OK, I shall post the MBC Drama Award results here. It was held yesterday. As expected, Jumong dominated the Top Excellence Awards. Congratulations to Jumong and Fantasy Couple for getting most of the awards. If you want to see the pictures, click here.

Grand Award
Song Il-gook (Jumong)

Top Excellence Award
Song Il-gook (Jumong)
Jun Gwan-ryeol (Jumong)
Han Hye-jin (Jumong)
Ha Hee-ra (Do Well)

Excellence Award
Kim Seung-soo (Jumong)
Kim Yoon-seok (Do Well)
Ji Soo-won (Do Well)
Han Ye-seul (Fantasy Couple)

Best Actor
Oh Ji-ho (Fantasy Couple)

Best Actress
Han Ye-seul (Fantasy Couple)

Best New Actor
Won Ki-joon (Jumong)
Joo Ji-hoon (Goong)

Best New Actress
Nam Sang-mi (Sweet Spy)
Yoon Eun-hye (Goong)

Popularity Award: Oh Ji-ho, Han Ye-seul (Fantasy Couple)

Best Couple Award: Oh Ji-ho, Han Ye-seul (Fantasy Couple)

PD Award: Kim Ok-bin, Jung Ryu-won, Ji Hyun-woo, Chun Jung-myung

Large-scale Historical Drama Category: Oh Yeon-soo, Huh Joon-ho (Jumong)

Drama Series Category: Byun Woo-min, Lee Young-ah, Hong Kyung-min

Nucleus Actors Award: Kim Ja-ok, Kim Hye-ok, Lee Kye-in

P.S. I'm sad that Oh Yeon-soo didn't get the Top Excellence Award... thought she was pretty good. =p She's the only one from Jumong who was nominated and didn't get the award. I really thought that it's such a pity! Luckily she got an award for another category! =)

Credits: http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/ent/event/2006mbc/winner/index.html

Source: Click here.


Haha, I just came back from Lot 1. I've been staying there since 5 pm. Wow, that's rather long yeah? We went there to buy a present for my grandmother, whose birthday falls on the New Year. I think I visited almost all the shops at Lot 1 today. Wahaha, went to LaserFlair and saw "Hello God, Please Give Me More Love", "Smile Again" and "Golden Apple" Korean drama VCDs. I want to watch the former. I heard that it was a very good show. Haiz, chances of getting it is quite low lah, because I still haven't gotten my "Bad Family" VCDs. Boohoo... can anybody get it for my birthday? Joking lah, it's too expensive for a birthday present.

Then ate dinner at Food Junction. I had Bibimbap for dinner, but I have to share it with my mother. =( Haha, at first, I took a bit of the chilli bean paste and mixed it with my dish. Haha, I found that it wasn't hot enough, so I dumped all the chilli bean paste into the rice. I kinda regretted it lah, because it became too hot for me. =p Boohoo, I missed my Dae Jang Geum show. Haha, to be frank, I haven't been following it very closely nowadays since I'm always out on both Saturdays and Sundays. Hope to see more Korean dramas on Channel U. Now they keep showing Hong Kong shows lor. Channel 8's 7 pm and 10.30 pm slots are TVB dramas. Channel U's 7 pm and 10 pm time slots are also TVB dramas. Argh! Where have all my Korean dramas disappeared to? I want to watch Be Strong, Geum-soon!, Full House and My Girl on Channel U. Wait, I think it's best if MediaCorp show Be Strong, Geum-soon first, because that's the only show I haven't watched yet. I've finished Full House and My Girl quite long ago liao.

I'm going to Esplanade for the New Year countdown tomorrow. Luckily I'm not going to miss the last episode of Triumph in the Skies. =) Going to my 2nd aunt's house to celebrate my grandmother's birthday. Oh yes, we got a Disney tea pot from Gift A Name. Haha, it's quite cheap, but it's cute! =) Haha, I love my Piglet! =DD


Today got CCA, then instead of playing in the band room, we went to the hall since Ms Chan wanted to test out how our tone is like since the hall environment differs a lot from the band room. Haiz, hope we don't have to play in the hall again. I really hate tuning so much. Ms Chan kept saying our tone is very "tight", and that she cannot hear us play from afar. Gosh... had to tune for quite a long time before she finally told us to stop.

We just concentrated on the SYF piece and the set piece today. Got kinda bored lah... and a bit giddy. My nose is blocked, and I still have to blow. Argh! Worse still, Zhi Yi never come, so I have to take the file and stand on top of my clarinet. I saw the dance people in the hall too, but I didn't see Natasha lah. Only saw some of her friends. =p OK, enough of blogging liao. Sayonara!


