Stressed ah!


Haha, talking about TV shows ah, Ha-nam finally proposed to Seol-chil leh! It's really super sweet lor! But I really pity Seol-chil's biological mother leh... She's suffering from cancer and I think she won't last long in this show lor. I think I have to prepare for a weep fest soon. ='(

Anyway, today, the whole Year 4 level sat for the ICAS paper. zZz... it's just a waste of time when I could have gone home at 2 pm for the first time in many months. Anyway, I gave Farah and Sarah their presents today although their birthday is tomorrow. Oh ya, Mei Jie's birthday will also be tomorrow. Sorry Mei Jie for not getting you a present! =( I shall give you a belated birthday present when the exams are over! =)

Haiz, die lah! Mid-year examinations are just next week. =( I think today will be my last day of blogging until the exams are over. Walao, I'm starting to feel nervous already. o.O''' I must start working hard for my exams le. I think I've done reasonably well for all the other recent tests except for English and Chinese, which I think could have been better. Alright woman, start mugging!

I shall work hard so as not to disappoint my teachers. I will do and strive for the very best for every subject, whether I like the teacher or not. I can do it and I will do it... Oh ya, speaking of which, Mrs Lim was rather pissed with us today lor. I wonder if Zhi Yi did hear her scolding next door. o.O''' Lol, before Biology lesson started, I still saw her in the canteen gossiping talking with some other teachers lor. O.O''' Oh well, I guess today isn't a very good day for Science teachers? Mr Chen was also rather pissed with us. =( I wonder what fate did 4A suffer under LLM...

Anyway, I shall stop my musings here. I shall hereby declare that I will be on a hiatus until 9th May 2008, when the disastrous RVIP Term Assessment will be officially over! I just hope I can survive those 2 weeks. Till then, people!


Today's trip to Jurong Island was quite interesting lah! ^^ The checkpoint at Jurong Island really looked like the Malaysian checkpoint lor. Sadly, we were not allowed to take any photos of that place so I can't post any pictures here. Nevertheless, I felt that I learnt quite a lot about Chemistry for this trip. It definitely aids in my understanding of our self-study topic for exams, which is Air and Environment. Haha, I totally can apply whatever I've read through in that topic to those industrial buildings at Jurong Island. And lol, we saw the flame tower emitting fire and Mr Chen told us that they were trying to burn off waste or flue gases. =D It's really not a bad trip leh! Gosh, I think the recent trips which the school has planned are quite interesting leh! The Pulau Semakau learning journey totally rocks lah! =D I think this trip is very useful for Chemistry, so I think it rocks too! ^^

Anyway, I think I'm very tired out these days leh. I don't know why lah, but haiz, I just can't keep myself awake during lessons. I mean, I can be sure I don't sleep during Chemistry and Biology lessons because those 2 lessons are the lessons I enjoy the most. My 作文强化班 teacher is also very good, so I don't spoil her impression of my class by sleeping during her lessons. Oh ya, after coming back from the learning journey, Deng Yin, Adna and I took Michelle's father's car. Lol, I was stoning at the backseat most of the time because I didn't have the mood to talk because I was rather tired. So I spent my time stoning at the clouds. And I realised that I saw the same patch of clouds from Malan Road all the way to Choa Chu Kang. Amazing! Straight after I reached home, I slept right away and missed like dunno-how-many-minutes of Infamous Chil Princesses leh!! =X I think the next few episodes are very sad leh. I don't know lah, but I see the trailers I feel very touched by Ha-nam's devotion to Seol-chil. Anyway, I just love the 2 of them a lot! ^^ Ha-nam, Seol-chil, aja aja hwaiting! ^^


Oh man! I'm now in a dilemma lah! I really can't stand it. I'm not sure whether I want to go for band's Korea trip or go China with the school leh. One thing I want to go Korea is, that is my dream country which I've been wanting to go ever since prehistoric times. On the other hand, the teachers-in-charge of the various immersion programmes made the trips sound really interesting. Of course, I'll jump for joy if I can go Qingdao even though I put Shanghai as my first choice. Damn, I don't want my first choice anymore. Give me my second choice, and I'll be forever be eternally grateful to the school. If I'm given the second choice, I think I won't be going to Korea since the school's immersion programmes will definitely clash with band's trip to Korea. The problem is, Mr Eugene Lee asked who wants to back out of the trip and I didn't tell him that, because I don't know whether I'll be selected for the Qingdao trip or not. If I'm selected to go Qingdao, I'll most probably pass my chance to go Korea. My decision will then make you wonder why I'm willing to give up this chance to Korea for Qingdao. Well, I shan't reveal it here. =)

