=( I only reached home in time to catch the last 10 minutes of Precious Family. Stupid lah, we've been having Teachers' Day rehearsal for like 2 days continuosly, with each rehearsal ending at about 6.30 pm. I seriously hate it when I have to stay in school for more than half a day lah. Oh no... I feel sick now. I'm having a terrible sore throat and now I can't talk properly. Haiz, when I blow my clarinet, I keep coughing lor. Stupid lah, why must I fall sick now?? >=( Tomorrow is Teachers' Day celebration, I hope we do put up a good show. Jiayou to all the performers!! ^^

Haha, now I'm tempted to go to Perth leh. The English Department will be organising a 9-day trip to Australia. The maximum cost is only $1800. In my opinion, it's already very cheap and they say they will bring down the price lower. Oh man, the trip really sounds cool leh! But I'm really not sure which trip I should go for lor. I don't know whether I should go for the band's Japan trip or this EL trip leh. But seriously, I think that the cost for the Japan trip is really quite expensive leh. Maybe the EL trip will be worth the money. But Japan will be having winter during the end of the year while Australia will be having summer. Given a choice, I'd rather go to a place which is having winter lah, because that's one of my favourite seasons. =) Never mind, I shall get good results for EOYs and convince my parents to let me go to either one of these places. =)


Haiz, there's band practice, or rather, Teachers' Day rehearsal tomorrow lor. I didn't know we were going to perform until this week lah, which is very rushed. Worse thing is, the costume we're going to wear hor, is long-sleeve shirt plus 3/4 pants. Oh my goodness, how awful can that get? I mean, I don't really like the 3/4 pants because I think it's quite tight for me. I think it's a mis-match lor. zZz... Oh well...

I went home with Farah, Sarah, Jia Yi and Candy. I saw Gar Yim alone at Commonwealth MRT station so she decided to go home with us too. Lol, talked a lot of crap on the way back. Haha, Farah is so thick-skinned lor. She called herself "Hot Babe" lah. Sarah is "Not-so-hot babe". Wahaha, I think today is nice!! ^^ Oh yes, I nearly forgot that I went to the dentist to tighten my teeth, so I couldn't eat properly. =(

Aiyah, I missed 20 minutes of Precious Family today lah! >=( Gosh, I seriously need my mum to buy the VCDs soon, because I think I'll be late tomorrow and the day after. =( I guess I'm missing out a lot lor! ='( Sung-sil finally got mad at her cheating husband and threw everything at him lah. Gosh, I haven't seen her so angry and dejected before. Poor thing... Yes, you should divorce him! ^^ Divorce bah! =X


Oh well, I guess HSK briefing wasn't that bad bah. I mean, I can't say that it's good mah, but least I get an idea of how the real test will be like. Haiz, I think I'm going to pay $75 for nothing lor. I probably won't get the certificate lah. I barely passed my listening comprehension lah. Worse still, there's still oral and I have to write a 400-600 word eassy within 30 minutes. That's crazy lah! If I want to write a proper composition, I would have to take at least 1 hour alright! I think this Chinese proficiency test is stupid lah. It's more like a speech and accuracy test rather than a test to test your proficiency in Chinese. Oh crap, just wish me luck bah! =(

Precious Family was very nice today, although I missed about 10 minutes of it because of the stupid HSK briefing. =( Hmm, I can't seem to be able to find the opening theme on YouTube leh. I wanted to put up the opening theme here one lor. Oh well, I hope somebody post it here soon. Anyway, Jung-hwan is serious about setting up a shop selling chicken feet. I think everybody was shocked by his decision, although his aunt had agreed to support him if he's serious. Haha, she has no choice mah, because her darling nephew is angry with her for saying that his chicken feet business will be a flop. Anyway, I realised something. Mr Ahn (the family man aka vice-principal) is really a man of few words. I seldom see him talk lor. Another thing, I suspect he is still writing letters to his parents who are long dead. What a weird guy! Sung-sil officially announced that she'll divorce her husband because he was being unfaithful to her. Actually, that wasn't the main reason lah. The main reason was her husband felt ashamed of having an autistic son (Joon-yi) and refused to take care of him. Haiz, I really feel so sad for Sung-sil lor. She has to face the wrath of her in-laws for giving birth to an autistic child and get beaten up by her husband when he's drunk. Furthermore, she has to take care of Joon-yi 24 hours a day lah. Go, Sung-sil, go! Divorce your good-for-nothing husband and go back to your own family who will embrace you with open arms! Aja aja hwaiting!! ^^


zZz... I didn't go for today's CIP because 1) it was too far away for me. The meeting place is at Bedok MRT station and I have to reach there by 7.10 am. It's freaking early and far away for me lor. I live in the West and you tell me to meet in the East... It's like travelling across Singapore alright, although I know that Singapore isn't that big compared to other countries. But still, if I have to reach Bedok by 7.10 am, that would mean I have to wake up at 5 am, which is still very early because it's a Sunday, not any other school days. 2) Ying Ting couldn't make it the last minute because of some CCA matters. It so happened that she was my partner for that CIP, so with me not having anybody to go with, I decided not to go too. With that, I get a few more hours of sleep and I won't feel so lethargic after that.

