Gosh, although today is 29th February, which makes this year a leap year, I found today totally uninteresting. -.- Never mind, I really felt like ponning band today because I totally wasn't in the mood to go lah. All I knew was that I wanted to go home. =( Worse still, Yi Jun dropped his clarinet today and got a rather severe punishment I think. 40 push-ups and 3 1/2 minutes of flat table-top position. =( So I gave him a Hi-Chew sweet to cheer him up and ended up giving Sebastian one too because he was taking Yi Jun for punishment. -.-''' Oh ya, and when I was keeping my instrument, somebody just slammed the cupboard door into me without realising I was keeping my instrument lah!! >=( In my hurry to escape the door that was aiming for me, my left foot got caught in the sharp edge of the cupboard. The impact made my shoe come out and the sharp edge scrapped the skin of my foot away. It's very painful lor! >.< Luckily somebody had a plaster because it helped to stop the flow of the blood anyway. So I must thank that girl from Percussion. =)

My bloody plaster and look at that nasty cut that stupid cupboard door gave me... -.-

Oh yes, another thing! Haha, I may be be slow in putting up this in my blog, but there's this crazy terrorist now on the run in Singapore! Can you imagine how scary is that?! It's like, Singapore never experienced these kind of things before, so with news that one dangerous terrorist in on the loose and most probably hiding somewhere in Singapore, everybody gets jittery. Haiz, I'm not excluded as well. =( I am very scared that I will suddenly see him at my lift landing holding a knife with blood on it. =X Oh man, I think I'm really paranoid. Now my lift landing even posted up posters on him and his appearance. No, I'm not being racist here, but I think most Malay men look the same to me, I just don't know why. Gosh, is it still safe to go out now? What happens if he decided to hide in River Valley High School, my school? Then we'll be really done for! Why RVHS? Because my school is very conveniently hidden in some ulu street and it can really get super scary at night. If dead frogs, rats, big and weird insects and even ghosts exist in there, a terrorist who is clearly demented won't think twice about hiding there. >.<''' How? I don't want to be killed by a demented terrorist!! I still have many things to do!! ='( And I definitely can't imagine Singapore with a terrorist on the run... Actually, how big is Singapore compared to other countries like Indonesia, United States etc.? And to think a LAME person can also elude capture from the authorities... Oh no, I'm really done for! *faints* Oh yes, if he's driving a hijacked plane into shopping centres, I'm done for! *faints another time* In other words, so long as this demented terrorist is not caught, my life will never be the same for me, and for other Singaporeans. =( Why must terrorists even exist in the first place??? =(

Anyway, on a final note to all my blog readers, if you see the man in that picture below, PLEASE CALL 999 IMMEDIATELY!!!! If you ever assist Mas Selamat Kastari in one way or another, not only will the authorities slap you with a heavy jail sentence, I'll do my part as a Singaporean and kick you to the sun or bash you up until you'll never get to see the daylight again. >=( In other words, I'll CONDEMN you!

Picture from The Straits Time 29/02/2008 (Home Section Page 1)


Mrs Lim Woon Foong laughed at me and Michelle during Biology practical today because we did something stupid and retarded when we didn't realise it. And I was the one who suggested using that red colour draining basket?? o.O''' And she was down there laughing at us while we were doing our experiment. >.< Oh well, so much for being Retarded Triplet #1 and Retarded Triplet #3 respectively. =D We really live up to our name!! ^^


Haha, I wanted to blog yesterday, but thanks to Mdm Zhang's stupid Chinese homework, I didn't get to do so. =( Anyway, lol, Mrs Lim talks like me! ^^ I think everybody talks like me now. =D Because I always like to emphasise the syllabus after each and every word lah. For example, I will pronounce "died" as "die-ded". xD Haha, and never in my wildest dream did I expect Mrs Lim to pronounce "died" the same way as me!! ^^ Lol, so basically that's the whole agenda for yesterday. I bet Zhi Yi must be jealous! =D

