Today marks the last day of 2007 for everybody in this world. To me, 2007 has been a really great year for me! I really love my new Sec 3 class a lot! I have great friends from my new class, turned 15 this year, had the honour of participating in the SYF competition, and yes, not to forget that this year is/was indeed a great year for Korean dramas. Yup, I had my fill of watching and enjoying them. So, I shall stop crapping here and announce the winners of the 2007 MBC Drama Awards that was held yesterday.

The Grand Award (대상):
Bae Yong Joon (배용준) – "Four Legends of the Great King (태왕사신기)"

Top Excellence Award (최우수상):
Kim Myung Min (김명민) – "White Tower (하얀거탑)"
Lee Suh Jin (이서진) – "Lee San (이산)"

Gong Hyo Jin (공효진) – "Thank You (고맙습니다)"
Yoon Eun Hye (윤은혜) – "Coffee Prince No. 1 Shop (커피프린스 1호점)"

Excellence Award (우수상):
Gong Yoo (공유) - "Coffee Prince No. 1 Shop (커피프린스 1호점)"
Lee Joon Gi (이준기) – "Time between Dog and Wolf (개와 늑대의 시간)"

Nam Sang Mi (남상미) - "Time between Dog and Wolf (개와 늑대의 시간)"
Han Ji Min (한지민) - "Lee San (이산)"

New Actor/Actress Award (신인상)
Kim Min Sung (김민성) - "Madam (아현동 마님)"
Han Sang Jin (한상진) - "Lee San (이산)"

Lee Ji Ah (이지아) - "Four Legends of the Great King (태왕사신기)"
Lee Ha Na (이하나) – "Merry and Daegoo’s Offense and Defense (메리대구 공방전)"

Golden Performance Award (황금연기상):
Historical Drama category:
Lee Soon Jae (이순재) - "Lee San (이산)"
Choi Min Soo (최민수) - "Four Legends of the Great King(태왕사신기)"

Mini Series category:
Jang Hyuk (장혁) - "Thank You (고맙습니다)"
Lee Sun Gyoon (이선균) - "Coffee Prince No. 1 Shop (커피프린스 1호점)"

Soap Opera category:
Choi Myung Gil (최명길) – "Near You (내 곁에 있어)"
Lee Yoon Ji (이윤지) - "Near You (내 곁에 있어)"

Senior actor/actress category:
Kim Byung Gi (김병기) – "Madam (아현동 마님)"
Park Won Sook (박원숙) – "Winter Bird (겨울새)"

Best Project (작품상): "Four Legends of the Great King(태왕사신기)"

Popularity Award (인기상): Bae Yong Joon, Lee Ji Ah (배용준, 이지아)

Best Couples (베스트커플상): Bae Yong Joon, Lee Ji Ah (배용준, 이지아)

Credits to CindyW88 @ Soompi
View the pictures at: http://www.soompi.com/dramas/news/winners_of_mbc_2007

As expected, The Legend nearly swept every award. Lol, I thought Coffee Prince would get at least the Best Couple Award, but from what I know, 92% of the people who voted via SMS voted for the Bae Yong-joon and Lee Ji-ah pair, so Coffee Prince stood no chances, let alone the least-hyped Thank You. But no matter what, I'm still really proud of the Thank You cast. They got 3 awards, which I thought wasn't that bad at all! ^^ And my mistake, Jang Hyuk didn't win the Excellence Prize. =( He won the Best Performance for Miniseries instead. I guess that was because this year's Excellece Award nominees were really outstanding, so MBC decided to set up another category so that everybody was happy. =D

Anyway, I have some pictures of the Thank You cast receiving their prizes. ^^

Haha, some fan-made picture that I took from the Thank You thread in Soompi. =D Sorry, I forgot who posted it though. I will give credits once I go back there again. It's currently under maintenance. =X

Haha, the first part of the Drama Award started with Seo Shin-ae dancing Tango with some other cute boy from Yi San whose name is Park Ji-bin. Haha, cuteys naturally complement each other well. ^^ Lol, I think Bae Yong-joon is a bit extra. Don't know why his picture suddenly popped out. No offence to his fans though. =X And wait, I side-tracked a bit hor. Although I'm no fan of Bae Yong-joon, I hope he gets well soon. Looks like he still hasn't recovered from his injuries that he sustained during the filming of The Legend. He's still on crutches. >.< But I beg him to get his hair cut! It's putting me off!! I still prefer the way he looks in Hotelier. =X

Haha, the two cuteys appearing again! ^^ Lol, Park Ji-bin looked like he was wearing some ancient piece of writing over him can! I totally ROFL-ed over his costume! Take a closer look at his traditional costume and you'll realise that it's just so full of words. But I say, this boy is really eloquent in his acceptance speech and will grow up to be a fine Korean actor! ^^ I really love Seo Shin-ae's costume though! Her hanbok really gave me an oriental feel, yet it just look so classy on her! ^^ Lol, her winter dressing rocks! =DD

Lol, this little girl is really so cute leh!! I really feel like pinching her cheeks lah! Gosh, she cried when she was announced the winner of the Best Child Actress Award lah! The only words she could managed was "Mummy! I love you!" How touching! =') Haha, I can see my handsome oppa Jang Hyuk smiling for her! Woots! The Thank You team must be really proud of her yeah? =)

Heehee, the one on the left is Gong Hyo-jin, one of the 2 winners of the Top Excellence Award for females. ^^ Woots! Ignore the girl on the right lah. She isn't on my agenda today. >.< Sorry, Yoon Eun-hye! Gong Hyo-jin really looked so elegant in her pink dress! ^^ Woots! Thank You for winning the Top Excellence Award woman! You've brought glory to the Thank You team and those whose lives have changed because of Thank You! ^^ Aja aja hwaiting Hyo-jin unni! =D
Finally, my handsome oppa Jang Hyuk! ^^ Congratulations for winning the Best Performance Award for Thank You! ^^ Haha, I just can't get over Dr Min Gi-seo leh! Haha, still as charming as ever. Little Bom's (Seo Shin-ae) Guardian Angel Number 1, my Handsome Oppa Number 1! =)