Oh yes, I have gotten myself a new haircut! ^^ Apparently, I went back to the same hair-dressing salon and wow, that hair-stylist still remembered me even though a few months have passed. Pro lah, she still remembered what style I wanted the last time round. I cut my hair and got it layered. Haha, you may ask me why I cut my hair, and I shall tell you that it's because I realised that my shampoo and conditioner are running out fast. =)

Tomorrow is another school day lor. I have to stay back for some stupid HSK briefing which will last about 3 hours. I regretted paying so much just for that lah. I'd rather go for my piano lesson and reach home at 7 pm, which is just in time to watch my Precious Family drama, rather than staying back in school until 6 or 7 pm and miss my drama. =( Can I back out now? >=O


Argh! Now my leg feels so itchy. I want to scratch it, but I can't do so, because the bandage is in my way. =( Oh yes, for your information, I sprained my leg because I fell down the stairs. =( So... that explains why I was late for band and why people see me limping. Pathetic right? I actually didn't want to go to school one lor, but I decided to go at the last minute. I think it proved to be the correct and wrong choice at the same time bah. It was the correct choice because only there were only 3 people in 3rds. If I never come, there will only be 2 people left. Wrong choice because I missed 45 minutes of Precious Family. =( Fret not, at least I could help Evan get his stuff right. Practice more yeah? =)

Ya, about Precious Family, I didn't get to watch everything, which was quite a sad thing. But Lee Dong-wook's character (I still don't know his name in that show! >.<) wanted to set up a business seeling chicken feet. I was like lol-ing all the way. And I think his mother is one very amusing character! ^^ Precious Family rocks! =D

Anyway, I finished watching Secret Lovers today. Overall, I enjoyed the show very much, although I felt that the ending was a bit lame lah. Lol. Oh yes, Song Sun-mi, who plays Jung Ah-mi in that show, acted in Precious Family as Ah-ri if I'm not wrong! =D Haha, I'm still not quite familiar with the characters in Precious Family yet. =p Yay! I can return the VCDs to the drink-stall auntie and borrow Only You from her. =)

I've uploaded a few more songs into my imeem profile, including Jumong's OST. I will upload Hwang Jin-yi's OST when my computer isn't that laggy and when I have the time. Go check it out!


Lol. I think today is one of the days when Chemistry lab sessions became so interesting. Wei Kai tried to act macho, -.- so he carried the big container of sulphuric acid to our lab from the other lab. Well, he made it, almost. When he was about to put it down, the container suddenly cracked and tada, the whole container of sulphuric acid spilled. Pro right? The whole class was evacuated immediately because there was a very strong smell and Ms Khang said that those were toxic fumes. To think that I actually made no effort in not breathing in those fumes. No wonder I felt so sick after that. Haiz, I think Ms Khang was really pissed off with Wei Kai leh, because I think that's a container of freshly prepared sulphuric acid. =( Wei Kai seemed sad about it too. =( Cheer up bah! =)

By the way, Ms Zhang seemed more cheerful today. I guess it's because she's seen our cheer-up card we made for her!! ^^ Well, that's good bah. At least she's almost back to her normal self le. =D

Erm... CCA tomorrow. Haiz, I think I'm going to miss Precious Family lor... =(


Today is alright I guess... Ms Ek talked to us about the progress of our RVIP thingy. Haha, our new hall hor, from what I saw from the photos they showed us, really looked like the Esplanade concert hall leh! And our band room is about 12 times the size of Ms Ek's office. Haha, I don't know how big her office is because I'm not a bad girl, but I suppose it should be quite big bah. =D Oh man, I can't wait for year 2009 to come! ^^

Hmm, the new school uniform design is out. Actually, it isn't that bad when I see models wearing it instead of just plainly looking at the uniform. Hmm, but they're asking us to leave down some feedback, so just leave it down bah. =/

Precious Family is really getting nicer and nicer leh! Lee Dong-wook's character really rocks! So cute! Haha, the way he asks money from other people is just so adorable. Anyway, Joon-yi feel down today and hurt his head. Poor child. He was crying all the way...

