for me to be Ms Goh's student because my class will be split into half for Chemistry lessons, so one half of the class will be under Ms Goh while the rest will be under Mr Chen. Oh my mama, my mama! I want her to be my Chemistry teacher!!! ^^ Haiz... I feel slightly bad towards Mr Chen for wanting Ms Goh as my Chemistry teacher leh. AIYAH! I DON'T KNOW WHO I WANT AS MY CHEMISTRY TEACHER LAH! zZz... @_@ Anyway, I better kope Ms Goh as my 4th QAD before Farah beats me to it lor. Farah also likes Ms Goh quite a lot leh! Never mind, I hereby declare Ms Goh as my 4th QAD! =D And heehee, I think Zhi Yi and Shi Xian like her too, although both of them miss Mr Chen loads. xD

Anyway, there will be Biology mass lecture tomorrow at LT2 from 3.15 pm to 4.45 pm. I bet Zhi Yi is damn happy lah, because Mrs Lim will be the one conducting the lecture! Woots! I'm happy too! Haha, I hope that my 4th QAD will show up at LT2 too! =D


Hmm... First day of school didn't went as bad as I expected. =D I didn't get caught by dear Mrs Lee athough she wanted the whole class to stay back for spot-check. She's really one very funny person lor. When she told us to stay back, naturally some of us stayed back. Then she suddenly said "I said go!" After that we just walked off... "Don't you all know how to walk in a straight line?! Walk in twos!!" Oh well, Mrs Lee is really so zZz on the first day of school. @_@

Anyway, the highlight of the day is my new Chemistry teacher! Haha, yes, my Chemistry teacher is Mr Chen PK, but apparently he has decided to become a student in some USA university for about 3 weeks, so he won't be in school for the time being. Aww, I think Shi Xian (Liang) misses him a lot. =( But anyway, I swear that my new Chemistry teacher rocks leh!! She's called Ms Goh CH if I never remember her name wrongly... Waa, she only looks like she's in her mid-twenties and she's already like the new HOD of Science for the JC level?! Stunning man... And haha, I think she's quite chio!! =D Haha, I really like the way she teaches us leh! ^^ She really goes into details and I felt that I really learnt a lot from her! I never say that Mr Chen doesn't teach well hor! xD Mr Chen also teaches very well, but maybe because I never see Mr Chen for quite a long time le, so I somehow forgot how he used to teach us. Heehee, so I can't make any comparison here. ;) But haha, one lesson is all I needed to gain a deep impression of her leh! ^^ Anyway, I'm happy because there'll be Biology and Chemistry tomorrow! Yay, I'll be seeing Mrs Lim and Ms Goh, the two HODs! =D *dances around like a mad girl* Haha, Ms Goh may become my 4th QAD leh! Zhi Yi and Shi Xian ah, if Ms Goh gets the chance to teach your class, I think you'll love her too leh! xD Heehee, I know I 变心 quite easily, so do forgive me yeah?? xD By the way, Shi Xian ah, if that comforts you a little, Mr Chen won't be forgotten so easily! ^^ Not when he has played a major role in saving my Chemistry from falling off the cliff. =) And haha, Zhi Yi ah, Mrs Lim will still be my 2nd QAD! xD

I'm really looking forward to tomorrow's Science lessons!!! *dances around like a really mad girl and probably going mad over her 2nd and 4th QAD for now* xDDDDDD


O-M-G!!! School is like, just starting tomorrow????!!!! I'm really still in the holiday mood lor... My holidays... And gosh, I'm so going to die horribly tomorrow lah. There's a 70% chance that the world's most dreaded person may come finding me and Zhi Yi. @_@ I'm keeping my fingers crossed so that it will never happen. x(


Haiz, I guess today's practice at Yuhua wasn't erm, exactly pleasant I would say. I bet Ms Chan totally condemns me now because when she was still asking who needs the new ligature, I raised up my hand mah. Then she went like "You got leather ligature still want new one ah?". It's really zZz lor... The tutor just plucked off that metal thingy off my ligature and proclaimed that it was spoilt and I needed a new one. Whatever it is, it's not my fault. =X But anyway, 谢谢皇上的隆恩!I love my Emperor for giving me the new ligature! =D *bows low*

Anyway, Evan, please don't be discouraged! Don't let this become your stumbling block! Please remember, ALL OF US ARE BEHIND YOU!!!!!!! Please, please, please don't give up on yourself...

