Weather report today: Very nice!! ^^ Not humid at all. It rained during dinner too! Totally cool!

Blog post today: I seriously want to be an SIA stewardess. Serious, so serious until I went to the internet and found out the minimum requirements for being an air stewardess. It seems like the requirements are pretty high leh. Firstly, you must have quite a good education. Heehee, this is where I hope RV can help me. >=)

Secondly, you must be at least 1.58 m. OK, that's alright because I'm already 1.60 m. Just hope that I don't shrink in my later years. =X

Thirdly, Body Mass Index (BMI) must be 18.5. I don't know about this. I'm going to check this out later.

Fourthly, fluent in spoken English. Hmm, I think I can pass this one bah...

Fifthly, good vision. o_O''' Haiz, I'm wearing spectacles lor, how you expect me to have good vision?? Maybe wearing contact lenses should do the trick. =D

I heard that the selection process is very rigorous leh. They are like going to check whether you have any obvious scars or tattoos lor. Haha, like that then can give a pure image to the others mah.

I've also checked out the starting pay le. Every month's pay is $3500 lor, excluding those incentives thingy. Haha, you can really travel for free to any SIA destination leh. It's freaking cool can! ^^ But Deng Yin told me the salary there is quite good only because there's a lot of risks involved. The plane might just crash if you're the unlucky one. =( *touch wood* But why I want to be an SIA stewardess? Haha, because I haven't heard of SIA planes crashing except for the SQ006 incident. Hopefully, the plane I will be on next time when I'm an air stewardess won't crash. =X Haha, so me and Ying Ting have decided to work in the airport le. Haha, Ying Ting, 快高长大吧!! =)


Oh man oh man! I want to be an air stewardess!!! ^^


I like this picture the best. I don't know why, but I think the background is very nice?! LOL. =DD

Haha, anybody else interested for this job?? ^^ Or work in the airport also can lah. Then can chit-chat too!! ^^


Gosh, I'm becoming more and more obsessed with airports leh. I'm always dreaming about the airports lor, be it in school or at home. I think airports are one of the ways to get in contact with the rest of the world. If I can't be an air stewardess, at least, I have to, by hook or by crook, work in an airport. I seriously think that working in an airport is cool lor, especially in those well-known airports like Incheon International Airport, Hong Kong International Airport and of course, Singapore's very own Changi International Airport. =D Being an air stewardess is cool. You get to travel around the world for free, and you get paid some more leh. How nice! =) Although I heard quite a number of horror stories from former air stewardesses about how bad that job is, I'm still going to try for it. =D Haha, if not, you'll see me hanging around the airport lor, be it in the check-point or working in some shops in the airport. =D

Actually I think Singapore's airport is quite good already, but I'm setting my goal of working in Incheon International Airport, because I think working in a Korean airport is nice, especially when I want to get to know Korea better. =) Alright, I guess I have to improve on my Korean language and I'm off to go. Why don't I want to work in Changi Airport? Because I get bored of Singapore easily. When I'm bored of Korea, maybe I'll come back. =D See me 10 years later in the airport!!

Incheon International Airport

Interior of Incheon International Airport. Gosh, it looks really very nice and clean. <3

The arrival hall of Incheon International Airport. Gosh, just looking at those pictures make me want to buy a ticket to Korea immediately. =)

A picture of Incheon International Airport during the night. How picturesque is that...

Incheon International Airport's control tower.

Changi International Airport's control tower. Too bad I couldn't find one that was taken at night, because I think it would have looked nicer in the dark.

A very nice picture of Changi International Airport. =D Haha, to be frank, the only building I like in Singapore is Changi Airport leh. I'm madly in love with airports. <3

The interior of Changi Airport's lounge. I think it look very classy, but I prefer Incheon's design, because it looks very bright and fresh! =)

Terminal 2 of Changi Airport.

Departure Hall of Changi Airport Terminal 1.

Departure Hall of Changi Airport Terminal 2.

