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Alright. This is it. It will be my last post before the exams are over. I'm going to make myself promise that I won't be blogging anymore until exams are really, really over! I seriously have to mug hard if I want to break through that 70% barrier. I want to break that, I need to break it, I must break it down!!!!! So Veng Yi, "행운을 빕니다" (good luck) to you! =D

Well, I guess I shall reply tags here since I want to fill up this space.

[Caryn] Thanks! Anyway, thanks for tagging even though you're really busy nowadays. =)

[justea <3] Thanks too! Jiayou for mid-years hor! =D

[xin] Yeah! That cake was really nice and yummy! =D I really regretted not taking second helpings. Oh man, I'm greedy! Anyway, thanks for encouraging me! =D Life still has to go on even though how much I'm hating it now. =x

[heling] Haha, I'll send it to you after exams are over! I don't think I'll be using the computer from tomorrow onwards. =(

[zhiyi] Lalala, gamsahamnida to you for tagging me! ;)

[random tagger] Haha, thanks for tagging again! =D

[melainne] Ya lor, you MIA for so long. OK, it's actually not that long, but I'm used to you tagging everyday mah. =p

[jennie] Annyeonghaseyo! Hahaha, jiayou for mid-years too! Aja aja hwaiting! =D

[random tagger] Lol, thanks for dropping by. Xp

[zhiyi] Yeah, I miss band too. ='( But once exams are over, we will get to go back! So just pray that exams will be over soon! =)

Phew, I guess that's about all for now. Expect to see this blog stagnant for awhile during my examination period. 안녕히 가세요!


Oh, what a way to start Monday. Biology test, Chinese speech and goodness knows what. Eh... Chemistry is alright lah, although I really miss having Ms Eu as our Chemistry teacher. She's one very good teacher who never fails to bring her lessons alive lah. Hmm, I guess Ms Khang is still alright for me, but she seriously lacks the charisma that I saw in Ms Eu. Xp Hopefully, Ms Eu will come back soon and probably teach us next year. =D

Ah... Biology test. That stupid test was a killer alright? I couldn't answer most of them lah, and I gave crappy answers. I really didn't know what I was writing. For example, the question asked why chocolate sweets have the sucrase enzymes in it, my answer was so that the chocolate sweet would not taste so sweet. X( That answer is totally crappy isn't it? Rawr. Enough of that test for now.

Oh yes! I just realised something today. My retarded Ah-ma and ancestor have done us proud and brought us glory by being nominated for the SC elections! =D Sadly, they won't be running for the campaign because haha, they didn't want to. Anyway, my class is seriously anti-SC one lor. I mean it, because some SCs really don't deserve to become an SC. Oh yes, I'm a SC hater too! So I'm glad that they're not running for it. Lol, I really wonder what will happen if they really become SCs. Haha, I really can't imagine it.

One more thing. Mid-year exams are just in one weeks' time. I have to buck up! Oh man, I'm really so worried for my Biology. It's my worst subject in my CA, and I think it's going to pull me down this time round. I hope my Biology won't contribute anymore Cs to my report card. I will work hard to eliminate that stupid C grade from my report card. Grah... I felt so angry with myself last term, because I only got a pathetic 56 for that subject. 4 more marks to that B grade. 4 more makrs to finally seeing a "As and Bs" report card. Stupid Biology, why must you ruin that for me? Alright, enough of my babbling. Byes.


Haiz, I think I really miss CCA leh. I can't believe I could go home at 2.15 pm today lor. No CCA for the time being means that exams are nearing. Argh! My first exam is English paper on the 30th April. I hope I do well this time round and get A1s for both my English and Chinese, and maybe I stand a chance of receiving the bilingualism award at the end of the year. =D Haha, it's a bit far-fetched lah, but it's still worth trying out for.

Oh well, I'm just posting this for the sake of updating my blog. I think that's about all for today. I'm not really in the mood since there's so much weekend assignments to be done. I hate homework! >=(


Wee! 200 pounds of Beauty! I really want to watch that! Who wants to watch it with me? =D I heard that it looks very funny, and from the pictures itself, you can really tell that this show has a lot to offer! Oh yes people, don't care about that stupid review in The Straits Time. They just don't know how to aprreciate good laughs. Anyway, I just realised something. The very fat woman in there is called Hanna, which sounds like my senior's name Hannah. =D So Hannah is fat! Nah, I'm just joking lah. =D After she slims down, she is called Jenny, which sounds like the keesiao in clarinets by the name of Jennie. Lalala, it's really such a coincidence!

