생일 축하합니다 to both Retarded Cousin (Gar Yim) and Charlene!!! Woots! Actually, to be very frank, I really didn't know it was Charlene's birthday today!! =( We're so sorry, Charlene! We didn't managed to give you a nicer present. =X Hey, tardtardtard (Ying Ting)! Better get the birthday cum contact list done quickly!! ^^

Anyway, me, Michelle and Ying Ting have our fist retarded triplet outing! ^^ Haha, due to time constraints, we only went to Vivo City. But heehee, it was quite fun! ^^ All 3 of us bought the same pure chocolate flavour ice-blended with whipped cream of various sizes. Of course, I, being the most broke around, bought only the smallest one! =D The ice-blend was really great! ^^ It made me felt really very full, despite the fact that I didn't eat my lunch. o.O''' Anyway, I got to wait until Michelle is online before I can post the photo we took! ^^

Oh yes, I felt quite productive today! Maybe it's a sudden rush of adrenaline that pushed me to complete my Chemistry practical worksheet and Biology assignment and Maths remedial worksheet all by today! Wee! I'm feeling so high today! =D

Oh well, I guess it's time for me to sleep now! I have to wake up early tomorrow for morning runs. Shucks lah! I have to run 2.4 km for PE tomorrow lor! I think I jolly well can run 4.8 km tomorrow! o.O'''


Yesterday's CIP training was totally a waste of my time lah! I'd rather go out with my classmates to do Flag Day then to stay in the freaking cold lecture theatre for 7 hours. The whole CIP training was crap lah! I could have spent half of my day catching up with my homework and revising for the upcoming tests. =( Damn this stupid training! >=(

Anyway, Hwang Jin-yi is really going to end soon leh! =( But good thing is, My Girl is showing next! But My Girl is only 16 episodes leh. But yup, I can 100% guarantee you that My Girl is a MUCH BETTER DRAMA than Witch Amusement Yoo-hee. Witch Amusement Yoo-hee was totally... bleah. Anyway, back to Hwang Jin-yi. Today's episode was really very sad, because my dear Kim Jung-han was sentenced to death by dismembering him. It's super sick lah! Then I got so weepy and etc. I think the King is really a very good person lor! He wanted Jin-yi and Jung-han to treasure the love they had, so he wanted them to run away, to a far, faraway place. BUT... Jin-yi refused lah! Because she wants to continue being a courtesan. =X I think Jin-yi and Jung-han are really going to break up leh. I think I'll be cursing and crying at the same time. =( Shucks! Why is this show more and more emotional?? ='( But I'm really liking it more and more! Haiz... I want Jin-yi to stick with Jung-han leh... =(


Woots! The 2007 "O" Level results are out! Congratulations to all seniors, and good luck on entering your dream JC! =D Never mind if the other top scorers came from some other people from some other schools. For me, Singapore's top scorers will forever be from RV! ^^ Congratulations to those 2 people for bringing RV glory! =D And congratulations to all seniors for working hard! ^^

Die! Talking about "O" Levels now, I'm now a bit jittery about taking the Higher Chinese paper leh... >.<''' How ah? Although I heard that last year's batch of Sec 4s did very well for the "O" Levels Higher Chinese paper, I'm still not putting much hope on my Chinese since my results always fluctuate. =(


I hate school leh! How ah?! It's not even a month since school reopened, yet I'm feeling like an undead zombie now! I'ts really bad. I really wonder how I'm going to survive Year 4. =( CID, tests and blah blah blah is really driving me crazy lor! Die liao! I have to stop blogging lah! I'm off to finish up my CID PI and English article review. And damn it, I have that stupid 作文强化 class tomorrow! That old teacher better not leave any homework if not I'm really going to slaughter her! I'm really not free this weekend alright? Stupid CIP Leaders' training... 7 hours straight leh... Can seriously die there. Oh well, I hope I can survive January. =(


I've finally bought my Chinese New Year clothes le! ^^ I'm happy, but we've spent $205.40 just on clothes alone. Scary, I've never spent that much before! @_@

Anyway, my main point about today is to blog about today's Hwang Jin-yi episode. Yeah, Baek-mu died. She chose her own way of dying, in a very dignified way. Even that stupid guy couldn't do anything about. Baek-mu'd rather die than to have her legs broken by that guy. Come on lor, that guy isn't even fit to destroy her! But still, I miss Baek-mu. I really love her a lot, and I'm kind of glad that she chose to commit suicide rather than face death under the hands of an unworthy opponent. It was really an emotional episode. I was nearly crying when I saw Baek-mu gracefully (?) fall to her death...

