I hate school!


Oops, sorry for not blogging for the past 3 days. xP Wahaha, I just didn't feel like blogging lah. Oh well, I'm back on Mapling because of the Korean Folk Town. =) I haven't been there, but it sounds nice, so yeah...

Oh ya, I really hate the holidays lor. =( Projects, projects, and more projects. I really hate my school. Grah, when can I officially stop school huh?! I'm seriously getting so sick and tired of it. I spent almost 10 years of my life schooling and I still don't know what the hell I'm schooling for. Bleah. Tomorrow is CCA. Sian lah, CCA every Tuesday and Friday. Seriously not a holiday at all lor... That really makes me hate school so much. >=(

Enough of the depressing post. I want to reply tags now.

[vengyan] Ya lor, so famous right? =p

[mauwee] Wow! Air City is really nice?! Oh my, must watch liao! =D I can' wait to see Choi Ji-woo as a working woman. Oh yes, Dae Jang Geum's director has suggested Lee Young-ae to take on a role as a lawyer or something. =D Maybe we'll get to see her soon! Haha, you download dramas to watch? Won't that take up a lot of space on your computer? Haha, Blingee rocks! =D

[j0icy] Thanks! =D

[zoey] Haiz, I don't know leh. It seems that we don't have time to go out together leh. Stupid projects, stupid homework and stupid RV. >=(

[justea <3, melainne, heling] Haha, the pictures are nice aren't they? =p The website is here. Have fun! =)

[huien] Haha, I only downloaded it because the Korean Folk Town is out. I will still spend more time trying to catch up on dramas though. =)

[Jennings] Hello Jennings! I've gotten back my piano results le, but I tell you on MSN can? Sorry for not telling you earlier. =p

Oh ya, I've changed my blog song to Thank You's theme song "Thank You". =D I think that suits my blog better. =) It is sung by Hun, and I think his singing is quite good for a newcomer. Happy listening! =) Oh, and I've posted the lyrics below. Credit goes to dramaok (Woohoo! He's a Jumong fan too! I've seen him posting in the Jumong and Thank You thread very often! =D) of the Soompi forum.

당신은 바보네요
dang shin eun ba bo ne yo
(a fool you are.. )

정말 고맙습니다
jeong mal go map seum ni da
(really... thank you)

나 하나밖에 모르고 아낌없이 다 준 사람
na ha na bak ke mo reu go ah ggim eop si da joon sa ram
(you who only sees me who gives everything to me without sparing)

당신은 천사네요
dang shin eun cheon sa ne yo
(an angel you are.. )

때론 힘들고 지칠텐데
ddae ron him deul go ji chil ten de
(it must be hard and tiring for you at times)

아무것도 볼것 없는 사람을 변함없이 믿어주네요
ah moo geot do bol geot eop neun saram eul byeon ham oept si mit deo joo ne yo
(but you believe in me without wavering when i have nothing to show)

yi sang ha jyo
(isn’t it strange?)

그댄 눈물샘이 없나 봐요
geu daen noon mool saem ee oep na bwa yo
(it seems you have no tears)

아파도 날 위해 늘 웃어주네요
ah pa do nal wui hae neul oot seo joo ne yo
(even when you’re in pain you smile for me)

그대곁에서 난 행복해서 우네요
geu dae gyeot eh seo nan haeng bok hae seo woo ne yo
(i smile because i am happy by your side)

목끝에 차 있는 그말
mok ggeut eh cha eet neun keu mal
(these words i have kept at the bottom of my throat)

정말 사랑합니다
jeong mal sarang hahm mi da
(i really love you)

표현도 못하는 못난 내사랑
pyo hyeon do mot ha neun mot nan nae sarang
(my foolish love which cannot even be expressed)

이제서야 말하네요 난
yi je seo ya mal ha ne yo nan
(now i finally say this... )

나 그대 있어 살아가죠
geu dae it sseo sa ra ga jyo
(i live because you exist)

yi sang ha jyo
(isn't it strange?)