Oh well, I guess that's all bah, I go and watch the Channel 8 show le. They're featuring KOREA!!! =DD


Oh well, Chinese lesson today was another somber affair. Haiz, I just don't understand boys leh. I mean, Ms Zhang is already feeling very sad, and yet why do you have to further agitate her by talking back to her and saying those nonsense? Well, I'm talking about one boy from my class who is insensitive enough not to care about other people's feelings. Alright, I do admit I didn't like Ms Zhang at first because I still haven't forgotten how she made me write the 800-word essay for forgetting to bring such a trivial stuff like a textbook. But yeah, it's your own fault that you didn't do your homework. She's just fulfilling her responsibility as a teacher to chase you for her homework. She could have just sat down there and pretended you didn't exist or couldn't be bothered about you anymore. The fact that she still took the effort to nag at you showed how much she cared about you and your studies. Why can't you see what her real intentions were? After writing so many punishment essays (I doubt you did it anyway) for her, you stubbornly didn't know (or refused) to know why she was doing all these. Really, given a choice, I think Ms Zhang would have gladly exchanged class with other teachers. What she said today was really meaningful, although it had a tinge of sadness in it. When she confronted another boy (I shan't name him too) who didn't do his Chinese homework, the boy gave her the I-couldn't-be-bothered look and told her flat that he would do it some other day. Then Ms Zhang said,

"When you close your eyes tonight, do you guarantee that you'll wake up tomorrow, getting the chance to see a bright new morning? My mother died just within 30 minutes, do you think time will wait for you to finish your work before you die?"

After that, I thought I could see her crying. ='( Luckily the previous boy had the sense not to talk back to her, if not I think Ms Zhang will really start crying in front of us. =( I hope Ms Zhang is feeling better now bah. We've written up a cheer-up card. Hopefully, she'll become less sad bah. Haiz, although I'd rather she remain this way because she's more subdued and such, I still can't help but to feel sorry for her. So, Ms Zhang, do cheer up and get on with life! What's gone will never come back again. I guess this time will also come sooner or later to everybody else. Haiz, what comes must go. What goes will also come (back in probably other form). Haha, it's a good quote I got from the Korean drama Secret Lovers. I guess that's what life is all about.


Oh well, I guess I shan't anger my Chinese teacher or do anything that upsets her bah. Something terrible happened today lor. She wasn't in school for the whole of last week, then today when she came back to teach us, she really looked very tired and haggard-looking? She wasn't her usual "arrogant" self lah. She didn't even bother scolding people who didn't do homework lor. That's really so unlike her. Anyway, something very sad happened to her lah, and for the sake of her privacy, I shan't post it up here.

Biology practical test was a disaster! I nearly burned myself with the Bunsen burner, nearly spoilt my eyes trying to see the yeast cells from the light microscope, and nearly spilled yeast solution all over my test paper. -.- Oh yes, I didn't get to have time to finish my paper, so confirm 3 marks gone le. Haiz, I really have the feeling that I won't do well this term lor. =( What a disastrous disaster!

Another bad news. My CID group got chosen to do the CID Learning Symposium. Die liao lah... now got so many programs on. Why must we get chosen? I was so secretly hoping that our proposal was so lousy until the teachers wouldn't want to take a further look. Lol, Hui En, what did you write in there?! Haiz, straight after End-Of-Year exams need to prepare for this lor. No time to rest and play. BOO!!

I watched the new Korean drama on Channel U at 7 pm today. It's called Precious Family. Haha, so far, I think I'm liking the show. It isn't as boring as Be Strong, Geum-soon!'s first few episodes, but whether it can sustain my interest I'm still not quite sure at the moment because that's only the first episode. Anyway, Lee Dong-wook (Gong-chan) from My Girl is in this drama! That's his drama just before My Girl I think. I loved him in My Girl, so I must watch this drama for him! ^^ Let's go for OST hunting the next time round yeah? Oh yes, my mum seems to enjoy this show a lot, so maybe another VCD this time round? Hopefully so! =)


Hmm, today is a good day! Nice weather. Check. Feeling fresh. Check. Woke up early. Check. I woke up at 7 am, which is considered quite early because I usually wake up at 9 - 10 am on usual Saturdays. I had to wake up early because I had to reach Woodlands by 8.20 am for Zoey's CIP. =)

Yup, today's trip to Care Corner Family Centre was VERY FUN!!! Boo! Ying Ting didn't come today because she was sick so I had to pair up with my retarded cousin, Gar Yim. Lol, luckily her partner also didn't come, so we two ended up together! ^^ We went around the residents' flats and did surveys with them. Lol, our leader, Ann, who is also a social worker rocks man! She's very humorous lor! =D There was once Gar Yim and I talked to an elderly resident. OK, she looked Chinese so we spoke Chinese to her. To our horror, she started speaking in some weird dialect which I later deciphered it as Hokkien. Yes, I'm a Chinese, but not of the Hokkien dialect. -.- I'm a Cantonese alright. Lol, me and Gar Yim just hurriedly gave her the Chinese brochure and we quickly walked away. =X