Baek-mu standing on the cliff.

Baek-mu performing the Crane Dance before falling to her death. =(

Fellow courtesans mourning for the demise of the greatest dancer Joseon has ever seen.

Jin-yi's mother scattering Baek-mu's ashes in the river. Baek-mu was one dancer who lived her life on stage, and will continue to dance in the river even after death.

Mae-hyang and Bu-yong mourning for Baek-mu. Actually, Mae-hyang was really sad to see Baek-mu go. She's probably one of the few people who truly understood Baek-mu really well...

Oh well, it's really so depressing. I think I'm getting a bit emotional too. ='( Anyway, on a happier note, I finally got rid of my Friendster account and signed up for Facebook instead! ^^ It's much nicer to use! =D


Woots! Let me dedicate my 407th post to my blog! Happy Birthday dear bloggy! =D 생일 축하합니다! Yeah, I hope this blog will survive to see it's 3rd birthday! ^^ Anyway, instead of a birthday cake for my blog, why not have a chocopie? =D

Presenting to you, Mr Lee's Chocopie! ^^ Sorry, I forgot about the candles though. =p

Anyway, I really, really love Baek-mu in Hwang Jin-yi! I don't know why... She and Jin-yi were at loggerheads, but it's through this that I gradually came to appreciate her more and more. At the beginning of the show, I didn't really like her lah, not to say I hated her, but maybe I just didn't like the way she treated Jin-yi's mother. But as time passes by, I began to see her love and dedication to Jin-yi become more and more profound. Although both of them fell out towards the middle of the show and had been on hostile terms ever since, Baek-mu never stopped caring for Jin-yi. I liked the way she talked back to the royal clansman who was bent on having Jin-yi as his concubine. She even flipped the whole table on him alright? That is PURE COOLNESS! She did that to protect Jin-yi, she did that to draw a clear line that courtesans ARE NOT prostitutes. I really admire her for her guts and determination. It mattered not whether she was going to get the death penalty for insulting a member of the royal family. All she cared was for the welfare of her courtesans, protect their dignity and their art. I shall stop ranting about Baek-mu today. I will do so tomorrow, because tomorrow will be the episode that will be really heart-wrenching. Be prepared to say goodbye to somebody...

Baek-mu, Jin-yi's mentor and rival. The master of the most legendary Crane Dance in the world.


Gosh! I'm busy! I'm making this a really short post. I've got a lot of weekend assignments to complete. =X I tell you something. It's been less than a month since school reopened at the beginning of the month, but RV is totally crazy I tell you. We've got like, super many tests coming up? Life in this school is totally insane! It's totally fast-paced lor. Either you get it or you don't. And I'm sad to say that I'm one of those people who still can't understand Trigonometry fully. =( Which is a pretty sad thing because I have a Maths test coming up in 2 weeks' time. I nearly lost 3/4 of my brain cells while attempting to do the weekend assignment for Maths lah! In the end, I gave up on doing the last 2 questions, simply because I don't understand what the question wants. How ah? I left a lot of homework half-done lor! I still left with about 2 more questions to go for my Chinese comprehension and there's still Singapore Studies and Biology homework waiting for me. Seriously, I just feel like I'm really going crazy, crazy and more crazy! @_@ Which was perhaps why I laughed so much today. I need to release the stress that is slowly building up in me. x_X


Haha, since I have some time before I go off to revise my work, I shall blog about the Kashiwa concert and the exchange program. =)

Day 1 Friday 11/1/2008
Yup, it was the Kashiwa concert lah. I swear, those who missed the concert can seriously bang their heads until they become brain-dead lor. The concert left me super flabbergasted, super shocked and super amazed at the way they played through their pieces. Seriously, $29 is nothing, for a concert of such high standard, although I only paid $20 for it. =p The Kashiwa concert IS definitely one of the best concerts I've ever attended in my whole life. Their tone and clarity were something not to be missed lor. There were many instruments playing, but all I heard was one full sound playing. Running notes could be heard very clearly, their articulations and dynamics were not compromised in the process. Kashiwa Municipal High School Symphonic Band definitely lives up to its reputation of being one of the top Japanese bands in Japan! ^^ Aiyah, those who have been to the concert will truly know the standard of the Kashiwa band lah. All the Singapore bands can die in shame just hearing them play.