I wanted to blog yesterday, but because of the earthquake in Taiwan, my internet connection became so slow until I gave up being on the computer totally. The 7.1 magnitude earthquake affected all the internet connection in the whole world. Luckily my internet connection is alright now, though the speed isn't as fast as the last time. I still experience lagging when I'm playing NeoPets. Haha, yeah, I kinda lost interest in MapleStory liao. So I'm back to NeoPets, although that is only for the time being.

Then had band practice today. ZZZ. Had to reach school by 8 am, and have almost close to 1 hour of tuning. What the hell lah... if I knew earlier that we would have 1 hour of tuning, I'd rather reach school at 8.30 am like some people. I didn't feel too good today anyway. My nose kept giving me a lot of problems, so I couldn't play long notes for long, and my chromatic scale got kind of mixed up in the beginning. Argh... what's wrong with me? =( Then during combined practice, I used so many pieces of tissue paper. It's really enough to fill up the pocket in my skirt. @_@ But today's practice is OK lah, Ms Chan went through the set piece and the SYF piece with us. I think now she kinda chiong-ing since we have to practice at the Singapore Conference Hall on 20th January next year. Haha, so tomorrow, we're going to practice in the hall. Wahaha, people, hear us play!! =)

I felt a bit better when lunch time came, maybe because I was really hungry. We wanted to go to HarbourFront and eat at first, but since we decided to go to Long John Silver's, we walked over to Vivo City. ZZZ. It rained again lah... no wonder the whole shopping mall was so cold. I was shivering most of the time, and yes, here comes my drippy nose again. T_T There were quite a number of band people at Long John Silver's, so we waited very long before we could place our orders. By the time we finished lunch, it was already 1.35 pm, when we were supposed to reach school by 1.30 pm. Haha, nobody cared lah, so never mind about that.

Then it was sectionals after that. Haiz, I didn't enjoy sectionals very much today. My nose is giving me more problems, so I tire out very easily after playing a short phrase or two. I felt so lethargic lah, the rainy weather is so perfect for me to go to sleep. I only woke up when we played the very fast part of the SYF piece. Haha, that really woke me up! I love S*****!! =)

Then after band, I met my mum at Lot 1 since she wanted to get me a new pair of shoes and some assessment books. Ewww... assessment books... yucks! Never mind about that. I managed to get a new pair of shoes from Bata for about $23. It was already 6.45 pm by the time I finished choosing my shoes. My mother had to buy dinner, so she asked me to carry the heavy assessment books home. >=( Nearly broke my arms while carrying it. ZZZ. In then end, she never buy dinner... what the... so had to wait until my sister finish cooking dinner. Haha, I think I sahll end here for now. Good bye! =)


Merry Christmas everybody! It's time to open up my presents!! =DD I got a lovely Piglet toy form my dear mum! Weehee! Thanks a lot! I love my Piglet very much!! Going to my grandma's house tomorrow to get more presents! OK, enough blogging! Have a Happy Christmas! Enjoy what's left of year 2006 before moving on to the new year. Honestly, I don't want year 2007 to come. When that time comes, I'll surely miss 2006.

My Piglet toy... isn't it cute? =D


Yay! Daddy's finally back from China! Woots! His flight was supposed to touch down at 10.20 pm, but don't know why he only came out at around 10.50 pm. Haha, ya, so we waited very long at the arrival hall for him. Luckily he came just in time before we caught the second last train from Changi Airport. The train that was leaving the airport was very crowded. @_@ But luckily we managed to get seats on the train. Haha, then my dad showed us the pictures he took. Haha, he DID go to the Great Wall, but he didn't get back any stones... >.< Haha, never mind lah, later he get caught then kenna jailed in China. I think that's worse. But never mind, he really brough back lots of stuff! Woots! Bubblegum!! Weehee, got coffee flavour de!

