First of all, I would like to say that today is a very important day! Guess what? 생일 축하합니다 (Happy Birthday) to my dear idol Lee Young-ae! Slap yourself if you don't know who she is. Whether you enjoy watching Dae Jang Geum or hate it, you must have seen her somewhere in LG advertisements or in that show. Yup, so yeah. My Lee Young-ae, do act in more new dramas! I'm dying to see you back on TV!! And I realised something... she's just a year older than my Oh Yeon-soo, the woman who played Jumong's mum in Jumong. Haha, yeah, Oh Yeon-soo is my new love now... I just can't believe that she's still looks that young even though they're already in their late 30s. Aww... these Korean female artistes sure know how to keep themselves youthful. =D Yup, just a little birthday wish to Lee Young-ae from her fan. Act more in dramas please, and don't tire youself out! I'm going to her official website later and see whether I can post a message for her. Yup, that's about it for this paragraph.

I just felt so sleepy today, and ya, very cold even though my classroom isn't air-conditioned. Hmm, the weather nowadays is pretty cold, especially in the morning when I walk out of my house. The wind is really blowing very strongly lah, and I always get cold hands even in class. Gosh... the effects of global warming. No matter how environmentally-friendly some people are, the majority aren't those people, so I guess nothing can be done to reverse the effects. But, by the way, I'm quite enjoying this "cooling effect" Hahaha. =)

Then during assembly, we had some Peer Support Leader Investiture that was so boring until I felt like sleeping. Sorry, I can't help sleeping today... I nearly found all the lessons today boring. My Chinese teacher started scolding that same person as usual. zZz... haiz. =/

Then took bus 963 with Michelle today because I wanted to play with her PSP. Haha, it's quite addictive lah... I like the racing car game and road rage! Woohoo! Thank you very much, my retarded triplet #2. =D By the way, I'm so sorry for dropping your handphone, and causing it to have scratches. =x I'm really so sorry... but luckily you never blame me, haha, what a good triplet you are! =D

Alright, I shall stop her for now. Byes! =)


I don't really like today as much as the previous days. I'm not sure if I will ejoy tomorrow, but I'm really looking forward to it because I get to be dismissed from school at 1.45 pm, which is the only day that I get to be dismiss so early lah. I ran 3 rounds today. Mrs Yeow made us run relays, and because of that, Zoey and I took about 12 minutes to finish 2.4 km. Then we had to take our height and weight, because the previous data was already wiped blank, so we had to take again.

After that was Chinese. Haiz, today's lesson totally sucks lah right. Because Kian Fong never do his homework and AP-ed that my Chinese teacher, she scolded him for 1/2 hour lor. Gosh, she's really naggy leh... I think she has nothing better to do lah. After that, she just threw us some Chinese comprehension and expect us to finish it. Boohoo, and yeah... for the first newspaper article review that I did for her... I only got 5/10 lah. She wrote very good comments on my review, but gave me such a lousy mark. What is this lah? Pathetic lah... most people in my class only got 4. Her standard is like, really high lah. She said that if she gives 6 marks for that review, it meant that you did very well already. Crap... then 4 is the average mark is it? It's really stupid lah... I think I'm going to fail my Chinese at this rate. God bless her.

Then had Biology lesson today. Woohoo! I just love Biology! It totally rocks! Mr Suresh is really a patient teacher, though I think the cell topic is really difficult to understand lah. Haha, we got to learn about those rough and smooth ER, golgi thingy and some other cheem stuff. Die liao, I must bring back my Biology book liao, if not I will be lagging behind other people. But still, Biology rocks! So does Mr Suresh.

Then yeah... CCA today. I was kinda looking forward to it, but somehow or rather, I didn't like today's practice leh. We kept on tuning for such a long time, and seriously, tuning just bores me to sleep. Then we played "Amazing Grace" and "Concert March", but some sections never play properly, so in the end Ms Chan had to keep going through everything. One word. SIAN. Nearly lost my mind until she say can play our SYF piece. Woots! Just the mere mention of it and I go hyper! Haha, that was when I really woke up lah! I just felt so energetic all of a sudden. Then kept playing the fast part today. I absolutely love it!! =DDDD S***** rocks!


zZz... I shall reply tags here first lah...

[phebe] Haha, no problem! Happy listening to it! And haha, can you drop by more often? =D

[melainne] Erm... I'm not too sure too, maybe during May? I hope it's earlier though.

[heling] Haiz... whatever lor... Sometimes I can't help but to puff my cheeks lah, and I don't even know I'm puffing it.... o.O Anyway, I've tagged at your blog already.

[mauwy] Hi there! You mean you've watched Jumong already? Oh my goodness, you're really lucky! Over here in Singapore, they're so damn slow in showing Korean shows alright? And the most recent show that I can get to watch is Hwang Jin-yi. You must feel very blessed, because Jumong hasn't even finish showing in Korea and you're already watching it on the mainstream TV. Hong Kong has also started showing JUmong too! Singapore hasn't. =((

[shan'] Huh? I started calling you retarded first meh? No lah... you started it first!!!! >=)

[huien] Haha, yeah... she's really very funny! No wonder HE like her so much!! Wahahahaha!!!! =D

Haiz... as usual, I got so much weekend homework to do lah... I don't think I can stand this anymore. I don't want to go back to school tomorrow! The long hours of lessons ahead makes me giddy and sick. Argh! Yeah, I still haven't finished some of my homework. OK, I can die right now alright. Anyway, my dad is going to repaint the whole apartment if I'm not wrong, so yeah, we got to start shifting our stuff away. Oh well, this is such a random post. I want to eat my tea-break liao. Or maybe I should take an afternoon nap like Adna. OK, I shall stop my crapping. Byebye.


