Oh man! I really think I screwed up the exam papers lah, especially Maths and Chemistry. I'm just so dead. Well, let me start off with Monday, which was just the beginning of a two-week nightmare. Monday was the paper 1 of both language papers. Haiz, I think the language papers weren't very easy. I really had no time to check. Really. I really think I did not answer to the point. I screwed up! =( Help! I think I'm going to get low marks! Please don't make that come true...

Tuesday was Singapore Studies paper. Damn it lah! How can they only allocate one-and-a-half hours to finish the whole paper? I nearly did not have time to finish the paper can. Alright, I did finish it, but when there was only 2 minutes left, I still haven't written my last paragraph for my essay. My hands then were really numb and tired from the continuous writing, then I literally used my willpower to write lah can! I really want to score a high A1 for this subject to make up for my dismal results last term, but I guess that is almost impossible now...

Wednesday was Music paper. So far, I think that was the easiest paper I have sat for so far. I didn't really find it very difficult, although I admit that the paper was actually quite confusing for me. I hope to get a high A1 for this.

Yesterday was the day of the killer Chemistry paper! We had paper 2 first, and can you imagine how stunned I was when I saw the first question?! I was totally lost for words lah can, and the rest of the paper continued to stun me as well. Oh well, obviously one-and-a-half hour isn't enough to do a paper that has about 10 pages? So ya, I didn't get to finish that paper. I think I can confirm that I'm going to lose at least 10 marks for paper 2. Paper 1 wasn't that bad, but it was still difficult. Seriously, I'm thinking whether I ought to be in RV or not lor. I don't do well for Maths and Sciences subjects, which are supposedly to be the school's niche subjects. I think I'm not meant to be here at all lor. I must be crazy when I entered 3103 (RV's school code) as my first choice when my PSLE results came out. >.< To hell with yesterday's paper! I curse all Science subjects! >=(

Then today was Maths paper 1. Ok lah, it wasn't as difficult as Chemistry, but still, I feel that I'm a gone case. I was also stunned by the first question, and damn it, I got my distance formula WRONG! Oh no! Then the middle page just anyhow do then go last page le. I was totally stuck at the last question! 6 marks leh! I think I screwed up my ratio theorem and I don't know how to prove that that stupid point lies on some weird curve. Goodbye to my hope of getting a B3 grade for Maths. I just hope that I don't fail. =(

Phew, luckily this week is going to be over soon. I think the real battle will start next week lor. English and Chinese paper 2, Biology, CID3 and Maths paper 2. I'm quite sure that they will be killer papers. God bless me!

Anyway, I managed to play a bit of PhotoShop today. Just some basic stuff lah. I'm still learning how to make use of it properly. I guess I need someone who really understands PhotoShop to teach me. Any takers?

A picture editing done by me. Both dreamlucky and DreamKorea are standing on rocks in a stream during the spring season in South Korea. =)

Anyway, after exams, I will try to change my blogskin so maybe my blog will go for an extreme makeover once I get the hang of PhotoShop! ^^ Oh well, I have so many things to do after the exams! =) I shall look forward to the day when I can finally be free from burden!


I suddely feel very nervous! Exams are only 2 days away lor. How time really flies! Haiz, I haven't really started revising my work properly lah. Gosh, I'm so dead now! x_X I guess this will be the last post till the exams are over, which will be in another 2 weeks time. Good luck to everybody having/going to exams now. I will be busy studying and have promised myself not to switch on the computer. So yeah, so long! Goodbye!