그댄 눈물샘이 없나봐요
geu daen noon mool saem ee oep na bwa yo
(it seems you have no tears)

아파도 날위해 늘 웃어주네요
ah pa do nal wui hae neul oot seo joo ne yo
(even when you're in pain you always smile for me)

그대곁에서 난 너무나 행복한사람
geu dae gyeot eh seo nan neo moo na haeng bok han saram
(a such happy person i am by your side)

해맑은 그대미소는
hae mal geun geu dae mi so neun
(your smile which is like the sun)

나를 비춰주네요
na reul bi chyeot joo ne yo
(is shinning for me)

먼 훗날 세상이 다한다해도
meon heut nal se sang ee da han da hae do
(even when the distant future world nears)

잊지말고 기억해줘요
it ji mal go gi eok hae jyo yo
(forget not and please remember)

그대곁에 나 있음을
geu dae gyeot eh na it sseum eul
(that i am by your side)

난 행복해서 우네요
nan haeng bok hae seo woo ne yo
(i smile because i am happy)

목 끝에 차있는 그 말
mok ggeut eh cha eet neun keu mal
(these words i have kept at the bottom of my throat)

정말 사랑합니다
jeong mal sarang ham mi da
(i really love you)

표현도 못하는 못난 내사랑
pyo hyeon do mot ha neun mot nan nae sarang
(my foolish love which cannot even be expressed)

이제서야 말하네요 난
yi je seo ya mal ha ne yo nan
(now i finally say this...)

그대있어 살아가죠
geu dae it sseo sa ra ga jyo
(i live on because you're here)

-End of song-


Ahaha, just being random here. I discovered a website which allows me to decorate my photos like how a typical neoprint machines does from Mauwy's blog. Haha, that website is quite cool leh! =D I just love the effects. Next time no need take neoprints le. >.< But I feel that the website is kinda slow. Is it my internet connection or what? By the way, I feel so tempted to re-download MapleStory leh, especially now that the Korean Folk Town is out! Should I go and download it again? =p

Clarinet section photo

Clarinet section photo

Haiz, I have to reach school tomorrow by 8 am for my stupid dental appointment. Then go to school on Tueasday for band. Going to school on Wednesday for 学艺新声. Damn it, it's so horrible can. It's even more horrible than I thought. =( Worse still, I haven't finished any of my homework. Die liao. I can tell that next term is going to be more horrible. Haiz, don't blame me for being pessimistic. The school is really driving me crazy. =X


Rawr. I'm going to kill my computer. >=( I can't blog yesterday, no thanks to it, that stupid dumb computer. It restarted itself dunno how many times lah. I could have kicked and slapped it for ruining my day. >=( Wow, OK, I'm violent. o_O

Well, yesterday was the last day of school, and it totally suck! =( All the homework were all given out last minute. What is a holiday with 4 projects on your mind huh? I can really go crazy over it lor. I would like to beg to differ to a certain somebody who mentioned in his/her SC campaign speech that "RV rocks!". Like real lor... Anyway, I must tell all the primary 6 students out there not to come to RV if they're not prepared to suffer the merciless onslaught of the teachers, the 堆积如山amount of homework and projects. Too bad I was not at today's Open House to tell people not to come to this school. RV is only a good school because people who go in there get high PSLE scores, so naturally, people think that it's a good school. zZz... they just don't know how badly we students are suffering here. In conclusion, I can foretell that my June holidays WILL BE THE WORST HOLIDAYS I'VE EVER HAD! No time to go out with friends, no time to do CIP, no time to watch dramas, no time to relax, and no time to slack. Gosh, I really wish I have 48 hours a day lor.

I started on my Biology homework because it's the only homework I think is quite easy to complete. Maths ah, totally no hope le. I don't even understand a freaking **** about indices. =X I'm not going to enjoy this June holidays. I really dread it. =( RV takes the joy out of my life.