Yay! This is my 200th post! Yippee, my blog has already eaten 200 posts of my life! Congratulations to both me and my blog. Haha, I know that to some people, 200 posts isn't any big deal, but yeah, to me, it is. Yeah,like yesterday, I kept laughing almost throughout the day lah. Not sure why the laughing bug has infected me though, but everytime I see Farah, I just want to laugh. HAHAHA!

Yeah, then Chemistry lesson today was really good! Ms Eu is really a very good teacher I must say. Her lessons are really interesting, and when she teaches, she's really very dramatic! Haha, I must learn from her... the way she pronouces "hydrogen sulphide". She pronouces it as "hydrogen SULPHI--de". Yes, she kept saying it so often until the whole class caught her bug and also said "hydrogen SULHPI-de". Yeah, you should hear how she said it... it's so funny. Woohoo! I think I'm starting to love Chemistry because of her! 3 cheers for Ms Eu!! =DD

Then during English lesson today, the first part was quite boring lah, because we're still stuck on the letter-writing format, and next Tuesday, we have a test. What the... so fast have test liao. Then after that I presented my 30-seconds-of-fame speech. Haha, I seriously think that my class has a lot of band people in in, so much so that when I said that I'm from concert band, those band people will start cheering. LOL. That's good yeah... oh yes, those band people in my class are, Jing Yuan, Chih Yun, Sheryl, Kenneth and Daniel. And yeah, don't forget about me too! =)

Then today for band, those SYF people practised at LT1. Erm... I thought the practice was kinda boring today because the percussion people never play with us lah. I love hearing them play lah... =D Then after that had sectionals, then went home at around 5.50 pm. Argh! I can't get use to Farah's instrument lah... I keep squeaking when I play those high notes... the low notes are alright though. Erm, can I use back my 409265 please? Because I love that instrument too much liao... =D Farah's instrument got too many "blemishes", and I can't play the high notes nicely as my previous instrument. zZz... I thought when we get new instruments, we're suppose to be better in playing tone and such, but the opposite is happening for me!! AHHH!! I want my old instrument back! =(

Then took bus 166 with Farah, Sarah and He Ling. Haha, He Ling was trying to teach me to pronouce my words properly, because ever since the dentist cemented those metal rings onto my teeth, I can't talk properly. Since then, I've been known as the retarded girl by Michelle. Actually no lah, Michelle has been calling me retarded girl since school started. Then now the whole class know that I'm "Retarded Girl". Haha, anyway, if a member of the public complain to Mrs Look that somebody from RV is acting as if she just started learning how to talk, that person should be me. And I think that I made quite a din on bus 166. Oops... and if another member of the public complains to Mrs Look that somebody form RV stood on the steps when the sign clearly states that nobody is allowed to stand on the steps, that person should be me too. Then He Ling went to sit at the steps because the sign states that nobody should stand on the steps. -.- And since then, He Ling has been finding the chance to sit, even when she's on the escalator. -.-||| Haiz... I really hope I can learn to speak normally again... if not I'll really act like one retarded girl. Yeah, must ask He Ling and the rest to teach me how to enounciate my words properly. All the best to me! =)


Yay! This is my 199th post! Just one more post and yes, my 200th post!! Woohoo! Nothing much happened today, just felt a bit high and yeah, kept laughing today. Lol, as usual, me and Michelle were acting as retarded girls, and going a bit retarded too. =p

Chemistry lesson today was nice because Ms Eu is back! Woohoo! I just love her lessons lah, though I prefer Ms Chia. <33 Then recess came and went. Yeah, CID... Mrs Tan didn't wear her hat today. Haiz, I forgot to bring my file, but luckily she's not as fierce as Mrs Lee, who'll just yell at you because you didn't bring her stuff. I'm so glad to have finally gone through CID Science. =D Mrs Tan made us read some very difficult poems lah, then we just couldn't get them right, then I think she was a bit angry with us already. T_T And yes, Mrs Tan (the music teacher) came to find me and told me that there isn't any music lesson today! Wahaha, I was so happy, because I was still fretting whether I should go for sectionals or my lesson. Haha, that means I can go for sectionals. =)

Sectionals were quite alright I suppose, because we had to work on our details for our SYF piece. Erm... we only concentrated on that today because I think we started sectionals a bit late yeah? I was dismissed from Mr Suresh's Biology class at 4 pm, and I was still quite shocked to see that we haven't started sectionals because by right, it's suppose to start at 3.30 pm. Sectionals ended at 5.40 pm, and we left school at around 5.50 pm. @_@

I went back home with He Ling, the twins and Jia Yi and we sat on bus 97. Lol, we talked quite a lot of crap lah... haha, I just feel like laughing... makes me so shiok can. Then Farah thought that I was mad lah... noob her. Oh yes, Claire, what happened to you? OK, fine, I'm asking the obvious, because I really know the answer, but just what is going on lah? Hope that she's fine... Claire, why did you run away from your problems? Running away isn't the solution to everything. Do you know that you actually ran away from school, and that is really a serious offence. Claire, are you still in your right mind? Claire, are you fine? Claire, where are you? Claire... people like us still care and love you, so don't make us worry dear...

OK, sorry, getting too carried away about worrying for Claire. But I do really hope she gets in contact with either one of us soon. After we reached interchange, haha, we decided to go to the pasar malam and buy the chinese sausauge. Lol, at first I wanted that sausauge, but in the end, I ended up buying those tapioca cakes. Yummy! =D Soon after, I met Ser Ming, Zheng Yang and Lian Bing they all. Lol, Lian Bing scared me and He Ling can... lol... and hahaha, something funny happened. I shan't elaborate on it. =) Then Ser Ming asked me for the $9.50. OK, fine... his memory is so good lah... see me liao then ask me for money. @_@

Alright, I have to do that Zhang Hui Wen's chinese newspaper reflection liao. Byes.