Die le lah! Only 4 more days to the start of end-of-year examinations. I haven't even started revising properly lah! =( I've been trying to compensate my lack of time for revising my work by being extra-attentive for all lessons. Mind you, I've been trying my very best to absorb whatever the subject teachers have been saying. I guess my effort is paying off, but I feel that it isn't enough. Come on time, please come to me! I've been busy with so much homework that the teachers are giving us just before the exams. Come one lah, fancy finishing teaching the topic just one week before the exams start and piling us with various mock papers for each subject. I feel so stressed out!!!!! >.<'''

I'm not going to blog about Precious Family today although I have a lot of things to talk about it. Another thing is, Bae Yong-joon's new drama has broken the 30% rating barrier last night. Congratulations! I think it has the potential to break the 50% rating barrier in no time to come! Aja aja hwaiting! ^^ Joon-yi from Precious Family is in there too!! ^^

OK, that's all for now. Yes, I know it's a short post, but expect to see shorter posts from me in time to come. I'm busy mugging for exams! >.<


Yeah! I was dismissed from school at around 12.45 pm! Heehee, there practically wasn't anybody to snatch my seat in the bus away from me! ^^ Anyway, Yanni ah... Don't be so sad alright? Cheer up alright? Just do better for EOY can already. Jiayou bah, you can do it! ^^

Heehee, I'm going to blog about Precious Family again! ^^ I seriously think this drama is getting funnier and funnier each day! Ah-ri quarreled with Ok-hwa (mother in-law) today. Ok-hwa told her to water the plants in the living room, but as you know, Ah-ri didn't know how to do housework, so she ended up watering the plants until she flooded the whole living room. O.O''' Ok-hwa just quarreled with Sung-sil's mother-in-law in Seoul, so she came back in a very foul mood. Worse still, Ah-ri kept using English words to talk back to Ok-hwa. Ok-hwa was like "Hey you! You think I don't understand English is it?! I graduated from senior high school leh! But I have to stop you from rebutting me, because if you go on, I won't be able to understand what you're talking about anymore!" How cute! Then Jung-hwan's aunt hor, instead of siding with her sister-in-law, ended up siding Ah-ri leh. She ended up telling Ah-ri that Ok-hwa was like her the last time, like breaking bowls and even a giant vat. Ah-ri got very amused and starting laughing like siao and Ok-hwa was terribly pissed off with both Geum-joo (Jung-hwan's aunt) and Ah-ri. She ended up quarreling with Geum-joo too. Oh man, just what is so wrong with her today? She ended up quarreling 3 ahjummas today. What a day.

You see that picture there? I took it from today's My Paper. It features Hwang Jin-yi, and it also mentioned that the movie Hwang Jin-yi will be shown here on the 27th September 2007. Haiz, too bad I don't know when the drama version will be out. MediaCorp is a slow-pok again... @_@ But at least they're showing Goong S starting from 14th October 2007 onwards. Click to enlarge the picture if you want to read the article. =D


Nothing to blog today. Heehee, except for Precious Family! ^^ Precious Family totally rocks lah! ^^ Ji-hwan and Ah-ri got married today! =D Congratulations to the newly-weds! Haha, Ah-ri was so careless lah! Barely after she entered her in-laws house to pay her respects to them, she fell down and broke her arm and leg. -.-''' You know why? Because she lives in an apartment in Seoul, whereas her husband lives in a traditional house away from Seoul. She, being too used to life in Seoul, didn't realise that traditional house have steps in them, and instead of going to the kitchen, she went out to the balcony and fell down. But the way she fell down was funny! She was like "Whee! I'm falling!". Very funny! ^^ Then Ji-hwan's aunt kept laughing at her. Bad aunty! But when the aunt laughed, I also laughed. The aunt some more was laughing as if she had never laughed before can! Poor Ah-ri. Haha, I think she felt very pissed off with Ji-hwan's aunt. =p Oh man, I seriously think this show really rocks leh! =D It really made my day! =) Go on, watch this drama and laugh your heart out! =D


HSK today was horrendous! @_@ The paper itself was already so hard lah! I didn't really listening properly during the listening comprehension. I just picked the answers that I liked best. =p Then comprehension was worse. I gave all sorts of crappy answers that I could think of. There really wasn't any time for me to look through the passage for the answers because we only have 40 minutes to answer 40 questions. That's insane alright! Anyway, I was quite surprised that I was able to finish writing the composition within 30 minutes, although I think what I wrote doesn't make sense at all. Finally, it was oral. Oral was horribly horrendous!! I kept stammering and stumbling over stupid stuff lah. I kept pausing here and there and I also got tongue-tied. =( I think I even said my index number wrongly leh. How ah?? =O Haiz, I think I won't be able to get any certificate lor. I wasted my parents' money for nothing. $_$

