Hmm, I made another weird dream about RV teachers again, this time involving an ostracised person in my level and ahem, Zhi Yi's QAD. o.O''' I don't want to elaborate the dream here lah. It's lame because walao, Zhi Yi's QAD actually acted like a cute little kid in there when she's suppose to be a grown-up and somebody who holds quite a high position in school!! -.-'''

Anyway, today's my first time watching The Legend. Haha, although I wasn't really anticipating this show because Bae Yong-joon is inside, but haha, I must say that the show so far is quite interesting. At least the kids in this show really shine! =D Haha, the young version of Sujini is really cute! You know why? That's because she also acted as the young Hwang Jin-yi in Hwang Jin-yi!! Oh man! I really love her feisty behaviour in this show leh!! <3 The young Dam-deok is really cute too although the older version is played by Bae Yong-joon. -.-'''


Argh! My whole body is aching now leh!!! =X My butt hurts when I sit down. My arms ache when I move them. My legs buckle when I walk. Grah... I think that's the price I have to pay for enjoying myself. Oh yes, I think I became darker leh! I wonder if anybody saw the difference in me. =p I realised that my skin looks redder and haha, I have two different shades of colour on my arms and legs le. =D

Anyway, I think I'm going to finish my Maths holiday assignment soon! ^^ I'm only left with 3 more questions from the integration part which I don't know how to do, so I think I'm going to leave those blank. =X Chinese is really going to drive me crazy lor! I have to read some dumb book called 红楼梦 which is really erm... difficult to understand? Not say I don't know the words or what lah, I just find that the story is quite draggy and I don't have the "mood" to continue reading it. zZz, anyway, for those people with difficulty understanding cheem chinese passages like 红楼梦, haha, you can find the english translation, or at the very least, the summary of the whole story so that you know what is going on. And for this, I shall proclaim that I love Wikipedia to bits!! <3 The link is http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dream_of_the_Red_Chamber. Oh ya, good luck to me for reading those cheem chinese literature texts.

On a side note, I've finally eaten the sweet that my QAD indirectly gave to me. Here's one last look at it before it gets digested for good.

Byebye sweet! <333

Oh ya, before I end off, I had another very weird dream. Yes, about RV teachers. -.-''' I dreamt that me, Sarah and Farah were SCs getting ready for the SC investiture. Sarah was already wearing her tie and Farah was getting ready her tie, then I realised that I totally don't have my tie with me. Worse still, I still don't know what committee I am supposed to be in lor. Walao... Anyway, the whole school was going into the hall, so the hall was really very noisy. LLM was down there scolding people for attire and yada dada dadada. But not even LLM could tell the whole school to quieten down, because her "commando-like" voice couldn't beat the noise generated by 1000+ students. Then hor, I tell you, Mrs Lim did the ultimatum lor! She, being the HOD of Science, stood in front of the stage and told the whole school to shut up if not she'll deduct 20 marks from every Science paper the student takes. Walao, I think the whole school was damn stunned lah. And guess what? The whole school was silent in a matter of nanoseconds... @_@ The last thing I knew before I woke up was that LLM was giving Mrs Lim that incredulous look... O.O'''

Haha, I guess that's all for today! Goodbye folks! =D


Woots! Class outing today was fun! =D Lol, luckily we went there in the late morning lor, because by the time we left East Coast Park at around 4.30 pm, it was already raining. Nevertheless, we still had enough time to enjoy ourselves. Haha, we actually wanted to cycle all the way to Changi beach leh, but it was nearing our rental time limit, so we turned back half-way and cycled back. So sad lor! Only left about 6 km more and we could have reached Changi beach. =( But anyway, on our way back, I had quite a serious leg cramp, but anyway, thanks to Gar Yim, Mei Jie, Michelle and Yanni, I soon recovered quickly from it. It was so scary lah! I was riding half-way when my left leg just suddenly had the cramp and caused me to nearly fall off the bike. @_@ I couldn't even bend my knee at that point of time, and I could feel the whole piece of muscle "jugging out" of my leg. @_@ Oh man, my leg felt so uneven. It was so painful until I felt like crying lah. ='( Anyway, thank you to those whom I've mentioned. Haha, you deserve a space in my blog for helping me to massage my leg. =p Alright, enough of me crapping. I shall let the pictures do the talking now! =D

Haha, picture of the guys and Zoey in the underpass to East Coast Park. And guess whose hand that is? =p

Heehee, a picture of Pan Yin, Adna and Deng Yin!! =D

A picture of Michelle being a retarded woodblock for blocking my view. =p

Another picture of Michelle being retarded, this time even more spastic than ever! =D

A nice view of East Coast Park, this time with no Michelle blocking my view though. =p

Pan Yin (blocked by Deng Yin), Deng Yin, Gar Yim (blocked by Zoey) and Zoey. =p

Shane, Kenneth, Wei Kai, Kian Fong (back facing camera -.-'''), Jun Wen (blocked by Kian Fong) and Daniel! =D

An interesting picture. Haha, I just found the "Stray, Stumble, Splat" wordings on the road kind of cute, so I just snapped it! ^^

An unknown person posing for a picture with Gar Yim. And gosh, look at that person's hair!! @_@

Gar Yim, Daniel, Pan Yin and Jun Wen. And look at Gar Yim's eyes! =p

The class setting off after getting our bikes. And haha, Zoey's looking so excited! ^^

Haha, Adna trying to cover her face but to no avail! I still managed to take a picture of her! ^^

Zoey and Wei Kai on their bikes.

Wei Kai and Michelle.

Scandalous couple ah... Try guessing who these 2 people are! =p

Nice view of East Coast Park!! =DD

Daniel attempting to fix the bike after his and Gar Yim's bike chain became loose. =p

A super nice view of East Coast Park if not for Zoey's head. -.-'''

Wei Kai looking retarded here. -.-'''

Oops! Another scandalous couple caught on my camera!! o.O'''

Yoz! What's up people?

