zZz... I feel so sick today. I think I'm seriously down with flu lah. Thank you retarded #2 for infecting me. =D Seriously, I really want to get sick so that I don't have to go to school. School nowadays have been really a nightmare for me. Tests after tests, disappointment after disappointment. Argh! I really can't stand this kind of life. =(

Haiz, then today was my Biology test lor. Erm... it's kinda alright lah. It's not as difficult as I though lor, although I did write some crap answers because I didn't know how to phrase my sentence. I also forgot what Golgi body's function and the function of endocytosis, simply because I never read through those notes. zZz... damn it. Anyway, forget about it lah. It's over, and I'm kinda relief! =D But when the results come back, I know I'll die a horrible death. Then today was also supposed to be my Chemistry test lah, but Ms Eu didn't come on Friday, and she didn't return us our worksheets to revise lah, so we didn't have out test lor. It will be held tomorrow lah, still no better though. Haiz, because of Biology, I didn't revise a single thing about Chemistry lor, and I had to chiong through the thick stakes of notes which I borrowed from Si Lin when we were going to school together. Just thank goodness that I didn't have my Chemitry test today. But Hui En told me that it was pretty easy leh. Only 15 MCQs and 3 structured questions to be completed within 50 minutes. That sounds easy, not like Biology, where I was trying to rack my brainless brain to get the correct answer.

Alright, enough said. I need to revise my Maths again because there's another stupid test coming up this Wednesday. X( And not to forget my Chemistry.


I watched The Classic yesterday on the Friday Night Owl program. Aiyah, as this is the last movie that Channel U is going to show on Fridays, I might as well watch it. It's quite nice lah, Son Ye-jin is so cute!! =D But what's a Korean drama or movie with tear-jerking moments. Haiz, Joon-ha died in the end lor. I felt so sorry for him. =(

Anyway, I went to Crytsal Jade Kitchen for lunch today. And I received more angbaos from my the other grandma. =) Heehee, that means more momey, so I'm happy! I totally love the dimsum there! I reccommend you to go there! I went to the one at Ngee Ann City! =D

AND YES!!!! The Jumong VCDs are now available in Poh Kim VCD shop!! =DD My sister went there and called me up to say that it has arrived in Singapore! She said that the cover of the VCD is really very nicely done. Oh man, I think I shall go down to Lot 1 tomorrow and take a look. Guess what? My mum wants to buy it too! Oh my, that's too good to be true. But it cost $39.90, and I think that is only one part because it's still airing in South Korea now. Never mind, I will wait for the price to drop further. And yup, Channel U will be airing Jumong in early 2008. That's sad, because it's next year. =( But never mind, by then I will have my complete Jumong VCDs. =)


Seriously, I've never felt so stressed before. Really, life in RV is really very hectic now. Every now and then, we'll have a few tests just only 2 days after the teacher told us about it. What is this huh? I mean, it's like, totally getting onto my nerves alright? I'm spending lesser and lesser time on the computer now because I have to chiong through every subject. Worse still, the tests are only 45 minutes, and how do you expect students to finish the whole paper (like 1 assignment) in 45 minutes?! This is really insane alright? Maths test yesterday was really like that. The questions were easy, but they were really tricky. It's not like the question is so straight forward hor. The questions needed more than 2 times of reading before I got what they were talking about. And yup, 5 questions (with parts a, b, c, d, e) within 45 minutes. Just kill me will you? I could have finish it if you've given me 1 hour! Just 15 more minutes would have gained me 10 more marks.

Then today's Chinese test was horrible. That 综合填空 was really very difficult leh. All the words that were given are so big and cheem words lah. I'm not even sure of one answer lor. But comprehension was alright although the passage was a bit cheem lah. I nearly couldn't finish the paper lah, but I think my crappy teacher gave us 1 hour to do the paper instead of 45 minutes? So yup, for once, she is nice. =) Then Enligsh formal-letter writing was alright today lah, I could finish the paper. Ya, for once, I could finish it. =x

Haiz, enough of blogging liao. I need to do my SS source-based questions and revise my chemistry and biology. zZz, both my biology and chemistry tests are on Monday lah, and I need to write an essay for biology?! Crap lah, I'm only given 50 mintues lor, and I think I cannot finish the paper. Please pray for me, pray that I don't suddenly go mad or something, or worse, jump off the building. I'm really hating school life in RV lah. Other school students seem to be having the time of their lives while I'm not. =( I formally declare that I hate RV. >=(


Phew, finally... I managed to finish both my Biology and Chemistry article reviews. Ya, after such a long time. I could have nearly killed myself over my Biology article review. I was almost finishing the review when my computer suddenly hanged. zZz... then being the typical me, I didn't save my 3-page worth of hard work, so when it hanged, it was gone. ='( I spent nearly 2 hours on it you know. But it's a lesson learnt the hard way. Next time, I must keep reminding myself to save my work periodically. But the thing is, I'll surely forget. So next time, somebody just bang my head and tell me to save my work. Alright, that's all for my article reviews! I wish it's done for good. Eh, Science department ah, please stop coming up with these stupid article reviews hor! I thought last year was the last time they were coming up with such stuff, the one about Manuka honey. But I couldn't comprehend this year's articles until I read triply hard. T_T Time for me to revise my work liao. School is starting tomorrow, and I'm not looking forward to it. =( More, more, and more homework coming up I'm pretty sure.

Anyway, I want to kill my computer. It hanged itself in front of me 3 times today. Hey, I just want to ask you. How many times do you intend to commit suicide huh? Lol, I had to knock my CPU back to its senses before it behaved well enough. Ya, I guess I have to knock it more often, but I still prefer my Jumong-background computer (the one I'm using to blog now) to my Hwang Jin-yi-background computer. That computer is so slow, slow until I don't know what's its problem lah. I deleted most of the useless stuff from that computer liao, and there's about 10 GB of free space left? And it's still so freaking lagging! ARGH! I think I must start kicking the CPU liao. Haha, torture works best on computers! >=)

Anyway, I don't know what's my sister's problem lah. She still dares to lie that she didn't go to her friend's blog when in fact she did. It's like so freaking obvious that she went lah, because seriously, I don't know anybody from Hillgrove Secondary School. Hello? Please lor, I'm from River Valley High School, not some nitty-gritty neighbourhood school alright? Isn't it obvious that I don't know who on earth is wait... I forgot her name. Oh well, never mind. Luckily my mum didn't go into that matter, though I feel like telling her that it's not my problem but my sister's, but well, I'm letting the matter rest this time. I think my mum thought that it was me lah, because my freak of a sister went to that website using my account. Furthermore, my mum thought that I went to some porn website simply because that person's blog URL contains some pornish words. CRAP LAH. Never in my life have I felt so maligned. Seriously, I feel like bashing her up for ruining my name lah. Oi, next time you want to go to your friend's blog hor, go there using your own account lah, not mine! >=(


I'm seriously not enjoying my CNY holidays, although I'm glad that I don't have to wake up at unearthly hours just to get to school. The article review is seriously driving me mad lah. I can't believe that I have to do two of such crappy stuff lah. Mummy! The world is really over for me! ='( I spent almost the whole day doing one review alright. zZz... I shan't blog about my unhappiness here. Anyway, I managed to revise my A Maths and 2 pages of my Biology book for the upcoming tests. Gosh, my life is getting more and more stupid as the days go by.