Haha, I'm sorry! I just don't have the mood the reply tags now! >.< Time for me to watch Coffe Prince and see really how good that show is. That's all for 2007, folks! Say 안녕히 가세요 to year 2007, and say 안녕하세요 to year 2008! Happy New Year in advance! =D


OMG! Today's the 2007 MBC Drama Awards! I just got home in time to check Soompi who has won. So far, Bae Yong-joon's new drama is leading in everything, from Best Couple Award to the Most Popular Artistes award. But I'm glad Thank You was given some recognition! ^^ Seo Shin-ae won the Best Child Actress Award for her role as Lee Bom in Thank You! ^^ Woots! That was really, really very well-deserved! Gosh, I heard that she cried when she received the award, and she went "I love you, Mummy!" *^^* So cute even in real life huh. If I'm not wrong, Jang Hyuk has won the Best Miniseries Award too! ^^ Now I'm only hoping that Gong Hyo-jin will bring back the Top Excellence Award for Thank You. Jiayou bah! I shall continue posting more tomorrow since the results will be out. Gosh, some kind of Drama Award they're having huh? It's going to last way past 11.30 pm judging by the rate they're going...

P.S. I heard that the male lead in White Tower Kim Myung-min is a really strong contender for the Daesang. I'm really going to watch White Tower soon, because I heard that it was really, really good. Anyway, this year marked the strong comeback of medical dramas. I really enjoyed Surgeon Bong Dal-hee, so I think I'll enjoy White Tower. So, will Kim Myung-min of White Tower snatch away the coveted Daesang from Bae Yong-joon of The Legend? I shall know it today, but post it tomorrow. =p Anyway, tomorrow will be a very busy day for me. Haha, it will also mark the beginning of the KBS and SBS Drama Award. Come to think of it, I had no time to post up the SBS Drama Award nomination, so never mind about that, I will definitely post up the results though. Stay tuned! ^^

Goodbye Eun-ho!


Bleah, I'm just so bored! But I still can't believe that school is just starting in about 4 days' time. True, I don't really have a lot of things to do, but I'm not really looking forward to school either. Anyway, I've just finished reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows for the third time. What a boring post, but ya, you should know that I lead a boring life. =(

Anyway, today's Hwang Jin-yi's episode was super depressing. I nearly cried over my dinner when Eun-ho died. =( It was super, duper sad lor. Nobleman Kim Eun-ho gave up his life loving lowly courtesan Hwang Jin-yi. It's really very touching lor. But I like how Jin-yi transformed from a naive teenager to a bitchy (?), arrogant courtesan who can look at you as if she's going to shoot lasers out of her eyes. Anyway, today's episode is also the time where Kim Jung-han and her bodyguard makes their first appearance. I must say Hwang Jin-yi is really going to leave me on tenterhooks now. The pacing is really much faster compared to the first few episodes. Today's episode just blew me off. Oh yes, Bu-yong's mentor, Mae-hyang, also acted as Geum-joo in Precious Family leh! Oh man, her transformation from a really kind-hearted and funny aunt in Precious Family to a cold-hearted and scheming courtesan is really remarkable! And hoho, the King from Goong is also acting as the King in Hwang Jin-yi. Lol, does he really have that king-ly look? =p Speaking of which, I can't help but to notice some similarities between Hwang Jin-yi and Dae Jang Geum. The Baek-mu and Jin-yi pair really reminded me of Lady Han and Jang Geum. The mentor-student relationship is really so touching. But I think Jin-yi will start back-stabbing her mentor next episode le, because she thought that Baek-mu played a part in poor Eun-ho's death. Bu-yong and Mae-hyang really reminded me of Lady Choi and Geum-young in Dae Jang Geum too. But haha, of course, Bu-rong is much more prettier than Geum-young! ^^ Anyway, it's getting late le, so I'll reply tags some other time. Haiz, I'm still mourning for Eun-ho's death...

Farewell, Kim Eun-ho! You'll be dearly missed by Jin-yi and me. ='(


Haiz! Band camp tomorrow, and it'll be until 9.15 pm at night. I just hope I'll be down with food poisoning because the whole family ate expired Thai Chilli today. In that way, I won't need to wake up so early and come back home too late. I want the comfort of my home!! And gosh, I sure miss Come Back Soon, Soon-ae! and Witch Yoo-hee le. Sad life! =( Haha, I'm not really that interested in Witch Yoo-hee anymore though. because it kind of got quite draggy towards the ending. >.< Bleah, I still haven't watched the last 3 episode of Dal-ja's Spring. How ah? School's going to reopen le. =( And I guess I'm not talking much sense here. Don't bother reading the rest of the post, because there's nothing anyway. Good day to you! You've just wasted your time reading my post! =p


Haha, yesterday was Christmas Day, but too bad I didn't managed to post about it, because I only reached home at almost 12 am. =p I was at my uncle's house having a Christmas party! Woots! I really enjoyed myself there! I ate my fill of pizzas, mee siam, ham, turkey and God knows what else I've eaten. Die liao, if beginning of the year need to take height-and-weight, I think I'm going to tip the scales le. Help! I need to curb my obsession with eating! I musn't end up like Oh Dal-ja who keeps eating when she has nothing to do. xD Alright, back to the party! I must thank everybody who has given me presents, because the presents are really, really marvellous! ^^ I really love my presents loads! =D Anyway, I got this chance to play with my dear cousins again! Wee! How I love them so much! ^^ We played card games over and over again. And no, they're not polka cards. There are other cards better than polka cards you know? Yes, Sleeping Queen totally rocks! Woots! Haha, I hope to be able to play it with my friends in the near future. Yeah, I had to leave early, which was really such a pity. =(( Oh ya, no pictures for now, because the camera is with my aunt. =X