OK, now for the Sec 3 classes. I seriously don't know how Mr Ang arranged us into the classes. It's definitely not by grades, and definitely not by subject combinations. Argh!! Everything now is in a mess. I'm not in the same class as Hui En anymore. ='( She's going to 3C while I'm going to 3K. ZZZ. I'm not in the same class as those people I'm close with, except for Deng Yin. That's my only consolation. Oh man, I'm going to dread the new school year sia. Hmm, even triple science students are in my class. I thought last time they used to put the triple science pupils in the first 6 classes. Now probably because we're in the intergrated program, so they anyhow arrange us into the classes. Oh well, guess I'll have to accept it. =p


Yay! I'm back from piano lesson. Haha, today's practice went quite well for me leh. I managed to play my 3 exam pieces almost without mistakes, haha, then Ms Tan also say I played quite well today. Woots! Haha, after playing the very complicated piano piece by J.S. Bach (hmm, I think only Zhi Yi knows about this; the 7#s piece), my teacher today taught me how to play the fugue. zZz... it's really very compliacted lor. How can 2 hands play 4 parts?! I'm going to have a hrad time ahead. Wish me luck yeah? Heehee, my piano teacher today gave me chocolate for Chirstmas. Haha, thank you so much!

Hmm, then I went to the class chalet about 3 days ago. I'm not sure if it's worth blogging about. At first, I decided not to blog because I was really tired. Then decided to blog about ti today because I'm quite energectic. Muahahaha. Nothing much happened lah, I think. The rain almost didn't make the barbeque a successful one. Then me, Hui En and Si Lin went missing during the night. Haha, just felt very "squashed-up" in the small room, so we decided to go out on the pretext on sending Pei Xuan off. Eeyer, I don't think I'm ever going to a class chalet if the room is still as small. Call me anti-social or whatsoever, but unless they're getting 2 rooms, my nose will suffer. Haha, so we didn't go back to the room after sending Pei Xuan off. We at first hesitated whether we should go back, but it was starting to rain rather heavily (again...) so we decided to spend the night at the Downtown East there. Lol, didn't know how Pei Xuan managed to come back, so in the end, she also accompanied us to spend the night outside. Haha, we didn't sleep throughout the night lah.

We decided to go the next morning since we weren't feeling too well lah. When we left, the rain was really very heavy! I tried calling for a raxi so many times, and yet the line is always engaged. ZZZ. Only managed to flag a cab after we braved the rain and walked out to the main road. Yay! Pei Xuan paid for the taxi fare and we went to her house. Haha, I think I enjoyed myself more at her house than at the class chalet. Don't kill me for saying this. As I mentioned before, I'm an anti-social person. Xp Got to play MapleStory, Crazy Taxi and some other fun games? Her mum's cooking was alaso really fabulous! The veggie is really good!! Woots! Must go there for lunch more often the next time! =)

Going to pick my father up from the airport at around 10.50 pm tomorrow. ZZZ. Another unearthly hour yeah? I think we're going to spend a bomb on taxi fares again. I hope he did remember about bringing back part of the Great Wall. Wahahaha...


Lol, came back home at around 2 am today. We had to take a taxi back since the public transport weren't operating at such unearthly hours. From Changi Airport back to Choa Chu Kang, the taxi fare, including the airport and midnight surcharge, came up to be about $33.60. Haha. it's really very expensive lor. Haiz, my dad is now in Beijing. Luckily he reached there safe and sound. I miss him so much. He called back to say that Beijing is now very cold, with the temperature hovering around -11 degrees celsius. Haha, before he left Singapore, I told him to bring back part of the Great Wall, so hopefully he does without getting caught. =p

Anyway, today we went to Vivo City to buy our MP3 player. I shan't elaborate about our trip to Vivo City since it's quite a lengthy one I suppose. Haha, in the end, my mum got us a 512 MB MP4 player at only $178. Haha, a free 512 MB memory card and a plush toy were also thrown in. Haha, I'm going to look forward to listening music on my MP4 soon. OK, nothing to say liao. Just hope that my dad will update his blog. Haha, shan't reveal the address so as to protect his privacy. That's his wish. Bye! =)


Today's post shall be a random one about Hwang Jin-yi, since I don't really have the mood to blog. I'm going down to the airport at around 8.30 pm.

Baek Ji Young performing 나쁜 사람 live at the 21st Golden Disk Awards. Haha, she is the original singer of my blog song.

MV of Hwang Jin-yi and her mentor. Hmm, the song used inside is Ladies of the Palace theme song. Very nice one! =)

NG scenes.



My dad is going to leave for China this coming Sunday, and his flight is at 1.20 am. Wow, I can't believe that it's so early lah. Gosh, think I'll have to stay overnight at the airport. T_T Haha, luckily he will be staying there for about 5 days, can celebrate Christmas with him. =) Haha. now my mum is busy helping him to pack his luggage.