Two members of the retarded family! Presenting to you my Ah-Mah and Cousin! =D

Haha, it's a group photo! Not really considered a class photo because so many people still haven't reached yet. =p

OMG! Who are these 2 ghosts??!! O.O'''

The class at McDonald's! ^^

Gar Yim and Charlene! =D

OMG! Another ghost leh! Why are there so many ghosts floating around??!! O.O'''

What on earth is Shane doing ah?? o.O''' He looked like a headless ghost. >.< Oh man, another ghost!!

Yay! A plane leh! Haha, actually, there were many planes which just flew over us! I bet Changi Airport is super nearby lah. Damn, next time I must find a way to cycle there. =p The planes flew so low until I could even see the name of the plane lah! Haha! I really went high when I saw those planes! ^^

A nice view of East Coast Park again! Only to be spoilt by Yanni's head. >.<

The same picture without Yanni's head and I'm so happy! ^^

Lol, 4B's class name being inscripted on the sand! ^^

Haha, the dark clouds looming over East Coast Park.

Gar Yim by the beach looking for sea-shells. -.-'''

Haha, this shall be the final picture for the class outing.

Haha, actually, there are many other pictures which I didn't put up here. Oh yes, for those who want the pictures, you can get them from me! =D


Lol, I don't know why I was so energetic for today's Maths lesson. Maybe because tomorrow there's no Maths. =p Something very funny happened today leh! I went back home with Madeline and Shi Xian (Liang). An unknown number appeared on Madeline's phone and Madeline didn't know who it was, so Shi Xian volunteered to help Madeline call that person. That person didn't pick up the call, but instead, she sent a SMS to Shi Xian, "Hmm, who are you?" I saw that message and I seriously didn't know who it was, but haha, LLM's name just suddenly appeared in my head so I ask Shi Xian to type in "I am L__ L__ M__." (Fill in the blanks by yourself) LMAO! The effects were damn hilarious lah! But after that, me and Shi Xian were very scared that the unknown number belonged to some RV teachers or worse still, LLM herself, and we were worrying like siao after she sent out that SMS. =O Lol, it so happened that the unknown number belonged to a RV student. Yup, and that RV student was Feng Han. -.-''' And lol, naughty girl was damn stunned when she saw that SMS lah!! =D Oh my, I should have been there to see her stunned expression leh. =p I think I would be very stunned if I received such a SMS too. >.< I bet if I was by Feng Han's side, I would be laughing like mad lah!! =D

Anyway, tomorrow is 4B's class outing! Haha, I'm really looking forward to it! ^^ Oh yes, please remember to meet at Jurong East MRT station tomorrow at 9 am if you're going! And bring at least $20 for the rental of bikes, lunch and maybe a movie?? =p Anyway, I hope that everybody will have fun tomorrow!!! =D 4B, rock on!! =)


I don't understand why such a thing called CID must exist in RV, must exist on this Earth. zZz... I bet this whole CID project will be taking up most of my holidays. I just can't stand it. Anyway, my group is planning to start on the report as soon as possible so that we can prepare our end product and oral presentation. >.<''' My school holidays don't seem like holidays at all. What the hell lah... I still intend to do many other things like revising and brushing up on my Sciences and Chinese, and yet I don't seem to be able to find time for it. I need to learn how to prioritise and not procrastinate! zZz... I need more time! Give me 48 hours a day and I'm sure I'll be able to fulfill Mrs Lim's challenge of studying 10 hours a day! -.-'''

No time to relax!


Open House today was a success in my opinion! Haha, the performance was really great and I'm glad that the audience loved it too! March Blue Sky and Quien Sera are loves! <3 And of course, seeing my 3 QADs totally made my day! ^^ I went high after seeing them! =D By the way, I think my QAD today is very chio leh! =D She's really so cute! That goes the same to my 2nd QAD too!

Hmm, I'm feeling a bit tired now. I think I shall watch 2 more episodes of The Devil before starting on my Maths homework. Yeah, the school holidays might be here, but sheesh, we Year 4s have to go back to school for one whole week just to attend Maths lessons lor. I'll seriously die lah!! =( And yup, before I know it, the holidays will be gone in a flash.

Anyway, I don't think I'll have the time to slack and play this time round. I really have to buck up and probably aim for a GPA of 3.5 and above for next term in order to secure my place in RV. =X Whatever lah, December is the only time when I can really unwind and relax. Not now, girl. Not now.


Oh yeah. I got back my progress report today. Hmm, although I'm quite happy that I improved on the GPA I got during CA, but I think this time round, many people are really working very hard and more people are getting GPA 3.0 and above, so I'm not exactly happy although I hit GPA 3.0. I really still have a lot of catching up to do. I cannot afford to slack off now. But haha, I'm quite happy that I don't have any Cs this time round! =D For now, I shall attempt to try Mrs Lim's challenge. Out of the 30 days during the holidays, I will only sleep 8 hours and study 10 hours, which works out to be 300 hours of studying! This is insane, but heehee, for the happiness of everybody, I shall be courageous enough to take up the challenge. Hey, Zhi Yi! Are you up to the challenge posed to you by your QAD? ;)

Anyway, Mr Chen today told us the reason why he chose to make 4A go back to school after cross-country. That's because he is still continuing to teach 4A mah, which means he has to give up one of his classes, namely my class, 4G or 4H because a new teacher will be coming in leh. NOO~! Mr Chen, please continue teaching our class leh! =X My Chemistry suffered so much last year because we kept changing teachers, so my foundation isn't that good! This year, when I got Mr Chen as my Chemistry teacher, I felt really motivated to work harder and like this subject which I hated so much last year. For the first A2 grade for Chemistry which has successfully eluded me for my 4 years in RV, I really have Mr Chen to thank for my results. Oh yes, regarding of which class he has to drop, our class co-form teacher and Chemistry teacher totally lies in the mercy of Mrs Lim. Aiyaya! Why must it be my Biology teacher?! =( Please, please Mrs Lim! Don't take away Mr Chen from us leh!!! =( I think I'll really go berseck and cry if he isn't our Chemistry teacher anymore leh!! ='( He's really the first Chemistry teacher who has motivated me to study harder for Chemistry. Mr Chen has said he'll try and request Mrs Lim to let him continue teaching our class, but haiz, that's really not for him to decide. =(

