Yay!! I've finally finished watching My Girl. That show totally rocks! It's really one of the best shows I've ever watched. OK, I know I've been saying that for almost every Korean drama that I watched, but oh well, who cares? Anyway, I must say that My Girl has helped me gotten over my Goong obsession. @_@ My Girl isn't as draggy as Goong lah, although it has its share of dark moments in it. Overall, there are not really many good-turn-bad characters in there. Everybody is lovable in there. And yes, My Girl made me appreciate snow more. I just totally love the snowy Seoul or Jeju. Oh man, Korea totally rocks! Their Christmas decorations plus the snowy scenery makes it a total perfect Christmas for me. Daddy Mummy, I want to go Korea!! Ok, enough crapping. I'm going to borrow the Lovers In Prague VCDs from the drink stall auntie again.


Just came back from the band camp. Wow, it ended 1/2 hour later than the scheduled time. I'm so tired now... but never mind, I'll still post. Bear with me, it's a rather long post.

I reached school at around 8 am today. Jennie saw me in my new haristyle, then she said she almost couldn't recognise me. @_@ Then they arranged us into groups. Haiz, I'm in group 8, and my group members are Daniel, Yinn Yann, Liang Shi Xian, Mu Rong, Jia Yi, Zhao Zhi and Cai Bei. Yi Shi was our mentor. zZz, Shi Xian came late as usual, so nobody from the clarinet section was with me until 11 am. Haha, the ice-breakers game was a bit lame lah, but we finished it quite quickly. Then we proceeded on with the games. I totally love the games so much!! They rock! We played games involving chairs, water bomb, spider web, entaglement and many others. Haha, then we tried to bribe the game masters by sweet-talking them. Haha, it was Daniel's idea anyway. Lol, then they really gave us 3 more points on average. I think one even gave us 5 points? I'm not quite sure though. =p

Then it was lunch. We had to use our own utensils and collect our food. Hmm, lunch wasn't that great. We only had rice, some yucky vegetables and curry chicken. But I love the drink very much! =) We had orange juice, and we could take as much as we wanted too. Nice! =D

But sadly, after lunch we had drills. zZz... it's 1.45 pm, and the sun was so strong. That's madness, anybody could have fainted. Then seniors came back and also took us for drills. Then my sweat keep dripping in my eye, then I couldn't see or do anything to wipe my sweat, because during drills, we were not suppose to fidget or do anything. zZz... drills was really pure torture lah. Luckily I didn't faint or anything. Haha... then we broke into our groups and we were suppose to polish our drills for the drills competition. Then Yi Shi scared me by asking me to command our group for the drills competition. She said that Beatrice (DM of 2004) wanted me to command the group. Got scared out of my wits lah, I freaked out lor. Imagine if someone just ask you to command the group and you don't know how to say the commands well enough. zZz... I only know how to follow commands, I don't know how to say them properly. My pronouciation isn't good enough. As Wen Hui once said, now then I know that I'm a Chinese, not a Malay. Thank goodness my group members were very encouraging to me. Haha, special thanks to Yi Shi, Yinn Yann, Mu Rong, Cai Bei and Anthony for teaching me the commands. Beatrice was the judge for the competition, but I didn't even know that the competition was over until someone went to ask. Lol, Beatrice only walked around with her score sheet, and probably only observed us from afar. Haha, probably she didn't want us to feel stressed, but I'm already so stressed out when she asked me to be the commander.

After that, we had to go back to our section and get ready for the section item. Haha, we only prepared our section item about only 1 hour before the actual performance. Haha, Wen Hui and Gim Ling are so pro, they can think of the dance steps in just a matter of minutes. They can also dance very well too! After we came out for the dance steps for our SpongeBob song, we went to have dinner.