I guess that's all for now. Haha, I'm promoting the love for airports. =D Does anybody want to work in the airport together with me? You get to meet people from all walks of life, and probably get free trips to other countries from SIA too!! ^^ Expect the unexpected. Open your eyes to the unique cultures of other countries. Meet people you don't get to meet in Singapore. Step foot in countries with 4 seasons. Eat food that can only be found in expensive restaurants in other places. Visit beautiful monuments in other countries which you don't get to see in Singapore. This is the kind of life I'm sure many people are looking forward to. So what are you waiting for? Work in the airport now! OK, OK. I'm just being lame over here. I'm still waiting for 10 years to pass before I can finally realise my dream of working in the airport.


Right... I reached school at 7 am, and yet I'm considered late. Want to know the reason? It's because I was late for morning assembly. Lol, Mr Chua gave orders to the parade commander to start the assembly. After that, he asked those people who were not in their lines to go the canteen and stand. zZz... I was in the line alright? Just that I was standing in the wrong class line. Crap lah, I stood at the 3C line instead of the 3B line lor. Actually, I didn't want to go lor, but seeing that almost half of the people in my class went, I followed them. Lol, we own the whole school man. I think we have the most number of people not standing in a line. I half-expected Mrs Look to scold us leh, but she didn't scold us in the end. How nice. =D

I spent nearly the whole day worrying about the Biology test lor. I even got Zoey to ask me questions so that I could answer them. In the end, the test turned out to be quite alright. As least, to me, it was quite doable, although I know I made some mistakes. Hope those mistakes are just my hallucination. Perhaps an A grade after all? Let's keep my fingers crossed.

A lot of people didn't turn up for band practice today leh. I don't know what happened lah. Quien Sera is a very nice piece of music!! ^^ Sian lah, I haven't memorise my National Anthem and the marching songs. I think I have to rely on Kai Zhen in future. Lol, I think her memory is better than mine can. Anyway, Sec 1s will be joining us on the 14th August. Haiz, I still don't know who to take leh. If I take a Sec 1 junior, then what will happen to Kai Zhen? zZz... I'm feeling so stressed now. X(


Haha, finally, I'm wide awake and alert. Woohoo! I didn't sleep during Maths lesson today leh, neither did I feel very sian during lessons. Haha, must be due to the cup of coffee I drank during the morning. I guess I have to drink coffee every morning to wake up my brain. Oh yes, eat more Omega-3 tablets too!!

Heritage Day was FUN!!! =DD I totally enjoyed myself. Although I did not eat or spend as much as last year, I felt that I enjoyed myself more this year. =D Yanni and I went around kachao-ing people to buy our tickets! ^^ Haha, our most generous buyers came from 4I leh. Those 2 boys bought 4 tickets from us lor! Haha, they must be hard-core chapteh fans. =)

Haha, all in all, we earned almost $300 from the sales of tickets. Great job everybody!! 3B rocks!! Haha, we don't have to pay much for our end-of-year chalet then. Wahaha, make it a 5D4N one if it's possible. But I think I'll be home-sick. Haha, so I think 3D2N will be the best!! =D

On the sad and depressing note, Maths test will be tomorrow. I die liao lah... the test will be on indices, surds, remainder and factor theorem. I'm seriously dead lor. I'm hopeless at indices. Totally hopeless. And of course, my Maths is hopeless too. I want to do well for the test this time round to pull up my C5 grade for Maths to at least an A2 grade leh... but I guess that's a bit too far-fetched given my progress now. zZz... why must I be so hopeless in Maths? Why is my brain not fast enough to grasp the concepts well? Why? Why? Why? Thousands and millions of "Whys?" are going through my head now...


No... seriously, don't laugh. I fell asleep during CID lecture today lor. Gosh, I really fell asleep leh. It's really the first time lor. If Mr Choy or any of the CID teachers see this, I'm really dead. I really didn't mean to fall asleep lor. But I really found it extremely difficult to keep my eyes open lor. So sorry... Haha, don't blame it on me. Blame it on the very nice weather bah. =DD

Erm... PT today wasn't as bad as I expected bah. Lol, at first I really dreaded PT, but today, maybe because of the very nice weather, for once, I quite liked PT. =) I didn't feel as tired as I felt I should be, but the sad thing is, I nearly forgotten all my commands. Slap me bah. =p