The fat woman there is acted by Kim Ah-joong. Oh yes, she really sings very well! She sang the movie theme "Ave Maria". Oh man, that song totally rocks! Go listen to it!

The one on the left is the fatter version by the name of Hanna. The one on the right is called Jenny. They're actually the same person though. =p

Haha, Hanna is really cute here! Anyway, she has a little doggie which I adore too! <3

Alright, end of my post for today. I have to rush through my Chemistry notes and my Chinese newspaper report. =D


Rawr. Another Gold with Honours band is born today. Anyway, it marks the end of SYF for the Secondary School bands. I think ACS (I) really deserves it leh. I mean, I was awed by them during the exchange at RGS. =) But not sure if the other school deserve it because I know many people were "commenting" about how they played. Never mind, I respect the judges' decision and let bygones be bygones. I think 11th May will mark the beginning of the SYF competition for the JCs. Good luck to those JC students! =D

Anyway, today is Choir and the Chinese dance SYF competition. Although it's too late to wish them good luck now because they have already competed, I still wish them all the best for the results! =D Jiayou! =D


Ah-ha, I wanted to blog this post on Thursday, but since I had to pia my homework, I decided to blog it today.

The magical feeling is still there... I think that feeling will never go away. Although only 2 days have already passed since we had our SYF, the whole thing seems to be like a dream for me. Yeah, that feeling is really very dream-like. It seemed so long ago that I had performed at the Singapore Conference Hall during the SYF competition, where the limelight was ours. It seemed so long ago that we had band practices almost everyday. It seemed so long ago that everybody was encouraging each other to do their very best. Really, the whole process seemed very dreamy. I really love that dream! =D

This morning, when I woked up early to take my NAPFA test, I momentarily thought that I woked up early because of Saturday band practice. Oh, how I miss Saturday band practices so much. How I miss morning practices. How I miss playing together with the Yuhua bandsmen. And how, I will miss my seniors very soon. ='( 6 months passed very quickly, real quick for me. During October last year, we just received Stabat Mater Dolorosa. At first, I didn't really like that piece. Never did I thought that this piece, would be the piece, that RVCB made it truly its own. The 7 sorrows of Mother Mary, the blood and sweat that we had put in, the fight that we put up, the band spirit that we showed to the other people and ourselves, the stronger bonds that were forged in the process. Mix all these together and you get Stabar Mater Dolorosa. We have truly made this piece ours during the SYF competition. I feel so sad and touched at the same time whenever I hear this piece, because this piece is really ours. The composer composed the piece, we put and added in our own heart and soul into it. I guess we won't be touching Stabat anymore after this. It's all over now. But that piece and the process will be etched in my memory forever.

I really feel very empty without those morning practices and Saturday band practices. I really felt very lost ever since Thursday. It felt as if one part of my life is missing. Oh well, maybe back to studying for me. It's really over now. No point reminiscing over the past that has already past. I can only look forward to the 2009 SYF.

Oh yes, some photos that we took.

The band cake that we had. It's chocolate cake, my favourite! But at that time, I didn't really have the appetite to eat since I wasn't in the mood. How I regretted not getting 2nd helpings. =')

Yay! Our section photo taken with Ms Chan inside! =D Suddenly, I realised that there won't be anymore band practices until the mid-year exams are over. How I wish there weren't any mid-year exams! =(

A photo taken together with the Sec 4s. Really, I will miss the Sec 4s when they're gone. I'm not sure how our section is going to survive after they leave. ='(