Haha, dinner was rather good, because we had chicken chop, with free flow of fries and coleslaw. Yummy yum yum! I love it! The fries were abit hard though. =x Haha, got orange juice again!! Yay!! I'm crazy over orange juice now! =D But soon, it was 6.45 pm, then we had our campfire. We performed our section item. Haha, I thought that it was rather well done as that was our last minute work. Luckily everything went well. A bit sian to watch other sections' performance, but still, the show had to go on. Finally, 9 pm came. We sat back with our groups, then the teachers annouced the results for the games + drills competition. The group that came in first was group 2, which was Wen Hui's group. Haha, their group cheer was so funny. They had the "Fish You!" in their cheer. Haha, and guess what? My group came in 2nd! Woots!! Haha, we chose to clean up the toilets behind the canteen. Lol, there was nothing to clear lah, because the cleaners did their job! Good job!! =D Haha, can finally go home liao. Byes, and thanks for reading this extremely long post. =)


Haiz, I don't know what's wrong, but there wasn't suppose to be any CCA today, but at the last minute, my seniors called me up and said that the practice would be until 12.30 pm. Then after that, we only got dismissed at around 5.30 pm. zZz... what a horrible day was today. First, we had PT. Sianz, got to run 2.4 km again, and then after that we had drills until about 12 pm. Gosh, I think I'm totally hopeless in drills. OK, I can follow commands, but I think I'm always lagging, and I can't march properly. My hands and legs just don't coordinate well enough. At first Wen Hui was supposed to correct me, then after that the Sec 4s came back, so Cindy and Anthony decided to take me. Haha, Anthony just took me for a while before Cindy came over. Haha, must say that Cindy was really patient with me yeah. Lol, commited a lot of silly mistakes, but she still kept asking me to try all over again, haha, she never gave up on me. =D Haha, then I can make it for the first few steps, but after that, my hands and legs didn't work together again, so Swee Ying and Cindy have to help me move my hands while I march. Lol, I'm a humanoid. Xp But thanks to Cindy, I managed to get my marching right!! And yeah, Swee Ying also clapped after I managed to march properly. Haha, thanks for all the encouragement!! =)) At around 12.30 pm, Swee Ying gave us a 1 hour lunch break, so a few of us decided to go HarbourFront and eat at Yoshinoya. Haha, then me and Jennie ordered the Salmon set, then He Ling ordered chicken? Correct me if I'm wrong. Then don't know what's wrong with Farah, she ate so little... only a plate of waffle fries and popcorn chicken? Farah, you're already skinny enough. Stop starving yourself huh... @_@ Haha, enough of crapping about my trip to HarbourFront.

Then after that, we went back to school for the inter-section captain ball championship. Lol, they also organised this kind of thing. Haha, we narrowly won when we played against the people from oboe, basson and saxophone. And it's so obvious, we lost to the bass section because they had too many tall people. >.< Then soon it was 5 pm. Lol, they decided to have 3 champions, so they were bass, french horn and euphonium. Haiz, have to go back for band camp tomorrow. I have to reach school by 8 am and only go home at 9 pm. Sad lah, my legs are already aching from the drills we have. I think they'll hurt more when I come back tomorrow. @_@

Then watched forgot-which episode of My Girl. Gong-chan said that he couldn't lie to himself, so he go hug Yoo-rin. Aiya, he never say "I love you" lah, but still, the meaning is there. Haha, people, if you love me, give me more hugs hor!! =DD Going crazy over My Girl now. LOL, people still ask me who is my girl. They thought I was going out with another girl. -.-

Anway, I cut my hair today. Haha, me and my mum went to Sunshine Place and cut, thinking that it'll be cheaper. In the end, my mum still paid $12 for my haircut, which was rather expensive because the hair shop opposite my place only cost $8. Haha, I cut my hair short and layered it, and I now have a fringe too. Haha, I think it looks quite nice on me, and I feel more light-headed now. Haha, that's so nice! =D OK, enough of crapping now. Bye bye!! =D


I'm going to reply tags over there.

[elainnex] Haha, since you wished me a Merry Christmas, I expect presents from you yeah? Haha, joking lah, just a card will do!! =) And yes, I promise to tag more ofen if I have the time. Thanks for giving me 2 hugs!! I love you too!! =)

[heling] Lol, since you're a spammer, do spam more often. I love spam!! =D And yes, I agree that the practice was really quite shiok lah... and thanks for your encouragement!! I can do it!! =) I'll tag later!! =D

[sinyee] Haha, thank you!! Oh yes, this song in my blog is the theme song of another K-drama, called Hwang Jin-yi. Glad you love it!! =DD