Oh ya, tomorrow is Heritage Day! RVians out there, remember to visit 3BangBangTang's game booth tomorrow!! Have a fun time there! Oh, you can order the game tickets through me! 1 ticket for $1 and you get to play 2 games. Come on now! What are you waiting for? Lol, I really sound like I'm advertising my class booth or something, but I seriously need to get rid of the tickets. Heehee, I still have a lot to sell leh. =(


Grah. I'm blogging from school now. Anyway, I've already been dismissed, so I guess there's no harm in blogging now since I can't do so at home and I have nothing better to do now. =)

Anyway, up till yesterday, I've finished watching episode 6 of The Secret Lovers, also known as 秘密男女 in the Chinese name, or 비밀남녀 in Korean. Haha, you know that show, starring Han Ji-hye, Song Seon-mi, Kim Seok-hoon and Kwon Oh-joong. Haha, I will definitely recommend you people out there to give this show a try. Although I've only watched only 6 episodes, this show is must-watch, because it's very light-hearted and hilarious!! =D I think this is only the third show I've seen Han Ji-hye in. Lol, I really love her in there. How cute and lovable!! *^^* The other characters are also very hilarious in both their speeches and actions! For example, when Seo Young-ji (Han Ji-hye) asked her father why mouses living in the holes get to see their sunshine, but she doesn't, then her father replied that it's because Young-ji isn't living in a hole. Lol, that really cracked me up leh!! =) Special thanks to the drinks-stall auntie for lending me those VCDs. xD

Oh ya, I also want to blog about the latest and the last Harry Potter book, which is titled Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Gosh, I really couldn't stand the suspense lah, so I went to Wikipedia to search for who died in that book. Imagine my shock when I read that so many people died lor. Dobby, Mad-eye Moody and Fred Weasley are among those who died in the Second Battle of Hogwarts. =( I can tell that it's a pretty (don't expect me to say ugly, do you?) fierce battle among the good and the evil side. Haha, major spoilers can be found here. Be really careful if you don't want any spoilers, I'm warning you. That website has almost all the important plots in there already. Yes, special thanks to Wei Kai for revealing to me the spoilers over MSN and Wikipedia for spoiling me too. Wahaha, don't worry lah, I'll still get the book, but probably 2 years later. =p


Yoz people! I'm back from OBS le!! ^^ Haha, apparently, I didn't regret going there, because it's really SUPER UBER FUN!!!! =D OBS really rocks lor. I'm so thankful for everything OBS has shaped me into. Besides testing and stretching your own limits, you get to learn about life over there. Haha, it beats RV in terms of teaching can... Lol, so I was quite sad when I had to leave the place today. But on the other hand, I feel so glad to be back at home, although it took me quite a few hours before I realised that I was brought back to civilisation. =p Living there in tents with no electronic gadgets except torch-lights can be very interesting. Brace yourself for the long post ahead, because I will be blogging about the days I spent in OBS. =)

Monday 16/07/07
Lol, I met Si Lin on the MRT train by chance, so we went to school together. Haha, I managed to squeeze all my belongings into one green shopping bag (recycle bag lah). We reached school at around 6.45 am, then we saw very few people carrying so many things. Most of them only carried a slingbag with them. =X Then Michelle and Zoey started coming with big bags, so I felt more relieved. =D We took a bus to Punggol jetty and after that, we took a boat to Pulau Ubin.

Yup, I stepped my first foot in Pulau Ubin, and haha, I was quite "wow-ed" by that place lah. I shan't post about what activities I did lah, because I can't be a spoiler. Ya, people, just expect the unexpected when you go there. =) We got into our groupings. Sadly, I wasn't with many of the 3B people leh. Luckily, still got Cassandra, Jing Yuan, Chih Yun, Kenneth, Timothy and Han Qian in my group lah. I got into the Sui Sen watch (group) leh, which sounded oddly like "suicide" or "睡神" (Sleeping god).

Ya, at first I really didn't like the groupings lor. But after awhile, I got used to it, though I don't feel very comfortable talking to them. Well, I guess they're trying to be nice, but somehow or rather, I still felt that I would be better off with people from Nehru or Barker. Never mind about that, just ignore me. Our instructor was Jill, and I think she's quite cute lah. Haha. We learnt how to pitch a tent. Then when night fell, me, Cassandra, Jing Yuan and Chih Yun shared a tent together. This was the first time I was camping away from home leh, so naturally, I couldn't sleep well, mainly because the tent was too sandy on the inside and the rocks that were protruding out from the ground were painfully poking my back.