Today's SYF day. Yup, we got a Gold award. No honours though, but I think I'm contented. But honestly, when the results were announced, I got a bit shocked leh, then I cried. From what I heard, our sound projection isn't that great, some minor squeakings here and there, and yeah, some sections never come in together lah. I guess that's what caused us the honours. Yes, I agree with this staement: Gold without honours = gold without impurities = pure gold = more value! =D Hannah came up with this! =D But never mind, I played without regrets altogether! No more squeakings from me for once! I really think I played my best today! Even Ms Chan could feel goosebumps when we played the last part of Stabat Mater Dolorosa. I really love the ending we played. It really sounded very grand! =D I think that saved us, because I think the judges felt it too, if not we might probably end up with Silver. Grah, the Gold is totally unexpected. Given the very high standards this year, I didn't even dare to dream about getting a Silver lor, since we made many stupid mistakes. At first, I really felt very indignant when I heard we only got a Gold, but after some time, I realised that this Gold is really hard to come by since many schools didn't even get it. I think RVCB is only 1 out of the 14 schools out of 102 schools that had the Gold award. Anyway, for your information, there's only 2 bands that got the Gold with Honours award. The result can be seen from here.

Anyway people, don't start to feel demoralised lah! We really did very well this time lor. Maybe getting a mere Gold award needs to take some time getting used to, but we'll work harder the next time round! Really, I don't care how people look at RVCB now, but in my heart, RVCB shall always be the best! I have no regrets getting the Gold award, and I'm proud of it! =D RVCB, we're the best! Full of vigour, full of zest! =D We shall rock on! =))


Tomorrow will be the day when I will not play with any regrets. Tomorrow will be the day when we will impress the audience, the judges, and ourselves. Tomorrow will be our day. I don't care what we get anymore. The most important is that, we must not play with regrets. =)

Regarding the "unknown" tagger, I guess it's all a misunderstanding. I shall not pursue the matter anymore. Oh yes, my friends out there, don't bother about speaking up for me or scolding that person already. It's all because of a wrong word used. Maybe I should have used other nicer words instead of "slapping". Honestly, I think that tagger misunderstood and misinterpreted what I meant. Anyway, the tagger's not from RV. None of my friends will do that to me, because I emphasise, I don't make enemies easily. That is something about myself which I'm proud of, seriously. I've got something to say to that tagger. Go and ask the person herself. I'm not bullying her or whatsoever. Like I've said, I will not pursue this matter because it's a misunderstanding. I will forgive you this time and say sorry to you for causing unnecessary trouble. But you must also say sorry to me for misunderstanding me and cursing me not to do well for my SYF. Anyway, I do appreciate that you leave down your real name unless you're ashamed of it. Cheers! =)


Only 2 more days. After 2 days of competition, only 1 band managed to get Gold with Honours. I don't know what's our chance. I don't even want to think about it. People say they don't care what award we bring back, as long as we've tried our best, that's good enough for them. But is this really the case? I know how much people expect us to bring back that Gold with Honours award. Really... I don't want to think about it now. We may be playing on stage, but the music we play must reach out beyond the stage. Only 2 more days left. Jiayou bah!

Regarding the anonymous tagger who cursed me for not doing well in SYF, I've got nothing to say. I just have to call you a coward for not using your real name to tag. Are you really that ashamed of your name that you don't want people to know about it? If you had used your real name, at least I could understand that you probably meant what you said and that probably I really suck or something. But don't you think you suck even more when you're using some crude language on someone who doesn't even know you? Probably you know me, but I don't know you. Maybe I've offended you in some way or another, but that doesn't give you the reason to flame me without any rhyme or reason. That only shows how uncivilised and babaric you are. Right, I will only take this with a pinch of salt, because it only deserves this much of attention. I shan't take it as an insult to myself, but from the way you describe me, I must say that you don't know me very well huh. Cursing me not to do well for the upcoming SYF competition will only spur me on to work harder. I can only say that you're a nobody who's jealous of RVCB. Let this thing end here. Oh yes, you're welcomed to tag anytime you want. But you've been warned. If you post anything untrue about me, I'll make sure you suffer for it, because that is what you want. =)

Anyway, thanks to all the tags in my tag-board! I must say a BIG THANK YOU to all those people who supported me in one way or another! =D Let's work together to keep flamers at bay! =)


Yay! Pan Yin is finally back after being at home for 1 month to recover from her broken leg. Xp And we had fun playing with her crutches!! =D I love my retarded mummy's crutches! Aiyah, glad to know that she's kinda alright now, although her leg is still in a cast. Everybody in class took turns to play with the crutches lah. Michelle, Ying Ting and I created the "retarded triplet bunny hop" using Pan Yin's crutches. And I took the lead because I'm retarded #1 mah. =D