Another sad thing is, today we changed our seating arrangement le. After sitting beside Zoey for almost one year and 5 months, I'm separated from her today lor. Walao, actually, the seating arrangement is totally rather random and lmao, Mr Liu managed to use our index number and sort out our seating arrangement. Luckily, Gar Yim is now my table-mate. Hello cousin! =D But I'm now seating quite far away from Zoey, Michelle and Ying Ting le. The retarded family is now scattered around the class leh! There will be no more chances for us to talk crap and go high together. I think I'll really miss you all leh!! =X Now I'm sitting right in front of the class, so I can't sleep in classes anymore lor. Sad life. I hope that will help me with my grades though. Congratulations to Gar Yim and Zoey for being the top-scorers of 4B with a GPA of 3.8. You two are really totally imba lah!! >.<''' OMG! I just realised something. Why are all my table-mates such pro people??!! I'm feeling the stress again!! =X

Open House rehearsal today was fantastic! Haha, although I screwed up the first round during Quien Sera because the tempo was too fast, but heehee, I'm loving the super fast tempo leh! It really made me go high when I pia-ed all the running notes through. Damn shiok! ^^ I hope our performance tomorrow will be a success! Anyway, if you're interested, band will be performing in LT 1 at around 11 am. Do come and support us! Our pieces will definitely bring the mood in the LT to a very high climax! =D And OMG! I'm really 有缘无分 with my QAD leh! Walao, my other section-mates saw her leaving the school in a taxi while I was helping to arrange the chairs in the LT! Zhi Yi even wanted to go into the LT to help me with the chairs and make me go out see her. xD Grah! I'm so angry and pissed lah!!! >.< But anyway, I saw her today while going back to class after Biology practical. Michelle was telling me about her brother being in hospital when LLM suddenly appeared and said, "Talk so loud until I can even hear you from the ground floor leh!" LMAO! =D Zoey, Michelle and I just stunned there and were too shocked for words because she just suddenly appeared in front of us. =D Haha, I laughed as usual. Anyway, don't mind me because I'm a super crazy girl who goes high whenever she sees any of her QADs. =D

Anyway, we shall adopt this as a section code! Brinjal le'mao and le'mao brinjal to you! =D Haha, le'mao is my French version of "LMAO"! =D Le'mao sounds so much cooler and more chic! ^^ And brinjal is the vegetable version of "bonjour". -.-''' Anyway, that's a crazy end to a crazily long post. =p


Hmm, just something about the earthquake in China, but I really think that it's quite scary leh. =X Anyway, I think most people should know about this by now. It has been circulating around via SMS.

1月25日, 雪灾 = 天灾
3月14日, 藏独 = 人祸
5月12日, 地震 = 地灾

1 + 2 + 5 = 8
3 + 1 + 4 = 8
5 + 1 + 2 = 8

08年08月08日奥运会巧合? 地震发生那天正好是距08年08月08日奥运会还差88天再加上这个, 都是巧合! 真是佩服李白, 在唐朝就知道今年奥运, 地震了:


Read the first 4 words and you'll get 北京奥运. Read the last 4 words and you'll get 四川地震. It's really quite scary lor. If Li Bai really wrote the poem above, it's really very scary yet amazing! People's minds really work wonders when they're faced with adversities. This is definitely not a laughing matter, but I can't help but to be amused by what these people have come out with.

By the way, I'll be getting back my horrible progress report tomorrow lor. Walao, it'll definitely spoil my mood for the rest of the day lah! I wonder how I am going to survive tomorrow's RV Open House rehearsal, which I can be sure that it'll be super taxing and draining on us because this school expects perfection. Haiz, I've been aiming for GPA of 3.3 for this term, but I guess that's mission impossible for me since my CA marks will pull me down a lot. Now, I only ask for a miserable GPA of 3.0, nothing more or less. I really don't know what my future will be like if I can't hit 3.0 lor. One thing for sure is, I'll be kicked out. =O After being kicked out, I don't think I'll know what to do anymore. Maybe I'll end up being a train-wreck which has just derailed from its track. Oh my god, I don't know since when I have been so concerned and worried about my own future. But if I don't start worrying now, I'll probably be more worried later on. Please, I beseech GPA 3.0 to come flying at me tomorrow!!!


Sian lah, I seriously don't know what to write for my NYAA booklet and bleah, I have to pass it up by tomorrow. How nice. The school didn't even remind us to do it lor and they just suddenly want the books back. zZz... I'm having such a hard time crapping up what I have to write down. I may be a well-known crapper with a Master degree in Crapology, but still, I can't crap under pressure because I haven't fully mastered the art of crapping. xD I managed to finish up the skills and physical recreation parts, but I'm still left with the OBS and service learning part leh. And great, I've just realised that I lost my OBS journal. I must really start clearing my table, which is now in a horrible and terrible mess ever since exams started. @_@

Anyway, I think I ran my fastest timing for cross-country today! =D Actually I was running with Farah, Sarah and gang, but walao, Farah chiong ahead lor, but luckily Sarah waited for me! ^^ Thank you, Sarah! Haha, I think I never slack much for this year's cross-country leh! I ran nearly the full 3.7 km! =D But actually me and Sarah could have finished the race in 24 minutes, but hor, we were misled into thinking we already reached the finishing line, and we spent about one minute stoning before realising that the finishing line was just in front of us. -.-''' But aiyah, I just felt that this year's cross-country was a bit ...? No words could describe it lah. Minotaur won almost everything, so naturally, they became the champion house. Haiz, to be really frank, I don't feel very happy with the results, but lala, still must congratulate them on winning the championship. =D Zhi Yi! I seriously think we should swap houses lah! Your QAD is in my house while my QAD is in your house. zZz... -.-'''

Oh yes, I'm super pissed with my DVD player! Mummy, please get a new DVD player!!!! >.< Because of that laoya DVD player, I spent almost one hour trying to fix that player so that I could watch one episode of The Devil. Walao, I could have finished watching two episodes today if not for my lousy DVD player. I curse that player! >=( Oh yes, the seemingly-perfect detective Oh-soo was actually once a gangster in his own school and he killed somebody. The seemingly-cool lawyer Seung-ha is actually a cold-blooded murderer who can kill people without batting an eyelid. I just love this show lah! I'm starting to see the different sides of the characters le! ^^ And yes, it gets more and more exciting as the show goes on. Seung-ha's cold and murderous stare is really very cool! He really looks like the real devil when he has that smirking stare and smile and when he's wearing black all-day long. Pure coolness!

