I woke up rather late today, at around 11.30 am. Haha, long time never sleep until so late liao. I felt really refreshed today!! =) Anyway, it rained pretty heavily today, so much so that part of CCK interchange was flooded. I had to meet Ser Ming at Choa Chu Kang MRT station because I needed him to pass my grade 8 theory book to Jennings. Then I waited for almost 15 minutes then Ser Ming finally came. Haha, how nice to make me wait... @_@ Anyway, good luck for your grade 8 theory exam next year, Jennings!! All the best to you!

Anyway, I didn't really do anything constructive today, except for reading 100 pages of the chinese book I was suppose to read. Haha, I was shopping at Lot 1 until about 4.30pm, then I went home to play Maple. I'm finally in Omega Sector!! =) Actually, the monsters aren't really that hard to kill. Most monsters I've killed only needed at most 3 cold beam to KO them. Haha, I can train quite fast over there. =) There's CCA tomorrow. I cannot slack as much already. Everybody jia you!! =))


Haiz, there is so much holiday assignments to be done. This is really total crap lah!! Please lor, this is the end-of-year holidays, and yet we still have so much work to be done??!! I don't know whether I should do the homework, because last year, the different departments also set the holiday homework for us, but in the end, they never check or collect it. It just seems that the various departments are just trying to keep our brains working, and keep us occupied. Haha, honestly, holidays can get quite boring without anything to do. Haha, somebody ask me out please! I'm really thinking of going ice-skating, but see whether it clashes with my CCA dates first.

Anyway, I've updated my wishlist. I added more hit Korean dramas of 2006. Hopefully, they will find their way to Singapore. I wanna own them!! =)) Anyway, included in my wishlist is also the holiday homework that I must finish. Wish me luck, people. I don't want to die doing them... ='( OK lah, I shall stop here. Good night!


I've finally chosen my subject combination for next year. Haha, so besides the 5 core subjects, namely language arts, higher chinese, elementary and additional maths and Singapore comparison studies, I'm taking 1 more art subject and double sciences. Haiz, actually I wanted to take only 1 science and 2 arts, but my mother forced me to take science, saying that without science, I wouldn't be able to survive in the outside world. Oh well, maybe I can't run away from science. Haiz, the more I want to run away from science, the more it'll stick to me. I also helped Natasha to fill out her form, because her computer got some problem lah, cannot submit the survey. Haha.

Anyway, today's Dae Jang Geum episodes were really interesting!! Totally love it!! It was about the competition between Lady Han and Lady Choi. Lol, then in the end, Lady Han got kidnapped by Lady Choi's brother's men. Argh!! How under-handed can their methods get? Haha, but anyway, life is been quite good for me!! =)) Korean dramas day in and day out, that's totally COOL!! Princess Hours from Mondays to Fridays, and Dae Jang Geum on Saturdays and Sundays!! Life totally rocks for now, but just hope that stupid MCS will broadcast Be Strong, Geum-soon! soon!! I want to see the female lead who acted in Jumong, and I want to see my Lady Han!! =)) OK, that's all for now. Byebye!! =)


Phew!! Finally, my theory exam is over!! Woots!! =) Time to relax liao!! =)) Actually, the theory exam this time round wasn't as difficult as last year's one I thought. At least this time round, question 2, 4 and 5 were much easier than last year's grade 7 questions. For question 2, I merely copied everything, and for question 4 and 5, I'm quite sure that I got all the terms right. =) I hope to get at least a merit this time round. I have confidence that I'll do better than last year. Hope for the best! =)

I watched Goong 1.5 on YouTube yesterday. I must say that the NG scenes were really very funny!! =DD Really worth watching!! No wonder they came up with the VCD for this too!! Lol, and Lady Choi CAN DANCE!!! And quite well too!! DA CHIOBU, I LOVE YOU!!! =))) I post the video here!! =) Haha, I suggest you just watch the whole thing on YouTube, no need to go and buy lah. But it's in Korean, so you'll have a hard time understanding. =p But I must say that the hosts were very funny. Even though I don't understand what they're saying, I can laugh together with them. Haha, so much better than those stupid Taiwanese variety shows. Korean shows rock better!! =D

Oh ya, got some big news to share for Goong fans. Goong 2 will start filming this coming week, and the cast are, Se7en as Lee Hoo, Heo Yi-jae as Yang Soon-Ae, Park Shin Hye as Shin Sae Ryung and Kang Du as Lee Joon.