Oh yes! I totally loved all the gimmicks they did lah! Super nice, nice and nice!!!! =D Their dances totally left me awe-struck lah. And I finally know why Japanese people are kawaii. It's because they're just too lovable for words! ^^ They still sung "It's A Small World" in Japanese, together with the band playing! Super nice and grand lor! =D I really loved their Korean dance, which is title "Ariran". The Japanese dancers looked damn chio in that Korean costume! ^^ The emcees spoke rather good English, although they pronounced "River Valley High School" as "Liver Valley High School". =p Oh yes, Kashiwa really brought the whole mood in Esplanade to a very high point! I practically cheered for them after every piece they played lor, because they deserved it! They really deserved my $20. Now, come to think about it, I will not regret it even if I have to pay $80 for the ticket. Anyway, when the concert was ending, Kashiwa sung "Home", which IS actually Singapore's National Day song. To think they can even sing it with more gusto and pride than we Singaporeans. I feel so sad. =( Then we sang "Furusato" for them. It was really so touching lor! The whole concert hall turned dark and those in the front rows got light-sticks to wave. Anyway, the concert ended at around 10.30 pm if I wasn't wrong. We came out of the concert hall then saw many funny-looking people who didn't look and dress like Singaporeans. It took me so long to realise that they were probably teachers and parents of the Kashiwa students. -.-''' I think they really have a lot of money lor. Maybe it's cheaper for them to come to Singapore than us to go to Japan. =(( By the way, their dress sense is really good, but haha, they dressed as if Singapore is very cold like that, because they wore super-formal attire lah! The men were dressed in businessman suits and shiny black shoes while the women wore dress coats plus lots of bling-bang. =p And I think all Japanese smell the same. I don't know if they use the same perfume or what... Oh, and we nearly got lost in Esplanade while trying to find for the MRT station after the concert. I reached home at only 12.50 am. zZz...

Day 2 Saturday 12/1/2008
We had to reach Yuhua by 8 am because the Kashiwa people would be going over to have sectionals with us. Anyway, I made a few Japanese friends there. I must say they're really pro in their playing skills, but alas, communication was a MAJOR problem. I didn't speak Japanese and they couldn't understand English. =p But we still had fun! ^^ Yui and Ayana were my buddies for that sectionals. Yup, overall, it was pretty enjoyable, and we really had a fun time with the Japanese. They're so kawaii neh...

Day 3 Sunday 13/1/2008
We brought them to some places in Singapore for sight-seeing. We went to places like Chinatown, Smith Street and Orchard Road. We spent quite some time there because the Japanese were crazy over watches. Haha, I have to admit the watches were pretty nice though. Aiko paid $20 for a super chio watch that cost $28 originally. =D OH, my buddy was Eriko. She's really super kawaii can! But she's one year older than me though. But she still looks quite kiddy leh. But never mind. At least she understood some English and was able to translate it to Japanese to her fellow peers, which saved me a great deal of trouble. o.O''' After shopping in Orchard Road, we went back to Pasir Ris to bring them back to Downtown East. It rained, so we couldn't go back. Instead, we went to White Sands and took neoprints there! Haha, for a neoprint noob like me, next time drag a Japanese along because they know how to read those Japanese words mah... Oh yes, after they left, we got home quite late leh. And stupid me, still haven't completed my homework. I wasn't prepared to go the school the next day because my legs were really aching and I didn't do a single homework.