Luckily I managed to finish watching episodes 4 and 5 of Thank You. That show is totally touching lor. I don't know whether to laugh or cry because there's always humour and sadness. I've watched the previews of every episode on the iMBC website. I think the ending looks sad and happy. I shan't spoil myself by watching the last episode yet. Sad because I think the retarded grandpa passed away, but happy because the little girl with AIDS survived or something like that. Haha, anybody with the Thank You theme song also called "Thank You" which is sung by Hun, please send it to me! I need it for my blog song because I think it really suits my blog skin. Although it's a bit too early to judge this show because I only watched 5 episodes, this is easily one of the best K-dramas of year 2007.


Bleah, I got back my result slip liao. Hmm, I still must say I did better than expected, although I did not do as well as my CA. =( One good thing is, I MANAGED TO PASS MATHS!! Although it's just a borderline pass, but at least I didn't end up with a D7 grade on my result slip. Aiyah, I could have gotten B4 for Biology lor, 1 more mark only leh! I scored 66 marks for Chemistry (B3 grade), 72 for Higher Chinese (A2 grade), 76 for Music (A1 grade), 77 for Singapore Studies (A1 grade) and finally, 82 for my English (A1 grade). Guess what? I'm one of the top students in the level for English!!! =D Weehee! Top 1% leh! =D My overall GPA is 3.1 with an overall percentage of 69%. Bleah, 1 more percent to 70% you know. @#%^&* Actually, the overall average GPA for the level is only 2.6 lor, so I think I should be happy that I got 3.1 points. The sad thing is, our class's MSG is almost the last in almost every subjects leh. 3B, we cannot let ourselves down and must work harder the next time round! We're all in this together! =)

Today's PDP was nice!! =D Totally love it! We had the "Eat together with your class" day so we bought all kinds of food and shared them with the class! We had 2 pizzas, a few cakes and some drinks! =D Oh yes, not to mention the colourful lollipops we had! 3 棒棒堂 rocks! =) Haha almost every class ordered pizzas too. Haha, the pizza company must be wondering what's going on in our school since the whole school is having this "Eat together with your class" thingy together! Yeah, they must be earning so much money now. Haha, RV owns the pizza company! =D

Oh yes people! 3B/4B class blog is up now! Click here to see it. The main template isn't really ready yet, so please make do with this one first! Thanks! =)


Grah, I still haven't done my Chinese homework, which is to write a 演讲稿. It's not that I don't want to do it lor, but the very truth is, I really don't know how to write it. Oh man, a lot of people also don't know how to do it, but if you tell me to crap, I don't know what I can come up with too. Aigoo~! I really hate this kind of homework you know. Ms Zhang just finished teaching us that topic and almost immediately, she wants us to write it out. Crap, I was just beginning to like her lor, and now she make me hate her again. =( Boo... I guess I have to rush through it and give her crap. Luckily Chinese lesson is after first break, so I can use the first break time to finish it.

On a lighter note, I watched episode 3 of Thank You today! Haha, the grandfather in there is really cute because he's retarded! =D No, seriously, he's retarded. From what I watched, it seemed that he wasn't like that the last time. I think he probably had a very big shock that shocked his brain into turning him a retard. Anyway, I really like Lee Bom, the little girl! =D She's really cute, bubbly and intelligent, but too bad fate really dealt her a cruel blow. Anyway, there are some surgical scenes in there, which can be really quite disgusting, especially the one in episode 2, where I saw really a lot of blood. =X Even the doctor who was attending to that victim ran to one side and kept vomitting. Only Dr Min (played by Jang Hyuk) can keep his cool and perform open surgery on that person. o_O Haha, go watch it when you have the time! It's really good! =D

Oh yes, Air City debuted in Korea yesterday! I think it did quite well for its debut, which had 12.7% nationwide and 14.1% in the metropolitan area. Haha, hope the ratings go up for today's episode. I will check it out tomorrow! =)

Byebye, I need to pia my Chinese homework liao. Curse the teacher who set this kind of homework. >=X


Yay! I love today's Flag Day! =D It totally rocks! Although it left me feeling very tired, but I had fun asking people for donations! =D I managed to finish up 2 sheets of stickers. Oh yes, somebody donated a $10 note to me! At first, we started off from Jurong East. Haha, many people donated to me and Si Lin lah. Then when almost everybody at Jurong East had donated, we went to Woodlands. Oh yes, in Jurong East, we saw 2 teacher-look-alikes. One is Mr Choy's twin. The other is Ms Tiu's twin. =X They really look very similiar, and I was wondering whether it was really them leh. Especially the Mr Choy look-alike lor. If not for the absense of a pot belly, I would have mistaken that guy for Mr Choy. =0 Then we saw a Ms Tiu-look-alike walking towards Jurong Entertainment Centre. Diaoz.