Anyway, I managed to sign up as a iMBC member. Finally, after fiddling with those Korean buttons there, I was on the right track! =D This is the only thing I felt so happy about. Enough crapping liao. I'm going to eat my dinner and continue with my stupid review. =(

Anyway, I just want to say that Miracle from Goong S OST totally rocks can. It's sung my HowL, my favourite singer! I guarantee you, you'll fall in love with it in just a matter of time. I feel so tempted to change my current Miracle song to the Goong S's Miracle, but I've decided to change blog song only when I change my blogskin. Haha, so look forward to me changing my blogskin bahx. =)

No mood lah...


Seriously, I'm not in the Chinese New Year mood now. Just look at what I have straight after CNY. Tons of homework, tons of tests, and tons of project work for CID. Argh! Why must life in RV be that stressful? They can't even let us enjoy our CNY holidays, and piles Year 3 students with so much homework and stuff. Do you really think I have the mood to go around visiting people like this? All the homework must be done by this coming Wednesday, and I still have two stupid article reviews to finish. Darn it, what kind of holiday is this lah? Anyway, I'm going to blog about today and yesterday, but let me reply tags first.

[MightyCrusader] Haha, I really like your nickname so much lah. And you did tag my blog before right? Haha, and I heard that the Jumong crew will be going to Bali for their well-deserved break. =D Are you going to stalk them? X) And ya, from the preview I watched on the MBC website, it seems that Yesoya is rather sick. She was coughing out blood if I'm not wrong?! Oh man, that's pretty saddening.

[Xinying] Haha, Happy New Year to you too! Though I'm not feeling very happy, lol, because of my schoolwork. Think I'm going to die lah. Hope I get sick soon.

[kat] Haha, yes, I enjoy Goong S too. Se7en is my darling! =DD

[mauwy] Haha, thanks for the pictures! Anyway, Jin Hee-kyung plays a comical character in Sad Love Story? Because she looks rather comical to me leh. =p And lol, you have DVDs for every Korean drama is it? You seems to be always buying DVDs. =p As for me, I'll just wait until the local channel shows it, and if I like it, my mum may consider buying. Anyway, Kung Hei Fat Choi is the Cantonese way of Gong Xi Fa Cai in Chinese. Haha, luckily I'm a Cantonese myself, if not I don't know what you're talking about! =DD

[vengyan] See first lah, that time I was in a very good mood that's why I did it. But now I don't feel like doing it. =p And only 3 chocolates only, what's the big deal?

[melainne] Ya, the pictures really look nice. Anyway, I think it'll come out on Channel U during October or November. Look out for it! =)

I went to Chinatown yesterday for some last-minute CNY shopping for goods. There were really many people lor, and there was some kind of human jam because so many people were going to the same place at one time. Furthermore, they blocked off most of the main roads for the fire-crackers and fireworks lah, so we had to compete with other people for space. I took some pictures.

This picture was taken at around 9 pm. 3 hours later, all the Chinese sausages were gone. @_@ Haha, they're trying to clear stock mah, because yesterday was the eve of Chinese New Year.

Haha, this picure isn't really clear lah, because it's taken where people were all trying to squeeze each other to get to the other side of the road, so my hands shook a little. Anyway, that is the advertisement poster for the famous Cantonese restaurant Yum Cha. I used to go there for afternoon tea with my grandmother.

Haha, just some random picture. I found those paperweights cute lah, so I just snapped it. I think they were selling it for 3 for $10.

Some CNY decorative ornaments. Aren't those potted "flowers" pretty? Pretty in pink huh? =)

Ah, that German guy is back with his German food? He was featured in the newspapers quite some time ago for his god-knows-what food. Anyway, there were many people there, so I didn't bother to see what he was selling.

Yay! A Korean food stall. Again, there were too many people there, so I didn't bother to take a look. Oh well, just snap a picture as a momento. =)

Oh, just so random. I like this windmill a lot! =D It's just so colourful. It was found on one of the food stalls there.

Haha, some decorative ornaments for CNY. Anyway, most of the CNY goods are red in colour! =D Haha, why red? It was rumoured that a monster by the name of Nian terrifies the villagers in ancient China. The villagers found that Nian is terribly afraid of the colour red and loud noises, so they used cymbals and red-coloured stuff to scare that monster. Thus, CNY came about. =D

Haha, the CNY food stuff. It just makes me saliviate when I see those things. But after eating them, I always get a sore-throat. =x

This year is the Year of the Pig, so of course, most of the things sold in Chinatown would be pig-related stuff. =p

Some Chinese gourds with words engraved on it on display. I found it rather interesting, but I was saving up my money for those CNY sweets and stuff.

Some Chinese deity on display. I forgot the deity's name. Alright, I'm such a noob. =x

Some Chinese temple that is still under construction. Lol, those people at the entrance kept giving out orchids. I don't know what's the significance though. =x

Haha, just look at how many people there were. Everybody there was like squeezing like mad lah. But this is quite an experience for me. =)

Haha, the heaps of Thailand coconuts are for those thirsty people. My dad bought us 2 coconuts for $2. It was simply so refreshing. =) A real thirst-quencher.

Yup, this is part of the CNY decorations for Chinatown. Lol, it's nicer than the previous design lor. The previous design looked like some pink laundry being hung up. @_@

Hmm, that poster belonged the the C.K. Departmental Store. Nice one with the CNY greetings on it. =)

A just-so-random street sign. That proves that I was in Chinatown. -.-

Fireworks during the CNY countdown. Lol, didn't managed to get a good picture because that part of the road was being cornered off.

The smoke was the result of the fire-crackers being set off. But this was done by the authorities, because fire-crackers are still banned in Singapore. Lol, no wonder there were so many police patrolling that area.

Haha, I guess that's all for today. I don't want to blog about today lah. I want to sleep liao. Happy Chinese New Year to everybody! =D



Did I talked about people changing till the point where I don't know them anymore? Yes, I shall pretend not to know you now. In fact, you don't even exist to me. Oh well, so farewell to those people (I emphasise, those people, I do hope you jolly well know who you are) that I once knew and considered a friend.