And lol, we saw Zhi Yi's and Shi Xian (Liang)'s QADs during sectionals. Zhi Yi totally screwed up her chance to win the heart of her QAD lor! She was carrying so many things and Zhi Yi could have helped her with it. But haha, Zhi Yi's QAD drives a nice car leh! Next time must hide inside the boot of the car le. =p

Haiz, I missed 50 minutes of Infamous Chil Princesses today lor. Curse the time we were being let off from CCA. Now they let us off at the same time as Fridays on Tuesdays lor. I totally missed the scenes between Ha-nam and Seol-chil lor! Hmph... I really miss watching my two favourite people lor... Luckily there's no need for me to stay back tomorrow and on Thursday, so hopefully they show more Seol-chil - Ha-nam scenes. Seeing the both of them together just make me squeal in delight! ^^


Woots! I struck lottery again! I got caught by Mrs Lee (The world's scariest Mrs Lee) for talking again. Haha, this is my second time caught le. Lol, Zhi Yi say if I get caught by her for the third time, me and Mrs Lee can get married! =X Shucks, I wouldn't want that though. Her husband will come after me with a chopper. =/ Yeah, 11 days ago, I was caught by her for talking. 11 days after, I got caught again by the same person for the same reason. =D I guess Mr Liu was also a bit shocked that I got caught again lah. But this time round, my partner in crime was Charlene! xD My previous accomplices were Michelle and Zoey. Too bad this time round Zoey had her Guides Thinking Day so she didn't stand with us. Michelle and Cassandra saw both me and Charlene being dragged out by Mrs Lee. Lol, Cassandra told me they were too stunned for words, so they didn't dare to talk afterwards! =p I bet Mr Chen is going to ask me why I was caught by Mrs Lee on Monday lor... because he was giving me that o.O''' face. -.-

Oh well, I think it's time that Zhi Yi get caught by Mrs Lim. I think she will really go high lor! But haha, Mrs Lim is a super-nice person, so chances are, nearly zero. =X Oops, sorry to burst your bubble! =p Haha, Zhi Yi ah, next time just act sick in front of Mrs Lim can le! I'm sure she'll bring you to the sick bay and you'll be super touched! *blush* Shi Xian (Liang) can try getting caught by Mr Chen! ^^

Haiz, I think I better sign off soon lah! I have a lot of homework to do, and this seriously sucks, because next week will be another hectic week. And I'm not looking forward to school either. I'm pretty sure I'll get back all my freaky test papers, and get such freaky marks that I myself will be freaked out. O.O''' Just wish me all the best bah... If not I can jump down from the PSA building afterwards. =X


I'm really done for... My Biology test ah... I studied really very hard for it, and yet almost nothing was tested on the topics we learnt this year. There was a lot on excretion lah, and worse still, we still had to name the parts of the kidney, which I have forgotten because my brain stored other information about the endocrine system and homeostasis, not excretion, which was the topic last year! Essay questions weren't any much better too... I put really ridiculous answers lor, answers which don't make sense at all. Sheesh... I think Mrs Lim will condemn me lor, because I'm almost certain to fail this test. I don't want to be condemned, not by my favourite Biology teacher!! =( Argh! I think my other tests are screwed too!! English, Chinese, Maths, Chemistry, 样样都一样 screwed! ='( Help!! My life is done for!! ='(


Today went on pretty well, but I may die any time soon. o.O''' Yesterday was Maths and Chemistry tests lor. We had Chemistry test first. It wasn't as difficult as I thought, but still, some questions left me stunned and I must kill my itchy hands on adding an extra word to my answer. I had to name a catalyst used in some Contact process, so the answer was actually Vandanium (V) oxide. But my stupid brain told my idiotic hands to add a Manganese in front of that correct answer. I shall curse my hands off now!! >=( I felt that the Maths test was a bit easier than the previous one although many people said that it's more difficult. But still, I think I'm screwed for Maths lah! Confirm won't get 20+ marks le... I already died for the first question. >.<'''