After we could go, Madeline, Zoey, Gar Yim, Cassandra, Siew Lin and I went to Causeway Point to have our lunch because me, Zoey, Gar Yim and Cassandra needed the library to do some research for our Biology presentation. Haiz, I didn't have the appetite to eat much today lor. I couldn't finish my lunch, which actually surprised quite a number of people including me myself because I'm known for my ferocious appetite. =D Madeline ended up eating some of my lunch which I gladly offered her. Cassandra also ate quite a lot today. Lol, I don't know what's wrong with all of us today. We don't seemed t be acting like ourselves. =X

After lunch, Madeline and Siew Lin went home, so the 4 of us met Charlene at the library too. Haiz, I didn't know that searching for information in the library could be so difficult lah. I had to read through dunno-how-many books on DNA before I finally decided on borrowing one book called "The Complete Idiot's Guide To Decoding Your Genes". Oh well, I guess I'm really an idiot to have borrowed this book, but it's the best I could find. =( zZz... If any Biology experts are reading my blog out there, please help me answer this question, "How is the Human Genome Project (HGP) done?" Thanks loads!

I went home to change and went to my grandmother's house to commemorate (Is this the correct word to use?) the 3rd death anniversary of my grandfather. Wesley and I were made to read scriptures from Psalm 23 since that was my grandfather's favourite. We sang many songs too lah, then my uncles, aunties and father had to say a short prayer lor. They also recollect the fond memories they shared with my grandfather. My grandfather was a quiet man, but he was a loving figure to all. Haiz, my grandmother cried lor, and then she made me want to cry too. ='( It's been 3 years... and yet every time it's near Christmas, my mood gets very lousy. That was when he first suffered a stroke. From then on, that was the point of time when his whole health was failing him. It was really agonising to see him in and out of hospital. I guess he spent the last days of his life in hospital. In a way, all of us were quite relieved that he passed away peacefully. At least he didn't have to endure the pain and suffering anymore. Yes, he has gone to a better place. A place which is so unlike Earth...

I didn't eat much for dinner too because my appetite hasn't returned to me. =( I just ate 2 slices of pizza which were really deliciously nice! ^^ Nope, those pizzas weren't from Pizza Hut, neither were they from the Canadian Pizza (which is totally inedible). They were from the Rite Pizza if I'm not wrong! Go try their pizzas! It's really good! =D Lol, we wanted to download MapleStory on our aunt's computer, but haha, we decided not to because it would take up a lot of her computer memory. Oh yes, I'm the pro-est Mapler in my family!! ^^ Anyway, I played some of Wesley's very-bloody-and-gruesome shooting game. Haha, I'm totally addicted to it! ^^ I seem to like games that involve killing monsters. Lol!

Oh yes, my mum has bought a new LG vacuum cleaner because our old one couldn't work anymore. Hmm, I wonder if Lee Young-ae is still the spokesperson of LG leh, because I don't see her in LG advertisements anymore. =( Young-ae unni, where are you now?


Please ignore my post below. It's just getting nowhere. =O Let's talk about HAPPY stuff alright? ^^

Last episode of Be Strong, Geum-soon! leh. Aww, I'm going to miss Geum-soon, Jae-hee, Hwe-sung and all the characters in this show. Haha, I guess I'm going to give a review to this drama. Hmm, this isn't just any ordinary Korean drama I guess. Not your usual type of love story, but this is truely a family drama. You get to see how the Korean society is really like, where orphans and widows there are really despised. Yes, Geum-soon was despised by her parents-in-law at first for causing the death of their son, but gradually, they accepted her for who she is and even treated her like their own daughter.

This drama has plenty of hilarious and touching scenes as well. There are quite a number of characters in this drama since it has 163 episodes. The beginning of the show might be a bit boring for some, but do keep watching and you'll never regret it. This show just gets better and better with each and every episode. Each character really brilliantly portrayed out their respective roles. It's no wonder this drama got 4 awards at 2005 MBC Drama Award show. =D Han Hye-jin has done a really good job on portraying her role as Na Geum-soon. I really admire her acting skills lor. It's not easy handling the lead role of a long drama, especially when it's the first time she got a main role. You have to get the audience hooked onto this drama, because it's very long and not many people like watching long dramas because it tends to be very draggy. Han Hye-jin's Top Excellence Award for this drama was definitely well-deserved! She is the main gem of this drama. =)

Haha, for those who can't get enough of her, WATCH JUMONG!! Yup, it's another long drama, but she's the main female lead in there! Oh yes, just search for "Jumong" on Google or any other search engines and people will be full of praise for that historical drama! Yes, if she's already so successful with Be Strong, Geum-soon!, she was even more successful in Jumong! She got the Top Excellence Prize again in the 2006 MBC Drama Award ceremony because of the excellent portrayal as Soseono. Watch Be Strong, Geum-soon! and Jumong!! ^^

Oh yes, I've already posted Be Strong, Geum-soon! pictures in my previous post. For those who didn't get to see it, I'm posting the link to my post again. Click here. Check out the Be Strong, Geum-soon! OST below too!

