Haiz, I didn't go to school today because when I woke up, I felt quite sick. Worse still, I have developed a sore throat which I suspect was the result of swallowing too many fish bones. =( I think I missed out a lot lor, and if I go back tomorrow, I'm quite sure that there will be tons of Maths worksheets for me to complete. Sad life. =( Why? Because I didn't go to school yesterday either! Haha, that's because I had my dental appointment. =D But now my teeth hurts a lot! ='( Sad life.

Anyway, dreamlucky leveled up yesterday! ^^ So congratulations to her! Oh yes, I don't know when DreamKorea leveled, but late congratulations to her too! So, dreamlucky is now 20% of level 58 while DreamKorea is now 63% of level 22. Haiz, must faster pia MapleStory le. Another thing, dreamlucky has found Mariwaka's purse after slaying don't-know-how-many Leader As and Leader Bs. =D But she will continue slaying them for training's sake. I tell you something. My guild members are all hard-core Maplers. This doesn't bode well for me because that would mean that I will soon become one of the lowest level guild member and I hate that! >=( How ah?? Should I quit?? =/

Haha, yesterday's Precious Family episode was REALLY VERY FUNNY! =DD Mi-yeon finally called Ah-ri 大嫂 leh! But not without Ah-ri losing her temper and threatening to rip Mi-yeon's mouth open. LOL! And Mi-yeon found it very amusing and kept laughing and laughing. HAHAHA! But when Ah-ri heard Mi-yeon call her 大嫂, she was so happy that she even phoned Ji-hwan to tell him the good news and was so full of energy! So funny lah! And Ok-hwa was giving her that -.-''' look... Haha, can't wait for today's episode!! =D Precious Family really rocks!!

One more thing. I've finally finished Only You! =D Haha, overall nice show! =D Except that I don't think the male leads in that drama are handsome. Sad life. =( But fabulous OST and nice story plot! =) Haha, can anybody send me Only You's OST?? I'm totally in love with it. =D Time to return the drink stall aunty the VCDs and borrow a new one from her! =DD

Oh yes, I remembered one more thing. Today is the last day of October, which means... Today is HALLOWEENS' DAY!!
Here am I, wishing all my blog readers a very HAPPY HALLOWEENS' DAY!! =DD

Muahahaha! >=D


Why do I keep swallowing fish bones ah? I swallowed a few yesterday and coughed out a considerable amount of blood and now my throat feels very funny. Oh no, maybe the bones are still stuck there. Worse still, I ate the grilled fish that my mum cooked today and guess what? I swallowed some fish bones again. @_@ Luckily this time the bones were small enough so I heck care le. I just drunk lots of water and it went down my digestive system. =X Oh man, I just don't know what's up with me! =X

Anyway, just click on the picture below if you want to read more about this article. It's taken from a U-Weekly magazine that I borrowed from the library.

Haha, just some interesting facts on Korean dramas. Lol, actually Rain wasn't suppose to act in Full House leh! The male lead role was suppose to go to Lee Jung-jae (Air City)! I was really shocked when I read that lah! Anyway, I read that Lee Jung-jae turned down the role because at that time he was too busy filming his movies, so the role went to Rain instead. Although I heard that Lee Jung-jae is good, but I really can't imagine him portraying the role of Lee Young-jae in Full House. Rain seriously suits the role better! For once, I'm so glad that Lee Jung-jae turned down that role. So, Rain has really Lee Jung-jae to thank for his international stardom now huh?

Another thing. Song Hye-kyo wasn't suppose to be the female lead in Autumn In My Heart. The director actually approached Kim Hee-seon for that role because both the director and Kim Hee-seon had worked together before. However, there were legal disputes between Kim Hee-seon and the photographer of that drama, so she decided to give up her role since she could not concentrate on filming. The director very reluctantly chose Song Hye-kyo as the lead, although he was not convinced that the drama will do well since Song Hye-kyo was relatively unknown at that time. Heehee, who knew? The whole of Asia began going gaga over this drama, and thus a new Hallyu queen was born! =D

Number 3. Lee Young-ae was supposed to be the female lead of Winter Sonata together with Bae Yong-joon. O.O''' However, Lee Young-ae was experiencing huge success in filming her movie, especially JSA Joint Security Area, which was doing very well at that time. Thus, she decided to give up her role and off went the director in search for Choi Ji-woo! =) Winter Sonata was also one of the first Korean drama that brought along the Korean wave. It not only made Bae Yong-joon the Hallyu king, it also made Choi Ji-woo the Hallyu queen. *^^*

Number 4. I must say that it's a GREAT PITY that Song Yoon-ah (I know her as the female lead in Hotelier) gave up not one, but two requests from directors of Dae Jang Geum and Jumong respectively. AIGOO~! It's like REALLY SUCH A PITY lah! Those 2 dramas are like, the BEST DRAMAS that anybody could have seen?! I was totally shocked lah! I thought once she missed her chance in Dae Jang Geum, she would go for Jumong or something, BUT SHE DIDN'T!!!! Freak! She missed 2 chances to become one of the top stars in Asia lah! Haiz, I really feel so sorry for her lah! But heehee, if she had acted as Jang-geum in Dae Jang Geum, I would never come to know about Lee Young-ae. A pity she missed it because if not, she could have become one of my top favourite actresses. =( If she had acted as Soseono in Jumong, I would not be so crazy over Han Hye-jin now. Sad life, Song Yoon-ah. I sincerely hope you'll be less picky about choosing periodic drama roles. =X Haven't you realised that all the roles she has rejected are all periodic dramas that have topped the rating charts in South Korea and elsewhere?