Alright, then me and Si Lin went to Woodlands. Aiyah, I thought that Woodlands people are less cheerful than Jurong East people, but they donated money of a bigger denomination. Yeah, somebody donated a $10 note, 4 $5 notes and a number of $2 notes to me, so I can conclude that Woodlands people are very generous. Yeah, we saw a Ms Vijay-look-alike at Woodlands too. =X

At around 12.30 pm, we went back to Jurong East to return the collection tins, and after that we went to Lot 1 to have lunch. Lol, me and Si Lin intend to do some more CIP at the Choa Chu Kang library. Haha, I really want to get the RV Big Hearts award this year. Jiayou wor! =D

Another thing. Air City will be shown in Korea today!!! =D Oh man, I'm going to see the ratings tomorrow. I'm sure that it's going to be quite high! =) You can see the flash version of episode 1's preview here. It really looks cool lor! I officially proclaim that I'm in love with Incheon Airport and Choi Ji-woo! <333 Here are some pictures from Air City.


Something very scary happened today leh. =0 While me and Zoey were going down for recess, we suddenly heard a very loud thud, so me, being a busybody, climbed the few steps up again and went to see what happened. To my utmost surprise and horror, I saw somebody lying at the foor of the staircase, with blood slowly flowing out. Oh my god, that totally freaked me out can. I couldn't recognise who that person was until Jun Wen told me it's Wei Kai leh. Immediately, I ran to the staff room and tried to find Mr Liu lah, but apparently somebody who spoke to me through the intercom told me that he wasn't in, so I ran out, and nearly banged into Ms Vijay on the way out. -.- But thank goodness I saw her, so I told her what happened to Wei Kai then she was totally shocked lor. Then we ran to where he was injured together then saw Mr Chua (VP) and a few other people from the general office over there already. Aiyah, me and Zoey wanted to stay and help one lor, then there were too many people around Wei Kai liao, so Mr Chua got very angry and told all of us to move away. We had no choice but to leave lor. Zoey and I went the the canteen, but we didn't have the appetitite, so we drank something instead. But I still couldn't get the picture of Wei Kai lying in a pool of blood out of my brain lah, so my hands really trembled a lot until I couldn't hold my cup of Milo steady. I was already shivering like mad even though it was a pretty hot day.

By the time we went back, the cleaner had already cleared the pool of blood, but many people were looking sad lah, so they didn't go to the canteen and have their break. We decided to stay in our classroom because Mr Tan and Ms Vijay were inside consoling Hui Xian. She was totally shocked into tears for she was the one who was behind Wei Kai and saw everything. Haiz, I also really felt like crying, not crying because of Wei Kai, but crying because it really freaked me out! T_T

We didn't have Maths lesson because Mr Liu knew that we wouldn't be in the mood to study, so he decided to let us do whatever we wanted. Ms Khang came in for Chemistry and taught us the mole concept and whatever crap, but nobody cared lah, because everybody was busy folding stars for Wei Kai as his get-well present. Haha, then I suddenly realised that actually Mrs Tan is a nice teacher lor, because she allowed us to bring our star paper to fold during her lesson since she heard that Wei Kai had hurt himself.

Then suddenly, during our dismissal, Wei Kai suddenly came back. LOL. Everybody was really shocked leh. It really seemed like he wasn't really badly injured after all. Haha, he looks pretty with that bandage around his head that looked like a hairband. =D Haha, we really felt like putting a ribbon there and beating him up for making us worry so much. =) But anyway, we were glad that nothing serious had happened to him.