And lol, there was band today. I really felt toally sian lah. It's just after Christmas and I have to come back to school. >.< Oh yes, I wasn't in the mood to do anything today lah. Probably it was because I enjoyed myself too much yesterday. Oh man... Another bad thing was, my mum forced me to do Maths and Chinese assessment lor. I was totally not in the mood to do it, but I still persevered on. Yeah. Anyway, it's getting late, so I guess I shall end off my post now. Good night! ^^


MERRY CHRISTMAS eve. Lol, with one day left to Christmas, I'm really in the celebratory mood! ^^ Anyway, my Christmas tree in MapleStory is now level 5. Only 2 more levels to go before I get my ice-cream. =p Haha, I need 1 more Maple recommendation from those NPC so that Santa Claus can give me something. ^^ Jiayou bah! And yes, Merry Christmas eve to everybody! =D

I wish all my blog readers a really Merry Christmas! ^^


Woots! Only 2 more days to my favourite festival of the year! Haha, it's just only 2 more days to Christmas! Although my Christmas could have been made better if Singapore is located at the place where Finland is, but nevertheless, I'm still loving Christmas! ^^ Anyway, dreamlucky leveled today! Haha, dreamlucky is now of to do some good deeds for Santa Claus in Happyville! =D Anyway, my mum has bought me the last Harry Potter! Woots! I've finally gotten it! ^^ I shall post some pictures that I took together with Noo Noo the Snowman! =D

The giant snowman! Haha, that noob person was asking me to help him kill it leh! =p

A clearer view of Noo Noo the Snowman. =p

The leftovers from Noo Noo after it has been killed by me. I got about 10000 exp from that monster. Lol, I was nearly soloing the monster since that noob could only deal it at most 100 attack. =p

Haha, the noob is F5-ing me because I took away most of the knitting balls. =p

Haha, that's all for today! ^^ So long... I'm going to read my Harry Potter book now.! ^^


Lol, the whole family only ate dinner at around 8.30 pm., which is super late because we usually eat dinner right at 7 pm. Why? Because my Seafood Lagsana took super long to cook! But I really felt like a housewife today leh! I went to NTUC by myself and bought the groceries leh! After that, I went back home to cook dinner for the rest of the family members. Haha, I started preparing at around 5.30 pm, but we ended up eating dinner only 3 hours later. >.< Lol, it's super tedious lah. I guess I'm not going to cook it anymore. One time is already more than enough! o.O''' But the lagsana was enough to make me quite full. =)

Haha, my Seafood Lagsana! ^^

Well, I guess that's all for today bah! Time to watch Witch Amusement Yoo-hee! ^^ Goodbye folks! =D


Haha! I actually got nothing to post lah, I missed about 45 minutes of Come Back Soon, Soon-ae! because I overslept. Lol, anyway, to keep my blog alive, I shall be posting some MapleStory pictures that I took. -.-

Haha, this isn't dreamlucky lah. It's sunkenknight, Zhang Yu's character. After I helped his character level, I used his character to explore the dungeon of Ludibrium. =D

Lol, some weird looking monster. =p

Haha, if I'm not wrong, those monsters are Vikings bah. Heehee, when dreamlucky masters her Thunderspear, she will go there and fight! Chiong ah!

Haha, the place where I always see the Gatekeeper and keep dying there. =X

Lol, the Gatekeeper finally got hold of sunkenknight. =p I realised that the Gatekeeper attacks innocent people even though nobody has provoked them. What a nuisance. @_@

Some more pictures. I think the monster there is called Klock. =)

Lol, I'm pretty sure that isn't Soul Teddy... so what monster is it?? =/

dreamlucky in Leafre. Haha, she's a pro! She can kill monsters there! ^^ Oh yes, she managed to kill a bird monster called Haf and got 850 EXP! How nice if it was 2X EXP at that time. =)

dreamlucky with wtfAloy exploring the deep dungeons on Aqua Road. Lol, it's quite a miracle that we managed to survive those squids and come to this stop. =p

Lol, some picture we took with squids. And wtfAloy is lagging. o.O'''

Lol, both of us died!! O.O''' I wanted to try to see if I could attack that "house" thingy, but I kept missing. Finally, when I could attack it about 500+, it attacked me back and poor wtfAloy died immediately. Lol, I thought with Dark Sight, he could avoid attacks mah, but apparently, it isn't the case when it casts magic attack. Dark Sight only helps to deflect physical attacks. Alright, a lesson learnt for DreamKorea. Anyway, haha, with Magic Guard, I managed to withstand 3 hits of about 2500+ from that monster before dying. Lol, I wasn't quick enough to drink potions so I died. O.o'''

Lol, after reviving ourselves, wtfAloy helped dreamlucky to do the level 60 Korean Folk Town quest, the one that involves killing some boss monsters. O.O''' Anyway, thanks a lot dude! ^^

I think the Yellow King Globin looks hideous though. =p

Anyway, I'm meeting a few of my friends to collect uniforms tomorrow. Yay! New uniform next year! I can finally get rid of the nurse uniform that Year Ones to Threes still have to wear! Muahahaha!! >=D