Anyway, today's the last day of CCA and I think I enjoyed myself. Now, I find Grand March nicer and nicer because haha, at least I didn't get lost like last time. =D A Springtime Celebration by Alfred Reed totally rocks lah! ^^ I love all the running notes and wee, that piece just totally rocks lah! =D Yeah, so I enjoyed myself because I love these 2 pieces. =D I went kind of high with fellow section mates today, haha, because today's the last day of CCA mah, so must bond with them one last time before we start mugging for exams. =)

Oh ya, while going back with the twins, Candy and Jia Yi, we were talking about the world's scariest Mrs Lee (That is RV's dearest Mrs Lee L.M. aka LLM to you). Farah suddenly said to me, "Girl! WHY ARE YOU LIKE THAT?!" What the hell lah, she totally scared the daylights out of Candy, Sarah, Jia Yi and I leh. All of us could swear, she SOUNDED SO MUCH LIKE LLM!!!!!!! Gosh, I think I still can't recover from the shock leh. I'm going to faint lor... x_X


Gosh, I really can't believe that Mid-year examinations are just only next week leh!! =X Oh man, how time really flies. Just a few weeks ago, there was still 3 weeks left before term assessment would start. Now, it's just down to 1 more week. I really hope I do well this term leh... I must pull up my GPA because my GPA for last term was really so low until I don't want to mention it here... o.O'''

Anyway, I hope Jing Yuan will send me the pictures taken at Pulau Semakau as soon as possible. I'm dying to see them. Lol! And argh! 4A went to Pulau Semakau today leh! And my XXX went with them!! Gosh, I don't know why we didn't get to go with 4A despite us being neighbouring classes. I really don't know how Mrs Tan arranged lor! We ended up going there last Monday and with some other seemingly unrelated classes. Next time, for any learning journeys or whatsoever, 4B must stick with 4A! ^^ Only then will I be happy. Lol! =D And haha, tomorrow is the last day of CCA for everybody even though some CCAs have already stopped activities the week before. -.-''' Alright, girl! Time to mug hard now! Aja aja hwaiting! =D


I've been going through the NUS website for what courses I should take up next time when I'm in university. That is, if I manage to get in of course. Haha, fancy considering what I want to take up 3 years later, but still, it's good to plan lah hor. I'm intending to take up Medicine, Pharmacy and maybe Dentistry? But then again, I want to work in the airport leh, so haiz... My choices are so contradictory. =( I think competition for Medicine will be very strong leh. I better start working hard now. o.O'''


Lol! Haha, I'm still alive people! I managed to survive Friday leh! ^^ Yup, it's really miraculous! But sian lah, Mr Chen doesn't want to give us back our Chemistry paper leh. He marked our papers faster than other classes' teachers but they get it back like almost 2 weeks earlier lah! Oh ya, speaking of Biology, I got back my paper yesterday. It wasn't as badly done as I thought, although I could have gotten like 38/45 if I didn't fail my essay questions. =( I shall start working harder in order to get at least an A2 for Biology. It's no longer impossible for me if I can start revising my Biology now. I think I should be able to get at least an A2 in Chemistry, hopefully.