Screwed up



Speech Day rehearsal was really very screwed-up in my opinion. I still don't know why so many people said that it was still quite ok. @_@ Oh ya. That bloody red curtain nearly ate me and Sebastian up because both of us were sitting by the sides in the front row. When the emcees announced band as the next performance item, I think those curtain-pullers got a bit too frantic and started bumping into the clarinetists, knocking down Sebastian's, Chua's, Liang Shi Xian's and my stands and files in the process. >.< And walao, that stupid curtain nearly wraped me up along with it lor. My whole reed and ligature just flew out in the process!! Damn... I could hear all the dance people laughing at us. It's really very embarrassing lor, especially with Ms Ek and her VPs all sitting right in the centre of the hall to observe our rehearsal. I bet they saw everything!! >.< I totally didn't play for March "Blue Sky" because Xue Qiang was already giving the cue for the band to start playing and haiz, I just quickly picked up my reed and ligature and anyhow fixed it onto my instrument. Lmao, I hope nobody saw or knew that I was faking throughout the first piece. @_@ Japanese Graffiti was really horrible lor. All my running notes couldn't come out probably because I was still too traumatised to play. >.<

Oh yes, by the way, I'm still traumatised. @_@ One last thing. Haha, to all students, the first thing you should see when school reopens is to take notice of your principal's hair! It's hilariously amusing and it's guaranteed to make you stop and gawk. ;)


zZz... One more chapter of 红楼梦 and I can finally get rid of my chicken-ducky-shitty-whatever-lah Chinese homework!! >.< Haiz, but I don't think I'll have the time to re-read the book lor. Not that I want to read that stupid book again, but there will be an upcoming test on this lor, and I can't afford to do badly for Chinese, especially when it pulls down my GPA. @_@ Aiyaya, I really don't know how I'm going to cramp all the revision that I promised myself to do before the holidays started when I have band everyday for more than 8 hours!! >.< RAHH~!!! *pulls hair out in agony*

Anyway, I really, really swear that A Huntington Celebration really rocks leh! ^^ I'm so in love with that piece although my part is really so boring until I can sleep liao! But haha, the whole point is, just enjoy music as a whole! =D Haiz, what currently puts me off is that there will be a Speech Day rehearsal until 5 pm tomorrow. What puts me off even more is that after that, we have 3 full-dress rehearsals for Speech Day. Gosh, I seriously don't see how Speech Day is that important to the school. @_@

Oh yes, to end of this post, I shall let everybody listen to A Huntingdon Celebration, which is my current favourite band piece! Enjoy! =D

A Huntingdon Celebration - Osaka Municipal Symphonic Band


Haha, I tried wearing contact lenses. Sheesh, all those talk that soft contact lenses don't hurt are lies lor. >.< Tears just rolled down my cheeks. @_@ But haiz, I still have to try it for a few more days before my mum can make a decision on whether she should order more for me. =X

Today's Pure 19 episode was hilarious and erm, sad at the same time lah. Hilarious because the way Ok-geum (Woo-kyung's mum) tried to recouncile with Hye-seok in order to persuade her father-in-law to come home was really very funny! ^^ Sad because Yoon-jung got cheated by her so-called husband. @_@

Haiz, there's no time for me to rest liao lor... From tomorrow onwards, it'll be band everyday for me. @_@

Role-play of Dae Jang Geum


Heehee! I love tutor sessions! =D I shall look forward to the next tutor session on Thursday! ^^ Haha, thanks to that tutor (sorry, don't really know his name), I can play with a much nicer tone! =D

Anyway, A Huntingdon Celebration isn't as bad as I thought! Maybe because the thirds' score is boring, that's why I initially disliked that piece. But haha, after today's practice, I love this piece now! ^^ Haha, I think all the celebratory pieces are nice lor! A Springtime Celebrations really rocks a lot, which is really such a pity we can't play it for the upcoming concert. Oh yes, Jia Yi just started watching Dae Jang Geum. LMAO! So nearly the whole section was talking about Dae Jang Geum today. -.-''' Seriously, I think we clarinetists are really keesiao people lor! @_@ Oh yes, now let me introduce the Dae Jang Geum people in River Valley Concert Band. ;)