Then first period was Chinese lesson lah. We had our crappy 听写 as ordered by our crappy teacher. Phew, I left my 3A Chinese textbook in school, and I never brought it home. Thank goodness I only got one mistake. Haha, it's already considered quite good for a person who was sick the previous day and only managed to learn it the last minute while answering some questions for her Chemistry assignment. Aja!

Anyway, today we were dismissed at about 12 pm after we cleaned up our classroom. Erm, the CNY celebrations was rather alright for me, though I can't sit still throughout the 2 hour performance. Eeyer, imagine having to sit through the whole 2 hour performance in the very cramp and stuffy hall. I can really buay tahan already lah.

And yes, after we were dismissed, we were supposed to meet the rest of the class near the piano because we were supposed to have lunch together. =) But apparently, some of them got held up by some stuff, so we could only leave at around 12.45 pm. =x Meanwhile, Jennie was so conscious about her weird bag that she has to carry around. And ya, like I said, she was bringing her whole table back home, because she was really carrying a lot of stuff.

Then we had lunch at JEC. Lol, we went to the foodcourt and eat lah. I nearly couldn't finish my own lunch. I don't know what's wrong with me. There seems to be something wrong with me everytime I eat. Argh! Watch your diet lah! Xp Haha, then after lunch, we could do our own things. Lol, some people went to watch movie, some went to the arcade, and some of them went ice-skating. Lol, too bad for me. I didn't bring along an extra change of clothes lor, so I couldn't join them. It's quite saddening lor. ='( But luckily my retarded Ah Ma (Zoey) accompanied me to Poh Kim VCD shop and we went to see the new release of VCDs. Haha, thank you! =D Anyway, i really want Jumong, Hwang Jin-yi, Come Back Soon, Soon-ae and Goong S to be out in the stores quickly! I want to own them! Faster faster come to me! =D

Anyway, I didn't do much today, except for my Maths homework. I tried reading through the articles for Biology and Chemistry, but yup, they were too incomprehendable for me, given my limited intelligence. @_@ I think I'm going to die soon. But luckily for my A Maths, I think I'm getting the hang of it. I managed to finish 2 questions on coordinate geometry within 15 minutes. Ah... I feel a sense of accomplishment.

Seriously, I think I need to cut down the time I'm spending on watching Goong S online. But sadly, the english subtitled videos are only available up till episode 4. That's the problem with me for not mastering the Korean language lah. I just don't understand what they're talking about most of the time, and this gives me the tendency to skip through everything. Yup, time to stop watching videos liao. But honestly, Yeo-wang Pye-ha is really pretty in there (I really love her dressing, her tiara etc.), and uh-oh, her ex-boyfriend came back to teach at the Royal Acadamy. Will they end up together? I hope not leh, the Queen is so pretty, and she must hang out with that angmoh guy who is not exactly very handsome? Nono, it's a nono from me lah, but yeah, who am I to break these two people up when they really like each other? It's actually quite funny to hear the Queen talking to her ex-boyfriend lah, because she's speaking in Korean, and that boyfriend replied to her in English. Oh well, how do you communicate like this huh? Haha, but the Queen Mother is always trying to put them together. =p Wait a moment, what have I just done?! OH NO! I've revealed some things that aren't suppose to be revealed! But anyway, Myung Se-bin rocks, so does Se7en. They live in my heart! I really <333 them! =D

Enough is enough. I have to concentrate more on my work already. Common tests are coming up just after the CNY holidays, and oh, I really feel so stressed lah. I must really buck up and pull up my socks. Aja aja fight fight! Yeah, all the way! Inspiration, inspiring, and inspirated. =DD


Haiz, I didn't make it to school today. I don't know what's wrong with me lah, but I suddenly felt very faint and nearly fainted at Commonwelth MRT station. I had such a severe stomachache that I broke out into cold sweat. I couldn't even walk properly lah. But good thing is, I managed to come home alive. =D And I slept for all I wanted. I also did all I wanted. Ya, I promised you guys on the post of Goong S right? I shall post it now.

Goong S really rocks! Although I haven't watch the later episodes, I managed to watch 3 eipsodes today! Ya, so I've watched until episode 4 liao, and I think it's not as boring as Goong's earlier episodes. Almost everybody in that drama rocks, except for those bad people. Argh! I really hate Lee Joon's parents, who are the Dae-gong and the Dae Bu-in. @_@ And yes, Park Shin-hye, who plays the younger version of the female lead in Stairways to Heaven is back! She's really gorgeous!! Stunningly pretty! Se7en is too cute to resist! Haha, I really love his cute antics lah! Heo Yi-jae... hmm, I don't really have an impression of her, but she seems to be quite fun. And there's still Kang Doo. At first, I didn't like him because of his looks, but he's still alright for me, although I know that he'll be fighting with Lee Hoo (Se7en) for the throne. And lastly, THE QUEEN aka Yeo-wang Pye-ha! Woots! I really love her. Not only is she pretty, she's less "wooden" than the queen in Goong. Oh my goodness, just see her in that drama and your jaws will drop. The Queen Mother (literally, the Queen's mother) is also quite cute leh. Gosh, I really like Goong S leh. Haha, when Lee Hoo's handphone was confiscated because of that "Oppa, who ordered jjajamyun?" ringtone, everybody was so shocked that a royal prince has such a ringtone. Watch it and you'll know how funny it sounds! =D Then the Queen Mother kept playing with that phone. @_@ She's cute lor! =D Haha, Lady Choi and Royal Secretary Gong from Goong are in Goong S too! Haha, almost everybody there is dressed in modern clothes. The Queen isn't an exception. But only the Queen Mother dress in traditional clothing. Haha, anyway, she's younger than the Queen Mother in Goong. Alright, now for the pictures.

Haha, my Se7en!! He's just so cute in Goong S lah. I'm so far satisfied with his performance in that drama! Haha, and he keeps saying "Man is all about face", "Man is all about form", "Man is all about..." and the list goes on. And yes, I agree with him. Ahjummas (aunties in Korean) are scary. @_@

Heo Yi-jae and Yang Soon-yi in Goong S! She's cute no doubt, but heh, I prefer my Shin Chae-gyeong more. Maybe my perspective will change over time. I don't know. Haha, Yang Soon-yi and Lee Hoon were formerly from the same school and they met in the palace by pure coincidence.