Alright! Haha, actually I wanted to post the KBS Drama Award nomination list yesterday, but lol, I wasn't in the mood of blogging, so I decided to post the information here today! ^^ Be warned though! This year's KBS Drama Award is definitely longer than last year's one. Looks like they added in many new categories. Gosh, I think it's going to stretch more than 2 hours. o.O''' And I heard that the emcees for the night are Kang Ji-hwan/Han Ji-min (Capital Scandal), Kwon Sang-woo/Lee Yo-won (Bad Love) and Chae Rim/Lee Min-ki (Dal-ja's Spring) <3. Haha, I'm definitely looking forward to Chae Rim and Lee Min-ki hosting the Drama Award together! ^^ Heehee, I want Chae Rim to get the Top Excellence Award and the Daesang! Her acting was really good. As in, I liked the way she portrayed Oh Dal-ja in Dal-ja's Spring! <33 Super cuteness! But I don't know why Lee Min-ki wasn't nominated for the Top Excellence Award. He was only nominated for the Excellence Award. o.O''' Strange... Jang Hyuk was also only nominated for the Excellence Award. Now what's up with those judges? Aiyah, I shall stop crapping now. Details are as follwed. Be prepared, it's a very long list. o.O'''

2007 KBS Drama Awards
Date: 31st December 2007
Time: 9.50 pm
Duration: Not sure, but is more than 140 minutes
Emcees: Kang Ji-hwan, Han Ji-min, Kwon Sang-woo, Lee Yo-won, Chae Rim and Lee Min-ki (Looks like this is really going to be a very big event. Just look at the number of emcees. O.O''')

Official website: http://www.kbs.co.kr/drama/2007award
At the moment the available categories for voting are Netizen and Best Couple Awards. There's also the following category which you can reply to: 명장면 명대사 [Best Scene, Best Line (dialogue)]

Not known yet. The winner will only be announced on the day of the event itself.

최우수 연기상 남자 Top Excellence - Male
Kwon Sang Woo (Bad Love) 권상우 (못된 사랑)
Kim Suk Hoon (A Happy Woman) 김석훈 (행복한 여자)
Lee Duk Hwa (Dae Jo Young) 이덕화 (대조영)
Cha Tae Hyun (Flowers for My Life) 차태현 (꽃 찾으러 왔단다)
Choi Soo Jong (Dae Jo Young) 최수종 (대조영)

최우수 연기상 여자 Top Excellence - Female
Kang Hye Jung (Flowers for My Life) 강혜정 (꽃 찾으러 왔단다)
Kim Hyun Ju (Pretty Insun) 김현주 (인순이는 예쁘다)
Park Ye Jin (Dae Jo Young) 박예진 (대조영)
Lee Yo Won (Bad Love) 이요원 (못된 사랑)
Chae Rim (Dal Ja's Spring) 채림 (달자의 봄)

The Top Excellence Award nominees

우수 연기상 미니시리즈 수목 남자 Excellence in a Mini-Drama (Mon-Tues or Wed-Thurs drama) - Male
Kang Ji Hwan (Scandal in Old Seoul) 강지환 (경성스캔들)
Kim Min Joon (Pretty Insun) 김민준 (인순이는 예쁘다)
Uhm Tae Woon (Devil) 엄태웅 (마왕)
Lee Min Ki (Dal Ja's Spring, A Sloppy Inquiry Office) 이민기 (달자의 봄, 얼렁뚱땅 흥신소)
Joo Ji Hoon (Devil) 주지훈 (마왕)

우수 연기상 미니시리즈 수목 여자 Excellence in a Mini-Drama (Mon-Tues or Wed-Thurs drama) - Female
Shin Mi Na (Devil) 신민아 (마왕)
Lee Da Hae (Hello! Miss) 이다해 (핼로 애기씨)
Han Go Eun (Scandal in Old Seoul) 한고은 (경성 스캔들)
Han Ji Min (Scandal in Old Seoul) 한지민 (경성 스캔들)

우수 연기상 주간극 남자 Excellence in 주간극 - Male
Lee Jin Woo (Hometown over the Hill) 이진우 (산 너머 남촌에는)
Im Dong Jin (Dae Jo Young) 임동진 (대조영)
Jang Hyun Sung (Daughters-in-Law) 장현성 (며느리 전성시대)
Jung Bo Suk (Dae Jo Young) 정보석 (대조영)

우수 연기상 주간극 남자 Excellence in 주간극 - Female
Ban Hyo Jung (Hometown over the Hill) 반효정 (산 너머 남촌에는)
Yang Geum Suk (Dae Jo Young, Hometown over the Hill) 양금석 (대조영,산 너머 남촌에는)
Yoon Jung Hee (A Happy Woman) 윤정희 (행복한 여자)
Lee Soo Kyung (Daughters-in-law) 이수경 (며느리 전성시대)

우수 연기상 일일극 남자 Excellence in a Daily Drama - Male
Kim Gap Soo (The Innocent Woman) 김갑수 (착한여자 백일홍)
Kim Ji Suk (Likeable or Not) 김지석 (미우나 고우나)
Park Hae Jin (High as the Sky, Wide as the Earth) 박해진 (하늘만큼 땅만큼)
Lee Joo Hyun (High as the Sky, Wide as the Earth) 이주현 (하늘만큼 땅만큼)

우수 연기상 일일극 여자 Excellence in a Daily Drama - Female
Yang Jung Ah (Here Comes Ajumma!) 양정아 (아줌마가 간다)
Park So Hyun (The Innocent Woman) 박소현 (착한여자 백일홍)
Han Ji Hye (Likeable or Not) 한지혜 (미우나 고우나)
Han Hyo Joo (High as the Sky, Wide as the Earth) 한효주 (하늘만큼 땅만큼)

조연상 남자 Supporting - Male
Kang Nam Gil (Scandal in Old Seoul) 강남길 (경성 스캔들)
Gong Hyun Jin (Dal Ja's Spring) 공형진 (달자의 봄)
Lee Pil Mo (Here Comes Ajumma, Daughters-in-Law) 이필모 (아줌마가 간다, 며느리 전성시대)
Im Hyuk (Dae Jo Young) 임혁 (대조영)
Choi Chul Ho (Dae Jo Young) 최철호 (대조영)

