Yay! Now on my post of Surgeon Bong Dal-hee!! ^^ Haha, I can guarantee that you'll never regret watching this show!! =D I really, really, love this show lots!! <3 OK, you ask me what is so nice about this show ah? The actress has poodle hair and is not as pretty as your favourite Korean actress, the actors look very old etc. I tell you something. Once you get past those hurdles, you're in for total addiction to this drama!! =D I think this drama really teach us a lot about moral values, things that happen in hospitals and of course, not to mention romance! Haha, although romance is only a small part of the show, but it's still very watchable! ^^ They're really very professional in portraying the lives of senior doctors, residential doctors and specialists. Oh, and the theme song by SS501 totally rocks! <3 It's called Love That Cannot Be Erased. Haha, the first episode is already so addictive! Haha, no wonder it got so high ratings! ^^ Watching this drama has inspired me to be a surgeon. But I know it's going to be hard work. But at least I know what to do when somebody is suffering from open cardiac arrest or bloated chest. =p It's hard work, but haha, Hui En is also thinking of working in the hospital. I won't forget about being an air stewardess too, but Surgeon Bong Dal-hee has made me realised that being a doctor isn't such a bad thing either. ^^

Haha, all the doctors! I want to wear the white robe too!! ^^

Bong Dal-hee!! ^^ My heroine in this drama! She's actually a trainee surgeon who has a heart condition. However, she's determined to become a doctor due to her love for medicine. Well, commendable spirit! <3 I really, really love her to bits!!! ^^

Ahn Joong-geun!! ^^ My hero in this drama! Haha, he's a super pro surgeon who knows how to cure everything blah blah blah. Haha, to cut the long story short, he's an all-rounder in all aspects of medicine. <3 But he's no good with women lah! Lol, I still remember when he tried to ask Dal-hee out on a movie date, he was like commanding her to go out with him lah! Super cute! =D And he smiles secretly every time he succeeded in asking Dal-hee out!! Cute doctor! Oh gosh, he has made me fallen in love with uncles like him. o.O'''

One of the scenes in the drama. ^^

Lol, I think Ahn Joong-geun is screaming at Bong Dal-hee in this scene. >.<''' But nevertheless, he's still my cute doctor!! ^^

Haha, last picture for today! Witch Amusement Yoo-hee is going to start soon!! Haha, don't you think these two look very compatible?? =p Ahjumma and ahjussi!! ^^

Haha, only 6 more minutes left to Witch Amusement Yoo-hee! Got to go now! So long!! <3


Wahaha! Witch Amusement Yoo-hee will be shown on Channel U TOMORROW!! Muahahaha! It's time for Korean dramas to rule the 10 pm slot!! ^^ I will surely catch this drama! Han Ga-in may soon become one of my favourite Korean actress soon! =D



zZz... Haiz, I had to reach school by 8.30 am for morning run, but who knew? It rained in the end, so we had sectionals. Lol, it was raining very heavily during sectionals mah, then there were really very loud claps of thunder that made me nearly jump out of my own skin in fright. o.O''' I still remembered very vividly one particular clap of thunder that was SUPER LOUD and I can swear that all the clarinetists present saw a very bright flash of light appear in front of the car porch. Lol, that bright flash of light is actually lightning I guess. There was a VERY LOUD boom and I thought the taxi got struck down, but suddenly I remembered that all bodies of vehicles are anti-lightning. Lol. =/ So I think the school building got struck instead. A pity it didn't catch fire if not we would have gotten out of this for-goodness-sake-this-building-is-so-lousy building. Sad life. =(