The protagonist: Seo Jang-geum ; played by me <-- Totally insane! @_@
The antagonist: Choi Geum-young ; played by Kwok Zhi Yi <-- OMG! >.<
The bad people 1: Lady Choi ; played by Lim Jia Yi <-- Haha, you really look evil! ;)
The bad people 2: Lady Choi's brother ; played by Lim Yi Jun <-- He's really noob I tell you. =X
The Emperor: King Joong-jong ; played by Zoenin Ang <-- Walao, she's really pervertic lor! Perfect role as the King! Hey look Noble Shit! I'm praising you leh! ^^
The protaganist's best friend: Lee Yeon-saeng ; played by Sofia <-- LMAO!!! -.-'''

Walao, this is seriously not getting anywhere. Anyway, I seriously love my section a lot!! <333 I just hope that what I wasn't wishing for won't be true leh, if not I rather quit. >.< *prays hard*


Walao... I just finished my SS homework, like... finally?! Hmm, I think I've finished almost all my homework, except maybe for 红楼梦? I think I still left with about 4 or 3 more chapters to go. Haiz, 红楼梦 is seriously boring me out lor! @_@

Anyway, today's Pure 19 episode is quite sad leh. Yoon-jung called up Woo-kyung to meet him up so as to give him the new tie because she snipped his old tie off. o.O''' But haiz, it was an emotional farewell to somebody she really liked lor, because in the next episode, she is going to marry some womanising jerk. I feel really very sad for her lor. Yoon-jung was trying really very hard not to cry lor, but I actually understand why she felt so sad. Firstly, she had to marry somebody whom she didn't like and only met him through a match-making session. Secondly, after marriage, she has to leave her family, friends and South Korea after 10 days. Thirdly, the guy is totally a jerk. The good thing about that guy is that he has loads of money, more than enough for Yoon-jung to splurge on those luxury goods. @_@ Haiz... I really feel very sorry for her because she has been forced into this marriage. Gosh, she should just act like her older sister Yoon-ji and elope with Woo-kyung or something. Rawr!! Wook-kyung, why can't you just like her back??!! Don't make my Yoon-jung so miserable lah!! =(

Aiyaya, Yoon-jung, just act drunk on your wedding day lah!! O.O''' Miss this chance and you'll never get him back! So aja aja hwaiting girl! Fight for your own happiness!!! *^^*

And haiz, my mood is not only dampened by today's episode, but also by the fact that there's PT and band practice tomorrow... HAIZ...


Poof! The third week of holidays is just gone, just like that. @_@ Only left one more week to finish up my SS holiday homework and finish reading up on 红楼梦. This is so disastrous lor! I managed to finish up the conclusion of my English research essay and just started on my SS homework today. To hell with that SS homework lah! If my friend didn't tell me there was homework, I wouldn't have known there was homework. Oh man, I should have just pretended I didn't hear anything. >.< I should have pretended that I didn't know anything! @_@ 5 articles down. I'm left with 3 more articles to analyse, but I don't intend to complete it today. I shall leave it for tomorrow.

Anyway, I went to the Kinokuniya branch at Orchard today! Waa! I totally saw so many types of tarot cards lah! But haiz, I don't know what type I want leh. The cheapest I saw was about $8.90, but that deck is really, really, really very small!! I think it's only about the size of my thumb?! O.O''' No way I'm going to buy that man! What am I suppose to see?! -.-''' Oh ya, but haha, some tarot cards are... erm, obscene? They're really very obscene because... I think I can leave it to your own imagination huh. I suppose Feng Han will like those though. =p Oh ya, I totally saw a very scary deck of cards lor! There were vampires with blood dripping down their teeth fangs and those monsters really look very grosteque!! x_X I never wish to see those decks of cards again!! >.<

After going to Kinokuniya, my sister and I went to Takashimaya to find things to eat. I came across this Korean street-snack kiosk called Dong Dae Moon. Anyway, I nearly bombed my wallet because I spent $7 just on my tea-break alone. o.O''' The seafood pancake was good, although there was a bit too much flour and that made me really very full. Lol, every bite that I take hor, confirm got at least one squid leg there leh! ^^ I think the spicy pancake would taste better bah! I shall try it out the next time. The spicy rice cake was really, really very hot lor!! >.< But haha, the rice cakes were really chewy, so I liked it! =D Anyway, here are some pictures. =)

Heehee! The plastic bag that was used to store my seafood pancake! It reads "Dong Dae Moon". ;)

The seafood pancake! ^^

My spicy rice cake! =)