조연상 여자 Supporting - Female
Kim Hye Ok (Likeable or Not, Daughters-in-Law) 김혜옥 (미우나 고우나, 며느리 전성시대)
Seo Young Hee (Daughters-in-Law) 서영희 (며느리 전성시대)
Lee Hye Young (Dal Ja's Spring) 이혜영 (달자의 봄)
Jo Eun Suk (The Innocent Woman, Hometown Over the Hill) 조은숙 (착한여자 백일홍, 산 너머 남촌에는)
Han Go Eun (Scandal in Old Seoul) 한고은 (경성 스캔들)

신인상 남자 New Actor
Kim Ji Suk (Likeable or Not) 김지석 (미우나 고우나)
Kim Ji Hoon (Daughters-in-Law) 김지훈 (며느리 전성시대)
Park Gun Hyung (When Spring Comes) 박건형 (꽃피는 봄이 오면)
Lee Pil Mo (Here Comes Ajumma, Daughters-in-Law) 이필모 (아줌마가 간다, 며느리 전성시대)
Jo Dong Hyuk (Likeable or Not) 조동혁 (미우나 고우나)
Jin Yi Han (Conspiracy in the Court) 진이한 (한성별곡)

신인상 여자 New Actress
Park Min Young (I'm Your Teacher) 박민영 (아이 엠 샘)
Seo Young Hee (Daughters-in-Law) 서영희 (며느리 전성시대)
Yoo In Young (Likeable or Not) 유인영 (미우나 고우나)
Lee Soo Kyung (Daughters-in-Law) 이수경 (며느리 전성시대)
Lee Ha Na (When Spring Comes) 이하나 (꽃피는 봄이 오면)
Han Hyo Joo (High as the Sky, Wide as the Earth) 한효주 (하늘만큼 땅만큼)

인기상(남자) Popularity - Male
Kang Ji Hwan (Scandal in Old Seoul) 강지환 (경성 스캔들)
Kwon Sang Woo (Bad Love) 권상우 (못된 사랑)
Kim Min Joon (Pretty Insun) 김민준 (인순이는 예쁘다)
Park Hae Jin (High as the Sky, Wide as the Earth) 박해진 (하늘만큼 땅만큼)
Lee Min Ki (Dal Ja's Spring, A Sloppy Inquiry Office) 이민기 (달자의 봄, 얼렁뚱땅 흥신소)

인기상 (여자) Popularity - Female
Yeh Ji Won (A Sloppy Inquiry Office) 예지원 (얼렁뚱땅 흥신소)
Lee Soo Kyung (Daughters-in-Llaw) 이수경 (며느리 전성시대)
Lee Hyo Won (Bad Love) 이요원 (못된 사랑)
Han Ji Min (Scandal in Old Seoul) 한지민( 경성 스캔들)
Han Hyo Joo (High as the Sky, Wide as the Earth) 한효주 (하늘만큼 땅만큼)

청소년 연기상 남자 Young Male
Kim Suk (Dae Jo Young) 김석 (대조영)
Park Joon Mook (Likeable or Not) 박준목 (미우나 고우나)
Baek Seung Do (Drama City 'A Small Giant') 백승도 (드라마시티-작은 거인)
Choi Woo Hyeok (Scandal in Old Seoul, Hometown Over the Hill) 최우혁 (경성 스캔들, 산 넘어 남촌에는)

청소년 연기상 여자 Young Female
Kim Yeh Won (The Innocent Woman) 김예원 (착한여자 백일홍)
Park Sa Rang (A Happy Woman) 박사랑 (행복한 여자)
Yoon Sun Hye 윤선혜 (HDTV Novel 'A Time Enjoying Lobster') (HDTV문학관, 랍스터를 먹는 시간)
Hong Ah Reum (Pretty Insun) 홍아름 (인순이는 예쁘다)

특집 문학관 단막극상 남자 Special/HDTV Novel/One-Act - Male
Kang Sung Hae (HDTV Novel 'A Dwarf Launches a Small Boat') 강성해 (HDTV문학관-난장이가 쏘아올린 작은 공)
Kim Heung Soo (Drama City 'Fissure') 김흥수 (드라마시티-틈)
Park In Hwan (Drama City 'The Ugly') 박인환 (드라마시티-못생긴 당신)
Park Hee Soon (Drama City 'The Reservoir') 박희순 (드라마시티-저수지)

특집 문학관 단막극상 여자 Special/HDTV Novel/One-Act - Female
Go Doo Shim (HDTV Novel 'A Dwarf Launches a Small Boat') 고두심 (HDTV문학관-난장이가 쏘아올린 작은 공)
Shin Dong Mi (Drama City '그녀의 별이 반짝일 때') 신동미 (드라마시티-그녀의 별이 반짝일 때)
Yoo In Young (Drama City 'Cho Youngpil in Our Memories') 유인영 (드라마시티-우리들의 조용필님)
Jeon Ye Seo (Drama City 'A Death Messenger with Amnesia') 전예서 (드라마시티-기억상실증에 걸린 저승사자)
Han Na Yeon (Drama City 'Watch for the Angel!', HDTV Novel 'Castella') 한나연 (드라마시티-쉿! 거기 천사, TV 문학관-카스테라)

Credits: creidesca @ SOOMPI

zZz... What a super long list. Haha, actually you've been warned! =p Anyway, Chae Rim for the Top Excellence Award! Chae Rim for the Daesang! Lee Min-ki for the Excellence Award! Dal-ja's Spring for the Best Couple Award! ^^ AJA AJA HWAITING 달자의 봄! <333 Best drama from KBS! =D


The 2007 KBS and MBC Drama Award nomination lists are out already! Hmm, I'll post them up in a moment. I'm not really interested in KBS's one because the only drama from KBS I know is Dal-ja' Spring. I must say, the limelight this year will be more on the MBC channel, because it has produced quite a number of hit dramas this year. But, I say, MBC is quite biased lah! It's like, almost all the top award nominations are towards Coffee Prince can! Unfair! It's as if MBC wants Coffee Prince to win all the awards lah! Damn it! OK, I can't comment on Coffee Prince because I haven't watched it, but please, Coffee Prince has 2 nominations for the Best Couple Award whereas others only have 1 nomination leh! Argh! Anyway, this year's nominations are pretty tough, so I'll be expecting a lot of surprises since there isn't any drama that will rule the Award presentation, unlike last year's Jumong and Fantasy Couple. There aren't any clear favourites, although one thing I'm quite certain is, either Bae Yong-joon or Yoon Eun-hye will walk away with the much-coveted Daesang award. Although I really hope that some miracle will happen and make Gong Hyo-jin walk away with the Daesang, it's still good if she can manage to walk away with the Top Excellence Award. Alright, details are as followed.