And haiz, Zhi Yi got to see her QAD yesterday, and I missed seeing mine by just a few metres leh!! >.< Nooby Yi Jun who doesn't know who on earth my QAD is finally saw her and I didn't get to see her. -.-''' I think I'm going to make myself more marketable on Monday. o.O'''


OMG~! My day tomorrow will be horribly screwed man! Mrs Lim will confirmed be giving us back our Biology paper leh!! X( And I think Mr Chen will give us back our Chemistry paper too!! NO~~!! Farah, you can get ready to say my eulogy speech le!! =( Farewell world! ='(


Erm, apparently Mr Chen didn't come today so we got some relief teacher. And nope, we didn't get back our Chemistry paper. I think I'll die on Friday. And lol, today's Biology lesson is super funny lah! ^^ We greeted Mrs Lim, then almost everybody went "Die liao lah! Getting back Bio paper le..." and were looking very worried and continued standing even though we've already greeted her. Then Mrs Lim suddenly told us she will be giving it back to us on Friday, then everybody was like "Phew! Heng ah!" and started sitting down. o.O''' But haiz, I think even if I didn't die today, I'll still die on Friday lor. Damn it lah, I think I won't have the mood to go for band on Friday lor. And yes, Farah, better start rehearsing the eulogy speech hor. I think you need to say it on Friday. Anyway, I really think I'll laugh every Biology lesson lor! ^^ Mrs Lim is seriously hilariously amusing! =D And I find myself looking forward to every Biology lesson leh! That's a good sign! =) But haha, I don't think I'll be looking forward to Friday's lesson though. I'll be getting back my screwed-up Chemistry and Biology papers. Definitely 双成打击 for me. x_X Oh ya, one piece of news from me. I got back my GP essay and it's horribly screwed. I think I won't get A1 for English le! =(

Anyway, I think I'm going to be screwed for tomorrow too! My group hasn't prepared the powerpoint we were suppose to do for English and tomorrow's the presentation date. And haha, because of my forgetfulness, I forgot to bring back my SS journal and dang! I can't finish up my SS essay which is super hard to do, is graded, and it's supposed to be handed in tomorrow leh! Oh man, I'm definitely screwed! >.< I think I shall try to do my essay during English lesson tomorrow. I'm letting down my English teacher, but I've got no other choices. Anyway, I'm already condemned by her lah. =( I don't mind being condemned by my language teachers, but I do really mind if Mr Chen or Mrs Lim condemns me, which is why I'm putting so much effort for my Science subjects. If only I can put in such effort for my languages. Unfortunately, my language teachers don't inspire me to do so. How sad! ='(


STUPID LAH! SOME FREAKING IDIOT HACKED INTO MY MSN ACCOUNT!!! Like what the ****??!!! I got like 200+ contacts inside and some very important emails inside leh! All my CID work and projects are all inside that email leh! Now you tell me what to do? I've lost all my MSN contacts and have to re-add everybody. My cute display pictures are also gone if I ever not recover my email. I really feel like making a police report now lor! I wonder what does that hacker gain from hacking my MSN account. If it's just for malicious fun, peace, joy and laughter, I'll make sure that hacker pays dearly for it. Anyway, hacking into somebody's account is really considered a crime, so I guess I'll really make a police report if MSN doesn't reply me soon. Like what I've said, I'll make that hacker will really regret his/her actions. Meanwhile, I hope MSN can reply me as soon as possible and retrieve my email for me. =( Anyway, I've only got one thing to say to that bloody hacker. To hell with you. >=(

Anyway, I think tomorrow will be my doomsday. I'll most likely be getting my Biology and Chemistry paper. I'm not that worried for Chemistry, but I'm afraid I won't get an A1 to pull up my marks. I think my Biology ah... I already got 心理准备 to get condemned by Mrs Lim le. My GPA for Biology confirm won't hit 3 and above one lor. Just look at my pathetic marks last term and you'll know. I'm really so sorry, Mrs Lim. =( Maybe I should just drop Biology altogether... o.O''' I've already gotten Farah to draft out the eulogy speech to be made during my funeral and good girl, she has done it way before that. Oh well...


I seriously think that I'm insane lor! Wah piang eh... I actually dreamt of LLM being my Biology teacher lor! I really think I'm mad to dream of her lor! Alright, the really weird and unexpected dream starts here.