Day 4 Monday 14/1/2008
Their last day with us. They performed in RV, but I think they sounded 1000 times better at Esplanade. I guessed they're already quite tired, because they've been performing for us like 3 days straight and didn't get enough rest too. Oh well, but it's still an effort that was worth commending. Anyway, after they packed up, we prepared to say goodbye to them. It was quite emotional leh. I can't believed I cried lor. It was really a bitter-sweet farewell. Aiko, Yuki, Ayana, Yuka, Yui, Masanobu, Takami, Naomichi, Eriko and the rest of Kashiwa, I will definitely miss you lots! =') Because they looked so different from the way they dressed the day before, I couldn't regconise some of the people as they went up the bus. I couldn't see Eriko, so I nearly broke down. Finally, Liang Shi Xian told me that Eriko was waving to me in the bus. As the bus prepared to leave the school campus, she gave me a thumbs-up sign and waved goodbye to me. In return, I showed her the thumbs-up sign and waved back! Goodbye, Kashiwa! I really hope to see all of you in Japan soon! =) I swear, if there is ever a trip to Kashiwa, Japan, I'm not going to let this chance slip past me again. I've missed it once, I'm not going to miss it again. Sayonara, Kashiwa!

Haiz, it's back to hectic school life for me. I still couldn't believe that the Kashiwa people have already left us. Anyway, they'll be leaving for Japan tomorrow. I hope I could see them again, but I guess it's not possible now. =( Anyway, there will be a CIP leaders' training next Saturday, and it's from 8 am to 3 pm lor! Totally can die there lah! I think I will really fall asleep can... And my Chinese teacher chose me to go for some 作文强化 class lah! Damn it lah! Extra homework. Extra responsibility. Extra stress. I'm totally lifeless now... x_X


Haiz, I came back about 1 hour ago after going to Pasir Ris to send the Kashiwa people off to Downtown East. Sian, there's still school tomorrow and I haven't down any of my homework lor. =( I'm prepared to die le lah. Anyway, I will blog more about the Kashiwa concert and exchange program more after I become less busy bah. I will try to blog about it as soon as possible. Time to go! ^^


Woots! I saw the Kashiwa people today! ^^ I only saw boys, but Hui En said 90% of them were girls. Oh well, I think I really mistook boys for girls. I could hear them playing in the hall from my classroom! Super cool lor! I heard them play "Disney Classics", but I didn't get to hear Festive Overture, which was really such a pity, because that piece of music really rocks! Totally rocks! ^^ By the way, tomorrow is the BIG DAY! Yup, we'll be going to Esplanade tomorrow to watch the performance by the Kashiwa Municipal High School band, together with some of our peers and seniors. I'm so looking forward to tomorrow man! But this whole week will be really busy for band members. After the concert ends at around 10 pm, we have to be at Yuhua from 8 am to 9 pm. The next day, we have to return to Yuhua to bring those Kashiwa people around Singapore. =X It's really very hectic.

Oh yes, another thing. I think my Chinese teacher reads our blogs lor. It's either some other teachers read it and complained to her, or she googled "ZHW" on Google and found our blogs and got her dear daughter to translate everything to her. zZz... OK, to be frank, I have really nothing to hide. Although I DID complain about her in my blog, but hell no! I don't scold expletives about her lah. I try to keep my anger within myself. SO, don't come to me and scold me whatsoever. Good day to you! ^^ Oh yes, River Valley High School and Yuhua Secondary are proud to present to you the Kashiwa Municipal High School concert, which will be held tomorrow at Esplanade at 7.30 pm! ^^ Do remember to come and support us! =D


Oh man! I've been so busy these days. And yes, I will continue to be very busy for the rest of the week too. Sad life! =( Anyway, the Kashiwa people arrived in Singapore today lah. I'm not sure whether they saw the new Terminal 3 though. =p I stayed back together with Kai Zhen, Li Hua, Jia Yi, Farah and Liang Shi Xian to do up our welcome banner for the Kashiwa band people. Sarah and Sebastian came later to help us too. But haiz, in the end only managed to leave school at almost 6 pm. And the banner isn't completed. =( We still haven't drawn the clarinet and Evan's Woodstock. =( But me and Farah managed to find the Japanese translation for "Welcome friends!" when nooby Sebby was suppose to find it and yielded no results. ^^ Wahaha! Sebby is a NOOB! =D Oh yes, must also thank Wang Jia for helping us to paint the Chinese words in a calligraphic way! It's really so cool! ^^ Haha, our banner really looks very nice leh! =D Just look at it from afar and you won't notice the smudges on the cloth. =p Jia Yi and I tried playing Furusato on the piano, but oh well, it didn't really sound quite in tune. I think it's the composer's fault. Furusato really sounded very weird with all the chords. Playing the melody alone was much better!