Enjoy! ^^


Some unhappy stuff happened today, and I'm not very proud of it, so I'm not going to blog about it over here. It was a foolish mistake, a near-fatal one for my conscience too. I regret it. I didn't know what I was thinking about at that point of them. I didn't know how that thing that really looked so innocent could become so distorted in just a matter of time. It looked really cute to me before, but now, it's an ugly freaky monster that is constantly haunting me. Regrets... but what has been done cannot be undone. Regretting my foolish and childish actions. Regreted what I've done. 후회... I'll probably never forget this. 미안해요... hear my regrets. I'm really sorry. Presenting to you, Regrets, sung by Lee Yoon-jung.


I don't want to blog about school today lah, because just the mere mention of it spoils my day, although I must say both Mrs Look and Mrs Tan were both very amusing people. Lol, it was today that I saw their amusing side. =D

Haiz, today is the second last episode of Be Strong Geum-soon! leh. Suddenly, I feel so sad lor. Tomorrow will be the GRAND FINALE to this very long but very nice drama. I don't think I'll be able to watch the last episode tomorrow lor, because I have CCA, and we'll be dismissed at only 5.30 pm lor. How to rush home in time?

Anyway, Jae-hee and Geum-soon got married today! ^^ I really feel so happy for them. I take back my words that I don't want to see them end up together. I take it back. Now, I really want to see them together. Yes, today's their big day, and I really felt so touched lor. I nearly cried when Geum-soon was going to leave her parents-in-law (they became her god-parents after that) because both she and her parents-in-law said such touching stuff. ='( Then when Geum-soon was walking down the aisle, she remembered how Jae-hee, who was once her enemy, through many happenings, finally became her husband. Jae-hee was thinking the same thing as Geum-soon. It's really touching and sweet lor. Their love story was just an ordinary one, but the love they had for each other is extraordinary. LONG LIVE GEUM-SOON AND JAE-HEE!!

I need more luck!


Haiz, I don't know what's up with me nowadays. I can't seem to concentrate properly in class, always knocking into pillars, and tripping over my own legs. =( I sense that something bad will happen to me soon. Choy! Touch wood. I better don't anyhow blog lah, because it's already the start of the Seventh Month, which is the Hungry Ghost Festival. If ghosts really exist, I wonder if they do read blogs too. Anyway, I don't talk bad about ghosts so I just hope that they don't come and haunt me. =X

What I needs now is just a few bottles of...

Yup, that's it! A few bottles of Felix Felicis, which is a lucky potion. Haha it's actually from the Harry Potter book lah. But they never mentioned how to brew that potion, so I came up with one by myself. Haha, the ingredietns are quite simple lah. Just get the 100 ml of brain juice of a person who has struck lottery (big or small winnings doens't matter) at least 2 times. Extract another 30 ml of brain juice from a person who has done exceedingly well in all major exams. Add 8 rat tails and 8 toad spawn. Simmer it over low fire, stirring it counter-clockwise for 5 times and add wildberry juice on the 6th stir and stir it clock-wise. Check on the potion every day and it keep on low fire until the potion itself turns colourless. It should be ready within 1 week.

Lol, don't take my words lah. That was just crap. Lol, if by some chance my potion happens to succeed and make you lucky, please give me the due credits! ^^

Hmm, band today was alright I guess. First time the Sec 1s came in. To me, they are coping quite well lah. They will succeed in no time! Some of them can play very well too!! ^^ Jiayou jiayou bah Sec 1s! And welcome to main band! =D I got my SYF certificate today! ^^ Nothing much lah, it's just a piece of paper, but what we've gone through is clearly reflected in our hearts and minds. That piece of paper is just the evidence. ;)

That's all folks! Chemistry test is on Thursday, and I'm still hopeless at mole concepts. More Felix Felicis please! \^o^/


Haiz, I must wake up early and go to school tomorrow le. Wyh must holidays always pass by so quickly? Sian lah, I think there's English test tomorrow and Chemistry test on Wednesday lor. I think I'm going to die horribly for both of them. =(