Anyway, I've finished watching episode 8 of Thank You! This show is getting nicer and nicer every episode!! ^^ Haiz, but Bom's grandpa who is mentally unsound, started beating the people on TV because he doesn't like them. Young-shin (Bom's mum) then explained to him that he couldn't beat them, because those children on TV also suffered from the same illness as Bom, which is the scary HIV virus AIDS. The grandpa, being a bit retarded, saw one lady beating up her child outside some motel, then told the mother to stop because that girl (the one who was beaten up) suffers from AIDS, just like Bom. Then word began spreading around the village that Bom has AIDS. From then on, the whole village began ostracising them. Oh well, I really feel so sorry for Grandpa Lee, Bom and Young-shin. Sheesh, why did Min Gi-seo have to go back to Seoul at this point of time? I think the next episode will be more sad leh, because it's the episode where everybody treats Bom very differently and yet Bom doesn't know why until she found out what AIDS means through the internet. =((

Oh, good thing for those who have Channel 55 on Cable TV! Thank You will be showing on Channel 55 on 2nd December if I'm not wrong! It's straight after Surgeon Bong Dal-hee! Haha, Cable TV is so noob! =p I've finished watching Surgoen Bong Dal-hee le!! ^^


Oops! Sorry for not updating my blog for almost one week! >.<''' zZz... I think I'm losing touch with blogging leh. =X As in, I don't feel like blogging even though there are thousand and one things to blog about. Blogging bug, please feel free to infect me now. o.O'''

Haha, anyway, I shall post a few MapleStory pictures up here! Haha, they include the wedding pictures and the boss monsters pictures in Henesys. =) Enjoy!

The place where they released those boss monsters. o.O''' Lol, luckily their damage isn't that high, so I didn't die there, although I nearly did because I forgot my Magic Guard. =(

Haha, I wanted to find the real Blue Mushmom in Zipangu and fight it, but I couldn't fight Lucida, so I gave up. Luckily I managed to see them in Henesys Park! ^^

Look! I managed to fight those monsters that can only be found in Leafre! Haha, actually big monsters itimidate me a lot, so I was still a bit nervous fighting them. =p Manons and Griffey! ^^

Haha, those greenish mist is actually poison gas. Haha, it's casted by the Fire/Poison Mages I think. It's quite a surprise that I didn't get poisoned by the gas. >.<'''

Haha, look at the cool damage that Griffey dealt to everybody on the screen. Lol, I can't see myself, but I'm very sure that piece of ice shard was fired by me! ^^

Now it's time for the wedding pictures! Anyway, congratulations to MusangBishop and shanyi97 of my beloved guild MaySprings for getting married today!!!! =D May you 2 live happily ever after! =D

Haha, enough of seeing pictures? =D Anyway, one good news to post! I've finally finished watching Surgeon Bong Dal-hee!! =D Actually, I've finished it long ago, I just didn't post it here lah. I'll blog about Surgoen Bong Dal-hee when I have the mood to type long posts. Lol, till then! =D


Heehee! I'm back!! ^^ Lol, I haven't been blogging for about 4 days already. Actually, there isn't anything for me to blog about lah, because I haven't finished watching Surgeon Bong Dal-hee so I can't give my views about it. =p But I can swear that Surgeon Bong Dal-hee is super entertaining and super educational! =D

Anyway, congratulations to dreamlucky and DreamKorea for leveling up! ^^ I didn't take any pictures of DreamKorea lah, so sorry. =( But I shall post dreamlucky's level 60 adventures here. =)

A picture of dreamlucky and subjects! Haha, so long never take picture together le! =D

Another picture, with both dreamlucky and subjects smiling this time round. ^^

The second time dreamlucky is stepping foot into this blue part of the dungeon. =X

This was taken after I single-handedly took down many Cold Eyes and 3 Tauromacis. =D I'm a pro!! ^^

Haha, you can see a bit of Tauromacis there. =p I think I got killed by that one. >.<

dreamlucky died. ='( She kept dranking potions yet she still died. Sad life. It's all Cold Eyes' fault again!! >=( If so many Cold Eyes didn't appear, I would have successfully killed by 4th Tauromacis lor. Why do they have to appear at the wrong time? =/ Oh yes, do you see the money and Cold Eye tails around? I died before I could collect them. Such a waste! =(

dreamlucky in Perion. I've decided not to go back to the dungeon for the time being. I'm scared of that freaky place! >.<'''