Tuesday 17/07/07
We climbed one of the height elements, which was the Tripod. Haha, it's a structure that has elements like a tree long, a thin wire suspended over a certain height. Lol, it was super scary alright. And ya, congrats to all those people who climbed that. =D

We also learnt how to kayat today. Haha, I didn't know that a kayat was so heavy lor, because I thought it really looked quite light leh. Kayat-ing was very fun, although I felt very uncomfortable with the sand in my shoes. We had to wear a long-sleeve shirt with long pants and shoes in order to do this activity.

We also packed our backpacks and got ready to take a 15-minute walk to campsite 2. The walk was quite strenous for me because I had to carry a VERY HEAVY bag on my back plus a very heavy tent bag. In the end, we camped at some ulu (deserted) place, which was near the Pulau Ubin reservoir. For the first time, I ate camp food. For the first time, I had to pee in the bushes, which I thought was absolutely disgusting. Imagine you peeing in front of a wild boar or dog without you knowing it, which can get quite scary. =X Anyway, I heard that the wiild dogs did come out at night and one girl was screaming her head off. I didn't hear the commotion though, because for the first time, I was sleeping so soundly. zZz.

Wednesday 18/07/07
We woke up and started our land expedition, which was to walk through the whole of Pulau Ubin. We managed to walk almost the whole of Pulau Ubin in about 8 hours, although it rained very heavily in the middle and it was really horrible walking in the rain with ponchos that stink to the high heavens and weren't of any help. Really, you can feel like you're dying when you walk there lor. We walked to Pulau Ubin village. Lol, the village really looked very picturesque because it had a very nice sea-view. Haha, even better than what you get from condos nowadays. Haiz, the pace on this island is really slow and relaxing, unlike the busy and hectic city lives we lead. I think I'm going to visit the village again when I have the time. =)

We walked back again to the German Girl Shrine where we would set up our tents. Haha, I did see a yellow zinc-top house on my way to the shrine, but it was nothing much lah. After that, I went to ask Jill about that German Girl Shrine, and she told me that that yellow zinc-top house was the shrine. -_-''' Honestly, to me, it doesn't look that respectable to be a shrine leh. Or maybe it's because I've seen too many suburban shrines and never in my whole life see a kampong shrine before? Haha, I don't know why Jill said that it was quite famous, when I didn't even take much notice of it in the first place. =p Lol, to be frank, I really didn't expect myself to be able to complete this very tiring and exhausting journey, especailly with a very heavy backpack that hurt and damaged my back. =(

Thursday 19/07/07
Haha, it must be the earliest time I've woken up in many years. Ya, everybody had to wake up at 3.45 am because we had to paddle our kayats by 6.45 am so that we wouldn't have to go too much against the tides from the South China Sea. I liked the first part of the journey because it was quite smooth-sailing, but soon after that, there was a very fierce STORM that nearly capsized my boat. The waters became very rough once we reached Chek Jawa so we had to stop by that island to wait for the storm to blow by. Unfortunately, the storm grew heavier and heavier and guess what? The sand of the shores in Chek Jawa is actually quicksand?! No wonder I nearly sank in that sand lor. I thought it was just normal sand leh. Just take up step in that sand and you can't get your whole leg out. Nice one. =/

When the storm finally blew over after 1 hour, we had to pull our boats back to the sea. Sian lah, then the waves became very big and kept crashing in my kayat lah. In the end, everybody was sailing in the sea except me, Michelle and Victoria, who were left behind because we couldn't get our kayat out to sea. =(

Our kayat became significantly heavier because a lot of water entered our kayat. It became more and more difficult and tiring to paddle the kayat lor. Our boat nearly capsized leh. =( Lol, I can't imagine us capsizing lor. Luckily we didn't capsized and we returned to campsite 1 in one whole pice. =) Haha, we took 6 hours (including the 1 hour in the storm) to sail around the whole island of Pulau Ubin, which is an accomplishment. =D I finally could bathe after not being able to bathe for 2 days. =)

Friday 20/07/07
Last day in OBS. Haiz, now that it's time to go, I really felt very sad lor. No, seriously, I felt very sad. Anyway, I've uploaded some photos lah.