Talking about MapleStory. Ya, in an attempt to run away from a crazy Tauromacis who was like attacking me like siao, I decided to log out the very last minute. I thought it couldn't have attacked me because I was already out of the game. Who knows, when I logged in again at night, I found dreamlucky having a pathetic HP of 50 and she was back in Sleepywood. What does that show? It shows that Tauromacis had successfully murdered dreamlucky. Lol, I didn't even get to see dreamlucky die can...
I took some pictures of my Mapling adventure. Do take a look! ^^

Lol, this blue part of the Dungeon. Seriously, I didn't make it this far before, so the deeper I went, the colder my hands got. o_O'''

Nearing Tauromacis now... dreamlucky is starting to get scared. =(

Tada, the stupid monster who murdered dreamlucky. =( I was actually quite surprised that I could freeze it lor. I wanted to kill it, but stupid Cold Eye was blocking my way lah. When I wanted to kill Cold Eye, Tauromacis became un-frozen and started attacking me with his stupid lightning bolt that attacked me 600+ HP. Poor dreamlucky, she couldn't run away and thus, she was killed.

That's all for my Mapling adventure and my post. ;)


Special thanks to Hui En for helping me level my dreamlucky!! Congratulations to dreamlucky for leveling till level 56. Only 2 more levels to wear your beautiful Dark Anakarune! ^^ Thanks so much!! =D I shan't bother blogging about what I did today bah, because... I shan't reveal it here. =D

Jae-hee broke up with Geum-soon today!! ^^ Haha, I don't know why I feel so happy instead of feeling sad for them. Seriously, I think they would remain better as friends rather than lovers. I mean, their relationship caused so much trouble for both sides that I think it's better off for them to remain as good friends. Haiz, but it was quite heart-wrenching to see both Jae-hee and Geum-soon feeling so sad over their break-up. I mean, who feels happy after a break-up lah. But I'm feeling happy for them because they broke up! ^^ Lol, I think I'm a sadistic person. ;)

Happy birthday Singapore!


Haha, I pia-ed nearly 40% of MapleStory today. zZz... I can actually level up by today you know. I only left with 3% more to level up and my whole house blacked out, and that includes my computer shutting down on me. =( Grah, I guess I have to wait for tomorrow to level up. =(

Anyway, today is National Day, so for once, I woke up quite late lah. Haha, that won't last long though. Anyway, I'm going to write a tribute to Singapore. Oh yes, it's totally written by me. I decided to do it since I'm feeling so patriotic today. -.-
An excerpt of my tribute to Singapore

Singapore, our homeland
Is also where we can find friends
Of 4 different races
To make up mighty forces

Singapore, our name tag
Is where we bring back the shopping bags
Orchard Road and Esplanade
This is where our tourism is made

SIA and Changi Airport
This is what Singapore is proud of
With our flag rising up the pole
Happy Birthday Singapore!

Taken from pg 67 of my Humanities Journal



I think today's NDP observance ceremony went quite well today. At least, I tried to stay alert and didn't screw up my running notes bah. Sports Day was like zZz... OK lah, actually it was still quite alright de, and at first I quite was quite enthusiastic lor, then when it came to the part of the teachers' for-goodness-sake-I-didn't-know-what-they-were-doing part, I totally lost interest and nearly slept. =X Hmm, so overall, Centaur still managed to get the third position together with Gryphon.

After Sports Day, Michelle, Deng Yin, Adna, Yanni and I went to Vivo City to watch The Simpsons. Haha, that movie is very funny lor! Yes, really funny, but it can also get really sadistic at some parts. Haha, there are some pretty gross parts too. I shan't reveal anything lah. Go and watch the movie by yourself! Haha, you'll surely laugh until you can't laugh anymore! =D

After movie, we went to PC Bunk. Haha, I watched Michelle play AuditionSEA lah. Hmm, although I like the way they dance hor, but to be frank, I don't think I'll like this game lor. I guess MapleStory will still be enough for me. Anyway, my computer is lousy and it doens't have much space lah, so downloading another game will only make my computer more laggy.

Michelle and I actually took bus 190 to go home, but lol, she complained about not being able to sit down since it was so crowded, so we ended up taking a taxi to Bukit Panjang Plaza, with her, of course, paying the taxi driver! =D Aiyah, 有钱人就是有钱人吗。

Alright, I guess I shall end off my post here! Tomorrow is National Day yeah, so no school!! ^^ Lalala~


Tomorrow is National Day Eve, and of course, there's our school NDP mah, so I can't stay up too late tonight because I have to reach school by 6.45 am tomorrow. I shall reply tags first. I apologise for my crazy Cbox. =X

[fracis] Hi there! I'm glad that you like Be Strong, Geum-soon! too. Is it showing in Malaysia now?