Haiz... I'm really hating school life. I really want to bang my head against the wall alright? The mountain of homework piling up in front of me is just enough to drive me mad. I'm currently trying, with much difficulty, to finish up my Singapore Studies reflection on "How effective do you tink the British efforts were in the running of Singapore in the 19th century?" @_@ Luckily Natasha is spamming my conversation window with lots of ideas, yeah, so thank you Natasha!! =DD I will try to update more tomorrow, if time allows, but I doubt I will have the time. I'm currently having a very hard time in RV. Help me! =(

Replies again...


Lol, I saved this post as a draft first before publishing it, so I didn't type this post out on the actual day alright? It sounds a bit confusing lah, but I do hope that you understand what I'm trying to put across. =) Let's get down to some business today. Hmm, wait, let me reply tags first lah.

[mauwy] Wow! Thanks for dropping by! I went to your blog, and you're another Korean drama fanatic! Hi-5 man! =D And your country has already started airing Jumong?! What the... they haven't even finish airing it in Korea leh, and you're already watching it?! Oh my gawd... I envy you so much! I like Lady Yoohwa in that show! And not to forget dear Jumong and Soseono. =D Though I must warn you... the story is full of twists and turns that sometimes you'll feel like strangling the script-writer for coming up with such a script. Happy watching Jumong! Tell me more spoilers alright (even though I already know what's going on)? =)

[heling] I also know that my instrument isn't the best one around, but I feel that having a good instrument actually doesn't matter to me. x) And yes, about those Prestige instruments, I thought almost all the Sec 4s are using it now? So we all Sec 3s confirm cannot get Prestige liao le lah. Another question, how come you know the instruments so well huh? Like which instrument with this kind of serial number is good etc. @_@

[vengyan] Ehh... this isn't Hwang Jin-yi's song lah... this is Miracle from Which Star Are You From's OST, which totally rocks lah can. And how can you say you not interested in Hwang Jin-yi? That shuai ge from Lovers in Prague act in there as HJY's lover lor... And yes, thanks for your belated birthday wish. I think I'm just one mad blogger who wishes her blog Happy Birthday. =D

[huien] Heehee, 감사합니다 (Korean for Thank You) to you! *bows low* Haha, like what I told my sister, I feel so happy to celebrate my blog's birthday, because it has survived for one year already. Hmm, will it live to see it's second birthday?

[passer--by] Hmm, did you visit my blog before? Haha, because your nickname seems very familiar. Anyway, thanks for passing and wishing my blog a Happy Birthday! My blog sincerely thanks you! =)

[melainne] Thanks again! And yes, the rehearsal was kinda alright lah. I've told you the details in MSN already.

[Xinying] Yoz Xin Ying! Long time no tag huh!! Thank you for your encouragement! I will defintely jiayou de! I'll tag your blog soon, don't worry! =)

OK, today was our SYF rehearsal lah. Haiz, woke up at 5.30 am today, and I could have reached school by 6.45 am, but because I decided to take the later bus 100, thinking that it would arrive in just 5 minutes. In the end, I ended up waiting for almost 15 mintues before the next bus came. Yeah, so I only reached school at 7.05 am. Never mind about that. After we set our instrument, we went down for tuning. zZz... to early in the morning liao, then I didn't feel like talking to anybody, and my tuning was like so-so only. I couldn't really play my warm-ups properly though. Haha, I just couldn't wake up lah.

OK, then when we were in the Singapore Conference Hall, at around 8.30 am, we went to the hall and rehearse lah. Hmmm, now the second and third clarinettists have to sit in their original position. Boohoo, no more sitting in front for me. What the... curse that extra person who said that he could hear us better when we were sitting in concert position, not the SYF postition. BOO!! I want to be seen!!! @_@ Haiz, anyway, I didn't feel that we played as well as we did on Friday lor. I think because of the time limit, we played rather messily. Then Ms Chan, seeing that there was only 10 more minutes left before the next school came in, kept asking us to play part E (the fast part) over and over and over again. Haha, I could have died playing that part without resting lor. And oops, I kept squeaking at part I, so paiseh. =p

Then after that, almost the whole clarinet section went to HarbourFront to have lunch lah. zZz... I ate quite a lot I think, because I felt like vomiting after I finished my lunch. @_@ Haiz... actually there's nothing much at HarbourFront to shop for lor... so in the end, me, Farah, Zhi Yi and Shi Xian decided to go home first. Haha, while we were making our way out, one Thai woman approached me and asked me how to go to Batam Island. Then I was like "Er... why does she want to go there huh... ahem ahem". OK, I hope you do get what I mean. =p But never mind about that. I, being a very nice person by nature, decided to lead her to the Cruise Centre where she could take a ferry to her destination. Poor woman... she doesn't seem to know that Batam isn't in Singapore... @_@ Haha, I could barely understand her since she spoke in halting English. Lol, I kept asking her whether she has the ticket to Batam, then she couldn't understand me, and kept telling me yes and no at the same time. T_T Lol, finally she managed to buy her ticket, and we could leave in peace. Wahaha. OK, I think that's enough for today. 안녕히 가세요 (Korean for Goodbye).


Yay! I'm going to dedicate my 196th post to my blog! Happy 1st birthday my dear blog! Woohoo! Heehee, I love my blog very much. It has been eating and digesting my posts that I give it almost everyday. I'm so sorry for making you starve sometimes, but since today is your birthday, I shall give you a Happy Birthday post! Enjoy! =DD Send your well-wishes to my blog through the tagboard. Thank you!