真是可怜,可惜啊! 我为你所遭遇的不幸感到遗憾, 并希望你以后会做出更明确的判断。=D


Haiz, I wanted to blog yesterday but had no chance to do so. Anyway, for your information, yesterday was the last day of school for the year for the rest of the secondary schools in Singapore except the Year 3s in RV. =( Haiz, I think I really lead a very sad life! =( 2 extra weeks of lessons. I'm going to die lah!

We had prize presentation lor. What the hell lah! So many of the prize recipients are totally imba can! GPA 4 leh! Crazy lah! @_@ And Mdm Connie Chan retired yesterday. Sad life again. Why are so many teachers retiring ah? =( Why are those old, but good teachers all retiring this year?! =/ First, Ms Chia Yuet Hing from the Chinese department. Next was Ms Lee Choi Yeok from the Science department and now Mdm Connie Chan from the English department. Although I haven't been taught by Mdm Chan before, but I knew her as someone who always took me for IRP when I was in Year 1 and 2. She doesn't even look like she's 60 can? I thought she only look like 50-something lor. So her news of retirement came as quite a shock to me. O.O''' But anyway, she likes to keep laughing, so I guess laughing is the best medicine to combat ageing. @_@ Don't mind me. Me and my crap. >.<'''

Anyway, I finally found the Newspaper Hat after massacring like don't-know-how-many Cloud Foxes. O.O''' Below is a picture of me wearing the Newspaper Hat. =)

Actually the Newspaper Hat doesn't really look nice on me, but never mind about that. I'm just taking this screenshot to prove that I got the Newspaper Hat! ^^ And heehee, I can sell that 30% scroll for Overall Dex for about 2 million mesos leh! =D Kekeke, I'm going to be rich! =DD

Hmm, I guess that's all for today bah. I'm going to watch Goong S later! Se7en is cute! =D OK, just being random. O.O'''

Learning Symposium is finally over!


Yay! The Learning Symposium is finally over! Haha, although I felt that the whole thing was totally lame and we have one of the lousiest presentation, I'm still so happy that it's over! ^^ After that all student presenters, helpers and SCs were treated to buffet leh! =D The school has finally found its conscience. -.-''' Heehee, the food wasn't as bad as I thought although it could have been nicer if the food was warmer. But the drink was nice! =D Too bad I didn't eat for another round because I was still feeling quite full. Haiz, why must my stomach be full at the wrong time? =/

Anyway, below are some of the things I got during the Learning Symposium.

Lol, my student presenter card. Haha, we had to wear them throughout and that made me feel as if I'm some office worker! =D

Heehee, I think the gold letterings on the red envelope make it look like a wedding invitation card. -.-''' But it's classy though! =)

Yay! My certificate for contributing to the CID Learning Symposium. Actually I think this is nothing lor. The certificate doesn't even have Ms Ek's signature lah can! Just printing for the sake of printing. =( Haiz, the only thing I can tell my boss when I show him/her this the next time is that "I'm very good in project work!", which is almost untrue. I seriously don't know what my CID teacher was thinking about when she chose my group lah! zZz, anyway, this is over now, no point bringing it up. I'm just glad that it's finally over! =D

Anyway, I played MapleStory today. I pia-ed almost 20% within almost 3 hours and my hands are now aching. =X dreamlucky must level by this week so that she can wear her Dark Anakarune. dreamlucky must be at least level 60 by the end of this year so that she can wear her Dark Seraphis. =D I must also complete her holiday homework *groans* as soon as possible and start revising her fundamentals all over again. Oh well, I guess my holidays aren't that fun anymore. =/


Aiyah, actually CID Learning Symposium is quite alright lah. I mean, it's definitely better than spending the last few days of the school term studying away. Presenters (me included) were to report to the LT1 for some very lengthy speech by both Ms Ek and some keynote speaker. o.O''' zZz, if this goes on tomorrow, I'm so afraid that I'll just fall asleep in front of so many speakers. Hopefully tomorrow's keynote speaker will make his speech short and sweet though this is pretty unlikely since the Learning Symposium will only start at 9.45 am, which means we have to listen to nearly one hour of droning. -.-'''

We were the second group to present lor. Yup, 2 rounds of presentation for today and another 2 for tomorrow. Actually, it wasn't really as bad as I thought lah, although I was quite nervous and I could feel my hands shaking since it's not often I get to present in front of so many people from other schools. =/ First round went quite smoothly, but I think the second round was a bit 冷场 leh. Halfway through our presentation, that idiotic tablet just died on us!!! =O OMG! Could you imagine how horrified we were? Some more Mrs Lee (The scary one! >.<''') was sitting right behind lah! I think she was assessing us or something. What the hell lah! We took about 8 minutes before the tablet could finally be revived! -.-'''

I think Hui En and I will spend more time collecting stamps tomorrow after our presentation. Heehee, just go there, pretend to listen and get your stamp! ^^ Haha, just joking lah! =D Oh yes, I must say that presenting to a classroom full of people is SCARY! =X