[justea <3] Haha, I guess Cbox was sick that day. Anyway, I hoped it has recovered because I might have to send it to the doctor if it isn't in its top form. Anyway, thanks for that spam! =D

[huien] Haha, seriously, I didn't realise that leh. Haha, maybe it's coincidental bah. I don't always take you when you're jumping. -.-

[zoey] Yoz! Thanks for floating by. Do you want to fly by the next time? =p

[SABRINA] Haha, I'm glad to hear that Singapore has got more fellow K-Poppers around. =D But seriously, I think Koreans can sing much better than most Chinese singers can, which makes me hate Chinese songs even more and love K-pop even more! =) I really feel that Chinese singers don't know how to sing out their emotions. As for Korean songs, even though you don't understand the language, but the feeling of the song is conveyed through the singer's voice and the tune itself. K-POP ROCKS! <3

[YA QI] Haha, I don't know Sabrina lah. I just stumbled upon her blog by accident. =D I was just searching for "K-pop" on Yahoo and tada, her blog came up! =)

[elaine] Haha, you can read the requirement on my blog! =) You must be at least 158 cam short lor... and BMI must be 18.5. Haiz, I think I must start slimming down le. Haha, you want to be an air stewardess too? We can go for interviews together! xD

[anon] Haha, I got act like I don't know ah... I thought I just said that I won't mind other people's business. But if you 2 aren't related, that would make you 2 strangers, which apparently isn't the case. Haha, never mind, I shall think in the most innocently manner. I suppose both of you are primary school friends. Xp

Erm... I forgot what I want to blog about le. That's all for tonight. =X I need to sleep now, if not I will be sleeping halfway when I blow the National Anthem on my clarinet. =S


zZz... I just upgraded my template to the drag-and-drop template, but I think it sucks. =( I can't get my Thank You picture there! >.< Never mind, just bear with it for today bah. I'm going to revert back to my old template again.

I have my dental appointment tomorrow, so I don't have to go to school for the first half of the day. Haha, hope I can come back in time for recess. Haha, I hope to skip English lesson too! ^^

Tomorrow is the last day for NDP rehearsal le. Hope we do a good one and get released early! =D

Today's Be Strong, Geum-soon! episode: Jae-hee's mother finally agreed to let Geum-soon marry Jae-hee, on one condition that Geum-soon doesn't bring along her son. Of course, Geum-soon violently objected. Haiz, this drama is going to end soon lor. I saw the trailers for Precious Family already. I really hope that the new drama is just as good lor. =D

Anyway, I'm going to have an early night today. That's all for now!


I just came back from my Grandma's house. I love dinner too! Wintermelon and egg, yummy! ^^ And I had a fun time playing with my aunt's new computer, which is Windows Vista leh. Haha, got one game which I liked very much. It's called the Purble Place. Aiyah, I think it's supposed to be meant for kids lor, but I don't know why I'm so addicted to it. X)

Anyway, I went to the new Singapore exclusive map in MapleStory today, together with Hui En. Too bad I wasn't able to bring dreamlucky along because dreamlucky is currently stuck at Zipangu, doing some stupid quest. But I think Singapore is a bit too high-level for DreamKorea leh, because there are quite a number of monsters DreamKorea can't kill. Never mind, dreamlucky will get to go to Singapore sooner or later! ^^ By the way, DreamKorea has leveled up today, thanks to subjects (Hui En)!! =D Congratulations to DreamKorea for leveling until level 18. 12 more levels to 2nd job advancement. Jiayou bah! =D Some pictures of the Singapore exclusive map are available below.

The plane to Singapore. =D Haha, instead of sitting in the SIA plane, we were sitting on Wizet Airline

MapleStory's version of Changi Airport! I love this place a lot!! <33

DreamKorea and subjects in the CBD area of Singapore! ^^

Both of us outside Orchard Road!! ^^ Haha, just outside the famous shopping centre CK Tangs. =)

Ya, do you regconise the ERP thingy? Gosh, I seriously don't know how Wizet can create such realistic stuff. This really looks every bit like Singapore!

The monsters in Cetral Way 2. Haha, they are a bit hard for DreamKorea to kill, seriously. But dreamlucky should have no problem! =D The monsters there are so funny lor, got the "STOP" signs and the "NO SPEEDING" signs. Haha, they even have dustbin monsters. Lol, it really portrays Singapore very practically. ^^

Haha, see the "You don't have enough MP to use this skill." message so many times? Haiz, I don't know why the theif's MP recover so slowly lor. I got to keep taking potions and keep recharging my stars lor. Oh yes, my Kumbi stars run out very fast too. zZz... playing a theif is so hard to maintain. I think sooner or later, dreamlucky will go broke because she has to keep sponsoring DreamKorea. -.-


Haha, I got back my Biology paper today. Yeah, I've finally gotten an A grade for Biology lor. My FIRST A for Biology. Imagine how happy I was!! ^^ OK, enough about crapping about Biology.