[SM] You've been slacking ah? You should be called "Slacker Maniac" lah, not Ser Ming... LOL... never mind, I forgot you're a gay. Continue gay-ing!! =p

Haha, finished watching episode 11 of My Girl. I must still say that it's still very nice to watch. Yoo-rin never failed to get me laughing. And I think Gong-chan is very handsome!! <333 Aiyo, in every K-drama that I watch, there will be at least 1 handsome guy and a few pretty girls inside. Haha, how did they get their shuai ges huh? Lol, anyway, I want to find out the ending theme of My Girl. I think that is totally fabulous!! That song totally rocks! Can anybody who knows tell me the name? Oh yes, Yoo-rin confessed that she liked Gong-chan, but Gong-chan was not there to listen!! Aww... that is so pitiful!!! Gong-chan also like her, but haiz, that's forbidden love between them lah. Oh man, it makes my heart break when they like each other, yet they cannot confess because they're supposed to be "brother-sister" relationship. Yikes... more to be continued... Gong-chan, faster tell Yoo-rin you like her leh... Jung-woong is going to propose to her!! Faster tell her you like Yoo-rin!! Go go, Gong-chan!! You can do it!!! =DDDD


Haha, I watched until episode 6 for My Girl today. I know it's a bit slow, but never mind. That show totally rocks can!! I simply love it!!! <3333 One of the most hilarious comedy I've ever watched. Lol, I really love Yoo-rin lots and lots!! Gong-chan rocks too!! I love the both of them!! The OST rocks too!! Haha, if you have the time, do watch My Girl... the show totally rocks!! Haha, even the Grandpa is so funny!!! =DDD I can't remember how many times I've laughed... Wahaha...going crazy now..... xP


I had band practice today again. zZz... this time it was until 3 pm. But I quite like today's practice lah, not as boring as I thought. Ms Chan went through the SYF piece with us, haha, then because the percussion section got 2 new PRCs, then the whole percussion section suddenly came alive. Lol, I like the way they played their part in the SYF piece. It's such a refreshing change from their last time "dead" playing. Lol, no offence, but that's how I felt. Lol, Zhi Yi and I nearly got a heart attack when we heard them play. Wow, it was really good lor, and even Ms Chan never really commented on the percussion today, which she usually does. Haha, hope they can keep up the good work! =) Everybody must jiayou wor!! =D

Then after that, we had sectionals. Gim Ling took us for thirds. Bleah, can't really play the running notes well lah, sometimes my notes come out and sometimes they don't. Oh well, got to practice more. Honestly, thirds may be less challenging then the first part in terms of notes and such, but it's still poses a challenge to me. =x Haiz, got to work on all my running notes. Basically, it's just my problem with the running notes. Otherwise, I thought the whole piece was rather alright. =)

And yay! I borrowed My Girl from the drink stall auntie!! And I've watched 2 episodes of it!! Haha, it's really so funny lor!! Yoo-rin is so good at acting!! She can cheat people without batting an eyelid. Wow, that's really impressive! I really admire her!! I haven't seen anything good in Gong-chan's and Jung-woong's character yet, but I'm slowly drawn to Gong-chan. Somehow or rather, I don't know why I find him so handsome! =D Jung-woong is played by Korea's pretty boy Lee Joon-ki, but I don't really like him that much because he looks too girly. But oh man, in this drama, his fighting skills are excellent! It's true, I was like "WOW!! He can fight!!" Excellent fighting skills he has, I must say. Haha, going to chiong My Girl now. Byes.


Yay! I've finally changed my blogskin after such a long period of time. Christmas has arrived early for me, haha, 1 month 2 days to be precise. But after all, I'm in the holiday mood, so might as well change my blogskin to a Christmas-themed one. After all, Christmas is my favourite festival of the year. Hope you like this skin. =)

Anyway, today was the release of PSLE results. Bleah, my sister didn't really do very well lah, so she can't go RV. But never mind, just do better then next time lor... after all, failure is the mother of success. Just treat this time as a rude awakening for you, and stop slacking lor... should be able to succeed bah... Jiayou!


zZz... got tagged by Natasha to do it, haha, then I very bo liao, so I went to do it. Haha, and since I'm so bo liao, I'm going to sabotage people into doing it. Haha, if you don't do it, you get it. Geddit? Bleahx... here goes.