Got band today even though Ms Chan isn't here. As usual, we had to run 2.4km, but don't know what is wrong with me today. I got a really bad stomachache after running the 4th round. Then we also played Captain's Ball against percussion. Lol, we were too engrossed in playing until we also forgot our scores. At around 10.45 am, Swee Ying released us for a 1 hour lunch break. So we went to the nearby food centre to eat claypot rice. Haiz, the rice isn't that nice lah... because the chicken meat wasn't tender enough. Yucks. I regretted buying it lah. Luckily I shared that claypot with Jennie. Oops, I need to pay her back. =p Then after that we had sectionals. Sectionals went rather well lah... I took Kai Zhen today. zZz... she managed to play the running notes quite clearly lah, so hope she doesn't forget how to play it after the 1 week break. Zhi Yi was late as usual. Erm... not very late, it's very very late lah huh.

Sad lah, from next year onwards, we will have Saturday practices until SYF is over. Oh man, I seriously can't wait for SYF to be over lor. My Saturdays will be gone, and I can't play MapleStory for long anymore. Mrs Chak also want us to run 3 times a week lah, and Saturday runs are compulsory. What the... how to concentrate in class when we're all so sweaty and such? Why can't we just have PT on Fridays just like Choir? Not fair lah, other performing arts group don't have to do PT so often can? At this rate, I'm going to hate PT more and more lah. Mrs Chak wants us to do PT 2 times during the school days before school starts. What the... like I live very near the school lah can... that means I have to wake up at around 5.15 am. What an unearthly hour huh? I think I'm going to dread going to school, because band has killed my passion for it. >=( Heck about this band stuff now. No mood to talk about that now. Just mere thinking about it is going to make my blood boil again. ZZZ.

OK, I think I'm going to bake some cookies tomorrow. I also don't know why I suddenly feel like doing it, but after reading the Korean dessert recipe books, I feel like trying out the recipes inside. I've asked my mum to buy some wheat and rice flour, so await for my good news. I have a feeling that my cookies will taste good! =))

Top 10 dramas of 2006


Went to Lot 1 to have lunch with my grandma today. As usual, she bought so much food until I couldn't finish while she herself never eat anything. Got a stomachache after eating too much food. Haiz, why can't my stomach be as strong as Yoo-rin in My Girl? No matter how much she ate, she never got a stomachache. Left Food Junction at around 12.48 pm for piano lesson even though my piano lesson would only star at 3.30 pm. =p To kill time, I went to Popular and see some of the Korean dramas there. Nothing new lah. So I went to Poh Kim. zZz... Bad Family is retailing at $32.50, which is quite expensive since that show is only 16 episodes. Aiyoh, Poh Kim hasn't come out with part 2 of my Farewell to Sorrow VCDs. What the... I want to watch this drama, which is one of the top 10 dramas of 2006. I'll post the shows that made it to the top 10 positions for dramas later. Oh yes, did I mention that I want to be part of the Bad Family? Come on girl, be a bad girl and Santa will give you a very big present! Wow, this that true Santa? Hahaha, Hui En said that is was very funny. So I shall be a bad girl for now. Bad doesn't equals to evil right? Hopefully not. Anyway, my mother has shown some interest in that Bad Family show. She even went to watch the videos on YouTube. Haha, maybe I'll get my VCDs sooner or later. *crosses fingers and prays hard*

Top 10 Korean dramas of 2006
1. Joo Mong (朱蒙, MBC)
2. Peculiar Woman, Eccentric Man (aka Bizarre Bunch, KBS1)
3. Chil Princess (aka The Infamous Chil Sisters, KBS2)
4. Goodbye to Sadness (KBS2)
5. The Sky (aka Dear God, SBS)
6. Pure 19 (aka Pure in Heart, KBS1)
7. My Love Motnani (SBS)
8. The Ballad of Seo Dong (SBS)
9. My Girl (SBS)
10. Palace (MBC)

Sad lah, My Girl and Goong only got 9th and 10th place respectively. I thought that these 2 shows were really very good lor. But never mind, be glad that they made it to the top 10 dramas of 2006. Seriously, I think Jumong is the killer of all competitions. No other shows have been able to be on par with Jumong's. Don't need to talk about Korea's Mondays and Tuesdays 9.55 pm timeslot liao. Those shows in the same timeslot as Jumong will surely suffer dismal ratings. The question is, IS JUMONG REALLY THAT GOOD? I think it's really good. It's 8th episode already hit the 30% mark in Korea, and the 15th episode already hit the 40% mark. It's only the 7th drama in history since 2000 that move up the ratings chart so quickly. It even hit the 40% mark in Korea faster than Dae Jang Geum. Wow, if it can beat DJG's ratings, I think I'm going to faint, because so far, Dae Jang Geum is the best Korean drama I've ever watched. People in the online cafe of DJG are already admitting that Jumong is as good as DJG. I've been following Jumong very closely, like watching the preview dutifully every Sundays and Mondays. Haha, it really looks very cool lah. I got to admit that too. Oh well, too bad the VCDs aren't in Singapore yet, if not I'll be the first one to chase after Jumong. =)