After HSK, I met up with my family members at Lot 1 for dinner. Nothing much lah. But haha, as usual, I went to LaserFlair. I swear that The Infamous Chil Princesses show is damn funny lah! I want the VCDs!! ^^ I think that South Korea really produces very good family dramas. Yes, they may be long, but long doesn't equate to being draggy. Their family dramas can make you cry and laugh at the same time. Be Strong, Geum-soon! and Precious Family are just 2 examples. I hope Channel U will show The Infamous Chil Princesses soon! (Though I know it will be ages before they broadcast it. -.-''')


I've created history for myself by waking up at 6.45 am! =D No no, this is actually something which I'm proud of, because I woke up at 6.45 am ON A SCHOOL DAY!!!!! I just quite shocked when I saw the time, because when I woke up, I saw the sky as being dark blue, instead of the black I used to see. I was also quite surprised that my mother also didn't wake me up, because she herself was asleep. O.O''' Lol, by the time I got ready, it was almost 6.55 am, then me, my mother and sister rushed down to take a cab. Damn, we had to book a cab and book liao hor, the cab still took such a long time to arrive. The taxi-driver dropped my sister off at her school at around 7.20 am. Then we proceeded to Malan Road. It was already 7.25 am, and I was still stuck at Bukit Batok because there was a jam! I nearly cursed the all the vehicles in front of the taxi lah! In the end, I didn't know how I still managed to reach school just on time leh. I reached school at around 7.32 am, and I saw those SCs waiting outside to take down latecomers' names. Luckily I wasn't considered late, so I just quickly made my way to the assembly point. Phew, what a day it has been!

Haiz, tomorrow is the HSK examination. I'm very nervous lah. I think I'm going to pay for the test for nothing. I won't get any certificate because I'm not confident of doing well. =( It really seemed very hard leh. I just hope I won't have a nervous breakdown or something. I hope I'll be able to finish my composition within 30 minutes. I hope I'll be able to answer at least most of the questions there, although I do know that my Chinese standard isn't really that good. I hope I'll not stumble and just stone there when I don't know what to say for my oral. I hope I'll make it back alive from that place where my hellish and horrifying experience will begin.

Haha, I shan't blog much about Precious Family today, because I couldn't remember what really happened today. But I've seen the trailers for Monday's episode. It really looked very funny! I think Ah-ri had to help out in the house or something and I don't know how on earth she fell. Lol, then everybody was stunned diao and didn't know what to do. Be sure to watch it! =D I will have a good laugh on Monday!! ^^

You see that picture? It's from yesterday's My Paper. I only took it today because my father is back from Bintan and I took it with his camera! Oh man, now I'm so tempted to sign up for cable. I swear that if I was living alone, I'll surely sign up for a cable TV plan. Why? Because MediaCorp is a slow-pok in everything and it doesn't produce TV dramas of good quality. The only access to good TV dramas are from VCDs and cable TV. Besides, cable TV comes with KBS World too. I heard that in some other places, they have a MBC channel too. How lucky. But I'm contented with KBS World. =)


Oh man, there were so many tests today! First, PE test. Next, Chinese test. After that, Maths test. I think I'm going to volunteer for umpiring the floor ball game tomorrow because so far, Ms Loo has only assessed me for goal-keeping and individual skill. I think I play better than I defend. Haha, it could be considered bad luck that Timothy landed up in my team. Being the referee, he kept cutting into the players' paths and ended up tripping us. -.- Being the player, he kept whacking his floor ball stick onto our legs, also tripping us in the process. But I think he's quite good as a goal-keeper lah. His goal-keeping skills were seriously not bad. There was even one goal where the ball came flying towards the goal post and he managed to kick it away. Pro huh... O.O'''