The mysterious aura of evil around him...

The unmistakable smirk on his face.

Haha, I shall post more of his photos if I can find them. Cover one side of his face with his murderous stare and you'll really get a very scary picture. The last episode I watched ended with his half-face that was really scary! @_@


OMG! Today just rocks although tomorrow is cross country run. zZz... Oh yes, lessons went by as usual, with me skipping 3 lessons because of my dental appointment. =D Yay! So I didn't see Mdm Zhang's face today! ^^ And haha, I think Ms Chen misses me leh, because I always miss her PE lessons on Tuesday! Lol, I think I'm starting to like Ms Chen more and more le! Careful, Michelle! She may or may not become one of my many QADs now. =D

Oh yes, talking about QADs. I think I'm prepared to accept Mrs Lim as my QAD again although I dumped her before that. =X Hmm, I think Michelle doesn't want to include her back as our QAD, so yeah, Mrs Lim is now Jennie's and my QAD! =D Congratulations, Mrs Lim! ^^ Oh yes, this will make you wonder why I accepted her again! It's because she's just so freaking cute today lah! ^^ Haha, we were dismissed from band at around 6.30 pm lah, so I pestered them to hurry up pack their bags and accompany to go down to the foyer to wait for my QAD. Haiz, I think my QAD went home earlier although reliable sources said that she usually goes home at around 6.35 pm. Sad case lah, we waited for so long and still no aura or sign of her. But hey! We saw Mrs Lim leh! Anyway, while the rest were still packing their bags, me and Zhi Yi, or rather, I, was too excited at the prospect of seeing my QAD that we paced up and down the foyer a lot of times. When we didn't see her, we went back to the General Office and Zhi Yi was telling me about my QAD wearing brown today. I thought she was telling me that her QAD wore brown today, so I went, "No what! Your QAD was wearing brown today? Then who is wearing black?!" And Mrs Lim just happened to come out and I think she heard what I said. =X And yes, Mrs Lim was wearing black today. -.-''' And yeah, I really think Mrs Lim heard me because she was still giving her shy smile (LMAO!) before she went into the General Office. o.O''' Zhi Yi, are you happy now? -.-'''

The rest of the people like Jennie, Farah, Sarah, Jia Yi, Liang and Chua Shi Xian finally came down and accompanied me to wait for the arrival of my QAD. -.-''' And haha, Farah saw Zhi Yi's QAD inside the General Office, but she called out to me instead of Zhi Yi and I think Mrs Lim saw me again. She must be wondering what were this bunch of crazy girls doing outside the General Office. And yes, Farah. Next time if you see Mrs Lim, you call Zhi Yi lah. =D

Anyway, haiz, we waited until almost 7 pm le, but still no sign of my QAD, so we decided to sit on the stone benches. Everybody was already going home and lol, Ms Ek herself was going home lah right. She saw us sitting on those stone benches and asked us who we were waiting for. Luckily all of us already thought of what to say in case anybody asked, so we just told her we were waiting for our friends. =D And lol, straight after that, we all saw Zhi Yi's QAD going home and lol, we went really high leh! =D But haha, we still continued to stone by the stone benches in case my QAD came out. But haiz, sadly, she didn't come out so we decided to go home le. Just then, when me and Jennie were running to see Zhi Yi's QAD, we just ran past Mrs Lim like siao chabors and lol, Mrs Lim was actually laughing/smiling at us leh!!! OMG OMG OMG!!!!! OMG! Everybody present saw her smile lor! Damn cute leh!!! Oh my mama! xD Zhi Yi! ARE YOU HAPPY NOW?! And haha, Zhi Yi ah, looks like your QAD always appear when heehee, her Biology students are around with you leh! But bleah, I always don't see my QAD. =(( Hopefully, I'll have more luck oh Thursday and Friday. Till then! Oh yes, Mrs Lim is now officially me and Jennie's QAD! Congratulations on your appointment. LMAO! =D Haha, Jennie! Next time let's go high when we see her again! And yes, this time we must say hello instead of just running past her like a bunch of crazy girls hor! ^^


Woots! I watched 4 episodes of The Devil today! I must say the show is really good leh! xD Joo Ji-hoon looks so cool as a lawyer instead of the gay prince he was in Goong. =p One word. He's hot!!! Heehee, I find that Uhm Tae-woong is quite good-looking too leh! In fact, I prefer him over Joo Ji-hoon. xD But he reminds me of some Hong Kong actor leh... I don't see anything good about Shin Min-ah yet. I don't know why lah, I am just not attracted to her bah. For now, I shall just be content with Oh-soo (Uhm Tae-woong) and Seung-ha (Joo Ji-hoon). =D Anyway, this show is really super exciting, with the murderer leaving a tarot card at the murder scene and sending mysterious parcels. With those detective work involved, this show somehow reminds me of H.I.T, but this show also involves psychometry to solve cases. Overall, this show has succeeded in making me hooked. Oh ya, I think the opening theme of the show rocks leh! For now, I like it better than the theme song. =D

The opening theme of this show. I simply love it. <3

The poster for this show. Isn't the poster just so cool??