OK, now back to serious business. Today had CCA lah (duh...), then Ms Chan only wanted the SYF people to remain in the band room while the others go for sectionals because tomorrow we will be rehearsing at the Singapore Conference Hall for SYF. Basically, she just kept going through our SYF piece and set piece. Erm, I quite like the way we played our piece today lah. Haha, Ms Chan said that we can play, but a lot of the nitty-gritty details are not in. Oh well, work harder I guess.

zZz... Wen Hui and Gim Ling dropped a bombshell on us today by annoucing that we Sec 3s and Sec 2s have to take another clarinet test. Wen Hui told us not to feel so stressed out by this, but how can I not be stressed out when we're going to have another test?! =( OK, Sec 2s of course must have their test, but Sec 3s?! @_@ I thought we already took the test when we were in Sec 1? zZz... if I have to take the test in order to get a better instrument, I'd rather stick to my 409256 instrument. Sorry to my dear blog for letting it hear such unhappy things on its birthday. =(


I don't really feel like blogging, but since I'm on the computer, why not? Anyway, the highlight of today will be about my new CID lesson and music lesson.

After recess, we went to the hall to for some briefing about our new CID cluster since we've already completed CID 2. Yeah, so I'm now in the Language Arts cluster. Aiyoh, this time round, the cluster that I was in is divided into 4 parts, namely poetry, drama, music and something-which-I-forgot. They randomly split us into the different sub-clusters lah. Then Hui En and I were so scared that we wouldn't be together anymore. Hahaha, luckily we were still together in the end lah, thank goodness, and yes, we're under Mrs Tan, my English teacher, for CID poetry lesson. Haha, the lessons seem pretty interesting lah, so I hope that this time round, I will get an "A" grade for CID. Yup, so me, Hui En, Tze Hui and one PRC boy are in the same group. Woohoo! I'm looking forward to future CID lessons. I pity Melissa and Si Lin for being in CID Science (Electronics) though. =( Mrs Lee... haiz... the terror of almost every student in RV. Hope they can survive 1 semester with her. =)

Then during CID lesson, Mrs Tan gave us the poem from Macbeth, and asked us to read it how we would read a poem. Haha, I thought that our group's poem reading was rather lousy, because Yan Yi's group, in my opinion, did much better than us. But Mrs Tan said that we did the best, and everyone in my group was like so shocked lah. Heehee, anyway, she gave us some little gifts, and I really appreciate it so much. The pencil is just so cute! =)

Then at around 4 pm, I had my music lesson in school lah. Haiz, my music class only got 4 people, including me of course. Yeah, it's pathetic, but that is the only subject in which I'm confident of getting an A1 for. zZz... we went to the library to do some research on the Baroque period composers, and met Zhi Yi and Shi Xian at the library. I went home at around 6 pm lah... sad... DOn't feel like blogging liao. Goodbyes.


Today is RV's 51st anniversary, yeah, so for half of the day, we didn't have lessons. The celebration itself was quite boring lah, because so many of the "important people" came and gave some very long and boring speech. Surprisingly, Ms Ek's speech was also equally boring, and she still have to say it in English after she said in Chinese. Lol, you could practically hear the whole school groan. Lol, I only sort-of enojoy the later part when we can dance the Sun Dance and some Bollywood dance and we had some packaged food in the hall. But actually, I wasn't really in the mood to celebrate because I was afriad of going to the dentist after that.

My mother came to fetch me at aroun 10 am later on, and I was listening to my mother's MP4 player throughout the whole journey from school to the National Dental Centre. Gosh, can you imagine how cold my hands were? Don't ask me whether this is my first time having my teeth extracted out, because I can tell you that this isn't the first time. Then you might ask me what is there to be so scared about? Oh well, I shall see how you feel when you get your molars extracted out. Ouch, it must be really painful isn't it?

My appointment time was around 11 am, but I have to wait 15 minutes later, then suddenly all the consultants started coming in. Lol. It really made me feel so scared leh... luckily my dentist, Dr Tan, is one nice lady. =D She wears braces too. =) But she isn't the one who is pulling out my teeth... sad to say. I have to go to level 2 to get my teeth extraced out. Lol, I asked them to put the "less-painful" injection, but they told me that was only for kids, and it puts a person to sleep for 1 hour. -.-||| Anyway, the female dentist who was attending to me was pretty nice lah, she helped me put some gel to numb the area so that when the male dentist come in and inject the anaesthetic, it wouldn't be that painful. Haha, that female dentist entertained me lah. She's quite funny. The dentist who plucked out my 2 molars is also quite funny leh. Heehee, my trip to the dentist this time wasn't as abd as the last lah. The extraction itself wasn't that painful, because I couldn't feel anything, even though I had only 4 jabs for 2 teeth. But I was feeling quite uneasy when I could feel my teeth moving here and there. >.< After the extraction, I stayed there for quite some time before going back to school. Before that, I took 2 Panadol tablets since I could still feel some pain.

Haha, my mouth felt so swollen that I couldn't even drink or talk properly. Lol, when I drank the barley drink that my mother bought for me, I spilled out everything form my mouth, and dirtied my uniform. Gosh... luckily not many people were around at that time, if not it would be really embarrasing. =/

After that, there was band practice for those people in the first round of SYF. Sad lah, those non-SYF people don't have to go for band practice. =( Oh well, I guess there's always a give and take for everything. Haiz... I cannot blow my clarinet lor... but one good thing is, I don't have to do tuning. Weehee! =D But the stupid anaesthetic continued to torment me until 4.20 pm, when I can AT LAST blow some notes into my clarinet. But even then, my notes weren't solid enough lah, and every now and then, I will just suddenly "let out some air" from the corners of my mouth. Luckily Ms Chan never say anything, if not I think I'm out already since I never play anything for almost the whole day. Sian lah... the same thing is going to happen next week lor. Just wish me luck! =(


Woohoo!! I'm in for the first round of SYF!! YES!! =DD OK, it's not confirmed that I'll be in the second round, but getting into the first round means half of the battle is won already. Yay!! Congratulations to everybody who got in! We shall chiong together! =D For those who never get in, don't be sad. There will surely be a chance for you to shine. Meanwhile, just continue to support us. =)

Actually, today is suppose to be quite a nice day for me, but that stupid freaking Chinese teacher of mine spoiled my day lah. What lah, I never bring the 3A Chinese textbook only, and you know what? She made me write a 800-word essay on why I never bring my textbook. Stupid crappiness from a China teacher. I can't actually believe that she did that to me lah! Go back to China and be your tour-guide lah. Why bother coming to Singapore to teach when you only make students hate your lessons and subject more?! Gosh... I've never met a more horrid teacher than her. I thought that my P6 Chinese teacher was already bad enough, but no, this time round, I think she's worse. May bad luck befall on her for making my day so horrible.