Haha, this is Kang Doo, who plays Lee Joon in Goong S. I think he likes Yang Soon-yi lor, even though he's supposed to be engaged to Shin Sae-ryung (Park Shin-hye). He seems so nice to her lor. Xp I don't like his parents lah, who are only obsessed with putting him in line to the throne. They're always plotting against my darling Yeo-wang Pye-ha lor. =(

Haha, here comes Park Shin-hye! I'm watching this drama partly because of her and Se7en! Isn't she pretty? Oh my goodness, you wouldn't believe it! She's only 16 this year if I'm not wrong. Haha, she's already such a beauty when she's so young. Aww~ But I think she plays a bad character here... I'm not too sure though, because she seems nice to me. =D

Yay! Myung Se-bin is here as the Queen. Pay your respects to her! Oh my goodness, I really love her lor. She really isn't as wooden as the Queen in Goong. She's more funky, more accomodating and more pretty! =D You should have seen how she portrayed herself. It's really like a real Queen lah. You should have seen episode 2. When she came into the ballroom, there was really this regal air surrounding her lor. I really think that putting her as the Queen is really the right choice. Haha, and I'm so glad that many other people like her too! =D She even sneaked out of the palace in disguise so as to get Lee Hoo out of trouble lor. Haha, when she visited Lee Hoo at his former jjajamyun store, his friends even mistook her for his girlfriend. Haha, that part was really hilarious. Gosh, she's really gorgeous lor. I think she's more open-minded and less traditional in her thinking. Too bad the Dae-gong and Dae Bu-in are always plotting against her. I love her! I love her!! I love her!!!

Haha, Lee Hoo with his jjajamyun delivery motorcycle! Isn't he cute? I want to pinch him!! =DD

The Queen with Lee Hoo when he just entered the palace. Lol, Lee Hoo fell to his knees when the Queen arrived. He refused to get up even though she has asked him to get up. @_@

The setting of the ballroom. Isn't it grand? =)

Haha, the palace girls receiving their promotion certificates here.

Wow, the senior palace lady wears spectacles. Lol, I thought all of them wear contact lenses. =p

Haha, they also have teddy bears which they show after every episode. But the different thing is, these teddy bears can MOVE!!! =DD Cute eh?

Lol, Lady Choi of Goong is in the background. You can recognise her right?

Haha, that's all for now. I need to eat my dinner now! =D Goodbyes!


Haiz, my computer had caught the MSN virus, and I would like to thank my moment of folly, my moment of stupidness, my moment of curiousness and my moment of silliness for that. Thank goodness my computer was alright, but retarded #2's computer crashed. I'm so sorry to hear the demise of your computer. Luckily my computer is almost immnune to viruses, because I always bring it to an anti-virus doctor. =D Ya, just warning those people out there. If you ever recieve some weird message like "Heeey! I found your retarded picture on the net (I forgot the link)", don't click on it. The person who sent it to you must have caught the virus, because this virus will affect everybody who is on that infected person's online contact list. So yup, those people who were offline when my computer caught the virus, count yourself lucky.

On a happier note, today is Valentine's Day, and yes, I wish to thank all those people who loved me! Yup, thank you so much for the presents and the sweets. Haha, Yanni and Ying Ting still owe me my Valentine's Day gifts. =D Yup, I really feel so loved by so many people. Haha, that shows that I'm popular! Wahaha, I'm feeling so egoistic all of a sudden. X) Anyway, I took some pictures of my gifts.

Yup, something that Hui Xian gave me! =D Haha, it's the first non-food present that I recieved from somebody! =)

Haha, the most generous gift I've received from anybody. Many thanks to you Hui En! Haha, really thanks for giving me such a nicely wrapped Valentine's Day present! I love you!! =D Haha, everybody is jealous of me now! *blush*

Haha, the Ferrero Rochers that I received. One from Jennie, one from Chin Hui, and 3 from my retarded mummy Pan Yin!! =D Anyway, Pan Yin has a secret admirer? Lol, somebody left a snow globe on her table, and there wasn't any name on it. Heeheehee, who could it be? >=)

Haha, a picture to sum it all up. These are the little sweets and chocolates that I received for today. Haha, not everything is inside the picture though, maybe because I zoomed in too much. >.<

Haha, so I went home feeling quite high. Met Jia Yi and Dong Ying at the bus-stop by pure coincidence. Then we took bus 97 together, and we were comparing the number of sweets we had. Lame lah... anyway, Dong Ying's friend said that I don't look like a Sec 3, and she even mistook me for Jia Yi's classmate. x_X Haha, and for your information, Jia Yi is my junior, so I do look like a Sec 2. And yup, what does that mean? It means I look young. Haha, thank you thank you! =DD Gosh, that's really really very very egoistic of me! >.< I'm feeling too high liao. Somebody stop me. =/

Haha, anyway, it's a long post for today though. Haha, because I'm in the mood to blog! =D Ya, I want to talk about Goong S. I just can't stop talking about it. I really love the theme song entitled Miracle by HowL, the singer for Perhaps Love in Goong. I'm really falling for it, I'm really loving it. And I play this song on the computer for n-times times already. Yup, I never got sick of it, really. Ya, so now my post on Goong S. Or should I keep it for tomorrow? Haha, so be it. I shall keep it for tomorrow. That's all for now folks. Happy Valentine's Day! =D


Haha, I'm so happy today, because Mrs Tan never come for English lesson! Woots! Everybody was so high lah, hahaha. Anyway, I got back my informal letter-writing test. Haha, even though I never really studied for it, I think I still did pretty well lah. 22/30. Lol, the highest in my class is 24/30 lah. I hope I can maintain, or "better" my standard for my formal letter-writing test, which I think is going to be more difficult. =(

Then CCA again as usual. All the clarinettists on the 5th floor went to band together. Lol, Chua Shi Xian even said that she felt touched that we waited for her every CCA day. =D Sian lah, there wasn't any combined practice today because the Sec 4s have to revise for their common test. Ya, so we were stuck with sectionals for almost 3 hours. Enough to kill me lah, but just that sectionals today was alright lah, even though we didn't go through S*****. Oh man, I miss S***** so much. =( Then since like almost all the Sec 4s have gone home to study for their common test, so only left He Ling and Gim Ling. Gim Ling went to take the Sec 1s I think, then He Ling wanted somebody to conduct sectionals. zZz, then Sebastian take lor. Then after that I took sectionals lah. I didn't know what overcame me, but just suddenly felt like conducting sectionals. @_@ Anyway, we took turns lah, and just went through some of the not-so-new pieces.