And yup, today is Changi Airport's Terminal 3 official opening day leh! ^^ Woots! I'm going high over airports again. Congratulations to Terminal 3! ^^ Let me post some Terminal 3 pictures up now! =D


Oh yeah. I was at Yuhua today for band practice. o.O''' At first, when we were asked to play, I really think our playing sucks lah. There were so many squeakings here and there, then people also never follow beat and so on. Lol, I must say I was one of the culprits. =X But the second round was really much, much better. =D Aiyah, actually also nothing must to blog about lah. But with the Kashiwa people coming next week, there's really a lot of things to be done. Gosh...

And yup, in today's Hwang Jin-yi episode, Jin-yi betrayed Baek-mu by going over to Mae-hyang's side. Super scary. Now both mentor and student are stabbing each other in their backs. I'm super excited to know what will happen next. o.O''' And I refuse to believe that Baek-mu is a bad person. I want Jin-yi to be mistaken about her. =p Hopefully, I'm right.

I hate my ears now. Because of my blocked nose, I'm feeling as if I'm sitting in an aeroplane. My ears keep having the "popping" sound. I think I'm going deaf soon. O.O'''


Oh my mummy! =( I feel so sick now! I've been sneezing the whole day and sneezed so much so that I think I have a sore throat now. Yeah, having sore throat is always Stage 1 of an illness. I don't know if it's true, but well, it's true for me. Gosh, I really need a good rest before going to Yuhua tomorrow for band. At this rate, I can really feel that I'm dying. =X I didn't know that organising CIP for a class can be so taxing. I hate it!! Oh well, I don't seem to be able to find any suitable ones leh... How ah? =( Only first few days of school and I'm already in this sad state. =( Hope tomorrow will be less hectic bah, if not I'm really checking myself in Woodbridge Hospital. Oh yes, speaking of which, is anybody interested in doing CIP in Woodbridge Hospital?? =/ For all you might know, you might see me there...

Oh ya, before I end off this post, I really want to say that I think finally for this year, I have GOOD Science teachers! ^^ Mr Chen seems to be a really good teacher because I understood what he was talking about for Chemistry. I couldn't understand a thing about redox reduction when Ms Khang taught me, but lol, I now see a bright future ahead of me for Chemistry. I finally see hope. Yup, I'll work harder to score at least an A2 for Chemistry now! ^^ Oh yes, I tell you something. My Biology teacher really, really rocks! ^^ Woots! I love Mrs Lim WF! ^^ She's really a super cute, super humorous and super teacher lah! =DD I finally see hope for my Biology too! I hope I can get at least GPA of 3.5 this year! I may be able to achieve it if my Science grades are good, provided that the other subjects do not fall in standard. =X Oh well, time to chiong le! Chiong ah!

Anyway, today is the first episode of The Infamous Chil Princesses. Come Back Soon, Soon-ae! ended yesterday. Overall, it's really a humorous show, but lol, it ended with Soon-ae beating up her husband because she caught him flirting with another air stewardess. =X Super funny lah! =p I think it's at least nicer than Witch Yoo-hee lor. I didn't really watch Witch Yoo-hee towards the ending, because it couldn't keep me hooked. =X Anyway, The Infamous Chil Princesses seems really promising. At least I find that Seol-chil, Mi-chil and Joong-chil are quite pretty and lovable! <3