A formal photo taken with the Sui Sen watch (group) Camp 1A at campsite 1.

An informal photo taken with the Sui Sen watch (group) Camp 1A at campsite 1.

My indivudual reflection of what happened each day.

My souvenirs that I bought from the OBS shop. Haha, I spent about $21 for only 3 things. =X My mum is going to kill me. =(

Haha, I guess that's all for now. Do remember to give your eyes a rest too. Goodbye and good night! ^^


Gosh! I really like Jumong leh!! =D Haha, but I only watched 2 and a half episode. I stopped at the part where Soseono was born. I think I'll dream about Jumong tomorrow, where I'll be stranded on an island. Lol, I suddenly feel like I'm Robinson Crueso. =X I think I'm also enjoying Lovers Korean drama leh. You know the one acted by Kim Jung-eun and Lee Seo-jin? Haha, I watched it at LaserFlair today and I found it quite hilarious. I may add this to my watch-list when I come back. =D

WEE! Tomorrow is OBS day!!! ^^ Haha, actually, I'm quite excited about it leh, though I didn't look forward to it at first. Packing was totally fun!!! =D It really felt as if I'm going overseas for a tour. Lol, I'm literally going over the seas, but not for tour. =( Anyway, see me on that little island off mainland Singapore by the name of Pulau Ubin. =D I won't be blogging for about one week since I will be away at OBS, so do miss me! =) Till we meet again...


Yay! I've just concluded the biggest trade in the whole of my MapleStory life. =X I managed to sell my Icarus Cape (2) to a guy for 1.7 million mesos. =D So I'm now 1.7 million mesos (excluding the MapleStory taxes) richer!! Money, money, come to me! ^^

Erm, tomorrow is Speech Day. I hope everything goes on well because I think we've practiced very hard for it already. I didn't know distinguished guests are so difficult to handle. Why can't Ms Ek be the Guest-of-Honour? Why must it be somebody of a higher social status and someone more powerful? I guess Ms Ek won't be that fussy, so if she's the Guest-of-Honour, things would have been much easier on us and the teachers. But on the other hand, if we don't get those powerful people, we wouldn't have to practice so hard, and the school wouldn't have postponed all the tests and let us off early. Lol, so I guess there's nothing to lose if we have the distinguished Guest-of-Honour. =D

Haha, people who still haven't memorise the scores, please jiayou bah! Don't rely on me to cover you all up leh, because I do make mistakes too. ^^ One tip from me: Play the music in your head over and over again, and as you mentally hear the music, get your fingerings on your instrument as fast as possible. I'm sure you all know the music by heart since we've played it so many times. So, just have faith in yourself and let's "WOW" the audience tomorrow! All the best!! (*^^*)V

Another thing, I must thank the drink-stall auntie for lending the Jumong DVDs and another Korean drama VCDs. =) Oh man, but I think I won't have time to watch it leh. Hopefully my mum will watch Jumong and get addicted to it. =D That's the only way to convince her to buy the VCDs, which actually cost a bomb. =0


My 300th post, I'm sad to say, has been marred and tainted because of a very unpleasant act that was performed on bus 100 at around 4 pm.

The meaning of inconsiderate

If you describe someone as inconsiderate, you are criticising them for not taking enough care over how their behaviour affects other people.

Taken from page 325 of the Collins Cobuild dictionary 1998

Want to hear the whole story? OK, Adna, Veron, Deng Yin and I were taking bus 100 after school. When we went up the bus, there weren't many seats left because the bus was fairly crowded at that time.

There was this Malay woman (not that I'm racist or what lah, but the truth always hurt) who was obviously oblivious to her surroundings and yeah, turned a blind eye to people who were staring at her at the most peculiar way and continued putting her leg up on the seat right next to me. The picture below will sort of give you an idea of how she sat.

Can you imagine how disgusted I felt? People are going to sit on that seat and you dare put your leg on there? And Deng Yin, I really love you. You publicly denounced that woman's act in front of the commuters until I had to ask you to shut up. Well done! ^^

Where have all the years of Civic & Moral Education gone to? People ah, your parents never taught you how to sit in a civilised manner? Your teachers never taught you not to litter, not to spit in public places?