1. Single, taken or crushing?
Single lah... duh...

2. Are you happy with your life now?
Currently, I'm quite contented with my life, though I wish my mum would buy more K-drama VCDs, and suscribe to Starhub Cable TV in order to get KBSWorld. =p

3. When you meet the right person, will you fall for him/her fast?
See first lah...actually, I'm not sure. >.<

4. Have you had your heart broken?
No lah... I don't think so... wait... watching touching scenes in Korean dramas counted or not? I even cried until very jia lat leh... counted?

5. Do you believe there are circumstances where cheating in love is acceptable?
Probably there will be circumstances like that, but I still think that being faithful is the best. =D

6. Would you talk to someone back if he/she cheats on you?
Ya, must be forgiving lah. If not, you'll have a lot of stress and just keep thinking about revenge. Don't be like the bad people in Korean dramas where they keep plotting against each other, and in the end, they lose everything.

7. Have you talked to another person about marriage
Eh, excuse me? How old am I huh? @_@

8. Do you want children?
Yes, I adore kids, but can I don't take care of them? I think it's troublesome. =p I just want to play with them. =)

-qn 9 leh? -

10. Would you consider adoption?
I don't think so, a lot of legal complications are involved. Like what happened to Madonna and those big stars. They want to make people know that they are good-hearted, but they end up in the newspapers for the wrong reason. =p

11. If someone likes you right now, what do you think to let you know how him/her feelings?
Erm... tell me truthfully. But most probably I'll just take that as a joke, because I believe nobody has fallen for me yet. =p

12. Do you enjoy getting into relationships?
HUH??!! What stupid question is this? I don't know how to answer leh...lame sia.

13. Be honest. What did you and your ex do?
HUH??!! I haven't even stead yet how to have ex? ?_?

14. Do you believe in love at first sight?
Oo...Korean dramas ARE famous for all these... oh well, maybe yes. But again, you must be clear that sometimes I can't differeciate TV shows from real life. ^_^

15. Are you romantic?
No. I'm quite rough actually. >_>

16. Do you believe you can change someone?
Yes. I've gotten people close to me to be hooked on Korean dramas. Haha, because I'm the K-drama princess. Haha, joking lah. But since then, people around me has been affected by Korean dramas in one way or another. =)

17. If you could marry somewhere. Where would it be?
KOREA!!!!! JEJU ISLAND TO BE PRECISE!!! I JUST LOVE THAT PLACE THERE!!! =DDDD Oh yes, and it's a famous spot for honey-mooners... <3333

18. Do you easily give in when you're fighting?
No. I'll fight till I get what I want. But sometimes when there are special circumstances, I'll probably sacrifice a bit. =p

19. Do you have feelings for someone right now?
No. I'm feeling very bored now. This survey is boring me to death. Can I watch my Korean dramas now?

20. Have you ever wished you could have someone but you messed it up?
HUH??!! I messed that person up? Or what?

21. Have you broken a heart?
Me? No lah... I'm a good person. =)

22. On the day if your best friend fall in love with he/she that you are deeply in love with.
If that person never say he like me, then I'll just let it go. Love only exists when both parties like each other. (Learn from K-dramas one)

23. Are you missing someone right now?
All my darling 2 DOMers and characters from my K-dramas. xDDDD


Haha, today I had to reach school at 7.30 am for physical training again. But today's exercise was more strenous than last week's, but I enjoyed today's exercise more. We ran 2.4km nearly non-stop today, and also played captain's ball. Lol, we were playing against percussion, and we were close to losing until Qiao En, Melvin and Lester came and helped us out. To sum it all up, I enjoyed today's PT very much. -_-|||

Then today we changed sub-section. Bleah, I went to 3rds. Sianz, I miss 1st so much, at least you get to play the melody. Haha, but the good thing about not being in 1st is that you don't have to keep staring at Ms Chan, and Ms Chan won't keep staring at you if you make mistake. But 3rds is very boring leh...zZz... never mind, at least Jia Yi and Zhi Yi are in 3rds too, and Farah and Liang Shi Xian are just sitting right in front of me. =) Congratulations to Chua Shi Xian and Jennie for being in 1st. Jiayou ok? The seniors you have are all very pro people leh! They will help you de!! Lol, and Shi Xian, be nice to Qiao En lah, must share with him your scores ok? =D Jennie, have more confidence in yourself. You can do it de!! =D Everybody, we shall chiong together for SYF. Rock on!!