Luckily I managed to finish up my essay for her because I already wrote about 404 words in the school library when I was having my free period. Then I went back home and wrote about 839 words in total and finished the whole thing by 8.50 pm. Curse her lah... hope I never have to write those stuff again.

Then I finally met my Biology teacher today. He's Mr Suresh, and has taught in Hwa Chong in 6 years before coming to RV. Haha, from what he has said, he seems to be quite an experienced teacher since he has also taught the JC1 and JC2 level in his former school. Hmm, will I get an A1 this time for Biology? I certainly hope so! =D And 3J is joining my class for this class. Heehee, Yan Peng is only sitting besides me leh. =)

Then now I shall talk about Chemistry lesson. Haha, my teacher is Ms Eu, one of the teachers in charge of band. Lol, my first impression of her when I came to RV is that, she has very poor fashion sense and looks scary since she puts on lots of make-up, but this lesson changed my impression of her totally. Wow... I must say that she can teach really well lor. I mean... her lesson totally captivated me lah. The way she speaks, the way she teaches... One word to sum it all up. Excellent! =D Haha, she's really one funky teacher! Woohoo! =D Aiming for an A1 in Chemistry too! Yay! Aja aja fight fight all the way!! =DD


Ahhhh!! SLs are going to choose people for the first round of SYF. Gosh, I'm really so nervous. I know my chances of getting in is higher than some others, but that doesn't mean that I will surely get in. Well, let's just see if Wen Hui or Gim Ling calls me. I'm not too sure how many people they allow in the thirds to go in though. I'm so thankful that I'm in band, because at least the SLs get to choose you for SYF. In the case of Chinese Orchestra, their conductor have to test them one by one and see who is good and who is not. I think that's more scary. =x Haiz, even if I get through the first round, that may not mean that I can get through the second round lor. If Ms Chan isn't happy with the people chosen for the first round, she can just choose some other people. @_@ Haiz... this is really so stressful lor.

SYF rehearsal will be next Saturday lah, which is on the 20th January. That's sad, because I signed up to go for Flag Day. Boohoo, why must it be next Saturday? My 5 hours of CIP are just going to fly away like that. This is such a tragedy. I'm sorry to those whom I promised to go with, because looks like I cannot fulfill my promise now. ='( My CIP hours are pathetic alright?! For my past 2 years in RV, I only got 27 hours, which is downright pathetic. I only earned myself 1 LEAP point. @_@ I have to get at least 100 CIP hours if I want to earn 5 LEAP points. Well, you may think that LEAP points are not important to IP students, but it will be used for reference for entry to university if I'm not wrong. Uh-oh... I think I have to get my CIP points during the holidays. Well, who wants to accompany me to shelve books in the library? Any takers? Never mind, I'll ask again on Monday.

I'm going to meet Farah at Choa Chu Kang MRT station and Jia Yi at the Jurong East station so that we can go to the Alumni concert together later on. We're meeting the rest at Raffles City to have dinner at around 6.30 pm. Yay! Wen Hui and Gim Ling will be playing in there. He Ling suggested that we buy some flowers for them lah. Lol, yesterday, I think partly because the band room was quite noisy, I didn't hear He Ling quite clearly. Lol she said that "Wen Hui and Gim Ling will be playing for the concert". But I heard it as "Wen Hui and Gim Ling will be paying for the concert". Then I was like "Really ah? Then where's my $12?" Haha, then I told Zhi Yi that, then she was like o_O, they're so good ah? OK, fine... I failed my hearing test lah. @_@


I reached Choa Chu Kang MRT Station at around 6.20 am today, but I didn't reach school at 7 am as planned. I was there 5 minutes later. Stupid train lah, left without me. Boohoo, so I didn't run 2.4 km today. =/ Haha, but it's actually quite nice to run in the morning. The air is so fresh, and the wind is blowing quite strongly. But because of the lack of time, I only ran 1.6 km in 10 minutes. Wahaha, not bad lah huh. =D I feel a sense of satisfaction. =)

After that we had ASK Maths lesson. Hmm, Mr Ong took us lah, so I didn't think it was very boring. We did some stuff on similarity and such lah. I don't bother elaborating on it even though the elements of thoughts has taught me to do so. Haha, I just want to say that his voice is very nice lah. I like it! =D And yes, he's a trained tenor singer lah, so no surprise that his voice is good. =/

Then today my freaking chinese teacher (that Zhang Hui Wen lah) asked us to present our poem and draw a picture based on our own poem. Lol, then either Mei Jie or Hui Xian went to imitate the Chinese accent used by the people in China, then that Ms Zhang went to speak in her Chinese accent since she's from China. Haha, I think today, for once, she's quite funny lah. Anyway, we have to buy the Sec 4 chinese textbooks already. What on earth is going on? We haven't even finish Sec 3 education and already want us to learn Sec 4 Chinese? I think I'll die lor. Never mind, I really hope I can survive 6 years in RV. =p