Then CCA today was kinda boring at first, because the Sec 2s and 3s had sectionals while the Sec 4s went for combine. Aiyah, then I took Kai Zhen and Li Hua for American Graffiti XIII. Haha, I thought they were quite alright lah. Just need to improve dynamics and articulations can already. Haha, I feel a sense of accomplishment because Li Hua managed to get her rhythm right! =D

Then when we went back for combine, I was suddenly shocked diao too, because Wen Hui made us change subsections. There, I was posted back to seconds, anyway, that was where I started too. Hmm, so I played the seconds' score of American Graffiti XIII. Haha, it isn't really hard bah, since the rhythm is almost the same as the thirds' score, but still I think my sight-reading is not very good. I still made a few mistakes here and there, and I still needed to ask He Ling for help on rhythm. But never mind, that shows that I'm learning. =) Anyway, I'm not very used to sitting at the very side of the section, because all along, I've been sitting around the center. =p I'm not sure if seconds will be my "permanent" subsection though.

During sectionals today, Wen Hui and Emily told me, Zhi Yi, Chua Shi Xian, Farah, Jia Yi and Sebastian to try the first score and tested us because they wanted to train us to be their "succesors" in playing high and low notes well when they graduate. I think did not play very well today lah. I wasn't very familiar with the first score, and I guess my high notes' tone really suck and sounded really airy. I blasted the last note which was high E since I had no more breath to blow anymore. =( Gosh, think I really screw up that test. =( He Ling later told us that she was using a new Zonda reed. I mean, that is the type of reed that I don't like to use. -.- Moreover, the reed is new, so it hasn't been seasoned properly. Gosh... =0

Later on, we went to Lot 1 to celebrate Liang Shi Xian's birthday! =D Haha, at first they wanted to go IMM because Zhi Yi didn't have enough money in her card, but in the end, I managed to persuade them to go Lot 1 since it's nearer to my house! =D Yeah! =) We went downstairs to buy our bubble tea (I bought Mango Milkshake) first before going to KFC to eat. Farah, Sarah and I didn't eat because we had out bubble tea and dinner was waiting for us at home. Haha, but Liang Shi Xian was nice enough to let me eat her cheese fries! =D Meanwhile, I was playing Flying Fingers on Chua Shi Xian's phone. Yay! I managed to get an "A" grade in one of the games. After that, Chua Shi Xian and Claire bought a cake for the other Shi Xian. Lol, we were still wondering why they took so long in the toilet. Xp Anyway, the cake is really nice lah! =D Chocolate cake... Mmmm... =)

After that, we went home bah since it was already 9 pm already. Haha, it's been a long time since I posted such a long post. Happy reading! Oh yes, and Happy birthday to Shi Xian! =D


Haha, every Wednesday is always slack day for me, because besides having one Maths lesson, the rest of the day is just spent on Music lesson, PDP lesson and assemmbly. I think I'm getting the hang of surds now lah, because I spent a bit of time yesterday analysing how to work those questions out.

We ended our Gamelan course last Wednesday, so Ms Tiu made us plan for the lesson course for next year's batch of Gamelan students. Haha, I think it's just a good excuse to make us use our brains and let the teachers slack because they don't have to do anything. =X

Worse still, PDP lesson was also reduced to Mr Liu asking us to write down how PDP lessons could be more interesting. Crap lah. Haha, Zoey was doing most of the work lah. The rest of us couldn't be bothered with it. =)

Assembly was very boring today. They got somebody from Thye Hua Kwan Hospital to talk to us. At first I thought it would be on CIP because a number of us are going to help them raise funds by participating in the Flag Day this Saturday. In the end, those people talked about food nutrition lor. Excuse me, there's no need to tell us all these because it isn't related to what we're going to do. Moreover, we have learnt food nutrition in Biology, so what you were talking about it plain redundance. Bleah.