zZz...watched a lot of TV today, and yes, I also leveled up today!! YAY!! I'm finally level 51!! Congratulate me... ok, I'm laming here. Anyway, my mum and dad went to Vivo City and yes, they've finally gotten the digital camera!! Yay!! I'ms o happy now!! It's a Canon PowerShot 540, which is a camera with 6 megapixels and 4x optical zoom for only $399. Haha, it's quite a deal. OK, bye for now. I go and play with the camera liao.


Haha, the people who went to New Zealand are finally back! Welcome back to Singapore!! Lol, they complained that Singapore isn't better than NZ. Oh well, I agree. But still, must come back right? Haha, enough of talking crap here. Holidays are really boring... I realised that yesterday, I even switched to Kids Central and watched the cartoons there. Haiz, I really have nothing to do lor, then I watched Bob the Builder. A bit childish, yes, but I still enjoyed the show. I want KBS World!! I really want it so badly!! How come I don't have cable??!! ARGH!! KBS World is showing a lot of new Korean dramas now!!!! I want to watch Dae Jo Young, I want to watch Hwang Jin Yi, I want to watch Cloud Stairways, I want to watch The Infamous Chil Sisters!! Oh man, there is so many shows I want to watch. Oh yes, why don't they have MBC world? If not, I could have watched my Jumong!! AHH!! Jumong!! OK, I've gone a bit loony due to boredom. Somebody entertain me please... if not I may have to resort to kidnapping Hwang Jin Yi from the website. @_@


YAY!! This is my 150th post. Haha, still quite a long way to my 200th post, but nevermind, I'll hit the 200th post sooner or later! =) Anyway, Hui En wanted me to go with her to buy the Goong polka cards, so I met her at 12pm at Choa Chu Kang MRT station. Then I wanted to go KFC to eat because of the cheap Shroom burger meal, but luckily Hui En got some SingTel SIM card that enabled us to have a free 2 piece chicken meal. Then Hui En got 2 cards mah, so we ended up eating free lunch! Yummy! =D

After that, we went to Comic Connections to buy her Goong polka cards. zZz...the cards cost $4.80, which I thought was quite expensive, considering that the normal polka cards cost a mere $2. But the cards got pictures of Goong lor, what do you expect? Anyway, saw a lot of Korean-related magazines there!! =DD They also feature a lot of Korean stars and drama, and I saw my darling Jumong there!! <33 Sadly, the magazines cost a whopping $10.90. Bleahx, no money to buy it lah, if it was $2, I might consider buying it. Oh yes, Jumong has hit 50% in Korea liao. FINALLY... yeah... fianlly... time to rejoice liao. Hope Jumong can continue maintaining the 50% rating... =) Rock on, Jumong!


Aiyo!! I really hate today so much!! Today's band practice was really boring... argh!! At first, sectionals weren't really that boring, but after that, when we went for combined, my nose was terribly blocked, so I had a hard time playing and trying to concentrate. Then Ms Chan also worked with us in detail for the SYF piece. Haiz, I know that this is for our own good, but going through the same part over and over again makes me feel very tired. @_@ The Prelude and Fugue in Bb Major we played today was also terribly boring. We had to play the same thing same rhythm over and over again. Another sian thing that I did today. Ewww, the worse thing is, I have to report to school on Friday at 7.30am for the dumb PT we have. Walao... it's just as good as a school day liao... I curse today!! Terribly pissed off now...