Band today was quite fun! I finally got to appreciate Quien Sera more! Woots! I'm loving that piece of music now because we totally chiong the whole piece through today!! ^^ Yay! And I can play most of the running notes now!! =D But today 3rd Clarinets have to sit in front of Ms Chan lor, and Yi Jun said that he felt exposed. o.O''' Anyway, I realised that I'm getting poorer every week because I have to keep "bribing" Yi Jun with sweets to play well or risk getting slapped or poked by me. But good thing is, I think he'll become Shi Xian (Chua)'s junior soon! Yay! Then I'll have no juniors le! I'm happy! ^^ Oh well, maybe not... =(

And why are so many famous living things dying huh? First Ah Meng, the orang utan and now Lydia Sum. ='( Sheesh, at the rate that RV is slaughtering helpless students in a merciless way, I think I'll be the next one to go too! I've been going to school with a sense of dread, although seeing the world's scariest Mrs Lee (I think I like being caught >.O) and my ever-so-cute-and-funny Biology teacher Mrs Lim makes my day. Oh ya, speaking of Biology, I realised that I've been really stupid to leave my Biology file under my table. I think I forgot to pack it into my bag!! >.<''' How ah? Thursday is Biology test leh!! ='(

Die, dying, dead. x_X I need a screw-driver to unscrew my life for me. =p


Yes! Today's 14th February 2008, which is Valentine's Day. But I realised that Valentine's Day isn't meant to be spent with your lovers. Why? Because it's 情人节, not 爱人节. And I realised that me and Zoey must be the only people in Singapore to give out Chocopies for Valentine's Day. This should be the case. =D Everybody thought I was some delivery woman or Santa Claus because I kept holding on to the bright red box of the Chocopie. =p I bought 4 boxes of Chocopies, so I brought back 2 boxes and gave one box each to Michelle and Zoey to store that Valentine's Day gifts. ^^ I'm nice! =D

Music was exceptionally long today. I nearly missed watching the Infamous Chil Princesses, but luckily I reached home at 7 pm exactly. =) And everybody on the train and buses were giving me that "o.O" look when they saw me carrying 2 boxes of Chocopies, for which one box didn't contain Chocopies at all. =p Never mind. I'm helping to spread the Chocopie love in Singapore! =D And good thing is, everybody enjoyed it! Heehee, so if you want some more, just act like an auntie in NTUC and find the Chocopies there! =D

Heehee! My beloved Chocopie! ^^

Haha, another snack I bought! This is isn't too bad seriously! It's coffee-flavoured though! The red box one is some white custard cream I think. I perfer that one better! =D But nervertheless, this one is nice! ^^

That's all for today! Have a good night's rest! =D


Woots! Tomorrow is Valentine's Day! Haha, I tell you something! My Biology teacher, Mrs Lim, is an anti-Valentine's Day person, so too bad Zhi Yi, don't ever think of leaving a rose in her pigeon-hole. =( But I guess leaving a Chocopie in her pigeon-hole won't suffice too! ='( Both me and Zhi Yi lead very sad lives. Lol, I was telling Hui En about my crazy idea of putting Olay's 7 anti-ageing effects cream in the world's scariest Mrs Lee's pigeon-hole, but Hui En reckoned that Mrs Lee will send me to see Mrs Look before my time is up. =( Oh well, just me and my craziness.