Mummy! Can you please buy the Bad Family VCDs! Haha, that show really looks very funny! Geum Bo-ra, Im Hyun-sik and Yeo Woon-kye of Dae Jang Geum are inside! They're Jang-geum's foster parents and Lady Jung respectively. LOL. I can't imagine Lady Jung in a comedy after watching her in Dae Jang Geum, although I know that she has acted in My Lovely Sam-soon. Haha, it's a comedy. I hope it's as good as My Girl, or perhaps, even better. I heard that's this show is really good! =)) The Korean title is called 불량가족, or pronouced as "bul-ryang-ga-jok". The Chinese title used is 不良家族. Haha, both the Korean and Chinese pronouciation sound quite alike.

Haha, I went to Lot 1 with my sister today. Just went there for gorcery shopping and window shopping. I wanted to by more earrings and some accessories. Hmm, then me and my sister walked to every earring shop of Lot 1, but I still couldn't find one that I desired. Never mind then. I want that kind of Korean clothes accessories that both Jang-geum and Hwang Jin-yi wore on their hanboks! I want that! That kind of accessories are really colourful and stirking. I saw one similar one at Comic Connections, but that was too small. >.< I want one that I can hang somewhere like my bag or something. I think I really have to make a trip down to Korea if I really wanted that. But when can I go? ='(


zZz... had CCA as usual. Lol, as usual, I met Farah and Sarah at the Commonwealth bus stop. Lol, don't know why I always see them on my way to school. Anyway, I managed to get onto the bus 100 first. I think Sarah nearly couldn't board the bus. Haha, quite a few band mates couldn't get onto the bus, so they were late. Aiyah, you can't really blame them for not getting up the bus. The bus was really overloaded. =(

Then we had combined. Ms Chan went through the 2 set pieces with us, then finally she decided to let us play Singapore Sunrise! Yay! Just as I thought. That Safari piece is really boring me to death lah. It sounds quite pretty awful too since there were a lot of notes that clashed. We also had one part where we had to take out our mouthpiece and make some really noisy sound from it. Haha, at least in the 3rd clarinet score, we still get to play some running notes in Sunrise. So yeah! Sunrise all the way! =) Today's combined parctice was rather short, so I didn't really enjoy it. Haha, the good thing is, Ms Chan kept asking some sections to play their parts over and over again, so I had the "so-much" time to polish my instrument. Haha, I borrowed the polishing cloth from Ya Na and made my instrument really shiny! =) I just hate the scratches on my keys that's all. I also managed to polish Zhi Yi's instrument! Haha, thanks to me, her ligature is shinier than ever! I officially proclaim that I'm obsessed with polishing instruments! =))

After combined, we had sectionals. We practised on the set piece and the SYF piece. zZz... Wen Hui said that she wanted to test us on some parts for the SYF piece. Aiyah, made me so nervous lah can... she tested everybody one by one lor. So scary, just like last time Ms Chan tested our running notes one by one. Haha, this time it wasn't as scary as blowing the clarinet in front of Ms Chan. At that time, I couldn't even blow out the notes properly lah can. zZz... Ms Chan really struke terror in us. OK, back to Wen Hui testing us part F to G of our SYF piece. I could really see that many people were quite nervous. Most people had their hands shaking with nervousness. Then when it was my turn, I was really very nervous lah. I managed to play the first part, but after that I ran out of breath, and on top of that, I was already so nervous, so I didn't play my small notes clearly enough, and stumbled at the very last part of the whole thing. Damn it! Die lah, I must bring back the score and figure out where to breathe. Haha, another thing. I'm congratulating Chua Shi Xian for being able to play the high notes semiquavers. That's really good leh. All the notes came out! Woots!

I got something to say. Have more confidence in yourself. Don't get anything into your way. Don't be overwhelmed by the stress you're facing or whatsoever. When you're playing, just concentrate on playing and don't think about anything else. Hope she sees this, but I doubt she would.

My replies...