Goong 2 will be about a prince who does not know he possesses royal blood who is working as a delivery boy in a Chinese restaurant. The story is about him entering the palace and what happens after that.

Hwang In-roe indicated that “Goong II” will continue with the theme of a fictional South Korean monarchy, showing how tradition and the present can co-exist together. The plot will also be tied to the first series. The ending of “Goong” revealed that ultimately Lee Shin and Lee Yul didn’t inherit the throne, leading to the temporarily ascension of Shin’s sister Hye-myeong. The sequel will thus continue with this plot as the palace discovers the existence of a royal grandson living among commoners. It turns out that he have absolutely no clue about his identity. After he graduated from high school, he works as a delivery boy. He didn’t know until the palace invited him to come and he suddenly became a member of the imperial family in one night. Upon his entrance in the palace, he began his training. He will be groomed to become emperor. Oh yes, for fans of Goong 1, I know you all like Goong 1, and would like the original cast to act in Goong 2, but please, don't be too quick to criticise the new cast!! Goong 2 hasn't even started filming yet!! Please watch the show before commenting on it. I guess we will have to wait until the Koreans get to watch it before we make a decision yeah? I'm quite hopeful that this show will turn out to be another huge success like Goong 1.

Anyway, here's the Goong 1.5. Happy viewing!! This is guaranteed to make you laugh like mad!! =)) Oh yes, Lady Choi is so cool in part 2 and 3. Go watch it!! There are nine parts to it!! Good luck!! =)


Finally, I've finally closed the chapter of my school life today. Today is officially the last day of school for almost all secondary school pupils. Though I'm rather happy that school has finally ended, and the long waited holidays are fianlly here, I'm just saddened by the fact that not many of us will remain in the same class next year. Yeah, even if we choose the same subject combination, we may still not be together as the 2 D.O.M of 2006. Really saddening, today is really the last day I get to see 2 D.O.Mers together, as one class. Pei Xuan said that tomorrow, almost the whole class will be going ice-skating. Sadly, I can't join in because of my theory exam the day after. Really, if not for my freaky exam, I would have joined you all. After all, after the class chalet which will be held later, there will be no more gatherings for us anymore. Haiz, this chapter of my life has closed, yeah, so when will I open it up and read it again?


We were supposed to get back our report books today, but didn't get it back like other classes, all thanks to our dear Mr Rendy Lee...>=( He was afraid that after getting our report books, we wouldn't go to school tomorrow, so he decided to give it to us tomorrow, so that we would go to school. Haiz, what a crappy teacher I have. Anyway, I didn't make it for the 9-subject combination by two points. Actually, I was rather relieved because if I could get into the 9-subject combination, my parents would surely force me into taking triple science. Argh, that would be a nightmare for me!! Haha, so I've decided to take 8 subjects and 1 module. It shouldn't be so stressful, I hope.

Anyway, today was also prize-presentation. Lol, gave out those prizes to those really clever dudes in RV. Lol, I'll never see myself on stage receiving a prize, that's for sure. After that, Ms Ek announced that Ms Chia, the HOD of chinese, was going to retire this year. Then we had a farewell ceremony for her. It was actually quite touching lah, because RV was her first and only school that she taught. She has been with the school for 37 years, and after 37 years, we're saying goodbye to her. Lol, and I can't imagine Mdm Lim Kim Choo or Ms Wan Chiew Inn to be the HOD of chinese. I guess most probably Mdm Lim will be promoted since she is the subject head, and Ms Wan will become the next subject head. I wonder who will be the new level head if Ms Wan gets promoted. Anyway, Ms Chia and Ms Ek, and some of the teachers cried during the ceremony. As Mrs Look told her, just treat retirement as a 7-day weekend, and it'll be fine. Lol, kinda agree with her on that. Goodbye, Ms Chia! You will be missed!! ='(


Haiz, just blogging for the sake of blogging, but actually, I myself also don't know what I'm doing. Lol, Goong has driven me nuts... now I'm spending more time in front of the google box than doing something productive. Anyway, tomorrow will be the 2nd last day of school. I can't imagine how my Sec 3 life will be like. I'm really afraid that no one else will be in the same class as me. I know not many people are taking music as a subject next year, but anyway, Zhi Yi will be taking that as a subject, so that is something to take note of. Good luck for next year's school life, people out there. Yeah, the past has passed, the present is present, and the future will be the future. Just cherish whatever we have now alright? (Did I learn that from Goong?) Oh, what crap, I seriously don't know what I'm blogging about. About time I go to sleep. Good night, people. zZz...