I solo-ed my way to Jurong East. Haiz, why am I such a loner... Not really lah. Michelle abandoned me to accompany her cousin to Plaza Singapura. Luckily I met Zhi Yi on the bus 97 and we were crapping all the way. But still, she didn't accompany me to Jurong East interchange. *slaps* =( And poor me, I nearly made my way there for nothing. I didn't realise that I forgot to let my mum sign the exam form, so I couldn't pay up. =(

Anyway, after I reached home, I had my lunch before going out again almost immediately to buy Chocopies. Damn it. I think Singapore is really going crazy over Chocopies lor! OK, maybe not, but I just went to the petrol station near my house recently and they still had stacks of Crown's Chocopies on the shelves. When I went there today, not a single box was left. Feeling rather sian diao, I made my way to the Cheers store near the bus interchange and found one box left only. Oh well, so I bought the last box for $5.50. I just hope nobody gets food poisoning after eating it because there's only 2 weeks left till its expiry date. =X Deciding to take a gamble at Lot 1's NTUC, which I wasn't placing much hope on, I finally found my beloved Chocopie there!! There's still so many boxes lor! ^^ And guess what? NTUC is only selling it for $4.30 leh! I really felt like cursing the Cheers store and Fairprice Xpress at the petrol station for over-charging me by $1.20. >=( But I bought 3 boxes in one go, and everybody there thought that I was crazy, carrying 3 bright-red boxes and probably celebrating Chinese New Year 1 week after the norm. @_@ Yeah, so me and my Chocopies. Find me tomorrow and you'll be blessed with a Chocopie! Never underestimate the power of a Chocopie...


Shucks! Just my luck today! Am I lucky or what? Zoey, Michelle and I were caught by the world's scariest Mrs Lee not for attire, not for hairstyle, not for anything against the school rules. We were caught for just merely talking. Am I lucky or what? First time I get caught by her leh! ^^ Anyway, congratulations to Zoey for getting caught by Mrs Lee on her birthday! Oh yeah! It's her birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ZOEY!! Heehee, so fast 16 le! So you're now one year OLDER than us! =D Anyway, happy 16 years! ^^


Woohoo! I'm really enjoying H.I.T leh! The storyline is just so fast-paced and it's really super exciting! Haha, it's the first time I saw a Korean drama that has crime and detectives as its theme. Woohoo! What's more? The writer of this show wrote Dae Jang Geum too! ^^ No wonder it's so exciting lah! =D But I only watched until episode 7 leh. =( I can't watch it since my father is around at home nowadays. =( Sad life. Now I'm itching to find out how those triad members managed to hide those illegal drugs in those womens' boobs. >.<''' Disgusting business, but that's how they work. o.O''' How ah? How ah? I want to watch it!!

Anyway, another Korean drama to look out for will be MBC's new medical drama called "New Heart". Haiz, why must all Korean medical dramas be so good?? o.O''' The first drama that led to the medical drama craze in South Korea was SBS's "Surgeon Bong Dal-hee", and to think I used not to liked this show based on the cover alone. Alright, bash me up! But now I see why this drama is so good! It's really a MUST-WATCH! After that it was MBC's "White Tower", which I heard was really, really fantastic! I think I have to find some time to watch this drama bah... Now it's MBC's "New Heart", starring Ji Sung, Jo Jae-hyun and Kim Min-jung. Oh yes, this is Ji Sung's comeback drama after he was discharged from army. For those who have watched "Save Your Last Dance For Me", this guy was the Prince Charming of Eugene's character. ^^ Yeah, so do remember to catch this drama for him! =D Another thing. The ratings for this show is really high leh! It hit the 30% mark just on its 15th episode alone! So, there's still 8 more episodes to go before it ends its run in Korea, so we shall wait and see what the final rating will be. Meanwhile, this will be one drama I'll be keeping my eyes open for! Yay! I finally get to see Ji Sung on TV again! ^^ Lol, that was a bit random. =p


Haha, I shall reply tags first! ^^

[ah mah] zZz! I boo you back! ^^ Happy Chinese New Year too! =D zZz! LOL! ;D

[zhiyi] Haha! Yes, it's really nice! ^^ Haha, next time I post the Coffee Bean chocolate ice-blended and let you see! =D But it's rather filling, maybe because of the whipped cream. That drink was my lunch. It cost $5.20. o.O'''