What is just so wrong with you people? Why is it that you CAN'T sacrifice a moment of comfort for the good of other people? Selfishness, self-centered-ness, is this a society where there's only place for "I", no place for "WE"? Synergy, you people tell me what is the meaning of SYNERGY. Why invent such a word when this word doesn't even hold any place in today's society? I say, it should be oblivated from the newest edition dictionary because I think it's almost gone anyway. This is what the world is slowly, but SURELY, becoming.


I'm going to dedicate my 299th post to some ranting and injustice I feel I must get it out of my system. So too bad, please bear with me. =X

Is this justice? I'm asking whether this is justice done to the consumers, the buyers, the eaters. Just a mere 2% raise in GST, and you dare to raise the price of a meal by $0.50?! Do you know your Maths? A Student Meal that cost $4 before 1st July 2007 now cost $4.50, because of GST? Lol, I find it so amusing that a giant food coporation doesn't have the brains to do simple calculations. A 2% raise in GST means only $0.08, so do your sums, and you'll realise that the Student Meal only cost exactly $4.008, or round it up, and you'll need to pay $4.10. And hello! Don't you know what you're still making a profit of $0.092?

Need another reason to support what I'm not happy about? Here goes!

From a mere $0.50 vanilla cone to a $0.60 one. How expensive can the cream be used to make the ice-cream get huh? I mean, you buy it in bulk, naturally you'll get some discount from the supplier. If you tell me this ain't true, I'll help you find another supplier alright?! What right do you have to raise it by $0.10? By right, the vanilla cone should only cost $0.51 after the GST hike, but since the bank has decided to stop issuing one-cent coins, we should only pay $0.50. If you know your Maths, you, by right, should round it DOWN to $0.50, not round it UP to $0.60! >=(

Seriously, if you've just raised the price to that amount, I don't mind, because after all, it's a 2% GST raise. But are you exploitering the consumers out there, raising the price on the pretense of the 2% GST hike? To tell you honestly, the blunt truth is that, over the years, no matter how much you've raised the price of your food, the quality and quantity of the food never tasted as good as the years long gone past.

Haha, so what's up now? Dwindling number of costumers? More unhappy faces from people who might just decide to go to the opposite fast-food restaurant to eat something which they can afford more easily, and leave the place feeling full and contented?

So, after all these ramblings, you're going to tell me, since I have so much grievances, I might as well not eat there anymore! That's right! No more eating there from now on. This will help save a few dollars for me and aid me in my quest for healthy living. Say byebye to junk-food dear! =)


Oh no! Mei Jie is suspected of having dengue fever. =( Do well get soon!! =)

Anyway, I totally didn't enjoy today's lesson lor. Although the weather wasn't that humid today, but it still can't be compared to Saturday's morning weather. At that point of time, I really thought that finally, the temperature dropped to about 18 degress Celsius, which is like utterly impossible in this tropical country. Lol, then I went on rambling to Ying Ting that I felt so cold until I wanted to wear a scarf and my ear muffs. o_O''' zZz... Singapore must have that kind of cold cold weather then I'll be the happiest girl on Earth. o_O''' Anyway, Saturday's trip to the Woodlands Care Corner Family Centre was FUN!!!! =D I'm looking forward to going there next month.

Another thing, OBS is next week. I'm not looking forward to it leh, but Jennings reassured me that it's pretty fun huh. Well well, we shall see. =)

We might be presenting our Chemistry PowerPoint tomorrow, because Ms Khang is going to pick us randomly. Haha, you know what? Zoey says Ms Khang has a very nice voice (it's really true), but apparently, the problem is that, this kind of voice makes us fall asleep. =( Get the irony, get the oxymoron, get the... Oh well, whatever. =O

Mrs Tan asked me to go for some English writing course today. Lol, I was so quick with my answer that I said "Cannot!" almost without thinking. =p I think I stunned everybody, including with Mrs Tan with my answer. Anyway, I think she got very pissed with me for not wanting to attend that course, but who cares? =p

Tomorrow is full-dress rehearsal for Speech Day. It's going to be freaking WARM up there. Oh yes, and probably Mr Choy will PMS again. =X But good thing is, THERE WILL BE NO TESTS THIS WEEK!!! =D Haha, because those people performing for Speech Day have to time at all to revise mah. =D School will also be dismissed at 1 pm (earliest time ever!) so that we have enough time to eat. =) Lol, the whole school got so high after hearing that. =p I suddenly think that the school has become very nice leh, but I don't think it'll last for long anyway. Seeya!