Haha, I'm still posting despite being almost 12 am. Lol, could have posted eralier, but I was too obsessed with Goong to do anything else. Haha, managed to qiong about 3 discs today. =DD Then watched the last disc so many times, because I'm so in love with the ending. Nice ending, and even nicer recollections in the credits page! This is really a very good show!! Teddy bears totally rock my world!! People who never watch this show, you're really missing out on good stuff in life that you don't get to enjoy often. GOONG TOTALLY ROCKS MAN!! Oh yes, and Lady Choi and Princess Hye-myeong are so damn cool in there lah, especially in the last episode. Lol, Lady Choi wore mini-skirt and let down her hair, something which you don't normally see in the palace ladies of Korea. So damn cool can??? And she's quite chio lah, I must admit that. Princess Hye-myeong is the queen of Korea... hip hip hooray!! I love her to bits!! Yeah, her queen picture will come out in the last picture in the last episode. Long live all the people in Goong!!! Live long enough to act in more TV shows. I'm really looking forward to Goong 2!! =))) Oh yes, I just realised something. The Queen Mother in Goong is actually Kim Hye-ja of Since I Met You (the cranky old woman in that show). Lol, no wonder I found her so familiar. I was racking my brain to think of who that person could be, and finally I found the answer!! The Queen Mother was equally cute in that show and in Goong. K-dramas rock!! My life revolves around them!! =DDD

Goong pictures!


YES!! I've finally finish watching Goong!! Oh my goodness me!! That show totally rocks can!! I'm totally in love with it!!! Korean dramas totally rule the world man!! Anyway, because of my obsession with Goong, I decided to create a blogskin about Goong and other K-dramas. But so far, I can only create the picture, not the skin itself. Haiz, never mind, jiayou girl!! Ok, going to post the picture here. Give me your comments yeah? =) I will continue posting more!


I don't know why I've been updating so often, but that's good right? Anyway, today was Mrs Wang's cremation. I didn't go for her funeral because I thought maybe I would just break down over there. After all, she was the principal who brought about a dramatic change in my primary school life. After that, I regretted not going, but it was already too late. My second aunt had already asked us out for lunch.

We had lunch at Spring Court, which was at Chinatown. My aunts made me order the dimsums, haha, so I ordered those stuff that I like, like prawn dumplings, pork ribs, pork dumplings and such. Haha, lunch was quite good, and I ate to my heart's content over there. What I enjoyed most was the Peking duck that we had. Lol, we had to order $77 worth of food before we could get the Peking duck for $0.77. Haha, a bit mad lah, but I think my aunt really spent more than $77 on our lunch. Wow, that lunch was really good! Totally shiok! Haha, then we talked about my New Zealand trip. Lol, then I said I wanted to go Japan, then my second aunt was like "Huh? You don't want go Korea ah?" Haha, anyway, my chances of going Japan would be higher than going to Korea, because Ms Chan had said that she wanted to bring us to Japan to see their high-standard band over there. Haha, then I told my aunt that once I've seen enough of Japan, I'll go swim over to Korea. Then my mother was like "make sure you don't end up in North Korea, if not you'll get shot by the soldiers over there". Haha, don't worry lah, ma... =D Anyway, my aunt was asking if I really wanted to go to Korea... is she really interested to go? Haha, if she is, remember to ask me along too!! The chances are quite high lah, because my aunts go abroad almost every holidays available, and they have toured almost every part of the world, but they haven't been to Korea yet, except for my second aunt lah. Haha, one day, I'll go to Korea. Yeah, this wish will become reality, but I have to work for it! Jiayou!!