Today I went to Concord Primary School for the inter-school frienship programme. Haha, actually the whole thing lasted from 8.30am to 12.45pm, and we had to teach those pupils things about the chinese culture. Actually, me, Hui En, Natasha, Si Lin, Yan Tong, Pei Xuan and Jonathan were chosen to go, but don't know why in the end, Pei Xuan and Jonathan never turned up. In the end, other classes got about 8 people, and we were the only pathetic class with only 5. Concord Primary School is actually quite nice lah, they got those koi ponds and such, but I thought the school was rather small as compared to De La Salle. Haha, I'm being biased, but that's true lah. Oh anyway, Yan Tong gave me a handphone keychain from China. Thanks a lot!! =))

So the activity began. First, we had the paper-cutting activity. Lol, it looks complicated, but it's actually very simple! Haha, if you're interested to know, just come and look for me! =D After that, we had a break. Lol, don't know what's up with Hui En. She jut kept eating eating and eating non-stop. @_@ After that, we had to clour some masks or something. That was quite boring lah, but soon, it was time for us to teach those pupils the art of knot tying. I totally love this segment of the whole programme. I love knot tying!! The knots really looked very elegant!! =))

After the whole programme has ended, me, Hui and Natasha went to Bugis. We were supposed to go to the National Library there and look at some exhibition. Haiz, I didn't really enjoy the exhibition, because I thought it was boring. The worse thing was, we had to write a report about what we have learnt and some other crap. What a crappy school I study in. (>.<) But nevermind, after that we went to Bugis Junction and had a high time there!! We also took some neoprints and had afternoon tea at McDonald's. Haha, then it was already quite late liao, so after that, we went home. End of story. Byes!

Thank you guys!


zZz...holidays are really getting boring, though I thank the fact that I don't have to wake up at unearthly hours everyday. Anyway, tomorrow I have to go to Concord Primary School to teach those peeps there the act of cutting chinese words out of paper. I didn't go for the lesson on how to cut words, because I had my piano lesson. zZz...don't know how I'm going to manage. I'm not sure if Hui En has forgotten how to do it too. Haha, nevermind lah, go there just for CIP hours lor...

Oh yes, I wish to thank those people who have consoled and asked how I was. Guess I don't have to put that incident in my heart, so now, I therefore proclaim that I am back to my siao siao personality (Haha, I'm trying to talk in the royal style... kenna influenced by Dae Jang Geum and Goong liao >.<). Well, at least, I don't feel so moody nowadays.

Then today, my parents went out to look for a digital camera, but they never came back with it lah...haiz, I really want a digital camera soon! Anyway, time to update people on what has happened to dreamlucky in MapleStory. I'm proud to announce that dreamlucky has leveled to level 50 yesterday, at 4.03pm. Today, because of the so-much-time she has, she is also proud to announce that she is already 40% of level 50, which means that she will level up another time this week. Let's wish her all the best of luck, while she's fighting for her life and level at Lost Time [1] in Ludibrium. Oh yes, apparently, she's not taking it to heart, because no MapleStory background is keeping her occupied. Instead, Hwang Jin-yi's and Jumong's OSTs will keep her occupied until she finds another K-drama OST. Once again, let's wish her the best of lucky during her journey to another level.


Just realised that I shouldn't make my holidays a moody one by thinking about stuff that happened so long ago, so today, instead of feeling down, I was very hyper today!! Perhaps it's because I've found something to keep my self occupied with. I'm so pleased with myself! I've managed to find Hwang Jin-yi's and Jumong's second OST!! Oh man, the OST is soooo perfect!! Especially Hwang Jin-yi's one! I'm so in love with the songs inside! Haha, going to change my blog song to Hwang Jin-yi's one soon!! I just love K-drama OSTs!! Rock on! =DD

Why are you like this?


Haiz, I don't know why I've been feeling so moody nowadays. The surrounding air around me is really very cold, and I'm shivering. It rained very heavily at Jurong today, and I felt like going out to the rain, getting myself drenched to the core. I feel very tired, really very tired. I keep playing the sad Korean songs in my head, over and over again. I feel that they were the only songs which could best convey my feelings now.

I feel as if the whole world is against me. I want to find somebody to talk about my problems, but there is no one in this world that I can trust. One betrayal after another, I've learnt to be more wary of people around me. It's not that I don't want to be more sociable, it's circumstances that forced me to be like this. What now? I can only trust my toy, who has been with me through thick and thin, and never once betrayed me. Yeah, that's the good thing about non living things. They never betray you till the very last. Why can't human beings be like that too?