Haha, I had such a weird dream about MapleStory last night. I dreamt that I was dreamlucky herself lah, and I was very low on my HP and MP after taking down 3 Tauromacis. I managed to freeze the 4th one and managed to escape through the portal. When I went through the portal, I found myself in Snow City and saw many people skiing down the snowy slopes. o.O''' I met my classmates there and I remembered that we were supposed to have our class outing there. =p After that, I dreamt that my classmates were fellow Maplers so we went through the other portal together. We were back in the blue part of the dungeon, which I presumed to be very cold since it was blue. >.< Anyway, we were relaxing on a giant iceberg together with some other RVians who were busy doing their holiday homework. -.-''' Suddenly, the giant iceberg started breaking up, and I presumed it was global warming's fault. The whole dungeon became flooded and all of us were trying very hard to run away. After escaping the flood, I found myself in London. Suddenly, I realised that the whole of London was flooded, so I came to the conclusion that the whole world was flooded and that I couldn't escape. And so I woke up. =p


Continuing my Korean drama marathon now. My mum is a pro. She managed to finish watching Surgeon Bong Dal-hee and is happily watching Thank You now. Haiz, I guess I'll have to wait until she finishes everything before I can sit down properly and watch lor. If I watch with my mum, I will get very confused. @_@ Oh yes, Farewell to Sorrow isn't bad! I think it's quite good haha! I saw many familiar people in there! ;) Alright, that's all for now bah. I have to wake up early tomorrow for band practice lah. Haiz, no time to watch Thank You and Surgeon Bong Dal-hee. Sad life. =(


Heehee! Clarinet chalet was fun!! ^^ Haha, but I shan't elaborate too much on it though. =p Haha, me and Farah took like the last train home you know! Lol! And I owe her a lot of money. =X Haha, but I didn't eat enough during the barbecue leh, so I bought McDonald's back home and I only reached home at 12.30 am. zZz...

Haha, but I still managed to wake up at 8 am to watch Surgeon Bong Dal-hee!! ^^ Weehee, 12 hours non-stop of Korean dramas! =D My marathon has just started, mind you! ;) I watched the last 2 episodes with my mum since she has finished everything yesterday and I went back to watch episode 8 onwards, so I stopped at episode 13. Haiz, the boy with advanced liver cancer died in episode 9 I think. I really wanted to cry at that part lor. It was very sad yet touching at the same time. I really saw how the doctors were fighting to save him yet... "韩东建小朋友,死亡时间,晚上11点32分,宣告死亡。" I really dread hearing this part of the show lah, it makes me go sad and weird. =( Oh, and Bong Dal-hee got stabbed by a murderer on the run!! =( Ahn Joong-geun was too shocked to say anything, let alone do an operation on her lah. =/ And he cried today. So sad!! ='( He wanted to expose the fact that he was adopted then abandoned by some senior doctor whom I've forgotten his name. But after that he told the reporters there was no such thing and ran back to the hospital's lecture theatre and cried. =(

Oh, and Jung-hwan from Precious Family is now whining his way through the show! How cute!! =D And Ok-hwa still said it was time for him to get sick. How funny!! ^^ Haiz, no mood to blog le lah. I guess I'm quite tired now le. That's all folks! =D

All about me!



I used to be really high (which explains all my childish posts in the past haha, but I will not attempt deleting them 'cos it would mean that I would lose a part of myself), but have since grown out of my crazy phase. I think I'm pretty mellow now. I guess nothing gets me really excited anymore, except maybe seeing celebrities whom I really like (Lee Kwang-soo at the moment heehee) and going to new places.

Drama addict, but only Hong Kong and Korean ones please.

My love for Korea and everything Korean has spanned about a decade, and I foresee that I will continue to love the country. To me, it will forever be the place where special memories were made. I had the privilege of staying in my dream country for a period of time, thanks to both the blessings from my parents and the Lord.