Anyway, I got back my progress report le. Lol, I did not expect a GPA of 3.2 leh, because when I was calculating my marks back at home before that, I thought I could only get a GPA of 2.9 at the most. And surprise! I got an A1 for my CID leh! =D That further proves my theory that CID actually stands for Crapping In Disguise! OK, maybe you could say that both the oral presentation and my paper pulled me up? Because I really fared horribly for my PI and EOM. How I wish I'll never have to see those things again! zZz... Maths was the only subject which I got a C6 grade for. Aiyah, it's expected lah, but it stuck out like a sore thumb in my progress report because I got Bs and As for the rest of everything. Yes, including CHAMPS, PE, CID - Language Arts and Aesthetic. ^^ I'm proud to say I got A for everything except PE. -.-''' Oh well, I guess I'm not as fit as I thought. =/

Oh yes, Geum-joo seemed pretty cheerful today. Haha, Ok-hwa is having a very hard time trying to please both her daughter-in-laws, namely Ah-ri and Mi-yeon! ^^ Heehee, she was lamenting the fact that nobody had told that getting a daughter-in-law would be such a headache. =p For example, when only Mi-yeon is around, both Geum-joo and Ok-hwa could praise Mi-yeon all they wanted. But if Ah-ri is around, they have to pretend to find fault with Mi-yeon and chide her a little bit and praise Ah-ri if not Ah-ri will get jealous and vice-versa. Lol, so cute leh! =D Ah-ri and Mi-yeon are still on bad terms as usual. =p

Anyway, Ah-ri's father finally came to see his darling daughter. But Ah-ri is quite pissed with her father for not answering her calls so she was pouting all the way. Haha, you should have seen her expression leh! It was REALLY VERY VERY FUNNY AND CUTE! ^^ Super funny lah! Oh man, I'm loving Ah-ri more and more! =D Hope Ji-hwan doesn't mind me sharing his wife and hope Ok-hwa won't mind having to share her daughter-in-law with me! =D


zZz... Ms Zhang is always asking us to do Chinese compositions whenever there is a Chinese lesson lor! Luckily tomorrow and the day after don't have Chinese lessons because of the Learning Symposium. Oh yes, I nearly forgot to call Deng Yin and Ying Ting to do their compositions since they weren't here today. Luckily I wrote it down in my school organiser if not Ms Zhang will haunt me tomorrow. =X

CID lecture was next. Oh yes, Mr Choy gave us back our CID papers. Luckily I didn't fail it lor! Before we got it back, I was feeling very nervous because I felt that I didn't write well for this paper and gave a lot of crappy ideas! But hey! What's there to fret now? The CID teachers actually accepted my ideas! ^^ But still, I only got 26/40 for this paper. Maybe I could have done better if I really knew what I was doing at that point of time.

Die lah! Tomorrow is the CID Learning Symposium lor! How ah? I haven't really memorise my script leh! ='( And Mrs Tan kept criticising me today lor! Like what the hell? It's not my fault that I can't stay still right. It's just basic human instinct. I swear I'm going to do my best and prove to her that I'm not as wayward as she thinks. Meanwhile, I shall device a plan to mash her pea-sized brain into pulp. I seriously can't stand her!! >.<''' Anyway, we rehearsed CID until I was so thirsty and tired. Ya, I still can't get over the fact that I'll be presenting to so many people from the outside world. I just hope I don't get last-minute jitters. =X 2 rounds of presentation to people whom I know and do not know. 2 rounds of hell for me. 2 rounds for me to prove myself. I hope everything goes well! Aja aja hwaiting! =D

Oh yes, talking about Precious Family, Geum-joo (Mr Ahn's adopted sister; Jung-hwan's aunt) cried again leh. Haiz, no matter how well her adopted family treats her, she is still forever pining for the love of her biological parents. ='( I really felt so sad for her lor! Even her adopted family treats her better than her biological parents lah! How ah? I miss the lively and bubbly Geum-joo! I don't want to see Geum-joo being so depressed and drowning her sorrows in soju. =(

And yeah! Ah-ri sort-of scolded Mi-yeon today! ^^ But Mi-yeon still gave her that Do-I-look-like-I-care look lor! zZz... And Mi-yeon doesn't change out of her hanbok leh! D= She's been wearing it for like almost 5 episodes already?! @_@

Mi-yeon giving Ah-ri the cold shoulder! >=( Mi-yeon is really very what lor... She refuses to call Ah-ri 大嫂 (Elder sister-in-law) just because in terms of age, Ah-ri is younger than her by1 year. But since she married the eldest son of the Ahn family, everybody else have to call her 大嫂. I mean, it's a tradition mah, then how do you expect tradition to change for you? Crazy Mi-yeon! Then Ah-ri was so sad because she really wanted to treat Mi-yeon like her real sister since she grew up without any siblings. But Mi-yeon still treated her like that just because she can't accept the fact that Ah-ri is her 大嫂 although younger than her... Haiz... I hope Mi-yeon will change her attitude lor! She's not only pissing Ah-ri off. She's pissing me too! >=(


Sian lah! Only 2 more days to CID Learning Symposium lor! I seriously don't know what our group is going to do leh. Huh? Just introduce poetry to people then can already mah... And although the whole school will be dismissed at 12.30 pm because of "O" Levels, I bet we need to stay back because of Learning Symposium lor! I hate this kind of life man! @_@ But hopefully, I get to skip all the lessons tomorrow. That's my only motivation. =X

Ya, you've guessed it right! I stayed back for CID and I still marvel at how I managed to survive without eating lunch. Haiz... What a sad life I'm leading right now. Another thing is that, Mdm Chia still calls Year 3 pupils like me, Hui En and Zhang Yu KIDS -.-'''

Anyway, my favourite daughter-in-law in Precious Family IS NOW PREGNANT!!! Whee! Congratulations to Ah-ri!! ^^ Go girl! Beat Mi-yeon!! =D

Heehee, the person on the right is cute cute Ah-ri!! *^^* The one besides her in her dear father-in-law! Oh man! I just love both of them! Ah-ri, take care wor! =DD I'm waiting to carry my grandchild!! =)) zZz... Why am I talking like somebody's mother-in-law again??!!