Alright, enough about me ranting about The Devil. Now for Pure 19! =D Oh ya, did I mention that Infamous Chil Princesses has already ended its run in Singapore already? Pure 19 is taking over it now. And yeah, I missed the first episode on Friday so actually, today is my first time seeing and watching it. Hmm, there are many familiar faces here lah, so naturally, I got rather attached to this show quite easily. Yeah, when I say I saw many familiar faces, I really mean it, especially when I spent nearly 1/4 of my life watching Korean dramas. Some other shows those familiar faces acted in are Hotelier, Be Strong, Geum-soon and especially Goong. The Empress, Princess and Chae-gyeong's father acted in there! And yes, adorable Mr Lee from Thank You is back in this show too! The female lead is chio one lor! Damn chio until she makes me love this show so much! I saw one very handsome guy inside too, but so far one only lah. I don't know his name yet, so maybe I should check out KoreanWiz.

I think I'm going to love this show! ^^

Anyway, for more information, you can check out DramaWiki's page of this drama, or go to the official website for more details. =D


Lol, I woke up very early, at around 7 am today. Haiz, it's because I have my studio practice at Millenia Walk at 10.30 am, then my mother told me to wake up early so as to reach there on time. I ended up reaching there about 1 hour earlier, so I lagged around Millenia Walk by myself. Haha, actually that shopping centre has a lot of those branded goods shop, but they weren't opened, so I just stood outside the shops and saw their displays. I particulately like one watch shop called "Cortina Watch". The watches on display were really chio, but I bet they are super expensive and cost a few thousand dollars at least because the watches are studded with many jewels lah. They're super nice, but the price isn't. =(

Anyway, studio practice is OK lah. Although that piano I was playing is supposed to the world's best piano, I just found it rather ordinary leh. Keys wise I have no problem, but I found the pedals very stiff and hard to press down leh.

Oh ya, I had an amusing chat with Zhi Yi about my QAD, but I already promised her not to post it here, because if not she won't tell me anymore stories about my QAD le! Hpmf, she threatened me leh!! >.< But haha, for the sake of hearing more stories, I shall listen to her and not post it up. =) We shall only reveal it to a few people only, if now *** will start coming after us. >.< Oh yes, Zhi Yi, I'm damn jealous of you! Next time instead of *** coming to look for you at your house, you go look for her lah. xD


Woots! I like today's practice although Zhi Yi and I were late because we were held up by something. We also ran out of the bandroom for 2 times because of something too. =p And I totally didn't expect *** be so nice lor! =D Oh my god! I love her more now!! xD She actually gave Zhi Yi 2 sweets lor, then Zhi Yi gave me one, so is considered *** indirectly gave it to me lah, because I think she knew I was with Zhi Yi so she gave Zhi Yi two mah! =DD And yup, next time we shall go home at 6.35 pm hor! ^^ *winks*

Anyway, I got back Biology and SS results today. I was counting on my Biology paper to get at least an A2, but blah, that's all over now! I actually got a freaking low C5 for that paper lah! Damn it, I was quite confident of that paper leh. I guess I was too over-confident bah. It's the first C I've gotten leh!! ='( On the contrary, I thought I would really fail Chemistry, but it turned out I got pretty good grades for it. So I guess the higher you aim, the harder you fall? =X Anyway, I heard that not a lot of people did well for Chemistry, so there may be some moderation? Lol, they better moderate more subjects lah, if not confirm 3/4 of the level won't be able to promote to Year 5 next year lor. =( Oh ya, for SS hor, did I mention in my last few posts that I only managed to write 2 paragraphs for my 2-view essay because I had not enough time? Lol, surprisingly, I managed to get 10/13 for it despite not writing a third paragraph! Woots! I'm so lucky leh! xD But bleah, I missed one mark to getting A2 but I just couldn't squeeze that one mark out. I guess I'm fated to stick with B3 bah! =(

Oh ya, I forgot to blog about yesterday's Infamous Chil Princesses episode! Yesterday was the last episode. I don't know lah, but I think the ending was a bit rushed? I don't know whether stupid MediaCorp cut off some parts or not, because it looked slightly different from the one I watched on YouTube leh. The transition from the Yang-pal - Myeong-ja wedding to Ha-nam coming back to Korea 3 years later was super fast lah! Bloody shit. They want to cut scenes also don't know how to cut properly. -.-''' But anyway, I thought the ending was quite nice, and I'll really miss watching this show! Heehee, my mother may buy the VCDs once the prices drop and I can watch all the Seol-chil - Ha-nam scenes for all I want! ^^ Anyway, my mum has bought The Devil VCDs and she said that show is freaking nice! I shall look forward to watching it! =D

A happy family portrait of the Na family! =D And a happy ending too! ^^


Haiz, tomorrow will finally be the day when I'll finish getting back my papers. And seriously, I'm not putting much hope on the papers I'm getting tomorrow. I'll be getting back SS and Biology together. Sian lah, it'll definitely be 双成打击 for me lor!! =( 我好不容易撑到今天, 才发现明天的打击可能更大! Argh! I can't stand it anymore lah! >.<

Anyway, I got back my Chinese, Geography and English paper today. I'm quite satisfied with my Geography and English paper because I got A1 for both of them! =D Chinese was horribly done. I failed the last 2 comprehensions lah! =( Luckily my 长文缩短 saved me lor! Lol, I actually managed to get 15/20 for that leh! It's really a miracle! @_@ Paper 1 was no better too. Anyway, I heard that the Chinese paper wasn't very well done this time round. Overall for this term, I only managed to scrap B4 for Chinese, which is definitely a far cry from the A2 I've been getting for Chinese last year. I seriously don't know what's wrong with me this year lah. I don't seem to be able to do well this year although I put in a lot more effort than last year. Last year, I could get a GPA of 3.0 and above quite easily without putting in much effort. This year, I've been trying really hard to keep up with the pace of life which is really much, much faster than life in Year 3 and I nearly couldn't survive. I doubt I'll survive it anyway. On the brighter side, I topped my class for English, but still, it was a far cry from the 41/50 I got during the same period last year. Geography was alright, but I hope SS better not pull my marks down, if not my A1 for SS is really gone with the wind. I really have this strong feeling that my SS paper was really horribly done. >.<