Nothing interesting really happened lah, so since I'm so bored, I'll reply tags here. Someone entertainment me please. I can't find anymore Hwang Jin-yi NG videos, so I can't laugh. I've also finished watching Lovers in Prague, so I got nothing to do. Mummy! Buy more K-drama VCDs please!!

[heling] Wow, thanks! I think many people like my blog song too! =D I never go to the concert because I had to go Bukit Panjang with my dad. =p The clarinettists were good? Haha, then in this way, you didn't waste your time going there lor. =)

[huien] Haha, thank you! Nice pictures, nicer OST, and nicest storyline. That's Hwang Jin-yi I think. There's a movie version of this show acted my Song Hye-gyo. Wahaha, I love Song Hye-gyo very much! =D Hwang Jin-yi rocks! So many people are obsessed with my blog song! x)

[vengyan] Ya, he's handsome no doubt. I think he more handsome in Hwang Jin-yi than in Lovers in Prague. I totally love his smile in Hwang Jin-yi lor! =D

[natasha] Haha, tag more often! Thank you for so loving my blog, because I know it rocks! Hahaha, just joking! =)

[grace] Ah-ha! Pass by more often yeah? Lol, you didn't realise I love K-dramas? I'm totally head-over-heels with them! =D I finished watching Lovers in Prague. Another good drama! Do watch it if you have the time, although I admit that it's still not as funny as My Girl. Go all the way, K-dramas! They rock! =D

[heling] Ya, I know you play very loud. But I don't think it's to the extent of screeching lah. Your tone is good what...

[Xin Ying] Haha, so which drama you want me to tell you spoilers? Do take a look at my 2nd latest post. Got Hwang Jin-yi's spoilers. Haha, just tell me which drama spoiler you want, then I'll post them here. Haha, but then, spoilers spoil the whole thing. Haha, so be warned! =D

[lb] Really ah? I don't know, because I didn't watch the match. Aiyah... what the... why must I have CCA the day after? If not I can stay up to watch the match lor. Oh ya, what level are you now for Maple?

End of replying tags, and also end of post. Good day and good night! =D


I just found some Hwang Jin-yi's NG scenes. Enjoy! They're really very funny! =DD Haha, took me quite a while to find the pictures and videos, so do appreciate it! =) The NG videos are really very funny! I was laughing all the time despite not knowing what they're saying half of the time. =p The official website is here: http://www.kbs.co.kr/drama/hwangjiny/index.html
The Olive9 production company website that produced Hwang Jin-yi is here: http://www.hwangjiny.com I admire Olive9 so much leh. They managed to produce both Jumong and Hwang Jin-yi, which are now currently occupying top spots in the TV ratings chart. The Olive9 Hwang Jin-yi site is really good! Do take a look! =DD

The official poster for Hwang Jin-yi.

The cast. From left: Jang Geun-seok, Ha Ji-won, Kim Young-ae and Kim Jae-won
Ha Ji-won is pretty!! =D

Ha Ji-won with her 4kg wig. @_@

Hwang Jin-yi in her teenage years.

Screencaps from the official website.

The whole cast at a press conference.

Ha Ji-won and Jang Geun-seok together. Jang Geun-seok played Jae-hee's younger borther in Lovers in Prague. Haha, he really looks quite cute leh! =D

Hwang Jin-yi and the younger version. LOL.
Ha Ji-won's Hwang Jin-yi costumes are really very striking. Very nice costumes they have. =D


Today had band again. First, we had sectionals until 11.30 am, then we had a lunch break. The whole clarinet section went to the food centre in front of the school. I didn't really eat much lah, because only 2 stalls were open, and that was the drinks stall and the claypot rice stall. There were so many people there. Haha, Gim Ling they all were so nice to share their food with us. =D Thanks a lot!

Then during combined, we practised quite a number of pieces. Argh, still have to work on running notes, but I didn't bring home my instrument because Zhi Yi wanted to take her file back home, so I have no scores to practice. Don't ask me why I don't have my own copy. I just don't know why. (o.O) Haha, I'm going to make sure I bring back my instrument next week. Then today Ms Chan dismissed us 1/2 hour earlier than usual.