Yay! I've finally finished my Hwang Jin-yi blogskin! I'm going to submit it to Blogskins.com pretty soon! Just wait! ^^ Aiyah, nothing much to blog today lah. Just blogging for the sake of blogging. Anyway, just want to wish Retarded Girl Happy Birthday! ^^ It's her birthday today you know! =D zZz... Got to sleep now lah. Tomorrow got CIP and I must reach Lavendar MRT Station by 1.30 pm. o.O'''


No school today because it's Promotion Day. So I woke up late and played MapleStory nearly the whole day. How nice it would if I could live my life like this everyday. =D Anyway, congratulations to dreamlucky for leveling up today! Yay! Just one more level to wear the beautiful Dark Anakarune! ^^ Haiz, but I'm still stuck at the Mountain of Cloud Fox leh, mass killing Cloud Foxes because I still can't obtain the Newspaper Hat from them. Oi, stupid foxes! Just drop the Newspaper Hat for me lah! Those wily foxes have dropped almost everything except Magician items and the Newspaper Hat. Curse them!

Anyway, I brought DreamKorea to Leafre today because of Grendal's quest. Sian, I wasted 90k just on the tickets. DreamKorea is going broke soon! I didn't know playing a Thief character can be so taxing. >.<''' How ah? Luckily I could return to Ellinia straight from Leafre because of the Magic Seed that I got as a reward from that quest. Anyway, time for some pictures.

DreamKorea waiting for the ship to set off.

DreamKorea on top of the Leafre ship. I think the Leafre ship is cute lor!! Got baby birds on top!! That's why DreamKorea is smiling! =D

DreamKorea says "I'm on top of the blue bird! ^^". You can see those baby birds giving that -.-''' face. >.<

DreamKorea in Leafre... Haha, I think Leafre really looks very green... o.O''' More like a vegetable garden.

I decided to take some screenshots of Leafre since DreamKorea won't be stepping foot into this world until she's probably level 80+ and I think that it not possible in the near future. Probably wait a few more years bah! =p Haha, and why do Leafre's NPCs look so furry? o.O

DreamKorea in the Leafre's Chief's house. Haha, you know why she can enter? That's because she's the newly-appointed Chief of Leafre! ^^ OK, that isn't true. It's just because the Chief happened not to be at home, so she decided to go in and snoop around. -.-'''

I think Leafre's department store is simply gorgeous! ^^

Heehee, I really think Leafre's monsters are cute, but don't underestimate them!!! O_O''' They are level 80+ and above! Which is why DreamKorea can only hang on the rope and not go near them. You'll hear her grave dropping even before she touch one hair of the monsters' fur.

DreamKorea is back in Ellinia in a blink of the eye. Seriously, it's really "a blink in the eye". DreamKorea happened to chance upon a very strange portal that was emitting a strange light. She went through it and poof! She's back in Victoria Island's Ellinia. o_O'''

Haiz, today's Precious Family was quite sad leh. Actually, I was quite stunned that Geum-joo isn't Mr Ahn's biological sister lor. To think he actually kept this secret from his wife for more than 20 years if I'm not wrong. Heehee, next time if you got any secret, tell it to him and you will not have to worry about anybody else knowing your secret. =p


I am pissed! I AM REALLY VERY PISSED OFF BY BOTH MY LANGUAGE TEACHERS! I think Mrs Tan was quite unhappy with me just because she spotted me throwing an eraser to Ying Ting. >=( Then she was scolding me, "Why are you throwing rubbish around huh?!" *Stares angrily at me* Lol, you think I will look remorseful? Of course I stared back at her lah, but she couldn't be bothered with me anyway. A harmless eraser equates to rubbish. Lol, my English teacher totally owns lah! =p And what the, she is still chasing me for the Learning Symposium report when I have already placed it in her pigeon-hole lah. I really wonder if she does clear her pigeon-hole at all because it's not the first time she has been asking me that you know. It's the second time. -.-'''

Next, I'm super duper pissed with Ms Zhang and the Chinese department. I can really swear that the Chinese department teachers are TOTALLY OUT OF THEIR MINDS!!!! What the hell? They say we need to finish 9 compositions by the end of holidays, with the weaker students doing 15 compositions. 9 is already a lot lor, what's more 15?! Haiz, they gave the excuse that the whole level didn't do well for Chinese that's why they want to make us do this kind of stuff! What the hell lah! Like the other subject teachers won't give us holiday homework lor! We some more end our school term much later than the other secondary schools lah! Other schools end their school term on the 3rd week of October while we only end on the 2nd week of November, which is still about a good 1 month away. Crazy, mad, lunatics. These are the only words which I can find to describe the Chinese teachers. 9 compositions huh... My holidays are ruined lah! >='( DreamKorea won't be able to get her second job advancement by this year! ='( dreamlucky won't get to be level 60 by this year too! ='( I can't chiong my Korean dramas leh! How ah?! I really wish that the Chinese language will totally be obviated from this face of Earth.