Haiz, I totally feel like a junk-food rubbish bin lor. I've been like eating unhealthy food for the past few weeks. @_@ And what's worst, I actually had KFC for dinner!! I can't stand it! @_@ But haiz, I better start working off the fats that have started to accumulate in my body. No wonder I feel so unhealthy! >.< Anyway! I've cut my hair! But I still can 勉强 tie it up, so no reason for me not to tie it up, especially when LLM will surely be in the mood to pick out some unlucky victims for her every-morning-must-scold-people-before-I-feel-shiok massacre. @_@

Before I forget, HAPPY FATHERS' DAY to all fathers in the world! =D

Alright. That's all for today! Haiz, I better start chiong-ing all my homework now. @_@


Haiz, today's episode of The Legend was really very depressing leh. =( Dam-deok's father, the King, killed himself lor. And Ki-ha was accused of killing him just because she was in the same room as him when he killed himself. zZz, I don't feel like elaborating more on this drama lah. Today's episode just made me so depressed. =(

I reckoned I spent about almost 6 hours on my English research essay, only to realise that I think I wrote out of point. Whatever lah, I don't feel like re-doing it, but it may be counted. I don't want that to pull down my A1 grade for English. @_@ Haiz... I don't know why. Writing about the lost of languages made me feel like going back to New Zealand. I still spent a lot of time yesterday going through Te Puia's official website. I want to go back New Zealand!!!

Anyway, today's post is boring. I know, but haiz, I don't really feel well today. =( My nose is giving me problems again. Oh ya, I will be cutting my hair tomorrow. I just hope that my new hairstyle won't draw laughter from people. @_@


GOSH!!! I'M SO DEAD LAH!!!!!!! X_X Die lah! Zhi Yi ah, I think your QAD or some other nosey-parkers searched for her name on Google and totally found my blog! Oh gosh! I'm going to get condemned lah!!!! =( No wonder I had such negative readings from those tarot cards lah. @_@

Oh ya, my obsession with Korean dramas aren't getting me anywhere lah. Thanks to The Devil, I'm quite serious about getting myself a set of tarot cards, but I'm really scared that I'll 走火入魔 leh. =O Never mind. I shall find some time to go to Kinokuniya and probably find out what's the cheapest tarot decks there. But despite all the negative readings I've gotten from tarot cards so far, I must say, erm, tarot cards are pretty accurate at gauging how I feel and what problems I face now. Oh, I still haven't forgotten about sending tarot cards to people I hate in red envelopes. LMAO! I think I'll go broke just buying one deck, let alone a few decks. xD

Anyway, Gook-hwa finally submitted her resignation letter to Yoon-hoo liao. But lol, her resignation letter was more like a letter to a long-lost relative rather than a business letter. I'm so amused by her. xD And aiyaya, I really love Yoon-jung leh! I really think she's really very cute lor! ^^ Haha, she was getting too stressed up over her impending wedding to some guy she doesn't love, so she 离家出走. Her parent got so worried sick and they practically searched everywhere for her, but to no avail. LMAO! She actually checked herself into a hotel room that totally looks like the bedroom of a really big house. -.-''' Whatever lah. After that, she contacted Woo-kyung because she wanted to make her feelings known to him. Haha, Woo-kyung contacted Yoon-hoo before that, so Yoon-hoo literally had to drag Yoon-jung back home. LMAO! The whole scene was damn funny!! =D Yoon-jung was giving Woo-kyung that "Damn you lah! You'll die horribly for this!" look, and Woo-kyung gave her that O.O''' look. xD I think both of them really make a cute couple leh! Woots! I'm looking forward to tomorrow's episode! Yoon-jung will get drunk and create a scene in front of Woo-kyung's family members. xD

I love Yoon-jung's eyes leh! Her eyes are so expressive, and haha, best of all, they are big! Really got that 水汪汪 effect leh!! =D


I think I'm cursed. I really think my future has no future at all lor. @_@ Just yesterday night, I had a dream, a really horrible dream, involving people from RV and yes, it took place in the premise of my primary school again. It's really an ominous sign. I think something bad is really going to happen to me. So far, I only told Zhi Yi about the dream. I don't think I'll tell a lot of people about this though. =( And guess what? When I played with Natasha's tarot cards today, I totally got the 鬼牌 lah, which is the worst card out of those cards. And like what Zhi Yi puts it, I'm really damn unlucky lor. There's only like one 鬼牌 out of like 78 cards, and wow, I landed up with that card. Oh ya, that 鬼牌 is suppose to be the card foretelling my future. Shit lah... I know I shouldn't be getting too tensed up over superstitions. The readings may be inaccurate, but the fact that I got the 鬼牌 shows that something bad is really going to happen to me. Now, I can't help but to worry about my future. @_@