Chinese test was next. OK lah, I wanted to write about my reflections about one of 尤今's short stories in 《大地的耳朵》, which was how she hated mushrooms when she was younger until her mother told her that the mushroom is 大地的耳朵, which is literally "The Land's Ears". I still don't get how mushrooms can become ears. -.- At the last minute, I decided not to base my reflection on that, so I decided to write about 《菩萨的境界》, which is about a troupe of mute and deaf dancers from China who managed to put up a spectacular and dazzling dance even though they were handicapped. Anyway, I watched the dance on video last year during dance classes, and I really admired how those dancers managed to dance so beautifully and naturally even though they are mute and deaf. They really don't look like handicapped people at all! Anyway, for those interested about what that dance is called, it's called 《千手观音》. Go watch it on YouTube if you can find it! =D Oh ya, I think I have no hope of doing well for this reflection aka test leh. We were given only 30 minutes to complete ir and I was practically rushing through it lor. I think I wrote crap. >.<

Maths test was a total disaster. Mr Liu said it was quite easy but I didn't find it easy leh. What the, I was already stuck in the first question lah, and I doubt I answered it correctly anyway. Haiz, my Maths results isn't very good this year leh. I really hate A Maths! I just can't to get everything right lor. I guess I have no talent in Maths and Science bah. Crap lah! Anyway, I hope I'm mentally prepared to to fail this test, although I really wish not to fail it and desire to pass this test once with flying colours. I guess that's impossible now. =( Logarithm, logarithmics and exponential curves are driving me mad! Linear law sucks even more! >=(

My mood wasn't really that good after the Maths test. Luckily Michelle asked me and Victoria whether we wanted to take a taxi home, because I felt quite moody and there were so many people at the bus-stop. Anyway, I was glad I agreed to take the taxi because it was peak hour mah, then my school is very near AYE (Ayer Rajah Expressway) then it was jammed. If I had taken bus 97, I think I would only reach home at 7.30 pm. Thanks Michelle for the ride!! ^^ Anyway, I realised that me and Victoria live very near each other leh! =D It's only a 5-minute walk from my house to hers. Haha, I must go to her house more often! ^^

I think today's Precious Family episode is quite sad leh. Sung-sil finally cried in front of her autistic son because she felt very pressurised. Then her autistic son, Joon-yi, stood up and helped his mother wipe away her tears. How touching! =') Oh yes, he managed to call his grandpa today! Haiz, I think Mr Ahn is very noble leh. For the sake of waiting for his son, he could wait for him through the night just for him to make it home safely. How touching! =')

Anyway, you know Bae Yong-joon's new drama "The Legend"? Oh my goodness lah! Can you just look at its ratings? It's SUPER HIGH can? For its first episode, it got 20.4% nationwide and 21.6% in the metropolitan area of South Korea. It broke all records for this year's K-dramas in terms of first episode ratings. Before that, the highest was Park Shin-yang's Money's Warfare, which had a starting rating of 17%. For The Legend's second episode, the ratings jumped almost 7 % alright! This drama had a rating of 26.9% and 27.7% in the metropolitan area. Seriously, I don't remember Jumong (South Korea's mega-hit historical drama. It was number 1 in terms of ratings for almost 40 weeks consecutively!) getting such a high rating in its first few episodes leh. Will The Legend become this year's mega-hit drama like Jumong? Will Bae Yong-joon be able to reign as the King of Hallyu? Will his drama break the 50% mark in ratings like how Jumong did? It's still too early to say, but I must say it's really an impressive start for a new drama. Although I'm not a fan of Bae Yong-joon, I'll watch this drama when I have the time to see whether it's worth the hype.