And yes, I want to blog about today's ASK Humanities lesson. Woots! I totally enjoy it! You know why? Because Ms Chia taught us! Yay! Oh my, I can't believe how much I love Ms Chia, and I'm really hoping she becomes my Singapore Studies teacher. =) Her lessons always fails to put me to sleep lor, even when I'm sleepy, because her lesson is interesting. =D Haha, this kind of thing has happened since Sec 2 when she was teaching me History. Gosh, I could have taken up History for her lor. 3H is really lucky to have her as their Form Teacher. How I envy Si Lin so much. *blush* Haha, so today, she let us watch some terrorism documentary lah. True to her words, the documentary is really interesting lah. Lol, we also got to use those TfU (Teaching for Understanding) thingy. =x Haha, then she's really good lor. We were supposed to be dismissed at 3.45 pm, but she let us off at 3.20 pm. Yay! Thank you Ms Chia!! =D Hope I realy don't get Mr Lim for my SS teacher. I want Ms Chia alright? =)


Er... I finally know who's my English and freaking Chinese teachers. They're Mrs Tan and ahem... that 2E'06 form teacher. What the... how come I'm so unlucky to get her lah? I don't mind Mrs Tan, because I think she's quite nice, but not my stupid chinese teacher?! She's like so strict alright, and... and I want back my Ms Li. ='( I don't mind having other teachers like Ms Lam or whoever, but definitely not her!! Argh!! NO... 3A has so many good teachers lor... They have Mrs Lee for Physics, Mrs Law for English, and I can't remember. =p

Anyway, I didn't run today, because I reached school quite late, at around 7.20 am today. I can't wake up lah huh. But tomorrow, I must reach Choa Chu Kang MRT stationm at about 6.20 am to reach school at around 7 am so that I can run. Heehee, I'm running with Si Lin. Lol, don't know why Si Lin likes running so much. I'm going to take my time and run. I don't care if I don't finish 2.4 km by the time assembly starts. I just don't understand why band people have to run 3 times a week. Argh... I think I'm going to hate school soon. >=( Luckily Si Lin is running with me, if not...


Yay!! I just heard that Jumong will be shown on Channel U during late 2007 or early 2008. Woohoo!! Honestly, I really didn't expect Channel U to be that fast... it's like suddenly all the new shows start popping out all over the place lah. Lol, I know it's good, but it makes me feel a little uneasy. =/ Anyway, Goong S will be showing in Korea tomorrow! I'm looking forward to it soon! =)

Haiz, I don't feel like blogging liao. I have to do some research for my ASK Maths lesson on ERS and S&C Rebate. Oh man... this is really crap lah. I can't believe that ASK lessons will continue until this Friday. Can I just die? I'm really get sick of having ASK lessons the whole day for 2 weeks. I'd rather have normal lessons lor. =(

Yay Ms Chia remembers me!


Lol, I really didn't expect so many people to tag twice, so I shall just reply tags over here. =D

[passer--by] Heehee, thanks! I am still crazy over that show since Channel U is repeating it now. That show totally rocks! It's one of the best shows that I've ever seen. =)

[denise] Yes, I love this blogskin so much! You're such a good blogskin maker! I'm looking forward to seeing more of your blogskins soon!! =D

[zhiyi] Wow, really?! Gosh... I'm so touched! Must come more regularly worx. =) And your new blogskin is very nice! I like it!! =DD

[SM] Huh? Your blog got say anything meh?? @_@ Maybe I go see later bah... Anyway, the change of location doesn't do me any good at all. >=( The new location is so far away from the canteen lah... and wth? It's on the fifth floor. ARGH!!

[melainne] Wahaha, you MIA for so long liao lah... tag more often I say!! And yes, I agree that my new blogskin is nice!! =D

[Xinying] Thank you! Yes, I read from the newspapers that Hwang Jin-yi will be showing very soon. I'm so looking forward to it man... but looks like not many people know about this show leh... sad lah. =(

I am super high today. I'm not sure of the reason myself too. Michelle kept scolding me retarded, then I scold her back. We had quite a fun time scolding each other. LOL. I just realised that she can be quite crappy at times to lah. Hmm, so I think I'm getting used to my new class? Heehee, I'm going to befriend more loners bah... and yeah, we can become good friends. Woohoo! =D

Anyway, I shan't blog too much aboout what happened today. Heehee, Ms Chia came to my class to take us for ASK Humanities lesson. Woohoo! Lol, I really didn't expect her to still remember me lor... I'm so touched that she still remember me. =) Lol, she said that she found me very familiar when she wanted to pick me to answer her question, then she say "Wait... I'll remember you in a moment or two... Ah... *my name* right?" Yay! Sorry, I'm a huge fan of Ms Chia, so I'm quite high today because partly of her. =DD

Then after dismissal, I went back home with Si Lin, and met Farah and Sarah at the bus-stop. We went home together lah... don't know why I suddenly go high again. I started laughing like mad lah. Everytime I see Farah I want to laugh. Don't ask me why. We talked about who we want as our Chinese teacher. Lol, I seriously don't mind that "Hwang Jin-yi" to be my teacher. I heard that she's quite a fun person to be with. I also don't mind getting that "Drunken-face" teacher. Wahaha... going high again. I just hope that it isn't that 2E'06 Chinese teacher. If it's her, I think I rather die lah...