We were happily having Chemistry lesson in the classroom and laughing at Mr Chen's jokes when suddenly LLM barged into the classroom and said she's now our Biology teacher. *faints* Then Mr Chen was also very stunned and the classroom which was just so noisy was suddenly so quiet until you can hear a pin drop. Then Chemistry lesson just ended abruptly but Mr Chen didn't go out of the classroom leh. He just sat behind and stoned there. o.O''' I think he felt very shocked lor. Anyway, LLM told us we have practical lah, but we didn't go to the Biology lab leh. We just stayed in class and did our practical because apparently, she managed to transport the whole Biology lab to our classroom. Don't ask me how she managed to do that. I don't know anything. =X Anyway, the class was really super quiet when we were doing the practical and no one uttered a single word lah. Then after that, she suddenly said we can have a choice of doing Physics or Biology practical worksheets. Then the whole class was stunned. I think Mr Chen was more stunned. Lol. Then LLM's Biology lesson never ends one lor. We keep doing Biology practicals until school dismissal time. But LLM surprisingly didn't scold us or anything leh. And she suddenly became so nice lor! I think Mr Chen fainted by then because he kept stoning, so there's no blood circulation for him. -.-''' Then LLM still smiled at us before leaving then I suddenly woke up. O.O''' I think I suddenly woke up because I was too shocked to see her smiling at us, because she's one who doesn't smile unless absolutely necessary.

I think this dream is totally insane lor. How can LLM be so nice in real life lah? And where the toot did Mrs Lim go? It's really weird having LLM as your Biology teacher when you don't know what the heck happened to your really-nice-in-real-life Biology teacher. Anyway, I'm shocked that I dreamt of LLM as my Biology teacher and I'm even more shocked to know that I dreamt of her. -.-''' I want Mrs Lim back! Luckily this isn't happening in real life if not I'll really be as shocked as Mr Chen and faint. Phew! *wipes sweat off forehead*


PE today was fun! =D Haha, the boys in my group made it more hiong in that sense, and haha, I laughed so hard and had such fun playing with them. =D

Anyway, Mrs Lim today is really super, super funny lor! A pity Zhi Yi isn't in my class, if not she would have laughed and laughed and laughed at Mrs Lim's jokes. I shan't elaborate it here lah. It's just your own loss that you're not her own students! =D And come to think about it, she may be living nearer to the west than I thought. I shall keep speculating. =D And one thing about Mrs Lim is that, she is able to teach hard and make us laugh equally hard. I think my diaphragm muscles are cramping because of too much laughter le! xD Mrs Lim is seriously an amazing and amusing teacher! ^^ She can teach reproduction in plants and link it to something else and digress from there. After that, she is able to get back to the point and yada dada dadada. And she misheard Zoey's and my pronunciation of "ferns" as "sperms" lah. -.-''' I tried correcting her but apparently the whole class was too busy roaring with laughter so she has gone slightly deaf too. o.O''' Oh well, anyway, me and Michelle have officially recognised her as our second QAD although I have her in mind ever since Zhi Yi took up a second QAD. Not bad, not bad. I don't think I'll get to laugh as freely in my QAD's class lor. The atmosphere there will definitely be very tense. =X

Oh ya, Sarah told me how Mrs Lim sounded like the world's scariest Mrs Lee when Mrs Lim was assessing her Biology teacher. o.O''' It sounded so much like Mrs Lee until me and Zhi Yi didn't want to believe it lah right. How can nice nice Mrs Lim be as scary as fierce fierce Mrs Lee? o.O''' Erm, actually, Mrs Lim can be super scary if she wants to lah. She went berserk during one of the first few Biology lessons we had when we were almost 15 minutes late for practical lessons. Damn scary lor! I think Mrs Lim's voice could even be heard from the Physics Labs which was right at the other end of the corridor. o.O''' I bet LLM would be shocked if she was in the Physics lab at that time. @_@ If Mrs Lim and LLM have a scolding / shouting match held along the corridor near the Science labs, Mrs Lim won't lose lor! Not to say that LLM will lose, but, erm, I hope you know what I'm trying to put across. xD