Anyway, my dad is now in Bintan, probably enjoying himself. -.-''' He left Singapore yesterday and will only return tomorrow. Haiz, I'm missing him now. The house really seems quite empty without him around. =(


Haha, I love Tuesdays when there aren't any CCAs. You know why? Because I can be dismissed at 12.45 pm. Heehee, because my last period is my free period. On top of that, I don't have any CCA after that, so I can go home immediately. Yanni still wanted me to accompany her to Bugis and City Hall to get her jacket or something. Luckily, me, being a very sensible girl, knew how to get home and finished up my Chinese formal letter. =D I can't get much of Maths done though. I'm still having problems with them, and I can't believe that just 2 weeks before the exams, I'm still having a test on logarithm and indices. How I hate logarithm and exponential curves. =(

I think today's Precious Family episode is very nice leh! Ah-ri's father is very cute today lor! You know when he heard that his daughter is going to her future mother-in-law's place to make kimchi, he got so nervous and started asking his daughter whether she knew how a cabbage looked like. He send Ah-ri to Ok-hwa (mother in-law)'s place because he was very worried for her. When they reached their destination, Ah-ri's dad saw Ah-ri's future father-in-law. He quickly hid behind his bodyguard's back, but still got spotted by his future in-law. =p What a cute guy!! ^^ When he went into their house, he kept bowing down to Ok-hwa while talking and Ok-hwa did exactly the same thing as him. =p Ok-hwa is another very cute character!! =D Then Ok-hwa's sis-in-law mentioned something that made me laugh like mad. She said, "Wah, Ah-ri is very tall, and I expected her father to be as tall or even taller. Instead, I see a very short man in front of me!" Haha, I cracked up leh! =D Then Ah-ri's father said, "Yeah, I'm short, but my father was very tall." Can you imagine how -.-''' I felt?

Haha, I shall stop ranting here today. Good bye for now! =D And do tag my blog leh? Why now nobody tag le?? ='(


I guess the first day of Term 4 wasn't that bad bah. I didn't feel sleepy at all, partly because the weather was very cooling (My ideal weather! =D) and that I was quite determined to do well this term. Haiz, but I have to write another formal letter for Chinese even though I topped my class for that segment. =( Never mind, practice makes perfect.

Mr Boey is the new teacher taking us for Biology. Aiyah, I seriously hope the school will give us notes on DNA, because I really don't understand that topic, and the exams are only 2 weeks away?! But well, at least I know a bit about DNA now, because I am very attentive today! ^^

Anyway, I think the reason why I felt so alert today was also because I drank a cup of Boh's Ice Lime Green Tea. Haha, a cup of tea is just my cup of tea! =) I shall drink 1 cup every morning to perk myself up then. Maybe I should sneak some into my water bottle too, but I think it wouldn't be wise because that will attract ants and my mum will never let me off. Second thing is that, given the humid weather in Singapore, I'm quite sure that the bottle of 0 degrees Celsius tea will very soon become a bottle of 29 degrees Celsius tea. I think the tea will taste very funny if it's not cold, so let's just leave it to drinking it at home. =)


Haiz, school is starting tomorrow. Sian lah, I don't feel like going back alright. Going back means that the teachers will be drilling us more because the end-of-year examinations are coming. Damn it, come to think about it, I felt that I haven't been doing much this holidays leh. I think I'm going to die horribly for my horrible results. =( Maybe I will start chiong-ing tomorrow onwards! I shall be more serious in revising my work! 有志者,事竟成。加油吧,颖怡!=)