I shall stop crapping about my school life lah. I want to talk about the MBC Drama Award which I watched on YouTube today. I must say that their Drama Awards is a bit like Singapore's Star Award, only much, much nicer. Those who have watched it must have agreed with me. Lol, Jumong keep winning so many awards, so I kept hearing the Jumong OST and seeing the Jumong characters. Then when Song Il-gook got the Grand Award, the whole Jumong team all go on stage and give him flowers. Not bad lah... team spirit yeah... too bad I didn't really see much of Goong lah... most of the publicity was on Jumong and Fantasy Couple. OK, enough crapping liao. Good night! =D


OMG!!! I heard that Hwang Jin-yi will be shown on Channel U during the first half of the year!! What the... I really can't believe what I'm seeing and hearing now... I can't believe that it true!! If it's really true, it's now time for me and other K-drama fanatics to REJOICE!! Yipee!! I love Ha Ji-won, I love Kim Rae-won, I love Jang Geun-seuk... lastly, I would like to say that I love almost all the Korean artistes! =p

OK, I shall stop my crapping and get down to some serious business. Today is just like any ordinary school day, but what's not so ordinary about this school day is that, we had CCA for almost the whole day. The Sec 1s have to go around the school to see which CCA they would like to join in the future. Today is the Uniformed Groups turn, and they would only get to see the Performing Arts CCA only on Tuesday. Oh well, I guess we just have to wait lah. There wasn't much to do today, so at around 8 am, we went to our respective CCAs. We reflected on what we had done last year, and set new goals for this year. Mr Wong had said that he would only need 10 minutes to finish what he had to say and leave the rest for Ms Eu to say. In the end, he talked for almost 30 minutes, and Ms Eu didn't say anything. The EXCOs also had their fair share of words with us. Yeah... I think we should really buck up now! Yay! Time to chiong liao... SYF is only in April. We have got not much time left liao lah.

After that, we had sectionals before going for a short lunch break. Sectionals was rather alright I suppose. Argh! I still can't play the running notes with a lot of accidentals very well lah. I can only play them well when I play at a moderate speed, but everything gets jumbled up when we chiong through that part. =p What the, I just can't get my running notes right... @_@ After that we had lunch. Bleah, I only had a cup of grass jelly and sushi for lunch, no wonder my stomach kept making so much noise during combined. Anyway, we found the vendor selling the Science textbooks. They didn't have anymore stocks on the Chemistry book, so we have to get it on Monday. I managed to get my Biology book. The book is quite thick lah, and the font size of the words are quite small. Gosh, I think I'm going to have a hard time liao. I've seen the Chemistry book. It's really very very thick. I think I'm going to die studying Science. I just hope that I get some good Science teacher, and hopefully, I can get an A2 for Science this year, which I have never achieved.

I want to watch my Lady Fan show liao. I'll see you around. Yeah, goodbyes! =D


Erm... what can I talk about in today's post? Oh yeah, I got it. Yay! I've just changed to a new blogskin. Feel happy for me!! =D Hmm, I think I'm going to change blog song too, in time to come.

Then we had a change of classroom location today. I never thought that we would also have a change of class name. Bleah, now the whole class is called 3B, no longer 3K. The former 3B will thus be renamed 3K. I can understand the change in location, but change in name?! But I still prefer the old location, because it's only on the second floor, so we don't have to climb the stairs, and the canteen is directly below it. But the new location definitely has a bigger classroom, but the sad thing is, it's on the fourth floor.

Oh well... then at around 9 am, we went to LT2 to have some lecture on the ASK lesson. Lol, we were suppose to go to LT4, but we got confused because we just had a class name change, and we don't know whether the teachers meant the "old" 3K or the "new" 3K. Anyway, we went into LT2 after Ms Serene Teo ushered us in. Lol, I don't mind Ms Teo lah, but inside got Mrs Lee Lee Mui. Oh my goodness lah... we had to sit right in front. The first part of the lecture was alright since Ms Teo spoke to us, but Mrs Lee took over in the second part. What the... you know what's the first thing she did when she took over? Yeah, she scolded us lah. Yup, scolded us for making her wait for 15 minutes, scolded us for coming in noisily etc. I mean, why must she make a fuss out of it when Ms Teo never really said anything? She scolded us for about 10 minutes (was it that long?) and started teaching some crappy critical thinking stuff that's in our IP curriculum. Siao lah, why must we learn this kind of thing??!! The lecture was quite boring, and I felt like sleeping, but I can't do so in front of Mrs Lee, not when she's just right in front of me. @_@ I tried my best to keep my attention, but in the end, I'm still so suay lah right? I still got called out by her to answer "What is critical thinking to you?" and "What does that determine about your thinking?". Crap lah, I just anyhow said something, also don't know what I said, but luckily she accepted it and called another person, which was William. -.-|||

When the lecture was finally over, which was at around 10.40 am, Mr Chen made an announcement. He said that everybody must buy the science textbooks from the vendors who will be going to school tomorrow. Yeah, guess how much the books cost? The Physics one cost $48, Biology is $45, and Chemistry is $52. ZZZ. They're so expensive lah! My $97 can just fly away like that. Sob sob, I'm so thankful that I didn't take triple science, gosh, because I would have to pay $145 in total. It'll be better still if I don't have to take science. I would be better off doing subjects like Geography or History. Enough of the talk liao lah. Byes! =/


Yeah, as promised, I'll post the KBS Drama Award results here. ZZZ. If you want the pictures, go to this website here by yourself. I'm tired of uploading the pictures here one by one.