Oh well, I think I've been caught by teachers all for the wrong reasons these days. Just on Monday, I got caught by the world's scariest Mrs Lee for talking, and today, I got caught by Mrs Look for my earrings. O.O''' Oh ya, I must say Mrs Look has tremendous strength. I jumped out of my own skin when her heavy and pudgy hand suddenly came down heavily on my shoulder. Gosh, I've realised that I've been coming out of my own skin very often these days. =X This isn't a very good sign. But anyway, she's nice enough just to remind me that the school only allows silver or gold studs and didn't confiscate my earrings although she wanted to. Oh well, I shall be nice to her too and stop wearing my earrings at least for the time moment until I can get the type of earrings she wants. =X Lol, LLM looks out for whether girls fold their skirts while Mrs Look looks out for earrings. -.- Oh ya, by the way, LLM wear until very nice today! Even Yanni said that she dressed as if she's going for some wedding dinner! =D See see, I'm not the only one who commented on her dressing today! ^^

Anyway, I think I'm having a sore throat le leh. And today, I got a slight headache while attempting to finish up my Biology and Chemistry practical reports. Biology practical is really going to drive me crazy lor. I don't have the talent in drawing, so most of my drawings ended up looking like some 5-year-old kid's doodling. But haha, I managed to finish everything by myself, so I feel a sense of satisfaction. =) Haiz, I don't feel like going to school tomorrow leh. My body is aching like mad now and I feel super sick and lethargic. =( Oh well...


I shall dedicate my 451th post to something very amusing! =D I think the whole day went haywire because of that particular incident. o.O One fine morning today, morning assembly went on as usual. Lol, then there was some amusing speech made by some amusing people, so Michelle, Gar Yim and I got amused. ^^ And the result of being easily amused by a speech is that both me and Michelle got caught by dearest Mrs Lee. Suay lah! Gar Yim also got talk to us lor, but she was fast enough to see Mrs Lee approaching so she quickly kept her mouth quiet and LLM swooped down us. =( Lol, I nearly jumped out of my own skin when I felt LLM whacking my arm with papers or tapping my arm with her hands. Then I thought I was the only one being signalled out, but haha, this is already my 3rd time being caught by her for talking, so I kinda knew what to expect already. I didn't think that Michelle would get to stand beside me with LLM mah, so I burst out laughing. xD I think LLM was shocked, so she told me, "Girl! (Whatever lah, everybody's name to her is either boy or girl) This isn't very funny. Please stop laughing!" Surprisingly, she didn't really scold me for laughing even though I was caught. She just said it in her normal "commando-like" voice. And wow, she still knew how to use the magic word "please". Not bad huh, especially when it's coming from a teacher whom everybody except Ms Ek fears. A round of applause for LLM! ^^ After she told me to stop laughing, I didn't dare to open my mouth because I knew that if I open my mouth, I'll end up laughing even harder and everybody will turn and stare at me and wonder who is that mad girl who still can laugh after being caught. xD I think I'm crazy.

OK, so never mind. Back to the story. After she told me to stop laughing, I had to bite down on my lips so that I won't suddenly burst out laughing. I bit it down so hard until I felt my lips turning red, but still, I couldn't control my laughter lah, and I ended up making a lot of weird noises. LLM was giving me that weird look, so I quickly pinched my nose and bit down my lips and pretended that I was having a bad case of runny nose. The result of me pinching my nose, biting down my lips and suppressing my laughter was disastrous! Lol, my stomach muscles or diaphragm was aching because I couldn't laugh it out and my ears were having those popping sounds due to the tremendous amount of pressure in my ears. Lol, at that moment, I really thought my ear drums were going to burst lor! And lol, now I can imagine the plain agony and torture of not being able to laugh out loud.

And now, because of this incident, I realised that LLM can jolly well be an army commander can... She told us to "Fall in!" then I was stunned, and I nearly "I beg your pardon?!" her. Luckily I restrained myself if not I risk landing myself up in Ms Ek's office. =X But to say the truth, her voice really sounds very commanding and yada dada dadada (Mrs Lim's way of saying etc.), that's why I think she's suitable to be an army commander, and that's why me and Hui En came up with a name for her during Sec 2 CID. =D OK, back to the point. LLM wanted our whole class to stay back for spot check lor. And at first, I thought I passed her "screening" even though she was directing some papers at me. o.O Then Ying Ting ended up writing my name inside the Management Diary because I folded my skirt, not because of talking!!! O.O''' I was super stunned lah! Like hello? I swear if I don't fold my skirt, 本小姐's skirt will be much longer than hers alright?! If she told me straight in the face that I folded my skirt, I would have gladly told her that if I don't fold my skirt, my skirt will be longer than hers, in a nice way of course. After all, she's my XXX. And being rude to her won't do me any good either. =D And sorry Michelle! 我害了你! =(