Then when I reached home, I wanted to play MapleStory, but my mother distracted me by asking me to watch Goong. Lol, so in the end, I didn't play. Anyway, I'm going to finish watching Goong soon!! Just left a few more episodes to go!! Oh, and I've fallen for Princess Hye-myeong because I think she is quite cool lah, wow, her hairstyle mesmerises me. =DD Lady Choi in there also quite cool lah, I like her too despite being harsh on the Crown Princess. Anyway, I watched the last episode today. I really like the ending so much! It was quite touching lah. Now, I realise that almost every character in the show rocks too!! The Queen also rocks!! I didn't like her from the beginning, but after watching the last episode, my impression of her totally changed. Yul really made a very big sacrifice on his part. Very few Korean dramas are able to make me so crazy about the characters in the show. Although I enjoy K-dramas, very few shows would make me go on the internet to find their pictures and find their OST. Dae Jang Geum was one show that totally made me go mad about K-dramas, and Goong, the second one. Oh yes, my mother also enjoys watching Goong too!! MBC dramas rock!! =)))


Just received news from my sister that the ex-principal of De La Salle School, Mrs Wang Chee Ting, has passed away peacefully yeasterday morning. I'm feeling really sad now. Why must she go? Although she has retired as a principal of DLSS, although she visited the school despite being sick and all of that, I still remember her cheery smile and naggings that did us good. Why? I didn't even get the chance to say my last goodbye before she left this world. I didn't even bother going back to DLSS on Teachers' Day, not knowing that it'll be her last time stepping into the school compound. Why must she go this early, when she is only 60??!! Why?? WHY?? Her presence in the school was really much appreciated. She liven the school atmosphere by introducing a lot of new and innovative ideas. Who would have thought of free access areas for students to make use of when they were having their breaks? Who would have thought of creating giant chess sets and mathematical games for students to amuse themselves in? Although her 2 years stay in DLSS was short, it really affected us in one way or another. When Mrs Wang took over in 2003, I was still grumbling about how her nagginess used to piss me off, because Mdm Tan (previous principal) would never nag at us for doing things our own ways and such. But slowly and surely, I realised the good points about Mrs Wang. She did those naggings because our discipline was really bad. I don't think I was ever terrified of Mdm Tan, but once I see Mrs Wang, I run in the opposite direcion so as to avoid her. Mrs Wang herself, was a really great principal who brought laughter and joy to those LaSallians under her care. She will be greatly missed by all of us. Mrs Wang, rest in peace. You'll forver be in the hearts of your dear LaSallians. Amen.


Oh my goodness me!!! I totally love my mum!!! SHE TOTALLY ROCKS MAN!!! I woke up at about 10 am today, and I was wondering whether I was hearing things, because I heard "Perhaps Love" from the living room, and to my utmost surprise, I saw Goong on my TV, not on Channel U, but on my very own TV!!! Woots!! Then my mum told me that she bought the OST yesterday, but forgot about it because we were discussing about the subject combination. YES!!! The Goong OST totally rocks can!! It comes with 2 CDs and 1 VCD, which contains the songs and music videos respectively. And it's so cheap? My mum said that she bought it for only $14.90. HAHA, a good deal yeah? Her Save Your Last Dance For Me OST cost $29.90. @_@

Another thing why my mum rocks is because, she also bought the Goong VCDs!! Woots!!! I'm really very happy!! After she came back from tuition, she brought back the Goong VCDs!! Woots, me and my sister were so hyper!! But since we had to go out, and I had to go for my piano lesson, we didn't open up the packaging. Then we went to Food Culture to eat the sphagetti which cost $6. Wow, it was really filling as the spaghetti came with a lot of creme, soup, and a grilled fish which was super delicious. Then piano lesson came and went.

When I reached home, my mum and sister were happily watching Goong. Bleah, they started without me!! Boohoo! But never mind, I totally own Goong now!! Ownage...yeah...this is it. Hope My Girl, Be Strong Geum-soon, and Jumong comes next! Hope to really see these shows soon!


Today is Learning Festival, and I had quite a lot of fun! Haha, 2D was in charge of origami, so from 8.30 am onwards, Hui En and I had to teach people how to fold origami. Lol, then after our shift, we went straight to Jennie's class, because Melissa and Si Lin brought back some colourful "salt stick" from 2F, and we wanted them too. Lol, they were really beautiful! Simply love it!! =) Then we also have a chance to create our own bookmark, but by the time I reached home, most of the letters on the bookmark came out so I decided to just throw it away. Kind of sad, but since I don't have alphabet macoroni, I might just as well throw it away. Anyway, my mother will be going to my school today for some subject combination talk by Ms Ek. Haha, can play MapleStory!! Oh ya, I found the Blackbull Title Deed already!! Congratulations to me!! Finally!! After 1 level of fighting curse eyes, and 50% of level 47, I finally found the deed!! Woots!! OK, enough of blogging now! Byes!