Haha, there'll be no CCA until next Friday, which is like so shiok lah. I'm loving it! But this coming Friday isn't a half-day for us. Curse the school and MOE lah. Say what Friday isn't Chinese New Year Eve, so no holiday for us. *mutters curses under her breath* >=( Haha, and tomorrow is Valentine's Day. Yup, we went to Jurong East's NTUC bought our sweets and chocolates. =D I think there's enough for everybody bahx... Hope so. Anyway, look forward to my sweets tomorrow! =D And Hui En is going to give me a Valentine present. Thanks so much! =D Oh man, I'm looking forward to tomorrow!

Anyway, War and Beauty has ended. The ending was really sad lah, but I thought it was really good. A really satisfactory ending even though I would have preferred Anqian not to die. Haiz, in the end, almost all the main characters like Sun Baiyang, Yuying, Anqian died lor. The truly evil person was actually the Empress lor, so cunning and wicked lah. She caused the death of both Sun Baiyang and Yuying by burning them to death lah. But at least the both of them died together in each others' arms. How touching... ='( But the really touching part was when Anqian died on Kong Wu's shoulder lah. There was really this 生离死别 setting lor. Oh my goodness, I really felt like crying for Anqian, because she's really my favourite character in the whole series. She died because she was shot by a stray arrow, and Kong Wu doesn't even know that she got shot. =( Actually, towards the end of the series, I quite like Lady Ru too leh. Haha, I find her quite pretty at times lah, and in the end, I think she sacrificed herself so that Kong Wu and Anqian will be together even though she likes Kong Wu. =(( Haiz, a really sad ending for this drama, but I must say that this is one of the best TVB dramas I've ever watched. Lady Ru and Anqian rocks! =D


Yay! My Maths test is postponed to next Thursday, which means I have the CNY holidays to revise! Woohoo! 3 cheers! But I think I'll be having my Biology common test on the same week. @_@ Oh well... got to pia for the both of them liao.

Did I say I'm loving Goong S more? Yes, indeed, I am. I just listened to Miracle that is sung by HowL, and I love it so much man! That song totally rocks can! So I conclude that Goong S rocks even though I've only watched the first episode! Aja Goong S!! =DD

Oh well, this is such a random post. I have to admit I have feelings for you. Really, I can't stop myself from falling for you... @_@


Haiz, I want to go to Chinatwon. How I longed to go to Chinatown, to feel the atmosphere of the Chinese festive season. Ya, just ask me why I can't go there as often as the previous years, and I'll tell you it is because of the tremendous amount of homework that I have. And yes, because of Maths. Argh! I really hate A Maths a lot! One stupid Worksheet 4 is enough to deprive me of the fun and relaxation I'm supposed to be having for my weekends. Ya... I spent about 2 hours doing that dumb worksheet lah... Die lah... I'm really going to suffer for my Maths common test lah... We're only given 45 minutes to do 4 questions (with parts a, b, c) and I took 2 HOURS to complete 6 questions? That is really insane lah. At this rate, I'm going to flunk my test it very badly. Bless me. ='(

Anyway, I kept eating pistachios today. Yummy! They're really delicious! =D Yay! Chinese New Year is coming soon! Haiz, but the start of the holidays will only be on Friday, when we celebrate it in school. Meanwhile, I still have to endure 4 more days of school, which is like, super boring lah. Mummy, save me! And again, my retarded #2 isn't going to school tomorrow. So good lah, she's always sick and on MC. She gets to skip PE because of her MC. What is this lah?! I seriously want to be sick lor... Argh! I really hope that I'm down with some serious flu so that I don't have to go to school. zZz... I have to revise my Maths again. End of post.

P.S. I've changed the smileys in my tagboard to more funky ones. Haha, of course, credits must go to my blogskin maker and MCS forum. I looted most of the smileys from them. =)



Haha, I'm finally here to reply tags. =D

[mauwy] Yoz! Welcome back to my blog!! =D I don't mind people flodding my tagboard. In fact, the more the better! =) Haha, what is "Yeomieul" acting as in Sad Sonata? Kim Hee-seon plays a blind girl right? But I heard that Kwon Sang-woo's character died in there. ='( Smile Again looks alright to me, but haha, I'm not really into it. I'm looking forward to Jumong's and Hwang Jin-yi's VCDs though, but haiz, they're really taking such a long time to bring it in. =( Hmm, I've been watching Korean dramas since 2003, lol, yup. And some of my favourites are Hotelier, Beautiful Days, Dae Jang Geum (definitely), Little Bride 18 and My Girl just to name a few. I've watched too many until I can't really remember what I've watched. So sorry though. =/

[zhiyi] Haha, Zhi Yi ah~! You're really disintegrating. You kept bumping into me today. Gosh, think you got no more eyes liao. Xp Anyway, I'm special, because I'm a green colour human being. @_@ So I won't disintegrate! =D And yes, 97! AWW~... that was really sad. XD

[justea <3] Haha thank you very much! Lol, you call yourself "justea". =D

[melainne] Lol, you think it's cheem ah? Haha, I never told anybody about who that person is, so I shan't tell you either. Anyway, I don't think you know that person. Keep guessing. =D

[vengyan] OK lah, I shall stop sprouting rubbish. Let's all touch wood together. =D And yup, the stemboat dinner rocks! =D

[huien] Haha, no lah. I'm just crapping. @_@ But crapping adds to the entertainment. =D

[mauwy] Haha, don't worry about that. I love people spamming my tagboard! =D because I love spam! =DD

[shan'] Haha, retarded #3, this shows how crazy over things Korean I am. Lol, you even fell in love with my song leh. I'm going to do my best to convert you to be another Korean fanatic like me!!! =D

Anyway, I shan't blog about my life in from 6.20 am to 2.15 pm. But I'm just kinda relieved that my A Maths common test is on Wednesday, that means I still have time to clear my doubts, hopefully.

Anyway, the "O" level results are released today. Haha, my seniors (last year Sec 3 this year Sec 4) were all so hyper lah, because I think most of them got A1 for their Chinese paper. Lol, from what I heard, out of the 400 people who took that paper, 300 people got A1, 58 people got A2 and the rest got a B3? I'm not too sure about this, but it's really good lah. Yay! Congratulations to those people who did well. Anyway, Li Nan Nan (don't know who; last year Sec 4) was the scholar with 10 A1s. I heard from Hui En that many people got 9 A1s too, her senior included. Congratulations! Woohoo! Hope that Ms Ek will give us a half-day break like what she did when we were in Sec 1. Lol, the half-day break is for the teachers to rest after teaching those students so well. but we didn't have it in Sec 2, so I do hope that we will have it this year!

Anyway, when the seniors weren't around because they were collecting their result slips, Ms Chan told us to take the Sec 1s for a while. Lol, I got to know them a bit better today, and I managed to make one boy (I forgot his name) to play open G and F with a little difficulty. Hmm, they will only be having tutor after the Chinese New Year holidays are over. Haiz, so meanwhile, they'll be with us.