Anyway, today was my first Phonetic lesson. Haha, the trainer, Ms Tessensohn, is actually an Angmoh lah, but from her facial looks, I don't think she looks like one. But today's lesson was quite funny and nice leh! =D She taught us how to pronouce our words properly because Singaporeans speak with the Singlish slang. =X Oh yes, one more thing, she can speak Singlish quite well leh, but the "real" way she speaks is actually the British English. She also knows quite a number of dialects leh, and she can ratter off in Cantonese. Pro lor. Haha, because she kept making us repeat how she pronounce the words, then suddenly almost everybody in LT3 was speaking in the British accent. X) Haha, I guess now I'm quite used to talking in that manner consciously. =) Haha, I will definitely be looking forward to next week's lesson! =D


zZz... I got back my Biology and Singapore Studies papers today. I so glad that I managed to pass Biology this time round, although I still have that ugly C5 grade there. ='( But at least I didn't fail my paper like what happened last term. Haiz, I seriously got nothing to say about SS. I just managed to scrap an A grade for it lor, but I heard that a lot of people failed this paper, so I shan't make any noise. Anyway, Ms Vijay was quite happy with us because nobody in our class failed SS. =) That means that her contract with MOE will be renewed and that she'll not face the risk of losing her job. Oh well, Ms Vijay can really crank me up sometimes. Aiyah, the teachers are going to key in the marks tomorrow lor. Die liao. This time my report book will have 2 ugly "C" grades there lor. =( One for Biology and one for Maths. =X

On a lighter note, I managed to lay my hands on Air City's theme song called Harudal by Dong Bang Shin Ki! That song really rocks me off leh! It's totally fabulous, especially at the last chorus where the whole group just sang together. Oh man, their voices really blend well leh! =D Haha, but I still feel that the songs Success and H.I.T that Super Junior sang for H.I.T's OST are still nicer. Maybe I have to "get-use" to DBSK's singing bah, because that is the first time I'm hearing them sing. Xp

Haha, being random here, but I thought I would like to post Goong S Miracle lyrics here since it's my blog song now. Here goes, and the romanisation is proudly done by me. Credit me if you were to rip these lyrics off. =)