Sian lah... Tomorrow will be my judgement day. If I can survive the heart attacks which I'll be getting tomorrow, I'll be the happiest girl on Earth. Meanwhile, I shall continue to emo over my results. =(


Damn! I got back my Maths paper 2, Chemistry and Biology today lor!! It just wasn't up to expectation. I nearly flunked my paper 2 but my Chemistry paper was much better done than expected leh. =D I managed to get an A2 for that paper, and I surprisingly got 25/30 for MCQ which is like the highest score I've gotten ever since I came to RV. For Biology ah, I'm left totally speechless. Apparently, Mrs Lee reported "whatever she has observed" to Mrs Lim, and Mrs Lim said that "the paper was so easy-peasy until some people still had time to twirl their hair, look at their fingernails and sleep!". That further proves my theory that LLM was really bored at that point of time to observe every student so carefully. -.-''' Lmao, she really makes me laugh even more lah! And I swear that I'm super condemned by Mrs Lim now lor, because she was staring at me when she said those things. Whatever lah. I failed my essay questions as usual. =( So confirm won't get at least A2 for Biology le. I'm really so sorry Mrs Lim, but I don't feel as sorry as before.

Anyway, after getting back today's papers, my impression of some teachers have changed quite a fair bit, including teachers whom I used to respect, admire and like. Anyway, I hope RV teachers better come and see this lor! We, 4B, will not be taken so lightly and frivolously until you teachers deny our existence! If you condemn us in the first place just because of our results, disregard of rules or whatever crappy reasons your clever brains can think of, then why didn't you do anything to help us in the first place? You people only know how to talk big and do nothing. Like what Michelle has said, RV is really so RESULTS-ORIENTED, to the extent where they only care about the academically-stronger students and develop them to their fullest potential while leaving the weaker students to die. Yes, there may be remedial lessons, but I seriously don't find them useful at all! What's the point of a remedial when the teachers just throw worksheets at you and expect you to finish all these in a fixed time? Worse still, even when teachers try very hard to knock stuff into our puny brain with very little neurones in it (This doesn't apply to smart people in school because I know their brains have large surface areas to store more times more neurones), we still don't see the light and end up struggling most of the time. By which then, teachers will get so incensed and vexed by our stupidity (Then again, this doesn't apply to clever people. It only applies to stupid people with puny brains like me) that they just give up. Please, before you try condemning us, think of what you have or have not done for the class for the class to end up in this state. You did not even try to motivate us to study, yet you started to demoralise us in the first step by condemning us. You think that after listening to all your "souring" or "suanning", we'll feel motivated? If you feel so, I'm so sorry to tell you that you're wrong. All the more we'll feel that you're biased towards other people (Ahem, I shan't reveal who), and worst still, lose the respect we have had for you. When we lose the respect for teachers, all the more teachers will have a negative impression of us and start condemning us during their lunch breaks or free time in the staff room. Students will therefore hate the teachers and vice-versa. This whole vicious cycle will repeat itself over and over again.

Of course, which teacher doesn't favour a student who is good in his/her studies? Having students with good results will then further prove your capability as a teacher because apparently, if the student does well, the credits go to the teacher for teaching and guiding the student well. Who doesn't know all the politicking that has been going on among teachers too? Teachers also need to fight for their survival and their rice-bowl. BUT PLEASE, DON'T SHOW YOUR BIASNESS TOWARDS OTHER STUDENTS, AND CONDEMN THE WEAKER STUDENTS SO OPENLY! It'll only hurt the weaker students even more. After all, the Singapore government practices 5 types of good governance, one of which is the principle of fairness. RV is a government school, thus it should also adhere to this principle of good governance, if not discontentment will arise and woots, we'll have riots. -.-''' OK, the previous sentence is crap lah, but please don't make me lose even my utmost respect for RV teachers even though I've long given up on liking this school.

Phew, after enduring this for almost half a year, it's good to post what I seriously feel about the teachers in RV. Of course, I must really thank Mr Liu and Mr Chen for standing by us no matter what other teachers say. Thank you so much for believing and trusting in us when the other teachers don't. You have seen in us what other teachers have failed to see. For that, I'm really thankful you're able to accept 4B for who we are. It's because of these 2 teachers that my life in RV hasn't been all that horrible. =')


Haiz, I'm so not looking forward to school tomorrow lor. I'll be getting back my very screwed-up exam papers. I wonder why RV teachers must have such high efficiency rate lor, only 4 days have passed after the exams and they're going to throw back all the papers to us. =X Oh ya, I got back my Maths paper 1 today. All I can say is I suppose I did better than expected, but so many other people had 50/60 and above, so I'm not really satisfied with it. Paper 2 will be the real killer I'm getting back tomorrow. I'm bound to fail that one. =X

Anyway, tomorrow is triple-science day, and some more they're right after each other leh. Chemistry, Biology and Physics, from 8 am right until recess break. Seriously, I'll be very much surprised if I find myself living past this week. Chemistry ah, I really have no hope of securing my A1 for Chemistry anymore. I just knew that I did rather badly. I think I didn't do too well for Biology too because Mrs Lim was rather mad with me today lor. =/ She kind of scolded me because I wasn't listening attentively to her during Biology practical. Yes, Zhi Yi, your QAD totally condemns me now lah. =(

Oh well, I can say farewell to my target of GPA 3.3 when I can't even hit 3.0 lah. I'm pathetic. =(


Oh man, I'm not looking forward to school tomorrow lor. Mr Liu will be giving back our Maths papers 1 and 2, both of which I have a feeling it's done horribly and I'll get horrible marks. ='( I can forget about being promoted to Year 5 le lah. Mrs Lim better not give back our Biology paper too if not it'll be 三成打击 for me. Who knows, maybe when I get back my papers, I'll die of a heart attack immediately. Then yay! No need to face school, no need for Ms Ek to show me the way out of this school, no need to see the teachers' look of disappointment with me, no need to face this world. I seriously think that I would be better off dead lah.