Anyway, I watched the Jumong Special talkshow on YouTube yesterday. Haha, to those who don't want to know spoilers, don't watch it until you've finished watching the actual drama. Haha, the talkshow was very entertaining leh. They showed a lot of NGs and some of the scenes in the drama. Haha, and I realised that those actresses in Jumong spotted bangs! ^^ Really so coincidental lor! Oh Yeon-soo (My love!), Han Hye-jin (My lovely love!), Song Ji-hyo, Kyun Mi-ri (Heehee, Lady Choi!) have similiar hairstyles! =D Haha, they looked very pretty during that talkshow, especially Han Hye-jin!! ^^ I liked the way Oh Yeon-soo dressed. Haha, she's another big chiobu! <3 Yup, they took 383 days to finish filming Jumong, and when it ended, so many people cried. ='( After that, they had some celebratory dinner at some Seoul hotel. I heard that Han Hye-jin cried because she couldn't bear to leave the cast or something. Heehee, I could tell that strong bonds were forged during the filming process. But alas, everybody should be happy that this drama has become South Korea's NATIONAL DRAMA. Oh man, I can't wait to watch the actual drama itself!! ^^ I've posted the videos below. Watch it only if you really want to know what's going on in that show. The videos really contain a lot of spoilers! Don't say I didn't warn you! ;)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8


zZz... I got tagged by Jennie to do this, but I got nothing to do also mah, so I might as well do it. =D See, I'm a nice person! ^^

Each player of this game starts off with TEN weird things or habits or little known facts about yourself. People who get tagged must write in a blog of their own TEN weird things/habits/little known facts as well as state this rule clearly. At the end you must choose SIX people to be tagged and list their names. NO TAGGING BACK!!

#1. Haha, I can really sleep through the afternoon and maybe only wake up at around 5 pm. Haha, that is during the holidays and when I'm sick! Heehee! ^^

#2. I really really love KOREAN DRAMAS a lot. I think they are much better than Singapore dramas huh. But haha, anyway, I think most people know that I'm crazy over them, so I guess it's not counted? =X

#3. I'm a blogger who loves her blog very much! Can you tell?? =/

#4. I love Harry Potter books very much! =D Can you tell? I still read storybooks that are meant for small little kids. Can you tell? =/

#5. I used to play the violin before I stopped because I felt very stressed.

#6. I didn't like Suntec City the last time because I thought that it was too big and I would get lost over there. I love feeding the Koi fishes there though. =)

#7. Yeah, I live on the 7th floor. O.O'''

#8. I give names to every toy that I have in the house. I talk to them at night too! ^^

#9. Some of my toys are as old as me! Amazing huh?

#10. Oh yes, one more thing. I want to be an SIA air stewardess when I grow up! Hopefully, that dream will come true for me! =)

Hmm, let's see who are the lucky ones who get picked to do my quiz. Heehee, Hui En! You're my number one target! Let's see, followed by Ying Ting, Elaine, Mauwy. Still got 2 more people leh. I don't know who to choose!! =/ Maybe I'll tag Zoey and Xin Ying bah. =D

Haha, I want to talk about Precious Family! I think this drama seriously rocks leh! I mean, it's very funny yet it really gives you that "We're one big family!" feeling. I forgot to blog about yesterday's episode. Yesterday's episode was really, really, really very funny! ^^ Haha, Ah-ri visited her husband-to-be's house mah, then she went to Ji-hwan's room and complained that it was too small. She said that it looked like a bento box. Then her Ok-hwa (future mother-in-law) was like "What?! You mean we've been living in bento boxes all along?!" You can't blame her anyway, because she was brought up a rich and pampered child, while her future husband lived in an old house in a village that was so unlike Seoul.

Today's episode was also very funny. Haha, I didn't know that Sung-mi is so emotional lah. Ji-hwan invited all his siblings to meet their future sister-in-law at the restaurant. So, Sung-sil, Jung-hwan and Sung-mi turned up. All of them had a very good impression of Ah-ri. Although Sung-mi admired Ah-ri, she was also jealous of her because Ah-ri was very jovial and confident of herself. Sung-mi was very upset because she though that Ah-ri was better than her in many ways. When she reached home, she was crying her eyes out. Haha, but the way she cried was very funny leh! I was laughing although she was crying. =D Both her aunt and mum was making fun of her too! ^^ Haha, but seriously, I think her aunt can really sing very well leh. Erm, much better than her sister-in-law (Sung-mi's mother) anyway. Oops, if Ok-hwa hears this, she'll kill me. =X