2007 MBC Drama Awards
Date: 30th Decmber 2007
Time: 9.40 pm
Duration: 140 minutes
Emcees: Shin Dong-yup and Hyun Young

Shin Dong-yup and Hyun Young
Photo credits to Starnews

It's still not known yet. The winner for this coveted prize will only be announced on the day of the Drama Award presentation itself.

Actor 남자:
Kim Myung-min 김명민 (White Tower 하얀거탑)
Bae Yong-joon 배용준 (Legend 태왕사신기)
Lee Seo-jin 이서진 (Yi San 이산)
Choi Min-soo 최민수 (Legend 태왕사신기)

Actress 여자:
Go Hyun-jung 고현정 (H.I.T. 히트)
Gong Hyo-jin 공효진 (Thank You 고맙습니다)
Yoon Eun-hye 윤은혜 (The 1st Shop Of Coffee Prince 커피프린스 1호점)
Choi Jin-sil 최진실 (Bad Woman Good Woman 나쁜여자 착한여자)

The Top Excellence Award nominees

Actor 남자:
Gong Yoo 공유 (The 1st Shop Of Coffee Prince 커피프린스 1호점)
Lee Sun-gyun 이선균 (The 1st Shop Of Coffee Prince 커피프린스 1호점)
Lee Jun-ki 이준기 (Time Between Dog And Wolf 개와 늑대의 시간)
Jang Hyuk 장혁 (Thank You 고맙습니다)

Actress 여자:
Nam Sang-mi 남상미 (Time Between Dog And Wolf 개와 늑대의 시간)
Wang Hee-ji 왕희지 (Ah Hyun Dong's Madam 아현동 마님)
Chae Jung-ahn 채정안 (The 1st Shop Of Coffee Prince 커피프린스 1호점)
Han Ji-min 한지민 (Yi San 이산)

Actor 남자:
Kim Min-sung 김민성 (Ah Hyun Dong's Madam 아현동 마님)
Lee Eon 이언 (The 1st Shop Of Coffee Prince 커피프린스 1호점)
Lee Philip 이필립 (Legend 태왕사신기)
Han Sang-jin 한상진 (Yi San 이산)

Actress 여자:
Go Eun-mi 고은미 (Even So Love 그래도 좋아)
Park Shin-hye 박신혜 (Kimcheed Radish Cubes 깍두기)
Lee Ji-ah 이지아 (Legend 태왕사신기)
Lee Ha-na 이하나 (Me Ri, Dae Gu's Attack And Defense Battle 메리대구 공방전)

Popularity 인기상
Actor 남자:
Gong Yoo 공유
Kim Myung-min 김명민
Bae Yong-joon 배용준
Lee Seo-jin 이서진
Lee Jun-ki 이준기
Jang Hyuk 장혁
Choi Min-soo 최민수

Actress 여자:
Go Hyun-jung 고현정
Gong Hyo-jin 공효진
Yoon Eun-hye 윤은혜
Lee Ji-ah 이지아
Choi Ji-woo 최지우
Choi Jin-sil 최진실
Han Ji-min 한지민

Best Couple 베스트커플상:
Gong Yoo & Yoon Eun-hye 공유 윤은혜 (The 1st Shop Of Coffee Prince 커피프린스 1호점)
Bae Yong-joon & Lee Ji-ah 배용준 이지아 (Legend 태왕사신기)
Lee Seo-jin & Han Ji-min 이서진 한지민 (Yi San 이산)
Lee Sun-gyun & Chae Jung-ahn 이선균 채정안 (The 1st Shop Of Coffee Prince 커피프린스 1호점)
Jang Hyuk & Gong Hyo-jin 장혁 공효진 (Thank You 고맙습니다)
Ji Hyun-woo & Lee Ha-na 지현우 이하나 (Me Ri, Dae Gu's Attack And Defense Battle 메리대구 공방전)

Credits: kdramafanusa @ SOOMPI

AJA AJA HWAITING, GONG HYO-JIN AND JANG HYUK! 고맙습니다 ALL THE WAY~! Create a miracle on that night! Make that night a night to remember for all 고맙습니다-ians! =D Gosh, I must really start on my review on Thank You, the Korean drama of 2007! ^^ Hmm, so should I post KBS's nomination list up too? =/ Maybe I'll do so tomorrow! Dal-ja's Spring better sweep the awards too! It's just too good to be excluded! =D


I can really laugh my heart out now! Yeah, I really laughed until I cried again. o.O''' Dal-ja's Spring is really going to drive me mad one day! ^^ You know what? I watched until episode 8 today, and every episode really gets me laughing like mad! =D It's super duper funny lah! OK, here goes. Dal-ja was helping a sick Seon-joo to cook some porridge since she was sick. Haha, Tae-bong and Sae-do came along too. Then yup, Dal-ja was busy chopping up bean sprouts and kimchi and suddenly Dae Jang Geum's theme song "Onara" was played in the background. And lol, Dal-ja was really chopping up those bean sprouts and kimchi as professionally as those palace cooks in Dae Jang Geum! *^O^* I was totally stunned when I heard it lah! It's super funny can! I can guarantee if you see that scene, you can't stop laughing lah!