Anyway, all amusing days have to come to the end. I wonder when will be my next try leh! =p And haha, just to add on something. Ms Ek wants to use my group's CID survey to do a survey for the whole Year 4 cohort. I was really shocked when she said that lah, so I asked her, "Are you SURE?!" and she said yes. Oh well, be prepared to do a similiar survey twice, people. It's Ms Ek's idea, not my group's. =X Oh ya, and I've realised that today's post is very long. =)

Alright, now for something more serious. I just read from the news that some guy jumped in the MRT tracks at Choa Chu Kang MRT Station and he died there. Gosh, he jumped into the track that will lead the train to Jurong East lor, which is usually the route I take to go to school! O.O''' He jumped in just barely 2 hours after I boarded the train lah! My gosh, will I be seeing blood and other body bits on the MRT tracks tomorrow?! I think I'll be freaked out when I see the tracks lor. Thinking of it just makes me feel queasy. =X How am I suppose to go to school tomorrow?? =/


I feel so pissed with a certain somebody! What the toot lah... I sent out the surveys already then you tell me don't send out yet because you haven't seen and edited it. Like what the hell? Who ask you that time keep talking and never help me and another somebody with the survey? Great man, I sent it to 20+ people then you tell me not to send. -.- Funny lah! Damn it, I'm so not looking forward to tomorrow. >=(

Haiz, never mind. I shan't bother with that certain somebody. I shall attempt to appease myself by looking at cute pictures. =D Haha, I came across some of these pictures at dramabean's blog and realised that there was a website for these cute pictures! ^^

Haha, aren't those pictures above so cute? =D I feel much better after seeing them. Oh well, I haven't uploaded all lah, but if you're interested to find more of such pictures, just go to and click those Korean words below. =p Those pictures took awhile to load for me, so do be patient when you're accessing that website. Alright, that's all for today. Goodbye! =D


Parent-Teacher Meeting today wasn't that disastrous, although I think everybody in the reception room could see how much I dreaded seeing my Chinese teacher. -.- She said that I didn't put in enough effort for Chinese lor. =( But anyway, it's true to a certain extent only. And she was kind of shocked that I didn't have her handphone number. Like I want to know like that lor. I'm only interested in getting Zhi Yi's and my QAD's number. -.-

Anyway, I think my heart is set to going Qingdao le! Want to know why? Because I heard that erhem's QAD will be the one bringing us there! =D Haha, who knows? Maybe she can become super nice during the trip instead of the terrorist she is in school. =D Anyway, I must take this opportunity to get to know her better and 培养感情. =p But I don't think she can go alone lah, so most probably there will be one or two more teachers going? If she can drag Zhi Yi's QAD and Shi Xian's QAD along, that'll be great! ^^


I think I'm going to screw up my Biology test leh! =( The test wasn't really that difficult, but oh well, I still screwed it up! =X It isn't difficult yet it's difficult. =( I think studying has no use for me lor. Whether I study or not I still get around the same marks. If I don't do well for Biology this time, I really feel that I will be letting down Mrs Lim leh. And I think a lot of people did very well for the recent Chemistry test leh. I don't think I'm one of them though.

Anyway, there's finally space for me to breathe! Good thing is, there won't be anymore tests next week, but lala, there will be a Maths test the week after. How nice. =( Oh ya, and tomorrow will be my judgement day lah! Try guessing what day is tomorrow on the RV calendar! Oh well, it's the Parent-Teacher Meeting for the Year 4s. And the ultimatum is, my mum wants to see Madame Zhang Hui Wen aka my Chinese teacher. Oh my gawd lah~! I bet she'll talk bad about me right in front of me lor. >.< Actually, I was still contemplating whether to go for tomorrow's PTM during English lesson (Sorry, Ms Tan! I wasn't really listening!). At first I really didn't want to go, but luckily my brain was fast enough to realise that if I go tomorrow, chances of seeing my QAD and Zhi Yi's QAD are really very high leh! Moreover, my mum will be seeing Mr Liu in 4B classroom, and Zhi Yi's QAD will be in 4B classroom too! ^^ Heehee, I think I should pretend to be Zhi Yi's sister and go with her to 4A classroom to see my QAD. =D


I think I can prepare to die liao lah! Today's Chinese test was horrendous although there wasn't any 长文缩短 lah. But the 综合填空, I swear, was really hard lor! Even having a dictionary with me won't help me much, so yeah, you can know how difficult that passage was lor! =( I think I'll really fail this time. Oh... My... Chinese!!