Anyway, because of that, we only went for combined at about 3.45 pm, and left for sectionals at 4 pm. Haiz, I prefer combine to sectionals lor. =( And we had some section meeting where we all talked until 6.20 pm before we could go back and keep our instruments. Then poor me, I had to carry my A Maths, E Maths, and Biology textbook back home lah. I was dying under that weight. You know how heavy those book are when they're put together.

Then when we reached the bus-stop, there were just so many people there lah. It was so crowded that we couldn't get up on bus 100 and 57. In the end, we nearly couldn't get up bus 166 too. Argh! I was kinda worried that Zhi Yi and Farah couldn't get up, and I was like "来生再见吧!" Lol, they managed to get up the bus, and of course, the people that got in, the more cramped it became, and I felt so squashed, so I initially wanted to tell Zhi Yi and Farah to get off. @_@ Lol, I'm such an evil person. Muahahaha!

Then He Ling and Zhi Yi got stuck in 166 while the 2 Shi Xians, the twins and me managed to get off. Then we kept laming our way back home lah. Lol, Shi Xian said that I don't look like a Singaporean, but more of a Korean! Wow, thanks great! I shall take that as a compliment hor! Thank you so much!! =DD

And yup, one last thing. Happy Birthday to my dear daddy!! Woohoo! We won't be having any birthday cake because he's afraid of those fats in the cake. Aww~...


Yay! I had steamboat dinner to celebrate my father's birthday! =D We invited our grandmother and 1st aunt along since they lived near us. Haha, so yup, I've just only finished my dinner, and I'm feeling very bloated.

Yup, I'm going to keep this post short because I have to revise my A Maths since there will be a common test either next Monday or Tuesday. Oh mummy! It's over! It's like... we only just managed to finish the chapter on coordinate geometry and there's already a test?! Get a life lah, there are still many parts that I don't understand lor, and I need to spend a lot of time on just one question. Alright... mummy! It's really over for me! =(

Then we were suppose to have sectionals today, but the band room wasn't open, and after lingering around the school for another 15 minutes, we decided to go home. Lol, we wanted to go home de, then Xue Qiang passed by us, and nosey Zhi Yi went to ask him if there was any sectional practice. Then Xue Qiang said that he's going to take the key, and open the room. zZz... I could have killed Zhi Yi for that lah. Who asked her to be so nosey and asked Xue Qiang... @_@ We could have sat on the LG bus 97 with Lee Young-ae on it if not for her. =( Then me and Zhi Yi would have been the happiest people on Earth, because she could have sat on 97 (her favourite bus lah) and I could have sat on my dear Jang-Geum's bus. =D

In the end, we too bus 166, and I kept "Mummy! It's over! Mummy, the world has come to the end!" because I was feeling quite sick and felt like vomiting. Lol, I think I really scared of Farah, Sarah and Zhi Yi. Hmmph... after talking so much, I would like to say that Zhi Yi is at fault for making me sick. @_@ Anyway, can forgive her liao, because she's disintegrating 'cos the world is over! =DD The MRT tracks have already collapsed and my stupid school textbooks have disappeared. The world is over! Weehee! =DD Going mad liao. Alright, I won't reply tags today, because I really have to go through my A Maths. Sadly, the world isn't over yet. ='(


Lol, so many people keep posting the same post at my tagboard. Wow, that's considered spamming lah, but I like it, so before my headache worsens, let me reply tags here first!

[jiban] Waa... you so pro lor, tag 3 times leh. Xp Lol, I didn't say that I'm He Ling's hyper junior lah. I just said that I'm her junior. See wrongly lah you... =D Anyway, thanks for tagging! =)

[heling] Lol, is your friend see wrongly lah. Xp I never said that I was hyper. @_@ Haha, it's very obvious ah? Haha, must be straight to the point lah. I never mention the name though, so it still keeps some people guessing. I'm only doing this so that some people can tell that person what is really wrong with "that person". I really hope they do so. Anyway, just say it in your blog lah, and scold all the vulgarities lah. Just relieve your stress lor, like what you said. Haha, I think you're more pissed with that person than LLM. =p

[shan'] Eh retarded #2, don't be too retarded lah. Can't you see that I'm long-winded? T_T Heehee, update your blog more often leh. Then I can go tag mah. =)

[mauwy] Wow Mauwy, you're more pro than Jiban leh. Tag me 5 times lol. Haha, I heard that Pure 19 has 100+ episodes, so I'm not surprised that you never catch it. Haha, but I heard that it's a comedy, and Princess Hye-myeong and the Queen from Goong actred in there, so I'm quite interested. =) Did you watch Smile Again? It's now available in Singapore, though I know that probably you've watched it long ago. X( Haha, Sad Love Story was shown on SCV (Singapore Cable Vision) quite some time ago, but since I don't have it, I never watched. But my friend who watched it said that it was good. I like the theme song though. It really portryed the love and sadness in it. =) Anyway, somebody from that drama did act in Jumong as Yeomieul, the sorceress. Her name is Jin Hee-kyung if I'm not wrong. =)

Haiz... I think the lessons in school are getting more and more boring. Oh, I can't help falling asleep during some lessons lor. But I think I'm really going to get sick soon. I keep having headache lah. It's been getting worse recently. Oh man, I think I'm going to die soon. *touch wood* Am I having a relapse of my past injury? Haiz, been feeling a lot of pain in my neck lah. Seriously, I think something bad is going to happen to me soon, I can just feel it. X( I hope I can survive tomorrow, It's really going to be a long day for me. Straight after lessons I have to rush off for sectionals. @_@

Seriously, I really think that some people's attitude just totally sucks lah. Yeah, the talk about hypocrites and stuff like that. I realised that some people's attitude have really gone from bad to worse. Ahem. Yup, that's why I appear cold to some people now, even to some of my former classmates. Hate or kill me for saying this, but I'm entitled to say whatever I want here. Yeah, if you're really not happy, just leave lor. I don't need your help to increase my tags or hit counter. Anyway, if you have read this post, I hope you'll reflect on what you have done, lest you become more despicible in our eyes. It's still not too late to change. You can change, it's just that you don't want to. If some people can put up with you, that doesn't mean that the society will welcome you with open arms. Yeah, reflect. Reflect. And Reflect. I do hope you'll change for the better. I sincerely hope that you'll change for us to see. Don't be a hypocrite or a boot-licker anymore, because one fine day, everybody will wish that you'll just disappear from this place for good. Honestly, some people have already changed till the point where I can't recognise them anymore. So if you pretend not to see me, I shall pretend not to see you either, because to me, you don't exist.