Please click on the pictures to see what our dear Chinese department has to say to us Year 3s. >=/

ARGH! Ms Zhang threw back my Chinese paper 1 at me lah! What's her freaking problem lah?! It's not like I did very badly or something. Anyway, from the start of the year, I already knew that she didn't like me and I didn't like her. 彼此彼此吧! But still, you don't have to throw it back at me right? If your arm is too short, just say it and I'll probably understand! Anyway, I'm not that petty to be pissed over such a thing. She did another thing that made me so pissed off with her. She made us write one stupid composition lah! Our Chinese lesson is the second last period right, and straight after that, we had Biology practical. She expected us to stay back after school, which is at 3.30 pm to finish up our composition and asked us to put it in her pigeon-hole by 5 pm lor! Freak lah! She spent like almost the entire 1 hour lessons ranting about how badly we did blah blah blah and gave us only like 15 minutes to finish up everthing? Freak her lah! I don't know what's wrong with her today lor. Maybe she's PMS-ing... >=(


Haha, today is basically a "slack" day for me. My "slack" day would have been perfect if Zhang Yu didn't come looking for me saying that Mrs Tan needed to see us again! I think Mrs Tan misses us a lot! =/ It's as if she will die if she does not see us at least once a day lor. =/ OK, just ignore me. I still can't accept the brutal fact that I'm involved in one of the lamest event on Earth! Crapping In Disguise Learning Symposium! -.-''' Being involved in it means preparing some very lame speech and lame report, which results in everybody feeling very -.-'''. You also end up not saying whatever you like. You can't say that you don't like the project. You're being forced to say that you learnt something from it. I guess I won't be able to run away from CID until I really leave the education system for good. =X

Haiz, I think being the first group for CID presentation is scary! And some more our venue was in 3H classroom lah, then it was super cold! =/ My hands were really very cold at that time lor. I don't remember being so nervous before for the other presentations. I think I screwed up my conclusion lor. I could really feel my hands shaking due to fear. Worse still, Mr Seetoh kept on looking at whoever was presenting lah. I think he could tell that I was nervous! =( Oh man! My presentation marks are gone! ='( And good riddance, CID still isn't over for me yet! >=(

I managed to watch 1 episode of Only You just before Precious Family started. Erm, the first episode is quite alright lah. I just hope it will get more intense as the show goes on. Heehee, I hope the drinks-stall aunties will quickly buy the Surgeon Bong Dal-hee VCDs leh. I really want to watch it lor! I heard that it's very good lor! *evil grins*


I told my mother about my Chemistry, Biology and Singapore Studies results le. Erm, she wasn't really that angry about it lah, because I expected her to scold me or something. At first, I really didn't want to tell her because I can't stand the disappointment on her face. But still, I decided to go ahead after consulting the help of many people who told me what to do. Thanks a lot! =D Anyway, it beats having my mother fainting right at home when I show her my report book without me telling her how much I got in the first place. Anyway, Chemistry wasn't as badly done as what I would have expected. I was really thinking that I was going to fail horribly for this paper. I mean, don't accuse me of telling everybody that I am going to fail and in the end I passed my paper. =X It was just that kind of feeling that I got right after I sat for this paper. I really had the feeling that I will definitely not pass. Oh well, I guess it's a good thing that I passed bah. =) I'm only hoping to get my Chinese paper 1 back, which I heard was quite badly done. =X

OK, sorry, I have to talk about CID again. =X How ah? Tomorrow is my group's turn to present leh! We're the first group some more lor! Haiz, I've been rehearsing quite long for it, yet I can still stumble over words like "participation", "educational" etc. I guess I'm getting quite nervous now. Usually I don't give a damn about CID lah, but I'm taking it quite seriously this time round. =( Anyway, Mrs Tan has been bugging me about the CID Learning Symposium report again. Argh! We have to redo our report lah! ='( And I suddenly think I'm really running out of time! The CID Learning Symposium is only next week lah! How ah? HOW AH??!! =0

Anyway, I think I don't like Mi-yeon now leh! She's really getting more and more like her selfish and self-centered mother! >=( She's Jung-hwan's wife now, which makes her the Ahn family second daughter-in-law. Ah-ri, who is the first daughter-in-law, tried to help her get used to life in the Ahn family by volunteering to help her out with housework and such, but Mi-yeon coldly snubbed Ah-ri lah! Can you imagine how sad and angry Ah-ri felt? I really pitied her lah! Mi-yeon! I hate you now! Ah-ri will forever be my favourite daughter-in-law! Hmmph! >=0 Lol, why am I talking like I'm somebody's mother-in-law ah?? =/

Lo and behold! Presenting to you my ideal daughter-in-law! =DD Ah-ri, my darling daughter-in-law! ^^ Hohoho, I sound like an old naggy mother-in-law! Anyway, I think I will become one the next time. ^^ And I definitely get Ah-ri to become my daughter-in-law! Ah-ri, AJA AJA HWAITING!! =))


Heehee, I re-watched Hotelier until 2.30 am in the morning today! ^^ Hotelier is nice lor! OK, almost all MBC dramas are nice I can tell you that! =D I shan't talk about Hotelier le.