Aiyah, I have CID tomorrow! >.< Oh man, I seriously want to get that stupid report done and over with. Tsk tsk tsk... I may be passing by that place again if I feel like doing so. Hopefully, I'll be so shocked and stunned that I just lose my wits and start acting like a person who needs to be locked up in the mental hospital. =D *Prays hard that the unimaginable will happen*

Aww... Yoon-hoo just fired Gook-hwa as his secretary. Grah, stupid guy!! >=( How can you bully Gook-hwa like that? *slaps Yoon-hoo* But haha, Yoon-hoo will of course, patch up with Gook-hwa, but I want to see how Yoon-hoo will fall for Gook-hwa or the other way round. Lmao, Yoon-jung acted really like a kid in today's episode leh. The way she 撒娇 with her mother is really cute leh! ^^ And I think she's really very chio lor! ^^

Lee Yoon-ji as Princess Hye-myeong in Goong. =)

Lee Yoon-ji as Park Yoon-jung in Pure 19. =D Aww... I just love her to bits leh! ^^ She's really one very chio chiobu! =D And haha, although her character in Pure 19 is like those "zha bor" type, I still like the way she looks and acts! ;) Oh ya, she previously acted in Goong as Prince Shin's sister, Princess Hye-myeong. Lol, her character in Goong was really quite serious, so I was shocked when I found out that Yoon-jung was played by the girl who played Princess Hye-myeong. Really, it's a 360-degree change! =D

Haha, enough about me ranting about Yoon-jung! =D LMAO! Yoon-jung! Yoon-jung! Yoon-jung! Woots! Go capture Woo-kyung's heart, girl! GIRL GIRL! ALL THE WAY!!! =DD

P.S. By the way, lunch at Sakae Sushi was really good! But I swear, it'll be the last time I'm eating in a restaurant until the November holidays. ;) Oh ya, haha, I haven't been dreaming for the last 2 nights I think. I'm kind of missing my dreams, so hmm, let's hope that I dream tonight. Maybe I'll get to see the other (nicer) sides of teachers if I happen to dream about them. =D

Growing fatter?!


I think I'm living quite a high life now. As in, haha, because I get to go to restaurants to eat for my lunch and dinner. Hmm, I think when school reopens, I'm going to get comments like, "Wow, woman! You've grown fatter!" etc. o.O''' Gosh, I must seriously stop going to restaurants leh. I feel fat after eating all the food there although they taste really good. =X I swear, tomorrow will be the last day I'm going to eat in a restaurant this June. Anyway, I went to West Mall today and saw quite a number of RVians, but no, Zhi Yi. I didn't get to see your QAD. Maybe your QAD was hiding at Shop 'N' Save and I didn't go to the basement bah... =(

And hohoho, I haven't finished my holiday homework yet. Great, I need 8 articles on democracy and deterrence for SS. What shit. Ms Yang didn't even mention anything about SS holiday homework and now the school expects us to do these shitty stuff. Shucks! I hate my holidays!! =( Hmm, now I'm still left with my English research essay, 红楼梦 and SS. Seriously, I don't feel like doing SS at all lor. What articles can I possibly get?? =X As for 红楼梦, I just need to get rid of the mental block in my head and tell myself that 红楼梦 is a great story and maybe I'll survive reading those 9 chapters. =X

Pure 19 is getting cuter and cuter leh! ^^ I really love Yoon-jung although Gook-hwa's weird accent still irritates me a little. But haha, overall, I'm loving this show! <3

I shall stop crapping now. Bye people!


Today was Beautiful Sunday. Haha, it's actually a free concert that features the alumni band! =D And it was held at Esplanade leh!! ^^ Anyway, that's not the main point of today. Haha, I'm trying to psycho people into watching The Devil leh! =D I swear, this show is one you wouldn't want to miss lor! I still can't help but to think that Uhm Tae-woong looks like a certain Hong Kong actor I've seen in some shows before. =p Anyway, for those intending to watch this drama, be prepared to become maybe a bit more evil, because Seung-ha really has that killer + devil smirk and look. Now because of this show, I'm tempted to get myself a set of tarot cards and sending them in red envelopes to people I hate. I'm also trying to act evil?? =p As in, I'm trying to train my eyes so that they say "I'm evil!" or training my mouth so that it spells evil. I bet Seung-ha saves a lot on electricity bills because he lives in his own world of darkness. See this picture and you'll get what I mean.