Haha, so we took our time to keep our instrument. Haha, it turned out to be quite an interesting affair. We were discussing about the Asian Games, how China was so pro to get 87 golds, and how Singapore only got 2 gold medals. Haha, Singapore's 1st gold medal was form bowling. The 2nd one came from Tao Li. Haha, not bad lah! Too bad I didn't stay up to watch the badminton game between Xing Ai Ying and a Korean by the surname of Hwang (not too sure about her full name). My friends said that the game was quite good. Lol, Xing won the first game, but not the second and third game. Many people said that both players were really very good, but because Xing made a lot of wrong judgements (like thinking that the shuttlecock would be out of the court when in fact it landed in the court), she lost a lot of points to the Korean. So in the end, Xing lost the last game 18-21. Wow, that was really very close leh. Haha, I suppose that Korean must be one of Hwang Jin-yi's descendants. @_@

*Beware of spoilers*

Oh yes, talking about Hwang Jin-yi. I nearly cried, or you could say I teared, when I watched episode 18. Why?! WHY?! Why must it be Baek-moo? Why of all the people, Hwang Jin-yi chose to misunderstand Baek-moo, her mentor, the closest person to her? WHY??!! I really feel that Baek-moo is easily the most misunderstood person in the show. Please lor, Hwang Jin-yi, she did all those all for your own good! Yes, those who watched Dae Jang Geum, you should know what happened to Jang-geum's mentor, Lady Han, in the end. Guess what was Baek-moo's ending? Although I never watched the show in depth, one scene was already able to touch my heart. Kim Young-ae, I'll miss you. Don't ask me why. I sometimes feel that you're really like Lady Han although you look older =p. Hwang Jin-yi's scriptwriter is going to kill off more good characters liao. Be prepared. I also heard that Jumong's scriptwriter is going to kill off Lady Yoohwa !! And if they're going to base the show on historical facts, they might be killing off Suhsono too!! Oh well people, if you ever watch, watch episode 1 to 18, I really think that you'll feel like strangling Hwang Jin-yi. She sometimes can get really so stubborn. Her stubborness has also caused her mentor to...shan't continue lah. It's getting more and more depressing.

As I watch Lovers in Prague, I suddenly realised something. Jae-hee's youger brother actually acted as Eun-ho in Hwang Jin-yi! One of Jae-hee's students in the Prague class acted as the younger version of Hwang Jin-yi. See, I'm so fated with Hwang Jin-yi. =) I finish watching episode 8 of Lovers in Prague today. Going to watch more tomorrow. I'm keeping my eyes peeled for more Hwang Jin-yi episodes too.


I woke up at around 10 am today. Haha one of the earliest time I woke up since the holidays started. Haha, during the holidays, I can really sleep like a pig lah. I can wake up at almost 2 pm. Haha, not bad lah. But this is to compensate myself for sleeping late. I stayed up to watch the Asian Games. Lol. Enough about me sleeping lah. Time to talk about lunch.

We met my grandma and her maid at Bugis Junction's Seiyu. Haha, then we went to Restaurant Hoshigaoka to eat Japanese food. Haha, I had the cold noodles set. Yummy, I love the tempura a lot! The sushi wasn't bad too! I love Japanese food! Tempura rocks! Haha, my grandma spent about $87.30 on our lunch. Haha, it's quite expensive leh.

After lunch, we went to Vivo City because my sister wanted to go there since she hasn't been there before. We stayed there for quite a short time because I was having a cold and feeling very drowsy. Haha, by going home, I can watch Lovers in Prague mah... haha, watching the 5th episode already. =)


Haiz, there were problems with the My Girl VCDs, so my mummy has decided to change it to Lovers In Prague DVDs. Haha, actually it was me who wanted the Lovers In Prague VCDs, but since the VCDs weren't available, she got the DVDs. Then I watched the first 3 episodes. Haha, it was quite funny lah. But the guys in there are not as handsome as Gong-chan leh. I still prefer Gong-chan's looks. But the two girls in that show look really very pretty! Haha, the character that Jeon Do-yeon played was really good! I like her a lot! =D Lovers in Prague, rock on! =) I wanna go Prague! It's such a beautiful country (OK, as portrayed in the drama).