Haiz, don't feel like going to school tomorrow. I think I'm going to tell my mum all my results tomorrow bah? I just hope she won't be angry with me or something lah. I know my results really suck. I suddenly feel so stupid when I see other people's results lor. This is super demoralising lah. =( I hope my Chinese paper 1 can really pull up my marks (I highly doubt so because I think I wrote out of point.) and my Chemistry won't be as bad as what other people say. =( I will pray hard.

CID is finally going to be over, but I still must wait until Wednesday before it will really be over. I don't wish to see my CID papers ever again. Presentation ah, I don't know what's going to happen. Argh! I predict that I will hate tomorrow very much! >=/ Please make me like tomorrow...

Anyway, Ahn Jung-hwan of Precious Family is the result of a mutation gone horribly wrong, as what his dear father had said! ^^ Alright, I shan't be random anymore. Time to log off le. Goodnight!


For those idiots out there who think that CID is such a cool subject dealing with crime-solving and such, I must really say that you're really an idiot. Just because CID stands for Criminal Investigation Department nation-wide doesn't mean it stands for that in RV. Ya, so you want to know what CID stands for in RV? It stands for Construct, Integrate, Differentiate. These 3 words have been drilled into our innocent brains ever since we stepped foot into this school. Now, most of us are thinking that this subject is so lame that it actually stands for Crapping In Disguise. So maybe now you know why RV students tell cold jokes and lame-ming other people.

OK, back to CID. I met Madeline and Joyce at 8 am (!!!) today at Ang Mo Kio MRT station (Oh my goodness, that's freaking far for me!!!) today. Yeah, a near-70-slides powerpoint is our end product. I just hope our CID examiners don't faint after we have sent them our powerpoint. Ya, although our powerpoint is done, I still have to prepare what to say on Wednesday. Goodness lah! We didn't even have time to rehearse properly. =X And I still haven't gotten started on my report for CID Learning Symposium. =( Argh! So many things to complete yet so little time. ='( Alright guys, let's start crapping up for our report. Just hope that the teachers don't give us crap marks. =X

Anyway, Goong S started showing on Channel U today! Haiz, my mum wanted to watch that Hong Kong drama on Channel 8, so in between advertisements, I had to keep switching channels. Luckily I've already watched the first 4 episodes before hand. I think my mum got pissed with me for switching channels, so I really want to see Se7en! ^^ And yeah, Lee Hoo's (Se7en's character) handphone ringtone is cute! I want that ringtone too! =D I just hope that the Channel 8 drama will end soon bah... but actually that HK drama is also quite nice. Now I'm caught in between... =/


Die liao! I think I really have no hope of getting 70% for overall le lah! Just look at my results lah! All the papers that I got back were super disappointing lah! I just hate school life lor. I wanted an A1 grade for English, and I ended up just scrapping an A2 grade. I wanted like B3 grade for Biology and I ended up with a B4. Chinese no need to say le. I'm really disappointed with Chinese. So disappointed until I wish I could just kill off the Chinese language altogether. Luckily today never give back Chemistry, if not I think I would have suffered from a heart attack due to the narrowing of my blood vessels and my heart not getting enough oxygen. -.-'''

Anyway, just thinking about CID is enough to make me go mad. I have to go to Zoey's house on either Saturday or Sunday (Sorry, I forgot!) to complete our CID powerpoint. I think me and my previous CID group also have to meet up to finish up the CID Learning Symposium report for Mrs Tan. I'm totally dead lah. I'm feeling too stressed up now. Oh ya, another thing. I tried the new uniform today. I think I'm getting fat leh. >.<''' I need to buy uniforms bigger in size. =X Anyway, I think IVLE is down leh. I don't seem to be able to log in. =X And I hope I remember to bring my uniform form tomorrow. Oh well, what a random post. =/ Oh yes, and please do my friend test here. I think it's a more difficult one because this one is more personal bah. Good luck! ^^


Oh man! I feel so busy! Come on lah! Our exams just ended and instead of giving us a well-deserved break, we are made to work non-stop again! Argh! It's so hectic! I think even those people who are working lead a much less hectic life than me! =( I can't wait to go out to work! =/

Anyway, today is the Sec 4 Graduation Ceremony. Nothing much lah, it's just the last day of school for the Sec 4s I guess. Their form teachers have to give out their report books and they say some farewell words to the teachers bah. Haiz, anyway, with the Sec 4s gone, we don't have to compete with them for space in the hall and the canteen. =p On the other hand, I think the school will be much emptier without them and I won't get to see my seniors. =/ Oh well, all I can say is, all the best for your "O" levels. It's the last year RV is having "O" Levels wor, so do your best bah! =D

Anyway, I got back Maths paper 2 today. I thought I will definitely fail Maths lor, then in the end when Mr Liu called out my name, he announce my marks to the whole class. -.-''' It was then I finally felt so relieved. I have higher hopes for paper 1 now. I just hope that my paper 1 will do much better and help to pull up my Maths grade. =) Haiz, I think I will get back a lot of papers tomorrow lor. There's almost every lesson tomorrow lah, so the chances of getting back Chinese (Die!), English (Oh man!), Chemistry (No need to say le! Confirm die horribly! x_X) and Biology (Oh no!) is VERY HIGH!!! >.<''' I really hate getting back my results lah. It sucks so much! >=( I hate getting the jitters after exams.