I'm a wanderlust at heart, and I really love meeting new people although I can be shy at first. *blushes*

To seeing the world and beyond! ;D

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Wee!! My mum rocks leh!! She suddenly bought so many Korean dramas at one shot because it's cheap!!! =DD Yeah! So 3 dramas to be strike off from my wishlist!! =) They are Surgeon Bong Dal-hee, Thank You and Farewell To Sorrow! Heehe, she might buy Hwang Jin-yi too!! ^^ Woots!

Haha, I'm currently watching Surgeon Bong Dal-hee! ^^ I think I've given up on watching Spring Days bah, because Surgeon Bong Dal-hee is way much better!! =D Haha, I woke up at 8 am, which is my earliest time I've woken up when I don't have to go to school. =D Haha, and I managed to watch 7 episodes of Surgeon Bong Dal-hee. I think I might not have stopped if I didn't have piano lesson in the late afternoon. =D Haha, I think Bong Dal-hee is cute leh!! *^^* And the doctor who always hangs out with her, Dr Park, is super cute too!! ^^ Haha, Dr Ahn is quite funny in some ways lah, but funny as in sarcastic in some manners. =p Wahaha, I'm loving Surgeon Bong Dal-hee to bits! <33 Yeah! Watch this show! I have never regretted watching it, so will you. This drama comprises all everything you want. The comedy, touching, crying and educational scenes are all packed into 18 episodes. It's definitely worth your time! No wonder everybody I know is asking me to watch this drama!! =D Haha, Bong Dal-hee is inspiring me to be a surgeon! >.<''' But I think being a surgeon is scary because you can either become a saviour of somebody and become a murderer of another. Oh, and another thing. The operation scenes in this drama are quite realistic! Even I was totally freaked out by one part where Dal-hee was cutting up somebody's intestines or something. =X

Oh, and Ok-hwa cried today leh! Mr Ahn asked Ok-hwa to beat him up then Ok-hwa really beat him up leh! Lol, the beating part was very funny, but haiz, overall it's still quite sad leh. =( Haiz, Mr Ahn is really in the wrong this time lah, but I think Ok-hwa still hasn't forgiven him. How ah? Is Mr Ahn really going to kneel in front of Ok-hwa and beg for her forgiveness? =/


Yup, the whole family went to Central today! Oh yes, for your information, Central is a new shopping centre that is located next to the Singapore River and is very near Chinatown. I didn't really get to see much of it because we had quite a late lunch at around 3.45 pm and I wanted to rush home to watch Goong S mah. >.< Haiz, there were 2 accidents along the expressway lah, so it was very jammed!! o.O''' That was why we reached our destination very late! Oh, Orchard Road is gearing up for the Yuletide season!!! ^^ Haha, my favourite festival of the year is coming soon! Just slightly more than a month away wor! =DD

Anyway, I must say that the Kopitiam in Central has a very BEAUTIFUL SCENERY!!! Look at the pictures below and you'll see what I mean. ;)

There, aren't the pictures above nice?? =D


Ha Ji-won is back in the news!! Woots! I'm so high now! With only less than a month before Hwang Jin-yi shows on Channel U, KBS World has come up with a lot of news about her!! =DD Read on!

Ha Ji-won an Asian Style Icon

Actress Ha Ji-won was chosen as the Asian style icon of the year by designer brand Ferragamo and invited to its 2008 spring/summer fashion show in Singapore. Ha starred in beautifully filmed TV drama “Hwang Jin-I” this year and the heartwarming film “A Miracle on 1st Street” in 2006.

Every year Ferragamo’s Italian headquarter of selects one iconic figure from each continent to endow the title of the style icon of the year. Ha was the only Asian celebrity to be invited to the Ferragamo 2008 spring and summer fashion show and meet with Salvatore Ferragamo.

While in Singapore, Ha was greeted by a horde of screaming fans, thanks to the recent broadcasting of TV drama “Something Happened in Bali.” There, Ha starred as spunky, yet ill-fated Soo-jung opposite two hottest heartthrobs Jo In-sung and So Ji-sup.