Then today there was an accident at the MRT station. Some crazy person commited suicide (I think) by throwing himself/herself into the tracks on the oncoming train. Aiyah, want to commit suicide just buy sleeping pills lor, why choose such a painful way to die? In the end, the North-South train services were disrupted for about 45 minutes. Haha, luckily I was taking the South-North trains. But because of that accident, the intervals between each train heading to Jurong East was about 7 minutes. Please lah, that's the normal waiting time for the off-peak hours. I missed two trains simply because there were too many people in there. The third train that I got into, I was also terribly squashed. >.<''' Bleahx, no fresh air. I was choking sia. The smell of smoke and liquor hung heavily in the air. Finally had fresh air when I was at Jurong East. It was equally crowded. @_@ No choice lah, I still have to reach school by 8.30 am, so I decided to compete with other people for the space. Haha, I was still late by 5 minutes lah. Haiz...enough said. Good byes. =/


Oh man, I'm falling in love with Hwang Jin-yi now. No wonder they call it the cultural pop icon of 2007. Even The Straits Time's "Speak Madarin" section also mentioned Hwang Jin-yi. Too bad I don't have KBSWorld to watch Hwang Jin-yi. Hope YouTube come out with the episodes soon. So far, I'm only able to watch the preview only. >.< I can't find episode 1's preview. If anybody has it, please tell me! Their hanboks are quite elegant. I pity Ha Ji-won sia, she has to wear a 4kg wig almost the whole day. @_@ The young Hwang Jin-yi is quite cute leh! And that boy has quite good looks. He's really very handsome looking. Falling in love with Hwang Jin-yi now. zZz... have to kidnap her liao. Police, don't catch me hor!

Opening theme of Hwang Jin-yi

Trailer of Hwang Jin-yi

Episode 2 preview

Episode 3 preview

Episode 4 preivew

Episode 5 preview

Episode 6 preview

Episode 7 preview

Episode 8 preview

Episode 9 preview

Episode 10 preview

Episode 11 preview
-Can't find- If can find, please tell me

Episode 12 preview


zZz...just received news that Jumong will be extended from it's current 60 episodes to 80 episodes. It will only end it's run in Korea in March next year. What on earth is going on? Eeyer, Song Il-gook ah... why did you agree to act in the extension? Bleah, you also complained that Jumong has robbed you of your sleep, and that you want to finish this show as soon as possible. zZz... oh yes, his mum had to persuade him to act in the extension, because he stubbornly refused. The Vice-President of MBC also had to talk to him. Alamak, you could have refused! What the... now I have to wait longer for the VCDs to be out in Singapore. I will die waiting for Jumong to be out on VCDs and to be shown on Channel U. You know how slow MCS is in showing K-dramas. @_@ But yes, I must admit that Jumong is getting more and more exciting. I've watched the preview on iMBC. Oh man, Sosuhno can fight!!! Wahaha, she's played by Han Hye-jin, the star of Be Strong, Geum-soon!. I'm loving Han Hye-jin more and more. She's so cool in Jumong can... I just can't believe that she stuck the sword into another person's throat. Wow... the pictures are here.

Haha, after viewinng the pictures of the very pretty Han Hye-jin, will you please care to listen, OK, wait, see, what I have to say. Haha, I'm going to tell you about my dream that I had. Yes, I dreamt that I was in Korea. Yes, Korea. I was in Seoul, and it was snowing there. Haha, then my family went to a noodle restaurant, and we thought we had difficulty communicating with the waitress. The waitress could reply us in very good English, and soon, our food was right in front of us. Haha, we enjoyed the noodles very much, and I ate a lot of kimchi. Haha, then I still remembered my father spent about W$50 000 on our dinner in the restaurant. We walked out of the restaurant feeling very contented. Lol, I kinda went mad, because I started dancing around and throwing snowballs at people. Haha, at that time, I really couldn't believe that I was really in Korea. Haiz, why must I wake up? Once I woke up, my beautiful dream was gone, and poof! I'm still in hot and stuffy Singapore. Gosh, I think My Girl really made me crazy over snow and Korea. Die liao, must go Korea soon if not I think I'm really going to go mad.


Today is the 1st of December. Only about 1 month left to slack before school reopens again. Honestly, I don't wish to see the holidays just fly past like that. I don't want to face the year 2007. I want the whole year to be Christmas, to be snowy. Just because I want the world to be like that. Sorry, I just adore Christmas too much. Hopefully I can finish watching Lovers In Prague before school reopens. Hmm, anyway, today wasn't a good day for me. I kept having stomach ache throughout the whole band practice. I don't know what I've eaten wrong, because I only remembered eating ice-pop for breakfast. @_@ Alright, then we had to practise our set piece. Aiyah, I think the set piece is just a waste of time. They were Sunrise and Night Safari. Actually Sunrise is quite nice lah, but Night Safari is totally a waste of time lor. The 3rd clarinets part had so many bars of rest until I can fall asleep lah. Then we had to take out our mothpiece and make some irritating noise with it. Gosh, I'm really going to to go deaf at this rate. zZz...no mood to blog now. What a horrble day is today. Hopefully, my days are going to get better.