Highest Award (대상):
Ha Ji Won (Hwang Jin Yi) 하지원 (황진이)

The Top Excellence Award (최우수상):
Ryu Soo Young (Seoul 1945) 류수영 (서울 1945),
Shin Goo (Pure 19) 신구 (열아홉 순정),
Lee Tae Ran (Chil Princesses aka The Infamous Chil Sisters) 이태란 (소문난 칠공주)

Excellence Award (우수상):
Go Joo Won, Kim Jin Tae, Choi Jung Won, Han Eun Jung (고주원, 김진태, 최정원, 한은정)

Supporting Award (조연상):
Park Sang Myung, Lee Han Wee, Wang Bit Na, Jun Mi Sun (박상면, 이한위, 왕빛나, 전미선)

New Actor/Actress Award (신인연기상):
Park Hae Jin, Suh Ji Suk, Oh Man Suk, Goo Hye Sun, Yoon Eun Hye, Lee Yoon Ji (박해진, 서지석, 오만석, 구혜선, 윤은혜, 이윤지)

Young Actor/Actress Award (청소년연기상):
Kim Suk, Shim Eun Kyung (김석, 심은경)

Best Couple Award (베스트커플상):
Oh Man Suk, Yoon Eun Hye (오만석-윤은혜),
Hyun Bin, Sung Yoo Ri (현빈-성유리),
Jang Geun Suk, Ha Ji Won (장근석-하지원),
Park Hae Jin, Lee Tae Ran (박해진-이태란)

Popularity Award (인기상): Hyun Bin, Oh Man Suk, Sung Yoo Ri, Choi Jung Won (현빈, 오만석, 성유리, 최정원)

Netizen Award (네티즌상): Hyun Bin, Ha Ji Won (현빈, 하지원)

OK, that's about all. Oh yes, there's finally a reason why I can look foward to this year! Yes, more Korean dramas!!! Be Strong, geum-soon!, Hwang Jin-yi, Goong S and Come Back Soon, Soon-ae will all be showing on Channel U this year!! Woots! Alright, Be Strong, Geum-soon is a bit old already, but what about Hwang Jin-yi and Goong S? I was like "Oh My Gosh" when I saw the newspaper report about it. I mean, Hwang Jin-yi just finished broadcasting in Korea about only last week, and here they are, telling us that Channel U is going to broadcast Hwang Jin-yi?! This is really too good to be true! Three cheers for Korean dramas!! =DD Time for me to go cray over Gisaengs. Move over, geishas. Make way for the Gisaengs! Yeah, Gisaeng power equals to ginseng powder. =p Haha, Hwang Jin-yi really got a lot of awards during the KBS Drama Awards. Woots! All the way, Hwang Jin-yi! I love you so! <333

OK, today is the first day of school for me lah. Hmm, it isn't as scary as I thought lah. Neither was I as lonely as I thought. I managed to make some new friends because they were Madeline's friends. Haiz, I still can't accept the fact that my close friends are not with me anymore. Luckily I still get to go to school with Si Lin every morning. Thank goodness my new friends, especially Zoey, watches a lot of Korean dramas. Phew... if not I don't know how I'm going to survive for 2 years without talking to anybody about Korean dramas. Lol, she knows about Hwang Jin-yi too!!! YES!!! Lol, I seriously think that Hwang Jin-yi (in Chinese) really sounds like Huang Qiu Ying (Mdm Wan Chiew Inn's chinese name lah). Oh my goodness, I can't believe that now, whenever I see her, I don't call her "不跟我打招呼老师" anymore. Yeah, I see her now, I will call her "黄真伊". Haha, though I think Ha Ji-won is prettier than her... I think that she also got the looks lah. Siao lah, what am I talking about here.... Argh!! Better stop before I seriously start calling her "黄真伊", which I already did. Xp


Hi, this is my first post of the year!! Wahaha, shall post the KBS and SBS drama award results here now.

SBS Drama Awards results

Highest Award (대상): Han Hye-sook (Dear God aka The Sky) 한혜숙 (하늘이시여)

Top Excellence Award (최우수상): Kim Kap-soo, Son Ye-jin (김갑수, 손예진)

Performance Award – Mini Series (연기상 미니시리즈): Moon Jung-hyuk (Eric), Shim Hye-jin (문정혁, 심혜진)

Performance Award – Series Drama (연기상 연속극): Lee Hoon, Kim Ji-young (이훈, 김지영)

Top 10 Stars Award (10대 스타상 ):

Son Ye-jin, Kim Jung-eun, Lee Bo-young, Moon Jung-hyuk(Eric), Lee Seo-jin, Shim Hye-jin, Lee Da-hae, Kim Kap-soo, Park Jin-hee

(손예진, 김정은, 한혜숙, 이보영, 문정혁, 이서진, 심혜진, 이다해, 김갑수, 박진희)

Supporting Award (조연상): Gong Hyung-jin, Oh Yoon-ah, Jun No-min, Choo Sang-mi, Na Ran-hee
(공형진, 오윤아, 전노민, 추상미, 나란히)

New Star Award (뉴스타상):

Go Ah-ra, Lee Jin-wook, Lee Ha-na, Yoon Sang-hyun, Kang Ji-sup, Yoon Ji-min, Park Shi-yeon

(고아라, 이진욱, 이하나, 윤상현, 김수현, 강지섭, 윤지민, 박시연)

SBS Producer Awards (SBS 프로듀서상): Kim Myung-min, Kim Jung-eun (김명민, 김정은)


Son Ye-jin (손예진)

Han Hye-sook (한혜숙)

Eric, Park Shi-yeon (문정혁, 박시연)

Kim Ji-young (김지영)

Shim Hye-jin (심혜진)

Choo Sang-mi (추상미)

Jun No-min, Kim Bo-yeon (전노민, 김보연)

Gong Hyung-jin (공형진)

Oh Yoon-ah (오윤아)

Lee Seo-jin (이서진)

Kim Jung-eun (김정은)

Lee Bo-young (이보영)

Park Jin-hee (박진희)

Yoon Ji-min (윤지민)

Lee Ha-na (이하나)

Go Ah-ra (고아라)

Lee Jin-wook (이진욱)

Yoon Sang-hyun

Kyun Mi-ri(견미리)

Kim Kap-soo (김갑수)

Lee Hoon (이훈)

Kim Myung-min (김명민)

Source: Click here
Credits: www.soompi.com

OK, I think that's enough for today. Sorry, I'll post the KBS Drama Awards results tomorrow. See ya!