Lol, I better take my diploma piano exam before I die lah, if not it's $750 of my parents' money plus $3600 worth of school fees down the drain. o.O''' Oh man, I seriously can't stand my life in RV anymore! I want it out!! >.< Chopin's Nocturne Opus 9 Number 1 is currently the "in" piece of romantic music for me...


Lol, I think I shall reply tags first bah, because I have the mood to do so now! =D

[jennie] *wink wink* xD And lol, both of us are so happy that exams are over, but I think you're more hyper! xD *swirls around, dancing happily* =p And yeah, I have a bad feeling about the exams too leh. D= Let's hope for the best bah! We shall get good results together! =D

[feng] Hello naughty girl!! xD Lol, you mean that section C part ah? Yeah, I thought so too. The MCQ and structured question is *&%#@*#^@% difficult lah. And I heard that the setter is Mr Chen leh. If it's really him, then I really faint leh! I can't believe that he'll set such a difficult paper to kill us lor. =(

[huien] Lol, actually LLM is quite funny one! Err, I think she doesn't know that she doesn't know that she's funny. Maybe she accidentally become funny one. Aiyah, I don't know how to put it. 总而言之, she didn't mean for something to be funny, but it turned out funny. xD I still can't stop laughing at her leh. If I can't stop laughing when I see her during tomorrow's assembly, I'll die horribly. X(

[han sheng] Yeah, exams ended 2 days ago. Are you still having exams?? o.O'''

[zhiyi] Heehee, if your QAD invigilate you for Biology hor, I think you'll be as excited, or maybe even more excited than me leh!! =p By the way, ducky, who was your invigilator for Biology ah?? O.O''' And if I wasn't wrong, your QAD invigilated some classes at the other end of the container block? I'm not too sure though. Just that after the Biology paper, I saw her (back view only lah) with Mr Chow walking up the narrow staircase to the staff room. And be jealous, because they were talking very happily. xD

[tard^3] Haha, actually I think so too! ^^ Because I got too many things to say about LLM liao!!! xD I think if I see her tomorrow, I'll start laughing again leh. =p

[feng] Naughty girl, I'm in the midst of replying tags, so I'm no longer a naughty girl le. Next time call me good girl OK? =D

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[CAS!] ANCESTOR! Oh man, I miss you so much!! xD And lol, why you sound as if it's our last time together like that ah?? =O We still have many other days to rock on together!! ^^

[O.O] Yeah, I agree it sucks lor! =( Oh ya, who are you ah?? O.O'''

[lucky angel] LMAO! You're my lucky angel man... -.-''' Anyway, I don't know who you are, but thanks anyway! I really need it. =)

[helen] I survived this week, but I don't think I'll survive next week and probably the weeks after. Pray for me hor!! x_X

[O.O] LMAO, it's you again.

[passer-by] Eh... I suppose so bah... I presume you're not a Singaporean?? o.O'''

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[fenghan] Welcome back naughty girl! ^^ Lol, I managed to scare a lot of people on MSN with LLM's picture! The effects were quite hilarious leh!! xD Everybody was stunned lah, then they really thought LLM added them leh. -.-''' LMAO! And haha, I think I'll put it up again when I run out of pictures to put as my display picture. By the way, naughty girl ah, do you want her picture? =X And lol, I know my sidebar is long, but I'm too noob to shorten it. xD LMAO! And lmao, you know Evan too?? *faints* And of course my blog song is nice lah. You know why, it's because I uploaded it. Oh well, I sound very egoistic here. =p Lol, joking, joking!! xD

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[han sheng] I shall say good luck to you now! =D

[justea <3] Thanks ah! ^^

[zhiyi] Lol, tell me more about my QAD leh. I bet doing CID with her should be really super fun leh!! Ask her sour you more leh!! =D Aiyaya (I must learn how to talk like her in order not to lose to Farah xD), Farah's mannerism can compare with her liao lor! I hope I have something to tell you about your QAD leh. I haven't been seeing her these few days, so no stories to tell you. But she's been wearing black quite often these days. I'm not too sure why though. =X

Phew, I've finally replied all tags! ^^ Oh ya, another thing. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO ALL MOTHERS!!!! =D


Phew! The last of the exams are finally over! ^^ But I think my mood will be down again when I get back my results. =( I think I should start preparing myself for the worst in case I don't meet GPA 3.0. Oh well, beware of my long post below.

2nd May (Friday)
Chinese paper 1 and English paper. I think I have no hope le lah. Although I knew that the Youth Olympics would come out as 报章读后感, I really didn't know what to write about it even though I've read the notes before that. So I ended up doing 记叙文, which I have a horrible feeling that I wrote out of point. I've been rather afraid of writing 记叙文 since I nearly failed my 记叙文 during the end-of-year exam. Oh well, there goes my A2 for Chinese. =(

English was no better either. One essay topic that we wrote last year came out lor! I had such a strong feeling that topic would come out because Farah suddenly brought it up to me. I went home searching for last year's English notes but I just couldn't find my essay. I think I'm cursed!! >.<''' So I ended up relying on my SS knowledge, to be very frank with you, isn't very reliable since that was all the SS stuff we learnt last year. And for your information, I didn't get A1 for SS last term, so I think my SS knowledge is unreliable, which makes my essay more suspicious. Oh well... I can bid farewell to both my A2 and A1 for languages le! ='(

5th May (Monday)
It was Maths paper 1 and Geography. OK lah, although Mr Liu said Maths wasn't really very difficult, I really didn't find it very easy and although I managed to successfully finish up the paper, I was rather doubtful of my own answers. Anyway, I don't expect myself to get an A1 for Maths, but I'll really mind if I don't do well for this paper since I heard that many people did well for it. >.< Oh man, I'm feeling stressed again!!