Ha Ji-won! Ha Ji-won! Ha Ji-won! I shall join the horde of screaming fans screaming "Ha Ji-won! Ha Ji-won! Ha Ji-won!!" =DD Sheesh, I didn't even know she was in Singapore lah. How come nobody told me?? =/


And Precious Family today is very funny! Aiyah, Ok-hwa was very pissed today, but that made the whole show funnier!! =D Mr Ahn suggested to Ok-hwa that both Ji-hwan and Ah-ri should move to Ah-ri's dad's house since her father is very alone by himself. He also suggested letting Mi-yeon concentrate on her writing after fixing breakfast. Ok-hwa flared up because that would mean that she had to do a lot more housework. She then accused the Ahn family of making full use of her to do housework and refused to speak to anybody with the surname Ahn. =p As Geum-joo puts it, the once-in-3-year war between husband and wife is starting! =D And lol, she seemed so happy about it. o.O'''

Oh, I learnt a new word today, which is 杀身成仁! Haha, that's what Geum-joo told Ok-hwa about her brother. But Ok-hwa was convinced and told her that 杀身成仁 meant sacrificing oneself for the greater good of other people, but Mr Ahn was sacrificing Ok-hwa herself. Then Geum-joo went on saying that Mr Ahn though of him and Ok-hwa being one person because their hearts beat as one, so by pointing Ok-hwa out, he was also sacrificing himself!! =D Haha, Geum-joo is SO CUTE huh! >.<''' And Mr Ahn went "Ya! That's exactly what I meant!" =p What a formidable pair of siblings. =D

Ah-ri mentioned that in future, but Ji-hwan doesn't love her anymore, she still won't divorce him because she loves her father-in-law (Mr Ahn) too much! LOL! =) And she scolded her own dad again, this time, in front of Mi-yeon! =p Lol, her dad was like silently begging her to shut her mouth up lah! Haha, you should have seen his expression lor! Very cute!! =D

Another thing is, I don't like Mi-yeon's mum!! She still said that Ah-ri is only acting nice to Mi-yeon lor! Even Mi-yeon is slowly accepting Ah-ri le, why can't she just keep her mouth shut and accept Ah-ri for who she is?? And the way she imitated Ah-ri when saying " 爸爸爸!" makes me want to puke lor!! Eww, good riddance! >=(

Oh yes, I think Channel U is finally riding the Korean Wave leh! They're showing Come Back Soon, Soon-ae! after Precious Family is over and will start showing Infamous Chil Princesses next year January leh! Coffee Prince will show after Witch Amusement Yoo-hee, which will debut on Channel U on the 29th November 2007! One Korean drama after another! Haha, don't ask me out during the holidays le! I'm just going to stay at home and run my Korean drama marathon! =D Weekdays and weekends have Korean dramas leh!! Woots! I'm getting excited man!! =DD

And guess what? We may be going to South Korea for next year's band trip leh!! Woohoo!! =DDD

Replies to tags on tag-board


Yay! dreamlucky finally leveled today! Woots! Only left 1 more level to wear my Dark Seraphis! =D Hahaha, and maybe I should get a Hinomaru Fan too!! ;) Haha, after I'm level 60, I will concentrate more on training DreamKorea le, so expect to see dreamlucky on a hiatus after she's level 60. =) Heehee, below are some of the pictures of dreamlucky leveling. =)

Finally level 59 le! ^^

Oh yes, I'm currently watching a SBS Korean drama called Spring Days, with Dae Jang Geum's Min Jung-ho as one of the male leads! =D Haha, he's real name is Ji Jin-hee lah. =p Hmm, but I felt that Only You is nicer leh. I'm not sure though. I guess I have to watch on bah. Only You is more humorous while Spring Days is more of a melodrama type of drama. =/ Oh man... I feel like watching My Girl again leh. How ah?? =X

Alright, I shall reply tags over here. =)

[justea <3] Haha, Ha Ji-won has been winning a lot of awards ever since she was casted as Hwang Jin-yi in Hwang Jin-yi. Anyway, she deserves it lah! Nobody would spend like 12 hours a day practicing some ancient instrument which left her fingers all bruised and install a tight rope in her own apartment and practice tight rope walking. Ha Ji-won really deserves all these awards. And yup, she won last year's KBS Daesang, which is the Grand Prize, just like what Song Il-gook got for his role in Jumong. ;)

[OMG!!] Thanks a lot! But you didn't leave down your email address so how am I going to send the song to you? If you ever pass by here again, please leave down your email address. Thanks in advance! ^^

[happy nappy] O.O''' Heeheehee...