Lol, only one light source is seen. =p

Haha, I shall end off with a quote from this show. "神虽然预定命运, 但人可以改变命运。" It'll be even cooler if somebody can tell me the actual Korean phrase for it, then I can start spamming it on people! ^^


Woots! I've finally finished watching The Devil!!! =D But grah, I hate the ending lah... zZz... The ending is really... I have nothing to say lah. But overall, I really love this show lor. The storyline is really very convoluted and twisted in every way until my poor brain nearly suffered a breakdown from the complexity, darkness and perhaps, to a certain extent, the evilness of The Devil. But yes, I still love this show. =DD Haiz, too bad Oh-soo and Seung-ha... something happened to them and I felt that the ending was really incomplete. But still, except for last 10 minutes of episode 20, I love all 20 episodes of this show!

Oh Seung-ha, Seo Hae-in, Kang Oh-soo. <333

Oh ya, I made another dream yesterday. @_@ Ya, I dreamt about Mrs Lim and Mrs Lee again and again. Gosh, I think I'm seriously not sane. Haha, I dreamt of them not being in RV, but in my primary school, De La Salle School instead. Haha, so take it as if all the RV teachers came to teach at my primary school hor. OK, I was going home with my friends when we saw Mrs Lee LM talking to Mr Ang at the staircase landing towards the HOD room. Haha, we saw Mrs Lee then Feng Han immediately ran home while me and Madeline ran to the toilet. >.< And Mrs Lee actually chased us all the way to the toilet. Walao eh... @_@ Hmm, then lmao... I hope LLM doesn't see this leh. =X Water guns just suddenly appeared on both Madeline's and my hand and we just started using the water guns to shoot Mrs Lee. Lol, this dream is really getting very ridiculous, and I'm so going to get into trouble for putting this up. =X After that, I happened to meet Zhi Yi and Liang Shi Xian outside the dental room when I saw Zhi Yi's QAD outside the canteen. Both me and Shi Xian shouted, "EH ZHI YI! YOUR QAD LEH!!" Lol, we got so excited and just as we were about to approach Mrs Lim, she morphed into Ms Lee Choi Yeok. O.O''' Lol, I was damn stunned and the dream ended. -.-''' Alamak! I hope I don't dream anymore leh. I've been dreaming a bit too often these days. @_@

Another thing. I broke a plate today. At least it's still better than that time when I dropped 4 plates in one go and 3 plates broke. @_@ Still, my mother was still stunned to see her Ikea plate break into pieces. Hahaha...

Oh yes, I got some idiotic email lah. It's so like... stupid? Like I'll really believe it and send them all my personal information. Chicken them lah... Oh ya, people! Please don't be tricked into sending over all your personal information alright?

Verify Your Account (Case ID:- WINLIVE554USER99886IKPPPPC)‏
From: Hotmail! Account service (reszzk7u@verizon.net)
You may not know this sender.Mark as safe|Mark as unsafe
Sent: Saturday, June 07, 2008 8:08:45 PM
Reply-to: messageservice01@live.com
To: Honestgirl1986@yahoo.com

Dear Account User,

This Email is from Hotmail Customer Care and we are sending it to every Hotmail Email User Accounts Owner for safety. we are having congestions due to the anonymous registration of hotmail accounts so we are shutting down some hotmail accounts and your account was among those to be deleted.We are sending you this email to so that you can verify and let us know if you still want to use this account.If you are still interested please confirm your account by filling the space below.Your User name,password,date of bith and your country information would be needed to verify your account. Due to the congestion in all hotmail users and removal of all unused hotmail Accounts, Hotmail would be shutting down all unused Accounts, You will have to confirm your E-mail by filling out your Login Information below after clicking the reply button, or your account will be suspended within 24 hours for security reasons.

* Username: ..............................
* Password: ................................
* Date of Birth: ............................
* Country Or Territory: ................

After following the instructions in the sheet, your account will not be interrupted and will continue as normal. Thanks for your attention to this request. We apologize for any inconveniences. Warning!!! Account owner that refuses to update his/her account after two weeks of receiving this warning will lose his or her account permanently.