Another scene was when Dal-ja and Tae-bong have to check into a motel because they couldn't get home due to the heavy snow. Anyway, I think Tae-bong was making fun of Dal-ja being old or something. Dal-ja got a bit angry and was like "Hmm, you just haven't seen my hidden talent. Come, I'll show you!" then suddenly one gisaeng playing the zither appeared! Haha, that gisaeng was actually Dal-ja lah! ^^ At first, I really thought it's Hwang Jin-yi because the Hwang Jin-yi opening theme "Hae Uh Hwa" was played and Dal-ja was wearing exactly the same wig and costume that Ha Ji-won wore for Hwang Jin-yi. It's totally ROFL lah! Then Tae-bong ended up as Kim Jung-han in Hwang Jin-yi! Lol, I say, this show is totally crazy lah! Haha, I wonder what's up next? Oh no, I seriously think I'm going to be driven mad for laughing too much in this drama! Super hilarious lah! Gosh, I could go on and on talking about how funny this drama is lah! Lol, I think I better stop here! ^^

Wee! Tae-bong and Dal-ja! ^^ I can really go ROFL at these 2 cute people! <3


Woots! My mum seriously rocks leh! Haha, she bought 4 more Korean dramas leh! ^^ They are, Witch Yoo-hee, Hwang Jin-yi, Dal-ja's Spring and Mr Goodbye. =D Haha, since I can watch Witch Yoo-hee and Hwang Jin-yi on Channel U, I started on Dal-ja's Spring. Heehee, I've watched up till episode 2 though. I can tell you, it's super funny lah! ^^ I laughed until I cried lor! Heehee, Channel U better buy the broadcasting rights for Dal-ja's Spring, Surgeon Bong Dal-hee and Thank You. I wanted to blog about Thank You, but the official MBC website has disabled right-click, so I can't save the pictures. Oh well, I will blog about Thank You once I get the pictures. =) Seriously, I think this 2007 batch of Korean dramas are simply fantastic! ^^ Woots, especially Surgeon Bong Dal-hee and Thank You! ^^ Lee Bom is love! <3


Heehee! I went to Changi Airport today! Woots! Going there has rekindled my love for airports. Actually, watching Surgeon Bong Dal-hee has made me want to be a doctor, but haha, I think I'll still work in the airport in the end. =) Wahaha, my sister has finally left for Taiwan and I hope she's suffering from the cold there. >=) Anyway, my father, mother and I went to take a look at Terminal 3. Haha, some parts are still under renovation, but overall, I like the design. =) Heehee, I must work in Terminal 3 the next time! ^^

Anyway, I've taken some pictures of Terminal 3, so do take a look. ^^

Haha, this was taken straight after I came out from the Skytrain from Terminal 1. =)

Hmm, this was taken while I was on the escalator that was heading towards the viewing mall. ^^

Haha, this was taken from the viewing gallery itself. =p

Heehee, just some random picture of Terminal 3. Why random? Because I don't know how to describe this. =p

Woohoo! The departure hall! I think the departure hall really looks very nice! ^^ A pity I didn't get to see the arrival hall though. Sad life. I think I should go Changi Airport again when it officially opens.

The luggage counters. ^^

Haha, the top part of Terminal 3. Lol, I heard that those are solar panels, but they don't look like one to me. =p

Alright, enough of the picture fest. =p Goong S ended today! ^^ Woots! And Hwang Jin-yi will be showing tomorrow! Haha, I'm so excited leh! ^^

Heehee, be sure to watch Hwang Jin-yi! ^^


Haiz! Precious Family has just ended its run on Channel U. ='( I liked the ending. There wasn't any loose ends, and haha, it just ended nicely. Very nicely! =) Although Sung-mi didn't get to marry the person she loves, but that's good. I never really liked her boyfriend anyway. I was so glad they didn't end up together. =) But overall, it's a happy conclusion to this drama that has kept me entertained for almost 4 months. Now, it's time for me to say farewell to the Ahn, Song and the Woo family. Thank you for keeping laughing with your funny antics, especially my dear daughter-in-law Ah-ri. Thank you for being so lovable. As Mr Ahn pens down the last lines in his diary, the show gradually ended. =) Very good ending! I'm satisfied with it. Well, tomorrow will be the debut of another Korean drama called Come Back Soon, Soon-ae! I hope this show will just be as nice as Precious Family. =D

Precious Family equals to happy family. ^^


Oh man! If this continues, I think I'm really going to end up as a housewife. o.O''' I cooked today's lunch! Haha, it's called Campbell's Beef and Mozarella Bake. It's actually some baked macaroni, and haha, I think I'm destined to cook! It's super nice OK? If you want some, come over my house!! ^^

Haha, my beef and mozarella bake! ^^

Anyway, Goong S will be coming to an end soon! The last episode is next week, and muahahaha, I'll be able to catch Hwang Jin-yi on TV!! ^^ Woots! Oh man, I'm so looking forward to Hwang Jin-yi leh! I just love the trailers man! Especially the one with the theme song in it! ^^ Hwang Jin-yi is love! <3

Oh, and I just changed my blog song to Surgeon Bong Dal-hee's theme song! ^^ Happy listening! =D


Yay! Now on my post of Surgeon Bong Dal-hee!! ^^ Haha, I can guarantee that you'll never regret watching this show!! =D I really, really, love this show lots!! <3 OK, you ask me what is so nice about this show ah? The actress has poodle hair and is not as pretty as your favourite Korean actress, the actors look very old etc. I tell you something. Once you get past those hurdles, you're in for total addiction to this drama!! =D I think this drama really teach us a lot about moral values, things that happen in hospitals and of course, not to mention romance! Haha, although romance is only a small part of the show, but it's still very watchable! ^^ They're really very professional in portraying the lives of senior doctors, residential doctors and specialists. Oh, and the theme song by SS501 totally rocks! <3 It's called Love That Cannot Be Erased. Haha, the first episode is already so addictive! Haha, no wonder it got so high ratings! ^^ Watching this drama has inspired me to be a surgeon. But I know it's going to be hard work. But at least I know what to do when somebody is suffering from open cardiac arrest or bloated chest. =p It's hard work, but haha, Hui En is also thinking of working in the hospital. I won't forget about being an air stewardess too, but Surgeon Bong Dal-hee has made me realised that being a doctor isn't such a bad thing either. ^^