Geography was really crap. I really didn't know what I was writing. I don't know how many points I'm supposed to write and I don't know what to write. So many of the answers turned out to be really, to be honest, a pile of crapilicious writing. I'm so sorry, Mrs Ong! =(

6th May (Tuesday)
Chinese paper 2 was really super difficult lor, especially the 综合填空! I had to read the passage like 2, 3 times before I could understand what they were talking about. However, my answers still turned out to be pretty shitty. Luckily I started doing the paper from the back if not I really have no time to complete the paper lor. Thank you to those who advised me to start from the back, if not I would have died horribly!! =D But haiz, there's still nothing to be happy about. Chinese is still difficult. =(

Chemistry was totally *&%$@#*&^#@%*#&^$@* DIFFICULT lah! What the hell man! It's like the most difficult Chemistry paper I've ever sat for in my 4 years in RV leh! First page first MCQ first question, I was already stunned for words lah!! And I spent nearly like 1 hour on MCQs alone! It's just a total waste of my time and energy!! =( The back part was no better either. There were a lot of trick questions lor, and I reckoned that I lost about 10 marks due to careless mistakes that were made when I was too stunned and panicking for time. O-M-G! MY A1 FOR CHEMISTRY IS JUST GONE... LIKE THAT! O.O''' I'm so sorry, Mr Chen! I think I'll have to disappoint you again. To think I began to like Chemistry because I got 33/35 for the most recent class test which everybody did well in. -.-''' Chemistry was the most horrible paper to date.

7th May (Wednesday)
Haha, no school. But I still have to mug for SS and Biology, which totally drove me out of my brain. >.<

8th May (Thursday)
I seriously think the school is actually crazy to arrange SS and Biology papers in one day lor. Both of them require us to memorise so many things lah, and my poor brain nearly died from insufficient space and suffocation because I was cramping SS and Biology notes all into my head. Oh yeah, and I totally ruined my whole SS paper leh!! =(( I only wrote 2 paragraphs for my 2-view essay lor! I'm suppose to write 3 paragraphs and that essay cost 13 MARKS leh!!! 本小姐现在很心痛! I can only get 9 or 10 marks at most if my explanation is good, which I don't think it is because Ms Yang always give me super low marks for essay lah. I'm doomed! Ancestor, I think you have to start praying for your descendant le. =((

And Biology heehee. Guess who my invigilator was. It's none other than the world's scariest Mrs Lee. =X Lmao, she always greet the class by scolding the class first. =D At first, when she barged into our classroom and scolded us, I thought she just scolded us because we were not ready for the Biology paper mah. Heehee, I really never expected her to be our invigilator leh. Damn scary lor! She came in so fast, and scolded us until all of us were stunned. Then she "commanded" us to put our bags outside the classroom and of course nobody dared to disobey her. Anyway, I was even more stunned by how fast my fellow classmates rushed out of the class to put their bags and came in so quickly. O.O''' In my mind, I was thinking that if LLM becomes the principal of this school, she'll make the whole school come at 6 AM to do PT lah. -.-''' OK, just me and my randomness.

Back to the topic. There were some problems with the Biology paper, so LLM told us what to correct. "Question X, change the word 'microscope' to 'microscopic'. Understood? Change the word 'microscope' to 'microscopic'." Instead of saying "Are you clear?" or "Is it clear?", she said "Clarity?" LMAO, I nearly really laughed out loud lah. If she said it once I would have still thought that there was something wrong with my hearing, but she said it 3, 4 times leh! That makes me feel like laughing more lah!! xD I was still thinking about the Clarinase cold tablets when she said "Clarity?" xDD Those sitting around me must have seen how excited I got. =D And apparently, I think LLM finds that invigilating a class is a boring job because she walked around our classroom for at least 5 rounds. -.-''' Weaving between tables and chairs, standing by the door for about 30 seconds, opening the door to get fresh air or goodness knows what she was doing, closing the door and stoning by the door before returning to the teacher's table. That's one round for you. She did that at least 5 times. =O And everytime she walks past people, she'll try very hard to see what answers you've written in your script. Oh well, that was how bored she was.

Oh yes, and I think I'm now in great danger leh! LLM, by now, should know my name although chances are she doesn't know how to pronounce it properly. -.-''' I've got caught by her 3 times for the same reasons so there shouldn't be any reason why she shouldn't recognise me. =p She was holding my EZ-Link card for almost 12 seconds before she finally put it back down on the table and went on to see Ancestor's one. When the paper ended, LLM told me to collect the OAS from the class and I nearly got myself into trouble by laughing. Luckily I restrained myself lor, but haha, I nearly hyperventilated while doing that. After she finished collecting all the papers, we went outside to take our bags but only me and Michelle came back to class and LLM was still there. She scared the daylights out of me. x_X But lol, surprisingly, she never scold me or what leh, she just reminded me nicely (OMG! It's really nicely leh!) to switch off the lights before leaving the classroom. And to a certain human being in 4A, she doesn't talk like how you described her leh. =/ Gar Yim they all said that LLM was like staring at me throughout the duration of the paper. OK, people, that's really scary. I think I'm black-listed, so I better steer clear of trouble by opening my mouth less, because once I open my mouth, I will bound to talk or worse still, laugh. Let's hope that trouble will stay away from me for the time being.

Forget it lah! I'm really going to fail Maths this time round lah! Maths paper 2 was really much harder than the first paper. But I knew it long ago. If the first paper was easy, RV won't be so nice as to let you have an easier paper. I expected the paper to be hard, but it was really much harder than I thought. I couldn't answer like half the paper, and when the question told me to "Show that XXX is YYY.", I couldn't prove it at all. Oh man, where is this world coming to? I ended up faking my answer by canceling some numbers out. Yes, I'm going to fail Maths lah. ='(

Music was shit lah. The front part was still alright, but I think I lost over 20 marks because I don't know a single thing about Hadyn. Oh well, this is getting depressing. I just wish for all the best for my papers. Hopefully, I won't get so distraught until I just fall off the building. =X

Anyway, our new class blog is up! Click here to visit the blog! And yeah, keep the blog alive hor! =DD And haha, I don't have the mood to reply tags, so I shall do it next post. =) So long, people! ^^