[jennie :] ] Yoz!! ^^ Lol, why you so sian? Haha, continue fighting my Slayer, Vampire, Werewof and Zombie on Facebook!! =D Muahaha! And thanks for loving my blog song. It's been there for quite some time though. I might change it soon. =X

[CAS!] Yoz ancestor! You long time never tag le! Actually I wanted to tag on your blog, but your blog takes very long time to load leh, so I gave up. =X And ancestor, these few days you never go to school hor, I burnt more joss sticks and incense papers leh! Did you receive them?? o.O''' And haha, I will include you in my profile de! Just wait long long! ^^

[yoohoO!] Haha, thanks a lot! =)

[tardtard] OK! 辛苦你了! ^^ Jiayou bah! And heehee, tomorrow go buy present for _ _ _ _! =D

[mindfreakz] Hi! ^^

[tardtardtard] O.O''' Why you wake up so late/early?? O.O''' Weird person!! o.O'''

[ah mah] Lol, Chocopie is short form for chocolate pie. It's actually some pie coated with chocolate outside and marshmellow or cream inside. I think I've eaten it before, but I can't remember how it taste like. =p I think I must go petrol-station buy le, NTUC doesn't sell them. =(

[o.O'''] Lol! I'm so glad you enjoyed yourself! ^^

[justea <3] Ya lor... It was so sad... Jin-yi's mother died too! =(

[Glenn] Haha! Jiayou bah! =D

Tomorrow is Chinese New Year Eve! Woots! So school is only until 10.30 am! Haha, I'm so happy!! ^^ At least I'll have some time to hang out with my friends before going back to my Grandma's house for reunion dinner! =D But the sad thing is, I think my house is still in a mess. Oh well, who cares? Nobody comes to my house anyway! =D

Anyway, I really love watching The Infamous Chil Princesses leh! Especially with Seol-chil and Ha-nam inside! Oh man! Ha-nam is freaking cute lor! I liked the way he woo Seol-chil leh! It's super hilarious and sweet!! <33 Aww... I really like the 2 of them together! No wonder they won the Best Couple Award lah! Because they are really sweet and compatible! Ha-nam! Seol-chil! Ha-nam! Seol-chil! Ha-nam! Seol-chil! =DD Haha, I hope there will be more scenes between them!! ^^ Hoping, hoping, hoping! ^^


Haiz! Hwang Jin-yi has finally ended its run on Channel U. I'm really going to miss this show lor! Luckily My Girl is showing next week. I've watched My Girl about 3 times le, so I don't think I'll be following it so often on Channel U. But still, I really recommend all of you to watch My Girl! It's really that good! =D

Anyway, back to Hwang Jin-yi. Aiyo, Hwang Jin-yi could have been a really happy ending for Jin-yi if her mother didn't die. =( Bu-yong and Jin-yi were dancing to compete for the Band Director position. Although Jin-yi won the competition, Bu-yong got the postion because Mae-hyang knew that Bu-yong has finally changed for the better and has become a more sincere person overall. Jin-yi didn't get the position because she was now Joseon's top dancer, and all the top dancer needed to concentrate on was just on dancing. However, the Band Director had to oversee all the training and to recruit potential courtesans. Mae-hyang felt that it wasn't suitable for Jin-yi so she gave the position to Bu-yong instead. =) Oh yes, Jin-yi had become Bu-yong's best friend, and I loved the ending. It showed Jin-yi dancing in the village as freely as she could...

And here's the ending quote of Hwang Jin-yi as the credits roll...

"Let us dream of a world where all of us can dance freely. And I, no matter what, will always be dancing. The laughter and joy on people's faces. I know this reward has the power to overcome suffering and pain. The dance is not yet over. No. It will never end."


I'm screwed. Yes, my whole life is screwed. Don't ask me why. I just feel screwed. =( I think I just have a brain that has little surface area for neurones to grow in numbers. I'm stupid, I'm stupid, I'm stupid! =( I hate my brain. Grr...