그려봐 상상해봐
geu ryeo bwa sang sang hae bwa

우리의 가슴 속에 숨어 있잖아
oo ri ui ga seum sok e soom eo iss janh ah

이제 영원히 눈부시게 날아가는
i je yeong weon hee noon boo shi ge nal ah ga noon

저 별의 마법을 믿어
jeo byeol ui ma beom eol mid eo

사람들 속에서 휩쓸려가는
sa ram deul sok e seo hwaym sseul ryeo ga neun

얼굴들이 모두 같아 보여
eol gool deul ee mo doo gat ah bo yeo

지금 내가 있는 이 시간이
ji geum nae ga iss neun ee shi gan i

어딘지도 모르게 돼
eo din ji do mo reu ge dwae

하지만 눈을 감고
ha ji man noon eul gam go

귀를 기울여봐 길을 잃어도
gway reul gi ool yeo bwa gil eul ilh eo do

하늘에서 속삭이는
ha neul e seo sok sak ee neun

별의 목소리를 찾아봐
byeol ui mok so ri reul chaj ah bwa

그려봐 상상해봐
geu ryeo bwa sang sang hae bwa

우리의 가슴 속에 숨어 있잖아
oo ri ui ga seum sok e soom eo iss janh ah

이제 영원히 눈부시게 날아가는
i je yeong weon hee noon bo shi ge nal ah ga neun

저 별에 소원을 빌어
jeo byeol e so weon eul bil eo

이건 아니라고 날 다그쳐도
i geon ah ni ra go nal da geu chyeo do

언제나 난 누구의 탓을 해
eon je na nan noo goo ui tas eul hae

지금 이런 것이 우리들이
ji geum i reon geons ee oo ri deul i

꿈꾸던 그건 아니잖아
ggoom ggoo deon geu geon ah ni janh ah

희망의 숫자만큼
hwi mang ui soos ja man teum

실망도 늘겠지만
shil mang do neul gess ji man

그래도 우리 내일을 생각해보면
geu rae do oo ri nae il eul saeng gak hae bo myeon

물러설 수는 없잖아
mool reo seol soo neun eoms janh ah

그려봐 상상해봐
geu ryeo bwa sang sang hae bwa

우리의 가슴 속에 숨어 있잖아
oo ri ui ga seum sok e soom ah iss janh ah

이제 영원히 눈부시게 날아가는
i je yeong weon hi noon boo shi ge nal ah ga neun

저 별에 소원을 빌어
jeo byeol e so weon eul bil eo

실망과 상처로 변해버린
shil mang gwa sang cheo ro byeon hae beo rin

내 모습을 바꿔가 이제야
nae mo seom eul ba ggwo ga i je ya

모든 것 다시 시작해
mo deun geos da shi shi jak hae

내 손으로 그려가 나의 꿈들을
nae son eu ro geu ryeo ga ha ui ggoom deul eul

믿어줘 맘을 열고
mid eo jweo mam eul yeol go

조금은 힘들어도 부딪힐거야
jo geum eun him deul eo do boo dij hil geo ya

이제 닫혀진 문을 향해
i je dad hyeo jin moon eul hyang hae

우리만의 미래를
oo ri man ui mi rae reul

그려봐 상상해봐
geo ryeo bwa sang sang hae bwa

우리의 가슴 속에 숨어 있잖아
oo ri ui ga seum sok e soom eo iss janh ah

이제 영원히 눈부시게 날아가는
i je yeong weon hi noon boo shi ge nal ah ga neun

저 별에 소원을 빌어
jeo byeol e so weon eul bil eo

-End of song-


I'm in the midst of doing another blogskin. Wahaha, this time, it's a blogskin based on Fantasy Couple! =D Initially, I wanted to do a blogskin for Hwang Jin-yi, but for some reason or another, the KBS website refused to fully load the Hwang Jin-yi wallpaper for me. 还是 MBC 对我比较好一点。=) Anyway, thanks to Zhi Yi and He Ling for trying to help me with my codes. =)

Anyway, I added Air City to my watch-list. Weehee, it's Choi Ji-woo's new drama, and it is written by Jumong's script-writer Choi Wan-gyu, so I will really look forward to this drama! Dong Bang Shin Ki will be singing Air City's theme song called Harudal. =D I heard the 30-second preview of the song and it really sounded good! *2 thumbs up* I also watched the preview on the iMBC website. For people who are interested, please click here. Incheon Airport really looks splendid! =D I won't be surprised if this drama gets high ratings. After all, all the dramas that Choi Ji-woo has acted in never fail to get high ratings. Moreover, the script-writer is Jumong's script-writer and DBSK will be singing the theme song of this drama. Yeah! I bet this drama will be good. I already felt so shiok watching the preview leh! Oh yes, I heard Choi Ji-woo speaking English! Woohoo! She's supposed to speak 5 different languages in this drama. Oh man, she really looks very splendid! The layout of this website is also very good! =D Ah... I think Air City will be MBC's big drama of the year. Yes, Air City will be shown in Korea next Saturday 19/05/2007. 崔智友,加油吧!


Well, OK, maybe not well, because I really wasn't feeling well in the morning. I only came to school at around 10.30 am, after I slept for another 2 hours. Lol, not that I was late or what, but when I left the house, I felt so sick until my hands were so cold lor. I managed to make it home alive, then went to sleep again. Haha, I messaged Michelle and told her that I won't be going to school today, then when I had slept enough, my mother asked me whether I still wanted to go to school. Lol, so I surprised everybody by turning up! =D Everybody got a shock of their lives! Haha, they've seena ghost! =D

Oh yes, Mrs Tan gave us back our English papers and Ms Zhang gave us back our Chinese papers. Haha, I topped the class for English. I got 41/50, the highest in class. Muahahaha, I own. =D My marks totally rock, although I thought I could have done better for my MCQ and Free-Response section, where I only got 16/20. My exposition essay was quite well done though, for which I scored 25/30. For Chinese, I got 14/20 for formal letter-writing, 14/20 for comprehension and 13/20 for summary. That adds up to 41/60, which is a B3 grade. I'm kinda disappointed that I did not manage to get 45/60, because that would be an A1 grade already. But I heard that quite a lot of people failed Chinese this time round, so I shan't complain. Haiz, actually my overall before this paper was 76%, which is A1, but this stupid paper pulled my grades to a pathetic 73, which is A2. ='( Never mind lah, I must continue to work harder so that I can get the Bilingualism Award at the end of the year. Chinese, Chinese, please give me an A1 grade... I'm really begging for that pathetic 2 or 3 marks to A1. But too bad, I shall have to wait until next term bah.