Hmm... today is the day when the Sec 1s officially join their CCA. Erm... we had sectionals first, then at around 4.30 pm, Wen Hui told us to meet our new Sec 1 juniors. At first glance, I don't think I like the Sec 1s very much. I'm not sure, maybe it'll change over time, well, who knows? Haiz... then got one Sec 3 girl who just transferred from Mindsports Club to band lah. Then because she just joined in, she's considered a Sec 1 clarinet player. Erm... that is like... so awkward lah. Imagine having somebody who is of the same standard (as in Sec 3) as you playing the clarinet as a Sec 1. Well, it does feel odd... Really. Maybe I'll get used to it lah, but meanwhile, I just feel weird. =p I'm not even sure if I can really consider her my junior... Oh well...

We were released rather early today after Ms Chan talked to us about our last Saturday practice, because she had to rush off for a meeting. Then went home with the usual people. As usual, we took bus 97 and gossiped about somebody lah. I shan't tell you who as this person might be "quite dear" to my ex-classmates. Ahem. I shall stop now.


I felt quite sick today lah. I seriously don't know what's wrong with me. Maybe I'm allergic to school... Heehee... Hope I get sick after Chinese New Year, then it'll be another long holiday for me. =) I really felt so sick throughout the whole SS lesson. I got a bit better during Biology, but when Mr Suresh called me up to answer some question, I got sick again. See, that proves that I'm seriously allergic to school life. I think I was cured by the time recess came.

Haha, then during free period, me and Yanni were suppose to be doing our work, but I ended up helping Yanni with the class notice board stuff. Lol, just helped her outline the castle and paint some of it. Oops, I know my painting is horrible. Hope no one from 3B sees this post. =p Lol, we had to do the painting without water because Yanni didn't bring her container along. =( So we had quite a hard time, but with the 1 hour we had, I think we managed to finish up most of it lah. Just left a few parts here and there to paint, and it's done! Haha, we shall work together and finish it up! AJA! =D

Haiz... I haven't been logging on to MSN these 2 days, reason being, I cannot log in. Argh! No matter how many times I tried, they keep coming up with this error message that said that my firewall is blocking the access, when I already at-least-10-times checked that my firewall is allowing access in to MSN. So I don't know what's the freaking problem. I was quite sick of using the old version of Windows Messenger, so I decided to re-download Windows Live Messenger. =D And it works! Finally!

And yup, the Sec 1s will be officially joining CCA from tomorrow onwards. Wish them all the best for their 6 years in RV! =D


Oh my goodness! My whole family went to Robinson's yesterday except me. Boohoo! They left me alone. =( I had to cook my own dinner and have to wash my own dishes. I had to take in the laundry. Argh... since when did I become a housewife??!! It was quite sian yesterday lah. I spent most of my time reading up the my Biology and Chemistry notes. I also did some of my homework lah. I can do some of my Chemistry worksheet, but not all the questions. Sad... I think I'm lagging. =(

On another note, I watched the first episode of Come Back Soon, Soon-ae on YouTube yesterday because I was interested to see how this show was like. Many people said that this show is quite good because of the refreshing theme, so I decided to give it a try. Lol, honestly, this drama doesn't disappoint! The first episode already got me hooked onto it! It's really hilariously funny, and I'm so glad that I watched it. Anyway, the female lead is the Empress Dowager (Prince Yul's mother) from Goong. Haha, it's a bit weird to see her in this type of comedy, especially when her previous role was a bad character. But she's really funny in this drama. Haha, I wanted to watch episode 2 on YouTube, but it looks like they haven't uploaded it. Should I go to Soompi and d******d that drama ? I'm getting desperate. Sad... =( I might consider watching the second episode of Goong S on YouTube soon. Se7en is just too cute to resist! =D Anyway, I'll get to watch these dramas this year because Channel U is finally showing them. Yup, finally.



Haha, I wanted to blog yesterday, but I also wanted to watch War and Beauty, so I concluded that I wasn't in the mood to blog, that's why I didn't want to blog yesterday. As easy and simple as that. Yup, so be glad that I'm finally in the mood to blog. =) Hmm, I wanted to reply tags two days ago, but apparently, there was some problem with Blogger, because I couldn't access all the blogs hosted by Blogger, so yeah, let me reply tags here due to the quite-overwhelming replies on my tagboard.

[vengyan] Yup, I'm a bit shocked too when my friend told me this. Haha, although it's just one of the many rumours spreading around in school, but they realy look very alike. The more I see them, the more I think they look alike. So? Conclusion? I think it's really her. Haha, I think I cannot watch Happy Birthday already. Got SYF practice on Saturday. =(

[retarded #3] Heehee, alright! =D But I think Saturday I cannot "accompany" you to watch movie liao. I got Saturday practices. =(( So sorry. Haha, hope they cancel off the practice. >=)

[shan'] Yup, your game very fun leh. Heehee, next time when I take 963 you let me play more hor. Haha, and must full battery worx, later play half-way cannot play liao. =D

[mauwy] Haha, thanks for dropping by ever so often. I just realised that my reply post to you is always so long. =D Anyway, I really love Bad Person too, and I think have a video on Baek Ji-young singing Bad Person at the Golden Disc Music Award show somewhere in the November/December archive of my blog. Haha, do check it out! =D Anyway, have you heard of "Reveal", by Kim Dong-wook. It's also one of the songs in Hwang Jin-yi's OST. If I'm not wrong, it's in track 15. I like that song pretty much too! And yes, my current blog song is the theme song from Which Star Are You From?, starring, Kim Rae-won and Jung Ryeo-won. Haha, I love Korean songs so much, and never in the history of my blog have I uploaded Mandarin or English songs. This shows how crazy over Korean stuff I am. Anyway, you're watching Jumong now right? Jumong's theme song is also quite good! The OST is really epic-sounding. Heehee, Jumong rocks right? =) I love Lee Young-ae since I watched Dae Jang Geum in 2005. Lol, I wasn't really attracted to her character at first though, because I prefered Lady Han. =p But I found that I really like her more and more as the story progresses on. Haha, I really didn't like Kyun Mi-ri's character in that drama, and now she's acting as another evil character in Jumong... lol... people in Korea are used to seeing her as an actress who plays bad roles. =/ But ironically, those shows that she acted as a bad character are those shows that broke the 50% record rating in Korea. Wow, that's really amazing. Anyway, the Jumong crew are going to Bali, Indonesia for their vacation after Jumong ends its run in Korea. Don't you think it's a well-deserved break for them? The last time MBC sponsored a trip was in 2004, when they sponsered the Dae Jang Geum crew to Thailand after the ratings hit 50% in Korea. Haha, they're going to do the same thing to Jumong too!!! Yippee! =D And yeah, it'll be the second time Kyun Mi-ri has gone on such trips. Oh man, she's just so blessed. =D

[heling] I know many of the entertainment stars, especially in Korea, have undergone cosmetic surgery, but still, quite a few of them like Lee Young-ae, Song Hye-gyo, Kim Tae-hee are natural beauties. =D They don't have to rely on botox or whatsoever to make themselves look young.