Today is the Sec 4 graduation ceremony. Haha, it's the day when we send off the sec 4s. Lol, it's their last day in school. I may not miss them now, but may miss them in the future. Haha, without them around, the canteen would not be so crowded!! =D But anyway, the ceremony today started from around 7.45 am and ended at almost 11 am. Haha, it was rather meaningful lah, Ms Ek gave quite a wonderful speech, and then there was the prize-giving for those who had done well in the prelims. Oh my, those people who recieved the prize are really very, very clever people. They can get 10 A1s, and score almost a perfect score for either combined humanities of A maths. That is really astonishing! I know I can never be as amazing as them. But in the Sec 2 level, I know who can be like them!! Ou Qiong Shan from 2B is definitely a very, very clever girl! She has topped the level for like about a year already? And guess what? Her Chinese paper 2 got about 104+/110. Wow, that is the extent of her pro-ness. Haha, some people call that pervertic... I also thought so too! =p

OK, enough crapping about the graduation ceremony. After school, we had to stay back for CID because we have to finish presenting our powerpoint and artifact to Mrs Lee and Mr Oh. Lol, our circuit wouldn't work unless the wires were ties together, but the thing is, that totally defeats the whole purpose of the artifact. We thought we could cheat Mrs Lee, but in the end, she accused us of bypassing the circuit, so we had to do everything again. Lukily Mr Oh took pity on us, and helped us solve the problem. He told us that there were many mistakes made in the circuit, so he told us to think of a new one. But in the end, he decided to help us think of the circuit, and even helped us to arrange all the componenets in its rightful place. Lol, Mr Oh can think of a totally new circuit in about 10 minutes, but me and Yan Peng took a few days??!! Haha, that shows that we are not out to be electricians. =p

Mr Oh then told us to put our artifact on top of the cupboard, the Mrs Lee saw us, and asked us to show her the circuit. Wah, really scare me leh, but luckily Mr Oh explained to her that we managed to get the circuit right, when is actually he help us do one. Haha, so good. Anyway, Mrs Lee's mood today wasn't that good. She scolded us for being so slow, and she really went mad with Xuan Ming for not doing his project and stuff. She also said that she's going to fail Xuan Ming for his CID. That's really very bad! OK, enough of blogging. Byes.


Haha, it's a bit late now. I just managed to finish the stupid exposition essay that Mr Lee asked some of us to do. Haiz, Mr Lee got nothing better to do lah, just anyhow picked some people ar random to do the stupid essay. Honestly, I could have finished my essay earlier, but because of Dae Jang Geum, I dragged until about 10.30 pm before I managed to complete it. Anyway, I'm going to blog about my shopping trip today!! =)

I went to VivoCity with my father and mother. Lol, my sister didn't tag along because she went out with her friends. OK, VivoCity is really very big, and there are 2 foodcourts at B2, namely "Banquet" and "Kopitiam". Lol, I knew that they were different foodcourts, but I didn't read the notice that said that non-halal food from outside must not be brought in. Lol, my mother had the Kopitiam cashcard, so I decided to help her use up the value by going over to Kopitiam to buy the hokkien noodle, when in fact, I'm not allowed to do so. After I realised my mistake, it was already too late. I have already bought the food form Kopitiam, so I had to choice but to sneak back to Banquet by using the plants as my camouflage. Lol, my worst fear was confirmed when everybody else at Banquet were eating from black plates and bowls, while I, was eating from Kopitiam's white plate. Luckily not many saw me as the odd one out, so I was chased out of the foodcourt. Phew, what a close encounter. =p

Anyway, we just walked around, and we went to Best Denki. My mother and father went to look around for digital cameras. Lol, I went to take a look the Samsung Ultra Edition 6.9...wow, that phone is really very slim, and keypads were nice to the touch!! Love it!! But sadly, it is really very expensive, hmmm, about $700+ without contract. Anyway, we also went to take a look at the Samsung digital camera. So cool can...the camera comes with neoprint features where you can decorate it with those glittery stuff after you've taken the photos. Haha, enough of blogging liao. Got to sleep. Good night!