I seriously don't know why Ms Vijay is such a fan of tributes. She has gotten the whole class to write a tribute to David Marshall, Goh Keng Swee. Today, she just made us write a tribute to Singapore in commemoration of National Day, which falls on the 9th August. -.- Haha, but thanks to her, I kind of enjoy writing poems now. =D

There was NDP (school one lah) rehearsal today. I guess it went pretty well bah! And I saw my UG friends!! ^^ Felt so high after seeing them! =D

Today's Be Strong, Geum-soon! episode was kinda depressing leh. I seriously don't understand why Geum-soon must marry Jae-hee no matter what. I'd rather they just remain as steads or something. At least it won't cause so much unhappiness among both sides parents lor. Geum-soon's in-laws allowed her to get married to another guy, but on the condition that she doesn't take Hwe-sung (Geum-soon's child; their grandchild) away from them. However, Geum-soon insisted on taking Hwe-sung along and maintained that she is the biological mother of Hwe-sung. Actually, Geum-soon's in-laws were only being unreasonable with her because they didn't want her to leave their side. Haiz, Jae-hee's mum also didn't want Jae-hee to end up like her. It's quite saddening to see them finally letting go... I cried. Yes, it's really touching. The words that Geum-soon said to her in-laws, how her in-laws indirectly pleaded for her to stay. *sob sob*

Alright, I guess that's all for now. Have a early late night. =)


Today is a bad day. 2 tests and I screwed both of them up. =( I had Chemistry QA test today. Although it wasn't very difficult, but I didn't have the time to check through and write a proper report, though I managed to get the correct answer of Copper and Nitrate. Haiz, for that ammonia gas part, I only wrote "Colourless and pungent gas evolved". I never put what was that gas called. Sure die lah.

Chinese paper was the REAL KILLER lor. I totally screwed up my 综合填空 part leh. I didn't get what the passage was trying to say, and worse still, I don't know the meaning of almost every word there. Comprehension was another stupid thing lor. I get what the passage was trying to put across, but when I read the questions, I just stoned there. You know why? Because I don't know how to answer them. I think my answers were one of the crappiest lah. I won't be surprised if I don't get an A2 grade now. I can say bye bye to my Bilingualism Award liao. ='(

Biology practical today was quite fun leh! We did micro-centrifuging and made use of the micro-pipettetor. That means we're proceeding on to doing DNA very soon lor. I'll be looking forward to that day! =) Haiz, the sad thing is, Mr Chan will be giving back our Biology papers tomorrow. I guess I can die from the emotional stress that teachers are giving students now. =X


zZz... I really hate this week lor. I wish next week will come faster, because at least I get 3 days off school due to the National Day holidays. Tests, tests and more tests! I'm going to be driven mad by all these lor. First, Maths test, which I got back today. Erm, I screwed that up, but luckily I managed to pass it, though it isn't a very good pass. =( Second, Chinese test and Chemistry QA practical, which will be tomorrow. I think I'm going to screw that up too. I'm quite worried for Chinese leh, because there will be 综合填空 lor, which is my worst section lor... Grah... I'm feeling so stressed now. Anyway, sooner or later, there will be an English test and Chemistry test. I think I can 跳河自禁 already lor.

Today's Be Strong, Geum-soon! episode was very funny!! Geum-soon's aunt was pregnant mah, so she and her husband went to the BBQ meat shop and ate to their hearts' content over there, for the sake of not starving their baby. -.- Anyway, Geum-soon's aunt left that shop without taking her shopping bags, so the BBQ meat shop called up her house, and Granny happened to be in the house at that time. Haha, so the shop-keeper told Granny that Geum-soon's aunt left her shopping bags at her BBQ meat shop, then when the call ended, Geum-soon's aunt and her husband just came back. Granny asked them why they took so long outside, then Soon-ja (Geum-soon's aunt) gave Granny some lame reasons. Granny said that she got a whiff of BBQ meat in their house, so she went around sniffing Soon-ja and her husband (LOL?!). Geum-ah (Soon-ja's daughter) also commented that she caught a whiff of BBQ meat in their house, and Granny finally asked Soon-ja why she didn't bring the grocery bags back. Soon-ja said that she thought the vegetables weren't fresh, so she didn't buy it. Granny went like "Oh, I see." and told her that the shop-keeper just called to say that Soon-ja left her bags at the shop. Both Soon-ja and her husband were shocked that Granny knew that they went to the BBQ meat shop and they were like o_O'''. Haha, Soon-ja tried to appease Granny by promising to bring her to the BBQ meat shop the next time. Haha, those who watch Be Strong, Geum-soon! will know what I'm talking about. Granny is just so cute!! ^^