What happened so many years ago, is now happening to me all over again. Why must it be me? I can feel that I'm being so fake, trying to force myself to laugh or smile at something which I don't think it's funny at all. While other people have so many things to talk about, I have nothing to say, or reply. Perhaps right from the start, I'm meant to be different from others. Right from the start, I'm not suppose to fit in. Right from the start, I'm meant to be a loner. Right from the start, maybe I shouldn't have been born. Why must I always see history repeating itself, right in front of my eyes?

How I wish the holidays weren't here. Because of the too-much time I have now, many unhappy memories come flooding back. Because of all these unhappy memories, I've become more positively pessimistic. Giving the cold shoulder to everybody isn't the thing to do too. It will only spoil my relationship with those people too. Hey, but who cares, when I can feel that those people are making life difficult for me, when they're going all out to make the past haunt me again and again? I try to be happy, try to be as nice to people as I can, for fear that I'll get hurt again, but see what happens? Last time, I thought that it was my fault, but now, as I think back, the one at fault is YOU, not me!

Who was the one who started giving me the cold shoulder first? Who was the one who started to talk to almost everybody but me? Honestly, what have I done? I really still don't know. Oh well, I see no point in treating people nicely, because they're not worth it! Time to treat Lilo nicely and not to torture her. Say byebye to the me you once knew. Don't say hello to her if you see her on the streets or anywhere else, because she's going to pretend that she doesn't know you. ='(


Hmm, had CCA as usual, but today's practice was more boring... I had to reach school by 8.30 am, and then after that, when Ms Chan came, she spent a lot of time on tuning, haha, so that was why today's band practice was rather boring. Haha, and must say sorry for my rather-sucky attitude today. Just wasn't in the right mood today lah, so sorry for being such a wet blanket. Oh yes, and I must congratulate Jia Yi for making it to the SYF!! Woots, she's playing the piano part of the SYF piece, haha, so her role will be a very important one. JIAYOU JIA YI!! You can do it!! Haha, the piano score got 4 pages, and I suppose she has to play the harp part too. Haha, it's really a tough job for her, but yes, she can do it!! Haha, Sec 1 only can get into SYF liao, not bad! And pro pianist, the band will depend on you!! =)) All the best of luck! =)

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Haha, I wanted to blog yesterday, but I forgot about what I wanted to blog, so I decided to forget about blogging. Then never mind, I shall blog about what I wanted to blog about yesterday over here.

Yes, about Dae Jang Geum. Yesterday's episode totally rocks can!! I just love my Lady Han!! Oh my goodness, she really rocks man!! The other Kitchen Ladies refused to acknowledge her as their Top Lady because they were under the instigation of Lady Choi, so they boycotted her, and refused to obey her. At that time, I was feeling so sorry for Lady Han. I mean, it wasn't her fault that she didn't take part in the competition. She was kidnapped by Lady Choi's brother. Haiz, then at some times, Lady Han wanted to give up her Top Lady position. Haha, then I was like Jang-geum, I was telling her in my heart that she cannot give up her position just like that. Just when Lady Han wanted to tell the Queen Mother that she wanted to give up her postion, Jang-geum managed to knock some sense into her. Lol, guess that was what motivated Lady Han to move on, because Jang-geum mentioned that she would never like a mentor who gives up so easily.

Haha, so Lady Han went to see the Queen Mother, and asked for another competition again. And yes, the competition was held, and my darling Lady Han won!! Woots!! LADY HAN!! YOU DID IT!! WAY TO GO MAMANIM!! I LOVE YOU!! Then when the Queen annouced that she won the competition, the background music was like, wow, SO GRAND!! I could feel the joy of Lady Han and Jang-geum and the others who supported Lady Han. I was really happy for Lady Han lor, and I nearly shouted "I love you, Mamanim!!". I could have jumped up for joy if not for mother who was also watching. She'll think that I'm mad! Yeah, so now, Lady Han is now the Top Lady. 사랑해요, 한상궁 마마님!!