Now hor, the school wants us to present CID next week lah. We have just finished our exams and now everybody is chiong-ing CID report, powerpoint and whatnot. Just rushing through our report for some dumb CID is already bad enough! Worse still, Mrs Tan chose my group to go for the CID Learning Symposium lah! Like what the hell?! I seriously don't know what she sees in my group lah. There were other groups better than us and yet she still had to choose us? And I think reciting poetry to people who comes to our booth is DUMB! Oh my goodness, I really think I'm going to humiliate myself lah! I really think I'm going to make RV lose face, because I heard that members of the public can also come and view our booths. Crap! I think I'm the most unlucky person in the whole wide world. =( I get chosen for this and that when I really feel that I'm not up to it. I hate it!!! Aigoo, the report for my current CID group is almost done, but crap, just when I was about to 松一口气, Mrs Tan comes chasing after me for the CID Learning Symposium report. How am I going to survive this nightmare?


I went to the dentist today. Argh! She tighten my teeth so much until I can't bite on anything hard now! It hurts so much! >.<''' I think I have to stop eating for the rest of today and tomorrow. Hopefully, the pain will subside tomorrow so that I can eat my fish and chips from the Western stall. On second thoughts, maybe not. I quite unhappy with the Western food stall for cutting down on the chips. I'm not sure if they're acting under Mrs Chew Hwee's orders for not selling unhealthy food or what, but fish and chips is definitely not fish and chips without the fries! Miserable gits!

I didn't get back any papers today, although Mr Liu did go through with us Maths paper 2. I think sitting for the exams is not stressful. Waiting for the results is! Oh man, I just don't know how to control my excitement or fear lah! I even lost my appetite for drinks once I knew Chemistry was just right after recess. Anyway, I just hope I'm mentally prepared to fail both my Maths and Chemistry. I don't really have high hopes for Chemistry, seriously. I just have no chemistry with Chemistry! OK, back to the topic. Mr Liu went through Maths paper 2 with us. I didn't get a single question correct except question 2 lah! How bad is that?! I hope I won't be in for another shock. I guess I won't be able to take it. =( Haiz, there's Singapore Studies tomorrow leh! How ah? Will Ms Vijay give us back our SS paper? =/ If so, I'm just praying that I'll be able to get a very high A1 for it. Anything lower than 80 I might as well not go to school once and for all. =X


PRECIOUS FAMILY REALLY ROCKS! Seriously, I'm really loving this show to bits! ^^ And you know why Ah-ri doesn't want to move out of her in-laws' traditional house? That's because she wants to keep rebutting her mother-in-law until her mother-in-law gets really mad with her before moving away. Haha, Ah-ri and Ji-hwan have to move out because Jung-hwan and Mi-yeon have to move in mah. Ok-hwa asked them to move out, but Ah-ri thought that it was because Ok-hwa didn't like her and is attempting to chase her out of the house. Ah-ri got a bit upset but see, I still love her a lot! ^^ She isn't really upset with her mother-in-law. She was just joking! =D

So, Ah-ri drove Ok-hwa to meet their prospective in-law (Ok-hwa's arch enemy aka Mi-yeon's mum) and Mi-yeon. Mi-yeon's mum was in charge of choosing an auspicious date for Mi-yeon and Jung-hwan to marry. And guess what's the date? It's next Saturday at 1 pm! Ok-hwa's jaw literally dropped lah can! Even Ah-ri was so shocked! Ok-hwa then asked why it was so rushed? Then Mi-yeon's mum went on rattling how the fortune-teller said that Mi-yeon has a bright future ahead of her. She talked about how rich her daughter was going to become blah blah blah, and said nothing good about Jung-hwan. =X The fortune-teller told her that Jung-hwan would not have any achievements until the age of 35. Then Ok-hwa scolded her and asked whether she went to the fortune-teller to get her fortune told or to choose an auspicious date. Ok-hwa then told Mi-yeon's mum that there was no need to prepare a dowry. Mi-yeon's mum then scolded Ok-hwa and asked if that was because she looked down on her. =p Mi-yeon's mum went on rattling about her reluctant they were to marry Mi-yeon off to Jung-hwan because she was their darling princess. Ok-hwa then retorted back, saying that Jung-hwan was her darling prince. Lame lah! -.-''' Mi-yeon, being too embarrassed to be seen with her mother, ran out of the cafe. Ah-ri, being a very nice person (^^), rushed out together and tried to comfort Mi-yeon, but she got the cold shoulder instead. =/ Heehee, but Ah-ri didn't put that to heart! She was still smiling! =D Oh man... Ah-ri seriously rocks!! =) I love her to bits! <33

Haha, I can't wait to see Jung-hwan and Mi-yeon getting married, which is about to happen soon! Mi-yeon is freaking gorgeous in that wedding gown! <33 Once again, Precious Family really rocks! A shame and pity to those who don't watch it! =)


Yay! I've finally changed my blogskin! I will miss my Thank You blogskin though. If Channel U is going to show Thank You (they better do!), I will definitely use back my Thank You blogskin! ^^ Anyway, I don't think I can finish doing up my profile by today. Maybe I'll continue tomorrow bah... And lol, I think it's a bit too colourful. =p Alright, time to sleep! ^^ Goodnight and sweet dreams! =D

Post-mortem of papers done


Hello blog! Long time no see le! =D Haha, I shall reply tags over here due to overwhelming responses. =D

[melainne] Haha, I just finished my last paper today. It was so horrible! >=( Anyway, I'm back to blogging, so do come back more often! =D And heehee, I've been watching Precious Family. I don't mug all the time, do I?