Lol, I want to talk about yesterday's Yuhua concert leh. ^^ I didn't have the time to blog about it yesterday because I reached home quite late leh. =( Overall, I think that the concert was quite nice lah. Hmm, the front part was a bit boring (Sorry, no offence) lah, but I really liked the back part of the concert. I tell you, their percussion section TOTALLY ROCKS AND THEY'RE REALLY VERY COOL!!!! =D Lol, what Yuhua can do, RV can't do it. =p Oh man, oh man, their perccusion section really rocks! Haha, clarinets must become the "rock and pebble" section of the band!! =D


zZz... Speech Day rehearsal only ended at 7 pm today, so I only reached home at around 8.45 pm, which is pretty and beautifully late. =X Erm... I guess rehearsal was quite alright for our section bah. Wen Hui and Xue Qiang mentioned that we were the ONLY section which moved to the music!! ^^ Clarinets rock!! =D Haha, the stage was really hot and I guessed I lost about 3 bucketfuls of salty water. =p Anyway people, I will be sitting at the side of the second row so LOOK OUT FOR ME!!! =D

Well, I guess I could say all of us put in effort, but unfortunately, we're still not performing up till the seniors' standard. =( People ah, you must really blast out that clarinet part in Enchanted Carousel leh. We may sound very loud on stage, but the audiences just can't hear us. SO PLEASE BLAST TO YOUR HEARTS' CONTENT!! Only then will the seniors be contented. =p

Gosh, I really feel very tired now leh. I guess I really deserve some sleep. But sadly, I have to wake up early to go to Woodlands. How I really wish the organisers can postpone it. =(


*Yawns* Yeah, look at the time now. Hmm, then you should be wondering why I'm still up. Well, I shall tell you the answer to satisfy your curiosity. It's because of...


CID!! Yes, not Maths, not English, not Biology, not any subjects on Earth. But yea, plain CID. Congratulate me on landing myself in this horrible sickly mess. I've got to come up with 5 PIs (preliminary ideas) for Synergy can? And I only knew I had to do 5 today?! I seriously have no time to finish all lor, even if I really crap out those ideas, because I have to link back my ideas to how it benefits our society. Blah, like I care about society lah. But I have to, for the sake of this project. For the sake of my marks. For the sake of my report book. For the sake of my future. Seriously, I wish that I don't give a damn about results. But look at this society of ours. Who will employ you if your report book is so fantastic? But anyway, I think Mrs Lee-Teo is just going to spend 1/1234567890 of her lifetime reading my ideas and give me a straight FAIL. Lol, hope she tears up my paper and instead of throwing it at me, she'd better engulf and ingest it by phagocytosis. =D


Gosh, Wednesday is supposed to be the only day when I can be dismissed by 1.45 pm, but I think it has now become one of my latest dismissal time from school. Ya, you know why? It's because I have my Music lessons until 4.15 pm, then straight after that, I have to go for Maths remedial. Rawr, why must I fail my mid-year Maths paper?! If not I could have gotten home earlier lor. =(

Another thing I want to complain is, the teachers have told us on the first week after school reopened that there will be term assessments. Aigoo~ There will be Maths, Chemistry and Biology tests lah. Yet, the teachers are piling us with so much homework that we hardly have time to revise our work. The end result is, we do badly in our tests, and that pulls down our overall grade, get it? I've already limited my computer usage to only 30 minutes at most each day, but I still find that I do not have the time to complete everything on time. Why must there only be 24 hours a day? Why can't there be 48 hours, or 72 hours a day? If there's 48 hours a day, I'm pretty sure I can finish up everything. Sleep, play and eat for 24 hours (that's more than enough). Spend another 16 hours on school homework and stuff. Gosh, I seriously don't know why we only have 24 hours a day. =X

zZz... Yes, school has always been this horrible, I know that, but it can get worse right? I guess I haven't seen the worse yet. I better prepare myself mentally and physically for this challenge. =(