Gosh! My school life is totally screwed!! Yes, screwed even before I have lessons. Oh man, just look at the teachers that I have for this year lah! My GPA will surely drop I tell you. Chinese ah... Well, I'm still stuck with Ms Zhang. Totally no comments for that, because I'm feeling totally @_@. Maths is still taught by Mr Liu, so that's still quite good. I don't even know how my English teacher looks like, but heck lah! Good thing is, if there is anything to say about her, we can still call her J. Tan. Lol. I think I have good teachers for my Science subjects though. I hope I'm right. =p Mrs Lim for Biology and Mr Chen for Chemistry. At least this time round Chemistry isn't taught my Ms Khang. Thank goodness. I really want to comment on my new Singapore Studies teacher! Why must we get Ms Yang?! And where is Ms Vijay?? Did she really transfer to other schools? =/ This really sucks lor! My SS grade is really going to fall from A1 to maybe a fail grade lor! *touch wood* Really, only good teachers can motivate a student to work harder for the subjects. Good teachers make you more interested in the subject, thus enhancing your motivation to work harder for it. I'm really a living exmaple of the above. =p Oh yes, before I move on to announcing the results for KBS and SBS Drama Awards, let me congratulate retarded triplet #2 (Ying Ting) for being 4B's new chairperson! ^^ Aja aja hwaiting girl! ^^ Do your job well! =D If Mr Liu trusts you, we trust you too! ^^

Now time for me to announce the 2007 KBS and SBS Drama Awards!

Winners of KBS 2007 Performance Awards (KBS 2007 연기대상, 12/31/2007)

The Grand Award (대상): Choi Soo Jong (최수종) - "Dae Jo Young (대조영)"

Top Excellence Award (최우수 연기상):
Lee Duk Hwa (이덕화) – "Dae Jo Young (대조영)"
Chae Rim (채림) – "Dal Ja's Spring (달자의 봄)"
Kim Hyun Joo (김현주) – "Pretty In Soon Yi (인순이는 예쁘다)"

Excellence Award - Mini Series (우수 연기상 미니시리즈 수목):
Kang Ji Hwan (강지환) – "Capital Scandal (경성스캔들)"
Lee Da Hae (이다해) – "Hello, Babe (핼로 애기씨)"
Han Ji Min (한지민) - "Capital Scandal (경성스캔들)"

Excellence Award – Weekly Drama (우수 연기상 주간극):
Jang Hyun Sang(장현성) – "Daughter-In-Law's Golden Age (며느리 전성시대)"
Yoon Jung Hee (윤정희) – "Blissful Woman (행복한 여자)"

Excellence Award – Daily Drama (우수 연기상 일일극):
Pak Hae Jin (박해진) – "Like Land and Sky (하늘만큼 땅만큼)"
Han Ji Hye (한지혜) - "Mi-woo-Na, Go-woo-Na (미우나 고우나)"

Supporting Actor (조연상 남자):
Lee Bil Mo (이필모) - "Chasing Ah-joom-ma", "Daughter-In-Law’s Golden Age"
Im Hyuk (임혁) – "Dae Jo Young"

Supporting Actress (조연상 여자):
Kim Hye Ok (김혜옥) - "Mi-woo-Na, Go-woo-Na", "Daughter-In-Law's Golden Age"
Han Go Eun (한고은) - "Capital Scandal"

New Actor (신인상 남자):
Kim Ji Suk (김지석) - "Mi-woo-Na, Go-woo-Na"
Kim Ji Hoon (김지훈) - "Daughter-In-Law's Golden Age"

New Actress (신인상 여자):
Park Min Young (박민영) – "I Am Sam (아이 엠 샘)"
Lee Soo Kyung (이수경) - "Mi-woo-Na, Go-woo-Na"

Young Actor (청소년 연기상):
Choi Woo Hyuk (최우혁) - "Capital Scandal (경성스캔들)"

Young Actress (청소년 연기상):
Kim Yeh Won (김예원) - "Nice Lady - Baek Il Hong (착한여자 백일홍)"

Best Couple (베스트 커플상):
Kim Ji Hoon, Lee Soo Kyung (김지훈, 이수경) - "Daughter-In-Law's Golden Age"
Park Hae Jin, Han Hyo Joo (박해진, 한효주) - "Like Land and Sky"
Kang Ji Hwan, Han Ji Min (강지환-한지민) - "Capital Scandal"

Netizen Award (네티즌상):
Choi Soo Jong (최수종) - "Dae Jo Young (대조영)"
Han Ji Min (한지민) - "Capital Scandal (경성스캔들)"

Popularity Award (인기상):
Jung Bo Suk (정보석) - "Dae Jo Young (대조영)"
Han Hyo Joo (한효주) - "Like Land and Sky"

Credits to CindyW88 @ Soompi
View pictures at:

Haham this is Chae Rim at the KBS Drama Award! Woots! Dal-ja's looking so pretty! ^^

Now for the SBS Drama Award.