[;)] Thanks a lot!! =) Drop by more often! =D

[Liyun] Haha, OK. I've changed the link already! ^^ Thanks for getting back to me wor! =D

[vengyan] Ya hor, oops! So sorry!! =/

[feng lin] Haha, I'm glad you're enjoying Hwang Jin-yi! I can't wait to catch this drama after Goong S finishes its run on Channel U!! =D

[passer-by] Hi there! Thanks a lot! ^^

[melainne] Yeah! I love Kim Eun-ho! He's my latest obsession!! ^^

[vengyan] Heehee, must buy back things hor! Although you can't smuggle back smelly toufu back to the plane if not it stinks! =X

[kreme] Haha, I see that you're another Jin-yi and Eun-ho fan! Hi-5! Eun-ho is just so so... CUTE!! *^^*

[SHERINE] Oo... Too bad we don't know which role he's acting as. Anyway, Precious Family rocks!! Nice to meet you too! ;)

[vengyan] LOL...

[:D] Lol, bored person, who are you? =p

[ZP] Thanks!! ^^

[melainne] LOL? O.O'''

[gagagegegigigogogugu!] Heeheehee!! =p

[keng yan] Yup! I'm loving this drama to bits!! <3

[justea <3] Haha, I'm alright now... How about you?

[zhiyi] Huh? Why dog bones?? Where is it?? o.O'''

Hmm, I guess that's all for today. I have to wake up early tomorrow for band practice. =( I can't laze around le. Goodbye! =/


Heehee, below is one piece of news about Ha Ji-won who acted as Hwang Jin-yi in Hwang Jin-yi!! ^^ Anyway, congratulations to her for winning so many awards ever since she acted in Hwang Jin-yi! There, Hwang Jin-yi is truly one irresistible courtesan! =D

Ha Honored as Best Actress at Golden Chest

Actress Ha Ji-won who played the lead in the KBS drama 'Hwang Jini' received the Best Actress award at the 32nd Golden Chest International TV Festival.

She was awarded for her effort in portraying the life and art of the famed Joseon era courtesan. The drama aired from October last year for two months.

The drama also competed in the miniseries' main round at the Monte Carlo TV Festival, one of the four major global TV award ceremonies.

The Golden Chest Awards, which ended Nov. 3 in Bulgaria, is hosted by the country's broadcasting commission to boost cooperation among world TV broadcasters and seek mutual understanding in drama production skills.

Lala, Ha Ji-won is so chio over here!! But her wig does really look quite heavy. o.O'''

Source from: KBS WORLD

OK, back to Precious Family. Haha, Ah-ri's father finally moved to his new mansion which is located in the countryside just like Mr Ahn's house! ^^ He invited all the elders for his house-warming party, but kicked Ah-ri and Ji-hwan out of it!! O.O''' Ah-ri was very shocked lah! Haha, but she's cute when she's shocked! =D Lala, her stomach isn't showing yet, although she always felt like vomiting. Haha, my favourite daughter-in-law must take care wor! ;) I guess Mi-yeon is getting better already. At least I don't hate her as much. But her mother is getting onto my nerves now. Sian. Why can't she be more careful with her words ah? Fancy accusing somebody of having an affair for not marrying Ah-ri's dad is totally uncalled for lah. @_@ And she's now accusing Ok-hwa of being a hypocrite because Ok-hwa acted very demurely at Ah-ri's dad housewarming party. zZz...