And there's Biology test tomorrow. I think I have already gone through as much as I could for Biology, reading to myself until my mother couldn't take it and started irritating me with her questions. -.- I don't want to disappoint Mrs Lim, neither do I want to disappoint myself. Retarded Girl, we shall jiayou together and not let Mrs Lim down! Aja aja hwaiting! <3


Woots! You know something? I'm so very PROUD of my 2 retarded triplets! ^^ They're really so unlucky lor! First thing in the morning they bumped into Mrs Lee L__ M__. =D This is really better than striking it rich for lottery lor! Lol, luckily Cassandra and I were walking in front of them and were already climbing up the narrow staircase to the Science labs so we didn't get caught! ^^ Lol, I missed this oh-so-good opportunity to get caught by her leh! =( I think Michelle and Ying Ting were trying to run away after seeing her mah, then Mrs Lee said "GIRL! WHY ARE YOU RUNNING AWAY FROM ME??!!" at Michelle. I heard Mrs Lee scolding them just when I reached the back door of the staff room, so I was laughing like mad lah! xD Then Mrs Brenda Law just came out and gave me that quizzical look and laughed at me probably because I looked and sounded like one mad girl. =p Then Cassandra and I reached the third floor le and we could still hear Mrs Lee scolding the retarded triplets on the ground floor. xD Oh man, I seriously missed a good chance to see such a good show! =D And Michelle told me that Mrs Lee called her a "vain pot" because her skirt is slightly too short. =O Then I can become "clay pot" and Ying Ting can become "kettle pot" liao. -.- But Mrs Lee said that Retarded Girl's hair is neat and asked Triplet #2 to learn from her. -.- And I nearly freaked out when I saw her new hairstyle. Ying Ting was forced to write down in the Management Diary that Michelle was caught by Mrs Lee for "running away from Mrs Lee when seeing her." Even Mr Liu saw it and was feeling super du-diaoed. =p Lol, tell me who never run away when she/he sees Mrs Lee and I'll really take my hair hat off him/her and give him/her a salute! Laugh die me lah (笑死人啦)! I think if I was caught together with them, Mrs Lee would probably pull at my "feelers" and tell me to tie my hair up like Michelle lor. I think I will freak out and laugh non-stop. By then, Mrs Lee would probably get so incensed with my non-stop laughter that she would probably dump me in Woodbridge Hospital. xD Really, if I was caught by her, I think I would have really laughed and laughed and laughed because I think there's something wrong with my nervous system or endocrine system or laughing system or whatever lah. But I think getting caught by the world's scariest Mrs Lee is seriously an amusing thing to me. xD


Woots! I've finally finished my NAPFA test le! =D But oh man, I could have slapped myself because I just missed the Gold Award by one grade leh!! =( My standing broad jump caused me my Gold Award leh! I only got a D grade for it when the minimum grade for a Gold Award is C. -.- Now because of my standing broad jump, my hope for a Gold Award is gone and I'm left with a pathetic Silver. =(

And haiz, I only reached home at 8.30 pm today. I think I am getting home later and later on every CCA days leh. This really makes me think twice whether I should stay on in band after this year. I'm sure the workload and stress will pile up in Year 5 and 6 lor, so I'm not sure whether I have the time and energy to fully give my best and contribute to band or not...

Oh yeah, I'm really getting desperate for Biology le. =( Just wish me luck people! On a side-note, Zhi Yi told me something super hilarious about my QAD. It's really damn hilarious lor, so freaking hilarious that never in my wildest dream did I imagine her to do such a thing lor! =D Heehee, I have already shared it with Hui En le. I shall share it with Retarded Girl and Triplet tomorrow! ^^