Here's an article about Rain's U.S tour being cancelled. =(

Another U.S. concert by South Korean pop star Rain cancelled

Jul 1 05:10 PM US/Eastern

LOS ANGELES (AP) - Another concert by the South Korean pop star Rain has been cancelled, disappointing fans who had reportedly flown in from Hong Kong and Tokyo.
The Saturday night show at the Staples Center was called off "due to issues related to the show's production," according to a statement from Rain's promoter, V2B Global, posted on the Staples Center website.

The 25-year-old performer's show includes 28 trucks worth of stage rigging and a 96-person entourage, the Los Angeles Times reported Saturday.

The Staples Center appearance was to be the final U.S. stop on the "Rain's Coming" world tour that began in December in Seoul. The other five appearances in Honolulu, San Francisco, Atlanta, New York and San Jose, Calif., were cancelled earlier this month. Concert organizers said they faced a copyright challenge from Nevada-based record company Rain Corp.

About 80 per cent of Saturday night's concert tickets had been sold, promoters said. Full ticket refunds will be issued, Staples' spokeswoman Cara Vanderhook said.

Rain, whose real name is Jung Ji-Hoon, is widely popular across Asia for his hip-hop dance moves and sex appeal. He was set to appear in the action adventure film "Speed Racer" by the Wachowski brothers, who created the "Matrix" movies.

The Canadian Press, 2007

Oh, poor Rain. ='( I heard thatat he cried after he wasn't able to perform leh. =( never mind Rain! Must jiayou! You'll forever be my Full House supermegastar! Aja aja hwaiting Rain!! =D


Synopsis for today's Be Strong, Geum-soon! episode

Ya, Geum-soon has finally gone for the kidney transplant. Oh well, the show ended before I could see what happened, but anyway, let's wish Geum-soon and her mother all the best. ^^ Oh ya, before that, Jae-hee bought firecrackers so spend some time with Geum-soon before she had her operation. That part was really so funny lor. The firecrackers lighted up but refused to "explode" lah, so both Geum-soon and Jae-hee were at a loss for words. Aiyah, both of them were really very cute lor! Love the two of them to bits! <3

Yup, I guess that's about all. I need to do my Chinese homework now? o_O'''


Oops. sorry for not blogging for quite some time. =( My mother, yes, has banned me form the computer. Anyway, I shall make this post a short and sweet one because I have to revise my work anyway. =X

Ya, almost the whole clarinet section went to Claire's hosue today to make farewell gifts for the seniors. =D Yeah, then we had pizza. o_O'' Luckily, this time roud, it was from Pizza Hut, not the Canadian Pizza, which is totally inedible. =X Hmm, this time round, I stayed until about nearly 7.45 pm. Grah, other people conveniently left and left us to do the rest. Oh nice... OK lah, not blaming you all lah, because some of them had to go back early too. But aish, in the end only left with most of the Sec 3s doing most of the work. zZz, but I feel a sense of satisfaction. =DD

Oh yes, there's another Korean drama coming up after Be Strong, Geum-soon! ends!!! =DD For your information, Be Strong, Geum-soon! will end its run on Channel U on the 17th August 2007. I guess I'll miss it very much, but at least there's another Korean drama to look forward too. Oh yes, this new Korean drama, OK, not exactly new lah, it's called "Precious Family".

Despite a marked individuality of each of them, the members of the family resemble each other in that they are all good-natured. This drama is a story about a good-natured family whose members endure hardships, love each other, and live a virtuous life...

These days, many parents seek divorce and abandon their children carelessly. But here is a woman who manages to maintain her married life with difficulty raising an autistic son alone, whom his own father has given up.

"Precious Family" is a woman's story that awakens us to how precious and important the home is and what is the meaning of the married life.

The drama focuses specifically on the reality in which the father may choose to take responsibility for his son, but the mother has no choice but to fulfill her duty as a parent.

Ya, it sounds as meaningful as Be Strong, Geum-soon! to me, so I'll give this show a try? Yup, hope it lives up to my expectations. =) Tada...