P.S. I'll reply tags the next time! My mother is nagging at me now. >.<'''


I love Hwang Jin-yi!! ^^ I think I'm really obsessed with Hwang Jin-yi!! ^^ Handsome Eun-ho plus pretty Jin-yi equals to obsession!! =D

And congratulations to DreamKorea for leveling up yesterday! ^^ Haha, my credit! =DD Haha, not really lah. Both Hui En and I got 功劳 lah. But I made her level, so yeap... Only 7 more levels to go! Aja aja hwaiting!! =DD Heehee, should she try Kerning City's PQ ah??? =/ People, please advise! =)


Today I went for Care Corner's Volunteer Appreciation day. Haha, it was quite fun lah! =D I enjoyed myself a lot, although I felt that it past very quickly. Aww, how good times pass so quickly. Haiz, sadly, I think I won't be able to see next year's Volunteer Appreciation day since I won't be with Care Corner next year. Sad life. =(

Anyway, I saw the Hwang Jin-yi VCDs le! But it's very expensive leh! $38.40 for a set of VCDs is really very expensive lor! But the box is very nice! Red and gold lor! =D I watched the 2nd episode of Hwang Jin-yi at LaserFlair. It's super nice, super colourful and Kim Eun-ho (played by Jang Geun-seok) is super HANDSOME!!!!! Oh my goodness, I think I will scream my heart out wheneve I see him lah! The last time I saw him was in Lovers In Prague. Haha, he's more handsome is Hwang Jin-yi!! ^^ I LOVE KIM EUN-HO!! =DD Heehee, I can't wait to see this on Channel U in December leh!! Kim Eun-ho, here I come!! =D

Wahahaha, I'm totally head-over-heels with him!! ^^


I'm bored! =( What a way to start off the first day of the month. =( I'm bored! Maths lecture was totally zZz, we kept doing exponential and logarithm curves. No, I know I need practice. But yeah, as you know, I wasn't in school for the last 2 days, so there are many Maths worksheets for me to complete! And I'm totally not in the homework mood alright! Never mind, I shall play a bit more of MapleStory tomorrow and finish up my worksheets during the weekend. P.S. dreamlucky got killed by Leader A!! >.< Poor thing. I lost 5% leh! If not I could have been 30% by now lor! Haha, but dreamlucky hasn't died for a long time that's why I was cursing all the way in MSN. O.<

Anyway, actually I could go home today. I met Candy after Maths lecture and we were still wondering whether to go for band or not since we didn't see Chua Shi Xian. Haiz, we didn't know she already went up to the band room liao lor, and both of us were still lagging in the canteen. =X Haha, anyway handed down new instruments today since many of the Sec 1s can't play their condemned instruments well, which is quite a sad thing because I felt that my condemned instrument was easy to blow with. Oh well, sad life. =( Anyway, I finally can play a Prestige! ^^ Haha, I'm not the only one though. If I'm not wrong all the Sec 3s got Prestige instruments. =D

Hmm, after band, I took bus 963 together with Evan and his flute friend (I don't know his name! >.<). And we were crapping on the bus. Oh well, Evan's friend is super lame! -.-''' And I just realised something. Evan will be using my Sec 2 instrument leh! 409256! =D Heehee, must treat it well hor! If not I smack you! >=D Another thing. I met 3 Koreans on bus 963 which include 2 ahjummas and 1 girl around my age bah. That girl is freaking tall can! O.O''' And they alighted at Bukit Panjang Plaza together with me! =D Haha, felt so excited at that time! LOL! =D

And no matter what, I'm going to make my mother buy SBS's Surgeon Bong Dal Hee! Although I haven't watched that show, many people have very good reviews about this show and I can tell you, the theme song is SIMPLY FABULOUS! =D The song is called "지울수없는 사랑", which is "Love That Cannot Be Erased" and is sung by SS501! =DD You can watch the MV on YouTube by yourself. I'm lazy to upload it here! =D Oh well, if I can't get my mum to buy the VCDs, I must at least get the drink stall aunty to buy it. =(