[huien] Yup, Lee Young-ae's birthday! I just love her! She totally rocks! =D

Phew... I've finally finished replying my tags. Ya, I had SYF practice in school today, then must reach school by 7.45 am, so I woke up at 6.20 am. Haiz. no matter how early or late I wake up, I think I'll always be late lor. It's just so stupid. I reached the Commonwealth bus-stop at around 7.25 am, but the bus only came at 7.39 am, so yup, you guessed it. I was late. Luckily I wasn't the only one late, haha, a lot of people were late too. But I think I have to do punishment next Tuesday for being late, because I overheard Gim Ling asking Xue Qiang who was late today. =(( Gah... never mind lah. Then we went to the hall to play today. Haha, we didn't spend a lot of time tuning today, so I didn't sleep. =) As usual, we played a bit of our set piece and a lot of our SYF piece. =D But during the first time we played our fast part in that piece, was Ms Chan purposely slowing down? I'm not sure, but the fast part didn't seem as fast to me, and I was like, trying to chiong when she's going slow. No wonder I felt like "dying" because everything went at such a slow pace. Haha, now I can understand how Ms Chan feels when she tries to chiong and when we're dragging. =p

After that, the Yuhua people came. Erm... yup, they played their SYF piece. I was wondering what was their SYF piece, the it suddenly dawned on me that they played this piece during the Spark V concert. Alright... I'm slow. o_O But they played until very hiong lor... I really love their playing. And when they tuned, I could really hear the "triangle" sound. That's really good! I think they're better than us lah. Haiz... I really like their SYF piece so much lah.

Then we had to play again lah, because Ms Chan wanted to record our SYF piece. Erm... I think we played quite alright lah, though I admit that it didn't went as well as I would expect it to be. I just felt that the feeling isn't there. @_@ But yeah, I like the fast part. Woohoo! Ms Chan went quite fast at this part, then we all chiong like mad. Haha, it gave me a very shiok feeling. =D But I don't think she really went as fast as 160 crotchet beats in a minute. Haha, I would really love to sound how the fast part is like when it's being played at 160 crotchet beats per minute. Haha, I think we can enthrall almost everybody if we play at this speed. =) OK, I did think Ms Chan really went at 160 beats/minute. Because I went to check the speed on my metronum, it wasn't as fast as I thought, although 160 is the very fast Allegro, nearing the presto speed.

After practice, me, Farah, Zhi Yi, He Ling and Chua Shi Xian went to McDonalds and eat. Lala, I'm so glad that I didn't upsize my meal, because I can take food from those who upsized it, so it's equivalent to me upsizing my own meal without paying. =D But I kinda regretted it because I felt like vomitting after Shi Xian gave me her coke. Argh... was too full liao... @_@ That is the downfall of being greedy for food. Lol. It was the coke that made me too bloated. Lol, everybody wanted too vomit 'cos they're too full too! Xp Then He Ling suggested going to IMM to window-shop, but everybody wants to go home and pia homework, so we didn't go. =/

Then after Zhi Yi and He Ling left, we went to the MRT station. There were many people doing their CIP project. Then we were harassed by somebody from some weird neighbourhood school who tried to bootlick us into donating for some charity organisation. They even followed us to the entrance of the station. Wow... such despos... Haha, taking pity on them, I decided to donate $0.10 to them. @_@ see, I'm so kind-hearted. =D End of my story. Now time for me to do my homework liao. See ya!


Hahaha! I love today lor! Although I felt sleepy during the first half of the day because the weather was so cold and I was having my cold, so I felt a bit drowsy. Gosh, I can't believe that I nearly slept during Singapore Studies lesson lah, which is like, erm... one of my favourite lesson in school?! Never mind about that. After that break was alright, though at some times, I really felt like falling into my food. @_@

And yes, I just love today's CID! Oh man, it totally rocks! Mrs Tan rocks during CID, but not during English. -.- Haha, we did shape poems today, and created our own haiku. It was really fun lah, then we kept crapping. Lol, felt very high today. Then yesterday when I was on MSN chatting with Hui En and Zhang Yu, I told them a lot of scary things about this school. Wahaha, Hui En got scared liao, but not Zhang Yu. Boohoo! Not nice liao... but I seriously think that the story about LT5 is true. Ahh... stop scaring myself. Anyway, Mrs Tan gave everybody presents today because she thought that we did pretty well for today's lesson. I was rather sad when CID ended. Never mind, I will look forward to next week's CID lesson. =D

Then during Biology lesson, Mr Suresh didn't come, so Mrs Lim (HOD of Science) took over. zZz... she scolded us lah, because we kept her waiting for a very long time lah. Haiz, how come all my science teachers didn't come today? Even Ms Eu didn't come... Aww, I miss Ms Eu so much man. Her Chemistry lessons just totally rock! Then Mrs Lim made us do some cheem worksheet. Aiyah, I have to keep refering to the textbook lor. Haiz... it's totally undoable lor. I really think that worksheet is going to drive me mad.

Haha, and maybe next Saturday, I and a few members of the retarded family may be accompanying our retarded triplet #3 to watch Happy Birthday with her stead. Haha, she didn't want to go alone mah, but when we go there, we must pretend that we're only there coincidentally. Haha, then our dear #2 didn't come to school today lah. She's sick... Aww... Hope she gets better tomorrow and can come to school! =)

Then I had music lesson today. Brr... the music room was so cold lah... had to go to the toilet for dunno how many times today. Then Mrs Tan wanted us to sing some Bach chorale lah, then she tell us to sing one by one. Hahaha, I kept laughing at Victoria's singing. Oops, so sorry, I didn't mean to, but I just couldn't control myself lah. I'm really sorry for laughing at you, but seriously, I can't control it. Haha, then I've been laughing throughout since then. Even Mrs Tan told me to stop laughing. Oops... I've been feeling too high today. Let's stop it right now.

Then I heard from Hui En that Mrs Lee's sister is working in the school as one of the canteen stall-holder. @_@ Do you know the drink stall woman who didn't move back with us to Malan Road until this year? Yup, she's now selling noodles and macoroni. Alright, everybody, drop your jaws, for she's really Mrs Lee's sister.