Winners of SBS 2007 Performance Awards (SBS 2007 연기대상, 12/31/2007)

The Grand Award (대상) - Kim Hee Ae, Park Shin Yang (김희애, 박신양)

Top Excellence Award (최우수 연기상):
Actor: Jeon Gwang Ryul (전광렬)
Actress: Park Jin Hee, Lee Yo Won (박진희, 이요원)

Performance Awards:

Mini Series category:
Actor: Kim Sang Joong, Yoo Joon Sang (김상중, 유준상)
Actress: Ha Hee Ra (하희라)

Soap Opera category:
Actor: Im Chae Moo, Oh Man Suk (임채무, 오만석)
Actress: Kyun Mi Ri, Yoo Sun (견미리, 유선)

Supporting Awards (조연상):

Mini Series category:
Actor: Lee Jong Won (이종원)
Actress: Kim Mi Sook, Ha Yoo Mi (김미숙, 하유미)

Soap Opera category:
Actor: Oh Dae Gyoo (오대규)
Actress: Lee Se Eun (이세은)

Best Couple Awards (베스트 커플상):
Lee Bum Soo-Lee Yo Won (이범수-이요원)
Ha Yoo Mi-Kim Byung Se (하유미-김병세)

Netizen Awards (네티즌 최고 인기상):
Park Shin Yang, Lee Yo Won (박신양, 이요원)

Top-10 Stars Award (10대 스타상):
Park Shin Yang, Song Chang Ui, Oh Ji Ho, Lee Bum Soo, Chun Gwang Ryul, (Male)

Kim Hee Ae, Park Jin Hee, Shin Eun Kyung, Lee Young Ah, Lee Yo Won (Female)

(박신양, 송창의, 오지호, 이범수, 전광렬, 김희애, 박진희, 신은경, 이영아, 이요원)

New Stars Award (뉴스타상):
Wang Bit Na, Lee Young Eun, Min Suk, Choi Yu Jin, Goo Hye Sun, (Female)

Ryu Tae Joon, Park Shi Hoo, Song Jong Ho, Lee Ji Hyun, Shin Dong Wook (Male)

(왕빛나, 이영은, 민석, 최여진, 구혜선, 류태준, 박시후, 송종호, 이지현, 신동욱)

Merit Award (공로상): Shin Goo (신구)

Credits to CindyW88 @ Soompi
View pictures at: http://www.soompi.com/node/11780

Woots! Kim Hee-ae is really looking so radiant after winning the Daesang! ^^ Haha, but SBS is strange, they have 2 Daesangs. =p By the way, Kim Hee-ae was the one who acted as Sung-sil in Precious Family, so I'm quite happy that she won the Daesang.

Haha, this is Jeon Gwang-ryul. Lol, I think his acting skills must be really good, because whatever dramas he act in he will surely get at least one of the top few prizes. First Huh Joon, then Jumong, and now The King and I. Oh yes, for those who have watched Jumong, he's the one who acted as Geum-wa in there. He got the Top Excellence Award in 2006 and 2007. Pro huh...

This is Park Jin-hee. For those who are currently watching Come Back Soon, Soon-ae! that is airing on Channel U 7 pm, you'll find her a familiar figure. She acted as Cho-eun in that show. =p Anyway, she got the Top Excellence Award for her role in Money's Warfare! Haha, I really want to watch that drama because it did really well in Korea and there's Park Shin-yang inside!! =p

You'll definitely find her a faimiliar person! She's Lee Se-eun, and has acted in Dae Jang Geum as Park Rie and in Be Strong, Geum-soon! too. =D

Woots! Kyun Mi-ri here! =D She still looks really gorgeous even though she's already a mother of 2 grown-up kids! o.O''' Amazing huh! Rock on, Kyun Mi-ri! ^^ I wonder how she still looks so hot despite being in her 40s already...