Haiz, there's only 3 more days left to SYF lor. I'm really feeling very nervous. Oh no, wait, I feel constipated. =( Talking about constipation reminds me of the Biology lessons I had today. Mr Suresh is really very funny leh! He reminded us to excrete fibre during recess. Hope you get what it means. =) OK, back to the topic on SYF. I didn't got for morning practice today because my mother told me not to go. Never mind, I will go for tomorrow's one. It's the last 100m. We've got to sprint. We have to do it. Let's jiayou together! =D


Haha, I reached Yuhua at around 9.45 am today. Our practice was suppose to start at 8 am as stated in the consent form, but I don't know why we ended up reaching there so late. Oh yes, we ended early too, at around 12 pm leh! I guess Ms Chan wants to concentrate on the Yuhua band since their SYF would be this coming Monday. I wish them the best of luck!

After band practice, a senior of Yuhua band came and talk to us. He told us that we must always tell ourselves we can do it, we will do it. Only then will it generate postive energy and will power to beat the other schools. The band did it two years ago, by clinching the Gold with Honours award. We can make history repeat itself, but not without generating that postive energy and believing in ourselves. I believe we can do it. It's just a matter of how much effort we put in. Jiayou Yuhua and RVCB! =) By the way, all the other teachers also sent their encouragement to us via Mr Wong. Xp I feel so touched that so many people are supporting us all the way. Only 5 more days to 12/4/2007, which will be the day that decides where we stand. Go go go, RVCB! =D Aja aja hwaiting!

Oh yes, we met a few non-SYF clarinettists at Choa Chu Kang MRT station. Lol, I already knew that they were up to something, but to confirm my suspicions, I went to ask Yi Kai. When I asked Yi Kai, he was so stupid enough to ask me how I knew about that "secret". But anyway, I knew about the secret on Wednesday lah, because my retarded Ah-ma told me that her sister needs to go to somebody's house to do something for those SYF people. Lol, Zoey ah, you're not suppose to tell me. But honestly, I didn't know it was meant to be a secret too. ;)

We decided to go for lunch at Long John Silver. I think I've always been eating Combo 1 ever since I stepped foot into that fast food restaurant. Will somebody be kind enough to donate me a few dollars so that I can afford a more decent meal? Actually, we wanted to go home after that, but it was still quite early lah, so we decided to accompany Chua Shi Xian to the library. Never knew we spent so much time in the library lor. I think we spent about 3 to 4 hours there if I'm not wrong, talking. Lol, I think we were talking too loudly, so we were kind of chased off by the librarian. =( Then after that we went to McDonald's and ate McFlurry. Haiz, I miss those days when the McFlurry ice-cream came in the Orea-Mint flavour. I think the ice-cream now tastes a little bland without the fresh burst of mint. Ya, anyway it was already 5 pm, so we made our way home.

Aiyah, tomorrow have to reach Jurong East by 8 am to go to either Emily's or Xiao Meng's house to watch the Passion of Christ. Haiz, I watched that movie once in Sec 2 lor, and I have no intention to repeat those unpleasant scenes of the movie in my head. Oh my goodness, I think I'm going to have nightmares again after watching it. X( That movie is really all about blood and gory, and I don't think it has got anything to do with our SYF piece lor. Our SYF piece is Stabat Mater Dolorosa, and it's about the 7 sorrows that Mother Mary faces, but in that movie, all you see is the protaganist, Jesus Christ, not Mother Mary. It's about how Christ was tortured in such a gory way. I think nobody would bother about the sorrows of Mary lor. I think we'll be more disturbed about the way Christ was tortured before he was cruxified than about the sorrows that Mary had to endure about his death. @_@

Anyway, we're going to the Singapore Conference Hall for the last time before our SYF on Thursday. I think we're going to be there until 5.45 pm if I'm not wrong. Wow, I think we can have the whole hall for ourselves. =D