Tsk tsk, what bad English they have. And that stupid sender didn't even bother to use a capital letter after each fullstop. Oh ya, you see? There's no space after each punctuation mark. What a dumb ass. @_@ But haha, I'm having fun making fun of that person! =D


Oh man. Don't ask me how my exams were. I can only say IT'S A TOTAL SCREW-UP. zZz... I stumbled over every piece I played. How great. But still, I must thank Zhi Yi for helping me flip the pages! ^^ Thank you, girl! =D

And haha, I had lunch at New York New York together with my mum and Zhi Yi. It was my mum's idea to treat Zhi Yi to a good lunch. Lol, I ordered the Giant Meatball spaghetti, but only ate 1/3 of the whole portion because I simply felt too full after drinking my ice white velvet chocolate. Haha, I dumped the rest of the portion to my mum and I still had to encourage her to finish eating up the food. @_@ I bet Zhi Yi also ate until she felt like bursting too! xD

After that, my mum went back to Suntec City to look for a new DVD player, so I decided to accompany Zhi Yi home. Haha, on our way home, she wanted to throw away her cup, but there wasn't any dustbin in the MRT station mah, so we had to go up to street level and find a dustbin. I was attracted to the loud drum beats coming from Raffles City, and lol, to our surprise, there was actually a group of women marching?! LMAO! I swear, they could march really well lor!!! xD I thought it was just some gimmicks, but haha, this is actually part of the Singapore Arts Festival programs. Yeah, so both of us stayed on to watch their performance and I must say it was quite hilarious and I'm totally stunned by their perfect coordination. Hmm, I can't really remember the name of the program since the program list is with Zhi Yi, but at first, I really thought those women were those flamenco dancers who came from Spain because the way they dance is really how the flamenco dancers dance. They ended up coming from Belgium when I thought the name of the program sounded quite Spanish as well.

Anyway, I'm so sad that I missed the opening celebrations of the Singapore Arts Festival leh. The opening program sounded so cool lah. Everything is performed ON water lor... Cars move on water, people walk on water and all sorts of unimaginable things happening on water. Gosh, I can't believe I missed such a good show. =( I hope I can make time to view the closing celebrations which will be held at Bedok Reservoir. It's a bit far, but haiz, I think the closing celebrations will just be as interesting leh... Anyway, for more details, click here. I shall post the pictures I took with my handphone of those dancers at Raffles City.

The dancers marching...

Dancers getting into their dance formation I suppose? =p

Sorry for the pixelated picture. My handphone camera is lousy. =X

Close-up of one of the dancers.

Haha, the "drum major" of the "marching contigent". =p

Everybody standing at attention except the third dancer from the left. Lol, why is she covering her face? =p

Another picture of the "drum major".

Lol, they are not clapping because they finished their performance. In fact, this is actually part of their dance. I guess they're clapping to create the rhythm for the percussionists to follow.

Bowing down...

Haha, I think this picture looks very funny leh. Lol, the dancers look as if they are from some war tribe or something, which then reminds me of the Maori dance I've seen in New Zealand. xD

Close-up of one dancer.

Haha, the only blonde-haired dancer I saw among the sea of brown-haired dancers. =p

Dancers dancing around the "drum major". xD

Sorry, another pixelated picture!! =(

Lol, the dancers "quarelling" with their "drum major".

Another close-up of another dancer.

An even closer-up of another dancer. =p

Haha, this is suppose to be a picture of the dancers curtsying to the audience after their performance, but my handphone is too retarded to take that picture, which is why they look as if they're about to dive straight into the floor. -.-'''

Haiz, I missed one episode of Pure 19 today because the whole family went to New York New York to eat dinner. But haha, this time round, we had it at Lot 1. Yup, you didn't read wrongly. New York New York has another outlet at Lot 1. =D Haha, do go there if you have the money to spend or if you're looking for good food! ^^ The meals there are very nice and filling! ^^ Oh ya, do ask about the membership card though! You can enjoy fabulous discounts if you're a member! Being a member comes at a price though, but oh well, that's not my point. My point is, the food there is really good and you should try it! =D

On the last note, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sister! =DD


Freak! Tomorrow's the day leh!! =( I better not screw it up if not it's really $4000 down the drain! And I totally don't sound and look like I'm prepared for tomorrow's exam lah. =( I still have the mood to watch 3 episodes of The Devil and 1 episode of Pure 19. I'm seriously not sane at all, not at all. I'm suppose to be practising my piano like mad now, but here I am, still blogging. Yet I'm really nervous... Oh, anyway, if I don't pass, I really think I deserve it because I haven't been putting in really a lot of effort until the past 2 weeks or so. My Mozart piece has improved loads since I first started playing it, but that piece is still my main worry. My performance for this piece fluctuates quite a lot. I can play it very well today, and I'll probably screw it up tomorrow. As for my Chopin piece, I think I give up playing those whole chunk of running notes correctly lah. I'll just run like nobody's business and hope the examiner bites the bait. =X I think I need some medicine to calm my nerves down tomorrow. If only Mrs Lim is still working as a pharmacist now...