Maths paper will be given out tomorrow. I so super scared alright... that paper was really a killer lor. I didn't even have time to finish. I think I will fail Maths this time round lor. I can really feel it. Haha, so congratulate me on winning a place in the Maths remedial class. -.-

Ya, then had the tetanus jab today because we're going to OBS 2 months later. Aiyo, we had to wait for so long just to get that stupid jab lah. The jab wasn't that painful, but it made your left arm go weak and such. And given my clumsy nature, I have the tendency to go around accidentally touching other peoples' left arm, which really hurts. =(

Haha, but good thing is, me and Victoria didn't have to attend music classes because we only returned to the classroom at 5.35 pm, and the rest were already having their exams. Yay, so we could go home. Adna's father was so nice to bring us to Choa Chu Kang Interchange, so we didn't spend a single cent on transport! =D

Aiyah, now my left arm feels very tired lah, so I shall stop here for today. =)


Argh! Exams have just barely ended, and some classes have already gotten back their papers. What the... why are the teachers so efficient in marking those papers huh? I thought they should have a hard time marking them. =p I think I'm going to get back 4 papers leh, because tomorrow will be a long day for me, which means I will have all the lessons. So the chances are, I may as well get back all my papers. Aiyo, sure die liao lah. I don't have the confidence to do well this time, really. I felt that almost all the papers were hard, and I was mainly crapping up some answers to fill up the blanks. Oh yes, I have to take an injection tomorrow too because the whole Year 3 level will be going to OBS come July. Argh! I just hate tomorrow lah. >=(

Just being random here. I love H.I.T's OST. Woohoo! Super Junior sings 2 of the songs in the OST, which simply rocks! =D Gummy's Pain song, which is the theme song for H.I.T, isn't bad too! Go listen to it! =D


Yay! Exams are finally over! =D Haiz, although my last paper, which is Maths, is terribly horrible, but I should still feel happy that phew, finally, exams are over!!! =D Anyway, I've made my very first own blogskin, which is my current blogskin. Hope it appeals to people! =D Haha, go to this website and comment or take a look! =)

Oh yes, I've changed my blog song to Goong S OST Miracle, which is sung by HowL! =D That song really rocks me off my feet, so I think it will rock you off too! Haha, it's my second Miracle song. Oh yes, to clarify, my previous Miracle song is sung by MtoM, and it's from Which Star Are You From OST.

On the other hand, I went to the dentist today and I put on braces! =D Haiz, it's so inconvenient lor. I can't bite too hard or else I'll break my own teeth. Shucks... don't know how long I'm going to put it on for. My teeth isn't exactly that crooked. It's only the incisors that turn the other way round. =( I only ate porrige today, but I guess I'll have to bear with it! =D

I'll reply tags now! =D

[sinyee] Yoz Sin Yee! OK, I'll change your link! =D Oh, and I'm so looking forward to module next term! We're in the same module right?

[hihi] Haha, thank you! =)

[justea <3] Haha, now then you know ah?

[yixuan] Haha, my mid-years are already over! But thanks anyway! =D

[melainne] Jiayou liao, but I think I will still do badly. =(

[caryn] Sorry lah... can't keep you company. =p

[xin] Ah-haha... think my life is suckier now. =( Exams are over, but results will give me problems. ='(

[shan'] We jiayou already! =D Everybody shall die for Maths paper! =(

[passerby] Jiayou jiayou! XD

[triplettt] No problem! =)

[zoey] Aiyah, Zoey, you sure do very well one lah... No need to say also know. Xp

Alright, that's all for today! Goodbye! =D