Got back my Chinese and English paper 2 today. Haha, Chinese wasn't that bad! =D At least I got an A for it! Yay!! I just hope that my composition won't pull my marks down! =D But my English wasn't as well done as my Chinese. Oh man, just for the comprehension itself, I just managed to pass that section. There is still the readers' response and such. Haiz, I think I'll also do quite badly for the reader's response part. Jennie told me that she got rather low marks for paper 1, I'm scared too! ='( Then got back the chemistry paper. Haha, at least I did better than my stupid idiotic physics paper. Lol. Aiya, actually nothing much to blog about, just that today is the day when I stepped into the band room after 1 month! Lol, then we played the SYF piece today. Haiz, I don't think it sounds as nice as the last SYF piece. Maybe I'll change my perspective? I certainly hope so! =)


Bleah, got back my Maths paper 2 and science MCQ. Haha, science MCQ wasn't that bad, but my maths!! Argh!! My maths!! I really hate my careless mistakes so much!!! Why on earth did I add in a "divide by 100" when I already divided it??!! What a costly mistake that was!! My beautiful A for maths is now gone with the wind. Oh man...what luck!! >=( ARGH!!! Very angry with myself now... enough of blogging... @_@


I stayed back to come up with some dance moves for our dance. Lol, I apprently didn't know that there was band today until Jennie told me, but never mind, it's not compulsory. Nobody from the clarinte section also went for band except for some EXCO members. Then at first, Jennie wanted to go for band so badly, but after she realised nobody was going, she went to the canteen with me and Hui En, and she became our dance consultant =D. Me and Hui En wanted to go to the secret tunnel in our school, but it's all Jennie's fault!! She didn't want to go, and threatened to leave us alone! ='( Haha, so in the end, we came up with our dance moves in the library. Lol, so weird. We kept going mad there because we came up with very funny moves, and we had to keep pestering Jennie for more innovative moves. After all, she's our dance consultant mah... =D We managed to finish up our dance assignment in the library at around 5pm. We met Wan Ting and Jennings in the library because they were doing their CID report or something. And yeah, Wan Ting managed to create a blog for herself! Congratulations!!

OK, Goong finally showed itself on TV today! I was so hyper high today, because the sensational hit of 2006 has finally been broadcasted on TV! True enough, Goong really lives up to its name of being one of the top K-dramas of 2006. Goong is really very funny, and "Princess Shin" is really cute, with one rabbit hairband sticking out from her hair! A real cutie and pretty girl! Chae-gyeong's parents also reminded me of Uncle Duk-gu and his wife of Dae Jang Geum (De Jiu Fu Qi). Yeah, really, those who adore idol dramas will love this show a lot! Goong rocks, and it's my current unhealthy obsessions with Korean dramas! =D P.S. Mr Shinzo Abe's wife is another Korean drama fanatic! I read from the newspapers that they are going to Seoul today, and the officials would arrange the Korean stars to meet Mrs Abe. Oh well, Mrs Abe is really one very lucky Korean fanatic. Thousands of Singapore people are dying to see Korean stars, but can't see them often because K-stars are too expensive (One popular K-star can earn up till a 6-figure sum of money for one day). Oh ya, for those noobs who don't know hwo Mrs Abe is, she is the wife of Japan's new Prime Minister Mr Shinzo Abe. Well, since Mrs Abe like Korean stuff too, I suppose I might not be too biased against things Japanese.


Haha, I had nothing better to do today, so I went to play Maple. Lol, I played for 3 hours, they tell me to take a break!! @_@ Anyway, since the new patch came out, MapleStory has really changed a lot! For example, when you play for 1 hour, they will remind you that you've already played for 1 hour, which I think is quite good, because in that case, you'll know when to stop or something. Even the free market has become more vibrant and lively! Wow, I just totally love it man! But anyway, I played for 3 hours, and guss what MapleStory told me? They told me to take a break from playing!! Argh!! Here's the screenshot. Oh ya, that time I forgot to post the other pictures, so I'll also post them here.

take a look at the pink words!! >_>

I summoned the robots because one pesky noob refused to change channel. Oh ya, he was the one who got attacked. Wow, 114 HP leh. But seeing that he couldn't fight them, I decided to help him finish it off. Haha, he learnt his lesson, so he changed channel!! =p

I found a 100% cape scroll for dex, but because my inventory was full, I decided to release those monsters.