Once again, I proclaim that Precious Family is nice!! You'll totally regret it if you never watch this show!! =D But I really doubt that there's any OST for this drama. =(


Goodness me! Glenn managed to let me listen to the whole OST of Dae Jo Young, and that made me realise something. Korean historical dramas have beautiful OSTs too! ^^ Although the dramas itself might be too long for some people to stand it, but haha, you can't deny that the songs inside are nice! =D

Some songs from Dae Jo Young's OST. Although I haven't watched this drama, I think it's going to be quite promising because I heard that this drama is quite good. Sheesh, that's the problem of not having KBS World. I miss out on so many good Korean dramas. People who have KBS World and yet don't watch it, please donate it to me! There are people out there who need it more than you. =X
애상 Ae Sang (哀想) by Park Hyo-shin

그대만 모르죠 Geudaeman Moreujyo by Narsya of Brown Eyed Girls

이별이 오기전에 Eebyeolee Ohjijeone by L.Woo and Sung Ho

Some songs from KBS historical drama Hwang Jin-yi!! ^^ Woohoo! I can't wait to watch it on Channel U. I heard that it will be shown every weekends starting from 14th October 2007 onwards at 7 pm. Haiz, I just hope they will change the timing and show it on weekdays at 10 pm instead.

루 Roo by Kim Dong-wook

그대 보세요 Geudae Boseyo by Choi Hye-jin

나쁜사람 Nabbeunsaram (Bad Person) by Baek Ji-young

Some songs from MBC historical drama Jumong, which is a big hit in South Korea and other places. Heehee, now people are calling it the no. 2 Dae Jang Geum because the ratings are just as good and it's making waves around Asia now. People who have cable TV will get to watch this on Channel 55 at around October. Good lah, I don't even have cable. ='(

The World Calls Me by Insooni

Ha Neul Ee Yuh Je Bal by Insooni

Yak Sok by Lee Sung-wook and Han Ji-won

That's all for today, folks! =D Remember to listen to those very nice songs I've put up! ^^


Haha, sorry for now blogging for the past 2 days. I was sick you see, too sick to even use the computer. =( But I'm feeling better now! At least my sore throat and fever are gone, although I'm still coughing like there's no tomorrow. O.O I shall reply tags first. =)

[xin] Haha, I also want to go Japan leh, but my dad said that it's quite expensive. So, chances are, I mayb not be going there. =( I want to go to the Disneyland there!! ^^

[justea <3] Haha, my school's Teachers' Day celebrations was great! ^^ I wanted to blog about it, but I was too sick at that time. Haha, the dance and band items rock!! =D

[SABRINA] Ya, I agree with you! Hi-5! I've given up on Singapore TV dramas already lor. So much shouting here and there. Even my dad couldn't stand it and he switched to watching Korean dramas instead. Haha, I haven't watched H.I.T yet because I have no time, but the opening and ending themes are cool lor! I'm sure you know the 2 songs that Super Junior sang in that drama right? Success and H.I.T, they totally rock me off! ^^ Especially Success... It's one of the coolest rap I've ever heard lor. =)

[Glenn] Thanks for tagging!! ^^ Haha, I will visit your Friendster profile later!! =D

[JEN :] ] Haha, the performance was great!! RVCBand rocks!! *^^*

[VENGYANXDD] Chey... I thought the computer really tio virus leh. Scare me can... And I think your friend is pretty lame. -.-

[Grendal] Yes, Precious Family is nice!! =)

Hmm, I think I have nothing much to blog today bah. I managed to read until page 100 of 尤今's 《大地的耳朵》. Now I finally know why RV is always getting us to read her books. Haha, because she was once from RV mah. >.O Actually, her books are quite nice to read lah, but there are still a lot of words which I don't know how to read. =( Anyway, I felt that today isn't wasted because I managed to go through my Biology! ^^ Haiz, I think I have to start mugging for exams le. It's just less than 1 month away. Aja aja hwaiting! =)