Yay! Today is Good Friday, which means there isn't any school today! Haha, I slept until 10 am today. Ah, I've never slept until this late for this week until today. Hmm, I did some of my Maths and Singapore Studies homework. I'm a good girl! =D I spend the whole afternoon doing my CID powerpoint and final product. Haha, I'm just trying to do my part, because we have to present by this Thursday, and I won't be around because of my SYF. Anyway, to my CID group mates, jiayou for the presentation, and to bandsmen, jiayou for SYF! It's only 6 days away. Oh man, I'm very nervous now. =( Hmm, I have to reach Yuhua by 9.45 am tomorrow for band practice. No more sleeping late for me for the rest of the week. X(


Congratulations to CO for getting Gold with Honours for this year's SYF! Great job, all of you! You really brought glory to the school! =D They announced the result over the PA system, and many CO people cried lor. Aiyah, those were tears of joy! =) Yes, really, CO has done the school proud, and somemore it's the first Performing Arts group to represent our school in the SYF. Haiz, with CO getting the Gold with Honours, we bandsmen have more pressure lor. We'll be pressurised to bring back the Gold with Honours award too. =( I hate pressure! This school of mine is only obsessed with getting medals only lor. Really. If your particular CCA group doesn't do well, you'll be like a black sheep in this school lor. I hate that feeling. Only 8 more days left. With 8 days, we can make a difference! We'll go all out to impress! Jiayou to all the Performing Arts groups in RV! You all can do it de! =D


Alright, today's post will be a short and sweet one. Haiz, we spent 1 1/2 hours just on tuning itself. =( It really made me feel so bored, having to listen to other sections tune. Mrs Chak came in today, and she humoured a lot! And she's really cute! =D Ms Chan too! You know today, a Professor from Texas who was once from RV came to see the band, and he came in with Ms Ek while we were practising Sunrise. Then when he came in, Ms Chan quickly told us to play S*****. =) Haha, so cute can. Everybody was laughing like siao, but I doubt the Professor caught the joke. =p

Only 9 more days left to SYF. CO will be having their SYF tomorrow! I wish them the best of luck! But thinking of CO having the SYF tomorrow means that very soon, it'll be band's turn. I'm feeling nervous, I'm feeling the pressure now. If CO does well, it'll be even more pressuring for us to deliver. Not that I don't want them to do well, but pressure is still pressure! Like what Mrs Chak said, the most important thing is not getting the Gold with Honours award, but we must play without any regrets. I hope I won't regret. I hope I won't make any silly mistakes. Alright, enough said. Jiayou CO! =D


Yay! I've finished watching both Death Note 1 and 2 on the VCDs. My mum bought them! Haha, that movie is quite nice leh. I regret not going out with my friends to watch it last year. =( L is very cute! So are the 2 Death Gods. Wahaha, I shan't elaborate anymore. =)

Hmm, these are the few Korean dramas I will be looking forward to lah. Unfortunately, I can't view it on YouTube because it's illegal leh, thus I only posted their opening themes. But never mind, if the opening theme is nice, that means that the show is nice, if not, excellent! Those Korean broadcasting companies in charge of producing those shows are cracking down on those videos available online. Grah, I guess I have to wait for the VCDs to be out leh, which will take ages. Crap lah. I saw H.I.T on YouTube some few days back, and when I went there again today, those videos are gone. Ah... just too bad for me. =(

The Devil opening theme

Yup, that's Joo Ji-hoon's new drama. Yes, Joo Ji-hoon, who played Lee Shin in Goong. Wow. He is like... so cool in there?! He's actually a killer in lawyer's disguise lor. I wonder how he'll turn out in this kind of role. Aja aja Ji-hoon! =D

Witch Amusement Yoo Hee opening theme

Haha, Kim Jung-hoon is back in this drama, although he's not the main lead. The opening theme is already so funny, so I think the show will be nicer! =D Han Ga-in and Dennis O'Neil are in there too, so I will try and beg my mum to buy the VCDs when they're out! =D

Hello! Miss opening theme

Woohoo! My Lee Da-hae is back with a new drama! She's so cute wearing that hanbok in there alright?! It really looks as funny as My Girl lor. I will definitely be looking forward to this one! It really looks good!

H.I.T opening theme

Heehee, the wonder woman behind the script of hit Korean drama Dae Jang Geum is back with this new drama called H.I.T., which is Homicide Investigation Team for short. This show succeeds Jumong in the Mondays-Tuesdays timeslot. Oh man, the opening itself already looks interesting leh. I think this drama will also become a hit in no time to come. =D