Yay!! End-of-year exmas are finally, finally over! Woots! Let's go celebrate by watching more TV shows! Anyway, today's post will be a long and lengthy one, so be prepared! Due to the overwhelming response in my tag-board, I shall reply tags here! By the way, thanks for flooding it! =)

[jennie] lol, siao charbo! and thanks for agreeing with me!
[Sin Yee] WOOTS! Goong is going to show 3 days later! I'm so looking forward to it! =)
[Hui En] Thanks for agreeing with me too!
[anonymous]Hmm...perhaps I'm a bit ahead of my time yeah? (in terms of K-dramas) This song is from the OST of this year's mega-hit drama Jumong. The song name is Han Eul Ee Yuh Je Bal by Insooni.
[junyao]woah...thanks for tagging and agreeing with me! =D
anonymous] thanks too!
[xin]ya, maybe it's because the school cultures have changed over the years. Lol, I didn't notice you were actually a rebel too!
[ycc]yeah, the sec 1s this year are really atrocious! They dare to talk back at teachers and their seniors! >=(

Monday 2/10/06
I took the history paper today. Hmm, what could I possibly say about this? It's probably just okay, not too difficult and not too easy. I was stumped by the question though. The question paper had this family portrait about the Tsar, and they asked us why this was distributed among the Russians. I couldn't answer it immediately, and I spent a lot of time figuring out the answers. But never mind, I thought the paper went quite well, and I have no difficulties in wrting those essays, because Ms Chia taught us how to write it! Ms Chia is the best history teacher I've ever had! Ms Chia rocks! =D

Tuesday 3/10/06
Had science paper today. Oh man, this science paper is really a killer! I already thought that the MCQ were already hard enough. I never thought that the Physics part was really a killer! My goodness me, it's really tough! I got stumped. I couldn't drama the ray diagrams. I wasted so much time on the ray diagrams until I had no time to check! Chemistry was alright though. Oh well, anyway, I intend to drop Physics...physics suck! The science paper suck more! >=(

Wednesday 4/10/06
Maths paper 1 was a killer! I couldn't answer those questions about the angles and all sorts. I think I made a lot of careless mistakes I think. No time to check as well! Why is the exam paper always so hard? Haiz, I thought science was already bad enough, and now, come maths!! Where is this world coming to? Luckily, paper 2 wasn't as difficult as paper 1. I knew how to answer all the questions except for the question asking for the depth of the water. Hmm, today I would have been very happy if not for the stupid maths paper 1. Paper 1, you spoil my day!! >=(

Thursday 5/10/06
English paper was today. I thought that it was rather okay. The questions asked were not too difficult except for the reader's response questions. Used up quite a bit of my brain juice to figure out how to write all those crap. Hmm, I only wrote about 1 page each for each question, and I saw people writing lots and lots of stuff? Oh my, going to faint again. Anyway, on the way home, I met Hui En's mother in bus 166, and to think Hui En didn't see her mum?! T.T Anyway, I also saw Elaine on the MRT train, lol, didn't notice her until she called me. Anyway, Happy Birthday Hui En! =D

Finally, the end-of-year exams are over! Woots! Chinese was the last paper for the EOY. I thought that the comprehension was alright. Never mind, the paper is alright. Yeah! No more studying! Happy like siao now! Oh ya, since it is already the end of exams, no reason for you not to watch TV right? GO and CATCH Goong next Monday 9/10/06!! The Korean show of the year (well, maybe not) will be showing on Channel U!! Goong, Goong, Goong, I guarantee, will defintely suit your tastebuds! Hangook doorama, sarangheyo! =DD Wait, I just realised something. Better Halves, which is a Hong Kong dramedy, will be showing it's last episode on Monday, at the same time, Goong will be showing it's first episode on the same day and at the same time! Oh man, now I'm in such a dilemna. What should I do? One is a show which I've been looking forward to, and the other one is a comedy. Oh well, somebody tell me what to do! =/