Haha, all the doctors! I want to wear the white robe too!! ^^

Bong Dal-hee!! ^^ My heroine in this drama! She's actually a trainee surgeon who has a heart condition. However, she's determined to become a doctor due to her love for medicine. Well, commendable spirit! <3 I really, really love her to bits!!! ^^

Ahn Joong-geun!! ^^ My hero in this drama! Haha, he's a super pro surgeon who knows how to cure everything blah blah blah. Haha, to cut the long story short, he's an all-rounder in all aspects of medicine. <3 But he's no good with women lah! Lol, I still remember when he tried to ask Dal-hee out on a movie date, he was like commanding her to go out with him lah! Super cute! =D And he smiles secretly every time he succeeded in asking Dal-hee out!! Cute doctor! Oh gosh, he has made me fallen in love with uncles like him. o.O'''

One of the scenes in the drama. ^^

Lol, I think Ahn Joong-geun is screaming at Bong Dal-hee in this scene. >.<''' But nevertheless, he's still my cute doctor!! ^^

Haha, last picture for today! Witch Amusement Yoo-hee is going to start soon!! Haha, don't you think these two look very compatible?? =p Ahjumma and ahjussi!! ^^

Haha, only 6 more minutes left to Witch Amusement Yoo-hee! Got to go now! So long!! <3


Wahaha! Witch Amusement Yoo-hee will be shown on Channel U TOMORROW!! Muahahaha! It's time for Korean dramas to rule the 10 pm slot!! ^^ I will surely catch this drama! Han Ga-in may soon become one of my favourite Korean actress soon! =D



zZz... Haiz, I had to reach school by 8.30 am for morning run, but who knew? It rained in the end, so we had sectionals. Lol, it was raining very heavily during sectionals mah, then there were really very loud claps of thunder that made me nearly jump out of my own skin in fright. o.O''' I still remembered very vividly one particular clap of thunder that was SUPER LOUD and I can swear that all the clarinetists present saw a very bright flash of light appear in front of the car porch. Lol, that bright flash of light is actually lightning I guess. There was a VERY LOUD boom and I thought the taxi got struck down, but suddenly I remembered that all bodies of vehicles are anti-lightning. Lol. =/ So I think the school building got struck instead. A pity it didn't catch fire if not we would have gotten out of this for-goodness-sake-this-building-is-so-lousy building. Sad life. =(

Anyway, I've finished watching episode 8 of Thank You! This show is getting nicer and nicer every episode!! ^^ Haiz, but Bom's grandpa who is mentally unsound, started beating the people on TV because he doesn't like them. Young-shin (Bom's mum) then explained to him that he couldn't beat them, because those children on TV also suffered from the same illness as Bom, which is the scary HIV virus AIDS. The grandpa, being a bit retarded, saw one lady beating up her child outside some motel, then told the mother to stop because that girl (the one who was beaten up) suffers from AIDS, just like Bom. Then word began spreading around the village that Bom has AIDS. From then on, the whole village began ostracising them. Oh well, I really feel so sorry for Grandpa Lee, Bom and Young-shin. Sheesh, why did Min Gi-seo have to go back to Seoul at this point of time? I think the next episode will be more sad leh, because it's the episode where everybody treats Bom very differently and yet Bom doesn't know why until she found out what AIDS means through the internet. =((

Oh, good thing for those who have Channel 55 on Cable TV! Thank You will be showing on Channel 55 on 2nd December if I'm not wrong! It's straight after Surgeon Bong Dal-hee! Haha, Cable TV is so noob! =p I've finished watching Surgoen Bong Dal-hee le!! ^^


Oops! Sorry for not updating my blog for almost one week! >.<''' zZz... I think I'm losing touch with blogging leh. =X As in, I don't feel like blogging even though there are thousand and one things to blog about. Blogging bug, please feel free to infect me now. o.O'''

Haha, anyway, I shall post a few MapleStory pictures up here! Haha, they include the wedding pictures and the boss monsters pictures in Henesys. =) Enjoy!

The place where they released those boss monsters. o.O''' Lol, luckily their damage isn't that high, so I didn't die there, although I nearly did because I forgot my Magic Guard. =(

Haha, I wanted to find the real Blue Mushmom in Zipangu and fight it, but I couldn't fight Lucida, so I gave up. Luckily I managed to see them in Henesys Park! ^^

Look! I managed to fight those monsters that can only be found in Leafre! Haha, actually big monsters itimidate me a lot, so I was still a bit nervous fighting them. =p Manons and Griffey! ^^

Haha, those greenish mist is actually poison gas. Haha, it's casted by the Fire/Poison Mages I think. It's quite a surprise that I didn't get poisoned by the gas. >.<'''

Haha, look at the cool damage that Griffey dealt to everybody on the screen. Lol, I can't see myself, but I'm very sure that piece of ice shard was fired by me! ^^

Now it's time for the wedding pictures! Anyway, congratulations to MusangBishop and shanyi97 of my beloved guild MaySprings for getting married today!!!! =D May you 2 live happily ever after! =D

Haha, enough of seeing pictures? =D Anyway, one good news to post! I've finally finished watching Surgeon Bong Dal-hee!! =D Actually, I've finished it long ago, I just didn't post it here lah. I'll blog about Surgoen Bong Dal-hee when I have the mood to type long posts. Lol, till then! =D