[Glenn] Thank you very much Glenn for your encouragement. ^^ I've just finished my exams. =D You don't have Channel 55 meh? I thought you got Cable TV leh. =p I seriously want to watch Jumong lor... Don't understand why my parents die die also don't want Cable TV.

[justea <3] Haha, I've finished my exams le! ^^ And thank you for your encouragement.

[Cams Movie] Erm... Are you trying to encourage me to watch porn?! Dream on lah! Don't try to pollute my innocent mind! I'm still very innocent, mind you! D=<

[:)] Nice to meet you too! =D

[kathy] OK, I've sent the song to your email already. Please check. Thank you. =)

[<3] Lol, I'm stunned leh. Haha, you asked in a very funny way! ^^ Of course you can come here more often! =D

[jack] Are you from Singapore? Hello! Miss is now available in the VCD shops. You can buy or rent the discs and watch it for yourself. I myself haven't been watching any Korean dramas except Precious Family.

[qiuwen] I'm not sure whether the Thank You VCDs are going to available or not. Shows that were competing against Thank You like Witch Amusement, Yoo Hee have already come out. Maybe Thank You will come out soon?

[ladyfannie:D] Yeah! I love Success too! I've sent the song to your email already. Check it! ^^

[anonymous] Lol? You call yourself blog-hopper. Why not be a grasshopper? =D

[kit-kat] Thanks! ^^

[vengyan] -.- I'm speechless...

[huien] Haha, exams over le! =D

[sideduck] Hi! I've visited your website! I must admit that the Pixie brush is amazing! ^^ I'm using it now! =D

Oh well! Finally, exams are over! ^^ But my D-day will come when they give us back our papers. Oh man! I wish they could just burn the papers or send it for recycling lor. If I do well, of course I would want my papers back. But the probability of doing well for this term is nearly impossible. You see, I had English (although the posher term for this subject is Language Arts, but I'm still used to calling it English) paper 2 on Monday. Actually, I think there wasn't anything really hard about it. It all just boils down to whether you know how to write well or not. But the thing is, the second part was SUPER DIFFICULT to comprehend. I just couldn't get the hidden meaning of the whole passage, and how on earth am I suppose to know how to father reacted to his daughter's behaviour?! I mean, the father just kept quiet throughout, then what do you want me to infer from this? =/ I don't know if I'm able to get high marks for English this time round... I really hope a miracle will happen to me and maybe top the level for this subject?

Tuesday was Chinese paper 2. To be frank, I didn't think it was that hard, but hello? 2 hours to complete don't-know-how-many comprehensions is a bit too little leh! If this goes on, I can fail my "O" Levels Higher Chinese examination next year lor. No time to check. No time to write my best answer. No more A1 for Chinese for me. =(

I could finally take a breather on Wednesday because I had no paper! ^^ Lalala...

Thursday, which was yesterday was crap lah. CID exam was first. Lol, first time I write so much for the first section of the CID paper leh. I hope I was writing sense because to me, I didn't know what I was writing about. Even if I do well for this paper, I still think I won't be able to do well for my overall CID mark lor. Hope they only put down the grade and not the marks. >.< After CID, it was Biology. Paper 1 was to me, quite hard lah, and of course, I realised that I made many mistakes. Say goodbye to my paper 1 le. Paper 2 wasn't as difficult, but I think I screwed up my essay questions. I forgot what role did water play in our diet and I gave crappy answers like it was needed for constant body temperature and blah blah blah. But at least I know that paper 2 wasn't as badly done as paper 1. =) Today is finally the last day of all our exams. But I guess it's also one of the worst papers I've ever sat for. Maths paper 2, I swear, was a REAL KILLER!!!! I totally didn't know what I was doing, and I half-answered many of the questions lah! I didn't even know how to do a single question from Section B lah. I'm praying really hard that I get at least a pass for Maths this year. =( Please, please, just give me a pass and I'll be contented. ='(

Enough of those depressing and stressful exams. Now time for some fun! Anyway, today is Hui En's birthday! Haha, so symbolic leh. Her birthday marks the end of our end-of-year examinations! =D 혜은, 생일 축하합니다 ! Heehee, you must be honoured, because I purposely make this very big just for you wor! ^^ I went to Vivo City together with Melissa, Si Lin, Hui En and Lynette to celebrate Hui En's birthday! ^^ Haha, we wanted to watch Hwang Jin-yi (the movie) but the next run of the movie would only be filmed at 3.55 pm, which meant that if we had stayed back to back, we would only end up going home at 6 plus. My mother would definitely not approve of it, so we decided not to watch it, which was a bit of a regret since all of us really wanted to watch it badly.

After hanging around for quite some time, I decided to go back with Si Lin. Oh yes, I must say that the sugar-cane juice that I bought from the hawker center is SUPER SWEET!!! =DD I will buy more the next time! ^^ Haiz, there are some problems with my blogskin leh. I just can't seem to be able to get the lines to align each other lah. That's why I can't change to my new blogskin now. Maybe I should consult the help of some pro blogskinners. So for the time being, please bear with this skin a little while more. ;)