zZz... I hope nothing goes wrong on 6th June 2008. Heavenly Father, please bless me for I'm horribly screwed for the exams this time round. Just when I felt that my Mozart's Sonata in C is getting better, I have to screw up my Chopin's Nocturne running notes. Yeah, that whole chunk of 20 running notes plus 3 sets of triplets. Grah!!!! When will everything be perfect??!! But haha, Zhi Yi came over to help me flip the pages today. I'll be able to hold my notes to full value and so far so good, no hiccups. I just hope everything goes well 3 days from now. Die lah, only 3 days left! @_@

Anyway, after that, me and Zhi Yi went to the same place I went with Natasha on Sunday. Haha, I think that person's place should be promoted as a tourist attraction leh! >.< OK, the previous sentence is totally crap lah! Please don't take my words seriously. o.O''' After this trip, both of us are very sure that the person lives there. Haha! And I saw somebody's thumbdrive today! It's just so, erm, unconventional. Pure coolness! But I can't post the picture up here because that person may hunt me down and I don't want to die early! >.<

OK, now my life-long goal is to master Chopin's Fantaisie-Impromptu! Haha, that piece is crazily difficult and has a lightning-fast speed! I wonder if anybody can just play it impromptu lor. It's nearly very impossible, unless that person is a super genius with crazy fingers. Haha, Allegro agitato, to be played at 84 minim beats per minute, which is 168 crotchet beats per minute and it's in C-cut time lor. Oh ya, the many sharps and double sharps will definitely add spice to those whole chunk of running notes. @_@ I bet the pianist who played the recording I heard must have slogged half of his/her life just trying to master this piece. Shucks, the running notes and speed just scares the hell out of me leh. And to think that my piano teacher actually wanted me to play that piece for exam. Lol, if I managed to master this piece, I bet the examiner will be totally stunned by me. HAHAHA! I can imagine that stunned look on that examiner's face. @_@ OK, enough of crapping. Oh yes, before I end off, I better practice for at least 10 hours everyday until the exam is over... And oops, I haven't really done any holiday homework yet. I'm so dead!! x_X God bless me.


I tell you, I'm just so screwed lah! My piano exam is just coming in like, oh my god, 4 more days, and I still haven't mastered my exam pieces! Woots! I'm prepared to flunk liao lah. But I think if I flunk, my parents will cry leh. It's almost $4000 down the drain. o.O''' Oh man, I hope I can play my Mozart piece smoothly anytime from now. Curse Mozart man. Why did he compose such so-difficult-to-play pieces? Serve him right for dying young. -.-''' Anyway, Zhi Yi will be coming over to practice with me tomorrow. Argh! Stupid fingers! Better buck up hor!! >.<

Oh ya, me and Hui En have decided to risk our lives and do something crazy this Sunday. Oh ya, let's hope that this time, we'll see that person and that person will see us. Haha, then I bet she'll remember both of us for life lah. When we see her in school when school reopens, we'll laugh at her. And when she sees us, she'll probably laugh at us too and haha, that will be big news! xD First time *** laugh at students leh!! Then me and Hui En will become creators of the big news! xD

Argh! My legs are aching terribly until I cannot walk properly lah. -.-''' All thanks to the crazy adventure I had yesterday lah. But haha, the pain is still worth it! At least I bumped into her mother or mother-in-law! ^^


OMG! I just can't believe what I did leh!!! @_@ Oh man! I actually went around that area just to find out where that person lives! Haha, thank you to Natasha for putting up with my madness and accompanying me to walk through so many blocks of flats at the risk of rising up to heaven! >.< Anyway, I think I roughly know where she stays le. And haha, in the process, I swear both of us met that person's mother or mother-in-law lor! O.O''' At first I thought she was just some other normal old woman until I realised she looked a bit like that person, and to my horror, she actually went into a flat which I suspect was that person's. Oh my god lah! It's really very scary lor!! @_@ Lol, that old woman kept looking at us but we ignored her, so in the end, I think she ignored us too although she was a bit shocked to see people outside her flat. Shit lah. I hope she better not tell that person who she has seen lor. >.< Gosh, I think I'm crazy!!!! Somebody save me before I really descend to the point of no return!! @_@