Haha, Wang Bit-na here! I think she really looks very pretty! =D Oh yes, she acted as Bu-yong in Hwang Jin-yi, which is currently airing over Channel U on weekends at 7.30 pm. Go watch Hwang Jin-yi! It's really a very good drama! ^^

Surgeon Jo Ah-ra! ^^ Congratulations to Choi Yoo-jin for getting the Newcomer Award! ^^

Woots! Surgeon Bong Dal-hee here! ^^ Haha, that's Lee Yo-won! Oh man! I really love her loads! Her Top Excellence Award is really well deserved! ^^ Oh yes, if I'm not wrong, she has also 2 kids. Oh man, still looking so young! ^^

Surgeon Ahn Joong-geun here! That's Lee Beom-soo, one of favourite Korean actors now! ^^ Haha, he's looking so hot in that pair of black glasses! =D

Woots! The child artistes receiving their awards! The one on top is Joon-yi in Precious Family. I don't really know his real name though. The one in the middle is the one who starred as the boy with cancer in Surgeon Bong Dal-hee! =D So handsome right? He looks even more handsome with hair! ^^ I don't know who's the one in the last picture though. =X

OK, that's all for now! Goodbye! ^^


Die! School's starting tomorrow!! =( Oh my goodness, that's the end of my holidays! The next holiday will only be on March. Even then, it's only a one week break, and I bet that I'll be forced to go to school 5 days out of the 7 days. =( What a miserable life I lead. Gosh, even though it's been one year since I've been with my class, I still feel a sense of trepidation every year I go to school. Oh man, I'm so nervous! Worse still, I'll be wearing the new school uniform, and I'm sure everybody will stop, look and stare at me. Grah! I'm not loving this! >.< Anyway, I'm not suppose to use the computer for so long, so I shall just reply tags. As for the results of the 2007 KBS and SBS Drama Awards, I will post them sooner or later. OK, I shall now reply the tags that have been accumulating in my tag-board.

[huien] Yup, it's him! Look closly, or maybe check out KoreanWiz for the namelist of the cast. =)

[jennie] Oo... You've watched it already? I watched the first episode yesterday. Hmm, I found it a bit slow? Maybe it'll get better as the show goes on. I still can't get used to Yoon Eun-hye acting as a boy!! >.< But she won the Top Excellence Award for her role in Coffee Prince, so maybe this show is really good?? =/ And ya, school's reopening tomorrow. I'm dreading it. =(

[Saebin] Haha, you've found 1 or 2 fonts? Haha, do you mind telling me the name of the font or sending it to me?? =) And lol, there wasn't any Hwang Jin-yi episodes on Sunday. Channel U showed some movie which I didn't even bother watching. =/

[Si Lin] Yoz Si Lin! ^^ Lol, I think it's the first time you've tagged on my blog! I've linked you already! =D

[ZP] Haha, I didn't know you watched Come Back Soon, Soon-ae! too. I thought you didn't like Korean dramas. =p

[Glenn] Haha, I don't reply all the time, because sometimes I have no time or no mood to reply. =p And I think I can only take my 3rd job test during the June holidays. =( From the time you tagged, I think you only missed the KBS Entertainment Award. The Drama Award was held yesterday only. You can catch the re-run of it on KBS World 3 weeks later, with English subtitles. =)

[hikaridranz] Hi junior! ^^ Lol, I think the new uniform isn't that better either. And gosh, I have to wear it tomorrow!! O.O'''

[jas] Lol? Happy New Year to you then! =D

[Glenn] Yoz! I reply you again! =p Ya, I play MapleStory also play until quite sian leh. I'm now stuck in Victoria Island. =(

[jennie] Thanks so much!! =D

[shan'] Boo! Retarded girl!! ^^

[zhiyi] Happy New Year!! ^^ And ya, if Noo Noo the Snowman exploded after it died, Singapore would really be snowing... A pity it just exploded into a long stretch of knitting balls... -.-

[yoz!] Happy New Year! =D Too late for Merry Christmas le... =p

Anyway, that's all for today. I'm pretty sure tomorrow will be hell for me. =(