OK, enough of my Dae Jang Geum talk. Now time to reply the tags! =)
[vengyan] Walao, you dare to log on to MSN in school ah?
[Xin Ying] Haha, thanks for sending me the Parrot song too! I've linked you already. =))
[jennie] Haha, if you're sianz, go play Maple! =) Or do homework...actually, I'm also feeling rather bored at home ='(
[zhiyi] ZY has been slacking ah? Lol, actually, this isn't much lah, I just want to pia all my hw so that I can play. =)
[elainnexx] Lol, you distort your name until I also dunno how to pronouce leh. I don't mind you tagging me 3 times. Do tag more often though.
[huien] Lol, can create my own drama liao. Haha, going to write comedy scrpit! Haha, just joking lah... >.<
[heling] Haha, I also don't know that I cannot say it. =/ Oh ya, but you tagged halfway leh...what you want to say? Oh yes, and can lend me the Hearts and Voice score? Thanks! =)
[vengyan] Your camp food got caterillars a not? Anyway, mum's fried chicken was quite nice lah, though it was a bit heaty.
[SM] Haha, I'm not so petty lah...a pity you didn't get drenched though... =p

I went to Vivo City today. Haha, this is my second trip there. Last time I didn't get to explore the whole place because some places where still under renovation, but today, when I went there, almost all the shops were opened!! Yay!! I really love Vivo City. It's really one of the best shopping malls that Singapore can offer. They have this food court on either the 3rd or 4th floor which is called Food Republic. Wow, that place really dates back to the 1940s. Even the stall-holders there dress as if they really belong to that era. Unfortunately, the prices there aren't the 1940 food prices where you can get food for about $0.20 or less. Bleah, the food they see is about more than 20 times the price. =/ Haha, that brings us back to reality. Food is no longer cheap people. =p Haha, shall end my post here. Byes.


Haha, it's quite late now, so today's post will be a short and sweet one. And yes, I've finally finished reading one of the two chinese books I'm supposed to read! Haha, what a sense of accomplishment. Actually, the book is quite nice lah, I recommend that you read it if you have the time. Haha, you can borrow it from me. =) I will try to complete my other homework tomorrow. Good night.


WOW!! I woke up at 12.30pm today!! Haha, I think I really broke my own record, did I? Anyway, nothing much happened today, my sister is still having her camp at Sentosa, so my mother wanted to go Lot 1 Popular to get my A Maths textbook, senior english skills builder, and the 2 history books. Bleah, Popular is so useless...out of all the 6 books that I need, only 2 books are available, and that is the higher chinese books. @_@ Haiz, so tomorrow, I have to make a trip down to the school bookshop, so I'll have to wake up earlier tomorrow. -.- Alright, enough of blogging for now. Good night!


Haha, after a long break, there is finally CCA!! Haha, I happened to meet Liang Shi Xian at the Jurong East bus interchange, then she told me to go to Jurong Entertainmetn Centre to look for Chua Shi Xian, Claire, Jennie and Candy. Lol, we found them on the 2nd floor eating their lunch. Haha, then Liand Shi Xian hasn't eaten her lunch, so she went to find food. But by the time we left JEC, it was already 1.15pm, and CCA was suppose to start at 1.30pm. Lol, we knew that taking 97 would take a very long time, and by the time we reached there, we would be late, and we have to do pumping. @_@ After much deliberation, we decided to take a taxi to school. Haha, so I shared a taxi with the 2 Shi Xians. Luckily taking the taxi only took us about 10 minutes, haha, if not the $7.60 taxi fare would not be worth it. Sadly, Jennie, Claire and Candy still reached school earlier than us. Hmmph, was still thinking that we could reach school earlier.

Then we had sectionals on the SYF piece first, before going up for combine later. Haha, I think Ive changed my views on the SYF piece this time. After listening to the disc playing S***** M**** D*******, I thought the piece was rather nice, although the faulty radio spoiled the whole thing. -.- Haha. Then Ms Chan spent the rest of the time going through with us the SYF piece. Haha, quite like the piece now. =) But there's a lot of running notes and high notes that I must figure out by myself. Hope I can get into the SYF next year!! =)

Haha, and a funny thing happened today. I was helping to clear the table after dinner, so I wrapped up the newspapers and threw them away. OK, then at around 9.30pm, my father was wondering where the TV remote controller was, because he searched everywhere, but could not find it. Then my mother suddenly remembered me putting the controller on the table to hold the newspapers, so she had to searched through the dustbin, and tadaa, the controller was inside the bin. -.-||| This is downright careless of me. Haha!! =D